Epic games store steam keycan you steam vegetables in an air fryer TEARDOWN game Music the power is mine they said it couldnt be done a lot of you did actually you said in the comments that i should mod tear down and i have got some tasty things that i dont know if im even ready for because some of these items that i have are going to completely break this game i downloaded mods such as a minigun a railgun c4 a laser gun and the thing that the dinosaurs are well aware of an asteroid strike whoa look at my hair its wet isnt that cool you know what else is cool raising 10 million dollars for charity which you can do during thank miss on december 11. everybody can get involved including all your favorite creators so go spam thank you miss at them so we can all get involved and raise as much money as possible i want to destroy this building as quickly as possible the last time i had a lot of issues with it so i want to see how quickly oh i have a jet pack as well i want to see how quickly i can tear through a building oh oh oh god oh it tore a hole right through everything just put a bunch of c4 down lets see how much this explodes oh my god it even said the light spinning holy why was i doing things the normal way this is way too much way too quick lets say we put like 10 of them down and a one and a two and a one two three Laughter oh its lagging my game so badly this is what i needed to be doing i wanted to set the whole place on fire before we do that when i could just destroy it from the foundations a laser gun thats satisfying oh i mean its super cool but all this is oh this things on fire really well nice all right we all know why were here we all want to see the asteroid strike at least i do i also have banana bombs but i think those are just like a version of my bombs that i had already lame lets destroy this building with an asteroid strike Music two minutes i laugh in your face wait where is it oh what it literally comes from space oh no i click three yes i cant even see anything Laughter this is stupid okay i sent one off no mama lets go destroy the whole thing destroy the whole thing oh my god oh my god oh my oh i gotta have a heart attack this is too much theres nothing left i think thats enough no theres still buildings standing i will not allow that oh god dont get hit by it nuts absolutely nuts and a few over here for good measure as well why not Laughter oh thats too much oh my god oh i almost killed myself okay whoa i did it well that was a lot easier than last time i will say a new tool has been delivered well youre gonna have to outdo a meteor strike oh its a tiny gun its very different from what we just saw okay i also got some levels that i want to play because lets face it doing those mods in regular gameplay is kind of cheating and it kind of ruins the levels so why not have an entire level for us to play in nice also now i have infinite stuff so i can see oh yeah theyre gonna get rules i need to be careful this whole buildings gonna come down on top of me let it fall wait what are you standing up by oh oh oh oh oh oh the whole thing is coming down uh oh come on fall you fell so delicately it was just like i removed the basement floor not in a little sea full cant fix Music just to make sure it should be enough to fix my problem please dont crash my computer please dont crash my computer oh my god the whole game is lagging just by placing those Music uh-oh Music here we are today to mourn the loss of my gpu Applause Music im not touching it im not touching it i broke it all oh its lagging my whole computer there we go yes ah current retribution oh my god get me out of here wow i did not think about buildings crashing into other buildings thats so cool um somebodys somebodys washing machine fell probably going to need that yeah ill put it back inside who owns these i try to put the bucket my god i ripped a hole in the fabric of reality oh no i am okay this is so fun i want it to fall more though im trying to figure out where because theres no like bend in the buildings so its just like a solid block if the whole bottom goes then it all goes but if theres one pixel still holding it up it will so i cant just like rip out this site and have the whole thing like bend and fall like the titanic what if i get like the perfect angle oh like that Music oh this is amazing i am shocked that the game is still able to kind of keep up with all of this because i i for sure thought the whole thing would crash it almost did Music Applause thats nuts this is mine my house my chunk come on oh geez oh god so many bits of pieces oh god oh geez stop oh my face wait i want to do that again you just shoot straight up or as straight up as you can get thats so awesome this game is immensely impressive wait where did i shoot through oh because i cant shoot straight up oh i just gashed a hole it looks like a monster attacked it comes if i attack from here probably the same thing that happens if i attack anywhere else it just blasts through every single pixel it can im sorry i renovated your room without asking you i want to get downstairs quickly that works a treat apart from the fact that my legs are broken and im dead wait can i just laser cut this building in half ah theres a range on it okay i want to just slice it completely in half but i dont think i can oh nice its burning all the floors this is how i really set an entire building on fire i could probably just do that here just burn all the way around im going to admit i forgot that that was there but it does help the cause burn it right the way around and see if that will just crawl up the whole building im gonna be here forever why did i decide to do this all right meteor strike Laughter oh yeah okay its a bit harder