Attaching Ragdolls to a ROCKET - Teardown Mods Gameplay

Steam cwhat game is free on steam TEARDOWN gameplay welcome back to tear down where this space and Rockets mod has recently been updated so you might be wondering Whos Gonna Fly this thing well weve got here an astronaut astronaut because were actually taking this guy right here now Im gonna be honest he is not actually going to be piloting the rocket is that even the right terminology pilot a rocket yeah hes not gonna be the astronaut okay were gonna put him right there and also beans is Gonna Come on this trip with us so beads you just go ahead and place yourself right there oh no easy thatll do so my plan is to actually just go ahead and weld them to the rocket I hope this works okay there we go worlds all done oh yes no oh oh sorry buddy it worked with beans but not the Ragdoll do you not want to go to space I got it right hes attached with his arm always freaking out a little bit now on The Mod page it says if damaged the rocket will play an alarm and may fall apart really hope that doesnt happen all right here we go test number one oh were tilling already all right you know what I say we just go ahead and launch the rocket here we go and liftoff hold on everyone wow theyre actually holding on pretty well look at beans go beans is fine by the way hes indestructible okay he wont die but the Ragdoll on the other hand might all right were passing I think were into the stratosphere Zone come on were probably higher than Mount Everest right now oh here we go space look at that its Earth how insane is this mod right here okay beans is good ragdoll on the other hand I am not too sure about remember this is only test one we have a long tests to get through oh cool we can see the inside of the rocket so I cant actually control this um but you know were only going straight up anyway so Im just gonna keep holding space thats how we accelerate and just see what happens basically the Earth is getting a lot smaller right now you can no longer see it are we in space Oh the sun its bright it must be the sun correct or just holding on still right weve been going for quite a while now so what Im gonna do is stop accelerating and wait can I even stop accelerating oh there we go and jump out oh whoa what the rocket there it is I need to try and catch up of course its still accelerating extremely fast well Ive lost the rocket so the only way is down is that you oh you made it down hey buddy oh before I never see you again alright so Ive got a new rocket now and Ive also lined up a bunch of ragdolls including an unturned zombie because Ive just booed up the unturned life series on the second Channel fudgy games so thats right my friend you are going to space Ive also gotten among us crewmate because you know I thought this guy might have some experience we also have an injured guy over here so Im just gonna yeah just get rid of him and then a little bit later just because I can Im gonna send the Megalodon shark into space thats if it works but for now with all the ragdolls could board this rocket that would be fantastic thats it unturned zombie you can go there and then finally the crewmate I wonder if this right here is an imposter time to get the world tour back out weld them all to the rocket Im not exactly sure how the world tool mod works Im just kind of clicking and hoping for the best here all right hopefully that has done the trick oh yes I think it has theyre all sticking to the rocket pretty well oh apart from this guy oh no get get up we cant leave you behind all right there we go were ready to go beans you stay right here okay oh were tipping over all right you know what three two one take off just a little bit of acceleration oh this looks epic yes this is so cool a little bit more acceleration maybe well take it nice and slow this time no theres no rush to get to space right so many ragdolls wait can I jump out with the rocket Just Launch without me it looks so cool all right accelerate just a little bit more oh here we go here we go yes we have left off just about oh more acceleration take it nice and slow all right you know what full speed here we go hold on everyone were into space actually Ill tell you what as soon as we can see the uh what Ill do is Ill slow down and we might just be able to experience zero gravity hopefully we go high enough oh here we go everyones still holding on okay lets slow it right down oh wait can we actually fall back to earth oh you know what lets try that out shall we I hope I crash land also look at the Among Us character the crewmate is actually giving us a little bit of light thanks buddy much appreciated wait some somebody just detached what is that have we lost a rag doll oh no something is definitely flying off I dont think were going down anymore hang on Im gonna try and jump out oh my rocket no go back I caught it this is so weird oh wait is it zero gravity oh my goodness I actually think it is were in space hey everyone how you all doing oh no oh the crewmate dont worry Ive got you buddy get back over there thats it oh easy a little damage but you know what thats fine right right crewmate go back down all right