Teardown - Gameplay Walkthrough - Part 1 - Everything Is Destructible!

Linx vision 8 steam gamesdo dry cleaners steam wedding dresses TEARDOWN gameplay Music do Music Music Music Music Music Music hey whats going on everyone its dan here guys i want to welcome you all to a brand new series for the channel this game is called tear down now it actually has been available to play for the last two years roughly um maybe not quite two years but this has been in early access since 2020 and how today today however is the full official release the game is this is tear down version 1.0 no early access this is the full version and honestly at first i wasnt i remember i think i saw this game but i never even gave it a second look but you know what man we have nothing from now until like may the second or third second week of may i believe um so i figured why not jump into some more games um and try things out now the reason this game piqued my eye or took you know piqued my interest i should say um it is a game where everything in it is fully destructible everything everything you see in here can break im not even  __  you literally its its kind of like you know its kind of pixelated i know everyones gonna be like oh it looks like minecraft no its just a pixelated game um but ive heard great things about it uh and it does have a campaign so basically the campaign is literally sorted into two parts it literally is part one and part two and uh based on how long i think this game is like average people if youre rushing through it you can finish it in like eight hours um but if youre youre the average peep amount of the average person is gonna take um i think 10 to 11 i think they said so with that in mind since theres two halves to the campaign anyway today were gonna start with part one literally its called part one and then tomorrow were gonna finish it and go part two theres a set amount of missions in each uh campaign as well basically they get theres different like people who send you emails theres a story believe it or not and apparently the story isnt more than just breaking stuff down theres like a ton of other things as well so i think were gonna have some fun with this one its gonna be completely different its sandbox style basically heres a way heres an objective blow up this building take this building down and heres the tools you have to do it thats basically what it is so um but like i said theres a little bit more to it than that so im im looking forward to it either way though guys i hope youre ready to rock and roll with this one if you are make sure you leave a like on the stream and be sure to say whats up in chat so i do know that youre here and we can jump right in let me go through the chat real quick and well do that excuse me all right lets go what up staley hey annie adam danny sarah whats good uh hey taylor and tyler oh my tank boost whats good uh whats up wolf spyro good to see you welcome whats up royston uh whats up rashawn hey gwen lock will whats going on man uh bpp sorry guys uh whats up sarah hey judd two way multiple stairs this time around i think was it once there two sarah oh maybe this theres just one my bad i got you twice double dipping again what up judd uh whoa god damn chat i hate it what does that just jumps ahead because it wants to um where are we out here whats up felix uh aj hows it going ive seen you in a minute whats up britney um im not sure anyone else matt whats good sean hello hunter good to see you all thank you guys for coming like i said be sure to leave a like on the stream a little like does go a long way in this one im excited to try this out something completely different we needed to change a game man we did so im ready to go lets jump in hit play jump into that campaign so it like i said literally is part one and part two uh in early access they released part one ahead of time actually thats a little loud im just gonna turn all the volume down just to snag just so its not screaming in us walk home is our current objective yes we live at uh at la laquel tear down services oh hey garrett sorry i didnt see you sorry man oh click and drag okay so i have to go inside but i gotta actually move things out of the way one thing i actually want to do i think vsync was set to adaptive so lets do every frame usually a little smoother when you do that pick up your tools replace the fuse to turn on the power so you actually live and work out of this facility ah dont bust open the door we need to oh sorry thats nothing im there you go might as well self preservate although you can attack i mean youre really i mean theres a dick there and theres me there this damn tree out the way checking my emails checking my emails checking checking checking checks checking my emails turn that  __  off all right new message gas did you pay the gas bill do you realize what youve done all right theres gas bill just dropped on the floor honestly im not sure we can make it through the month are you getting any requests at this point we pretty much have to accept anything be creative hugs mom this just came in sounds kind of fishy but we need the money you up for it good evening my name is gordon wu general manager at evertides mall i have a slight problem with an old building thats blocking our plans for a new wing and id need someone to knock it over i need it gone by tomorrow and id even be willing to pay more than the standard rate for some extra discretion quick execution uncomfortable working hours would you be able to take care of it yes i would all right lets get it done im assuming this guy has been in his way for a long time lets do this whats up bastian well first things first ah what happened first things first  __  this van apparently not thats what i thought youre not here no more boy as soon as you knock the sign down hello its like this is the dude sitting here propane tanks huh okay id like to grab it can you grab it oh my god okay grab it how do you pick it up its not e oh right its right click sorry i forgot all right im gonna eat it at the fireplace kobe didnt work just start smashing  __  honestly when in doubt man gotta do it yourself one thing you have to watch out for is the fireplace this thing is brick so thats whats really helping hold this damn thing up now i dont know how this thing is still standing on this side you think it started listing a little bit wouldnt it be funny this was his competitor or something like that and he just i just took out his  __  house and now im wanted for construction of property and trespassing and however many other charges you can think of thats how i roll man i got no fear bro i got no fear all right lets try it again yes that didnt really work coming man this sun  __  is not going down oh no it is it is it is keep chucking it use your extinguisher no we want to burn this  __  to the ground what are you talking about i might have wasted all my explosives i love just the fridge here ah cooking up some destruction holy  __  hes strong bro i gotta eat the fridge into the house ah okay youre supposed to put at the house didnt work i may have  __  up guys i need sir sir i need more explosives oh thats okay yeah so i have this area  __  this tree oh  __  whoops i forgot everythings destructible i know it wants me to extinguish the fire but why would i want to do that its a gas stove is it coming down how is this thing still standing its too tall i gotta try and bring dude this thing would not work that way it doesnt work that way this is supposed to be the easiest mission all right clearly it wants me to put out the fire bro how is this possible how is this possible Applause physics like what bro i wasted all my explosives and now i cant blow that  __  up dude come on im gonna look for more explosives in my truck the job was not done yeah i think so unfortunately so step one as i said we are going to be okay so lets lets break im still gonna break  __  around it just so that nothing gets caught in the blast Applause whats up faith you gotta find the structural part you know the part that really is holding this thing together im gonna go up top okay okay id say i gotta say the fov is a little weird but i want to see if it would actually cause an explosion okay here we go okay thats progress oh i took a bit of a hit there dude youve got to be  __  me bro its so close this thing just has to fall bro thats not how it works you know maybe it is hold on maybe it is lets just break the rest of it Applause Applause okay i dont know i think i mean you really shouldnt be busting  __  in while youre still in the thats like amateur hour bro youre gonna have everything fall on you but this is a video game and i dont care Applause somethings got to give now no dude what the i know you can drive vehicles there you go do this the old-fashioned way  __  your house okay what the hell that didnt work ah this thing isnt really working bro what is going on this house is this is the hardest mission the first one youre supposed to hello somebody just left their car you know  __  your shed too oh lets go lets  __  go yes say goodnight  __  say goodnight over it im  __  over it lets go yes its still too tall for him  __  fridge wheres gravedigger when you need him all right we got the dozer out i wonder if we want to use the dump truck yes youre done it wasnt me see ya just hit and run literally a hit and run it took me five minutes it probably would take me less time its still kind of shitty but i i met the requirements i should have spray painted something be like bro all right shut the  __  up shut up they actually wanted you to smash the alarm clock i love it who the hell sleeps in a warehouse like this and sue the hell sleeps with the sledgehammer thats like an old cadillac thats sick all right new message investigation oh what a morning shouldnt have taken that job i knew something wasnt right that building was under cultural heritage protection the democracy is not part of a criminal investigation oh god thats not good mrs turner man of that police just sent me this photo they must have caught you at a traffic camera heading towards the mall the very last thing we need right now is an investigation i tried sweet talking and she thought she could get the case drop and ask for her favorite return i dont know what she wants but just do it shell email you directly oh my god bro oh my god so homie just so you know i dont usually do this but im stuck on a case i feel like i should try something new ive been investigating lawrence lee jr over tax evasion for months now but he has so many friends in town that i cant get a warrant how about you use your skills to borrow the computers over elite chemicals so that i can finally access this customer registry and sort this mess out you do this for me ill make sure that your little blunder will be forgotten oh my god dude were so much more than a destruction company operated by the lee family for three generations lawrence lee jr showed a promising start but developed a weakness for fast cash he is now well known name in the criminal underworld all right looks like we have three uh objectives to do here access the least customer i just you pick up three computers at the site okay so i gotta im just going in can i bust my way through of course i can sending a message Applause i love how you could just open the door but instead im gonna do that guys im strictly here to take oh wrong wrong one oh youre lucky its brick i feel like the kool-aid man must be locked what all right  __  it Music yes lock door not anymore all right theres one more computer oh i picked a picture 50 shades of capitalism oh i ruined it i could you could take paintings for money although i gotta leave him a message for later i dont know if i have space  __  crime doesnt pay  __  all right i got one more to go give him like like give him asbestos someones sitting up here drinking i just  __  vandalism hello anybody home big tony senses for gods big thorny ye Laughter wait what the hell why were they oh cherry picked this  __  perfect got it Music so holy  __  well im out see you later i left him a couple messages but the thing is hell never know it was me hell never know it was me that was my favorite just drive the truck right through the locked door thats thats how we do things over here man at lorette or whatever the hell rna our brand is thats how we do things in this  __  thats how we pick locks what up tam welcome to the  __  show i would have done that way faster but naturally i had to draw a dick multiple and threaten him with scaring him scam let him know im a demolisher now i got 225 all right she sent me something customer registry in indicates that lea has worked almost exclusively with a single client recently the client is only referred to as bt and no and no further details so i really have to bother you with one more favor head back to lee chemicals and professional employee login devices i should be able to cross reference their log files with the delivery schedule to figure out where they are moving the product and what bt means how are they install the new security system be careful all right so we cant just waltz in anyway who sent that super chat chris thanks for the super chat feels like its been years taking a day off today to enjoy your stream well thank you well glad you could join us glad you could join us lets do this so they have they they now know that somethings up so naturally ive got a ive got to be careful theres an alarm all right so it actually shows you where everything is thats handy wheres the uh wheres the wheres the security booth though man i this is not a man who gives a  __  im not a man who gives a  __  about rules alarms you think i care you think i give a  __  about an alarm you think i am concerned with brinks home security oh  __  man were doing this can i swim oh my god bro this is actually going down oui can i drive this yes you can roll your boat gently down the stream going to  __  up a criminal leaders factory thats mean no its not its not me you think you could put up a fence you think you could put up a fence bro i approached my boat you drained the water i approached my sky you you take out the sky i approached my spaceship man you cant stop me i do this all day john wu oops i  __  up the vehicle where are we at all right its in this building this time oh they put bars on the windows okay okay its locked so ive got to be cautious because they have got okay if you wouldnt mind you seriously cant hop up bro use your strength youve trained your whole life for this you know what this man aint sleeping today  __  your truck wait can i drive this thing yeah i cant im just here to deliver a bed i heard someone needs a bed i heard someone needs a bed oh  __  thats the throttle oh jesus i am terribly sorry i dont know what happened i flippity-flopped and my im thats what you get for wearing flip-flops to a job site you know when youre driving the flipper the flip-flop got stuck underneath the gas pedal got stuck man i dont know what to tell you i was wedged i was wedged it wasnt my fault next time they decide to blame who theyre gonna theyre who theyre gonna scout blame for they can blame the moving company who is in charge of delivering them the mattress all right i got nothing to lose lets go dude this thing is still trucking its about to its about to be dead one last thrust shes wedged come on baby but im in i found a loophole in your system sir they dont know im here they dont gots Music i see so theres an actual like time limit oh i see okay my bad i might have to reload no Music no im trapped in here all right quick load okay okay all right gotta get it i gotta get it all right so i i guess what theyre telling me to do is prep everything first as soon as you trigger the alarm you have just a few moments to get what you need right all right so yeah they basically want you to start here make your way there and then go in that way thats exactly what they want you to do guys all right fair enough fair enough okay i gotta leave if you wouldnt mind wait am i even in the right spot i mean lets go up to the lets go up a level can i go up a level not really all right heres what this this building doesnt matter right now lets just get out of here i need to go on the event so yes i need to start over there correct yeah so thats my way in im gonna probably break through the glass so yeah i should have started on this side i might use this then Applause oh  __  hit the brakes back it up and these guys are irresponsible as  __  for leaving all this im stuck sorry oh my god didnt mean to do that george put it down lets go now if i could just find a parking spot all right heres number one  __  okay stop bro im trying to get up there okay so im actually gonna quick save here okay thats one thats my plan thats my route okay so far ive got my route  __  okay so far my route is actually looking pretty sweet i just got to clear the glass thats going to be our route fam i got it im happy with that im content with that lets go make sure theres nothing we can get stuck on dude im comfortable with this you ready okay well quick save again go Music hustle hustle hustle hustle hustle hustle hustle 360 no scope time to go uh oh  __  oh my god Music let me