Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredders Revenge - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - FULL GAME!

The medium steamhalo master chief collection steam key TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: SHREDDERS REVENGE gameplay what is up guys zack scott here playing teenage mutant ninja turtles shredders revenge this is a throwback game in a way to the old classic ninja turtles arcade games and this is going to tread over some old school ninja turtles lore uh for you know classic cartoon stuff already im loving this intro im gonna be playing with my friend xanator were gonna duo this and go through the entire game in this episode the full game of teenage mutant ninja turtles shredders revenge is gonna be right here they made april oneil playable they made splinter playable and if you beat the game you can unlock casey jones and thats playable as well and so uh thats really cool what theyve done with these characters were gonna have some fun this is just an old-school beat-em-up if you want to support this channel want to help us out be sure to like this video be sure to subscribe and uh lets im just enjoying this intro this is a really cool animation and uh this is techno drum turtle power shredders revenge right there here we go all right guys we are in the menu were ready to play i got my pal xanator with me what is up dude youre michelangelo yeah just like real life awesome uh i am leonardo uh but here before we get into it there are actually six characters to choose from theres six slots were just doing duos here like in fortnight theres leonardo theres like all our friends here i got all my friends right here i got leonardo raphael donatello april oneil is in this game splinters in this game ive heard casey jones is in this game i dont know if you have to unlock him or what but right now i dont have him so i dont know what the deal is with that um but im gonna be leonardo and uh i dont know if you can switch characters either i hope you can because i would love to to switch but were joining the story mode were gonna have some fun here we go are you excited about this i am actually its been a long time since i played something like this hey whats on the news good evening new york and welcome back to vernons views where the view is always crystal clear on todays show a gift for me as a thanks for oh its crang ah whats going on where is this gift receipt i think this is crane ah that makes sense this is live footage by the way wow oh what are they doing to the statue of liberty oh its bebops beat now sup new york we interrupt this program to give you chaos hahaha the statue of liberties getting a makeover is gonna look better than ever keep it locked here on bebops beat i used to do the voiceover new yorker accent next time yeah yeah to see who what skip did you skip it what no what the shell we gotta get to channel six Laughter all right episode one there we go episode one job breaking news im ready for this theres like combos and everything you can do but i dont know how to do them so thats okay ill figure it out within time you know we got the classic arcade look but better theres a combo look at this oh look at that roll well i got jump jump kick howd you do a roll uh b there we go whoa look at that ow oh you filled the challenge by getting hit what there was a challenge yeah ah oh god we both got hit that was on you can i hit you no no i did try to kick you ill be honest how come i cant hit hes doing paperwork get out of there oh i hate paperwork i cant jump over there okay yeah yeah are there any like who theyre perhaps yeah look at that move do you see that look at that if you push both buttons at once you do like a flying jump kick oh yeah wow are there any other combos oh yeah yeah okay cool ill do that hold on one second yeah interesting let me press spike i want to see my move too oh ow i was look at that oh hes scared kill him oh nope we cant go oh blue oh gosh heres a weapon please watch out imagine six people on here that would be chaos i i barely can tell whats wrong now look at that i got them off oh look at you thank you thats right thank you that chair needs to be repaired though i know its got caught the rip in it this guys on the game boy what are they doing im trying to get items but i dont think you can interact in the background thats a shame yeah thats what they want you to think well he almost got me hinges oh that one oh whoa how do you do that how do i flip them uh is that repressing a like grabbing oh i dont know i think aids jumps right i thought it was also a grab when i was close but i couldnt tell oh my god crt monitors hey theyre heavy yeah that probably would kill a turtle well not a ninja turtle good point do you think grilled turtles eat pizza hey they can whoa look at me run oh god howd you run you double oh i grabbed one or rot i grabbed one with the with the with this uh well i got five points doing something i filmed a guy look at this burn five points oh oh did you see my headbutt that was a good one im still juggling this clown Music you really are it seems unnecessary actually i got an achievement will this guy give us anything back here can we go back my achievement was getting hit while performing a taunt how do we close this out oh it just goes away it didnt go up i didnt mean to seem good that seems smart oh theyre cooking in the kitchen Music how did i do that you know if theres like any fun combos but im not quads how did i do how i did throw i dont know all right ill figure it out later let me try to tell this guy i ate the pizza for us dont worry i think you needed it more how many lives do we have i dont know its a good question wow what who throws him yeah katana splash theyre doing sit-ups man these foot soldiers are working out yeah maybe too much oh okay that worked cam you i broke the camera yeah there we go im hurting here i need a pizza yeah if only we had one all right so whoa watch out thats fun i saved you with my warning hes still nervous yeah thats it im coming we could have got him i think i think you got this all right let me try to throw this guy again no i threw him but how did i throw him at the screen i dont know im trying to figure out how to do anything oh you just hold x oh you can change the x thing as well or i can oh im dead oh no youre dead okay no no im not dead i am dead how do i how do i continue i dont know do i just have to stay alive for a minute or Music save me save me Music glad it came back how do you okay so i would like to investigate how many buttons do i have here on this controller i got a new controller resume options return how do you secrets found none we found one how do we switch up like your characters oh party uh maybe youre not able to just all right lets just go sorry i dont want to waste the viewers time uh how do i throw uh just hold x i think when youre like up on them all right you throw probably yeah just like that oh that was a thing how did you do that how did you do that i dont know i think i think a double tapped x no that didnt work oh wow i just absolutely wrecked him though yep i definitely havent figured it out we probably should have looked at the controls by now but you know there was like a brief tutorial that i skipped oh jordan there we go easy pizza oh god i was too easy looking i had a classic headline oh dang there are different things Music got him there we go i like how they have cameras on chairs what they need to do they need to like do a new simpsons game like the classic simpsons game thats what i was just thinking when playing this actually im totally in for that thats krangs head oh we gotta fight bebop nothing already bad news bore oh yeah lets just do that oh ow how come he has a punch watch out its almost like not dodging is bad Music oh wow we got him we got him we got oh god help me what he has he has bad boys with him bad boys for life thats right wow hes still charged even though you did your move yeah its kind of kind of rude there we go head button whoa do i have my move yet nope i do yeah oh hes done get him hes stunned oh he was done im still oh im still beating him up dont worry i think i was trying to beat you up we did it nice this game is easy all right yeah you sure wont get harder extra hp point added power level up cheap awesome im getting notifications in like my windows achievement how do they go away theyre not going away they just go away hey you got 69. thats not fair if you get a 69 you get a star i think its just because i had more its just for 16. oh theres rock steady Music okay i do not want achievements on anymore Music i like the achievements it lets you know that youre achieving things thats true thats a good point yeah all right special requests unlocked radically even like the special requests from what did you skip it look at her nope i didnt even have the dialogue you were talking about himself all right hold on whats this hold on collect all classic headlines for burn thompson so what hold on what is this im gonna can i go here do you see this what im seeing yeah yeah i see you moving lets see what this is find out my classic headlines for rewards your creeps thats okay did you see i think we missed something oh yeah we missed a challenge oh yeah we filled both channels whats turtle layer especially you want to go there i mean oh we have to press these separately its weird oh yeah oh so these are like all the achievements i think okay whats my fitness journal okay um living room Music okay how do i change characters did you figure out how to change characters yet oh no me neither uh lets see maybe turtle there okay well thats okay if we dont change characters thats fine its not like they really matter they might matter we just gotta play the game that many times oh wow look how big the city is its pretty giant actually it i love the art style i mean of course but yeah okay well im gonna go in to this next stage im reading three challenges zach im waiting for more players to join oh and start the game okay great yeah i dont know how to do that 3 p.m big apple 3 p.m thats a specific not only time but place yeah whoa they dont theyre jack in their car theyre taking our wheels thats just rude honestly i hated it i like how we didnt chase him down like right afterwards like wow thats a shame yeah i need to not just spam x and try to figure out some of these moves okay so thats one hold on so that i got one of them that looks good oh whoa well let me get one of those uh thats a thats a power up let me tell you there we go there we go im still going Music all right let me let me try to throw again im still trying okay let me get this guy out Music okay how do you oh fuse an axe on me yeah i thought i knew how to throw i did not all right well ill let you figure it out ow give me the sewer lid you know the manhole covers theyll get you yeah or do you call it a sewer lift thats sewer lid yeah that shouldnt