Crash Landing a PLANE in London - Teardown Mods Gameplay

Free games reddit steamsteam most sold games 2021 TEARDOWN right emergency landing what the whats he doing no hes freaking out landing the teams oh boy welcome back to tear down as you can see this building is on fire right now and theres people up there that need saving so lets not waste any more time and lets save their lives okay oh whoops bring that back okay there we go ladders now going up extend it actually before i go up here oh man that fire is really raging on no idea how how this fire started not not a clue nope Music there is something we can do real quick if we head over here there is a fire suppression control lets turn that on real quick that should help with the fire and then we also have this lets turn off the alarm silence the alarm probably not the best idea okay is that helping uh not really and it is very laggy all right you know what lets grab the idea lets turn that system off and then were gonna go in ourselves and save these people now luckily i have installed this firefighting hose right here and its very powerful oh we have to hurry up people are actually on this level right here apparently theyre in a meeting okay so lets try and put as much of the fire out as we can and then hopefully ill be able to go up there and rescue anyone thats inside but yeah look how powerful this hose is right now okay lets make the jump okay nice and easy now theres so much damage that has been done to this office building it is insane all right open the door and try not to fall down okay thats it oh no oh im so sorry oh uh cause of death rain damage i am so sorry about that all right we got a fire fire down you know what you guys can all follow me lets uh lets go up there shall we lets save these people put more of the fire out you know i feel like were doing a pretty good job here to some extent oh ive got these guys following me hopefully theyre going to follow me all the way upstairs to power these fires i can hear the fire its raging on and its just there come on im starting to think that this uh this hose right here that i have might be a little bit too powerful oh boy what what is going on okay i need to get up there so we need to take it easy oh boy this is bad this is bad is it this floor if it is saving these people might be a lost cause okay fire oh oh door just came straight off put the fire out put it out i dont know what i would do about this hose to be honest id be pretty screwed okay are they here hello oh we have a survivor hello uh dave daves okay dave save yourself go be free oh right where is everyone else im not gonna lie here we might only have one survivor because well im an idiot im a terrible firefighter okay so uh johnny youre coming with me and were gonna take the stairs because well thats what i really should have done that first time around with dave im not gonna lie the other firefighters are kind of useless theyre not really doing anything weve done it yes were through the door there you go johnny oh hey dave hey you guys are still following me youre all useless all right oh boy look at the fire look at the fire its just spreading like crazy but luckily i dont think theres anyone else inside in fact let me increase the size of the ladder here let me raise it up and hopefully wait can we get to the top whoa this ladder is crazy okay lets get to the very top nope okay you know what its too steep so all we have to do is lower it a little bit and then we should be good to go no still not enough so im gonna be honest this office building right here is kind of a lost cause i think theres way too much fire for me to put out especially on my own as well yep far too much fire so for that reason theres only one more thing we can do i mean you know its clearly not safe to be around anymore theres a lot of debris oh ive run out of c4 but dont worry because i have nitroglycerin oh my goodness look at the fire that might actually cause the explosion sooner than i expected to uh you guys might want to step aside theyre trying to put out the fire no guys guys were going to demolish this entire building you need to you need to step back right now guys its a lost cause ah what the oh my goodness im dead what happened oh oh no oh boy i didnt even mean to start the explosion just yet well at least johnnys okay c4 ah not again here we go the building is going to collapse any second now well i would say that was a very successful rescue right there ive done a pretty good job and now moving on to the giant pc map a very very great map map with my own name look at that incredible but the reason im actually back here is because im going to do one of my favorite things to do in tear down and thats to uh well emergency land planes by this case were probably just going to crash the plane right into the pc there and see what happens all right first were gonna be outside of the plane what should happen and then after that were gonna go inside and see if we can survive it here we go the plane is heading right for the pc right now and destroyed oh off goes the wing oh look at that little liquid cooling as well and now look at the destruction the cockpit has gone completely destroyed and there is no way that pc is ever working again