out we did it lets get on it oh its good  __  i love it thats a dub your boy gets a new tool what do we get oh blow torch all right yes dank it is full release is out today came out fully all right need coffee am i on a coffee run they turn off the gas i cant even make a proper coffee anymore we need to we really need to bring in more clients ill reach out to gordon and see if he has something else i havent heard back from the police that thing sorted mom gordon wu marina too small thanks for helping me with that building the police were snooping around a little but it seems to have cooled off now we can finally start construction i actually have another job for you see i bought this yacht recently but its too large for the marina and the board says theres no space for a new dock could use your demolition skills again or remove one of the timeshare cabins the original documentation also disappeared then ta-da like it was never there all right this guy is some this is some shady  __  what up dave all right we gotta make some space oh this is my escapee sorry all right lets take a look thats my escape office safe oh theres secondary target should i go for the secondaries lets go that way so lets take a right yeah lets go across the bridge well go there first i dont know what he wants from that but they give you ways in there are ways in oh whoop sorry about that i love just using this thing like a lance you know what i mean big map there we go oh this thing is slingshotting one just drive straight through door was locked is locked you know nothing i can do about it bro Music dump it in the water oh okay a minute trying to get the safe got i love it just to dump the same with the water you  __  destroy the warehouse dont need it Laughter sorry you rather just blast in your tunes you um my the one just running  __  over desire cannot when you say i want it that way what was that just busting  __  open hold on were gonna take this pipe out one see ya bit of an oil leak wait wait can we reset can we reset yes we can this is like a middle finger it comes up bro its like a giant middle finger just lift it up oh its so  __  good its like nothing happened yeah i know i want i want some serious damage here guys i want some proper damage ah what can i say it was a bit heavy i have to right my wrong okay maybe not i dont know how that happened well i do know how that happened but im gonna pretend like it didnt oh the door was unlocked whoops oh whats up elias its about destruction death and destruction thats that is the true song gary yeah i came in like a wrecking ball i never hit so hard Music all i wanted was to oh  __  break your walls all you ever did was wreck me damn it man the crane is what i needed for this job maybe i could write it its  __  theres no way hmm i got a little overzealous with that you guys i did im not gonna lie to you i was  __  i needed that i mean i guess i could double back for um that would have made it easy but i guess i can double back for the dozer and i can just break the walls down like chris jericho  __  your couch oh actually i didnt need to do that oh it is the op mission im not destroying the yacht im making space for his new yacht like yacht parking stall basically i love whats still working hey grant i was actually just wondering about that i wonder why its doing that so bizarre have you talked to uh google like have you gotten like google sports man how much would you guys love  __  i would love to do demolition oh theres the safe there oh should i lose my bucket oh  __  guys i lost my pocket there it goes now we can push it maybe damn it see thats where that hook would have come in handy  __  lets back it up gotta create an open space for it if i can just push it this way i mean id be  __  laughing guys i mean i kind of messed this thing up its literally stuck in it just if i could right this crane would be laughing as hell okay i guess thats not gonna work and im not gonna have a vehicle anytime soon this thing is useless oh my god man what have i done i shouldnt have rolled that up do i this is not a mission thats meant to take a long time but im also stupid so this thing had a shovel and i broke it now im just driving over it god damn it i need the hook seems really bizarre grant i like i dont understand why that wouldnt happen or why that would happen Music  __  hey i had to tip this stupid thing should i try with a regular car Music foreign yeah its i just gotta get the oh come on you are not bro so close bro im not even on any oh there you go  __  my bad my bad my fault i tried i tried flipping the crane with the bulldozer it didnt work come on dude  __  off now im just annoyed its getting stuck on everything im mad about this man theres only one it was funny at times oh  __  this theres a couple of more so im not gonna give up on it yet this thing is not running that great though i mean the forklift might actually work maybe we could just lift it up and just kind of flip it grant did you make any changes or anything like like did you move anything to a certain spot or something like that or did you just try and like go in normally like did you try and get in touch with the google support or look up the problem  __  thats thats how it works honestly bro what the hell its stuck on nothing oh is that why oh i think i was wedged in the ground oh my dude this is so annoying by the time i actually get this it would have been faster just to  __  restart oh my god im restarting i cant deal with this i just need the one tool the one piece of equipment i needed i completely messed it up so they give you they basically give you this guy i was just trying to be funny i was trying to use that truck to like as a sledgehammer no sorry as a wrecking ball  __  where was it again Music i mean the crane is bay time is it for me um its what time its almost 10 oclock 10 in the morning oh so much for that car its almost like lego honestly it is all like lego im still gonna my my reign of terror is still gonna happen guys im cutting off supply lines everywhere i mean i just got to be a little careful because this vehicle i need to keep it in good shape for everything at least i know where it is this time no damn it you  __  bro this is reminding me of snow runner this is a snow runner thing for sure all right thats okay we got a forklift lets right this thing okay okay hold on lets get this like a  __  wait where am i all right hold on were still in this were still alive kind of stuck though im like in a weird spot lower this thing guys i cant turn i cant get it out of here its like stuck im trying to back it up i cant im stuck on this straight line  __  i must have got exceptionally lucky when i was doing this got it oh my god all right im not gonna use this vehicle to bust open the wall i promise you im gonna back it up nicely its at like a little id say its about 60 percent health on this one i gotta conserve it im probably gonna use that semi that semi truck or not to send by the box truck to um break open the wall just so i can get the safe this thing is not moving at full speed anymore but we gotta get this show on the road man that first time i went through here i was absolutely dominating wasnt i like it was like insanely good okay well leave you here my love well no lets get you so sorry about that i dont know this thing is going to be actually strong enough like the box is disintegrating as we speak and it doesnt have the momentum i just i just gotta get lucky and hope i know where it is its in the front room there so maybe we can just kind of pierce it in the corner a little bit maybe we can just like go in and get out you know what im saying like this i think i got it oh i got this little tiny piece whoa i got it thats how im taught like see how clean that was this time guys let it swing let it swing dont need it all right lets go vehicle is still in fantastic shape its no no no no no no no no  __   __   __  you dude you got stuck on a power line dog man now i gotta go back to that forklift son of a  __  this stupid thing tips so easily  __  this pain in the ass i should be able to flip it im hoping so whats up queen i am doing good two-step verification wall whats going on with your two-step though i dont understand because you didnt change anything right did you did you try my thing like i i didnt you didnt respond on discord about it because i remember i had the same thing i thought my account was gone for good as well and it was because i changed i tried changing my password and everything and it didnt work no matter what i did and then i remembered i changed my password on my other computer so i was trying to access something from my other computer and it was all freaking out because i remember i like instead of changing it from my regular desktop i changed stuff from my uh my laptop instead so it wouldnt let me in no matter what i tried so i went back on my laptop and then logged in again and changed it there and thats what did it for me oh  __  its like all the way at the end i thought it was in the building but yeah no the same thing happened to me it wouldnt let me it wouldnt send a verification at all and its like oh lets prove its you and it never they never ever did that its because i switched all right this is gonna be sketchy its because i switch my accounts whoa  __  well thats not coming back my bad when in doubt ram it out its a boat so i really have to do all the destruction from the dock oh man it wants to go i gotta get rid of the support beam thats right oh you son of a  __  there it is all right lets get out of here id say that was a success Music bye bit of a headache but we got it excellent the trials and the tribulations im sure are entertaining though an obvious ring just give me a sec guys i want to check something oh  __  um okay good whats up mole a shotgun apparently i forgot i had a blowtorch dont open the door jesus christ yeah no  __  hey lets go to tools first uh dont want to upgrade okay how much money is it no upgrades the blow torch we can upgrade cuts through metal i think we should focus on that number of seconds you can you know thats all it is tour range still does on most materials damage decreased with distance so damage thats 400 we can only do the rounds there oh yeah i suppose i could there you go it doesnt work at the marina looks like it worked because they just cleared construction cleared a construction permit for the new dock another thing came up there was this classic car auction up in black river the other day and one guy just keeps over bidding me lawrence lee jr that youngster who inherited the chemical plant a few years ago absolutely no interest in cars hes looking for ways to rotate his dirty money its a gauss-seidel b-50 the one they used in sealed the dl2 and colonel wilsons personal jacobi from normandy lee is about to put those cars on a ship overseas any day now and theyll be out of the country for good its not criminal i dont know what it if thats not criminal i dont know what it is can you help me acquire these two gems ill take good care of them so i have to make sure i just have to go in and get them im not supposed to damage them yeah i feel you man thats a  __  eh i had like i said i had something similar it wasnt to do with my number but they werent sending me a verification like with me with mine they werent they wouldnt send me a verification code whatsoever okay im gonna go get the documents first so i was waiting on a two-step and its like oh well were not gonna send you a verification even though everything was still in there like my number and everything was in there so oh  __  right im an idiot  __  im stuck im just gonna restart then its one of those ones that we have a time limit to get to ill bet theyre both the case so what im im better off just stealing the cars first and then getting the optional objectives if theyre if theyre all linked that way thats one of them isnt it no its not see faith hey pies this looks like an old like land rover Music okay where is this thing theres one on the dock there is there one further ill get the one thats further away actually no i wont i changed my mind ill go this one first then maybe i can run and get both simultaneously i see so how do they expect oh wait i understand okay i gotta get the right tool okay lets go get the crane then and well lift the crane carefully no i dont think so i think its just single i did the same thing in the last time i was here im gonna have to battering ram it i guess id go around the outside ill probably have to do that when i uh actually take it because i cant bring that through here stop with the swinging stop of the swinging got it okay well that didnt  __  work what the hell this thing cant hang oh  __  my bad Applause it wont hook it anymore ah it keeps grabbing the edge okay how the  __  are you supposed to do that thats definitely the last one you want thats hard man i need to rethink my approach obviously i have to load them up how the hell are you supposed to get all those missions done without within that time limit i dont understand because it sets off the alarm each time all right lets go to this end one then see what were dealing with maybe these two wont be on a limit Music all right this ones just on a truck so as long as things arent like  __  okay what about the is this also i think what youre supposed to do is um yeah see everythings on a  __  alarm i know what youre supposed to do youre supposed to thats gonna be a  __  eh all right well lets try and ram some stuff make a whole opening for this thing youre supposed to load the cars near it and then when its time to dock them oh  __  are you kidding me i triggered that oh man come on game stop  __  with me i gotta make a hole in the side then if thats how its gonna be literally you cant even breathe on it so they want you to this is gonna be a tough ass mission they want you to i mean i dont have to do the optional stuff i think you just get more money for it but what they want you to do is bring both vehicles to the truck and like drive them in as fast as you can but if i can like deliver them near the truck you know before anything gets too crazy as i hit everything in sight theres no reason i cant do it all i gotta try and get through this door without breaking anything wait what am i doing if the door just opened lets just open the door Applause thats gotta be careful okay once we get this car ill quick save i dont want it right in the way but i also dont want it like that could stay there okay and then well be able to unload it and just park it all right now i need this thing how am i gonna get this on without i think what they want you to do is completely demolish everything you can its gonna be very difficult to bring it in on a sea can taking off the top level okay thats just sorcery right there take away these boxes oh  __  i just pulled it further away as high as she goes that is really weird i dont know whats happening i gotta take out this awning just gotta get this out of the way see i want a clear path for the basket essentially guys so if i like have to carry this thing in i want to make sure its not going to be an issue perfect ima bust open this fence it is stuck though im trying to go to the right but its like not steering right because of all the debris are letting me down there you go fences taken out now we have a good chunk of space okay im gonna go park the forklift this thing is slow its not ideal for my job so lets just get in the uh the dozer Music just take out anything that might be too wide and even this one here i mean uh i think it might clear honestly guys im pretty confident in what were doing here so well park this bad boy right here im a quick save since i think weve made some progress okay now im gonna go get my thing i have a bad feeling about this  __  fence well no it should open for us okay lets see how successful this will be its still working thats awesome okay so im gonna hook the edge of the boat okay how in the hell are you supposed to bring this thing without swinging it around stop i keep hitting the wrong button stop stop stop jesus christ stop it commit go no ah ah ah all right im ramming this  __  thats true i guess i could use the forklift im gonna try and park this in a way that this thing is always going to be open because thats in the oh  __  im gonna have to ram this im sorry im gonna have to ram it okay im still gonna quick save though because were in good shape all right so this is gonna be tough heres the thing thats gonna happen i have to take the files from both places so im gonna need a car and then im gonna have to park it so its gonna be an interesting situation ill see if i can do it i might need something else i might switch back to the other car because i have a minute to get this to that or i have to get this that okay im gonna line up my getaway vehicle i know its not in the best of shape but itll be ready to rock its faster than that thing thats for sure okay were gonna quick save again and were gonna have to do this at mach 10 speed all right quick save go  __  up i dont think im doing it go crap dude let me in the  __  house im not doing it Music i i gotta prep both sides theres no way im doing this in time i still have to