Lavender beard sea of thieves steamnew steam survival game TEARDOWN gameplay oh Attack on Titan is so good Bob could you imagine if giants actually attacked the city that would be terrifying uh oh theres Giants right there Bob hide get under the table or something oh here they come watch out oh we gotta get out of here we gotta get out of here Bob Bob Im leaving see you later oh oh its fine its fine they just destroyed my house but anyways hows it going spy here welcome to some more tear down were in a level called uh survive the Giants get in this car go oh oh really I crashed it not even 10 feet away okay you know what Im getting up into this building here oh those ones faces are terrifying we gotta survive as long as possible wheres the staircase is it in here thats a bathroom you know what a bathroom might be good enough Im gonna hide inside the shower I hear them breaking everything oh no oh no I see ones hand hes gonna eat me you know what I gotta defend myself take this pickaxe this aint good Im almost dead go go they ate me okay look at this place it is almost completely destroyed this is my original House Bob cant be found I think they got him so Im gonna pull out some heavy artillery you got a pump shotgun here we gotta blast them I dont think they had these an attack on Titan but we gotta do it holy man they are so strong I think were gonna need something bigger than a little pump shotgun okay well maybe we should try like a rocket launcher I havent even destroyed one yet oh come on oh okay we shot some chunks on him oh Im missing Im missing theyre so fast for being big oh almost got that one wheres the others okay the others dont see me yet blow them up okay we got one of them look at this jerk look wow why is this face so scary I dont know all right time to bring out the bigger guns wheres my mini gun there it is take this you scary Attack on Titan Giants I think oh oh theres another one right there Explosive Rounds take that we gotta destroy oh here they come we gotta destroy them all what Im still shooting Im still getting them oh theyre eating me this is terrifying what would you do if giants attack its probably best to get in like a plane but then when you have to land youre kind of in trouble wait did we get them all this ones not quite down take that uh theres one more way over there and theres one in this house take that get out of here oh and that far one over there is the last one uh come on come on there we go and now we just hop in our car and we go to an even harder survive the Giants map am I gonna survive I dont know but here we go uh oh theres another one Im gonna hit him in the legs oh oh maybe not why do I always slide in the buildings back up back up come on just go Im glad I got thrusters hit him in the hand oh oh hit him in the foot oh okay here we are in a new city these ones are supposedly a lot stronger but look over there up on that house is that Bigfoot the monster truck oh wow look at these wheels okay Im getting in before they uh destroy it oh Im going backwards uh Ill go backwards are they pulling me down I think they just pulled me down no no no I want to drive this monster truck just go no my monster truck its okay because I have another one it just drives backwards okay okay this aint great this aint great were going backwards why did I get this I mean it still works pretty good backwards all right watch this Im gonna hit that one like this oh oh oh oh oh I dont know if this does damage them Im getting out Im going we need something else something that could do more damage what kind of weapons do I have I got a hook shotgun we could do Attack on Titan like this come on uh oh did I just throw him did I just throw him with my hook shotgun okay I want to try that again oh it throws them all right well Im gonna blast them shoot the okay Attack on Titan look at this this is how it works wait what oh what okay this shotgun is a lot better than I thought could you imagine if they had these in the anime and then up bang get them wow wow uh I think this gun is very overpowered oh okay you know what I want to try an asteroid strike Im gonna get a bunch of them grouped up together and then just destroy them all over here you jerks over here that one has a terrifying face it kicked my monster truck Im just gonna do a bunch of asteroids right here I think I clicked too many oh yeah I clicked way too many okay three two one go get all the way and oh whoa it just went completely white for a second that had to have destroyed them okay let the smoke clear up oh yeah theres one right there totally destroyed wait is he still alive wait really get out of here get out of here well theres one of them hes somehow still up okay bye and this guy here got him oh what what well theyre so strong theyre so strong okay there we go we got a couple of them but what other weapons do we got we got the katana we can slice one right in half hey buddy come here and make the angle wider three two one Katana oh is that gonna hit uh what he just dodged it oh no theyre smart theyre smart katana come on come on are you serious hes dodging every single swing of mine oh I got a shoe maybe I have to aim up aim up a little bit come on this isnt the Matrix Im just trying oh thats a perfect hit that is a perfect hit oh okay well that did it so I reset the level because I totally destroyed those giants but we do have this cool Bandy slap hand were gonna launch one of these dudes into the sky okay here comes one right now I gotta hit him get your butt over here literally and what oh my gosh he went so far and against the wall they literally get totally destroyed this is awesome get over here oh yeah that one went flying you know what this reminds me of like the Pokemon the Team Rocket when they blast off into the sky theyre blasting off again all right um lets see what else do we got here we have an acid gun okay lets see what this does to this guy uh its like a little sprinkler of goop uh is this disintegrating him oh yeah its disintegrating him oh and hes trying to eat me hey get out of here Im gonna make a hole in this wall its very slow come on well look at that it ate him a little bit what if we turn these guys to Gold oh it just stops the mid-air whoa I just created art this should go in a museum look at that thats actually really cool look at that ones face wow hey you stopped too youre getting turning to turn into art as well anyone else want to be turned into art that leg is still alive but now its pure solid gold okay well now that these things are completely solid gold its time to burn them before they un goldify oh yeah flame thrower Yep this is doing it oh oh this is actually doing it oh okay what if I uh run a car oh theres more of them