BLOOP Gets Shredded ALIVE - Teardown Mods Gameplay

Steam for chromebook downloadmost games steam TEARDOWN welcome back to tear down now this is a brand new mod this is a garbage truck so you know what Bean skin there you are my test subject Im sorry something this is step one oh thats step three okay so I think it goes like this oh well beans is okay beans can survive this pretty easily theres a lot of steps to follow here come on just just get in there yes Ive done it so beans is fine however I have a very strong feeling that the ragdolls over here will not be fine and you may have also noticed around the map theres some other stuff such as bloop Megalodon shark and also choo choo Charles but lets give this Ragdoll go shall we right in you get step one oh okay two oh oh no oh I did the wrong step oh okay we need a new rag doll oh whoopsies also check this out Ive got uh Jeremy and this car from Top Gear oh jet Jeremy Im so sorry so yeah in this tear down episode I really want to uh you know test the limits of this garbage truck right here Im gonna let beans out I think its on this side open back oh thats so cool look at that hey beats get out oh oops right beans you just stay over there okay hey I said stay over there oops okay lets try the double decker vehicle from Top Gear shall we all right one two three four its a little bit complicated to remember you know how to do it I mean I know its written down right here when you hover over it but thats too long okay this vehicles way too large lets move on to some more ragdolls in fact let me get all of the ragdolls I can find aha you cant hide from me also I love the fact that on this map theres tons of stuff for me to actually put in the garbage truck but this isnt junk look at that treadmill here thats pretty good to me this couch looks like its in good working order I did that okay I think thatll do oh whoops sorry oh my bad all right everyone ready so here we go step one up dont you fall out step two Crush down oh you can hear the crunching three and then four I think I captured maybe one Ragdoll right there kind of phases through a little bit okay Im gonna spam it just see what happens just crush the ragdolls oh man they sound pretty injured to me one of them if we open it oh no Oh no I got let me close it quick close the door sorry guys oh no oh theyre getting messed up right now we cant actually drive it as well like it is actually a working garbage truck look all the ragdolls in the back also Im so I do this just Ram through the garbage because I think we need a brand new garbage truck anyway there we go brand new no Ragdoll guts in this one hang on a minute this looks pretty sauce are you pretending to be one of these sweet dispensers come here youre coming with me weve got an Among Us crewmate lets see if this works shall we right you just stay right there no dont even try to leave okay here we go oh hes being crushed I think he might be a little bit too strong to be crushed by the garbage truck right here but if we keep pressing these two buttons we can kind of just make it Crush over and over oh whoops okay I kind of destroyed the crewmate myself hes still alive though get in that wait what is going on here what uh what is this thats so weird also theres a garbage truck right here whats this one about is this like the old one or something like that I dont think it actually works though its a bit of a strange design dont worry Ill get rid of it oh well thats one way of dealing with all the junk hey bloop you want to go into the garbage truck I dont know why I did this there is literally no point to this because he is much larger than the truck itself but weve got to try right yeah no thats thats definitely not working but luckily I have actually downloaded another modded map which has a Giant Shredder in it so maybe we might just go ahead and try and Shred bloop instead what about the Megalodon shark and you go into the truck no I just realized the truck is actually Invincible I dont think you can can destroy at all what about you Charles uh yeah no thats thats definitely not gonna work although I have destroyed one of his legs so thats something right I think I like using the truck on ragdolls the most so Ive just got a bunch of guys in hazmat suits in here and lets to see what happens shall we just follow the steps very carefully step two Crusher down oh step three flows and then finally Crusher up oh my goodness we have just caught so many other than that one Ragdoll there theres also an eject load I wonder what that does I mean I dont know how it works though closed back okay I dont I dont know what these buttons are doing to be honest maybe we should open up and have a look whoa hello ragdolls look some of them survived well pretty much all of them did actually what the oh look thats how it ejects them this right here wow that is actually pretty cool like a hydraulic press but you know what I say we go ahead and get the UFO and uh get it to abduct all of the ragdolls there yes there we go finish off the job lovely stuff so remember the straight that I mentioned earlier well here it is and above me I have a bunch of characters that we couldnt use with a garbage truck such as blue but before we use bloop I just want to see what it will do to this metal container here we go and release well that is insane all right bloop lets turn you into fish meat shall we and down you go oh that works so well oh my goodness