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Best steam machine gamesshould i steam my face before cleansing TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: SHREDDERS REVENGE gameplay as soon as you boot up teenage mutant ninja turtles shredders revenge after you get past the typical corporate logo intros this happens Music Applause oh yes and with that regardless of how well the game plays you know youre in for a good fun time heavily inspired by the classic 80s cartoons that completely defined the generation especially me yep thats me on christmas day 1990 shell suit and bum bag intact holding a copy of the home computer amstrad port of the terrible game teenage mutant hero turtles before i spilt my drink on the passport section of the manual butchering any future attempts at playing this game but never fear young dj slope because 32 years later another company are going to make another turtles video game theyre going to send it to you for free for the purposes of review but of course its your review and youre not going to have that free game cloud your judgment now of course youve got plenty of games in between and even before this time but this shredders revenge is easily the most excited fans have been for a new game in the series since the 80s and the 90s and i hate to say it guys but no longer are you going to be arguing whether the original arcade release or the turtles in time game is best because now we have shredders revenge to add to that mix and to some this is the very best turtles game ever released and i think i agree as stated the game takes heavy inspiration from the 80s cartoon series with sprinklings of elements found in those classic games throughout and of course more than its fair share of quality of life improvements when comparing this new turtles game with the originals similarities are of course here i mean its the same genre but this time the game feels more zoomed out and with it being widescreen you have a lot more of the playfield to maneuver about it because of this and because the turtles are ninjas apparently although dont tell seven-year-old british me that the game is a lot faster than those titles its very much its own thing feeling closer to a mix between castle crashes and fighting rage for the hardcore brawler fans out there that know their stuff you never walk in this game as soon as the game starts up you see the cartoonish civilians run out of the building you see shredder there disappearing and you go up against the first set of foot soldiers and you do it with ninja speed it always felt good if you hit 2-3 or dare i say it four enemies at once in something like streets of rage or final fight but here you can take down entire groups of enemies before dodging through the middle of them and taking down a second group or running towards the next area from beginning to end this game is absolutely manic way more than any other beat em up ive played in recent years and thats a good thing it makes it stand out in a quickly filling up brawler-based indie world that of course mu have been leading the way with with the resurrection of streets of rage the worlds greatest beat em up series yes streets of rage is still the best feel free to write down below what series you think should own that title regardless teenage mutant ninja turtles shredders revenge is a completely different slice of pizza its not about precision timing or combo gaining yes these are obviously in the game but for the most part its about dodging jumping around the screen and taking out each enemy with insane speed and most importantly feeling bloody awesome whilst doing so at first you see once youve mastered the attack dodge and attack again maneuver its pretty much all youre going to be doing on loop for the first half of the game which is odd you have a vast array of move sets at your disposal yet you are not really forced to experiment with them until the second half of the game sure had to change up my attack dodge and attack move to attack jump and attack from time to time but honestly very little more than that in fact as you move into those later parts of the game you will find that this moveset will work on virtually all enemies just as long as you spam the dodge a few more times before during and after and even though this does sound easy which it definitely is i completed this game all the way through on my first playthrough without losing any full set of lives on any level its still frantic enough for you to never feel bored whilst doing so your eyes are on the action constantly during the games short three-hour time frame so much so that its unlikely you will be able to take in much of any of the gorgeous world that adam marion and his team at tribute games has so brilliantly crafted and since we are talking about the art style what are your guys thoughts about this being a pixelated game its strange to me that street of age 4 would move from the beautiful pixel art style of the original trilogy into the equally stunning but still very different hand-drawn european art style that we got with the sequel yet shredders revenge a game that is inspired by the 87 series and even has the original voice cast from that series and it has an intro that looks like this has decided to go pixel heavy again its still stunning but on a personal note i think i would prefer to live in that alternative timeline that featured a game that looked like the original tv show that its so desperately trying to replicate similar to how south park did it with their games i suppose hey its just my opinion what do you guys think Music with that said since its heyday the turtles have had plenty of reimaginings when it comes to tv shows and even though this one is here to please us 30 to 40 year olds its super apparent that the animation style is actually tailored to all ages no matter what version you grew up with certain poses and interactions will indeed tug on the heartstrings its what theyre there for and yes they definitely succeed in doing just that but its when you look at the enemies themselves you realize that this game isnt just for you almost every single foot clan soldier looks like theyre getting hilariously kicked in the nuts and multiple times in each level youll see them minding their own business performing duties to help them blend into the real world before joining into the fight its hilarious and it keeps the game fresh for players of all ages it was an awesome moment playing the game with my son watching and him pointing out what was going on with the enemies it made what is an obviously very repetitive game into a real feast for the eyes of passers-by even if the levels do slightly blend together a little for the player due to the frantic nature watching others play does at least give those environments the respect they deserve in short the game is stunning albeit a little bit too