PIXEL ART WTF! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shredders Revenge!

Steam shower with jetted tubpaladins free steam games TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: SHREDDERS REVENGE game hey tribute games prevents a dot e-mukee production nickelodeon on turtles now hey uber its the original theme song its the original theme song only its awful god why didnt this use the original version this sucks this crap version of this song  __  sykes sounds like some lame  __  boy indie boy band version of the song its some nice shitty  __  Music i cant remember the name of that genre music that sucked here we go again lets what i hate the way the way or the switch whatever button button b is go back instead of  __  select your  __  how do i play it the combo attack is four seat key simple buttons super attackers just press x consumes ninja complete power fly kick a then y y and v for rising thunder shake nowhere crt filter for some crap reason fighting right now how do people join me in this do i have to pay for switch online like playstation or is it free its like cheer up ally stay tuned any comment clicking im not gonna remember all this power level eight i unless power level 8 story mode then new game discard those power levels just normal mode will do yeah ive already been through this select your hero wheres casey jones i wanted to play with that  __  you gotta unlock him well raphael was my favorite turtle he was always garbage in these games party up how create a key party now public i gotta pay for this what well get  __  in turtle combat hey whats on the news sucker Music turtle power Music here we go Music how come the pixels arent higher resolution its not made for a  __  super nintendo if youre not going to put crt scan lines on it make it more detailed pixel art man k.o you dont like anything man people think im miserable but they need to come across you you need to make a youtube channel called the most miserable guy ever the ninja turtles for 99 i kind of liked it i got a soft spot for that movie i was obsessed with when i was a kid had a good soundtrack heroes and a half shell at a key point breaking news just like turtles in time when it shows you the silhouette of the bluff theres shredder hes right there psych him okay get punched during a combo finish a level unharmed good luck doing that shitty challenge even final fight i played to death theres no way i could have done that Music psych that slam move from turtles in time too simply tonight is done man im patron only true fans join patrons so if youre a true fan youve got to be on there youre not on there if you cant be a true fan at any key point super attack uses super energy why would i use it or yeah bebop that wasnt it Music i was obsessed with the ninja dorks and the uh white 80s as a kid Music oh yeah playing on some kind of a new handheld its not like any handle ive witnessed its a version of a game boy these guys are working on computers that cant be the foot dont do that Music gather round Music looks a lot better than the streets of h4 because pixel art Music whatever five was it channel nine i cant remember actually inverse you dont like the graphics on it cyclone suck a ninja  __  coin number Music yeah its a super metroid thing but nowhere near as good as super metroid in graphics or key gameplay pizza time speak see what freeze Music oh whatever you know the turtle figures back in the day you couldnt get hold of one for lover money i saw that everywhere when it was all the rage im going in the shop when turtles first turned up and i didnt really like it at first it was kind of stupid and they had every single one of the figures and my mom was like do you want one of these things and i was like no theyre ridiculous cut to a few weeks later i was obsessed with it went back and there was nothing in except for  __  april and splinter and who wanted them to oh  __  you  __  dlc was just too annoying too frustrating so i quit it Music went too far with it sucking ill miss Music completely the hell leave up the first key boss i dont have enough key  __  energy because i wouldnt used it Music Music psych him Music Music Music dunk Music im not paying for that pc its free cranks head he actually sounded the original voice actor with the rest dont unlock the special collectors what to find out whats this  __  branching the complete path whats this i need my papers back thats just him telling me the key mission do i receive hate comments on cuphead what are you talking about jeff with a 10 power donation of great strengths thanks jeff first donation of the complete night appreciate that man the turtle vampone im running the turtle van action figure playset but folks never got me i always get negative i dont actually barely ever get negative comments man because only my fans watch my  __  nobody else stumbles on it and what a weird question why would i get them on that and nothing else Music why is that pizza on fire i dont get it Music its the mega move the one from turtles in town oh yeah Music smashing the other doors turtle power you stupid unresponsive game anybody else here a turtle dark fan as a kid this is key newspaper documents oh Music whats in here Music oh some guys havent subscribed probably only one  __  said that i think not really a fan if hes gonna do that Music yeah  __  you Music fire mode Music secret key diary and documentation discovered lets put clander just chilling  __  Music id fly kick that door Music okay i did it then too Music  __  you jay with a 10 power donation of great strength thanks man the footwear boys in the cartoon show yeah and the old comic and the the movie they were human dork kids christ why are these guys pawning me suddenly Music Music need that Music  __  you leo i actually had the blimp i thought it was kind of suck i wanted the goddamn van Music infinite ninja abilities i still get hit though Music warfare 2 even though its called the same game the other one maybe if its any good i dont think many people are going to watch though it didnt even hurt him man what the  __  leos getting boned Music save your prayers Music not am i still lives dont belong just move hes out Music Music looks like great if i might tell you up on that keyboard the fairy tale was raphael but hes crap in the games because hes shitty tiny weapon