Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge | Game Review

Steam summer sale clue answershow to use steam mods on epic games TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: SHREDDERS REVENGE game Music welcome back guys to another joe cobra video todays reviews for teenage mutant ninja turtles shredders revenge which is a side-scrolling beat-em-up video game developed by tribute games and published by doppman it is inspired by the 1987 animated series and pays homage to the arcade and home console games that were developed by konami during the 80s and 90s the game is out now for microsoft windows nintendo switch playstation 4 and the xbox series x and s and its also available on xbox game pass if you grew up playing teenage mutant ninja turtle video games like me in the 80s and 90s then you are going to absolutely love shredders revenge for everyone else who did not grow up during that era rest assure youre in for an awesome rolling beat-em-up experience like streets of rage 4 teenage mutant ninja turtle shredders revenge is both nostalgic and fresh shredders revenge follows the basic storyline the franchise is known for shredder along with the foot clan are causing havoc in new york city in their quest for world domination so its up to the four ninja turtles leonardo donatello michelangelo and raphael along with their master splinter and friends april oneil and casey jones to put an end to shredder and cranes evil clan the story unfolds theres still images that pop up in between each of the 16 levels now i personally would have preferred some animated cutscenes but hey ho im sure you guys arent going to play shredders revenge for its deep plot so this shouldnt affect your overall enjoyment shredders revenge is a pure beat em up in the style of the other 80s and 90s legends final fight streets of rage and of course turtles in time you and up to 5 other players make your way across a variety of locations and battle against a never-ending horde of foot soldiers robots mutants and aliens story and arcade are the only two available modes theyre effectively the same in that both have you going through the main narrative the main difference is that you get unlimited lives and story and a limited amount in arcade arcade mode with its limited amount of light is great for players who want to make shredders revenge for more like the good old arcade days but if youre like me and no longer have the patience for limited lives the story mode is your go-to these two modes are loads of fun but personally i would have had liked an additional mode or two that offered a bit more variety a simple boss rush mode or versus mode would have been great adding even more longevity to the game the game plays very much like the classic turtles in time almost all of the combos are animated in the same style even down to how you throw enemies at the screen theres only a single attack button but youre able to unleash a ton of combos by pressing it in conjunction with the direction on your controllers analog stick or d-pad as you progress and level up youll unlock new combos when leveled up its possible to rack up combos in the triple digits especially if youre playing with a group of friends as you take down enemies a super move meter underneath your health bar fills up when filled you can use your characters unique super move to dish out a lot of damage against a single enemy or give yourself breathing room when swarmed pressing the taunt button instantly fills the super move meter though doing so will leave you open to attacks its also possible to combine character super moves which are loads of fun when pulled off properly and it wouldnt be a proper tmnt game without pizza power-ups most pizza boxes found across levels refill your health meter but some will give you power-ups such as unlimited super moves or a more powerful version of your super so always make sure to grab those pizza power-ups as they can really help you out sticky situations i was never bored when playing shredded revenge despite the simplistic gameplay the diversity of levels enemies and boss battles is the main reason why from tv studios crowded offices run down nycd sidewalks and dirty sewers theres always something new to see the multiple main and sub bosses you face at the end of each level are also exciting and add to the games variety and nostalgia you can play the entirety of shredders revenge solo but if you want to maximize the fun youll want to link up with other players via online multiplayer or local co-op previous tmnt games supported up to four players but this one lets you play with up to six i myself only got to play with my two little boys but having three players on the screen became quite chaotic at times i can only imagine the madness thatll ensue when six players are on screen at once but i suppose the more the merrier one thing that really surprised me was the amazing music and sound effects every punch kick slash and explosion sounds punchy and brutal i especially liked hearing the characters talking and yelling while kicking the crap out of the enemies the music also added to the already crazy amount of nostalgia the 80s cartoon theme is heard throughout along with many tracks that sound like remixed versions from turtles in time but by far the best song in shredders revenge comes from the legendary wu-tang clang members ghost face killer and rake one trust me im not joking this was such a cool surprise as i am a fan of the wu-tang clan and it just left me with a huge smile on my face i wont spoil when this song appears but trust me its one of the games highlights for sure so look i had an absolute blast with shredders revenge especially when playing three players with my little boys who are actually loving this game it also brought back lots of memories of my childhood which is always a good thing in my book so whether youre an old old-timer like me or are new to the total franchise i think youre going to love shredders revenge and thats why my final score for teenage mutant ninja turtles shredders revenge is a pizza loving 9 out of 10. Music so are you guys playing shredders revenge what are your thoughts and who is your favorite toe let me know in the comments section below i hope you enjoyed the review guys for those of you new to my channel please make sure to subscribe if you enjoyed my review then make sure to give it a thumbs up and hit the bell button so you never miss one of my latest videos thank you all so much for watching take care out there and ill see you all on the next joke over video Music you steam removing game from account Welcome to my game review of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredders Revenge. The ninja turtles are finally back for another adventure and are once again trying to put a stop to Shredder and Krangs evil plans. Is this the turtles game we have all been waiting for... Lets find out. 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