I should probably grab a car and run into them okay this flamethrower this flamethrower is actually so cool that makes it worse because now theyre just a flaming ball of killer Giants lava gun oh lava gun might be better oh lava gun just totally destroys them oh except their feet try to still kill me and theres a floating head oh okay got that one just this one over here there we go now let me grab my car my explosive car were gonna make this art more beautiful and here it is Big all propane truck and we gotta we gotta run this into those propane tanks up here here we go oh art did that create art yeah that that definitely created art this looks like something out of like Terminator at least this one that ones scary holy man okay time to Nuke it three two one boom oh yeah there we go totally destroyed those Attack on Titan Giants okay now Im going home Im glad we totally destroyed the Giants and theyre not gonna come over here and destroy the buildings I figured out what was wrong with the truck the boosters made it drive backwards boom I made a hole and I got some thrusters on my back look at this Yep this is where I park my monster truck uh totally uh good enough at least I have access to the apartment building now we gotta get to my my room which is on the very top floor and here it is my apartment nicely furnished we got the treadmill where I can exercise chair books oh creepy Bob in the background and my bedroom it would be a shame of something destroyed my lovely home I hear something going on out there uh oh they followed me they followed me get back in Bob Hyde Bob Hyde the Giants they have followed me yep tuck and roll protect your head okay you know what break a hole in this window here were gonna peek out there it is there it is oh you know what okay I should have broke this window were gonna barricade this up for safety reasons I hear him hes breaking in oh okay look out the back where is he oh hello you know what climbing up to the roof lets look hello oh there he is there he is right there oh thats terrifying okay we need to get something for this uh a handgun handgun take this Im shooting you in the knee whoa okay okay I dont know if thats working theres a bunch of cars I could bring up a car and drop it on his head that might work hello there it is oh that didnt do anything sorry Hummer whoevers Hummer that was uh I hope its insurance covers giant foot giant foot thats what it says on the insurance claim were in trouble monster truck Im doing the monster truck thing monster truck where is it am I hitting it oh I think I just went through wait take this take this get out of here monster and get him in the water get him in the water drown them uh I think I got him um that was totally of the Giants fault not me uh uh-oh uh this aint good so my apartment building uh that was mostly the giant not the monster truck we should probably fix this up before more of them come because they did follow me so look at this Im Im a master engineer I know how to fix buildings uh give my re-building skills a rating one to ten comment section I think that looks really good well integrate a Hummer into it too for strengths okay so I should probably just grab something in here to help me fix it I searched the wall look at this the wall this is a giant jump okay before the monsters come uh Im gonna angle this properly and were gonna hit this sick ramp sick ramp with the truck or something a speedy car got my Lamborghini here were gonna hit this were gonna hit this as hard as fast as possible Bob get off the road oh oh I hit a light pole uh let me clear this light pole and try that again all right this is gonna work this time were doing it were hitting this job oh yeah oh whoa oh thats why its called the wall its literally just a wall were going back down well I thought were gonna go right through the ramp its fine this might help us defend the apartment building and a boom look at that I am an engineer I told you that doesnt this look good this will totally defend us against uh killer Giants totally uh-oh theres one right there theres one right there okay lets see if this works he is stuck on a tree right now hey buddy over here oh oh okay I dont know if thats doing anything is he gonna break through my barricade I mean it is just what I mean I think hes having troubles actually getting over here I dont want him to see me okay hes breaking in hes breaking in okay its time to get into our apartment building because I dont think this buildings gonna hold up much longer wait what the heck happened here is that the monster truck I hear him breaking in get on the treadmill the safest spot in your house definitely not dont do this um what is that something blowing up down there what uh oh the building is now Falling Slowly oh Bob Bob are you did he come back up here he came up back up here Bob we gotta get out of here uh oh Bob Im sorry its fine dont worry about it lets hop down and take a quick Gander at oh oh take this Lamborghini wow the building is toppling over its like the leading Tower of Pisa you know what take this you already destroyed my home Im gonna destroy you with my home there we go it cant get much worse than this look at that thats all that remains of my apartment and somehow he is still up you know what lightsaber time lightsaber take that this is what you get for destroying everything including Bob that was totally you there we go yep I think I almost got him perfect and now I think its time for me to uh hop on a plane and go to a new uh new apartment a new country oh were on a plane again yep monsters never attack us on a plane right wait what hello what is happening up here I dont see anything oh there was one they are theyre like jumping up and hitting the plane look theyre following us holy jumped so high okay you know what its fine they cant get us in here yep Bob well just keep what the oh theres now a Terminator are they working together Bob get in here Bob get in here Bob get in here its fine were waiting for more to come after us just do this Yep this always holds this always holds uh oh there he is okay you know what hop over here he cant destroy the whole plane can he hes breaking it hes breaking in okay you know what shotgun time shotgun time take that take this and that oh my gosh why is it so strong did we get him we just destroyed the Terminator and were gonna toss them overboard with the weird giant things go theres another one get down go live here other friend I dont see the Giants down there the Terminator just Splat I think we have escaped we did it oh what was that no oh theyre gonna get me now steam chicken recipe Giant titans destroy city in Teardown gameplay. 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