load cars and it got me all right well yeah thats my thats on me for not forgetting to prep the other location how do you hold on how are you supposed to do that how are you supposed to do all those things how you supposed to do four things like that are that far apart in a minute i know two of those things are optional i know that but its crazy see this slows me down so its almost like do i start here now that the other place is you know i dont know i might just do the mains Music Music i mean i suppose i could park the truck better yeah but go whoa dude how the hell are you supposed to do i think you can only take one of them Music oh my god Music theres no way i think you can only do one of them theres no way im still gonna do that i have plenty of time to do that and load them both but thats still i dont know how youre supposed to do both thats crazy unless you somehow transport the whole device i know i just put it in the way because im stupid yeah i see theres no time to get back unless i dont know i dont know im sure there is a better way wait why is the truck in the pa oh okay im building a corn maze out here if i spend too much time on each mission were going to be here forever youre given a task whether it be destruction or you know something else and you have to go do it in the allotted so you have prep time sometimes you know i dont have enough might upgrade anything not really demolition but you dont know me but ive had a series of break-ins recently in the last one and in the last one i lost two very rare classic cars and guess what i know who did it gordon wu that absolute prick is now bragging everyone at the club about his new two new favorite possessions the break-ins cost me a lot of property damage i like to let gordon taste some of his own medicine since youre in the demolition industry i thought well i dont know if you do this sort of work but let me know if it sounds interesting ive been digging up the okay ive been up all night digging through the logging device managed to find a connection to west point marina ive been able to figure out more on pt bt but lee has a warehouse in west point i guess whatever fishy business he is up to the marina is not the final destination i was thinking about thinking about gps devices can give me an idea where he is moving the product especially if i could compare their recent destinations to the shipping law can you get them for me so i have two missions so ill start the one i just stole from i have to steal again thats funny the home of the mall manager and racing enthusiast gordon wu his daughter freya and fiance and the enid cummins an exclusive mansion with a private race jack in the backyard thats badass all right well we have a couple of michiones to do i might just focus on the mains because if i dont really get money okay the car dump at least we have gordons expensive car i cant do that main garage gallery pool workshop garage so pick three theres a pool there look at the track man that is sick who doesnt want a racetrack in their own house well me dan i dont care the man i just stole from however you steal valuables and thats whats worth you know  __  this man im not doing this the nice way i have im gonna have a minute basically Music im going to have a minute to get rid of three of the cars theres water there but its empty theres water there so i could push it in there yeah drive the track all right well im gonna drive it in the dump truck lets see what kind of lap time we can get all right kissing the apex very slowly i dont i i dont know if its a left or right ill be here for all eternity oh we got a hairpin coming up bit of a long straight here Applause man this thing is  __  slow its so slow man i cant even youd have to have all sorts of permits to have this so im i guess this is kind of helping me because like theres an ocean i can drive the cars into i have a minute to get to all three to three of the vehicles i could do this if im gonna finish on the track i think i already know my route i think i already know what i want to do i think thats a thats a body of water or is that a tennis court is this just one of his garages thats sick so i could drive it right through here if the thing is theres no reason i cant just give it the beans you know what i mean okay lets see where we are on the map so theres a pool there car there car there so i think my plan i think i know what i want i think i want this bad boy in there then i want this bad boy out here and this bad boy in there but i have to go im going to leave on foot and im going to scope up because the thing is this thing i can prep this one Music because dont forget i got to escape so i need to make sure i have a getaway car and i guess this is going to be my getaway car right here okay so thatll be my getaway car so im gonna start i think im gonna start with the furthest one back im still gonna scope out this one i think this is the one i want im gonna crash the truck in the water it doesnt matter itll take the car with it cars and bars theres the pool that its going in uh why is no one ever home have you noticed that no ones ever home sick all right cool Music actually i had a thought i actually changed my mind heres whats gonna happen i need some speed so what im actually gonna do is start with this one in the pool is there anything else i could drive yeah theres a couple of cars in the car park the truck is pretty quick and its got a bit more so hes got an elevator you can ride the elevator thats so cool okay so this is gonna be my my vehicle from point a to point well because heres the thing i gotta leave too right im in the zen garden im in the zen garden and im causing trouble so im gonna whip a  __  bird like this im gonna quick save it before i do this though just in case okay ill quick save here just in case this doesnt work so this car is gonna go in there i dont know if its gonna be enough to destroy it it is go hustle hustle hustle Music go go go go  __   __  no bye go go 16 seconds this better be the fastest hatchback youve ever seen go Music  __  now im stuck no you son of a  __  what have you done no dude come on oh man so the optional objective is to get rid of all six of them thats the optional that is some  __  okay well thats on me honestly im honestly debating on changing it to not that one im starting to think maybe id rather like were the other ones maybe i should do a different one oh thats the caddy we just  __  stole bro maybe we should stick with the same plan im still the same plan actually im sticking the same plan were just going to do things slightly different okay im going to go to the caddy instead so whats going to happen here this sum bit this is probably our quickest car yolo Music oh  __  oh jesus thats a waste yeah it would be easier to just burn it all down but they want me to drive it into the drink so this actually looks like a ferrari f40 a little bit sort of god go hurry deuces Music wheres the escape i didnt plan this part through there it is Music see ya sent a message as he drives right through it it shows my route obviously the optional ones are i didnt realize it showed my route see to get all six of those bad boys thats gonna be a tough one thats why they have them for challenge purposes reach a new rank new tool has been given see were just cr were just criminals bro no way around it we are criminals and hes embracing it they they need the money come on plank tool build primitive ramps you can also attach objects with planks to lift or drag items interesting build complex structures we still have that other mission wait nothing came to mind since the computers didnt include any details on bt maybe there are documents in his safes that could bring some clarity you have clearly already done a lot for me so this is the one this one we had right the gps devices yeah so classic cars yeah this is optional so theres three mains and one optional steel gps device from these boats and get the log files from the harbor office okay all right lets take a look boat and boathouse okay well lets go see lets first investigate just when you guys thought we would get enough of this place im not sure how many maps there are then there must be like four or five maps total nothing crazy all right so that will trigger the alarm but wait a minute it is a boat can i not i cant drive this boat i thought maybe i could do something about it lets head to lets head to this primary i want to see what is connected to a uh alarm system and what isnt fish oh wait blow torch Music he went like im going man  __  i gotta be over there no i know i can drive the boats but i cant drive that boat see thats on an alarm too oh theyre just being  __  at this point right i just got planks oh what the hell no you got to build a plank why is it doing that what the  __  is happening oh Music i have to click and drag dawg how do you pick them back up though im gonna restart i feel like everythings all  __  so that so yeah this the boat there looks like i can actually hold on lets uh lets bring this thing oh this is my van sorry lets go see if i can tow that thing because if i can i can bring it closer to one of the required pieces i dont want to drive this i want something quicker there ill take the land rover and these sons of  __  did why would you park the okay Music ive i actually have trailer trailer experience so you i understand how it works you know how to actually tow a trailer this thing is wedged oh so it behaves differently okay ill park this right the  __  here right by our escape vehicle there you go so now i love it you can drive the boat so really the problem zone is definitely going to be the one thats on there i feel like they want you to bridge it but i think i can use uh the crane to pull it closer because i think that ones gonna be this one should be well which one should be first at that point you know what i mean oh yeah see this is the situation actually i have an idea of what i want to do leave this somewhat intact okay i think the boat is whats going to bridge me so if i were to go i might have to pick like a faster bow can i shoot down those cables with a shotgun i dont know why in the boat it just goes super like grainy all right well try it then okay the boat is now unmoored its free now i gotta go back to the crane Music and im gonna have my order so i think my my route is going to be um that far office take the speedboat go in here oh  __  no no no oh okay well that plans move so much for that fear not fear not imma get creative uh  __  all right well i gotta remember this  __  actually kind of behaves why is it doing that  __  Music  __  its not really working oh stupid  __  thing i didnt want to do that obviously do there you go thats our route and then we jump back out wu tang and we have a vehicle ready to go oh whoops  __  my bad i dont want the plank all right thats my plan and i think its gonna work before i go inside this building though i want to confirm that i i can actually drive this drive the speed boat here if so we should be good yes its drivable okay awesome okay were gonna go into that area its gonna work i am confident okay uh where is it nope sorry follow the trail of destruction okay we will quick save and go Music  __  oh i  __  up guys i  __  up i forgot to leave the vehicle here i needed to leave a vehicle here thats okay we got the time backs to back that fish ass up Music plenty of time to spare i could have done way more im sure i cant even remember the optional thing was but we could have done it what up cataract its funny man this game is funny i like it heavy lifting they keep unlocking new stuff but well do the heavy lifting mission all right lee chemicals yet again all right last time we did everything here so theres only one main and theres a bunch of sides so we got to get the gps and bring it here okay lets see the deal so the office safe is the main well see if we can if if the other safes are attached to an alarm then im not really going to worry too much about them let me guess theres no vehicles i can use a blowtorch though okay yeah see thats on an alarm as well everythings on a goddamn alarm Music what is that sorry safes in here i might be able to get a couple of things oh wrong room okay so heres the thing about the heavy safe is i have to actually get it down and put it in the water thats what makes this one a little bit tougher and they kept it all close by but yeah this is definitely one of the tougher missions im only gonna have a minute to get this thing down into the water i mean i have the crane im gonna position the crane just in case i need an emergency im not gonna cause any damage that i dont have to i know its kind of going against the grain of what i was doing but these missions require a little bit more finesse as i proceed to  __  this thing up do not touch it oh  __  damn it guys im not gonna do it i should have saved it before i did it not gonna redo this whole thing just because i cant oh my god  __  oh my god i dont need a  __  chair thats a  __  how are you supposed to knock that  __  down without like triggering it that requires some serious finesse guys the finesse requirement is off the charts here red youre given a series of missions to do it mainly involves demolition but there is like a whole criminal side to it i cant really explain it but oh  __  the last thing i need is this truck to be stuck in the way okay now im gonna take the ill bet some people could take this uh uh why am i having trouble remembering what the hell this is called just like literally go up scoop it in the scooper with the you know with the shovel oh im a quick save just give it a try yes  __  get in the water  __  did i even do it wait did they want me to oh  __  they wanted me to steal the safe oh man i gotta steal how are you supposed to do all that you know i just know what i know what they wanted you to do you have to come back thats what they want they want you to come back bro if this  __  works ill be a god among men heavy brakes accounts that was sick i just carried it in the shovel yes you they want you can go back and do all the other stuff i guess yeah thats another one whats that like dynamite pipe bomb wow this is getting aggressive isnt it this is getting mad aggressive all right gordon re-heavy lifting hold on thanks and i just find someone who can work a safe ill get back to you in a bit later hugos okay water tower i still dont know how but lee found out about the cars and totally overreacted i just saved the life of those poor cars and he goes completely mental and vandalizes my property can you believe that good thing im probably insured ive thought about ways to get back at him and finally nailed it the iconic water tower at lee chemicals his grandfather built it with his bare hands and it has since been a symbol for the entire lee family they even use it in their logo type making that tower a little less tall would be make it more suitable symbol for the small man he is savage all right back to lee chemicals weve been here so many times so all it wants us to do is get rid of the tower all right sorry guys one second so far i put myself on maybe i should move myself im just going to move myself thats better oops i got some pipe bombs now i dont know if theres an alarm with it so thats something were gonna have to keep in mind so we were just here okay well back over here sorry man this thing is slow where exactly is the tower oops i think this is just the demolition one i dont think theres gonna be an alarm on it we just gotta bring her down and i think its mainly brick so thats gonna be the the tricky part about it gonna try and bring her down there any optionals there are no optionals at all this is just that part of the building these kind of jobs usually take a while i think before i start destroying this  __  no i dont have stairs heres what well do okay am i in it right now yeah shoot oh what the no i mean i guess thats part of it a wrecking ball would be very handy you think okay whats happening ah theres still debris falling on me okay oh come on oh thats annoying you got to be careful not to destroy what you need to actually maneuver got it the problem is physics in this game dont work the exact same way so its like and then i fall god thats annoying honestly wouldnt the fire help oh hello no i dont stop it theyre gonna do that to me okay fine this i think they want us to place the pro well no were supposed to take i think ive already wasted too many explosives this one doesnt actually go up that high i dont think that would work well man you know  __  it lets give it a try oh  __  this is still oh they all fell out anyway so so oh  __  forgot throwing it causes massive damage i dont think this is gonna fall its gonna have this random support structure im gonna have to redo this oh for gods sake it didnt even do anything so  __  im restarting ive wasted all my resources theyre going to make this one a pain in the ass although like heres demolition but were going to restrict what you can use like that would never happen oh come on i had it before ill ever use like a leaf this oh what the hell bro how did that even happen i dont think that works the homie i really dont because it doesnt they only its that you saw