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What does a steam card look likecan you hide steam games from friends TEARDOWN gameplay hang on a second im gonna make a cavity yep ive got a bit of a cavity now i need to go to the dentist and or plastic surgeon oh what are these things i dont know what they are oh you can grab him oh thats pretty good thats good i dont know what that can you shoot him dont shoot him Music dont want to miss a video subscribe to the channel and stay notified hows it going champs were playing tear down this mod is amazing its really good its a mod by chijuns or jeans i dont know how you pronounce that jay im gonna go with chijuns alright this mod is really cool we got a few buildings and stuff around we got a few cars theres a bunker over there and a tank or two pretty amazing yeah no this is the cool bit look at this theres smoke there theres a plane coming in whats he gonna do is he just gonna wave and say hello no hes not hes dropping bombs take that chips your bunker is nothing its dust get wrecked that is really cool so this is an air strike mod all right you can basically point at anything look at these cars and stuff watch whats gonna happen pretty much as before a planes gonna come in hes gonna drop a stack of bombs yes now those bombs they are affected by like the rocket damage see this yeah that one so if you have the rocket damage set to something crazy like a hundred like i did before it kind of crashes your game a little bit because the airstrike man its dropping a stack of those its dropping like 10 of them it is serious business were gonna destroy this house were gonna do it i wanna get inside one of these buildings when it gets destroyed because i wanna know what it feels like to get blown up by an airstrike without actually dying you know what i mean i want to get like the the in the building feel who says they want to experience what its like to be blown up i i never said that okay im taking it back taking it back 2020 finn takes it back he does a backflip on what he just said what is that thing someones playing checkers on that computer imagine this youre at home youre hanging out youre playing something on the the xbox maybe youre playing halo right i dont know what whatever youre into you might be playing destiny who cares you go to the fridge you open up the fridge that fridge doesnt have any doors but you open it anyway and you make a sandwich and then amazon arrives the amazon man he comes to your door he delivers a parcel you open it up what is it oh its your new airstrike that you bought for 9.99 from amazon youre super pumped you accidentally set it off in the kitchen youre scared you look out the window you can see the plane you cant see the plane you can hear the plane next minute youre dead thats exactly how it would go you would die dark souls style it happened exactly as i should probably have expected i just died i didnt even live a little bit i just died big time i wonder if i can because this is a bunker i wonder if i can actually survive in a bunker lets get in there those are sandbags by the way they look like loaves of bread theyre not theyre sandbags lets get in here oh what are these things i dont know what they are oh you can grab him oh thats pretty good thats good i dont know what that can you shoot him dont shoot him i might actually just take those out of the air if were going to airstrike the bunker because thats just going to kill me so hang on hold up a sec lets just do a bit of diy renault um amazing grand designs rip down this door there we go we just made the door bigger look at it for an hours worth of work and only 299 at bunnings you can widen your doorway like a mushroom shank get it out of there get this thing out of there its explodey and i dont want it take it back okay we cant take it back all good lets just uh lets just air strike and im just gonna hide in the corner like a carrying mouse man whats gonna happen here it comes here comes oh god im dead this time im dead i didnt even get close to living i just died im actually flying through the air like superman like a dead superman alright were all good thats where the bunker was and now its nothing its just a flat crater have you ever seen a flight crater before no you havent but there it is right there alrighty its all good its all good we got some cars hey whats this car lets jump in this one theres a monster truck thats not the car i want this one sucks go back to 1960 where you belong i dont know my race cars maybe its a supra maybe it could be a skyline or something oh the wheels just fell off its probably a hyundai lets jump in this jeep yes monster truck time ima wreck your house take that oh god im on my back ive turtled myself lets keep going ive got a lot of comments on the last video people had suggestions for different names for poopy tim all right im gonna say that one of the best comments that i got there was saggy cheese that was a legit name that someone suggested for poopy tim it was saggy cheese okay so the monster trucks not bad it looks like its made of metal lets see if we can blow it up i dont know if it can actually withstand the power of an air strike but its coming in mud by jejuns bang get rekt now its not a monster truck anymore now given that we can call an air strike i thought it would be amazing to run a bit of a simulation 100 percent realistic simulation hey whats this what is that can we try we cant drive this thing they dont work i thought it would be amazing to find out what would happen if we caught an air strike on the titanic you know what i mean if it wasnt an iceberg that killed jack and rose nope it was an airstrike calling it in im calling in the airstrike on the big the big yellow chimney big yellow chimney thats what its called and it comes airstrike time oh yes it slowed down it slowed right down women and children get through the life rafts theres a big giant explosion happening there is just junk flying around all over the place it looks like christmas confetti which is great because its christmas next month im excited for christmas i hope i get a playstation 5. thatd just make my day that way i can play cyberpunk 2077 just like all the cool kids all right im switching over to zero g mode im doing it whoa look at all the stuff like floating up out of the water that is really cool