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Compatible games for steam decksteam could not connect to network TEARDOWN game well hello there everybody dre here and welcome back to my little apartment in teardown baby so yeah its been a while since we last played this awesome destructive environments hello neighbors so yeah this is tear down and tear down youre supposed to be able to play it and what the hell this is this is kind of weird but yeah you guys always ask for my pc specs this is what i just used to play tear down im actually playing tear down inside of what the hell i never opened that mod before that kind of tripped me out so thats literally it and now we can play tear down inside a tear down okay got it all right and starting off with we got the boeing 737 here this is said to be an extremely realistic mod are we actually flying right now okay yeah its safe to say were probably flying um yeah this is like wait why am i so small am i a child how am i gonna get my luggage out of here i dont have my parents here this feels weird just having a plane to myself but yeah this is remarkably detailed but yeah we got first class here the drink carts where is everybody can i open this up this is a dumb idea but oh oh oh this was a bad idea help help please uh whoops well its a good thing that was in real life that actually freaked me out can i open this one why am i trying again lets just go to the back what is this oh this is the toilet room happy face included goddamn seat covers wont stay up just im just trying to take a piss ah its everywhere so it also says if theres an emergency the oxygen mass should fall down so i mean weve learned that pressurization is a thing lets just oh god oh god get back get back well its definitely flammable i hear that uh im scared to go back i just want to see okay theres a small hole i dont think its big enough yet all right you know what im just gonna help it it seems the external wall is too strong for it oh oh my god holy jesus thats actually horrifying okay so depressurized oxygen master down i dont think i can use them but thankfully im not a real human i dont need to breathe this got bad quick excuse me were having problems in the back oh god this is too much pressure the hell is this is this their oxygen mask what do i do how do i control this hello theres a plane can i shoot down the plane all right im just gonna oh my god theres actually wind physics this is actually amazing i love this though like the wind physics are actually there im gonna die due to rubble oh oh oh oh i didnt think about that we do have a cargo bay dont we all right its fine its fine theres just holes everywhere in the ground thats not safe is it okay were just oh i didnt mean to do that oh god its crumbling below me hows the back doing yeah the backs looking like it could be better i want to see if we can knock this out of the sky i mean im doing a pretty good job so far whats up in the roof oh god something just pushed me back oh oh yeah theres definitely some wind coming through that possibly but yeah theres like wiring in the roof too dude this is so cool im gonna just open this up i just want to see if i can maybe go out to the wing i doubt it because of the wind can i just knock the wing off uh well its oddly peaceful here oh this is dumb this is dumb ah oh okay yup no no no no no no no no no screw you youre going down with me sure thats right oh i respawn great i guess i shouldnt have done that after all like the detail is insane though can we oh my god can i knock off the wing im just gonna use my massive laser blaster okay how are we still flying all right well that now i just have to find out what do we have to do to make this thing fall out of the sky okay bye oh im going down why why is that staying up oh ow okay are we falling ah im getting hit with everything stay over here this is dangerous i think ive destroyed this oh okay i guess its a good thing i didnt lean against that i cant tell if were going down or not lets just jump out screw you it was definitely lower so i think it was slowly going down i guess i should have just waited yeah thats definitely going down damn it that would have been cool to stay in but yeah i think oh thats right we can stay in it no i want to go in that can we land on it oh that would be amazing oh this might be good this might be good oh its hitting the ground the moment i almost landed on it it was just out of range oh my god oh my god i wish i was there to see that i mean we kind of saw it but not really all right well that was severely fun now the great thing about this is its customizable you can change the weather uh theres also currently only a sandbox mode but im assuming its gonna be like a campaign mode as well we can go to map options here and we can actually occupy the cabin oh this is weird this is why are they all the same this is really surreal hey hows it going oh okay are you already dead i need to try something the depressurizations the best thing ever get out oh my god did that not hit i am so sorry i thought that would do more more damage well just do that okay pull back this should work oh my god im so sorry everybody it should stop in a second assuming im not sucked out of the side i got sucked out of the side oh my god there is just humans everywhere to be more specific human parts not full humans unfortunately oh my god theyre all gone theyre all gone we got a few humans i think theyre humans here im sorry here be free just get rid of all the evidence im so sorry oh god im gonna kill myself that was so cool i want to try it again but i want to stay inside just to see the chaos from the inside so i just gotta get away really quickly go god damn it go god damn it ah this is stupid at this point just do it please what the hell oh god oh please please dont suck me out oh im trying im trying to stay oh i did it i did it i pulled back somehow im sorry everybody oh god you guys are making holes theres just a pile of people there okay i think im okay is everybody else okay are you guys good did you guys like plug the hole that one was not as bad as the other one but we do have a bit of rubble around hows everybody doing in the front all right it looks like everybodys totally fine here no big deal at all everyones great wait do we have pilots now because this is uh fully filled with people hello pilots you shouldnt leave this unlocked actually is it locked im having a hard time opening it youre not gonna stay away from me hello pilots oh my god there is little pilots theyre exactly the same are you guys alive i want to know what this plane is you know what lets use um one of my favorite weapons the hk and see if we can can we take it down oh my god what are you doing over there little plane it doesnt really seem very realistic how do i actually take it down its like pinned in place well i think i just destroyed everything oh i wonder if i can hit the engines oh oh there was explosives there okay i almost killed myself i just want to see the wing all right theres the engine can i actually destroy it can we knock the whole thing off oh my god this is probably one of my favorite mods the detail here is absolutely insane obviously the flight physics could be improved we shouldnt be