repetitive with a few iconic set pieces within its 16 levels and the way the game feels is also really really good but again it too is a little too repetitive only really forcing you to experiment in the later parts of the game thankfully if you ask me its the multiple difficulty levels the online play the arcade mode and i suppose the collectibles found within this game that are gonna keep bringing you back time and time again the game has a lot to unlock in story mode you can go back and revisit older levels attempting to pass certain achievements and all the way through the game youll find plenty of friends from the show many of which i had completely forgotten about until i saw them in this game again in fact little side note here i would have loved if there were fact sheets talking about who these characters actually were in this game that you find along the way heck its been a hell of a long time since ive watched those cartoons and i really would like to explore the backstory of characters like this either way these guys give you many challenges in return for points that unlock new moves or slight energy and health upgrades because as we all know if you want to keep people interested in a game like this its rpg mechanics that are gonna do it leveling up each of the turtles splinter april and casey is just super addictive which finally brings us to the soundtracks Music im gonna give this his own section entirely in this review because quite simply not only are the classic 2d brawler turtle games some of the best ever but when it comes down to the classic chiptune music the soundtracks are also some of the absolute best in the business too it was super important for this game to have a kick-ass soundtrack and thankfully it does have a kick-ass soundtrack although i do question whether this particular soundtrack works for this particular game starting off you got mr bungle himself mike patoon of faith no more fame lending his skills for the iconic opening besides the big name i dont really see the relevance besides simply just having a big name attached but hey its cool a nice rendition and he definitely did a good job anton caraza does probably one of the most fitting tracks in the entire game with his mutants over broadway rap track really really good when you see this one guys Music the johnny atmotrack aka ga metal is seriously pumping and it fits in perfectly well with its fast 80s themed rock track in the panic in the sky level Music im fired up and im feeling gritty apologies to mega ran mate i absolutely adore your work but i didnt find your track in this game im sure if i play for a few more times ill realize what track you did and im sure its absolutely great Music of course the big big one featuring rayquan the chef and ghost face killer from the bloody wu tang clang and no im not going to be spoiling this bit but when it does drop in just the right moment oh my god guys it seriously works and its quite a memorable gaming moment its so damn impressive but again i dont really see the relevance of having these guys involved besides having a big name attached still everyone involved in this particular track t-lopes included you all did incredible work here what i find weird about all of this is if they were going to be going down this collaborator route then they probably should have done it for the entire soundtrack because the other 75 of the soundtrack was done by the awesome t lopes for those who dont know t-lopes is an absolute legend creating what is in my opinion some of the most sega infused music ever this soundtrack is more of that so of course being a bit of a sega nerd i am happy heck i even spent 73 pounds and 11 pence insane money to get this soundtrack which as stated is 75 him the problem is i question if he was right for this particular game its such a weird mix of artists that dont really belong on a turtle soundtrack and super for the most part jazzy sonic chiptune music too again i love all of these artists i suppose a great way of putting it is that prodigy are one of the greatest bands in the world in my opinion but would i get them to make a new final fantasy soundtrack of course not i love me some t-lopes music but i questioned if he was right for this job he did his best of fusing his typical sega style music with the earlier 80s style games but besides the odd track all i heard when playing this was catchy sonic mania 2 jingles and not classic turtles music also if we are getting vocal heavy rap tracks on this particular soundtrack wouldnt it have been easier cheaper and probably more fit no definitely more fitting to have vanilla ice involved but i suppose then again we would have a soundtrack with wutan clan and vanilla rice on the same cd or vinyl yeah maybe that wouldnt work actually Music look at the end of the day what we have here is still an incredibly solid package a very very good game thats sadly you know a tad too easy and those collectibles i mean come on guys try a little harder i found every single collectible pretty much without trying on my first playthrough of this game in single player and im guessing everybody watching when they eventually get this game will do the same thing i love the arcade mode i love the different moves the characters have i simply loved this game thoughts included and even with its slightly too repetitive nature im still very happy with my incoming signature edition and my vinyl import purchase and that was an expensive day but its all worth it because i see this as a game that i will come back to time and time again tribute games great job if youre watching stop watching and go and make another game just like this using any one of these properties Music you failed to initialize steam pubg Here is my FULL REVIEW of the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredders Revenge video game and how it stacks up to the original classics! 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We have a lot to talk about in this video as these games and defiantly the beat-em-up genre (Streets Of Rage, Final Fight, Scott Pilgrim, etc) is one of my all-time favorites Of course, we will be taking a deep dive into the games soundtrack too which not only features SONIC MANIA extraordinaire @TeeLopes but @theghostfacekillah from the @WuTangClan, Raekwon The Chef, @AntonCorazza, @megaran, @JonnyAtma & MIKE PATTON!!!!!... would you believe it, I have a lot of opinions on that too! The footage you see on the screen was kindly sent into Slopes Game Room for the purposes of review (on PC). However, I have also purchased my own copy of the game (and the soundtrack) which will be arriving next month on the switch! Lets see how Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael (Casey Jones, April ONeil & Splinter too) team up against the industrys best! in a full in-depth review! 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