that i threw the grenade in there all it did was bring down a couple walls it it was its not i honestly dont think that will work ill try but i really dont think thatll work because i think that you need to be up top to do all the damage i think the idea is not to destroy the pickup why is it doing that why is it just blowing up now im getting pissed off why is it just breaking i just i literally drive it a foot and it  __  blows up last time i had no problem im gonna have to quick save it again oh come on Music all right lets see what were dealing with here must be these  __  hey so oh my god i dont know how much more i could deal with this these  __  are all right hold on i dont know how i died there Applause what are you doing man jesus thats just the area you need to bring it down thats the spot you need to break down kind of  __  up there a little bit didnt i so theres more there  __  do okay i dont think the crane will lift that high but i mean theres no support structure anymore technically okay what are you doing so okay oh theres a big boy in there i didnt think i could use that i didnt think about using that i dont think i should mess this one up im gonna im gonna try and set make sure this one stays they all have their very specific jobs let me go park this one out of the way i wish there was a longer timer on it hey all right lets try this method and see what we can get done so that did absolutely nothing absolutely nothing Music i dont like how they magically just stay up there they should fall you know i mean its like what do you have to do to bust through this thats not how buildings work theres no support ah  __  okay its all part of my plan keeps hooking itself trying to pull it down but i cant there it comes ah thats job well done that was the sacrificial oh man we should just push it try and push it in the river yes look at that torque oh  __  its good enough i mean its picks its a pixel game i wouldnt say its its just because of that its minecraft you know it looks like basically yeah its a demolition game but theres like a lot more to it than that its not just about demolition id say thats thats the main but sometimes you go in you have to steal stuff like its a very criminal this theres a story its all criminal you know theres like a whole criminal underlining and youre like a double agent accidentally youre just trying to run up your you know run up your business all right re heavy lifting already got that looking better they turned the gas back on coffee never tasted better i was skeptical about working with mr wu in the first place but he does pay well so does the new client leak chemicals they contact you directly by the way i heard on the news that theres some mad men on the loose around here i hope i remember to lock the doors at night hope you remember to lock the door tonight all right gordon really took this one step too far you probably heard it on the news but he hit my tower the lee tower my poor grandfathers probably turning in his grave right now it cost me a fortune to rebuild that i need to get back at gordon but hes so loaded with money that whatever i do he can just pay someone to fix it the only way i can get to him is to strike where his fat while it cant protect him its precious art collection some of those paintings would also make a nice contribution to the restoration fund well they spelled that wrong restoration fund in my new tower i will go ahead and do it so he wants me to go and see i gotta go back to his villa and steal the paintings and theyre all attached theyre all gonna be attached to some sort of some sort of alarm so ive got to get in steal the art and get out thats my getaway vehicle so yeah each each mission they get they present you with a challenge i prefer the straight demolition ones those are obviously more fun to me can actually pour cement on stuff Music theres tons of explosives here so i need how many i need four but there are two i dont need so theres uh well im counting theres two down here theres three up here how did he get that car back i stole it  __  your kitchen Music like who doesnt want an elevator in their house nice get some money i havent had enough i havent really looted any goodies in a while ive always thought these spiral staircases in these houses are so cool i mean because they they just take you to a different patio upstairs imagine having a house this big i wouldnt even know what to do with them okay so this is our first painting im not gonna touch it because i need to plan my route so its possible oh sorry so where are we in the house okay so theres this one here theres that one there so do you think does it make more sense to get these three i think it does i think it makes sense to ignore this one at the guard tower um were gonna need a car he does have a car out front i could probably use that i think what i need to do is im just trying to think what makes the most sense um thats my escape so i have a minute so once i get like four of them i think its best to start boom boom jump down get in the car run over here boom boom boom drive up and out thats my thats my i think thats my best call i dont know what im dealing with yet but i do know that there is something in the house or the the room the building next door that way so im gonna actually okay lets try using my blowtorch try a shotgun okay thats perfect okay thats my escape okay in which case im gonna start up in there im gonna go down here okay where is the next one i guess i can just open the doors but oh thats cool a theater ha cool its all the cat the credits dont need it okay wheres the  __  apparently i walked by it where is it oh its right there okay so thats what im gonna do then im gonna jump down okay were gonna get out of here were gonna land hop in the car yeah ill position it so its in the right spot this is just my like its just my route you know hes got a couple of cars set up then im gonna go down here keep in mind i have to do this in a minute okay theres your next one grab that dude hes got so many vehicles you can drive or did i say this for ah  __  see thats the problem theyre all kind of far Music you grab that see the next ones already set up so were gonna leave that there dude why would you have this painting in your sauna this looks like a  __  sauna why would you have a painting in a sauna where you would never have a painting in a sauna it would ruin it okay and then were gonna take that car so im gonna bring this one just for i probably dont need this one i took one of the shittiest vehicles just because i know part of my plan all part of my plan guys trust me im testing its durability to see what kind of  __  im gonna be up against i could take the supercar slop oh  __  no okay well im going on foot then i could take a supercar as my driving vehicle that would honestly get me places so much faster i mean the last ones in here anyway so if i can just kind of bust my way through Music and theres the last one Music quick saves are your best friend see so im gonna take one of these now i think im ready to kind of put my plan into motion oh eat my  __  ass no traction on the grass im just trying to get up there great now i got no down force just go the long way when in doubt go the long way guys its gonna be hard to finagle this thatll be my last stop though okay i just need to get it where i needed to go so im gonna drop out the window roughly there oh come on dude are you  __  serious god thats so annoying ah im not taking the cement truck no way bro i got scruples what if we hold on what if that cut the power to like all the alarm system oh  __  oh that could have been bad what if the what if now theres no alarm thats annoying now i gotta get a new vehicle to make my getaway guys because i got it wedged its so easy to get the  __  wedged this will probably do it definitely isnt the fastest vehicle that caddy would be slower lets be honest pretty much neutron yeah ill see if the power is still there okay were gonna leave it on the run out okay okay im pretty much ready to try my plan i just gotta go back up to that same room and go in that order one minute one minute doesnt sound like a lot at all but honestly based on where we need to go as long as i have a decent run up i should be good all right lets take yeah see the alarms are still active so thats my plan so im gonna click save and lets give it a try go Music so dicks gotta redo it thats such a slow car its gonna be skin of your gooch man it is its gonna be very skin of the gooch Music if only i didnt mess this car up honestly it probably would have been better how in the hell are you supposed to do this dude this is not enough time Music this one i think i gotta abandon thats too far i gotta rethink my strategy that ones way too  __  far away theres no way i think i gotta change my plan of attack so im thinking im gonna have to try and ignore this one thats way too far i think my best bet thats in such a bad location how are we supposed to do this in a minute Music maybe one two getaway car drive it here pick that up go around boom boom i dont know lets go take a oh its look a walk-in closet thats just worth a good chunk of change what do you mean the other way around Music Music i mean i do have pipe bombs but i have to steal it so its like yeah they are closer to the escape vehicle but at the same time i have to wait on a heli well i guess i dont i see what youre saying so leave this here grab the two down by the lake so maybe start in the one with the supercar supercar garage drive over to this one drive up here maybe to the guard tower its tight window man its a tight window so see that ones just gonna add time because of where you go you know what i mean so its like maybe i should start with this one go up the ramp run inside the elevator set up a car thats in it Music run go there launch up and thats its that third one though that im worried about because wheres the nearest elevator i could just drive straight through this glass but it also means that im or i could drive through this glass because this guard one is this one the third ones a pain in the ass maybe what i should do instead is Music start here like usual that one is just so out of the way i dont think i can do it but the cars are set up Music oh its worth a try i guess oh my god  __  relax okay and the escape is down there so i probably dont even need the car but itll be there ill give that a go i think i might start in the middle zip to the sauna drive over to the the supercar garage drive up through the window into the elevator grab drop down grab hop in and go i think im gonna try that but thats not a lot of time in a minute how do they expect you to get six of them let alone four so this has got to be precise it has to be accurate as  __  i mean its worth a try its definitely worth a try instead of leaving this this way im actually gonna go rearrange it so im gonna kind of line it up there a quick save no im getting four one two three four one two oh wait that is five oh  __  right right right okay okay so i dont need to go this one okay never mind yeah yeah oh i see what youre saying okay my bad okay no no youre right okay so we just need four so really just set this one up as we did actually im gonna go with the truck i find the truck has been old faithful it seems pretty good i want to make sure the tires are on the tarmac before we go i know well have to walk a bit but id rather be right outside its gonna make up for time Music okay quick save so let me just confirm again so this is the plan since its four one two three four i think the route you have to go is boom boom boom boom boom boom thats how i think if you want to do that right theres a very specific route all right did i quick save im doing it anyway and go  __  thats gonna cost me some to speak time be controlled Music Music ah its gonna be close Music peace lets go theres the chopper but i made it thats close as hell damn i mean im sure theres a faster way there has to be a faster way i wasted time crashing i should have just bailed out and ran in and i messed up here i lost a lot of time here i would yeah i mean theres no better way to put it i mean i guess you could park the car underneath that can you imagine getting two more of those thats crazy all right back at base packet base bombs in the software flash the mass edge somethings out there floating in the summer is going all right save the date laquel celebration day these are all new looks like a tank to me but i need some tools missing artwork theyre all mission whenever theyve got a paperclip thats a mission lets upgrade we have 450. the blowtorch you get honestly maybe having more more pipe bombs might be nice or save up for damage i could save up for the damage now lets go planks 18 pipe bombs okay anton hey ive heard about your skills can you do a quick job for me see theres a construction theres construction going on at the marina some new dock or something and there are high-end tools spread all over the place i could really use some of them for an upcoming job can you get over there and collect them for me sure just want to count one two three four five six seven eight nine ten all right thats halfway okay so apparently theres 20 missions per part i think um so i think thats 10 so this is a mission 11 in a mission 12. oh its a side mission oh well maybe well come back maybe well just do the main i dont know if we want to do that just a second oops no thats not what i want um i mean i guess thats including it ill skip it for now do i want it i dont know i will do it whatever our return okay so yeah this this mission or this game story is nothing like youd imagine like youd expect something completely different each time so theres something in here let me guess that why is everything locked to a toolbox okay thats i almost just wrecked it but thats where you come in and grab it okay so theres one there theres one down there thats my escape so what do you think the the root the best route is considering thats where you end up i wonder if the i wonder if it should go you know what it should do one two boat your way here i think grab that but you have to prep first grab that grab that so boom boom boom boom yes you can do more but im gonna just do the primaries Music i wonder if theres like a better way of doing it lets just go see what were dealing with here some binoculars okay try not to hit too much  __   __  i hope thats not gonna sink so i want to run here right and just jump in the water and go for it all right ive got a decent setup so far the other ones were in this house right yeah so theres wait what kind of car is that i  __  sucked thats going to trigger it so i definitely dont want to do that i just want to get in i think im gonna upgrade my blowtorch next just because you never know when that  __  gonna come in handy thats in a weird spot they had to do that didnt they oh wait a minute a valuable sorry so maybe not i think this is where we should start maybe well see well take a look at the other one well see what this ones like its also in kind of a shitty spot no i think i want to start here okay so theres one more setup thing i need to do unfortunately i need another car ill this one will probably do actually id rather just get out its gonna take us too long all right so im going to um try and position this accordingly uh this thing oh  __  i dont even know if this is gonna make sense grab you know im gonna run from there grab here unless we need car i dont know if were gonna be able to get over here in time we might need a car at the end of the dock theres an ice cream van i could try that i need to get make my way up so there see if we can access it from this side so if i were to like if im like d d grabbing that  __  yeah you can do that okay let me drive it forward theres got to be a quicker way up to the top though to the ill drive it to the end of the pier here whatever see this is my next slow spot its like how do i get up there quickly can i go up here yes i can thats gonna be my thats gonna be what im gonna do if i can can i go down here though lets see if i can shortcut it again yep i can jump my way up that way grab that jump off the edge if im gonna put this back a little Music okay and then were gonna drive to the end of the dock so thats gonna be my thats gonna be my plan okay well see if that works oh yeah dont worry neutron i know i got this again you always get a minute its funny because this game is actually a puzzle game its a puzzle sandbox hybrid now annoyingly they wont let me in see a boy has so this is gonna be the vehicle im gonna drive but im gonna position it right outside so i spend less time going from car to car okay so this is gonna be my starting position okay were gonna quick save and go Music Music its too slow Music how the hell is that supposed to go down not a chance in hell its got to be a faster one thats  __  hard how are you supposed to do that in that speed the boat is out that the boat has to be out i dont understand how youre supposed to get there in time everything about that is stupid slow the boat is way too slow i dont think the boat is gonna be a thing but i wonder if i should just skip the boat and just i dont know anymore man do they have a