Using NEW Weapons on Among Us Crewmates - Teardown Mods Gameplay

Steaming pansmoving steam game to another drive TEARDOWN gameplay okay hes came for the meeting wait what are you doing purple oh thats it thats right so here we go will these trampolines right here save a plane from crashing lets find out plane and bound welcome back to tear down and its happening once again where Im being chased by a T-Rex but dont worry because I have a plan this time so you see these cars I can actually throw them uh which could be quite useful but Im not gonna do that because I actually have a safe Zone in place oh turret oh it worked it actually worked look at that the Sentry just saved my life chill calm down oh no okay lets just stay low hey beans hello there oh sorry no what are you doing why isnt killing speeds hold fire its supposed to be a friendly Century beans oh okay dont worry nothing can kill beans it just means I need to destroy the century and I have this new mod called a flamer its just a flamethrower pretty much yes has that done anything no what about this thing oh there we go yeah so it has two settings he has this one right here which like a normal flamethrower and then you can just like absolutely torch stuff also there goes my safe Zone oh no we have another T-Rex inbound okay you know what lets see how well the flying Pro does again so shall we okay just wait have we got it is it dead nope that saying doesnt seem to do anything lets try the other one shall we torch oh Im inside the T-Rex right now wow this thing works so well fire so another new weapon that Ive installed is this wind blade right here its similar to the katana in the way it cuts things up but uh this one has less sex but its still very cool so I should be able to cut down this tree with one swipe up yep there we go I also did some damage to the building in the background how have I even done that here we go see its so simple to use lets see if I can actually chop the building in half maybe yep there we go Ive done it it takes a little longer than the other Katana but it still works oh my goodness look at the state of that that is so much destruction now you know how in previous tear down videos Ive used the uh hack object device well I kind of just did it again but on an entire building I didnt think it would work and now this building is evil and is trying to kill me I have literally hacked an entire building I didnt think it would be possible but here we are so weird so I should be able to hack these cars as well yep okay this is a terrible idea ah what was that all right you know what lets just destroy the evil building using the original Katana okay here we go yes this should do the trick come on almost there a little bit of lag always is the case oh no still not dead okay thats it all right maybe if we use the minigun instead oh actually just turn yes thats more like it ah whats chewing image is that is the car shooting at me right now all right I think Ive done enough damage to this place and Ive also got evil objects still after me so I say we get out here so here I am back on the scaled map and I know Im here pretty often but lets face it destroying Among Us crewmates its a lot of fun plus I also have some new weapons to check out and use it on so yeah lets just see what this is like shall we here we go so this is actually part of a bigger mod pack I also have this ability to kind of like move quickly but lets see how well the ax does against this guy shall we oh oh there we go it works so this is the light bearer weapon pack again this was for a much bigger mod however we now just have the weapons we can play around with and Ive also got a spell book so I could build walls now if I wanted to this would have been good for my four earlier then you have anti-gravity look at that cloak so I guess I go invisible and we can also just weld stuff together theres just so much to this mod its pretty insane black hole okay oh my goodness this is awesome hey look a grenade Let It Go why doesnt it throw oh thats how oh thats cool you like charge it up Shard Sledge oh we have a dead crewmate that means the Imposter is among us somewhere whoa what the look at this this is some crazy attack oh no we did crewmate ah imposter I found him the traitor there he is Ive got my revenge now so we also have like a grenade which is interesting oh I think its broken youre broken okay now Im broken grape okay now lets try the crystal dagger if whoa thats so cool you could throw it as well all right emergency meeting everyone to the camera cafeteria right now were gonna find out who the real imposter is because maybe raid was innocent this entire time who knows Crystal Knuckles oh look at this okay he came for the meeting wait stay back what are you doing purple well thats it yeah its right bam oh boy theres just so many weapons to check out in this mod wheres everyone else is everyone dead now I killed everyone whoa crossbow oh this is so cool lets see what this does oh it does it does that great so yeah I think thats pretty much all of the weapons in the light bearer mod pack all of them pretty epic how is green still alive look how much damage I can literally see his bone how has he survived that you know what the century turret will take care of green oh whoops didnt mean to do that and when thats it lock in almost there thats it oh he keeps going over it come on turret what are you doing yes oh nice and just like that green is dead ah watch out turret were supposed to be friends man were supposed to be friends Im sorry