unless i replace the graphics card here we go slot that in boom good as new now we just need a bit of ram as well actually a little bit of ram and that slots in right here here we go flying right towards the pc oh boy im still alive though ive survived the crash ive survived the plane crash okay what is going on hang on lets lets go check this out shall we im inside the pc its been knocked over again oh oh the planes tipping and there we go so a very similar crash to what happened before i mean the plane was pretty much lined up identically to how it was in the last crash so i guess thats expected next up we have a helicopter and this time im actually not going to be inside it im just going to control it and move it well towards the pc here we go lets make it fly towards it and lets see if the rag does inside can survive uh judging by what just happened im guessing that they cant oh i found one oh no oh here they are look at this yeah they got pretty uh pretty messed up dont worry ill put the fire out there we go everythings going to be just fine and now prepare yourselves for a little bit of lag because next up we have the boeing 737 this right here should do a crazy amount of damage to the pc all right here we go and theres the lag oh boy its just taking the pc out of the map Music oh and its god the plane has literally just stolen my pc unbelievable and its still going so next up we have the small cessna so lets see what happens with this little plane shall we i probably shouldnt be on top of it right now oh no oh ow i still survived somehow what look at that you know that was actually pretty cool all right lets run some more plane crash scenarios but on a different map so welcome back to the mini version of london and here is the scenario we have two engine failures on this plane right here and were gonna see if we can do an emergency landing in the river thames right here london bridge here might get destroyed a lot of buildings also might get slightly destroyed because were using a normal sized plane in a mini version of the sea so yeah i guess um lets see what happens right emergency landing well what the what is he doing no hes freaking out landing the teams oh boy well you know what um i would say that was a successful emergency landing to some extent anyway i mean the damage to the plane isnt too bad at least unless i destroy it myself right ive had an idea i believe this here is hyde park so lets see if we can do an emergency landing in this area because obviously its nice and green should be quite a nice place for us to land all right here we go yep so the plane has nose down its coming in for landing now oh no its kind of missed hyde park no hey look at that we did it and we barely hit any of these buildings over here wow hyde park was a great idea ive lost both of my wings which isnt great but i would still say that was quite a successful emergency landing right there so now im just thinking what if we had no choice but to land in the city of london right here so im thinking because this is a mini version we actually should be able to land quite easily so here we go plane is now moving oh were turning thats not a good sign thats not a good sign no sometimes for some reason when you activate the plane when it starts moving it just kind of like nose dives right to the floor which is not what we want and this is what it looks like oh man we survived the crash though did wait did we destroy the london eye oh no if we did i didnt mean for that to happen im sorry london also should i just quickly try an asteroid strike in london just to see what its like wheres the asteroid i can hear it but dont see it there it is boom oh oh thats cool hey look theres the shard a very nice building everyone loves the shirt right but now its about to be hit by an asteroid oh its so cool in teardown canary wolf i uh sending in quite a few asteroids here this is all in the name of science okay remember this is tear down this is what you gotta do just destroy stuff all right that was pretty cool but uh lets try some more plane crashes but first lets just destroy this one there we go now time for the big plane the boeing 737 emergency landing in london okay here we go oh its doing the turf thing no its going down here comes the lag oh boy this might be the slowest plane crash in tear down history right here okay its dropping you know what maybe i could just uh you know pick it up or not okay nope doesnt like that oh boy oh look now i can pick it up okay so heres what were gonna do uh were gonna see if it can land if i just you know i guess throw it a little bit like this and land yeah no not quite oh boy at least we avoided the london eye so here i am in the cessna trying to land it all right here we go coming in for landing now were coming in pretty hot oh no but anyway on that note im gonna end this one right here theres another video on the top right so make sure you go ahead and check that out also dont forget to comment like and subscribe and ill hopefully see you in that video right there goodbye steam engine train Crash Landing a PLANE in London - Teardown Mods GameplayA fire has broken out in an office building and I need to rescue the ragdolls inside. 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