this might be the best Shredder Ive actually seen in tear down like some of them dont work very well but this one this one works insanely well all right Megalodon shark youre up next into the shredder oh same again and then lastly weve got over here Choo-Choo Charles which I have a feeling is going to be the same thing again well its gonna be nice and easy yep down he goes so lets see what its like at the bottom here shall we lets check out all the meat and debris oh my goodness theres a lot of red I mean I know choo choo Charles is red but thats insane its like fish guts Luke guts yeah its pretty crazy but what if we try it on a regular rag doll should we see what happens Im gonna put more over this way oh he did not survive I mean he doesnt look too bad this Shredder is definitely more for larger objects oh wow right lets try and send in this massive cargo ship shall we right its basically the whole length of the Shredder oh oh oh its gone with ease that is actually insane yeah I love this Shredder so much next up a house except this time Im gonna be inside the house while I go into the shredder maybe I might stand a better chance of surviving if Im in the loft or the second floor release Music survived that is incredible but I might not survive the next thing that Im gonna do because I am under attack from Aliens um that thats a tripod right there I think its from War of the Worlds um but I think its dead its destroyed the house also you might recognize this map its from Half-Life 2. looks pretty epic wait sounds like theres another one oh yes there is oh my goodness thats insane thats so scary so yeah lets see if we can survive can I get into this house this maps a working Pro what the whats going on with these tripods this is not how I remember them in the films oh its still firing though theres another one okay again Im in Im in okay so theres not much going on here is he fallen over as well these tripods suck maybe its the map Im on they just dont know how to navigate on it oh my goodness leatherback its a Kaiju hes actually been uh messed up a little bit by one of the tripods here hes missing an arm and hes had some damage to his stomach is he after me is it I think destroying the aliens to be honest I think he might be going for the tripods that are still around let me see if I can take him down open fire air strike actually you know what would be a better idea is if we can use nanites on this guy lets see if it works yes it does oh thats so much quicker and easier yeah die its the easiest way to take down the kaijus although I dont know if the Nana is actually working Godzilla though and once again Im back on the plane map sorry buddy right now uh this plane right here um for some reason has a garbage truck in it I dont know how it hasnt crashed yet but theres also a diamond play button right here which of course this is what you get when you reach 10 million subscribers on YouTube now um its something Im aiming for but uh since we dont actually have this diamond play button real life Im gonna go ahead and hopefully crush it with the truck Im sorry okay maybe one day I will possess you okay uh here we go uh this one up yes thats it now scoop it in oh it actually worked it is in there wait Ive just had a four if I just move these chairs out of the way real quick what would happen if I lifted this up is it gonna go through the plane open back okay maybe it just wont work uh good to see you again bees by the way its a shame this thing just isnt working right now I mean to be fair we are on a plane project load lets try this again oh hang on a minute all the chairs are in the way is it bad Im in here right now this is kind of sketchy right I could end up dying myself never go into a garbage truck oh oh I go into the vehicle oh no oh beans beans go injected out of the plane uh you know what Im sure itll be okay quick Im gonna drive out of here this is so strange oh wait hang on a minute I think I might have caused the massive fire in the plane though yep hang on buddy Ill save you and by save you I mean put you in the garbage truck so difficult to remember all the steps oh I got him I got him oh well I got part of him anyway okay thats a lot of fire uh for this girl oh no no no no quick this way must survive the plane crash oh theres fire over here as well theres no way to run aha fire extinguisher this will do the trick put it out well that made things way worse might as well bring the plane down faster right way what happens if I use the UFO uh oh here it comes here comes the UFO is it actually gonna lift the plane up oh its actually working here take a recto whoa oh this is insane look at that oh am I being pulled in it is riffing the plane apart right now oh my goodness its gonna be nothing left to this place oh look at the Ragdoll in the toilet holding on for dear life just hang in there buddy youll be fine so this is what it looks like from the outside and uh yeah its pretty insane no idea how but the Ragdoll is literally still there here let me uh help him get out of this mess oh Im burning a burning oh its hot its so hot there we go youre welcome well might as well go ahead and send a nuke to myself here we go oh geez oh no Ill just nuke the Boeing subscribe steamed snow crab BLOOP Gets Shredded ALIVE - Teardown Mods GameplayIve downloaded a new garbage truck mod which is perfect for crushing ragdolls. 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