but you are too dangerous so therefore you need to be liquefied Im sorry I want the yellow where did you come from liquify all right there we go we are now safe from the turret and all of the crewmates inside the skilled and now here I am on an airport map hey look a plane is coming in for landing wait why the wheels now oh no oh no its Crash landed well thats not good but you know what I have had a suggestion from one of you guys and it says crash the plane on the trampoline so in My Last Tear Down video I actually use the trampoline right here well I actually I used loads of them theyre basically found an entire building so of course if we want to use a plane on the trampoline that has to work right which is why I absolutely love this suggestion so lets go test it out shall we oh wait I dont really think this through oh no so heres the plan Im gonna what the but that didnt really go to plan Im gonna place a bunch of trampolines right here if its gonna let me oh my God why is it not doing it theyre all bouncing all over the place all right we might have to do this one at a time but essentially I want to put loads of steep trampolines right here and then when the plane crash lands well hopefully it wont itll just bounce off the trampoline and then maybe crash land so here we go will these trampolines right here save a plane from crashing lets find out playing inbound come on trampolines you can do this oh no oh okay well the plane may have slightly missed the trampolines on the first run right lets give this another go why is it turning oh no wait oh here another trampoline though you know what that actually kind of worked for a second there we just need to be a little bit more accurate with the trampolines and this might just work but before we continue testing I just need to clear the runway a little bit thats it just remove the planes out of the way and there we go continue with our testing come on get off the roadway get off all right change plan here we go and this one throw them all away perfect so just to make sure that we do actually hit them this time Ive put the plane literally right in front of them okay here we go come on Bounce oh oh no the plane is like overriding the trampoline physics oh no I dont think it works now the next thing Im going to try is the Boeing 737 on the trampolines underneath you know Im pretty confident this is gonna work right here we go and bounce yes of course it was gonna work I mean theres a lot of damage done to the plane but it still bounces look at that theres so much damage oh no its B just ripped apart right now and there we go okay we should probably move this to the plain graveyard wherever that might be oh no what have I done mistakes were made and a dinosaur bouncing trampolines nope nope it actually doesnt work the Boris just straight up ruins the trampolines dont worry Ill take it down sorry buddy youve got to go so right now Im in the Boeing 747 and uh were coming in for landing at the airport here as you can probably tell um looks like were gonna oh no weve gone over the runway no no no oh this is bad this is really bad were coming in for a crash what is happening right now where are we oh were going out the map um what is going on somebody help me yep we are well and truly out the map okay quickly go out of there oh oh it goes oh no look what Ive done to this place this is a really cool sandbox airport though I like this place this is a good place for testing speaking of testing lets try and land a Cessna shall we uh its not looking too good slow it down oh wait trampoline it didnt really help the situation at all but you know what I am still alive look at this I survived Im okay now Ive gone ahead and cleared up the airport here because instead of actually trying to save the planes Im just gonna go ahead and Destroy them um also some of these propane tanks have already gone off as you can probably tell but lets see if this works lets cause as much chaos as we possibly can and yes I still have a couple of trampolines over there just in case oh hang on a minute the place going over lets go over the trampolines oh oh no its all gone terribly wrong I mean there was a little bit of a bounce there with the trampoline but there is no stopping the Boeing there he goes right you know what lets get another one and uh aim a little bit more for the propane tanks all right here we go wait why is it turning no lets go for the hanger oh no its not supposed to happen oh wait there is a propane tank there so you know what this might just work come on its a little laggy oh it didnt work right you know what were gonna make sure it works this time around lets just go ahead throw the plane away so this time Im just gonna have it nice and low so make sure it does the most amount of damage all right here we go oh its just taking our tree yes thats more like it oh yes thats thats so good right come on more explosions more damage more chaos that left engine theres about to get destroyed there we go also I wonder if I can bounce one of the explosives lets see if this works here we go bounce or maybe not okay that has just completely destroyed my trampoline it has ruined my fun speaking of ruining my fun what happens if we uh hit this with a sledgehammer oh what about with the flamethrower thats weird maybe we need to use the other saying steamed green beans recipe Using NEW Weapons on Among Us Crewmates - Teardown Mods GameplayIn this episode, I use overpowered weapons to take down imposters. 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