hurt me look at this i have a 50 58 hits hold on im gonna no he died 64 hits i get it like mario 64. headline yeah Music ah man if you take a break juggling these guys kind of just fall well is there someone here get him get him out of there oh we found two ah uh you know i did a fling toss i threw someone yeah i did too i pressed wad to do it and that doesnt make sense to me because yeah thats that these things oh gosh oh i didnt mean to do that but its kind of working out i remember these from the arcade game you know i played the arcade game really not that long ago forgot though you need that help me oh yeah Music maybe a little bit ow jerks oh yeah boom oh look at this i can do this move yeah can you run oh god i found a secret diary ooh im gonna read the diary Music oh there we go two soldiers defeated using super attacks another challenge done great how do you know what the challenges are is there a way to know in advance what they are oh motorcycles i dont think advance i did it how did that doesnt know how he did it thats true it was probably hitting x lets be honest yeah thats true its just what form of x can i do oh wrong thats why again oh watch out oh god flattened like a turtle Music oh i see the resemblance all right this is going pretty well i would say yeah i think so ow come on thats real hard for you no ah Music stop it okay Music ow i need you i can grab him i just get out of there whoa its pulling the whole engine out of there you need the pizza oh how do you what do i do i dont know i think get out of here leave them alone here ill help you okay ill go get the pizza but what if honey you dont need it anymore its gonna blow up oh i was curious michelangelo let go of me with your lasso nice Music oh infinite oh you can double jump what i didnt mean to get this i threw someone i got a pizza i got a pizza that gives me infinite power oh that makes sense i didnt mean to i just ran into it only that night you could double jump just know yeah this it doesnt seem that you would really need to double jump very often i think it was literally to get on top of that pallet or that shipping container Music oh i did again whatd you do oh you get caught on fire i think its close to barreling oh theres rocksteady they put their their wheels on ah huh still in our stuff rampage relish in rhino Music i bet its harder to uh not take damage than elder ring oh yeah totally Music excuse me i had a cough ah how come we dont get guns how do you know i thought about that they have swords youre nearly dead oh help me oh i gotta stay low give me the pizza i dont know how to do that i dont know what to do in this mode im dancing i literally dont know how to come back from this maybe its just i have to be alive until the you know you come back oh man we both have zero lives thats the way i lock it live on the edge okay hold on oof okay you gotta text up its not perfect thats for sure he is dead good never had a doubt let me slice his head off wow he wont let me know it would save any future issues i know oh youre at 76. order award picked up most picked up was collected i got that cool nice so theyre both getting out of here now we would just beat them both why are they leaving yeah seriously whats up with that and aprils vlogging this whole thing theyre going to get canceled special requests unlocked its a vlog not a news thing so i just want to go back really quick uh see see like if theres anything new here no i only have two of those two or three what is this oh secret diaries so i gotta find irmas diaries okay easy bro next stage easy im ready lets do it mutants over broadway i dont understand out loud they say it for me yeah you were saying like in oh a vehicle stage i love these Music do you like them uh i do i dont oh even better because were on skateboards yeah oh god oh cool this is this is too fast for me Laughter i dont have a zoomer brain anymore to keep up with this what does even happen oh you wow you got hit now were not going to ever finish this stage unharmed you were going to get it anyways i didnt so you didnt have to embarrass me okay thank you thank you so much oh my shins can you imagine falling could you imagine getting hit in the shins with like the high speed like getting hit the shins why is it so painful i dont know its like the worst feeling in the world i hit i hit myself in the shin the other day and i felt a little bit sick afterwards oh it is that kind of thing that makes you sick i get that god dang it jump over that one oh you can kick those cool whoa whoa whoa driving on the wrong side of the road they changed up the rhythm on me i know you saw it what is behind us get out of here die Music what my death perception is really bad here yeah i know i cant tell like where to jump kick these guys uh oh what do we do dont throw that at us oh thats cool idea Music oh man their wheels hurt what this what is happening i dont know wheres the pizza can i eat pizza while i go you need a pizza thats hot i can talk yeah what happens i do this i think i think you build up something when you taunt yeah i think the taunting like gives you a power up thats a good idea yeah im nearly dead so youre gonna have to you know do your thing okay ill do my thing yeah ow Music gosh no kill him wait im almost dead too what happens we both die at the same time do we die in real life yeah i think thats the thing uh im just holding this guy oh oh gosh im down i dont know what to do for you oh i got a pizza for you oh wait hold on lb i can revive you oh ow oh oh right now i could have revived you oh gosh its lb okay they forgot the gt every problem hold on lets see oh all right we got it we got it oop boom how about grabbing it oh nice yeah oh i almost fell in a hole help needs help doing nothing oh thats really in the way im taxi my power bar leveled up whatever that means oh congratulations Music oh i got hit Music i dont know how you would play this game without getting it youre just supposed to be really good at remembering what happens that is even if you can uh memorize i mean you were just dodging cones watch out um im sure this will be fun oh how they both fit in that window turtle tenderizer turtle trashing monster truck Music hard to get close to it oh gosh oh all right so you just beat up on this car thats right oh there it goes oh wow it it just i dont even what thats just how cars work jordan dancing all thanks again again i guess so i just you know im not familiar with this model i guess this is what is this what would you call this uh big big big its a manta truck right yeah whoa did you see that yeah i did a cool move with my swords i was too busy watching other stuff hey i got the star whoa 29 what the heck it was a rough one for me you kept still uh kill stealing no shredder is not happy with us hes gonna take revenge i think uh oh whats the name of the game yeah there you go all right so were going over here to level four wait didnt find the newspaper or anything in there no rumble in the zoo oh boy is this central park i dont know yeah it looks like it yeah i guess yeah its got the same like kind of lakes in it who who are these is this toca and tonka i dont remember their names uh it looks like ronnie oh they crashed their car yeah and then they fell into a hole i dont know how that worked Music i guess i still get confused something on you sometimes can you get these birds no unfortunately no look shredder statues oh i tried to kill the civilians i think he was charging other two Music oh what a dodge thank you whoa hit a trash can did you see that yeah hes trying to hit you over there with it quite rude oh i didnt need to do that but it kind of worked out one person i got lassoed yeah its hold up imagine playing this in like hard mode hes so stressful like no continues or whatever i dont know i dont know what it is this is entailed with hard mode aka just playing in real life on the actual arcade machine yeah you have to insert a quarter into your uh computer i flip that thatd be cool maybe maybe you just maybe you just oh who attila this guy this guy this guys uh one of the frogs yeah hes definitely a frog im just confused he was there was genghis genghis toad or something genghis khan he just called me as a person but not i mean they were named after like conquerors like attila the huns or something oh okay i dont know why i dont remember that napoleon uh theres another one the bonner frog i think interesting its funny how little i remember for how much ive watched and played in the last i also collected the figures so i i remember those i used to have tons of posters of them even until i moved out of my parents house really i still had a couple of little posters from nintendo power in that Music hey what does that mean uh im your uh guardian oh thank you youre welcome somethings about to happen wild animals i think im okay other than the fact ive been trampled yeah oh that looks scary you should you should do it its funny okay i will now i got one oh they both went thats what what is this yellow one doing oh my god they have this spear yeah hes pretty wild okay so oh look at the little monkey and tigers how to do that it freaks me out every time too Music i want to do i want to know how to do it every time oh you just walk up to them and dont press anything i think you automatically grab them if you get walk up and get close but then what do you do i just press x once ive like grabbed them oh oh wow wow fail yeah you know thats an issue how the monkeys are going whoa i got a disgusting bug oh yeah it works whatd you do did you throw him i just yeah well i grabbed him at least i just walked up to him howd you throw him you just walk up to him im telling you yeah but it didnt how did you throw them uh i just pressed x okay okay i got it the standard there he goes wake up we got monkey oh i was looking at the wrong character i dont know how there we go sliced and diced them onions okay i know we keep failing uh we bought i need this we both did there you go oh god im glad we both got it because i didnt see it Music oh wow use that plus that worked out oh i fell in the hole what am i doing i dont know i keep getting confused to being you every so often im blue i know but you know were also very green i dont have any orange on me well those gators my eyes see no these are not token rounds are these are i remember these guys ground chuck and dirt bag whatd you call me Music hes digging a hole okay he stops playing minecraft when were playing teenage mutant ninja turtles i fell in the hole dude Music my combo lets do deep breaths oh yeah oh dance that was a bad time to dance ill be honest get hit while performing its on oh i fell down the hole come on real quick Music this ones almost dead oh im down whoops no not i thought it was im actually totally fine oh i fell in the hole Music i i found the hole too i got pushed in can you tell me to calm down Music im having a hard time just dodging