electric secret diarys already been doing that crap mission with a two dollar key donation thanks man Music something turtle lair why would i want to go there mutants over broadway Music some kind of crap rap okay i jumped over there okay it barely moves this thing its so slow what the  __  Music unbelievable  __  you game gary with a two pound key donation thanks buddy warns you way too early so you jump way in advance thats ridiculous did Music oh its dead already man shell shocked Music Music are you meant to avoid this  __  your crap game Music oh my god this is terrible rap man how did i just do that what too late Music this rap is taking my strength away  __  this game man  __  you again hes almost dead again two lives on the same  __  level bro Music now what do you do what two turtles do Music you know the fire kicking doesnt work so i can just send you flying away Music you cant do that huh Music Music we got him before i lost another life Music anything like shredder moving Music two demons psyche psych statues of shredder the key arrogance like him never goes in any other direction than left and right now it kind of looks kind of diagonally where hes like streets right too Music Music Music secret key diary oh hey hes got me with the whip chainer directions it does are you kidding me do some health game quickly okay wake up try to command it jeremiah 4 with a 5 key donation next man reshape that body gonna give me some health quickly excellent Music nice through these key tables looks like the uh the chessboard thing from the millennium falcon or something Music we have children animals coming where am i Music how do i do that press x emitter to perform Music tigers thatll get free and boner whats that strike Music failing all key challenges here Music oh the torrent i forgot about the taunt the arrogance of the turtles the turn Music wake up monkey well i keep challenges now im failing them all here oh my  __  Music the health is needed what the hell was that is that a monkey that twatted me then documentation oh my  __  oh my god robot these monkeys trying to  __  turn against me a fellow  __  mutation whats this before Music what the hell Music what the hell how did he know i was going to be there oh god hes out whats this  __  move Music unbelievable Music oh this is tedious stuff Music close one Music born again cranes head is getting away dudes today ill drive all the way back to that pig go see him 50 points for right gary Music king or something god knows thats right stop reading Music deep breath and get my key  __  abilities it was a simpler time back in 1990 i tell you simple key time what was everybody doing in 1990 lets hear it in the comments some people werent born i guess thats a thing on the track until we get it Music sort of that coming from member i think im gonna go down there you have to come to me Music its gonna blow damn it mousers you were three in 1990 way to make me feel old man the combos are growing soundtracks decent for the game come on put a little wrap there oh my god isnt splitting my rat why is he not working cohesion mentally telepathetically with the rats and tell them to bring the head to him hes in the sewers someplace hes not in my team at the minute is continue with the omega combo what the point of this is point of that dont ask me frog i cant get up there oh yeah the ass is Music ill handle this these are my power and one so  __  swoop down when that happens my health should go back to maximum also you kidding me demon i make no mistake theyre demons Music rat king i know what i am youre trespassing on royal grounds it doesnt look too cool are you kidding me you jumped out the way at exactly when i did that crap Music okay so hes got some kind of mega grab that cant be stopped okay so when he does that im just going to avoid him and thats the lock  __  off his rats are the ones phoning me Music okay this rat is getting on my wick die leo you  __  sucky little dork dont escape these rats theres too many of them Music one fly kicking them out Music get off me Music you  __  cheating man this boss fights annoying man Music oh my god this fights annoying Music i fly kicked him so Music oh Music this is  __  annoying did by that one tony what done yall with a ten dollar key donation thanks appreciate that buddy Music these guys keep turning up man its a  __  more meltdown how many episodes are in this level whatever they want to call them why are these two endings break through there  __  you Music what the hell put that down i  __  threw him then you unresponsive  __  game whats this that foot thing panda the phone Music what do these points do typically raising here Music that was i was behind it god how many hits does this thing need see leo youre gonna die in the first couple of screens of this level and i get one game over thats game over oh its all these charges from one i didnt know that but it just slowly charged thanks buddy Music appreciate that man like the soundtrack though for this game pretty good  __  come here oh cant show us right on the escalator theres not a lot of enemy variation though it just puts all these different colors some mousers Music nothing too late now oh youre pretty good with that yeah oh my  __  right what the  __  basically you cant go near them guys just keep getting loads of these doing this like i have two at once right now again you  __   __  hey guys potential  __   __  you feel the condenser Music amazing player he wants to be amazed about buddy Music are you pissing press the wrong button psycho Music are you  __  kidding me and playing on the switch i shouldnt get this to work on my pc this wouldnt load so got a refund are you pissing kidding me robot deep ability hes got deep ability that got him in the midst of her making move health in one of these there is indeed one again Music computer arcade machines who look what hes done to him you know how much theyre rare in the future you  __   __  99 either a dime a dozen but today people play insane money cabinets like that or crt monitors oh yeah Music psycho smash the arcade is the keyboard not this time better why are you here in the arcade no it cant be shredded already no its some i dont know what it is never heard of you whoever you are in a key point Music who have you summoned 10 pesters pretty easy to keep