Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge - Official Behind the Scenes #1

Blacksmith game steamsteaming frozen broccoli TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: SHREDDERS REVENGE game it feels amazing to work on a tmnt game um really its a its really a passion project if i were going back in the past and telling my younger self like hey youre going to work on a tmnt game i would be like what like thats amazing yes so yeah it feels just pretty cool Music we grew up with tmnt uh i remember at halloween dressing up as donatello its always been like really present in my my childhood so the nation was your favorite um actually raphael is my favorite because were already working on switcher of h4 we already had in mind to do a beat them up we started discussing with nickelodeon and then we met at gdc and um they told me that someone else was teaching the same kind of project than we were pitching and um yeah we just decided to join forces the decision to go for the 87 tmnt is really uh because thats what we we grew up with and thats uh thats where our our heart yeah stayed yeah i think also thats what fans really wanted to see as well there was a lack of seeing some 87 design coming back in some sort of way and with a retro game it just makes sense working on the on the teammate tmnt license is great but working on the tmnt license from that era is even greater because it just like makes you know so much nostalgia for for us and and for for the people we work with it just made sense basically yeah all the research was already done exactly itself did all the work back then so it was really uh it was really exciting to go back to that time i think also the beautiful jar was really at its prime around the 90s so it just made sense to go back to that design and yeah that era we we really wanted to um um to show people where we were going for and thats why we choose as well to uh to do a fully animated trailer with the original uh track from the from the show i knew that people would love what you guys did because the pixel art is just amazing the animation is amazing and its just exactly what people were looking for so i was pretty confident it was going to work out i feel like the t games were really at its prime during the arcade i wrote in 90s so it only made sense to go back to the roots the toys the the comics the show they when we started working on the product it all came back to me kind of like even the toys i had back in the days uh the ones that i really cherished um and that we could see in the game it was super just super exciting because in the end like you can relieve that period and with with a game like that especially with those beautiful pixel art it was just perfect with that design and im glad that nikois going to let us do that definitely yeah that was definitely a dream dotemu and tribute games i think share the same passion for retro games um when we i looked yesterday a bit at your uh your office and uh theres someone in your team working on old consoles already you know like its just its just the same it feels at home almost you know yeah i think we share a lot of things in common in that regard like you guys have done so many remakes and taken some old games and revitalized them we were still working on streets of h4 while we we started working on at least on the the project of doing a new tmnt beat them up and i really like the fact that you guys had a different approach i think theres uh obviously going to be a comparison with tmnt and streets of bridge and yes there are beat-em-ups but they they have totally different pace and and uh dynamics so yeah i think its really good that you guys have that experience and youre you shared that with them with us Music this is actually the the second tmnt game that ive worked on i also worked on the tmnt game for game boy advance that was like really a dream back then um it still had its limitations like the game boy advance doesnt have a really good support for multiplayer and we all know that tmnt needs to be played for players so this is like a second chance at really doing the the best project that we could imagine congrats to to the tribute games team because its been a its been a tough development process especially with with the the the current situation with uh kovit 19 but the result is great so really looking forward to it clicker games on steam Join Tribute Games Jean-Francois Major and Cyrille Imbert from Dotemu for a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the upcoming game Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredders Revenge, including a discussion on their dreams to work on a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game, their love of retro games, and more.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredders Revenge launches on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in 2022. #IGN #Gaming #TMNT cheeseburger steamed pod how to get rid of steam games steam hollow knight free to play pc games steam how long steam artichoke