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30$ steam gift cardsteam deck australia eb games TEARDOWN gameplay welcome ladies and gentlemen back to tear down the game where we tear things down obviously now i am back in the campaign despite beating the campaign in the last episode because there is actually a mission that i have not 100 completed because i thought it was actually impossible but in that video in the comments of that video i actually got quite a few links to various other videos which showed how people have 100 percent completed the mission so im going to take what ive learned and hopefully ill be able to come up with some kind of strategy to beat the mission 100 uh and of course that mission is the insurance fraud mission where we have to steal i think eight cars was it oh seven cars we have to steal seven cars within 60 seconds and i was only able to get five so there are two key things that i was missing when i was trying to do this mission two key strategies that i just wasnt aware that i could do uh one of those strategies is i can get out of a car before it gets to this circle and if i get out of the car while its running itll actually continue rolling i didnt know that that was actually a thing i think i kind of assumed that it would once i got out of the drivers seat that it would initiate the brake or whatever but apparently thats not how it works instead i should get out of the car as im driving over here and just let the car take off if i if my aim is correct it should go into the circle and then i can save time going to do something else the other big thing is cars that are on second stories or third stories cars that are up like this one over here rather than trying to drive them off from the third story and theres also one in here rather than trying to drive them off the building and have them land and then continue driving instead the strategy seems to be to cut holes around them and then when the time comes shoot the last little bit and have it fall all the way down to the floor i mean to the ground level so then you can just drive off from there so using those two new time saving strategies im going to attempt to 100 complete this mission and if i can do that then i will have 100 completed every objective and optional objective in the entire campaign mode i have unlocked all of the unlocks that are available so thats a big bonus so this is not my blowtorch so now we have to start uh preparing everything for a smooth mission all right okay this is going well so far i dont know why im starting with this but i just came across this one and i figured this is a good place to start okay so i think um this was the car over here that i ignored the first time because i thought this one was the hardest to get to but now this is no longer the hardest to get to because we can have it come to us using this new floor chopping method so this one i think is the one that is the farthest away from everything so this is going to be our beginning vehicle and i think the way to do this one is drive up here and then carve a hole through this building so we can get straight through to the trailer here and then were gonna grab this one pretty much on our way by jumping out and letting it uh continue to drive as we get into this car i hope so were gonna have to have other cars ready and yeah this is just gonna be a crazy crazy oh yeah i have to bring this car back too oh and this car oh we got a lot of preparing to do i forgot about those ones those ones were terrible experiences all right lets start with those first because i could actually fail if i do those wrong get up nope that didnt work can we drive it up on oh oh no no no no thats fine perfect perfectly fine no problems at all i think i just attached the explosive thing using planks and drive away like this were going up what feels pretty smooth all right so now oh thats not smooth thats not smooth anymore okay were fine this is fine come on there we go okay no no no oh boy stop going backwards what is your problem all right that should be good enough for you no stop stop right you know what i have to i really have to put you under control here no no no okay you just stay right there all right so now this thing i need to get this thing like really really ready to get into this circle i want this to be like instant as soon as this thing gets nudged into the circle were going no time wasted at all oh my god how far can this thing go into the circle there we go all right so thats pretty close im pretty happy with that right there hopefully it doesnt accidentally get detected at like a later point so now we need to take uh a crane wheres the crane at i know that theres a crane on this oh there it is its over there when you hit the crane and we need to carry this thing all the way over here so now from what i remember last time with this thing this car is actually attached to this platform so i think i could just grab why dont i just grab the car actually and the whole platform should come with it yeah see the whole platform comes with the car so thats no problem oh man thats annoying thats a little bit annoying well hold on you come down maybe i can still just attach this with a plank and drag it with this vehicle hey look at that problem solving oh let me let me detach wait wait if i press space in the crane does it detach it oh my god i still have control over the hook thats funny all right whoa whoa whoa whoa weird stuff happening there you know what that should be good enough or we can detach the car and have it drive off and into the thing we detach the car all right this should be good so we get in we press the gas were in were in and yeah those should