oh my health is low how i jumped kicked him i should be whoa what the no what oh i thought i could avoid that im down ill get your revive dont worry you just gotta stay alive you have like two slivers of health i got you i got you i got you i got you oh that was a bad idea help Applause Music hes almost dead yes probably dadgum i got an achievement finish a boss with a super attack you know its better than dad gum whats that mom gum all right you got 48 with a star one more all right ground chuck and dirt bag living in a tree okay lets where are we going there was like a these you just got mentally distracted krangs head is getting away dude dude dude i want to be splinter yeah too bad we cant switch i cant figure out a switch maybe you can figure it out i dont know but im splinter you are yep howd you switch i pressed the b button and then it just allowed me to switch characters dang it im gonna switch ill then it next time ill be i want to be power points anymore i want to be april your powerpoint im so slow yeah you you have like a little level your power level like three unless maybe ill have it too maybe it transfers i dont know i dont know how big spoken i dont either im sure im no more powerful but im just curious dude im like straight up bobbing people over here i know oh i bro i broke a vending machine i think thats a felony ninja turtles are above the law i guess it should be makes sense they should are there like secret paths or anything like that in this thats what i keep like hammer checking for i keep wondering yeah like is it am i going to find anything whoa what i got a new move what was i think thats the power move thing because youve leveled up technically heck yeah i leveled up dude yeah so i think theres benefits playing as each character you need the pizza uh i think you need more actually okay fine ill eat it in a second theres just a bunch of stuff in the way if this were real life i would have to wait for all this before i eat a pizza on this on the street i have to wait for the traffic to clear yeah just like real life would you eat a pizza on the street because i would no lets see thats on you maybe probably not a good pizza like little caesars oh wow whats over here this is not a path no path no i dont believe it Music mousers i think thats what they are these called masters i do not remember i want to say these are called mousers but i know im not going to know unless you look it up im still playing the game please look it up oh theres a pizza here for you oh no its oh you get your power whats up oh its like constant power you just keep you can just keep using your power thats why im gonna go go use your power oh you stopped whyd you stop it that really worked out can you go in there i keep checking like im in this gross sewer where we live we live he laid a turtle out of a sewer once then suddenly hes higher above it look at those are we going to fight the rat king oh i saw a bunch of rats i would love to fight the rat king again its been so long just like go get it go were wasting whoa look genghis i found genghis like i told you i didnt think it was possible for you to be correct im always correct a lot of the time sometimes on the occasion what i just get i dont know i heard it go yeah i know ow what happened oh steam oh why am i standing in front of it whats wrong with me you just wanna you just wanna youre cold you just need this little steam bath i guess i mean its probably real bad for you maybe youre trying to steam your robe so thats not wrinkled anymore yeah when youre doing all this these martial arts its really easy to get your robe all wrinkled uh we found a disgusting bug bug interesting whats this called animal crossing even a disgusting bug its kind of what blathers calls them all right Music theres a pizza there which i guess i need more although we couldve oh it shares it between us anyways is that the rat king i think thats the rat king okay i didnt remember i am the wreck he even says it yeah do you like the rat king hes pretty cool unless he hurts me and i dont like him did we just do that same thing i dont know whoa rats you know i wouldnt have thought that from the racking thats not even fair why am i afraid of rats he should be able to control you should not be the problem oh whoa i slid did you see that yeah how did i do that its just some sort of a master got a filthy rat on me Music yeah i mean the wrecking is annoying you just gotta refocus your mind oh my gosh have you ever owned a rats no ive heard theyre really sweet though theyre filthy he threw me why is krangs head always here he threw me still hes borrowing it lets lets send him here oh god you didnt do it you didnt do it you forgot yeah youre not having a good time avoiding these guys come on get off my freaking arm dude im hitting all the wrong way we got him we got him we got him never stop hitting wow probably still kidding well we did not get hurt more than three times with obstacles we actually had an achievement done for the first time ever wow all right i got 70 our average is 69 though what are they doing with krangs head i dont understand this krangs head story lore thing why dont we grab it before they do something with it i know so we can do something with it yeah what do you want to do i dont know like put in a jar yeah thatd be cool okay so how did you switch characters b so i literally pressed b and then rotten left that doesnt work does it work it does for me look i can change the april and change the splinter hold on howd you do b b is in the what what controller are you using the b button the xbox controller uh it says do you want to leave the world map when i press b it does not do that for me it allows me to change how did you get there have you considered pressing b i did it says do you want to leave the world map yes select okay now im going to select my hero okay okay how do i do this uh there we go great i want to be april because shes new shes speedy but not powerful which is range okay yeah ill be a splinter hes really slow though i was used to the speed i like that i have my turtle leveled up but lets just be april this time around yeah i mean you gotta change it up you know all right uh go here we go level six meltdown who is this i dont know who this is that is a purple blob gosh these guys still im april i look so cute i i got the those eyes what are they called uh anime no ahigaho i dont know i dont know the word i dont know how to pronounce ive only seen it written ive never seen it said yeah im checking out the refrigerators and stuff i found a diary that was a level thing to not do any super attacks that was not gonna happen im tearing up the tables over here yeah ill just spot the enemies over here while youre doing that im fighting enemies too oh hes carrying food he just threw it what is he some sort of a drink whoa what is this excuse me thats illegal im doing pretty good im doing okay Music nice half of those hits got him too how do i stop him from working at the sushi place yeah stop working take off your clothes i come down here thats my pick-up line just to anyone just a coincidence its just overlaps Music im still looking for secrets like im breaking everything that i can i found a diary page already pizza you need the pizza more Music hes a mace yeah you got him though right yeah im doing great over here like i have i have a camera thats expensive in the 80s i wouldnt do that yeah but we have infinite money because were turtles youre both of us none of us are turtles anymore i dont know how it works can we go to the clothing store no oh theres a vhs yeah get me a major promotion oh look the the these guys the frogs there must be something napoleon whats going on i found napoleon way too well oh wait whats this anything else i remember like napoleon bonafrog and then there was attila and then theres genghis and then i forget the other one but i think as far as the figures they made napoleon i think they made another one but i dont know i dont remember which and maybe it wasnt one of these type of frogs i dont know who knows no one knows nobody knows i broke it oh really it was a big pizza yeah i think so i think they do double no matter what oh hes got shopping why are these guys carrying everything oh look im in the arcade vernon was found im in an arcade too thats jerry sunfield thank you im beating up all the machines that seems really disrespectful what is this i got 10 points what does the points do oh maybe they work on my skills or something oh that is probable actually so more arcades oh wait theres a disgusting bug you cant destroy these theyre too precious its shredder yeah this is the very end if this is the arcade would be close oh its a hollywood i dont know who this is tempestra the dame of games ive never seen this but i watch a lot of temp temptress type people on twitch whoa theres theres theres the the turtle oh its a hologram of it okay yeah girl fight this razzar like i remember token raspberry i was like is that token oh i see it takes a form of them basically i keep getting stunned by the stink cloud of his breath that makes sense oh no lightning hit both at the same time i dont like this thing yeah lets avoid that which thankfully you stuck out this friend Music oh come on you guys stunned oh me too Music thats all right all right we beat the holograms yeah yo dang it tim pestra shes a pest thats why they call her tempestra that makes sense now im uh probably yeah oh youre gonna die i might too though watch out Music yeah you know just finish her off do you have your uh super nope oh yes oh my god anyways goodbye tempestra mic drop you see that i like that that was cool oh you got way more hits my longest hit streak was great wow nice its cranes body i think theyre just assembling crane over time you know i never knew the inside of arcade machine was cranes body thats how it runs huh so i can switch characters again uh-huh you unlock the special requests collect these vhs tapes you know ill do some of this maybe i wont im not okay okay wait wait i want to backtrack really quick i want to see wheres the wheres the okay hold on theres her do we have all the diaries no only two oh wow look its were coming full circle yeah only two headlines wow i was wondering why you took the complete other way around yeah im just checking things so now were at level seven and if i want i can change characters again who you gonna be uh i might just be a different turtle i wanna be fair i wanna be raphael i think ill be donatello because hes sarcastic i get that its just like you jeez really no out of all the ninja turtles which one do you think i would be donatello oh because im smart yeah youre smart but youre also just kind of you know a bit of something you know and forgotten about they dont do they have any turtles with like a mental deficiency or anything michelangelo yes that would be you that was who i would choose for myself just kidding