speed boat somewhere in the marina yes they do im gonna go replace im gonna see if i can replace the that shitty boat with the speedboat that might actually save me some time Music Applause and the thing is its got an open like it doesnt have an overhang its an open cockpit so to speak so i can hop over it quicker instead of having to go out and around i was losing some valuable seconds there Music this thing almost sounds like like a weed whacker or something like that i think i have the roof correct i dont really see any other way to do it but i could park this maybe a little bit closer to the gate Applause okay that might really save me some time unfortunately theres not really a better i dont know if theres like a like i mean i dont know whats lets see what else is on the map here oh thats the shell its not actually yeah but you cant drive this thats that thats no no no that is not the getaway boat this is this thing is stationary you cannot interact with it its just your way of finishing and starting the level so honestly i think im set up in the best way ill try it again unfortunately these vans are slow as  __  and the reason im im not using that i dont know its worth a try i dont know lets lets see if there is is there anything like on the dock maybe with a faster vehicle oh opening this  __  is annoying looks like a cherry picker thats about it yeah that car is not a car its just its got no wheels or anything so its just chilling i think this is the best situation we have for success that boat just really slowed me down ive gotta ive gotta cruise like i cannot waste any time oh  __  that  __  me go Music Music so Music no okay its doable that is the route that is fast enough but i didnt clear enough debris out of the way of the car so ive got to go back and clear the debris in front of that and then we should be good that was really close i almost made it but i ran into  __  if i didnt run into  __  i would have made it by the skin of my gooch it would have worked i just didnt clear off enough  __  so im gonna take this in im glad i brought this over here and im just going to clear myself a path because i need to go straight i want to cut across all this if i can tip Music i mean a shovel would be better here i think but if i can flatten it that little piece right there is like gonna give me a bit of concern see heres my concern is like okay well lets quick save do you think that makes see what i mean like you lose control really easily so its like do you go up do i cut the corner like id build it for and slow myself down see that is not gonna work im just gonna get stuck but i need to get in i need to get in unless i do that and then run it its possible its just gonna break the fence so uh its worth a try i dont know if im gonna make it but i mean i almost made it by crashing into it so im gonna run back and try it i that car is like one of the worst in this game that ive discovered oh you can raise and lower the bridge thats cool i dont know why i would need that but whatever works unfortunately this one is taking me way longer and its a side mission too thats what sucks about it i mean i think its just for a bit of level boosting i think i can i can honestly probably if only this van was faster yeah im trying to sprint i dont know i thought about ramping the car but i dont think its gonna help us in this one 30 seconds about the same time so oh  __  im stuck oh come on thats gonna cost me i should be at 16 seconds by the end of the bridge and im not thats gonna cost me some time ah i dont know what happened i got held up theres no way  __  god damn it bro thats really annoying that i got stuck on the boat do all right im going faster mad faster holy  __  go go go Music oh no  __  no guys i hit the wall damn god that car handles like  __  so close that time thats the winner though im gonna get it its just a matter of see that one wasnt as good as my first one because i got held up oh  __  okay i rolled it i was trying to cut some corners save some time save a second there that was good oh  __  its in my way oh no guys i lost time i lost so much time there because of that stupid  __  car Music i i lose so much time there ive got to find the time somewhere god damn it Music just hit exclamation specs type out exclamation specs and itll tell you my pcs back to you exclamation mark specs and youll get it huge time difference go huge i got massive gains on this one Music im a whole second ahead Music and i  __  it up it all comes down to that it all comes down to that right there unfortunately that last little bit ah man this is a  __  side mission too i dont want to waste so much time on this you know oh  __  oh what a trick shot go go Music huge time save go dont  __  it up this is the dub eat my gooch we out of this  __  lets go how in the hell do you get six on that dude you have to pull some  __  out your ass to do that you get six give me that bread give me that bread all right lets go next major all right good evening im a claim adjuster at kirth in kearthy insurance group investigating an art incident that happened to gordon wu mrs who claims to know whos responsible for the stolen paintings mr lawrence lee jr ive literally been involved in all the shenanigans uh but he is not hes very keen to not involve the police gordons account has caused us some financial strain recently and it is in our interest uh to bring back the paintings as discreetly and swiftly as possible according to our intelligence the paintings are hidden at the marina i know gordon has been working with you in the past maybe you could help me out im going to end up being the fall guy all right they just hit four peytons in the marine so were back to the same arena hi vince all right so lets take a look at where our objectives are one of the marina one in the house by the marina office oh thats  __  hey all right so i already see the route we have to do were gonna need to bring a boat unfortunately theres slow boats here there is a yacht here can i can i i cant probably cant drive the yacht um im gonna have to bridge the gap with this so im i know where i already know where im starting for sure um oh wait a minute oh wait a minute i just realized its fire alarms its not so too much fire which look at this so theres no alarm oh thats so different then all right so were gonna start there im gonna grab this bring it over here drop there boom boom and then get back to the thing with the with that boat so lets go set up im actually gonna set up backwards im gonna set up whoa oh  __  dude lightning bro i gotta worry about lightning strikes oh come on thats not like thats not in my control bro that sucks thats not my control ive got to basically be damage patrol oh my god theres a fire dude this is literally a time you just basically gotta hurry the  __  up your setup time is so slow ah are you joking me stop come on oh come on why why would you do that to me man that is so rude oh where is it  __  im done bro theres no time i have to redo it theres no time for setup there is no time for setup the thing just starts fire and unfortunately theres no boat so im just gonna swim well it is it is about destroying things but theres also challenges its actually like a puzzle game involving destruction speed strategy its a lot of strategy this one id like to point out this  __  would never ever ever happen im gonna quick save as soon as i get to the ladder  __  whats going on thats the hustle see the thing is the fire alert is getting bad thats your way in though dammit i dont even know where it is guys i dont even know where it is i cant even get up there come on its gonna  __  start i dont know where it is dude where is the thing i seriously cant find it i gotta locate them first otherwise im just gonna be searching for an eternity ill have to have to load it but i dont know where it is why would there be no stairs i mean i could put the fire out yes but i dont know where the thing is so im just gonna reload oh  __  didnt mean to go in the water oh its on the roof do you think its on the roof its a ladder thats tough man dude this is stupid i gotta locate it first i it might be on the first floor im apparently standing right in front of it i dont know where it  __  is this is really stupid man i literally cannot tell where it is it is above me well why the hell was it not this is gonna be very hard i dont even know how im supposed to put out the fire ah  __  i need to fall  __  im stuck okay theres no point in fighting the fire guys theres no point oh i still dont know where it is where is it  __   __  you dont have time to prep thats the thing either theres no time to prep oh this thing handles like a bucket of  __  Music dude this is gonna be so  __  hard this is not gonna be a fun mission let me tell you that right now you have to get lucky too you have to get lucky with like i might already be soa just because im its a completely slower mission i cant quickly when the alarms going because i dont actually know where it is Music  __  dude theres no  __  way im theres no time to actually even learn it you know what i mean theres no time to learn it as soon as you start i dont know if swimming over there makes sense but theres no theres nothing i have so i dont know if i should swim like because i feel like i dont know if its prompted by where you walk do what i mean like or if its prompted by time because you have to get so lucky with this one you even have to try and rush back like its like theres no cars around here so theres nothing i can do i think its triggered by where you walk come on i cant i cant extinguish it in time youre not supposed to its triggered by like walking near it and theres too much fire youre literally just supposed to  __  hustle hustle hustle i  __  missed it you cant distinguish it in time guys its not happening  __  where was it i forgot  __  i forgot where it was all right i gotta redo it lets just do a quick load and try it again let me up there god its so annoying go oh you have to mash the problem is this game isnt built for this kind of speed you know what i mean its just not theres too many things that could get in the way oh quick save go Music also Music Music  __  there goes my time i actually dont know where it is so this i actually dont know where it is see thats the problem i want to learn where it is but i dont know where it is see if you waste time not knowing where it is you have to keep  __  trying its like how do you get there in time i do not see lets ignore the car and lets just skip over maybe its slower to take the car i jump in the tree oh come on dude you suck that is brutal im gonna skip the car like i said i think the car is adding time maybe its faster just to cut i should have logged my time get in there dude oh god such a waste no im going way too slow i dont think the car yeah im not gonna make it the car is slower i swear cars faster i just want to find it honestly i just want to see where it is i think i know where it is oh  __  Music yeah but theres so many fires i just dont understand how you can do it because i tried putting out the fire and it just kept  __  every time it strikes im gonna hate this mission i already do hate it  __  no no no no no okay i think that definitely is the way to go okay now we will quick save im running out of blowtorch though its not i cant put this fire out see its not im fighting a losing battle do you see what i mean im out of blowtorch now so i feel like some fires you could put out and some you cant they dont want you to just be able to put them out oh im using the  __  blowtorch what a stupid  __  idiot i need the extinguisher im so dumb i was helping the fire god im so stupid please dont diss me too hard that was brutal no wonder youre aiding the fire i just realized something i gotta move over a little bit more hold up im kind of i knew id be blocking something i had a feeling okay quick save again im still thankful though that oh wait something is still on fire whats on fire maybe something upstairs come on oh there it is quick put it Music out still a fire somewhere Music outside nice quick save again oh man were a firefighter we would be needing a new extinguisher by now though 100. oh dont need to tag it no stop dude jesus christ Music fires out quick save shout to elvis for giving us some logic there this makes way more sense oh  __  i think i i think i missed the fire somewhere we just got to get back to the boat Music i think its faster if i just run it out Music ah its gonna be close its so close i can only run so fast we got it i would have rather not i bet you know i missed the fire somewhere i mean that was a main though i think they only wanted four were there extras i think they just wanted the four you reached a new rank crook well yeah look at this look were renovating now look at this this place is becoming nice we actually have a decent bedroom look at this we have a kitchen crime apparently does pay guys according to this game crime is paying oh my god what the hell is this we have a a new weapon whats our money we have 340 i can go ahead and upgrade some stuff um the blowtor no fire extinguisher is maxed out blow torch i said i want to upgrade the blow torch so ill do that a little bit more fuel shotgun plank pipe bomb and the gun are we killing people i dont think we need to weapon stuff really is there anything for 100 bones no 150. so i might as well upgrade the blowtorch again that thing will be cutting for days all right so were missing artwork nice job with the paintings a little charred here and there so ill have to find someone to retouch them a bit before they were oh what happened there sorry uh find someone to retouch them a bit before they return to gor gordon he wont know the difference all right blue tied guess what we found a pattern for the recently visited location of the gps device you picked up from the marina it pointed me to hollo rock island an old fish processing plant now making some kind of energy drink bt is short for blue tide why didnt i think of that before my daughters totally addicted to that disgusting sugary sludge all right off to hollow rock island i think each mission has its own steal computers from for paris and investigate okay now whats the situation theres a fire alarm wired alarm boxes so Music this is another one of those ones were gonna have to time because i think it makes sense to probably go one two three four back thats probably the best bet for us this is a whole new region for us to to learn now it opened Music ill take that i didnt do  __  lets stick to the plan here Music okay heres one oh this is optional Music okay come on i dont like the open mechanics they dont really work that well oh thats not even im not even the right spot Music okay its somewhere in this building okay this one doesnt seem like we can Music Music so Music Music so Music i dont know if this makes sense im just trying to think im just trying to plan the route Music i dont know how im going to do this one in this amount of time so Music so so Music okay we gotta blow a hole in this wall or just weld it i wasted a lot on this thats only two man this is gonna take way too  __  long Music good thing i put that out that would have fred or that would have spread mad quick that was out there whoops i wasnt smart i guess that blew a hole out though yeah i tried doing just the knob it didnt it didnt break thats what i thought but it didnt actually do anything for me anyway oh  __  Music i dont think im gonna have enough time theres so many complexities in this one see it like doesnt open Music see what i mean it didnt work Music dammit Music okay dude this is gonna be a tough one to find a root in its like its the final boss do i still only have a minute for this  __  and then they want you to duck out back to the boat i guess i could use Music that makes way more sense and is that my getaway or is that a different boat im the wrong side i went out the wrong  __  door trying to think whats the cleanest exit because thats where im go thats where i come from i could weld it out but thats where they want you to go and then they want you to go all the way around i dont know about this one guys i i have a feeling im gonna get my ass kicked it seems to be decent but that i dont think if theres a timer on it this is gonna be im gonna have to figure out some way to shorten this a lot i should try one and see how far i can make it just kind of going as the crow flies and then maybe well see Music see i dont like not knowing where to go because  __  ive already  __  up honestly so far its not bad i made a couple of mistakes too i just want to see what kind of time i can get Music oh i went the wrong way already  __  i cant oh wait i forgot its a story theres this room all right lets retry that i just didnt know where i was going thats what screwed me Music not sure if that was quicker or not oh i missed one didnt i this is number three i missed one  __  Music im already lost Music ah im already lost oh my god theres got to be a better route that route is too slow were gonna figure something else out okay so does this even make sense to start with Music Music im just trying to scout my route whats up joel thanks bud see i didnt jump in time thats slowing