be really really quick okay so now what do we set up lets get this thing out actually we can use this to carve a hole over here like we needed yeah we got to destroy this whole wall here very slow going but its going man were gonna have so much debris to clear out all right these stairs definitely gotta go though theres that at the top theres that at the bottom and hopefully i can just pick it up and toss it to the side im gonna do an experiment here this is really time consuming if i put a bomb down is that gonna ruin everything here or can i just like blow everything away what do they do to the ground though doesnt seem terrible i seem to have helped at least all right i think ive pretty much cleared out the pathway pretty well so lets do a quick save and just test out how easy it is to drive to this circle that feels pretty natural so i feel like this one is one im gonna drive that one in because i cant get a lot of speed and its a low to the ground car so im gonna get out of that one and thats what im gonna do these two cars all right so now we need to clear up the path for the big truck the pickup truck down there so thats gonna be coming through this way and i think uh im just gonna im gonna blow this up and see what happens am i able to drive this thing through here you know maybe no i just go around yeah im just gonna go around it theres no point in blowing this whole thing up all right so this pathway is all cleared out uh what is next next lets clear up the pathway for this car because we need to get this car off of here and then through this building straight over to that one all right so clearly im gonna have to blow this ledge out of the way all right and then im gonna obviously use my bombs to blow a hole in this wall clear a pathway out ah so much debris i probably should have put the bomb closer to the floor did i damage this car no i think its okay all right clean up is successful oh minus this bar right here is gonna be in the way a little bit get rid of that all right i think im also gonna get rid of this entire thing protruding out of this building because i feel like im going to want to drive through here to get to that truck over in that building all right so now im hoping that ill be able to drive a car like this over a spot like this without tipping up too much of an issue and then we can get over to here and theres a truck up above it above this oh boy we have a lot more destruction to get through because i gotta have the car fall from the third floor of this building down here and then we gotta be able to drive out of here and i think thats gonna be the last one this time rather than the first one all right here we go you ready for the big brain straps on this were gonna carve a hole all the way around this thi oh oh what this isnt what i thought was underneath it holy cow wait a minute come on let me reload good thing i uh good thing i saved right before i did that can i move this car off of this platform how far forward can i move this thing wow were gonna have to destroy everything underneath this this is kind of crazy right so now we just have this little section that im pretty sure is the only part still keeping intact so now we gotta get this thing the fault why is there this extra annoying layer underneath this oh i dont like this thing nope there goes the car ah this is gonna be really really tough this is a such an inconvenient architecture dang it im just realizing i shouldnt have even i shouldnt have even moved the car thats a big waste of resources i just did there i messed up and i already saved i already saved this part whoops all right well i chose a really really poor spot to put the car i thought moving it forward was gonna be better but now ive just put it over a more structurally sound part of the building which is gonna be really really difficult to get through but hopefully ill have enough resources to pull this off all right there we go that whole doorway now has been disconnected can we get it out of here all right i think its out of the way this is good this is progress now we gotta get down through here lets do a quick save and lets see were right here we put a bomb lets put two bombs one bomb right there and not die lets not die all right look at that thats the floor all right i used some pipe bombs to do some maintenance here and man this is starting to kill my frame rate but do we have a smooth drop it looks like we do now we just got to clear out the pathway down there oh i have a whole room to get through i have multiple rooms to get through oh this is such a tedious mission theres so much breathe and look we come out of here and then we get over to there all right so the car is going to come down through this hole and land right about here and now all i got to do is make this a nice clean pathway and probably put out this fire wow this is actually working way better than i expected i had this theory that if i drove a bulldozer just back and forth through here a little bit it would push it would kind of clear out a lot of the bigger debris and push it off to the side making room here and its actually working pretty well ive gone through here twice now and thats what the pathway looks like now which is way way better than before all right now lets see how it lands pretty flat im disappoint the back of this doesnt land well im actually thinking i want to put something on the back to lean it forward um thats annoying it takes a little while oh thats annoying too a lot of hiccups i dont know how much time were even gonna have left at this point to be honest but you know i feel like we have an okay situation here lets move on to the next vehicle all right and that is this