Setting Off a NUKE on the GTA 5 Map - Teardown Mods Gameplay

Steam social deduction gamesevolve steam key TEARDOWN gameplay you know what thats not good enough i think its time for us to set off a nuke so even though the city is destroyed im setting off a nuke right here to do even more damage all right here we go get ready three two one welcome back to tear down i got myself a new job at the recycling oh no ah okay im fine yes its my first day here but anyway this is the recycling center and all i have to do is load things onto the conveyor belt here and then they go into this blender thing there we go look at that and then its going to go through the system right here and be spat out ready to be recycled into something else and that right there is a yacht so uh will this yacht fit into the machine lets find out shall we here we go right time to recycle an entire yacht this is definitely not how its supposed to be done but like i said first down the job so uh yeah no one taught me how to do this stuff okay youre in you go into the machine did it work oh oh no yeah no that didnt really work how i i wanted it to so lets just go ahead and throw that away look at all of this here we have lots of different props and furniture so uh yeah lets just go ahead and recycle it okay and you go so yeah the physics gun here is very important if we didnt have this we would be pretty screwed right there goes the couch nice lets actually go back into the system okay this is a bad idea we gotta be quick there we go so you can see theres a conveyor belt here so youve got this side where it gets spat out theres no truck at the moment there and then youve got this side as well so all the stuff just goes through the conveyor belt and then onto the back of the truck here ready to be transported elsewhere very cool map i dont know what this is it looks like some kind of vault door but you know what its going in yes is it gonna work can that even be crushed oh wow yes it can with ease as well youd want to throw away this perfectly good stand right here oh well it doesnt matter its been eaten now okay what else do we want to use treadmill ill tell you what you go over there for later what we cant no im not im not gonna recycle this the arcade machine wait is that explosive uh yep yes it is all right lets go ahead and recycle these plants i dont know why but were gonna do anyway there we go just make it a little bit easier and uh why dont we try and actually recycle oh lamborghini yes i dont know why theres just a bunch of lamborghinis over there but lets see if this works okay down you go yes that works pretty well what about a plane we put the plane in there we we really should break up into pieces first before we actually ram in there but oh well in you go uh its not quite working anyway hows the truck looking yep everythings still being loaded onto it where do we when we drive this to anyway like where would i take this oh you know what i could do though i could just ram into this stuff yes break it down into pieces like i should be actually that might be a bad idea i have a strong feeling that i am actually going to get fired here so you know what screw it i am putting in the entire house yes oh no what have i done yeah get in there i hope no one was inside im so good at this job anyway moving on to the next map lets just go ahead break down this wall because this is the water world i havent really fully checked it out yet but theres a bunch of different vehicles and buildings and all sorts of stuff for us to destroy so uh yeah this should be quite a lot of fun kind of reminds me of the uh the crash map the uh the cliff one right lets go into this vehicle and then we slap into the building so yeah still got the uh thruster mod installed which is very helpful oh no ive got into the water oh you know what lets just try and demolish some of the buildings here hang on a minute if i uh use the digger and then destroy each of the legs im hoping this thing should just collapse right all right there we go thats the third one and the fourth one oh there we go yes its going down oh drive drive drive gotta get out of here its going down i think were all right wait wheres that fire coming from what why is that fire oh wait what how has that happened oh thats bad that is really bad that means more destruction is gonna happen wait but this is this is tear down thats a good thing all right lets use the digger again oh yeah look at this oh its going down its going down look at it go that is so cool but maybe we should use one of these trucks right here all right and oh no loser control oh oh well this hasnt gone to plan at all oh no okay well that ended very badly hmm maybe this vehicle would do a better job all right here we go and slam weve just gone through to the other side uh-oh going down again yeah all right we need another vehicle hmm i think ive had an idea actually why dont we try and take down the legs yeah well just take down the legs of this this has to work right there we go destroy yes its going down is it working oh oh yes oh this is good right let me uh clean up the lag a little bit look at it go down oh it hit the other building as well that looks so cool and then straight into the water does it float kind of looks like it does wow so im guessing with the physics gun i should be able to pick this up now yeah and then i should be able to do this oh i just realized none of these buildings are actually in the floor that makes sense theres no foundation to them so you should be able to just topple them over with ease oh that is so much lag but look at that building its got strains to the other one theyre falling over as well i have caused so much damage to this world so for that reason i have restarted now theres another mod that i have installed today that i need to show you let me just go ahead and oh here we go the polka dot gun so of course this is from suicide squad there we go so lets see if we can go ahead and rip this building apart and fire oh yes so it is actually very very powerful as you can see look how much damage it can do can just rip straight through the buildings with ease such a weird mod but you know what i love it wait hang on a minute its going all the way through to the other side the other buildings over there are also getting destroyed oh oh man i guess theres no limit to how far it reaches but these buildings are going down look at that oh thats so cool theyre getting ripped to shreds right now but anyway now lets move on to the gta 5 map thats right the gta 5 