actually i thought when i really thought about i was thinking leonardo i was thinking youre kind of you could be like more stoic you know like oh yeah the actually i would i would almost choose who you are now Laughter i know its cranky though right i mean oh yeah its true i had a diary oh nice oh the diary of j howd you throw him uh you just walk up to him and then press the button whoa i like the random breaking benjamin diary of jade i love that song i also thought youre gonna say diver you just fell off the building i dont know why that made me laugh so much the foot cruiser now available look im doing suplexes on these dudes oh no they put the sun down on me thats rude Music thats my move yeah i dont have i dont have very much range but i have good power yeah ive got full range which is come on i try to do a double jump oh thats money yeah ive got full range and it actually makes quite a difference i keep doing suplexes on these guys so youre doing my throws now ow press the wrong button zach i want to throw them towards the screen actually is that how you do it how to do it how so you walk up to them and then you press tor down towards the screen and then uh x okay wow thats cool im just going through everyones words on the screen from that one i keep suplexing them accidentally you just cant resist a good suplex down what buttons down literally down on the joystick oh do you oh wait are you using the joystick oh theres an infinity what is that we should lets both try to collect it ow yeah i need people whatever it is i need it more no dang it i was hoping to get healed oh gosh oh dont worry you can save me now and keep me safe i want to just keep this is there a cheat code i can do just to use this all the time oh yeah yeah youre gonna break that what is that sushi you got 10 points 10 points still dont really know what that means maybe its points for the abilities or whatever i guess i probably should go back to michael angelo honestly just to get the powers up but i also just want to see everyone yeah i get i mean i hear casey you can be casey jones i dont know how but i hear it wondering if you have to like beat the game first maybe yeah this is this is oh thats yours you need the pizza i do dont i yeah yeah pizza time kind of game you play multiple times i think in a way why would you play it multiple times i guess to like unlock everything oh yeah thats true and maybe do it like fully as one character oh wrong with that the vhs nice i love collectibles and games i do not but ill tell you if theyre limited i will do them you know like yeah see like i like um my favorite part about like assassins creed and all those games is just walking around getting collectibles but im also not recording them so yeah yeah so once i started doing video game recording collectibles were like super annoying to me because like its like just this down time that i had to like since its time i just spin that people are gonna really want to watch yeah i get that because i mean its not really a thing to watch is it yeah im here nine hits next time i get help i could really use some of that who wants these disgusting bugs i keep forgetting uh i actually dont know who probably i want him oh so this is oh whats this guys name do i fight these guys again oh my gosh Music oof i gotta learn to use that uh dodge button more often it ill just over everything i found out oh yeah i havent used i dont use dodges in games typically it seems to help a lot Music all right bebop is gone i was developing the wrong way oh i dodged right into him oh hes stunned sure all right dodging is some elite stuff im playing my game boy here i played my oh no my game just tapped out whats wrong im gonna laugh im just laughing youre walking into a corner for me over and over me that was weird yeah Music youre not playing for me you left do that okay im still seeing everything but my game tapped out on me oh what do i do i dont know here ill uh ill pause it and see if you can get in somehow okay were back were back where are you oh youre selecting a character oh i got knocked out get in here hurry im here revive me im back whats happening okay heres donatello yeah yeah thats who it was before right i forgot we got him we got him in one swim oh you did it i got a free pizza all right i only got one because of the disconnect i guess thats stupid all right oh raphaels not so bad all right well we know whats next do we i dont know are you going to switch again uh not yet not yet okay ill just oh this guy i dont remember this guys name but i had a figure okay looks like a man bat yeah well thats one way to avoid new york traffic there he goes wow so were sky surfing yeah i gotta remember to jump for these dudes my depth perceptions so bad i need to look at the like at the ground i know yeah this musics so good surfs up in the city Music i keep getting hit by the dudes yeah im good at that this part is hard yeah oh yeah if you double jump you stay in the air longer there we go im sure real good oh gosh wow jumped into that one yeah boom he got it hit wow you got hit a lot he told me all right Music Music so disorienting for me i know these stages go too fast just uh jordan this will help just focus on the background i looked at the background and then my perception got even worse i know thats what it felt like oh okay i got you let me actually get this revive eat those pizza slices i had my shell yeah its so sweaty Music pizza for me there we go did i say shut up and punch on i think so yeah oh missiles oh dang it ill try to be maybe ill be splinter next time because i havent been splintered yet losers good i think ill be april next time oh what the heck is all this this song is good though but tony hawk today oof get him yeah the double jump so you dont do the kick is where its at okay okay i got you i got you yeah just swing now what happens i dont know wow pizzas here Music get out of here i was expecting something more substantial oh i think that worked out for me okay okay now im just too afraid to be at the front of the screen yeah ill be there no watch out Music oh there we go oh behind us Music theres still a lot of them though yeah its it is an issue nice nice that was thats like okay when whens the boss you were missing the tiniest slipper health but still oh theres a statue of liberty with all the blimps around it or whatever oh its beautiful this guy i mean i forget this guys name im sure hell tell us those very soon wingnut of course that was close my character said i thought bats are nocturnal or its a good point oh gee why me what is happening i dont like i dont like what hes doing to me yeah oh not fair he should have a movie like how nerdy he sounds out dang dude oh yeah gosh gotta do the old dodge okay thats gonna start hitting so i went away ow wow how how do we avoid that you know this is very difficult um i really dont get this wow he just has an arcade game or something so the thing is there was arcade mode and then the story mode i dont know what arcade mode is i did story mode oh my gosh oh you had to hit him yeah i hit you know the air im fighting against the bacteria that floats in the air you never know he might be putting out some bat bacteria exactly but you dont want rabies oh my goodness please i think would stop hitting me that would help a lot actually yeah i know these missiles are bad i think when you jump you have like a little bit of a protection from them yes super there you go he falls to his death man Music all right episode 8 clear i think this is the halfway point or so really wow maybe i heard theres 16 episodes i dont know if its true its a little thats a lie episodes not really theyre so quick down there by the beach now were going to the beach each lets go catch a wave all right uh so okay oh were gonna oh so were in a blimp when we do thats funny these two little marks are there anything oh i guess its just saying to go to you and youre blind i really love the animations and the style is so good all right i think im going to be splinter there we go all the power its something raphael true true maybe maybe ill end up as leonardo again towards the end so that we can uh so i can build on him yeah i think i might do the same with michelangelo i liked his abilities oh its gonna be uh leatherhead no its coney allen no no but the the villain oh okay i get it oh plungers splinter who spots with plungers oh so fast again the oh the bat look the bat dudes in here we should be able to just keep beating him up but now hes down here yeah no boom take this teamwork hey thats not nice let her go its entrapment although thats a good look for you april you know when a rat starts telling you that youve done something ill do this voice thats a good look for you the other frog i found like the fourth frog oh gosh i keep stepping on these planks no theyre not theyre really obvious why cant he come and fight with us yeah come on do you do do your part dude yeah like were just saving you out of whatever you were stuck in if you come help a little bit yeah were going to freak out dang it oh he was eating a popsicle i love popsicles ive been eating like three popsicles a day oh i need that no i didnt even see it its a stupid board i was just walking around i didnt even notice its all right you might just die we got him there you go keep getting them let go of that i want that the pizza of some sort you actually need that oh its just its just the power pizza still keeps you protected for a little bit got him that was overkill at all Music wheres all the secrets come on looking for some more delicious bugs or whatever i think its disgusting but i mean youre splinter now some maybe wait how did i do that move oh dang it Laughter Music oh i got knocked out you have to revive me ill just do something no no just revive me its worth it its worth it so cool so you get a cool reward but just get hit in the back youre waiting Music whats the point i dont know any other thing your loft maybe i dont know that dont you care about my life my little rat life uh yeah does it seem genuine enough oh man i broke a hot dog stand whoa he jumped and threw sighs at me or something Music where am i ah plungers who uses a plunger as a weapon where can i get one i dont know im not even facing him oh look at the ducks what the duck wow whoa Music im tired of this sometimes i really just start missing thats amazing a balloon three two which one oh oh oh theres six for i think theres only four Music lets keep popping balloons Music whyd we do that we got some points okay i didnt see the points come up so whats the point is the points dont step on the flank the points on the plank points you get spanked by that plank oh i dont have any mobility i guess when i use that special move but you have mobility on yours yeah i think its just got a good like aoe on it basically Music theyre like go i mean we just beat them just give us some time theres no patience in this