truck here which i know that im gonna have to turn around to face towards whoa im gonna have to turn it around and face towards the end zone yeah all right and what do we got underneath us here oh man this is weird i guess i can probably move it up in this direction okay we got this this one little block here i think we can use and then these ones im gonna take out with my gun because i have a lot more ammo all right how is that looking from underneath yeah okay thats not too bad i dont know how this is gonna land lets move this car out of the way oh this car got damaged i dont know if i need this car or not all right so im definitely gonna have to get rid of this planter all right ive quick saved at the potential cost of if i mess something up this i cant redo it but lets just see how this comes down just like that and oh i dont like how it yeah thats not a good start but it gets us off and going thats probably going to be kind of randomized how that comes down all right so im going to try my first attempt right now i dont know if were optimized enough or not but were going to start with this one were going to go through here get out and let it roll as we get in this car were going to go through here get these two cars in there hop in this go down here get in this one go this way hop out get into this car go all the way over here shoot this down drive to around here let it roll as we come in get this car and then were in and that hopefully happens in 60 seconds i dont really i feel like theres a lot of optimization that i could still do but im running out of resources and i i dont know im just its been an hour and a half and i havent even tried the mission yet lets just try it okay all right here we go attempt number one i have no idea even if my pathway is completely clear for this thing lets do it all right you turn off of here come on is this gonna mess me up if i do this were good oh no my cars in the way maybe i dont know if thats gonna work oh that could have been way better i feel like i heard a crash no it did not go in this is not going well let me just bro no it crashed in the back car instead all right and then we do this and then we do that and then lets just see how far i get all right we do this oh i hit that car that car is completely messed up now too okay oh that just hit that okay didnt even get up on that ledge all right and then i would get out of that and get in this car everything is so messed up guys oh man that fer that pickup truck is a really difficult one to aim and i feel like this is doing a terrible job across the grass here all right all the way through to here and then i should probably have my shotgun already ready for this oh i missed okay i missed again i maybe shouldnt have made that so thin maybe all right then this goes this way and we would get out around here and then this is actually a lot of walking and i cant even see it yet um oh man thats that was terrible and my frame rate is not helping at all all right lets just try it again and get used to this path i uh lowered my graphics a little bit and it looks absolutely terrible right now by the way hey ah did it go in it went in that actually worked come on whoa no dont do that Music all right go go go go go Music oh i went too far past it oh oh i got to clear that out a little bit i didnt realize all that stuff was hiding in the grass all right now oh i forgot to get my shotgun ready all right and i think i just left my car underneath no its good come on all right this one i really gotta pay attention to my aim go go go twelve ten nine oh okay the frame rates actually making the time go slower because everything in the game is going a lot slower this is the last car but i dont think no that last one didnt go in come on go go go go well that was kind of close i feel like i could optimize that a little bit more i dont know where i dont know where the uh the second to last truck went you know what i could probably do better if that part of the wall is gone yeah that looks good that probably wasnt the way to do it what no this is the best one yet if i get a ding on that car come on i dont hear it oh whered it go where did the truck go its right there go get in yes oh i gotta get in the car i forgot i have to get in the thing i thought it was done i gotta still get in the truck so if i just go in here oh cool i can clear it if i point at the back of this right here excellent that didnt even kill me all right go go no its so terrible get in ah no Music so Music Music come on make the noise make the noise every single time it oh there it goes it happened oh no yes yes yes yes yes thats my last chance come on please dont hang me up here dont why do you face me the other way yes there it is finally ah oh that was terrible all right we did it 100 complete mission lets continue anything happen special for 100 i dont even know i just wanted to do it all right there we go score is 107 virtuoso and im pretty sure i think thats everything 100 complete ever tied small 100 100 here 100 here 100 there 100 elite chemicals and the chase 100 so there you have it ladies and gentlemen 100 on definitely the hardest mission to figure out but thanks to all my fans who sent me links of various examples of how to beat the mission obviously i couldnt have done it without you guys if you missed my previous attempt at that mission or any other episode to tear down then you can check out them on the playlist on the end screen right here hope this video has earned your subscription anyway this has been scrap man and ill see you next time Music bye rogue legacy 2 steam key Welcome to another episode of Teardown! 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