BEST NEW GAME OF 2022? | Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredders Revenge Review

Best steam games m1 macplay steam games without internet connection TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: SHREDDERS REVENGE game this game might be the new best game of 2022 Music these turtle Music boys oh baby ive been waiting so long to play this game but welcome on in everybody my name is chompers and welcome back to chomp town where today finally we are gonna be checking out teenage mutant ninja turtles shredders revenge now this is a total nostalgia trip for me as you can see i am a big fan of the turtles i grew up with them i love them and i have been waiting for this game to come out so were going to take a look at some of the gameplay were going to see what it does right if it does anything wrong and were going to talk about all of it but first as always if you like this video or anything else on my channel please consider liking subscribing leaving a comment down below that helps me a lot and that is it lets get straight into the action so as soon as you start playing this game you are going gonna notice there is story mode in arcade mode the difference with story mode is that there is a over world map where you can kind of move around back and forth you have a couple of other objectives that you can do and its really cool and of course arcade is just a simple arcade playthrough its for a bit more of a challenge and then youre gonna get right into your character select you see that we have splinter april all the turtles michelangelo leonardo raphael donatello and then once you beat the game you do unlock casey jones so there is six options for playable characters as soon as you start the game and then you do unlock a seventh once you complete your first playthrough something youre going to want to know when youre choosing your character is that each character has their own range speed and power ratings so make sure you take that into consideration when choosing your character but of course raphael is my favorite he is the best so lets get straight into this awesome gameplay now i just have to say right away the first thing that just blows my mind is how good this game looks this is a very modern take on a classic style game you get this very polished 8-bit graphic looking game it just works it really touches on the nostalgia but it also doesnt look cheap it looks very good and on top of the graphics the controls in this game are so crispy theyre so good the attack animations all feel good they feel like youre just whenever you hit something or do combos it feels fun and thats something that really matters in these style of games these these couch co-op multi-player beat-em-ups you really want to feel like youre in the action that what youre doing is it just feels really good it feels clutch it feels like every every input you hit into the controller is getting a nice crispy reaction and you get that in spades from this game it is one of my favorite things about it you just get such good control over your character whether you are walking youre dashing youre comboing and this game has a really really epic combo system as you can see in the top left right there you can get up to hundreds of hits at a time as long as you do not get interrupted as long as you do not take damage you will keep getting those combos as long as you are not spending too much time between doing it so the combo system is very cool theres a bunch of different moves for each each character you select you have your ground moves you have aerial moves you have dash moves and you also level up in this game which is so cool as you level up you unlock different moves you unlock special moves again aerial specials dashing specials you get more health you get more special bar which again you can see in the top left that blue bar thats going from blue to green that is your special bar and then if you hit one of your buttons depending on what platform youre playing on you will unleash an epic special attack and you see mine right there the sci cyclone it just feels so good its so cool i dont know what else to say besides it just feels so good theres so much nostalgia to this game and were gonna check out a little bit more as we kind of jump around through the levels coming up here and for those of you looking to take a trip down memory lane do not worry because this game will serve it up just as much as you want it theres a ton of nostalgia here with characters from the old series characters from new series that ive never even personally seen before but were gonna get it all youre gonna get bebop as you see right here the first boss of the game youre gonna get bebop youre gonna get rockstead youre gonna get baxter stockman youre gonna get chromedome metalhead shredder youre gonna get crank youre gonna get the piece of aliens youre gonna get everything in this game this game is a love letter to this series of old it is amazing i do believe that the turtles are actually voiced by the original turtle voiced actors which is a very cool touch this game just has everything it delivers it checks every box and not just not just serving up nostalgia but its just a good fun game so as we take out bebop here were gonna go ahead and look at some more parts of this game some really cool stuff to come so i did say in the beginning that there is different modes you can play on this is story mode there is the arcade mode as well story mode is very cool it has this overworld map kind of like a super mario world where you go from stage to stage there