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Can you buy games on steam for oculus quest 2steam history price TEARDOWN game this music makes me want to start a redneck mafia in missouri in about the year i dont know 1743 but that just goes to show you this kind of music make me want to do a little jig that being said do you know what game this is if you can read you sure do hold on guys im gonna play this a minute im gonna vibe for a bit this is tear down hi looks like everythings made out of voxels oh my god i just got some kind of like dystopian blurry vision walk home e.t phone home okay look at this i can open doors with physics well theres stuff blocking my door get out of here you dirty box come on now i gotta start me at missouri and mafia this almost looks like an alligator but on cursory glance it appears to be an auto mobile i have a fire extinguisher a spray can and a sledgehammer hey oh look new messages my name is gordon wu general manage you need someone to knock it over say no more friend well i reckon i can do that hold on who oh god okay well this is what breaking trees should look like in minecraft oh i need to demolish the entire house hmm well i think my got myself an idea here then all i got to do is stack up these highly combusticationable cans fill with gas right there see if this works hey i cant get it in the door this is breaking my face in my mind oh my health oh god oh man i broke my face oh my god im dying there aint even any stairs in here but theres a second floor riddle me this batman how does one get up to the other floor well if it all falls down wait a minute what are these things can i use them oh my biscuits i can oh snap this is incredible is this the best game ever well for destruction physics yes its so good it defeats my puny little brain lift it look its in perfect working condition as the arm falls off even this is destructible the vehicle condition says it is almost perfect but that appears to be a lie i have found more explosive barrels now i think what we need to do is be a little bit more strategic so if i put them around the corners maybe or what if i like put it here now are these things explosive lets find out by hitting them im brilliant yeah this this seems to be good enough for government work get out of my way im gonna put them in all of the corners now ive only got two left so im gonna have to throw one of them but this time ive decided you know what im gonna throw it from a distance im gonna throw it like like a football player throws a football except im imagining it to be not a football but a torpedo this is a hand thrown torpedo what the come on youre supposed to chain reaction fine well just do it this way ah my health oh you what mate i cant take down dang it all oh look definitely not doing it over and this kind of destruction physics in a video game um honestly theres nothing else out there like it so if i put this between them and chuck it yes oh no its 4.8 meters too high okay well what if i can i get a timber please okay oh oh god timber on my face well look at that now its just the roof section thats a little bit too high so i think all we got to do here is use the mallet and does that do it 0.8 meters you biscuits 0.1 there we go mission accomplished get to the escape vehicle dude wheres my car oh yeah mission number one accomplished Music my score is perfect according to me im also my judge jury and executioner yay does that mean i got some money the building was under cultural heritage protection and demolition is now part of a criminal investigation so now now were getting like bribed by a policeman to take care of one of his other i guess one of his cases a well-known name in the criminal underworld okay so were not really doing anything bad here right were were a criminal fighting another criminal lee computers great large fires will trigger the fire alarm huh so apparently theres one here in the office bang bang im wondering if we take off all the exterior coating will that allow this cage to fall well i dont see a direct way up but there are these pipes over these windows and i just gotta clear myself entry who needs a door when you have a sledgehammer i feel like thor right now okay so pick up target there we go oh look i just conveniently put it in my pocket oh grab valuable okay oh so theres valuables cool i hope they come in the next day be like what just happened its coffee max 200. you dont need coffee here oh man this is going to be very upsetting i hope you didnt have chili dogs for lunch son because they know where to drop the kids off now can i break through not through brick just yet were gonna need some heavy ordnance to do that but im just gonna escape out the way i came in so that was one building down theres two more left and one of thems in this little guy this should be easy enough this is literally my favorite thing destroying everything whoa whoa whoa is this a safe it kind of looks like one though isnt it and smash oh my gosh is this a freaking guard tower oh my god it is you dont need a guard tower who needs a guard tower if youre running a computer store huh well there you go there we go with a nice mission accomplished and an escape vector has been ascertained oh whats up breaking news whats going on break-in at lee chemicals the perpetrator caused property damage yeah good oh we gotta go one we gotta go back to lee chemicals and fetch their employee login device oh man they really ramped up security didnt they how do we get in maybe ill need to use the crane to get into ah i see i think i have to use this crane lets lower it a little bit oh gosh oh wait a minute i can use this as a battering ram Music oh my gosh oh my gosh this game is the best okay ive got 60 seconds oh man oh you got to really read instructions properly dont you well Music its about time im definitely getting caught but im learning things so we use the quick load feature which is pretty dope okay so this is the first one we want to get but what we need to do whats in that i know we gotta find out we gotta use this nice big old red pickup truck get on in here hey boys what you got in there theres probably valuables in here in there if i take this out maybe itll cut the electricity the vehicle condition is not doing good all right the vehicles stuck but it does seem to be mostly intact