all these holes there he is leather head i think thats his name i think his name was crocodile leather i was right you were wrong it was not crocodile you know thats on the game they should have took my suggestion oh yeah i mean i want any range i cant ow this freaking frogs why didnt you do that Music god what the heck dude hes coming back what Music did what just im down you gotta revive me i did not learn a lesson are you talking to me lets not do that one lets just wait for you oh my god we got dad its okay i got a pizza we dont even need the pizza oh no you took the pizza instantly because you got hit that makes sense all right all right just wait for him to be done with this business here just stop it leatherhead i know youre not a patient man but i think hes right you know the arcade games they didnt have health bars for like the bosses you just have to base it on their color like the way theyre flashing so like hes flashing right now so youre like okay hes hes damaged a little bit oh freaking frogs blew me up again Music i think its to help us i think youre just you know freaking im trying to meditate there we go ill keep him busy while you meditate oh come on where is he should have been the one that should have been one hit what is he doing again you can leave a mic does this how do i attack him he waits hes hes done the thing he just lands here Music stop it leatherhead is that the man of patience we got him we got him Music i like your mic drop its pretty sweet im gonna switch back to leonardo thats fair i dont know what im going to do theres the crank theyre building the crane we could just theyre just building a crane you know what i mean i know you just plugged in gosh hes just gonna yeah they need legs for them i guess oh wait a special request in like bodacious youve even locked it special what did you skip it i literally cant youre seeing different things than me hold on we got these uh all the frogs are here now uh so disgusting buds we only got five of eights okay so theres more yeah thats true okay so im gonna go im gonna switch to leonardo dont press b too many times okay be once there you go so im leonardo again lets see do i want ranger to want speed do you have any of your turtles leveled up uh i mean my highest i guess is michelangelo really what number is michael two okay its just zero for me oh but not just two okay i gotcha yeah all right uh level 10. there we go we need three more bugs remind me when we get three more bugs is this a mechanical turtle that we gotta fight uh you know you know as much as i do actually you know more than that dude how come you dont know all these did you not collect all the figures i was i was you know funny yeah but but you just have to just go to the target i didnt go to a target until i was twinning something hows that even possible Music the closest tour is like three hours away oh wow whered you shop walmart oh yeah were all here i got a disgusting bug so we need two more disgusting bugs keep that in mind i see one left there oh wait thats zach no thats not me youre looking at michelangelo aka jordan i was looking at a rl photo of you that i have that framed on your desk its just sitting there i would i would go to target because like i would get an allowance every week and uh i would often go to target was the main store that i went to uh and then i would be like i would look at all the the action figures and id usually be able to buy one or two with my allowance oh come on and uh oftentimes it was ninja turtles and so like and so what i would do i learned a trick that i dont know if it still works and they will probably get annoyed at you but when i was a kid i would say hey do you have any more ninja turtles in the back oh yeah and then they would go look at the game but they did like like maybe like half the time or a little less they would go in the back and bring a new fresh box of ninja turtles thats really funny and then like i could just pick i could have my pick of fresh new ninja turtles thats really funny i used to go to walmart before like the release of any big game like go two days early and just like do you have this and then they would give it to me like two days early really yeah you just asked if they had in the back and a lot of times it was like an old lady who would run it and she just give it to me wow do they still do that i dont know i think you can get pretty lucky but the thing is everyone that works there they too much you know yeah i hate when that happens hate when the times catch up yeah i need like old ladies running it people are starting to know what youtubers are and so i myself say what im doing theyre like oh like youtube im like oh yeah yeah youtube yeah always no its weird but like uh man no like my dentist always talks about how like her kids watch youtube so im just like dont watch us i was like you might know me depending i mean i met a couple of people that watch your stuff and im always like its age depending depends on the game yeah dude whats this one rated i dont know probably g im pretty sure theres not a g rating for Music since playing a game like this like at least a week i i do wonder what kind of replay value this has and i dont even know how much this game cost because it was on game pass so oh yeah i mean thats the beauty of game pass sometimes honestly you need a pizza oh i dont know if this one will do it though oh yeah that was thats a different one although ill take it oh sugar reminds me of the inside of a radio shack yeah and micro yeah it does look like that doesnt it yeah theyre red and everything how you assault i dont remember where we were but we actually saw a radio shack still open somewhere that was wild i found another vhs tape its like the second on the stage oh oh you know those missiles theyll hurt you oh if you run into them twice its even worse whoa this guys very kind all this stuff so not too bad oh oh ill save you dont worry pizza hold on first these guys gotta go gotta get away so how do you resurrect somebody in this game theres always enemies on the screen maybe thats the thing maybe you just stay alive so yeah word of advice if you go to any store just adding you want something like action figures to be like hey do you have any more of these in the back and then theyll go look because theyre employees and they feel like they have to do it but oftentimes now they they tend to say like oh no we have everything out here and then i think theyve learned that thats a good excuse but i dont know if its true i think it might be somewhat true the supply chains are like differently done differently now yeah theres like a massive stalk always on the back anymore yeah thats true because deliveries are so much faster now thats true oh yeah were finding this robot turn i said it whats his name uh ill tell you a second no tell me no metal head yup youre right i mean i didnt know his name no one was right i heard it im rotten i have a new uh super kick a jump in the hit yeah i have that too thats why i wanted to kind of go back to to leonardo because like he has powers and like my you know if i dont use these characters im not going to get to keep my progression basically like i just unless i work on a new character progression yeah it seems wise to use chill this is only like six minutes each whoa 75 nice there we go im better at michelangelo for sure is that gonna be his legs theres his legs just plug him in i guess hes always obsessed with turtle soup yeah i dont know why i never had it turtles oh it must be a good dish um i want to go check out this guys uh vhs stockpile really quick but then ill turn into a train i dont know is this the vhs guy lets see lets see uh lets see three tapes no i found more i found like two just last episode well yeah yeah thats right all right well never mind were looking for two more bugs though lovely 11. we may not collect everything who is this this is a triceratops this is an orange triceratops i forget his name uh tony nope craigs legs are going to the museum i just was trying to think of a good new york name tony hey hey tony his name is im walking here the first thing to think about oh man now uh jordans favorite show is seinfeld which takes place in new york its pretty true okay hey heres a question when you watch this this guy but but but different maybe i felt like we both wanted to go do that just curious so when i watch television and movies like i ive been in new york city i havent been to l.a ive been to california like just like briefly but um yeah like san francisco like for a day and uh san jose for like a couple days and then um but i havent been in los angeles except for the airport doesnt count but yeah true but uh wow oh theres a vhs okay we need one more vhs and two more bugs oh yeah but i was saying every time i see like a show that takes place in like new york city or los angeles i always prefer the vibe of new york city more than i do like los angeles like its a movie or show for sure i dont know anything in new york im usually going to really like and i think thats a big part of soundfield is the fact that its there yeah its based on that same with like friends and everything in some way yeah like just the life of new york i think its partially like maybe the history to it but also just like you know yeah you need that more oh i blew up on him and he didnt he survived it this this so that if we do fight a dinosaur at the end they must be bigger or it must be like different or something more powerful definitely i would hope well hope its easier yeah thatd be great make off easy boom okay one more bug and one more vhs tape get out of there what are you doing hiding in there i think thats uh one reason i actually like home alone so much or homo 2 because its in new york have you have you been in new york city yeah remember yeah oh yeah yeah you didnt go to the pizza place i want you to go you want to do a different one yeah i remember now yes this is closer i gotta crystal shard another collection yeah so you like i mean you like new york im assuming then right oh gosh yeah we like wanted to go back sooner but then you know the last two years what happened uh not much fighting and fighting and fighting and fighting go win the game theres so many gays here there you go oh i was gonna do that too wow we got him double trouble foot they just wrote foot on there what kind of graffiti is that oh they just tore the painting these are these are these are relics of our history no thats true but sometimes you just gotta destroy history you know no not beautiful nature paintings Music but what is nature you know exactly i think theyre getting to the lower ninja turtles im less familiar with like when they bring in like future and like uh you can get that i guess whoa theyre going to the portal wow use your powers your flashlight Music i dont know why youre flashing oh dang oh we both died at the same time oh were both back thats