EARTHQUAKE Hits While Im on a SKYSCRAPER - Teardown Mods Gameplay

How to unpack steam gamessteam deck cracked games TEARDOWN game oh no 10 seconds all right lets get to the top and lets see if we can actually survive wait estimated strength six oh no thats bad that is a strong earthquake the highest is ten so six is pretty strong all right just doing the dishes well everything looks like its all cleared away now what a nice view is that a helicopter oh my goodness oh oh my apartment ah oh oh geez what the why my apartment why my floor i hope my neighbors are okay jim jimmy okay buddy wow what a real mess anyway welcome back to dare town today were gonna try some different survival challenges and stuff like that and uh yeah i mean i survived the helicopter crash although what what the why is there just a massive hole all the way through the apartment now what has gone through this how does that happen look at that what the how so anyway i got myself a helicopter i say we just go ahead and shoot her different things on this map since well my apartments been destroyed now anyway so you know what who cares lets just blow some stuff up actually you know what ive had an idea so that helicopter has just crashed into the building that i stay in what if were inside the helicopter we try to survive the crash so here we go im inside the helicopter now and we are heading towards my apartment building so lets see if we can survive this all right theres the building right there and you know what im just gonna im just gonna back up a little bit im kind of worried oh no i fell out oh no oh you know what i just fly oh that looks so cool lets go for the other side nope uh well part of it has all right this time lets try not to fall out of the helicopter all right here we go again all right theres the building over there and im just gonna stand about here and see what happens all right here we go brace for impact any second now oh geez okay well there is absolutely no way of surviving that yep i really did not stand a chance but anyway lets go ahead and move on to the next map no idea why theres just a random hole there but anyway lets go lets get out of here so now we are at the airport look at this all the luggage is going around i dont know who this belongs to but you know what were just gonna throw over there and destroy it oh man people are gonna be so mad at me now another mod that ive installed is actually a climbing mod so i should be able to actually just grab onto anything and then swing my way around its kind of difficult to do sometimes but yeah if you watch this ready jump oh there we go its kind of working you can kind of see what im going for here its just very difficult to master oh yeah so maybe ill use that a little bit later but oh what is this what the why is there a hole in the airport what is all this secret tunnel is there an easter egg down here what are we gonna find what is this im so confused had no idea this was here what is that that vault door what secrets are they hiding down here its i think its a sewer oh thats spooky down here all right anyway lets go back theres clearly nothing down here i do wonder can i just shoot my way back up is that possible coming through ah there we go yep that worked see perfect but now its time to drive this through the airport its a very bad idea to leave this unattended when im around because we are ripping this place to shreds here we go destroy the airport oh yes why is there a car up there as well now theres actually some cool things to this airport which im going to show you in a second im actually im stuck right now all right well that fun lasted for about 10 seconds so lets move on and let me show you some cool stuff so first we just need to smash through the glass here and this right here which i think is called a jet way or something like that we can actually drive them some reason how do i oh i had it okay where is it where is it there we go so we can go ahead and extend it like this and then that way the passengers are ready to board their flight and stuff like that um but thats all you can really do you just drive forward and backwards so uh yeah nothing too fancy but theres also a plane over here you know what im gonna do im gonna jump in this plane and then probably crash it because well im not very good at flying planes all right how do i how do i do this open open the door yeah im spamming its not working right thats it oh when in doubt use the sledgehammer all right here we go this is my own private jet all right dont have my uh pilots license but thats fine whoa this things pretty quick all right and away we go into the airport so yeah this thing cant actually fly ah just drive right through there we go right everyone you have reached your destination please enjoy your holiday oh hang on a minute theres a plane right there i wonder if we can fight wait why does this look so weird can we fly this plane all right were gonna have to fly up to it oh no i cant fly it well in that case were just gonna have to destroy it then oh oh oh destroy the strings the rope thats holding it up oh hang on a minute and also that pillow you know lets just get rid of the pillar yeah lets do that remove the pillar and then its only on with one rope okay this isnt working we need a shotgun yes destroy oh yes down it goes look at that yes destruction well that was hows that really so yeah this is the new airport map its pretty nice i quite like it its quite fun just to go around destroying everything i say it is time for us to move on to the next one as soon as ive done some more damage okay there we go right next map lets go so now were doing some more helicopter crashes because uh well theres a bunch of them inbound but theres also this right here okay lets jump in and uh down we go oh oh no ah okay im all right im not all right were going down we are going down in the lift right now oh man wait how far down does this go oh no ow my legs right lets try this again but this time well there was a plane lets actually try and get in the sky the right way and then hopefully well survive okay were going down now we are moving towards the other building wait oh there goes the helicopters are we okay please tell me were not going down no were fine were fine right all the helicopters have crashed you can tell by the lag and also well the huge explosions all right lets go to the back wait hows this thing still are we still in the sky right now its not even attached to the building on the other side well looks like were gonna survive were gonna do it yes we survived the helicopters that crashed into the other building and here we are ah that was a close one hmm what else if i do this