to do in these levels because these buildings are a lot bigger oh it just ripped through the whole building i mean its a meteor why wouldnt it this is taking too long im gonna speed up the process oh that is not the right direction oh man oh that is so much smoke oh i took a whole sight off of it wow damn i wanted to like hit it from the side i wish i could control the direction that maybe i can i want to just take out the side and then have the whole building topple kinda like that yeah minigun surprisingly effective oh oh its not coming down because its stuck in this one i know the physics are all laggy oh man okay i have a way of solving this or making the whole game worse wait wheres that coming from oh baby thats exactly what i wanted and the fire still burns oh cool theres a whole castle level oh has anybody made helms deep from lord of the rings yet this is gonna be much easier are you all oh yeah oh not really i want to see if the whole thing was like easily destructible because i mean its from the olden times but i guess you guys can build house as well lets go to the mansion again i had a hard time destroying any of this because its all reinforced concrete but not anymore im gonna take out these beams its easy to just go with a meteor strike instantly and just solve your problems that way but i want to take things out my way which is like right here yes that worked so well now youve got a balcony in your pool the two best features of your house are combined im an interior decorator you got a bouncy light i know youve always wanted a bouncy light you could use a laser gun to set the whole front of your house on fire and now youve got to pop a collar in the room oh that fire is spreading way faster oh i think i i think i changed the multiplier on it it looks better already i like how this looks this is a good look for your building i like it i think that is art so your house just had no taste you made all your money selling nfts and no wonder you have no taste times if i take out these support beams these were the these were them in my lets take him out not too many because i actually want to see the results this time and a one and a two wonder Music beautifully done just whoosh gone love it the whole thing is holding on right here thats good construction though props to your uh props to your construction team all right lets take out this i want to see i dont think it works that you can just take off these bits and then the whole thing falls right or maybe actually maybe just this what are you up by how are you standing how does that make any sense stop defying physics okay your house is stupid theres only one thing for it im not having you be the way you are im gonna call help from the gods rain down upon them nice i kind of wish i had more of a but it landed and had more of a you know like more of a it sounded like tim allen from home improvement three for the price of one nice god i love that it just tears through it its like an action movie hows the inside of your house look now bozo i think its also crazy that the smoke follows the walls that if i make a hole in the ceiling oh god now the smoke goes out through that oh i wish more games were like this this game doesnt have much of a story going for it it has a few fun mechanics and a few fun heists but im having the most fun ever i put more hours into this game than i have many other games and all i do is blow stuff up could you imagine if a game with like a really intricate story had these mechanics get on it game designers okay im gonna mess around with the timers on these um because i feel like if i set the explosions to go off at different times there you go now the physics are fine oh jesus i had way more planted than i thought i did i can do that all around the building let the fireworks wait i need i need nighttime nighttime please wow let the fireworks commence beautiful beautiful Music destroy it all hello sweet where is the building standing i dont like this i dont like the physics of this building Music this pleases me this pleases me greatly oh you fell but why doesnt the rest of it fall Music i thought if i destroyed all of the lower sections that everything would finally crumble but it feels like youre all separate you also shouldnt be standing theres nothing tying you to this mortal realm ow this building spits in gods face as we find ourselves coming to the end of the night and i sip cocktails here on my beautiful yacht theres only one thing that can cap off this knight in style and thats some fireworks Music Laughter bye bye marina now i am the only boat in town eh tired of this boat i want a new one Laughter oh my god i was way more destructive than i thought it was gonna be all right well thats gonna do it for this episode of tear down i hope you had fun which lets face it you did theres no way you watched this video and you didnt smile or laugh or even do a little one of theres no way you didnt do one of those watching this video if any of that happened you owe me a like on this because this was epic i dont want to dabble too hard in mods just yet because i kind of want to see what the rest of the game has to offer or maybe ill just do some of the levels with mods from now on i dont know let me know in the comments what you think but thank you guys so much for watching this video subscribe if youre new ill be doing more teardown in the future so if you want to see more of this subscribe now its free you dont lose anything free games on steam worth playing I downloaded some mods for Teardown and theyre INSANETHANKMAS: Twitter : Instagram : Edited By: best steam games for arcade cabinet disgaea 6 steam steam loan game to friend steaming lobster tails time games on steam to play with friends