me down and boom grab it jump Music i cant get lost i cant come in here to get lost oh  __  she thats what i did wrong boom yeah i just dont think thats fast enough all right ill go to the cave again like that right there Music Music Music Music oh this its dark i didnt see it how do you even get up there well what good is this gonna do me though Music  __  off Music oh with the boards oh yeah  __  damn it how do you take them back no stop cancel i wish you could put them back in your inventory see im ive never successfully made this work oh my  __  god bro ive just ruined it Music really  __  this up ive yet to be able to successfully make the planks work oh my god how do you  __  do this its so hard to see anything Music see what i mean like it doesnt really do anything because you cant place it in a place that you can actually get it to work i still cant even fit there what is  __  happening Music i only got two left  __  this man i dont care its honestly i cant the controls for that are too  __  shitty for that to work i just want to get this done i dont want it i dont want the game to over over you know overstay its welcome and i know theres still a ton of missions for me to do so i dont even know if this is gonna be  __  fast enough Music do Music dude theres no  __  way how the hell im getting frustrated with how long this is taking theres no way Music i dont know how to do it its  __  me like i know theres a  __  ton mission more missions left thats whats so annoying theres still so much to do what is that what is this mission i dont even remember missing our no blue tide is what were doing Music i think Music Music theres got to be a faster route maybe i can bust like a hole in that or something Music not really got a lot of cash from this but i just dont know how im supposed to get over there in time maybe by this Music oh my god dude its just  __  sunk i dont even think thats gonna be faster Music i dont know how i can get to each of these that quick it just nothing seems to be i dont see what i can chain you know i mean like i dont see how i can jump through a wall speed that up Music unless im doing a worse route i dont know if theres a better route than this i dont think so i think im doing the best route possible were gonna be here a while Music the fact that i have to go all the way around is also slowing me up i missed it thats how i made the gap nice Music this is not enough time on the clock that was my fastest time yet but it was not not quite there i gotta cut im gonna try and get a shortcut out of that ive gotta try and find one because this is not fast enough i cant just go through this wall either i find going up all these stairs is slower so im better off just going straight through im just trying to think i mean this is what im gonna do im gonna try bridging the gap with this because this boat is way too slow its not met im not going to use it as a as a means of driving there look how slow it is im just going to use it as a way to guarantee that i can make this jump now im i was close on that one i was quite close so im going to save there um i think if i can do something like this perhaps and get up there im out  __  see thats what i mean i might have to restart now well well maybe not hold on um lets go up wheres my sledge if maybe i could speed up time thing i dont like about the plank system Music of course it did Music see what i mean like these planks suck  __  ass Music that works thatll save me some time okay i grab that and i jump out this is the spot im losing time is if there was any way for me to bridge that and jump into the roof then id be laughing but all right hold on that might actually do it lets bring the crane then try and put the crane maybe make it lift it up slightly this is where the physics are gonna let me down a little Music lets see what that does can i reach that from here its in a weird spot oh god i  __  up on that one this one is just such this ones kind of weird you have to kind of boost it this part i dont like i dont like that theres a i mean that does work i could speed it up that way and i could probably go into the rooftop that if i can nail that if i can hit that really quickly can i fit through these whoa whoa that was  __  close man im a little nervous thats gonna be kind of bad but its also kind of like do i gamble it like that Applause that might be better lets check it out now its going to be dicey let me try and lower the lets try that oh see this ones going to be this is going to be do or die you have to like get the speed but you have to hit the angle right or else you can just hit like this invisible wall and then this ive got a nail see i want to make sure i can do it see i keep sliding see im sliding off there its i feel like it theres too many failed issues here for me to actually land on this and successfully maneuver it so ive got to move this  __  did i just  __  break it oh my god i broke it i should have left it are you kidding me i at least had a success story now i dont oh my god i should have saved it tell you what lets try and plan b then oh jesus christ drop this Music im mad about that i needed that guys i needed that and i  __  it up Music nothing in here i could use that was gonna save me so much time like insane amounts of time and i now cant do it unless we can get a little tricky with it lower this for a second lets try this if this works see i keep sliding off it why why cant you stay footed on that see theres no i cant apparently walk up that apparently thats not allowed which doesnt make sense i thought you could use anything in your environment okay im gonna have to make a plank there because that i can land on i think it was just too steep for it who cares Music there that works that works its its kind of a botched job but im gonna quick save that and give this a go i have faith in this i honestly i was only a few seconds off i just needed a few extra seconds i honestly think that will help me dramatically especially from the rooftop i think we can nail it or come very close theres another one too if i really really needed it i think those two things are gonna save me so much time i dont think theres much i can do here i really dont um in terms of saving time i think my best bet is just to go around it i could blow a hole in it but i dont think its blowing a hole in it would save me time going around like that is valuable seconds so theres a way for me to kind of its right there actually bro thats it go try that dude im saving so much i dont even think theyll blow it up if you hit it from the Music back said ah god i messed that up lets see how this new strat works lets hope it goes by buttery this is a main mission though so keep that in mind oh  __  that see im not coming at it from the right angle oh i still gotta hit the button oh this is so slow Music and i messed it up jesus christ i might have to fix that that aint gonna fly is it ah see theres so much prep work just to get a little bit further its very tedious i had a feeling that was gonna be that way maybe i can see yeah its in a bad spot so i mean if im calm i can hit it but its still kind of in a weird spot isnt it what if i just do this just add another plank um and go like from here does that work oh hell yeah thatll work perfect excellent i only got two of them left but i think that should do it i just cant miss that one jumping onto the red arm if i do im pooched okay lets try this again i cant mess up the really the biggest thing i can mess up is the arm like jumping on the the crane thats basically the only thing i can mess up hey alexis hows it going id rather stop for an extra second to make sure i get that got it go oh jesus see thats what i wanted to avoid Music and i  __  it up i have to reload see if i dont fall off im blitzing the time its plenty but if i fall off even if i dont fall off i wonder if i should instead of jumping jump down and just walk up you know what i mean so look down hop on the crane start it from the base that way you dont land on it sideways or at an angle so Music  __  it happened anyway good go Music its gonna be close im sure there is a faster way to do this but i think i can do it get out of here man we put in a lot of time to that one that took us 20 minutes oh man well now we got a bathroom well you have a private stall dude what dude this is i was gonna say we should be able to open that treadmill we got weights dude were doing well look at all this money we making so much oh wait is this thing its i wonder if this thing will ever slowly get restored you know what i mean it almost looks like this is lego i guess i dont need to save it lego meets minecraft all right insurance problem not only did lee steal some of my most beloved paintings but the insurance company is causing me headaches too im a premier customer but i still havent seen any money for those paintings ill deal with later but right now i need to take that insurance payout in my own hands i dont have a personal grudge with anyone at the company so id like to just poke them a bit where it hurts and respect and any respected company the most their bank account i have a top-notch policy on my car so some of those were stolen they need to cough up ill hook up a few cars to the system to make sure its legit please be gentle all right this is a side mission i wonder if i should just do mains anything like this is a main maybe ill just do mains right now and just see how many we can get the claims from gordon keep coming in im not new to this game and suspect hes trying to pull a trick on us i think the best solution would be if he took his problems elsewhere if i could just get rid of his insurance papers poof like that hed be gone he keeps the papers in one of his safes top of the line quillet safes very sturdy and virtually unbreakable trust me he bought them on a recommendation but they have one weakness not waterproof go to gordons place and dump the states in the water that should be smudged up that should smudge up the papers just one thing you should be aware of the safes are equipped with moisture essential sensor alarms if they will trigger so basically this one theres gonna be multiple safes um yeah insurance yeah see the ones that are dark are side missions beating his track record okay so as soon as i pull one safe in the water its gonna start the countdown essentially so in order to avoid that um lets take a look where were going so theres three theres one in the bedroom i think thats the master ones in the garage oh that must be the garage thats the master bedroom and theres the racing garage for his track needs so i am going to have to use various equipment im gonna have to try and plan my route so i have to try and i dont know if its gonna be one the thing is though if i could just get all the safes nearby like if theyre okay well see if theres like im gonna take a look i just want to see right now if there is a am i on the right level okay where is this  __  is it one more up its probably one more up it must be yeah okay well go up one more level Music all right so yeah these things so okay so these things we can grab them the thing is you can do whatever you want with these things okay i dont know if this thing will reach that high but well try well go to that crane because yeah they wont trigger until unfortunately we dont so were gonna have to bring this thing up a level thats the only way we can get it there is if we bring this up but how do i do that okay well can i hit it oh i can actually throw it out oh i didnt think i could throw it out i thought i thought i had to grab it there it goes oh its raining oh no its  __  raining bro  __  are you joking i gotta i didnt even think of that are you  __  joking man how am i supposed to keep this  __  wet or dry they just gotta keep pushing me dont they at this point i just want to see Music all right lets redo it well no but the the trucks are gonna be open-faced arent they its so much easier to just like oh just do that you know what i mean the truck i didnt think any of the trucks unless theres a box truck but im gonna have to do some scouting then that looks like valuable i have over 600 box 645 i should probably check it Music because this is i think the only truck on the premises that backhoe is proper that excavator i mean thats thats gonna do some digging like see its pouring ass rain we couldnt just wait a day until its not raining like you know as soon as i push it out of the window its going to be oh wait there is this oh theres a semi truck can i actually open up the back maybe you can activate it from inside Applause whoops no this way please  __  no not really i was expecting i mean i knew it was going to be destruction based but i didnt think it was going to be like this i just this seems way wrong this doesnt seem what they want like what they want us to do it is moving i should have made the hole closer to it  __  it  __  damn it it keeps falling down the hole ah dude this seems way too complex for what i need to do i dont think this is the problem i have to do this with three  __  oh wait a minute yes you have to do this three times while theres a timer i dont think this is gonna work but dont you dare wedge you  __  it throws it so  __  far stop it what oh you sack of  __  oh my goodness wheres the semi or not the semi were there i need this Applause if it gets wet its gonna  __  alert everybody wait so it rains for them to go out and do it guys im just going to get it wet when im trying to like load it in the truck Applause its Applause  __   __  Applause you see the conundrum im in drop it  __  you thats one of three dude im probably making this way harder than it needs to be but i dont care im trying to get it in here thats gonna  __  whoa all right were in but you can see what i mean theres holes everywhere so this is not really ideal well give it a go if it gets wet well know this doesnt work and we just waste our time for nothing i just want to test the theory whats my next goal theres still one in the garage its protected baby look at that my box is  __  up but its  __  clear dude are you kidding me i love that that is amazing all right lets see if we can load up a second one this one is small and light so i should be able to lift it yes i can actually throw it in there oh my god all right cool cool cool cool cool okay lets put this out of the way oh dont put it through the wall okay im a quick save because i ive accomplished a lot i feel like ive done a bit of overkill all right she is looking good i just gotta make sure oh that was clean okay okay lets save now lets see if the trailer is still gucci was that too high oh its a bit too oh we made space we made space lets go we got it lets okay im gonna drive very very very carefully down to the racetrack guys oh no it figured it out no no its gone its out we lost it no this thing is all  __  up i dont want to do it anymore oh man we were close honestly that wasnt that bad i think it just moved around too much i ca can i like i it honestly i dont know if the trailer was in better shape this wouldnt be a problem but its kind of  __  so there is a very good chance that rain will get in there so i have to try and deliver it i mean theres this itd be cool if i could put it in like a trailer oh theres another one oh oh this is the optional one right right okay this is the optional one i think they kind of want you to load up that trailer but honestly i dont see a good way of doing it no i mean its a very i think the hardest one is uh pretty much done like the one that one up in their mask that tall safe its super heavy but unfortunately i mean i i dont know if maybe it just moved around i dont because whats the goal i just gotta deliver it correct so maybe instead of putting three safes in there maybe i should just deliver the the set as they are man have you ever heard of a tarp oh  __  thats exposed isnt it thats gonna get rained on to say the least put it right up in the front theres theres a good chance thats gonna get wet thats probably gonna get wet too but we gotta try so shhh if this trailer wasnt made of tissue paper i dont think this would be a big problem i think the trailer would be in great shape but because i tried to load it like a  __  dingus okay now heres my options i dont know if i could deliver let me just go look can i go deliver wait whats my objective oh i just gotta destroy them oh  __  okay okay this is good okay i have an idea okay this is gonna be a loaded thing i have a whole minute though so im not concerned see his other safe is just over here so my goal this one im gonna do im going to chuck one of them in the water right now rush over and drive the truck over the edge and call it a day thats what im gonna do okay before i do that im gonna quick save ill just do it here just in case dont need it time to go  __  wheres my exit go oh  __  man we got time for days say what you guys want i made that my  __  i probably made it way more complicated than i needed to but i dont care that was hilarious oh that was good loading it up in a broken ass trailer im a wrecker now guys im wrecking ralph out here oh man thats fun all right well i dont exactly know how many more we have im gonna im just gonna do the main missions i