are different places that you can go i go from the regular standard overworld to the technodrome here a lot of nostalgia there again but it is very cool that there is this progressing story over overarching map that you can kind of go through there are other objectives than just beating the game theres three other factions i think its the punk frogs the reporters and then i think theres these researchers where you can go through the levels and you find secret hidden items to turn into them for extra points its very very cool as you see here were going to be going into a one of the one of the later boss battles with krang he has possessed the statue of liberty and turned it into the statue of tyranny but if you looked at the bottom left of your screen just a few seconds ago each level has a set of challenges that you can do its very cool it adds to the replay value not only just leveling there you see i just failed a challenge im boosted not only just leveling up your characters but going back through and doing all of the challenges this adds to the replayability which is very very cool for a game of this type touching on replayability a little bit more for all you completionists out there there is a lot of cool things there are collectibles in every every stage you can find these things to give you these factions at the end it even counts your kill counts your damage how many things you are destroying it has like a destruction counter it also tracks the speed at which you clear all these stages so for all of my speedrunner friends out there i will not be shocked if i see people doing stage speed runs of this game which could be very very fun so it has a lot of added features like i said its an its a modern take on an old classic and for that reason this game is a huge win in 2022 i dont even remember the last time i was able to sit down on a couch or even online and just play a co-op beat em up in in the turtles ip in the turtles universe this the last time i played something like that was probably turtles in time so for me this is a huge win this was so nostalgic so fun i played the entire game last night on my stream being my friends could not stop just grinning ear to ear having a great time laughing and having fun so i really appreciate this game i do think we need more games like this in 2022. this was just so much fun i im just going to sing its praises forever because i do honestly think that this may be in the running for one of the best games of 2022. uh some people might say it is the best well see i dont know theres a lot of good games that came out this year i still think eldon ring may take the crown for best game of 2022 but man in terms of just fun gaming content for you and your friends this is gonna be hard to beat all right i dont really know what else to say i am singing this game just the praises from the mountaintops this is a must play of 2022. the price of the game is worth it i promise you the price of admission is 100 worth it you will not have a better time playing a co-op game even if you dont have anybody to play with the seamless nature of people being able to jump in and out of your games is amazing it makes for a very very fun romp through the game whether you have friends or not it is really really cool so for that reason im saying this game is this game is an absolute 10 out of 10. this is a gem of a game you will be smiling from ear to ear this is one of the best if not the best of the genre the couch co-op multiplayer side scrolling beat em up this is an absolute gem it is a win a 10 out of 10. the controls are a 10 out of 10. the soundtrack on this game is amazing hopefully this video doesnt get dmcad the soundtrack is amazing the replay ability is so good because it has so many things to just keep you coming back to this game the fact that you can level up individual characters is amazing and a six player at the same time co-op beat him up in 2022 in the turtles universe this is massive this is the greatest thing i have played in a long time i implore you all if you are a fan of this genre of the series or if just youre just looking for a nostalgia trip because like me you grew up with the ninja turtles please check this game out i dont really review games a whole lot but this one i had to because it is that good so if you made it this far into this video i just want to say thank you so much thank you thank you thank you we are going for 10 000 subscribers by the end of the year we just got partnered on youtube about three or four weeks ago chomp town is blowing up and i would love for all of you to come along on that journey with me we have a community discord that will be in the description we stream almost every day on twitch and youtube so come hang out remember to hit that like and subscribe button that means the world to me and everybody please have a great rest of your day and if youre playing this game yo lets get some games together thats gonna be it for me everybody have a great rest of day well see you on the next video chum town stay great see you later steam game request Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredders Revenge (PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S/One, Nintendo Switch) is an arcade style beatem up couch co-op game that will be sure to put a smile on your face!▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Make Sure You Do These 3 Things! ✔ Like ✔ Comment ✔ Subscribe ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Twitch: Follow me on Twitter: Community Discord: 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