we all go back down there it is planet Earth well Earth is a little different than I expected oh wait what the were back through I think we might have lost some ragdolls as well where are we I see land we did it we made it back down to earth do we have any survivors oh thats a very good question actually okay Im definitely not this guy didnt realize that okay dead okay yeah I mean obviously we have no Survival lets see whos gonna survive there also the crewmate is just nowhere to be seen now of course I have no idea if this is actually going to work or not but lets give it a good go so we have the Megalodon shark here um whats the best way of doing this maybe uh have it so oh yeah if you can see up thatd be great but is he bigger than the rocket oh hes literally the same size as the rocket okay maybe a little bit smaller but still thats pretty insane but youre going right there right in the center I hope the world tall is strong enough for this oh Ive broke his jaw a little bit all right and well together its working oh no quick get the rocket get the rocket of course it weighs way too much dont worry I reckon we can recover this oh here we go no way there is no way this is going to work full power here we go how is the rocket still working come on here we go sending a Megalodon shark into space come on its really struggling right now this is so weird I never thought Id be doing this in tear down today its actually working we are currently flying a shark into space this is the most beautiful thing Ive ever seen and the ragdolls are still attached as well lets go we were in space or out of space for a while but now it seems like were going down something doesnt seem right here at all Im currently at full power but yeah we are were going back down to earth okay this isnt good oh no oh my goodness we just crashed the world around us just spawned in what the shark just slammed right into the ground yeah sorry were getting rid of this one um bye everyone now for my next experiment I want to purposely actually crash the rocket and kind of see what its like to blow up and also Im on this new Californian house map which looks absolutely incredible wait what oh thats so cool yeah I havent really checked it out yet to be honest but I am gonna go ahead and pretty much just go ahead and destroy this place oh my God this place is insane game this map is actually incredible look at this and then Ive just gone ahead and planted a rocket right in the yard all right here we go lets see how much damage we can do to the house and also the rocket shall we yes definitely not recommended to uh launch a rocket in your own garden okay here we go reduce the speed lets just go through the house shall we oh oh this is so weird oh man Im losing control I cannot control this rocket right now oh we havent done too much damage yet whoa oh no whats happened right Im coming in for landing but on the roof this time oh theres just so much detail in this house Im ripping through it right now I mean this house right here is worth a lot of money rocket coming down here we go oh right tilt back up I need to do more damage to the rocket yeah you know what lets just land it and maybe we can use some modded weapons to theres much damage as possible I mean this is what Ive done to the house so far could have been a lot worse right so the lava gun oh no I forgot it does that might as well do a little bit more is it still gonna fly off this oh I can hear a noise does it still fly yeah now I definitely shouldnt be riding this rocket oh oh no it fell apart its done what it said it would do in the mod page oh no my rocket is totaled man what an epic mod might as well destroy it just a little bit more perfect wow look what I just found under the map right here amazing I love it now in The Last Tear Down episode I was playing on this bunker map right here and I got this comment on screen it says Hey fudgy what will happen if you use the bunker Buster on the bunker map so that is actually a really really good idea now in the last one I tried to survive a nuke it kind of worked and then it was just a little bit too powerful after that with a different type of nuke so with the airstrike mod basically you can get the bunker Buster which is this one and it should in theory completely destroy the bunker that Im in so lets uh place it uh lets see right there okay here we go will the bunker survive or will I survive I dont know lets find out oh okay well wait did it work its left a mark no way lets see what it looks like from the outside the bunker actually did its job it kept me alive so thats where it landed Im pretty shocked by that let me send in another one how many can I send hes just one at a time yeah okay here we go oh yep completely fine I have no idea how it doesnt get through its just so powerful what about the Moab isnt that basically a nuke um okay I might regret this here we go um okay yeah the bunker did not survive that one nor did I subscribe steam active players per game Attaching Ragdolls to a ROCKET - Teardown Mods GameplayThere is now a working space and rockets mod where we can leave Earth. 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