think i dont want this game getting stale on me because this is only part one part two is the other half so anything gray like this is side missions are you available for a job and talk to the folks at every tides about replacing the food court with new parking garage i really want that job and if the food court you know disappeared it might speed up their decision so i was thinking tonight well everyones focused on liquel parade fireworks would be a great opportunity something about their building so were going to do the full stop hold on um where is it um uh what am i doing okay anyway sorry i was just checking something okay full stop that little brat hit hit me again you wouldnt believe the mess i i came home to its going to take weeks to clean up and the insurance company wont even pick up the phone uh ive had it with lee its time to show them how not to mess with the big boys the chemical plant is lees life and im going to put it out of operation the power plant is the heart of the whole facility and i want to go on okay okay full stop so i was most curious about im just trying to sort just trying to see where im at okay the other one covert chaos okay all right lets just all right this is in full stop whats the mission called a key the mission name is at the bottom power outage okay i see all right lets go were going back where sorry lee chemicals we havent been to the mall and like well that was our first first stop so it was supposed to be easy okay so sabotage power supply system place the large bombs with the mark area by the dam turbines and detonate take out the switch gear station transformers okay its been a minute since ive been here thats a bomb so do we actually need to bring it yeah we do so primary targets the switch gear so how many breaking a target which okay sabotage place the large bomb within the marked area the damn turbines so which is which oh i see so we have to go all the way over here oh so the water is actually gonna be a part of this so we have to load it on the boat Music so how am i supposed to blow up what am i supposed to blow up though Music theyre only giving me one ass bomb and Music im only yeah so im only getting one bomb im just gonna go inspect okay so this is where the bomb goes right there all right so with that in mind ive got to bring the bomb here there is a semi there i wonder if thats the thats what we need to use ive never actually been over this part of the map before ive never needed to only you can blow the door off the hinges oh come on the hell is that oh i can blow that up but thats gonna cause an issue all right so the bomb has to go here so thats something i got to blow up correct thats a main mission okay whoa whoops Music heres the thing you cant open you just gotta bust them like that id rather take this then semi if i can help it Music why would he  __  unload the truck that doesnt make sense Music oh so theyre gonna make me do it oh my god stupid that is just asinine that doesnt make any  __  sense dog so theyre going to make me cross the river load it load the bomb into the back but theres no tools on this side so its gonna be so annoying this game is getting a little repetitive at this point though its just like theyre having you do so much just to do a simple task you know what i mean its like okay Music so i cant even i cant even put it in the back here so im gonna have to just drag it or i can take that you know i should be able to move it though im gonna put this in the boat ill cross i mean i dont know if i can lift it can i lift it not i mean i could sort of lift it i might be able to get it in the truck oh come on oh we had it nice oh yeah thats true at least its not a contact bomb okay come on just do me a favor come on its so close no oh i had it and now its what gone i just walked it i mean its slower but hey its working i forgot about the planks oh well well walk it taking my bomb for a walk its gonna be a little sketch im gonna get the semi out of the way im a quick save because i know im going to do something dastardly just dont let it go cant see anything whoa Music why is that not working why cant i just get it up the  __  stairs why do i have to break it i wish i could just move it oh  __  oh now it works first  __  try okay okay okay we got it okay so i think this has these two have to be done first in my opinion so i got to make sure i have a route to get to the other two make sure everything is clear for me so im assuming im gonna be using pipe bombs for these im actually gonna take that truck and like crash through it just to give myself a bit more time and i gotta make sure the gate is broken so i can actually get through it i mean thats a lot of  __  to do in that amount of time so i dont know if its gonna fly but just throw it and then im running on the outside and then ill just you know shake and bake basically yeah i gotta be able to get out of there okay lets take one of these cars im gonna actually break through the wall on that side that way i dont have to come back to the main gate im gonna see if i can actually get through that yes i can okay all right im ready to give it a try lets go all the way back to that one door because i think were just going to be chucking the thing is i have to detonate i think detonating is the second thing we do well see if its enough time because once its set in motion theres no way because let me just confirm theres an alarm yeah trigger the arm okay so im gonna have to like jump down im gonna have to do some like dastardly  __  when i come over here im gonna have to cut trigger i want to see if theres going to be a fast way out of here because if there isnt oh this is my fast way there you go thats where i leave unless i decide to do that thats where im running actually its gonna be way quicker to go up all right lets give it a try Music its gonna be tight i dont know i wonder if i should do this one first and then go over here Music i think it might be better actually now i dont have to go back Music yeah i dont think im doing it i messed it up anyway okay missed Music oh  __  i went under last time i might have to come back and replant it slightly why isnt it  __  working Music that see that was too dependent that sucked i lost so much time because it didnt blow up yeah thats not gonna work ima chuck a couple in there oh  __  it worked Music took a hit i just wanted to ensure it though Music Music i didnt blow up i didnt have enough time anyway that one over on the far end is just such a pain in the ass so i gotta like really i gotta make i gotta be gone before anything happens with this one see like i had a good start that was a good see im like gone you know i wonder if i should set up a vehicle oh wait did i miss one dude i missed something something didnt blow up ah  __  it up this is gonna be hard see if i can get that going way sooner oh my god i just want to get those extra seconds its hard to get it to trigger Music im gonna try going this way again yeah i think the bomb didnt actually blow up the dam like it was supposed to the turbines maybe if i parked a vehicle here and drove it you know that might be faster or if i had a big hole in this wall Music what happened no it was thrown oh my god it was throwing okay fine okay im thats what im doing then i gotta have a whole thatll work if itll let me chuck it so its gonna be tedious what a  __  pain in the ass i mean my root is oh my god my root is fine but what if its faster to jump in the water but im gonna have to blow im gonna have to blow a hole in the wall theres no other way i think like or just take one of these machines and just demolish the side of it that way i can eat it from afar you know what i mean just like that oh  __  damn it i should have saved it before i went in there before i broke it its hard to say that might be faster because you cant really aim the pipe bomb it just kind of goes where it wants theres a specific trajectory it has but oh sorry i need this Music ah  __  thats probably good honestly okay  __  relax it just i just blocked myself in all right im also gonna take one of the cars sir do i have yeah ill take the car here and line it up here that way its like kind of a like a launch like as soon as i blow it up i can hop in and drive okay that should do the trick in theory i mean i know ive got the order right that seems to be the best bet Music all right when it doesnt work most time you just shoot it open but we have two more left we shouldnt need anything else though that was rough as soon as it hit the doorway you just gotta hope see im just trying to get that extra time out of it then oh my god now it wont blow up to save its own ass Music i think it might be faster still i still think thats faster if i could park like a boat there to bridge my gap it didnt count see it didnt blow it up its not working the damn that wasnt very good that one i took a hit from oh  __  i dont want to jump there on thats going to cost me see sometimes it explodes sometimes it doesnt that one sucked though because i got hit too so well see ill see how close i am Music still not done come on dude you got to admit sometimes you just get  __  screwed though theres nothing you can do about it that is some  __  i threw like four you have to be such a certain distance away Music i didnt blow it up i damaged it but i didnt blow it up so i think thats what happened actually getting that one to trigger off of one is such a  __  let me try this actually hold on Music what if i just shot it man thats so much better i didnt jump again see how i didnt get any extra air so thats gonna slow me down a little bit maybe i should just use my shotgun on that maybe ill use my pipe bomb on this and then shoot the other one so Music Music almost there Music see you later i mean it still knows im there it still knows i had something to do with it my branding is all over the place we got some money its like skeet shooting dudes making bank now you know well see what we can upgrade i wonder if i should upgrade my planks i dont like using them but i almost choked on my espresso when i turn on the news hilarious ive been giggling all morning turns out that bomb worked even better than i planned great work okay lets see where were sitting at one two three four five six seven eight nine 10 11 12 13 14 15. so 15. i actually think this is the last one no maybe not whats this one called no not yet an assortment of dishes theres three left from the looks of things i think i dont know i honestly dont know how many are left because they organize it some of them are side some of them are mains so i just want to do mains at this point just because i dont want to be left out with my pants down you know all right lets see if we can upgrade for tools shotgun i want to rush upgrade my shotgun maybe plank width might be good or the number of planks oh thats width why not whatever okay so ive been through the blue tech computers and i think im on to something this might actually be bigger than i first thought it goes way deeper than just lee blue tide is controlled by someone called mr ammon amana tides but there are no official records on him like he didnt exist a lot of information is deleted from the computers but i remember seeing satellite dishes on some of the buildings and got this idea to hack them and download the communication data directly i know i said before there wouldnt be any more favors but this really is the last one by the way seems they didnt appreciate our last visit because blue tai just filled the security report with an armed guard helicopter be safe oh my god so were going back to hall rock island dude theyre theyre just laying it on thick on this one so this ones at night helicopter arrives after hacking the first target Music so this is theres three of them so lets just plan our route here Applause same kind of concept id imagine okay so our first one is there or is it wait oh sorry no no this is where its receiving its actually up there yeah yeah so i have to go in here so this is where ill be starting from at least i think um i did know the other way in this well that didnt work oh what the hell wait do i just i hack it but i thought i Music cant jump that i see so the starting point is on the roof so you have to actually Music i think i might do something similar Music Music oops okay dont tip okay no damn it man okay Music i dont know if thats gonna work i think that might be too steep ive done this one before oh yeah that works okay sweet so if we have the speed we should be fine oh im gonna quicksave and im gonna see if doing this will i can hack it from here so if im if im efficient i should be able to do that and the last one is all the way on the other side again well have to see how it goes its up there unless this isnt a timed game Music okay all right ill try it ill start on the other roof and well see where we go from here see what kind of time were sitting with Music wait what cigarette Music oh you gotta hold it Music so Music damn it oh my god i see its not so much time base its like protection based he shot that off the wall like an  __  Music oh nope thats it now it wont work thats always how this  __  works now i cant get up there  __  that man that is just  __   __  i cant even get in the house it worked perfectly every time up until this one got it i dont wanna i dont wanna sit my i dont wanna be with my pants out i just gotta know my next plan of attack annoyingly its not Music Applause  __  i  __  up i had it but i slipped i actually could have done it im gonna try and trigger it to go one side its right where i need to go i had it but i slipped off the edge that is such a like a pain in the ass he doesnt know where i am though so thats okay i cant quick save wait what Music its saying that wait a minute theres a couple that are required i thought they were optionals Music thats a kick in the dick i didnt know that it said i i need five  __   __  thats dumb this is safe here Music i would have grabbed something from there if id known Music Music thats my exit of course pretty much boris im just trying to uh hack like theres a bit of a deep story in this game believe it or not this guys not giving me an ounce wait a minute yeah it still says three are required Music that really sucks if i had known i had it looks like one had to be optional so you have to pick two optional requirements if that makes sense hustle hustle so whoa thats bad man this sucks they really did me dirty here honestly they really did because they made it seem like i only had to get the yellow ones but now im not even in the right part of the map i gotta get all right theres one in here well get this one there it is okay now we just gotta bail im still live now i just gotta make it unfortunately all the way here to that green Music are we on the main floor i cant tell yes we are i didnt need to hack that but i did guys were almost there wait for it just wait for it red you  __  got it bruv awesome what ended up happening did google fix it for you im really im really for you i know the stress of nearly losing an account like that theres my escape oh i turned around i probably had a chance to run it it doesnt know where i am it does go Music whoa that was first try man that was well no i not first driver that was pretty cool i gotta say that was a pretty cool mission different level 50 talented this is my new crib i love how everythings just been getting developed slowly but surely its funny how its like a warehouse but its not like i know but that some people like that  __  wait do i get regular bombs at all times i dont have that much money flooding at lee the login devices i dont remember um honestly it was one of the first missions oops its one of the first missions i think right oh yeah i remember that that was the first time you did it i just timed it i created a bridge i remember i started from one end and i literally just used scaffolding to get to each three thats the whole game the whole game is uh the whole game is like that so i dont think i can upgrade upgrade anything for that price cable oh thatd be nice i didnt realize i had cable i just picked it up sorry its got a text from my kid okay um lets see sorry to contact you again i was just going through the satellite data when i heard about the dam break at lee ive been waiting for an opportunity to get a hold of lees accounting its the last mission piece in my lee investigation he has kept and hidden kept it hidden in various places but right now the whole place is flooded due to some accident at the power plant and he moved everything upstairs site is completely empty at the moment so this is a golden opportunity to get hold of those documents okay all right flooding yeah you got to try and create like the quickest route possible you want to try and chain it right so um okay im just checking this is the second to last mission by the way the one im about to do uh so yeah you basically want to try and use any and all ways you could skip over whether that be uh vehicles because if you just walk there and go around you got to break windows go through stuff figure out ways to go through stuff instead of around you know what i mean thats basically the whole point and use your use the high ground low ground