fine maybe on harder modes or something that like theres a consequence to dying or something it turns into a roadblock and you just uh yeah oh pizza just in time well can we keep it there might as well take care huh oh we can maybe just keep it there i told you already dinosaur captain zorax yeah i think theyre in the realm of ninja turtles like this stuff was added like later on in the series or something its like later in the series so im not as familiar with it that seems like a good excuse it is a good excuse Music i cant watch ninja turtles forever and you should Music do you ever think about like how when youre older youre going to be wondering like am i going to be able to finish this series like before i die no Laughter because series will last like like several years that way for you yeah oh we need the pizza ill get it ill get it oh god you can get it oh i got it i know you get it yeah yeah its like a stampede of dinosaurs or something here oh my god i think one of us did but yeah like right now im in like the comfort zone where im able to watch shows and last like you know seven years or whatever and im able to watch him and then you know but like eventually in my life its gonna be like am i gonna live seven years you ever think about that like didnt you stop watching tv or what do you do uh well i dont watch tv anyway so it kind of helps but you know dude you watched uh the one show stranger things yes i mean im pretty sure theyll be done nearly about the same amount of time with that but i know i know but youre going to go pass but im just saying like 30 years from now when they come out with stranger things the sequel Laughter well all the actors are now adults its the its uh Laughter and then and then theyre like youre watching them in their middle like hope or kai like you know like if they make another cobra kai in like 30 years or whatever i might be like well i can you know what i mean but eventually like in 50 years for me or so or maybe 60 or 70 years for me ill be like youre adding the number up just in case you know whatever whenever it gets to the point where its like am i going to want to invest in like like what is what if youre like really into the marvel cinematic universe but youre like i dont know if im going to be able to finish this because theyre just going to go for 20 years i guess i think you should just watch it because you dont think about that kind of thing unless your sex scores did you ever think about that i dont know i thought about that with mario games like you know like video games like am i going to see mario get to this moment whos going to outlive you forever well of course it will but you know what i mean like oh you might get to see elder scrolls 6 though cant wait half-life 3 yeah thats the one youll be waiting for how many people come out like the year after well how many people have died thinking like oh i missed half-life three uh well probably not too many considering they probably were busy yeah yeah yeah i broke this machine but i dont know why what it does im just not sure if its a priority for others like go with me get ready for this so yeah walking dead like who knows if ill ever get to see rick come back its true youre going to come to lexton so you can go to norman reeduss restaurant have you been yet i forget no not yet you gotta go im really curious to how it is thats for sure really its really good its like its only been open on technically a week now even though it has oh opening whichever these holes yeah theyll get you i wonder i would be i would be worried to have my own like celebrity restaurant like i dont know how mr beast i mean i like mr beast does it you know but like i hear like a lot of reviews that are like its not very good but because its like the quality is like its like nationwide and like they use ghost kitchen so its like yeah theres uses like a red robin here yeah yeah its i think thats what ours does and so its like your quality is gonna vary you know what i mean so its like id be so nervous i guess the big thing is because ive seen the mr beast uh burgers or whatever like twitter like anytime theres an issue they just instantly refund and get like a coupon or something to like more yeah that makes sense so i guess like as long as your customer service makes up for it maybe yeah i threw one finally again but i guess with norman reedus you know him having just one restaurant youre able to focus on the quality of just the the one instead of like dealing with a nation of restaurants yeah its like a like hes got i think he has two or three i think two are in georgia and one here or something like that and then maybe one somewhere else but im frozen stop it oh my gosh thats so annoying oh my gosh uh hell i am seriously there we go i need that nice we can go cash in the bugs yeah Music theres a foot door like it keeps telling us to go but im just so bitter about these things freezing us theyre going to come out again arent they they look like it oh oh oh oh oh ill sleep it off these things never die like goonies Music i you know i think and maybe theyre waiting until stranger things is done but i think goonies would make a great revival series i would be amazed if they dont do it theyre even making a new matilda which i thought was really weird too considering the other matilda matildas not that old but like i know some of the actors in goonies are famous like josh brolin this is pretty sean i guess i mean he was in stranger things sean asked him thats josh brolin that didnt realize yeah the older guy bran brand is josh brolin yeah and uh and then data plays on that new movie everywhere all at once i forget what its called oh yeah ive not watched that one yet but that was like his first role in the years and so that you know they probably could pull together a goonies if they really wanted to if you know they had the budget to pull it off but i almost wonder if theyre like waiting till stranger things is done so like they dont have the the direct competition of like 80s nostalgia but goonies would take place its better to capitalize off of that i dont know i dont know either but also it would have to take place in modern day instead of it wont take place in 80s how long do you think itll take before theres a back to the future yeah i mean its such a beloved series i dont know if they could reboot it well i kind of feel that way with a lot of things but oh you need that big time i got it for you yeah baxter stockman yeah Laughter told you turtle i dont know if we got i know we gotta go we gotta go catching our bugs now hes the last bug we need Music bug off haha get it cuz hes a bug yes uh what else Music hes a fly i think hes inspired by the fly the jeff goblin vehicle its like they did like who who would know that like so many years later they would reunite all the jurassic park cast for the movie you know like so eventually i mean i think goonies just ripe for it like they just have to yeah if they get all the actors Music i mean sean astin he did stranger things so he could really pull off the yeah yeah yeah i mean we wont even be 80 style i mean i think it would take place in modern day you think so but cobra they got like all the cobra they got all the karate kid actors back for the show and thats like nostalgic bait so like just maybe after copenhagen any of those hadnt acted just before kobe costumes like i know right i dont know at least most of them notice you know ive seen ive seen the guy ralph macchio here and there will this guy stop it can we break these dance so i got my thing no there we go Music jerk there we go hit him a little bit this guy is this this is why its taking a long time its a its cause its ariel its so hard i know just jumping around yeah really bad at it ow why did i walk twice excuse me i dont think i can do anything ah i was trying to talk so i could get charged there we go oh nice just put all of our eggs in the basket yeah one of them gotta get yes you got him oh jeez Music how dare you call me that all right episode 12 clear were getting these knocked out i think we have all of the bugs now yeah i think so most enemies thrown i didnt remember throwing one oh no crane oh no they finished them and baxter stockmans thing wheres the brazil the brain now wheres the brain um who needs brains when you have brawn like that oh no what did we just teleport Music oh thats a technodrome okay and ninja trails now dice can uh teleport oh you complete the punk frog special requests go hang out with them did you accident nope you keep thinking i do but i do nothing all right let me let me go uh hold on i just didnt have time to read it but thats okay we were done with this request so were gonna go to it right there so what do we get we got all eight so we get 100 points mighty thoughtful nice is that worth it im i guess so probably i guess yeah because like the things you found at the sushi or whatever is like 10 points so i mean all right well there we go whoa was so worth it yeah all right now we go to this this tele this portal here yeah learn to drop jeez well i have to use this joystick and sometimes when you push on the joystick it goes everywhere yeah if you push down i think were in the finale here technodrome re redo mcgee who is this is like a shogun shredder i dont know who it is no shoulders monkey tilders mcgee oh i threw him i got an extra life because i leveled them up i want an extra move give me another move i did too wow oh i actually got an achievement for throwing 16 enemies towards the camera i dont know if i did or not ah you know these guys are big i mean it cant be hard to make these games just make a new one every few months yeah im sure its really easy it does seem like theyve gone like with the game not being like too extremely long seems like theyve definitely gone with the quality over quantity approach though which is nice yeah but i mean they just also focus and make a quantity yeah you can do the zack scott video concept but with video games Music i would have so much more we got the vhs we might have that done more points i think so go its a go its so aggressive i think this silver one it feels like its oh yeah it feels like it almost says that to make you like forget to look for some things almost yeah so get out of here in the arcade its to get you to hurry up with the game yeah lets see Music so more people can earn a quarter left on this oh yeah oh no im in favor of them like doing like i love all this nostalgia bait stuff you know what i mean like oh yeah Music i love it until they do things like space gym with lebron james like you know nostalgia uh well yeah oh i can help you this time i can help you oh yeah eat the pizza this came from my pants ah sweaty whoa i found kayla oh wow i found you it looks like i came out who the heck is kayla i dont know who these like these these space elves are Music um yeah Music watch out Music these are really hard to hit Music these