doing this move deep breath i did it you nerd i cant do it why is it not taking forever to appear Music it keeps going it hit me through the deep breath maneuver so its not working Music im going to suck in that deep breath breaking breath Music reveal Music what maybe were going to go through another one Music Music Music looks like another victory Music two and three no no thanks crimes comes from complete life branching complete paths nope not really roof running them to again so many boss types in this  __  you thugs your focusing days are over nerd deep key ability this game came out this year man its just a tribute to the old turtle walk down the streets of uh yesteryear you punch me out of the air man are you kidding me eat that oh my god thats the cheapest shitty death in these kind of crap games streets of rage did it too its a disgrace cheapest way to lose the life ever capability oh while i was deep breathing i got an extra life though now ive got four lives so suck you then falling down a hole in my ass but i was dead why he cant even make that jump you cant do a running jump what the  __  was that about hey what jump down the hall why dont you hey  __  you thug Music its making me go no its an elevator of course it is cant destroy it oh my christ move why does he keep grabbing him for now its too late too late with that breath you  __  dark deeper abilities huh stop key construction now right where was  __  you you crap game Music good is it no oh my  __  god nerd Music  __  you Music right here anytime you touch an edge youre dead give those deep brown why didnt it fall when i ran under it Music these story guys are annoying man why dont these break points you grab him you press up and throw he doesnt  __  throw him ill come back to stocktons in this not in this these two again thats a bit lazy dont do it Music even turtle looks like another victory Music come on lets go okay im gonna go back and see that  __  for some bunch of lame-o points what are the points i dont mean prizes Music does anybody play this and beat this game panic in the sky Music oh no its a gimmick level its a gamete level and then  __  it up you  __  these are so awkward to control a crap wrap no its not wrapping some crap rock song sounds like a bill and ted song Music too late Music eat that really damn it you kidding me i dont even remember how to do it but Music feature time come on Music kick shell at a key point now are you  __  kidding me Music kick you Music really need it Music stay back raphaels good in this game thatll be a first then normally hes terrible are you kidding me robot man Music right now liberty abilities Music Music that got him while he was deep breathing i cant go up camera hit him Music reported that Music Music survived Music total power now our scooting with a five dollar keep key donation of great strength thanks man down there by the beach today Music its that freaking leather head thing no okay robot man were letting a man take a deep breath it was a mistake oh oh Music Music psych what are you doing Music deep strengths touch those Music gather round Music Music okay gets out of my hole really Music cease Music oh  __  you man are you kidding me well you think youre tough you can count on the deep breaths Music well show you oh Music these guys Music like Music you son of a  __  you avoided such a move today its longer than your average walk down the street usually about 45 minutes and ive almost an hour 10. but the simpsons Music how do i do that Music whats the point of doing this simpsons are konami game had some sequence of bonus only have to pump up balloons Music they join patron damon youll love it its over a thousand exclusive t-series on there including demon souls remake im playing right now Music deep breath deep breath hes gonna keep going in and out of those contagion earlier damn it shouldnt have done that now hes gonna go in there and contage you son of a  __  meanwhile he jumps on me when im doing deep breaths Music his  __  Music Music i didnt keep doing that Music Music knock it off Music it was in a half shell total power now no i did beat it but im playing it as in you know its going up currently on patreon whats this it seems like were going back to the same areas how many levels now somebody look this up for me and finally levels are in this game its gonna be over by now suck 16. jesus supposed to be beating this tonight come back Music get knotted oh my god Music youre shooting rockets man whos shooting rockets boom Music Music not be affected by that strengths  __  you whats in here dont even think of trying to steal my story Music these yep Music cant go back down those secret boxes today okay did you get anybody Music shredder weve  __  oh Music science Music who the hells you shooting rockets man Music  __  you that didnt get big down here deep breath Music ill finish you off myself and again Music Music  __  you both starts to start getting on your thumbs nerve when you play these kind of games for over an hour 20 minutes im getting hungry too hes off ill finish you off myself Music stop use the key strength Music did that not come off even though i pulled it off then Music a protective man whos got protection Music well not doing that i dont have to tap buttons anymore i think this is the last mission for me for tonight can you save this  __  the button bashing is starting to be beyond annoying now Music its all so clear to me now did it with one hitler my friends this is a system crash looks like another victory i cant stand nine more levels with this tonight one again couldnt find a better voice guy for shredder its a long drive isnt it whats the turtle there when its at home all right thanks for coming out to this key stream and a key point thanks for those key donations ill just leave the stream up and when i stream it again ill beat the game so what day is it today try it on later in the week thursday friday or something my favorite ninja turtles rafael never dead never heard of it so have a good rest of the week i dont see you at a key point see yall later you guitar billionaire steam game Click here to subscribe: Link for PayPal donations: Twitter: Facebook: A huge thank you to every single Patron for supporting me and the channel, it wouldnt be around today 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