anything you can think of steal these book bookkeeping documents for parisa so now were kind of like double agenting you know what i mean so instead of like being a thief oh snap since weve been here the whole damn flooded because we blew it up remember thats funny fire alarm and wired alarm boxes so this one is like the floor is lava except the floor is um its over here isnt it look at that  __  and then the exit is back here so if i could guess were gonna need to have a boat either here or here im not sure what we should do im gonna have to scout this for sure though see what were dealing with no problem best of luck to you once you figure out how it works honestly youll start youll start getting it and its not too bad some of them are kind of a pain in the ass but you know im just trying to see because thats next so honestly man dont really know what the next mission is i think theres theres i wish there was a speedboat  __  thats not what i wanted to do i was trying to just make a hole so i could grab it from inside or from the rooftop so i didnt even have to go in here  __  i guess i could just swim okay so i want to see i didnt mean to fall but im gonna see im gonna climb back up and im gonna see if i can if i can grab it through here if i can yes i can so i can just crouch and grab it there so anything on the roof thats done but the thing is ive got all that  __  over there so im trying to figure out whats gonna work its in the middle and then theres one in the trailer so lets see where this one is ill just go to this building Music okay what am i stealing here oh its in this side of the room oh there it is all right good old faithful weve jumped through this window so many times make sure its all clear Music so ive this is where its gonna end so if i could guess heres what im thinking based on how this is laid out sorry stop all right grant take care man so im actually gonna start this way im gonna go one two put a boat there drive over here uh theres a vehicle there how many boats are actually in this it looks like one and its gonna be oh theres a speedboat im gonna have to pick my battles here im thinking im gonna go boat here do that yeah so its gonna be one two jump onto the speedboat go in here do what i need to do back on the speedboat run out but i gotta move this grab this one park it here and then run it here ill ill park there up over and back in thats what i think im gonna do so im actually gonna go and make sure that im gonna go get this boat first off to the right whats up bonjour how you doing i dont know how fast this boat is if its quick sick but if its not thats gonna be a problem it should be pretty fast oh hell yeah as i nearly put a hole in it already i mean i did put a hole in it that was completely on me i  __  it up i didnt save anything oh my god dan youre so dumb i should have saved after all those things god damn it ah  __  kick all that prep work is done maybe its for the best Music okay so thatll be the finish its gonna be close man its gonna be cutting it really close im getting a mad cramp in my my wrist though for my hand so yeah you got to stop in here then im going to run up this way okay crouch you can get that jump on the boat that part is gonna be slow to me i think so i gotta go get that boat get up some of the movements in this game are annoying as  __  oh my god bro hes just jumping over it i think oh my god bro stop now im getting annoyed stop im just trying to climb the box see and when youre when youre under a time limit dude i cant get oh my god when youre under a time limit those crucial movements are gonna make such a big deal so if youre like getting screwed by some sort of like by the physics or whatever thats gonna be an issue okay im gonna quick save just so i dont bust the boat up again im gonna reload honestly this thing is very finicky they put it right in front of it so its like oh you better go fix it then see it kind of drifts im trying to just go straight i hate how it goes blurry stop oh i just hit the boat theres gotta be a better way in there im wondering  __  im gonna have to redo this i think im gonna reload because all this has to be set up by the time i get here hey rollins see thats the part i need to work on i think the best bet here where did that where did that box come from that box disappeared it wasnt there before okay and then you jump back on now and this is an important step i need to see if i can make it thats a bit dicey if i can move this a little there thats our goal so i jump jump jump im gonna quick save and i run up here dude if they only give me a minute to do this this is gonna be really close dont worry the boat im gonna take a wide berth the boats gonna be facing the other direction okay and then from here oh my god its so hard to drive this thing it just wants to scoot out the side im trying guys it doesnt work  __  sunk it what a piece of  __  you try to turn it ouch my bad sorry guys so im just gonna back it up then it doesnt handle like a boat  __  see look how it like drips it like travels like that instead of like a traditional boat see im trying to turn right but i cant overdo it okay were gonna save so thats gonna were gonna jump to there now im gonna swim to the boat thats over here and ill park it i dont know if thats gonna be the best thing for it actually i dont know if having this little boat be there thats gonna really help me but i have to do all this in a minute thats gonna be very difficult unless they give me a bit more time this time they might give me more time i dont know wheres the boat oh its way over there but just kind of something to hop into and you know this might take a couple of runs to get right but hey i mean well do what we can problem with these boats is theyre so slow and they handle look at this im trying to turn it around im literally full lock look what its doing so you just cant theres no room to turn it around thats why its gonna be faster to get this boat in where we need it oh its still attached what the  __  that makes more sense see the top speed of it is ass so thats not where were gonna make up the speed here oh dont worry ive been accustomed to it okay thats gonna stay there so im gonna jump from this grab it jump back and then make head for the  __  hills so im gonna start in the house okay im gonna start in the house then im gonna run up there i think this is the best bat i think it makes the most sense i dont know hopefully the boat will i think we gotta get used to the boat controls let me just see yeah so thats gonna be our last one thats gonna be our first one so at least i have the ability to kind of start where i want no this is not a mod this is the full version of the game the full version released today it has its own campaign nothing thats gonna get in my way oops okay lets give it a try Music just wondering something i can do it from here oh what the  __  guys that thing fell yeah thatll work and then well oh  __  i dont think im getting 30 seconds oh they really  __  me on this one okay i didnt notice that i knocked it down i think this is the last puzzle and then the oh come on i think this is the last puzzle and then i think theres like a finale level so i just want to make sure this works yeah it does so i just got to nail that part im just wondering though can i let me try something i mean i can skip that but let me go to i have 19 planks oh its just too far so yeah that unfortunately its too thats gonna be better there you go i didnt even need that one im just being sure i have tons of planks so now im in a quick save now and lets give it a test run Music so so Music Music this thing is too slow i dont think im doing it this boat is way too  __  slow guys its not gonna be able to help us no i gotta figure something out i gotta figure something out where i can take my speedboat because thats tough um unfortunately theres only two boats in here i think its a couple of submerged vehicles if i had one more speedboat that would be money in the bank but it i do not so i am out of options so im gonna try the problem is the handling of the boat is so bad so its just like if i could have had three boats one there one here and then one there thatd be awesome but ill try it im gonna have to spend my time turning for it go oh i  __  up hold on i ran into something Music oh  __  i got all turned around thats good thats thats time i cant lose oh missed again it doesnt take much man it really doesnt Music see this is taking time just to turn the  __  boat because it handles like a  __  and the boat sank you see the problem do you see the problem here im almost wondering if it makes sense to um have a bit of a adjustment let me show you what i mean im gonna alter because this thing is so heavy it cant turn on a dime oh whoops so what im gonna attempt is im gonna stop this boat here its its such a long process im gonna try and get the small bow put it as my gap between these two and take the l there that way this thing is already right direction and i use the speed to make up the time i lose with the slow boat its still a pain in the ass man its very difficult i mean theres this this excavator here but what is the excavator gonna even do because im losing a lot of time unless no i cant move this one i cant move this one because you can see what im saying like this thing is stupidly slow its almost like you might as well no gaming its not its only on pc its been in steam early access for the last two years and the full version is out today i honestly wonder if swimming is faster okay i wish there was another boat man i dont know how theyre gonna expect us to do this otherwise Music what the  __  oh wouldnt go  __   __  im so im losing so much time im not doing it theres no way Music that was pretty close honestly i think the slow boat is just so  __  slow its so useless i was fat i was better off because you have to target it like that ill try it again honestly ill try it again im gonna do the same thing im gonna drive in and im gonna back out oh i  __  up Music ah i missed it ah man theyre really oh i have no more shotgun oh  __  okay a bit of a slow start Music oh i fell in the  __  hole uh the problem with that one is you kind of have to crouch to get it Music build a bridge  __  i wish i could ah i dont want to stop for that one now of course im messing up on the ones i wasnt messing up Music oh on god i cant get this one come on Music i cant get it anymore what the  __  everything was perfect Music i gotta be on the roof at the 40 second mark at least okay were going faster go go go Music so oh no thats gonna screw me no dude i fell uh screwed me hitting that i think thatll do it though i think thatll do it i think thatll do it its gonna be close oh that ones hard its just hard to do fast i have no more shotgun shells so Music got it honestly i could jump further if i might consider moving the boat up  __  im stuck oh man i could have shed some time there i could have shed some time thats gonna cost me i mean the speedboat is the perfect distance is that the tail end of my jump Music if the boat was the right direction itd be so much better Music oh dude oh that was it okay heres whats happening im building a plank there its not worth the risk honestly worth messing up im gonna build planks there i think if i had the planks built i would have uh i would have made that jump in time were gonna make it were so close my timing is gonna get better too every time i do it so now the question is where do i want to build the planks okay do you think i can maybe build i have 17 so i might as well make it worth it lets see how far i can actually build it if i could cross and then build another one across it again like if i were able to do this oh  __  its very delicate like if i were able to do this oh whoops  __  i need to upgrade my planks yeah see thats just gonna do nothing so im better off just doing this there i mean i dont its not perfect but im gonna lets see if i can do it in a quick uh practice here see thats where im concerned is if i dont make the jump see if im running through oh yeah i can clear it and just run up yeah okay thatll be good that should work fine okay yeah see because we missed the ledge we ran out we we lost some valuable seconds okay nothing thats gonna get in our way i wish i could just do a little more Music oh  __  felon oh my god its trying to get the most out of each second you know oh you have to be crouched thats the thing you have to crouch grab and you have to line it up nicely its very close i keep falling in im wondering if i should no i cant cause  __  im out of uh im out of shoddy shells i wasted i wasted way too many on my plan see i could move i think im debating im moving the boat up a little more because i can jump further than that so really im wasting time by going staying further back oh  __  get out  __  man i  __  up i literally hit the wrong button to get out of the boat come on Music this will work see what i mean i can get a little bit extra but i have to kind of hover thats good time im over 50 seconds as of getting in the boat thats great time good excellent 41 oh  __  i took a big too much im doing good for time though im doing good for time i could be a little faster but its looking good come on baby i gotta remember to stop sooner now now i can jump further and run back faster go see i mean im in 20 seconds i was at 20 seconds thats the second more than i was before Music  __  no are you joking i slipped oh my god i swear i jumped bro that was the one that was the one right there go go go go go i hate this  __  boat its so slow but it keeps you humble right oh  __  about the same time as last time i may be a little faster but about the same time i mean that boating was money im a little bit slower Music  __  no no i  __  up i was too early oh my god man were so  __  close oh geez theyre just making us work for this Music this one could have been better too about knowing when to jump off that was good oh that was good oh no but then oh what the hell Music i wasnt moving matt oh my god all right i gotta relax i gotta relax little things i wonder if just dropping is better that way i dont spend as much time in the air theres  __  agony in that boat about the same yeah you really gotta know when to do it were good for time Music i gotta be thats perfect now go thats great were doing good time go go hate how slow the reverse is god imagine going for those eight you know the top ones thats crazy it was only a matter of time man we had to stick with it this is the finale right here the chase this is the last mission and then we are done at least this part of course i have the shittiest  __  boat known to man lets go oh  __  oh they really suck at this im dead theres no way see when youre getting shot theres nothing you can do they slow you down that was rough this is gonna be annoying youre better off just running it Music  __  car handles like bag of dicks go Music damn it get in there so oh its a big  __  yes that was so sick man we got away we out of this  __  that was really cool man just get there by any means necessary lee convicted for tax evasion following a series of unrelated incidents at lee chemicals owner and ceo lawrence lee jr was arrested for tax evasion this morning miss tournament at the police says they have overwhelming evidence thanks to good police work okay it had nothing to do with me and strong community support thats the pr answer right there so all right thats part one so im actually going to i guess well continue part one was actually the early access that came out in uh that one came out in uh what was it 2020 and then they released part two in 20 end of 2021 december so thats the plan so part one is literally what its called thats thats the first half is part one so part two is the second half of the game and theyve ended up releasing that december of 2021 so were going to do that tomorrow we ended up doing this in just about six hours i mind you i there was still some side ones i didnt do ill still quick save it um there were some side missions i didnt do mind you but uh you know thats fine i kind of wanted to get to it i think for the next one its going to be probably going to be a little tougher or more to it or more they might just restart you i dont know might get like easy into it again well see but well pick this up tomorrow and finish it up so um yeah guys i want to thank you so much for watching i hope you enjoyed this first little bit of tear down very very different game its not what you expect at all at least i mean i had an idea but i didnt realize theres gonna be so many layers where there was like this little story about you know like i mean thats just lee theres more people to deal with as well like i think woo has something that he hes not hes not perfect either so um yeah were going to see what part two is like uh in the next stream but like i said guys if you enjoyed be sure to leave a like comment your thoughts down below be sure to subscribe if youre new turn on those post notifications with the bell icon so you dont miss anything that i put out be sure to like follow all my social media pages as well i got a facebook twitter instagram snapchat and 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