though do we destroy it anyway just for the fun of it ow all right there we go and its been removed so now its time for us to try and survive some earthquakes so an earthquake mod recently came out on teardown ive not really used it too much but it works pretty well so first things first im going to remove this building and im also going to remove this building because the earthquake mod gets very laggy so were now left with this one ive also set the options up so that the earthquake always happens oh no 10 seconds all right lets get to the top and lets see if we can actually survive wait estimate is strength six oh no thats bad that is a strong earthquake the highest is ten so six is pretty strong oh my goodness it has completely ruined this apartment oh no is it going down no no i think the entire apartment is going down how am i supposed to survive this you know i was kind of hoping for the first earthquake it would be quite a weak one and wed just be able to see things get knocked over but due to the strength of this one well i think the entire apartment is going down so clearly this building hasnt been built to survive earthquakes uh which isnt too good i dont know the lag my computers gonna die so each earthquake lasts about 10 seconds but obviously the stronger ones can last a little bit longer or seem like they last longer due to the lag so um yeah well just give it a minute here and then check out the uh destruction as soon as its over right i think the earthquake is coming to an end now uh the lag is starting to clear up a little bit and as you can see the apartment is completely destroyed look at this place all right so we survived which is good im okay but the building definitely is not so you know what lets jump out real quick and lets see the damage from the outside whoa okay that looks pretty insane look at that every single floor is just completely destroyed oh we still have more debris falling as well all right you know what lets clean up the lag a little bit there we go oh thats better so now we can see all the damage that has been done minus the debris yeah we started off with a very very strong earthquake there i do wonder what its like to have a 10. with this building just completely crumble it probably would right so you know what i say we clean this up and we see what random number we get for the next earthquake so once again im going to remove these buildings we probably i dont know maybe this building would be better for the earthquake but you know what well remove anyway well stick to this one and uh just see what happens all right here we go back to the top and lets see what kind of earthquake we get oh eight oh no its even stronger than the last one no sma strength hey all right here we go get ready and earthquake time oh no oh no this is bad this is very bad well i think that is the roof collapsing on my head right now at about one frame per second oh is it over it is right i cleaned up a lot of the debris to help with lag and uh lets see what its like shall we so obviously the last one i think was a six and then this earthquake is an eight whoa oh my goodness look at the state of the building thats so bad but you know what im gonna make it worse all right we might as well bring the entire building down all right here we go and its doing a disappearing trick as you can see wow that was pretty cool anyway i say we try the earthquake mod on a different map it tends to work a little bit better on smaller maps because of course theres less on there because it literally activates every single item or block in the game so it does cause a lot of lag now this next map is very nicely detailed but its smaller so its a lot more compact so this is called asian styled buildings and i think a lot of the buildings um in asia especially parts with earthquakes are of course built to actually survive the earthquake so its gonna be interesting to see what happens here of course i dont think the modder has really thought about earthquakes going off on this map the person who created it but uh yeah well see what happens anyway and hopefully you know well be okay so lets see we got some apartment buildings here all very nicely detailed as well as you can see it looks like we have some offices on this side so we just have to kind of see what size earthquake get oh free okay that doesnt seem too bad im just gonna be up here and uh well see what happens in fact let me go inside lets have a little look shall we hit oh oh its hit whats happening okay you know what i dont know whats going on when im inside the building so lets just move out yeah look at the building you can see its going up and down and shaking quite a bit but seems like everything so far is okay yeah there we go not much happened at all with a size free oh hang on a minute we have some shelves that have tipped over in here what is this so in the mod we can actually set what size earthquake we want but i kind of like the idea of just having it as random because you just never know what youre gonna get i mean it could be a four itd be a 10 which is one we havent had yet and uh i have no idea how powerful a ten will actually be but anyway lets try and climb this building shower were using this mod i installed oh here we go look at this im climbing yes we dont need the fly mod anymore as i could just climb every building its so awkward to use wait oh strength six okay this should be interesting ah ow right one second and estimate strength six oh oh no oh that doesnt look good theres a little cracking in the buildings happening right now an explosion is going off to explosions oh no no these buildings are ruined oh my goodness that looks insane such a nicely detailed map and then the earthquakes come in and just ruined everything oh yes all right yeah this this map clearly was not designed for earthquakes well i think the earthquake is over but im gonna quickly clean this up get rid of some of the lag and then check out the damage so here we go its now very very dark on this map a lot of the lights have gone out although it seems pretty bright in this one look at the state of these buildings holy i didnt stand a chance just imagine what itd be like against an earthquake of 10. but anyway on that note im gonna end this one right here theres another video on the top right so make sure you go ahead and check that out also dont forget to comment like and subscribe and ill hopefully see you in that video right there goodbye how to play steam games on playstation 4 EARTHQUAKE Hits While Im on a SKYSCRAPER - Teardown Mods GameplayWhile on top of an apartment building I tried to survive a natural disaster. 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