This Game Is GORGEOUS - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredders Revenge

One piece steam gameshow to use ps5 controller on steam TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: SHREDDERS REVENGE gameplay lets go Music whats up dudes max here got kind of a special video today teenage mutant ninja turtles shredders revenge is out now and thanks to mu we had an opportunity to have a sponsored video checking out the game this is easily one of the most anticipated titles for a lot of people that especially are into classic beat-em-up brawling games and uh classic retro games the stuff that we kind of grew up with and for anybody thats a big fan of streets of h4 this is sort of a very similar development this game is being made in the same ways that respect the classic as a classic 2d art style that is very representative of the old turtles and time game any of the classic arcade games that we might have played back in the day and is a huge homage to classic beat-em-up brawlers in the same way like we were just saying how streets are rages once again a big shout out to dot mu this game is a big anticipated one for a lot of people i appreciate them on sponsoring a video so lets go ahead and check out some of this we will be back a bit later with your video games as we get to play the four to six player mode which im very much looking forward to and if you guys want to check out more on teenage mutant ninja turtles shredders revenge you can click my link down in the description below to learn more about the game but for now lets fire this thing up and see what the game has to offer so im gonna be uh no cam in it today for anybody that hasnt had a chance to see one of these in a while uh yes i just got the code for this and uh once again a unique opportunity to check this out oh i want to see the intro Music the nostalgia is starting to hurt wow wow look at all this budget jeez Music man they are going in i we have to see aprils our mika esque moves this guy whos this character i had the dank figure for this guy i forgot what his name is though i mean i do have to admit right teenage mutant ninja turtles was arguably one of the biggest things that had existed and when youre young like its impossible to like multiple things you have to viciously defend one thing right and i definitely viciously defended transformers when a lot of my friends were into teenage mutant ninja turtles but it was impossible not to be aware of the show my god beautiful pixel art it was impossible not to be aware of the show especially if you grew up in the 90s and 80s and stuff like that so what do we got uh let me do the how to play really fast i actually want to see mechanics i really enjoyed the stuff that was happening before with uh streets of rage 4 and im kind of curious since its similar devs right whats gonna be happening super attack is on y uh dive attack is x in midair okay cool back flip and flying attack b and then x so you can you could fly back and then do stuff rising attack okay hopefully that doesnt cost you my life heavy swing oh okay well okay theres already way more attacks than the traditional beat-em-up back from the 90s so grabs are just getting close shoulder throws forward and then it throws at the dudes cool foot dudes getting blown up okay were gonna have to do that i dont even see some screen splats my god man they really went ham on this pixel art i love the fact that theyre committing to this stuff somersault slice what so that is a like a proper just air chain okay and theres tech theres tech rolls they got tech rolls in here okay thats kind of interesting wake up roll a different kind of tech roll so you can wake up backwards okay quick stand a while on the ground so you can quick get up okay so thats just teching fascinating uh what you can give them life like what eat this egg pizza damn april damn aprils uh hows that to say her character model but her sprite though damn oh is that the full super flying attack during backflip my god radical mode rb at ninja power okay all right i got it im ready to go im ready to go so let me see uh im curious on what story mode actually is uh especially considering that well most likely be playing this with your video games and going through arcade mode so lets check this out uh im gonna go okay a little slightly nervous okay we saw this yeah select your humor right um do i do i be the most basic mother pfeiffer and pick donatello uh or like leonardo anybody thats anybody if you play ninja turtles beat em up man donatellos should be the the premium character you should check out but you know what im going to do what you want Music reporting live im picking the character you want me to pick thats what im doing im a im doing this for the people its on the news good evening new york and welcome back to vernons news where the view is always oh god crystal clear on todays show a gift from me as a thanks for this weird looking creepy weirdo whats going on wheres the gift pursuit of course of course extreme extreme realism thats the focus we have this program to give you chaos uh the statue o liberties please continue getting a makeover and its gonna look better than ever keep it locked here on bebops beat these man they really are going for full nostalgia i love i love the games that commit to this stuff and art style what the shell we gotta get to channel six i like how aprils just down here and shes ready to beat ass with the turtles okay cool all right i want to feel the game man let me feel the game wow thats shredder okay dashing dashing through the snow on a one horse op its jesus yeah okay uh let me do this huh okay challenges failed to oh i already failed something wow shes just straight got 10 show kicks what what excuse me she okay okay this game controls wild like wild dang april die im just going to continue super attack i just want to see it Music okay so yeah this is definitely going to be a huge priority to get to get all of your video games on this we might actually play online so we can do like six players i hope thats a possibility come here charge okay cool and the backgrounds also look real theyre playing on game boys ouch tech cool theyre not even typing theyre fake typing excuse me dudes the fact that she could dive kick out of 10 show kicks i feel like im playing dnf ghoul over here okay might not have needed to use that but you know hes getting bounced thats good i need to go to the door oh theres theres humans human head of lettuce oh my god come here you Music damn this is great theyre all taking part in the shows and stuff dude this this this rolling thing is awesome uh Music okay cool very cool i gotta give it to them they made the uh the feel of the game is is quite on point right its gonna get even better because i love chaos right it was one of my favorite things about streets of h4 was all the chaos Music oh put that down put the ice down youre probably gonna throw these guys right throw you throw you haha huge brain time the juggling is fantastic put this man down Music oh my god april april jeez Music breaking news yeah you just have to pop them with a big head okay see i dont know actually i dont remember if april has ever been an actual playable character in uh a ninja turtles beat em up maybe