Throwing WHACKY Into a Plane Jet Engine - Teardown Mods Multiplayer

Steam gaming servicedoes buying games increase steam level TEARDOWN game im ready to drop him here and hes gonna fly straight into the engine okay here we go im ready three two one um yeah heres what were gonna do all right im gonna kill you so im left with your body im then gonna throw your body into the jet engine okay no youre not allowed to shoot me just like that when hey wacky what come join me in my fall come check it out look at this tower i made what do you have up here just come join me man youve made a lousy ladder i cant even climb up you mean its not lousy oh there we go what do you want to show me ill show you look at look at this how awesome is this thing its a tower ive seen many towers before its not that special okay its fine its its the greatest tower wacky do not touch my tower hey i built this with my bare hands oh my gosh why because the roof is collapsing thats not cool huh how do we okay im just gonna go down here there you go oh legs what is these wait there you go what do you mean legs wacky no these legs are destructible right wacky i forgive you for what you did to my tower and now were just gonna have some fun so all you need to do is go up this ramp and uh yeah dont worry its completely safe youll be completely fine just go up the ramp uh and everything will be okay yep thats right maybe im gonna be okay yeah yeah just floor it all right okay there we go thats it yeah just kidding by the way oh my you got impaled on the last one and that can feel it is what you get for destroying my fort how is this equal to that it just is all right anyway over there we have a very big ramp and weve chosen our vehicles to do the big rap and hopefully destroyed the towers over there so ive gone for this um cyber truck its not really cybertron i dont even know what this is to be honest ive gone for the lol you yep i dont know why you chose that bro sure all right see you later im coming after you okay oh come on oh he wasnt paying attention sorry are you guys driving to the okay thats fine bender sorry all right speed Music so much destruction are you okay i think my computer is on fire right now yeah mine too buddy wow we actually took down the entire tower nice um amazing ah oh youre literally yeah its been a long day of destroying stuff but ah the destruction continues hi my house whats wrong with you today wait because its feeling extra destructive is that your house over there no its not its not my house its not out you destroyed him yeah what no i tried to aim at my own house are you sure yes wait but you know what i just did in real life i just dodged my head im not even kidding i moved my head you know what you get for that all right moving on we now both have vehicles ive gone for this car right here well why why do you have a digger because i dig it okay anyway wacky the reason now can you stop ruining my car no okay what is the reason the reason were up here is because you see those stop signs over there or wherever they are were gonna just ram right through because theres actually like a giant spring on the floor so if we hit the spring were gonna get launched okay so lets go lets do it here we go its gonna be very difficult to aim for the spring though i think its on the left come on oh no well this has not exactly gone to plan theres a spring over there wait what the crap whats this im stuck that was not what you wanted to do was it no you just sent my excavator its not going to work okay so im just going to try this spring on my own then screw the cars man here we go oh what spring time baby works yay Applause a shredder or whatever it is here we go Music hey i wonder what happens if i try the smaller one over here you reckon ill fit through i guess oh oh oh yes it works no way oh my god its being absolutely destroyed right now amazing look at that robin im gonna make some improvements to it here we go i can still drive it no how because its a reliant reliant robin yeah thats one reliable car it is 10 or 10 well drive it again would be a shame if something was to happen to it i know which is why im going to shoot up with a rocket launcher and you just yielded it across the level cool ah fudgy yeah what are you doing at the porta potty what do you think im doing ah hold on my privacy why would you do that what why is that what happened what well there was a slight little downfall of rain just a little bit what yeah everything is flooded everything is flooded thats right so we need to make sure that the houses are okay need a ride you dont want to get too you know damp now do you too moist ah there we go oh what the crap i cant even stay on it is that even a car i dont even know what this is if im honest hello is anybody home yeah we need to rescue anyone inside the house hello were here to save you hello rescuers did you actually come through the door oops you dumbass you feeling okay what do you mean of course im feeling it oh boy theres fire everywhere okay theres a flood and theres fire on fire i dont see any fires at all turn the lights on so we can see there we go thats better all right so everything is fine in this house theres nobody drowning no no ones home whats in the shed theres a whole lot of nothing right what about over here wait whats this light this is um caravan zen guard this is breaking bad all over again fly were flying what are you doing were flying goodbye wacky im going down im going down and now here we are on the boeing 737 map okay okay well its actually the uh its the teaser release because well we had some uh some issues on hey this is what happens in teardown its a little bit buggy yeah but at least weve got doors yay yay we have yeah doors oh wait what was the fight are you trying to no maybe maybe it requires some action stand back got an idea i had the same idea but you know you go for it we did it nice hole in the wall yeah oh theres the engine Music ah thank you ah feels so good to have a strong mate like you yeah im glad i could help should we see whos a pilot in this thing sure and there it is Music we dont have a pilot you know what who needs a pilot these days am i right autopilot anyway exactly now um you have a physics gun right i do well theres a person right here could you pick them up with the physics gun and then maybe just plonk them into the engine all right like the good right though they are yeah yeah uh just one just one little thing yeah physics gun do you all right well we dont need them i dont need a physics gun i can just do this come on here you little cougar come on hey you youve done it yep its break thats it youre freaking out but thats fine okay go now stop whered you go hey were here come on youre not gonna have some fun all right here we go all right so just im ready im ready to drop him here and hes gonna fly straight into the engine okay here we go im ready three two one whoa um what well this is awkward okay so basically because were on the teaser version of the bowing map um its not wind theres no wind no so were going to just slam them into the engine ill jam them real good okay here we go oh sorry careful come on its fine i stay careful its not like youre putting them into a jet engine its not but i am though right are you ready for this ready three two one here we go you missed again thankfully weve got an abundance of test subjects yeah perfect oh crap oh sorry sorry sorry im bad come back to me oh no oh he exploded into a million pieces thats gonna take a while im usually the one just sitting back watching you do this doesnt it oh man its tough its a tough life here we go right this is this is the one no why why do i flee Music okay right slow and steady wins the race now we got yes okay its an easy dozen now all you have to do is put the ragdoll in the plane jet engine oh thats it okay here we go yes right here you go oh a bit more no oh why is this so bad a bit more okay ill go in with you buddy Laughter theres the head all right yeah you get in there lets see if it works hey jump in all in the name of science ready two one look oh youre spinning oh oh yeah that didnt work dead end stupid jet engine yeah heres what were gonna do i im gonna kill you so im left with your body im then gonna throw your body into the jet engine okay no youre not allowed to shoot me just like that when any last words dead wacky yeah im over here to your left oh well well you know what youre dead to me here we go in you go oh oh no ah youve completely broke the engine oh my goodness look at this you need to see this man oh look at this state at that right so if you could come into the plane again that would be great oh there goes the changing sorry do you reckon we could take down the entire plane oh you just sorry you know you just make such a good engine destroyer i just have to shove you in the the other engine its too late its too late all right there goes the other wing okay so both wings now destroyed can we maybe cut the plane in half using rocket launchers i bet we can think its gonna tilt lets find out and because theres less detail in this plane it should be a lot easier to do this too i think its gonna like just snap like a titanic yeah i mean possibly oh we got it oh wait what the the cockpit is still there its so weird its weird maybe we can just its actually perfectly just sliced in this even does this just go crazy with it completely destroy the plane you know what pipe bombs could also be quite useful too we cant get it to fall down can we no i dont think so passengers ill save you yeah the only life i dont really care about saving is yours thats my matrix star you cant kill me yes i can oh steam overcooked Throwing WHACKY Into a Plane Jet Engine - Teardown Mods MultiplayerIn this episode, we destroy cars using ramps, spikes and crushers. 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