were in the game the in the arcade game you know the arcade game collection is coming out soon maybe we can play that oh that would be fun at least i think it is Music you said it with a lot of confidence Music i needed more although i have more lives Music its all right selfishness is you know it just shows sometimes ill finish you off myself i say Music we got him we got him extra life added there we go okay this guy you give me some help before this please general trag what do i need to do a drag whats he doing up there you climb up there oh no now why did he hit me hit Music your depth perception yeah it does it i keep getting hit oh im down i dont think i can revive you just stay alive exactly im okay Music man they keep charging me hes gonna dodge its okay i have more lives where am i where am i that was that was just not nice Music get ready oh whoa he just keeps there you go wow it goes up on the wall if you use your uh we got him we got him we got him and were running oh uh no one needs that but you can have it oh i need it so wait thats not the end of the stage no i thought that was like done i was i was thinking that was you forever singing theory of holocaust wow okay what is hitting me a laser yes youre correct i cannot ow no you cant break it there we go hit him oh my god got him Music wow hes trying to throw you we both did it same spot as well same not hitting anyone the ideal move this looks like i was gonna shoot stuff Music they used to say that in one of the games that makes sense wow look up here i got a crystal shard oh nice wow you just actually murdered him yes Music oh its doing a bomb whered you get the bomb out Music yeah you think you know someone and they just start Music that happens every time we play games he gets aggressive thats a big pizza now you can beat them all up oh dont let him hit me though thats on you no he was on you no its your traversability problems i dont have any issue oh look its the big shredder i told you big shredders is it super shredder no super shoulders oh no its the robot shredder its the robot its not even shredder its chrome dome thats right exactly what you said in the first place how did i miss you just how did you miss Music uh excuse me hes watching us amazing this looks so cool dont dont do it hes gonna try to hurt us i think as long as he hurts you not me its okay what is he doing who gave us that i dont trust it no oh maybe we throw the turtles at him i mean throw the foot soldiers at him oh wait what if we make him hit this no no boom i hit him oh good id see that thats a gamer move right there yes i used good thing we learned how to do that yeah i know we spent like all game trying to figure it out Music you got him dude okay i think hes basically done with us for the moment yeah Music oh i think im down i need a revive give me up dude uh i dont think that i just focus on him actually hit him though oh my gosh that was doing nothing i was hitting him you saw it i didnt see it i saw you miss no it wasnt a mess it was here its just the game was broken Music oh i almost hit you okay hes going back ow Music stop punching me directly there you go thank you wait hold on press y by doing a back flip how do you do a backflip is that the dodge maybe like the bee and oh maybe yeah maybe so yeah be nice okay lets crash shredders party amigos yeah migos were going to crash shredders party im sorry that i missed your party oh we got the channel six being a completed vernon special so i gotta go to vernon really quick okay lets see which ones vernon uh hes the jerry seinfeld oh there he is there he is there he is you cant go off the track zach i didnt mean to i didnt do it all right 100 points all right lets go back its weird uh so back in here backflip and why ill test that out level 14. i think we only get this one and two more left i think theres only one collectible in this uh in this match too whos this that is a hunchback its good i dont know what it is oh one of these Music come on boomer brain Music no oh come on jump over these i just jumped i guess you could dodge all right were fine now oh oh i was hoping we could get off i know okay were off oh okay ow its a boomerang what its a boomerang it comes back and hits you in the back of the head oh like some sort of a boomerang yeah i think so wow whats this Applause okay uh oh yeah but is that the same thing or no thats a different move i guess Music yeah its a different move whos out of juice all the time huh someone keeps saying im out of juice bro and i cant tell whos who give him some juice yeah i just need enough i need to give myself juice or give you juice you know give everyone juice i love juice hey since youre a fan of seinfeld do you like curb your enthusiasm uh you know ive not actually watched it and i really should because i live there in david as well dude sounds like you would like it oh get it off me whoa that is like a mutant pizza alien what the heck is that this is this might be dipping back into the lore that im not super familiar with you mean youre not familiar with the alien pizza lore yeah no like once they get too weird on it im like i dont i dont remember this part oh thats on you you were beating by the pizza at this time no it was you um what do we do oh more pizza come on ah all right there we go no not two more combo dude yes there we go he was chomping on your head yeah you have an infinite move you can just keep doing that over and over dont worry im missing everyone with it thats a good way thats a good way yeah i honestly think this might be more powerful maybe like maybe like theres a splashdown or something yeah oh get him off me thats funny its funny when it doesnt happen to you isnt it whats this about juice what kind of juice are you drinking im still not here in the juice diet maybe it could just be my weird thoughts this is thinking about juice yeah whats here this is tempting this is like yeah just stand here it looks safe oh you were wrong it wasnt safe at all but what if its safe to go in now ow it wasnt you know what science though yeah you got to test it right exactly look they drew us on the cave on the wall im out of juice bro look they drew us over here look its me and you oh yeah just like real life oh i was just holding that dude we were having a moment get over here well oh yeah every time i hear why i say that im out of juice so its me okay because i dont really pay attention when i have the ability i just hit the button over and over until something happens uh okay okay all right i gotcha i gotcha yeah you know how it is i keep burning so i thought it was you oh my gosh youre the one in blue except then that was you yeah but i was on fire so i couldnt tell who it was me oh turtle thats a turtle they got me how do i do a backflip how to make the counter go down it is the bee like as youre doing that yeah any more juice oh of course whoa how do i okay the golden shredder obviously whatever the heck that was ah its from the golden shredder episode i dont remember that at all some of these could be the nickelodeon series i dont know no thats not so is it i dont know oh okay the new coloring series isnt that bad by the way ive watched it zach found thats me that looks just like me it really does this glass is small no no no Music im taking out these guns here oh double pizza you need that got it just for you ow got look him these skulls whose skulls are those oh this guy slash i remember oh from guns and roses Music whoa whoa hey he flattened me there can you imagine getting hit i did not have to imagine it happened to me i get to witness it Music dangerous but they are here Music were doing it were doing it we got him he just stood there like an idiot dummy hes a bigger turtle than me yeah all right episode 14 clear that only to go six minutes oh you beat me by one wow can you imagine only getting 45 no Laughter wheres crane we found the collectible dude i dont know no we found zach is he collectible i collect a little elf voice Laughter all right lets oh we got a special request special requests from the neutrinos did you close out of that no all right lets see what are they looking for no yeah were looking for shards so how many do okay we got we only got two crystals thats okay if we dont get him we dont get him its fine its gonna be crank its gotta be you better be crying this is gonna be trying to like choose them whos that pokemon who is it uh pikachu pikachu its like when it looks like pikachu thats actually like jigglypuff flying down oh i wasnt sure that pokemon works yeah oh boy elf what hes with the dope get out of there boom got him i mean i ran into the spear myself so i dont know how to feel about that thats your fault you should feel responsible oh watch out boom can i jump up here hes up here uh i can am i i cant get up here Music so yeah i dont know how much replayability this game will have because im not going to just play it just to do the challenges whats that theres a chance im not not me unless i have to thats on you and your sensibilities though you know i got a whole bunch of guys right there holy cow that was a mondo combo anyways you know theres so much to play uh you yeah you can get that oh i got hit i need it now thats all right you know what how do they get me in the middle of my awesome move i guess theyre just better theyre not i really dont like these things theyre really annoying they take forever to beat Music Music more spikes more spikes almost got him this is a shredder statue what is this like taratino game theres a lot of feet everywhere Music all right just likes feet i guess i dont know i guess so shredder in his feet this is foot soldiers yeah i dont know why they call him the foot like whats that even means it wasnt even a reference to oh because foot soldier is the real thing i think its impossible to zombie so it must be real yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah i base everything of reality on of zombies yeah if it exists oh that was overkill oh god oh zach i got this pizza dont worry and then final crystal shard nice oh oh just fly away dont dont bother us anymore theres crane theyre just chatting is that just his brain right yeah that is cranking the his robot body is hes like shredder find me a body or something or something like that i dont know how it works nah its been a while go get out of this game go forward i got pizza all right congratulations on your continued success yes youre welcome and youre also welcome for my continuous success i mean technically yes but still im im leonardo you cant stop me look at all these these guys were juggling oh i got on fire come on you mess up my combo can you imagine getting hit by the sparks i did imagine it and then it happened i i manifested it into reality you can manifest anything Music i guess you got grabbed are you failing making us fail what yep its true i dont know what you said it was just i said something important man