flying straight still but just the detail of this map is next freaking level lets go on this side all right lets see what happens when we take down that oh my god the sound changes are amazing im just gonna make sure we knock it all down there are so many sirens going off i wonder why goodbye i still havent been able to knock the whole thing out of the air so im hoping now without engine power i cant really tell if its going down or not you know what lets just knock off the wings to make sure goodbye wing and there goes that one i mean i guess we still have a tail left should we get rid of that too all right everybody everythings totally fine up front do not be alarmed this is totally normal oh the backs looking pretty good okay i think were definitely oh my god that is horrifying i think we just started leaning forward i think we are going down but lets just make sure ah no okay i should i should respawn i didnt think thered be explosives in the freaking ground oh theres a fire there well safety first ladies and gentlemen lets put that thing out i have this incinerator i think this will be a little less aggressive i just i just want to cut off the back oh dude this is cool okay i think thats everything well clearly not oh god i didnt think about fire oh im really lagging okay theres everything goodbye well that was fun all right lets just get rid of the front oh my god thats a little aggressive oh im gonna die i gotta die im gonna die okay oh yep were just gonna pull back a bit goodbye ah oh my god oh my god i forgot wind wind is the thing oh i pull out getting sucked okay i have found my safe haven oh god what is that something just fell in here you know what here let me help it out oh god i kind of want to move in the back a bit but this is a dumb this is dumb this is this is dumb okay excuse me i just want to see whats whats going on back here yeah we oh stop stop please oh oh this is not a better place to be okay what the hell do i do if i go over here the winds gonna knock me through this im gonna have to go further back i have to run through the fire oh okay all right im just gonna knock off the back just so we can experience hopefully this falling down im accepting defeat i couldnt get the main cab in the fall goodbye oh and there we go oh im falling oh this is insane this feels so weird i dont have much of a plane left but im going down with it just like a good captain damn it i think were gliding down will i survive this if i survive this that would be amazing what is what is the light behind us did we land oh no way were about to land oh my god this might actually work this might be a nice perfect little lamp ah okay its not perfect please survive it oh my god the whole thing exploded okay relax a little over the top okay and my spawn is just me falling through the rest of the plane i think weve done enough damage that was honestly one of my favorite mods i just love that this spot is just me falling through constantly all right well plane destruction was fun lets destroy an age of empires town now shall we uh theres actually a beautiful map i thought it would be fun to check out some new weapons here now we did see the incinerator before i play with it for a little bit on the boeing map but um yeah essentially this is just a plasma gun lets go right up to maximum here i think its just more the distance than anything else i can definitely shoot further now can we take this thing down there we go we knocked it down which is great because the next item is object possession this allows oh my god wait wait how do i do this what oh this is stupid im so sorry i cant control this i didnt expect this weapon to be so much fun but yeah basically you possess any item that uh you want we have to get something bigger than that you know what perfect lets get back to the uh cutter here okay this is actually insane that i can control this i saw that we can toggle invincibility which is an a great option ooh theres a zoom out i mean they thought of everything here lets just try im a rocket i just tried the jump thats what happened oh my god i chose the biggest tower didnt i of course i did theres one about the same size lets just go this is the greatest mod ever oh no im stuck get me out of here i cant control this though its actually were too fast im trying to hit these things hold on no no no pull back pull back oh i fell off the map didnt i we just have to be very careful with the movement because it tends to go way too fast i want to take out this whole thing though so were going to try and get a running start or a rolling start i guess and oh dude come on just take it down yes that felt so good all right this one im really excited about the screenshots looked amazing we have meteor strike now we should see if we look up i just clicked oh oh god that the sound of this mod alone sounds fantastic i just spawned three theyre coming in oh dude i love this that is one of the coolest explosions i actually was hoping itd be a bit stronger i mean its a meteor after all itd be nice if you could change the scale of it hopefully theyll mod that in sooner or later right now i dont think you can its just what you have is what you get i gotta take this thing down this is easily one of the coolest looking explosions though i wish you could change the trajectory as well i mean its definitely not doing as much damage as object possession but this is easily one of the funnest mods just the sound alone is fantastic you know what lets bombard this place lag incoming i am spamming look at the sky oh my god this is too much power this that was easily one of the most beautiful scenes ive seen in this game so far and ive seen a lot of beautiful destruction scenes well its hard to move on from that but we have a lightsaber can it take out stone oh it can this is a beautiful map im not really focusing on the map too much but it is very detailed we also have the laser blaster this thing this is over the top this is this is insane yeah were just going to destroy the whole thing i love that there is no modding with this its one size fits all and its just the biggest freaking laser ive ever seen when you hear of a laser gun you think of a small shot not with this one this is insane and thats all for new we have some of my favorite old ones like the hk416 and of course the disruptor as well which by the way i dont think i showed this before but when you zoom in its got a really awesome slow-mo feature so yeah this is one of the mods that im gonna keep for a long time just because i mean very pleasing destruction i dont know if its as good as the meteor strike but its close all right guys but on that i think its time to wrap up another episode of teardown here i hope you guys enjoyed the chaos once again uh yeah we didnt do a whole work of new mods today but honestly every mod that i showcase is absolutely fantastic some of the best mods that ive seen in tear down honestly so yeah as always if you do want to download the chaos uh all the mods should be in the video description thank you guys so much for all your support thanks for watching and liking and ill see you in the next one Music you steam tables can be used to Welcome back to Teardown. 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