map is now in teardown so lets go ahead and check that out so we have three options here we can go for the mini version medium and large so i guess its just about the detail as you can see but the only downside is its going to take a little bit longer to load in but i say we go for the large version hopefully my computer will be able to handle it here we go hundreds of hours have been spent on this very map right here and never did i think i would see it in teardown look at this how incredible was that so theres mount chiliad right there thats where i was standing on top of and here is the city so from far away it looks pretty incredible of course though when you get really close uh well it looks very pixelated but i still think this is seriously epic so we can do whatever we want to this map i know yeah take that okay so im pretty sure this is the uh maze bank building right maybe i could i dont know some graffiti on it i dont know why youd want to do this but sure right im going to set off a bomb oh yeah ive got i still have the i still have the heat mod installed when you throw stuff it says yeet so good all right maize bank tower were about to get destroyed oh there we go nice you know what spam it ah destroy the city los santos dive and you know what lets fire some rockets as well while were at to destroy all the buildings ow that one was a little bit too close okay so what we got under under the map here lets see can we go through oh its water the secret is out its all just water underneath in fact actually is water in the real game actually okay so now that weve destroyed the main part of the city lets see what else we got we got the airport over here maybe we could uh destroy some stuff there we go destroy the airport a little bit and ive got my lighter here maybe i should just burn some of it too there we go burn the seat down yes i mean it already is burning so well i dont know why i need to use this lighter here but were gonna use it anyway there we go and fro but a lighter isnt really good enough so lets try oh yeah lets go for the polka dot gun i dont know why it sounds so weird once a polka dot polka dots right fire oh there we go thats more like it this is the kind of destruction that im after right here keep firing wait i wonder if i can do damage to mount chiliad over there using the polka dot weapon all right lets just follow them this is so cool oh yes its gonna hit its working its going through the mountain wait whats inside the mountain though um its very dark and scary all right lets just fire were gonna go all the way through mount chiliad and then see whats going on inside it looks like its a whole load of nothing yep but maybe thered be some kind of alien easter egg or something but nope oh yeah i still have the omni fist installed all right omni man fire oh this is how you destroy it this is a great way of doing it or of course i could just use a lightsaber yeah oh man this map is so cool im so glad that this is a thing and tear down now force lightning destroy everything that i can see i feel like god right now thats what i feel like when im destroying the map oh yes force push look at that lets move everything yes oh i uh ive killed myself well i think its fair to say ive done a lot of damage here so im gonna go ahead restart the map and hopefully um well i dont have to load it all in again okay yep i have to wait i have to wait all that time once again great and finally im back on the map so ive had an idea since we are in a scaled-down version of the gta map why dont i use a meteor strike on it then that way well its going to look pretty insane all right so i say we set one off right there and then see what happens all right here we go look to the skies there it is now meet your strike inbound oh yes now that looks epic so i say we fire a few more here we go incoming slow motion action yes oh man theres gotta be a real gta 5 meteor strike mod right that would be really cool you know what thats not good enough i think its time for us to set off a nuke so even though the city is destroyed im setting off a nuke right here to do even more damage all right here we go get ready three two one there it is that is amazing but this right here is the weaker version of the nuke so we need to go a little bit more crazy now time for the main event nuking the gta 5 map in three two one fire here we go oh no computer please dont die on me oh man this is going to be insane oh there it is theres the nuke los santos is getting absolutely destroyed right now oh look at all crack as well look at that underneath me look at the damage i feel like this is like the only map that makes the nuke look more realistic because of the scale of the map oh man what have i done look at the hole in the middle of the city as well all the buildings are just gone alright so heres what im gonna do im gonna press l to clean up some of the debris and hopefully we should get our frames back right here we go and clean up did it work oh there we go whoa everythings just disappeared so this is whats left after setting off a nuke in the gta 5 map but im not done just yet because im gonna sell for another one but this time closer to mount chiliad three two one detonate oh here we go lets see what happens mount chiliad is about to get messed up so ive gone ahead and uh well sped up time well my editor has so now youre seeing everything well breaking away it should look pretty epic because obviously when i self the nuke its very laggy and um probably not the best footage to have so now that its all sped up we can see what its like and it looks hopefully cool um great commentary so hopefully by now mount chiliad just shouldnt exist either that will just be in a really bad way all right you know what i think its time for me to do a clean up so lets go ahead press l clean up this area and get rid of the lag and then well check out the damage that has been done oh there we go okay so mount chiliad uh well yes in a bad way uh but you know theres still the rest of them mounted over here but anyway on that note im gonna end this one right here theres another video on the top right so make sure you go ahead and check that out also dont forget to comment like and subscribe and ill hopefully see you in that video right there goodbye full steam staffing merced ca Setting Off a NUKE on the GTA 5 Map - Teardown Mods GameplayIn this episode, I destroyed the entire city of Los Santos using meteor strikes, a lightsaber and then finally using a nuke. 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