we did our best wait switch gear station hmm oh what is oh thats the crane of course what if i take this out oh with that guy over there im gonna need a bridge come on big messy im gonna try to take out this power line and see if it if it does what i hope it does now do the wires themselves have physics no okay lesson learned ah it was a good idea it just didnt do anything so the switchgear station didnt seem to turn off the electricity to the facility i think there might be one more power line ah so heres one of the other ones that triggers the alarm all right were at station number one operation quick save grab it this is the time gentlemen this is where we show our worth i come on down here i come on up here i grab these goodies and im out and over the pipes we still got 40 seconds my god i thought would have already messed up by now now this is the key part oh theres stairs oh thank goodness its funny how in my practice i didnt i didnt fail once now we just gotta get out by hopping the fence we just gotta be a garbage man and we are out of here but luckily for me i still got 15 seconds to spare whoa boys that was that that got my adrenaline going oh a blow torch so i have an extinguisher or spray can wow yo there we go thanks for helping out with that building the police was snooping around a little yeah i bought a yacht recently but its too large for the marina and board says there is no space for new dock could you use your damage demolition skills and remove one last of the timeshare cabins yeah i can do that no way im gonna be able to use this boat you need to clear all targets oh this is my getaway vehicle okay so the target appears to be in this building over here right past the grub grill oh i need to destroy the outermost cabin and theres a warehouse safe huh well well just make our way in here i have to destroy this whole place oh thanks for the vacuum cleaner any other valuables in here other than a vacuum cleaner what am i supposed to do with that destroy the toilets we destroy every toilet i found an antique pirate sword behind the toilet oh my gosh there was a hidden room what are you kidding me oh this is the building i destroy the safe in man i tell you what i probably have a reputation with the local police department as like the sledgehammer bandit and im okay with that now how do i get in here can i come in from the other side dump this in the ocean okay easy but i cant really pick it up i can drag it okay wheres the ocean it appears to be over there so im just gonna push it out this window timber well i gotta make a runway get out my way dang this thing is heavy and dumped it now theres a warehouse over there can i use this boat oh yes okay great i can just use my boat to get over here now with destruction physics do you ever really even need to look where youre going no you dont because you are incentivized to break everything in the game all right now oh man i was going to use that car as a getaway well that wasnt really very well planned oh the doors locked use your sledgehammer this is the best destruction based physics game ever now theres a safe theres a warehouse safe okay oh god thats a big safe that is a big safe oh theres a forklift like this is the video game of my dreams i cannot stress that enough i can tip it can i push it a little bit its usually easier to pull heavy things right than pull them push them okay i think im gonna need a little bit of help from this forklift i dont know how this is gonna work just i know i can use it i just dont know how the forklift is kinda oh wait can i just get it on i can get it on my roof there we go wait stay stay right there okay i know what to do no all right well there goes that plan i was gonna drive it into the sea well theres also this idea ah intriguing ramming speed okay that that didnt work but we did straighten it out maybe i forgot that i can move junk all right oh i had it for a second all right lets do this come on come on and good enough for government work oh ooh too bad i destroyed the road this is actually working maybe i can just push it into the road i mean into the water you are strong box is not come on now get out yes yes okay does this boat still work all right were on board and lets do a nice little bit of a reverse here nice and easy back to the other dock we just got a dock theres no need to destroy things just cause we can but isnt there so now its the final task here so were gonna be taking our nice big truck here and seeing if we cant find the target and destroy it now is this a good idea i cant imagine it is okay that was a terrible idea im very pleased with it so its six meters too tall right and show me the white line can i use my can i use this in the water oh my god i can well this is the way to do it then i just need to break it here uh-oh electrocute electric electricity electrocution and water oh there goes oh its already working and its a boathouse sink you stupid boat wow that was a lot easier than i thought it would be im like man we have to destroy a whole house thats not gonna be easy well turns out it is you just gotta get a little bit wet there we go demolitions complete now i should be able to take one of these boats this one here is pretty nice and my getaway vehicle is over here wait is this thing tethered to the dock it was this has to be the best game ever invented i havent been this excited playing a game and i dont even know how long so well just dock this nice and easy like im doing so much damage to everything around me just for fun and were out of here main objectives and optional objectives done well there you have it weve beaten three missions already here oh look theres a hole there we go fixed it here we go and well just spray paint it nice so no one notices so if you guys want to see more tear down let me know pull the trigger on the like button and let me know in the comments thank you for watching and ill see you guys in the next one clothes steamer rack Absolute BEST PHYSICS DESTRUCTION Game Ever Made! - TeardownSubscribe if you like it! - #Teardown #PhysicsDestruction -------------- Visit my second Channel: Join me on my Social Media: Twitter: Tik Tok: Facebook: Instagram: steam multiplayer vr games how to transfer game from epic games to steam how to get any steam game free 2020 how to get a game key on steam earthx steam