all right lets call in an airstrike will the bombs actually drop on the titanic because if theres no gravity right how will the bombs even fall on the titanic i dont know is there something that can happen i dont know the bombs are still dropping theyre dropping in a very peculiar way okay so everythings got a bit weird all of a sudden its gone sit down to like half a frame per second and theres crap exploding out all over the place and a lot of smoke and i can hear is that the sound of some crying people people screaming for their lives maybe come on man why cant my computer handle this why not is there a computer on the planet that can like render this at a decent frame rate save me bill gates and of course were back were looking at a thousand poopy teams were on the human mode this is cool and theres more stuff theres always more stuff on this mod when i jump in there the amount of updates this mod gets is awesome now this mod is made by k sammy he just throws stuff in this all the time which is really cool that pikachu has nipples why does he have nipples hey hey pikachu we just got pikachu take that to the face maybe its a plush one i dont know ah no that cant be plush we just broke off pooper tims jaw yep that dont chew them do never never chew on pikachu he will break your jaw off okay im actually going to surgically extract this next pikachu come on why cant we we cant blowtorch the rest of that bit that is some powerful material ive never heard of its unobtainium oh god we just turned this pokeball into a house fire somebody say pikachu hes in there and hes dying hell be right hell be fine this one you can actually just push the button i see that you just push the button and then you can use a bomb to get the rest of him out of there there we go pikachu i choose you thats thats all thats left to pikachu i think thats his head well that could be his bum im not too sure i dont think youre allowed to talk about pikachus bum i think i think its off limits oh whos that cheeky devil up the back there man he looks so much like me its uncanny hes got the finpai shirt hes got the brown cap i was actually thinking about getting a new cap im glad i didnt because now its still relevant look at that got blue pants i dont own blue pants but thats fine you guys can never see my pants anyway got some glasses on that is so good hows my teeth have i got any cavities i dont know hang on a second im gonna make a cavity yep ive got a bit of a cavity now i need to go to the dentist and or plastic surgeon man that is so cool i feel so honored to have my own dude in this mod so honored im gonna set myself on fire lets go lets get a blowtorch im just gonna burn my toes those are some good shoes man where do i get those shoes from what about my pants no i can i can actually burn my pants off oh okay now my pants are on fire great why did i do that this happened to be just yesterday im getting ptsd about my burning pants im just gonna set fire to myself all right im just gonna let that burn im gonna let it burn well come back in a few minutes oh we should totally call it an airstrike on ragdoll man yes here he comes airstrike time were gonna blow him up take that poopy tim its coming down oh get wrecked wrecked all dudes that was really cool that was so awesome hey theres a giant one and a little one it goes all the way down to itty bitty poopy tim man that middle one there looks sketchy as doesnt he lets flog that one whoa his head came off there is this new thing over there though what is that it looks like a gumball machine im gonna pull that out of there oh its a metal head its poopy tims head but its made of metal bowling pins whatd they get not even not even two those metal heads are hardcore all right im gonna throw one at this guys face yeah it breaks away more of the face that thing is intense god these ones are big theyre so huge you shoot him right in the belly button just going to stick some poop just some wood and poo coming right out of there right theres just heaps of it and then were going to set fire to that were going to start an internal fire up through the insides of this guy fire time good theres a fire going on are you ready champ are you ready to burn yeah we got a good fire going on there there i am im looking a lot like a skeleton man at the moment i know like im kind of missing all of my skin its actually quite horrifying i kind of regret doing that to myself i totally need to air strike myself lets do it lets blow myself up im gonna put an airstrike right there at my feet look at all the smoke pouring out of me look like my pants are on fire again okay its oh god here we go wow i am actually gone i am completely 100 disappeared thats actually quite scary this is the cool ragdoll man i like this guy hes like the bunchy puppeteer man hes coming down its coming down yes yes wow hes doing a backflip oh he snapped one of his ropes and his leg is actually snapped as well and half of his face is gone and i can see what he ate for breakfast oh hes coming in hes coming in let me know in the comments if you guys have got some you know stuff you want me to try in some of these mods you know what i mean im only so you know destructive oh he just got thrown across the map but im sure you guys have your own crazy destructive ideas and stuff im gonna call in an airstrike right just right at the back here there we go this is the hangman whats gonna happen to the hangman hes got blown away oh and he just ground his own face off thats gotta hurt hes not gonna get a replacement face and finally we have surgery man right into his stomach there we go this is how you perform surgery with a fighter jet its coming in its dropping the bombs okay yep yep so we dont actually have to perform surgery anymore because the bodys gone entirely its all good oh there goes the domino guys were gonna destroy one of the big ones now yep there he goes that is just insane his head is just gone entirely you cant shoot him im dead i just blew myself up now like i said if theres some stuff you want me to try in any of these mods let me know in the comments and thank you very much for watching this video if you liked it give us one of these ones ill see you guys next time steam verify all games Teardown Mods are awesome, Humans Mod is now even weirder! 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