pizza monsters again oh no zack you felt that i did bail my my move not me wheres this other guy where is he where is he whoa i did some sort of like charge some shoulder charge at him Music how many times can my character say mondo combo dude i dont know the amount of times ive heard about juice this is juice im out of juice Music i dont even remember him drinking juice is that a juice power evo why cant it be like you know some what do they do they drink anything in ninja turtles they drink ooze i dont know if thats true they drink beer thatd be the true way itll be hilarious if theres like a childrens cartoon and they like just drink beer all the time turn certain places that exist these these foot soldiers are pretty skilled oh dang it i didnt mean to grab that whatever it was i got another one nothing great wow all right theres crane sitting on top of the body hes gonna crawl right in all right hes got my brain yes oh he kicked us what if hes wait no thats not how bodies work this is how it works no im not a professional but i know a couple of things here and there boom yeah i just got to get them oh man so i wonder like if you have six players playing this is it like easy or are the health suggested to accommodate the fact that theres six players like beating up on one boss i really dont know it seems kind of wild on us youre getting hit i feel like six players come on so hard to follow i know right Music im gonna focus focus who needs focus you know no oh my gosh this game is murdering me its its not easy okay kicking these legs are so annoying dude yeah theyre having little a little bit of battles all right hes oh okay im gonna die youre going to resurrect me uh i might have to not i think we just wait this part out i dont know what we can do there we go we like gang well see if i can do this in since then there we go wow that was good yeah a little bit of something ah dang it i think im dead oh im getting kicked oh im really low we should come back though yeah well you have one life oh no you dont you dont have any ill get you up save them i can get it go oh no oh no way well now were back oh yeah i have three lofts so uh oh yeah i bet the hard modes are like no lops basically and no continues no lives its probably what it is which yeah could be fun but at the same time oh we got him wow take that crane whoa you made him explode you fell for my diversion i have a surprise for you okay it sounds just like you oh its a surprise its shredder hes ready for revenge i see i told you it might happen oh god he knocked back i just i just landed on that thats just a cool hip hop song going on whered he go yeah oh this is like classic like which ones the real one we dont know this one or that one its impossible to know oh you are low its okay ow boy brown you guys resurrect me you got this you got this you got this im coming back yes how did that work im amazing i distracted him yes oh she distracted him oh hes um do you have to use a special on him oh i have it now oh hes again listen to him yeah we got him shredders been defeated game over goodbye this cant be this cant be the end no that was the end okay well lets see Music but there we go runner award is what i got yep so thats just oh no he turned the statue of liberty into a robot or something i dont know we gotta oh were gonna have to defeat the statue of liberty uh-oh oh yeah we gotta go to this dimension x hang out really quick oh yeah cuz we got the reward for it so going out and going in 200 points thats a lot of points thats like jumping over the mountain before yeah yeah all right going back through this might be the last stage i heard there were 16 stages i dont know if its the last one but its right here it looks like it all right going back im still leonardo it looks like we are going to be nice wrath of the lady wow thats gonna be easy okay cool cool i was worried it was gonna be difficult but thankfully its gonna be easy according to jordan Music i like the patriots yeah statue of tyranny liberty no more save you lady liberty now finish unharmed yeah right wait oh i was harmed that was on you wow without using super attacks yeah right yeah wow you gotta dodge my dude there we go the statue of tyranny doesnt seem okay just to stand right here i dont know they didnt think it through you know maybe theres multiple phases oh you know i went through that face oh dont worry you eat this pizza its good for you thank you you know i do believe that pizza is good for you i got an extra extra ninja power bar added oh a powerful move press rb with full okay okay so i just get all i was i was getting full just let me get it full hold on then ill do rb but the statue of libertys gonna die first though is that your tyranny is dead this cant be the final brain its just the brain yeah there we go oh the cars its like a street fighter stage shredder again huh oh hes gonna take the ooze and he goes super shredder mutants shrimp yes super shredder i think yeah super shredder Music thank you he just ran back Music i dont have any i was trying to say i think we just have to dodge right now oh im down oh i just get him just kill him real quick ill save you yay wow this stupid freaking Music uh oh god wow were not doing so hot are we oh were doing great please stop im back i keep losing my my uh my meter i cant save up because i keep losing my meter yeah so i think we have to wait for him to get through all of his things and like be weak oh my gosh ow watch out ow dang it now let go of me ill come back in like a second no dont worry i have full health which is probably better honestly come on give me full lives or something Music okay nope again i think you can only attack them like now yeah nice job help you Music think whoa ah oh oh Music dang it when is this mode over nope nothing yet maybe now get him oh okay wow once hes done with that its just back yeah just back to this phase thing over and over hes going through a phase its just a phase mom ow yeah mom stocks going through his emo phase its not a phase oh dang it get on okay i have uh wow i summoned i dont even have two full bars charged i cant attack him then dang it now ow he likes chasing you its funny ow no look go with me shredder dont come near me he chases you no no stay awake stay away i ran into that myself please hurry up and lose your energy or whatever theres your will to it does this and then then what then hes like uh i have two bars so if i get a third ow im hoping i can get a third bar so i can do my move that said i had ow wow all right so hes gonna do this again dang it stop it so i know youre mad too yeah im furious all right i have my three so next turn out dang it next turn ill be next time whoa whoa dont dont do those dang it no no im back down to two Music thank you im back but im back that was too energy i was hoping if i got you yeah the fire whats the fire all about Music okay well i just have to wait i guess whoa these are faster these are faster Music oh yeah help help help oh god Music all right hes about ready to all right my super move my super move what would you do i have no idea oh i think you were supposed to attack it says radical it says radical though great wow that was a cool move though right it would have been one it would have been cool i dont know what happened i think i keepers was so sweet we got him anyway he says its impossible but i think its very possible that we won so he beat super shredder pulverized him yeah Applause episode 16 clear that might be the last level i dont know lets see four yeah i got the tank award i took the most damage nice honestly i thought it would be you he kept picking on you vernons news new york can rest easy once more now that lady liberty has been restored to her former gleaming glory i vernon finwick who was not at all scared can confirm that shredder was has been defeated by the citys protectors the green guardians of good the web warriors themselves spiderman no the punk frogs no no it wasnt them oh come on you got it wrong you made the wrong call whyd i rescue those punk frogs thats the issue isnt it well there we go the foot has been foiled whats next for leonardo more training and ninja is always ready what did you say does it say something specific being crushed michael angelo can do ages best party tonights night for a party friends family pizza forever theres casey jones where do you get casey jones from through a hockey mask just right through the little slits its just its impressive all right party dudes what did you think about that i actually really liked it that was a fun yeah it was a fun so im gonna skip the credits oh i guess im gonna fast forward the credits oh yeah but uh yeah i enjoyed it um im im trying to think like i i still am wondering like i mean im glad i did the episode obviously i had a great time playing with you i have no idea what this game cost um so i dont know like this could be like a five dollar game 10 game 20 40 i dont know i have no idea but i got it on game pass so its so its technically not technically but almost like its free weve unlocked casey jones yeah so um so yeah i dont know what the kind of the replayability of this is yeah i dont know if anything changes if you go back in i dont either maybe you can uh pick up some more stuff and i dont know what arcade is like story rk like whats arcade replay for players craving a harder challenge limited lives continues and no save progression that sounds terrible yeah so uh yeah and then achievements like this these are the achievements that i have so far and uh what does it say oh see all the different endings in story mode so that was one ending you got one ending im sure and then oh yeah probably beating with each character so i beat it with leonardo so thats i guess thats where the replayability comes from you know back in the day for me i would buy the ninja turtles like arcade game for like the super nintendo or for nes or whatever and i would play him like over and over because i didnt have a ton of games but now i have a ton of games i dont know how much replayability this has for me what about you uh you know i might give it a little bit but then i think theres a chance that i might go in and maybe do a couple little things depending on how hard the achievements are casey jones yeah thats currently who i am im seeing what it looks like but all right well guys thank you for watching be sure to like this video if you somehow want to see more or just like it if you enjoyed the experience there is a collection of ninja turtle arcade type games that are coming out soon maybe jordan and i will tackle them at this as well so ill see you all next time for more and thank you jordan for playing with me if you want to check out his channel go to wait http colon slash no but zanatore on youtube and twitch and all that stuff so see you next time for more steam game virus Teenage Mutant Ninja 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