she has in like some version at some point because theres a lot of im already seeing a uh a ridiculous amount of capcom reference here oh my god please ow why didnt i do anything about it holy sweet jesus okay Music cool yeah they all have like a unique gimmick to them like the basic ones oh my god ill use that super in a second wait for it damn drop kicking a-hole god Music okay all right give me a boss fight yeah let me see this wow okay bad news boy cute Music Music time to dodge Music oh my god this big dude Music can you not do that Music its quite fun man its going to be even better when you have like friends and youre bouncing them into each other right and theres all this like insane chaos and stuff and imagine thats probably a big priority for them was like getting the team to do stuff together with each other what man they spent some budget and time on this sprite artwork holy hell holy hell i thought they would definitely go with something very similar to uh what streets of rage 4 effectively did what is what what oh its got like a mario world-esque its got side missions what huh okay hang on im just gonna see what this is find all my classic headlines you creeps oh is this like a revisiting what if i party up here oh i can just straight its got cross play wow wow okay all right uh okay im assuming that im like revisiting the similar uh place we were just at but youre just now with a new mission thats pretty neat thats a good incentive to go back and revisit some levels 3 pm big apple 3 p.m oh dude the background crazy perspective ass background april lets do it lets show them the cake Music jeez oh geez god aprils little pissed Music oh what what oh oh okay i completely understand cool Music beside oh it is double slide again Music i want to go yeah the screen yeah get on the screen no no no you stop that Music i could have used that Music oh thats my meter okay i was like am i getting a new special move from doing this im not im not its just a meter classic headline oh oh oh maybe it isnt me revisiting stages maybe its me just like getting stuff for this guy cool why were you guys in tr wow sitting in trash bags Music because they should be right Music okay well i dont know why i did that but i did it Music okay lets try one of these grow this stuff out dude i have to figure out how to do im doing 10 show kicks right and i i know shes got flying literally flying peach at some point nice this dudes just chilling no chilling Music okay im gonna have to see combo videos for this stuff its gonna get nuts you have a lot of tools at your disposal in this game man Music oh the okay maybe i should you know destroy them that might help yes there we go its not does not do the passive run the music makes me feel like im watching saturday morning cartoons and i think thats the point ow Music ow oh they get like wall spots too i just ducked underneath that wow and then i got hit by it oh okay bikes indeed painful yeah dive kicks not helping yeah there we go come here waiting im waiting im waiting Music one more working whoa whoa okay ill give you the dang pizza please please no will you come back here sorry Music oh my god oh my god people are bouncing Music trying to figure out what 10 show kicks are right the big of the big like rising kick Music you go over here thats a big truck youre a big guy here please dont hurt me okay Music what the heck please oh you can punch back their stuff back at them okay okay Music im on fire Music oh theres where that one is i can double jump oh my god lets try to finish him off with this i want to see it Music im about to die Music oh no okay wait im not dead about to die you mother fifer please okay yeah so if you double jump you get a different attack in the air okay okay misinterpreted that wow so this yeah i would say after seeing the few trailers that were out before uh this feels like a ridiculous homage right even i mean in my opinion uh maybe even surpassing the quality of some of the the classic games like turtles and time and stuff like that which are you know renowned those are thats like the super mario brothers and like the super mario brothers like world uh to a lot of people of beat em up games and uh it certainly seems like this one is is definitely hitting in the same levels that um streets of rage 4 did let me see if i can possibly try a different character im going to go with a big classic favorite donatello was seemingly always godlike due to his range mutants over broadway Music oh do we get a surfing level it has to be right it has to be yeah it totally is Music you guys should be dead please you guys should be dead okay okay oh thats not an enemy that is a definite thing something i should be worried about okay okay when you can still dash while on this you could dodge and dash while still on these things cool these guys suck come here oh my god theres so many things failed to complete the level well reward the two types of obstacles holy moly suddenly a lot that i have to keep track of hey why dont you guys get hit by this stuff oh you can still throw while on this okay please jump twice Music come here you please ow ive been flattened almost again wow cute oh come here you guys please oh my god dont check off the ground right thats what ive learned today there are so many dudes the difficulty has suddenly ramped up okay i live Music okay Music okay ow ow now its dangerous get up get up stupid bugs guys get over here what its linear oh man cool thank you oh yeah theres life on them come here you guys okay okay the double jump is helping oh god good lord wait i just realized the music im so busy like relearning the controls with a new character its got like a straight up rap song okay okay im ready to jump okay hell out of here damn i killed a lot of them okay oh damn okay its getting crazy so thats for Music pizza please thank you Music oh no whats this thing going to turn into okay gotta get from there gotta be careful there ouch dude im seeing so many unique animations to getting to taking damage i love it now okay i dont like it anymore Music good lord good lord okay i have to get a special distance Music no i dont Music oh my god oh my god Music okay please get out of the way dawn mr tello okay okay figure out mechanics Music holy holy Music god you guys pop out fast Music fast indeed Music and im getting too close Music dive takes the heck out of this car thats how its going to work there we go okay all right all right i think april has a lot of uh has an awful lot of uh personality and charm because shes like a like a relatively new playable character i want to play a shredder thats what i want i want to i want a playable shredder mode where we play as the bad guy next this super mario like esque overworld is uh insanely insanely cool turtle layer lets try this really fast what else is in here uh so special reports like side missions and stuff gotcha these are almost like uh achievements fitness journal i see its cool rumble in the zoo okay theyre just walking around check off the ground dude what what the physical counters Music people Music oh god Music things are getting tougher these guys are putting up a fight now oh god Music sheep and you know what i think i liked on april shes very mobile Music oh i throw them into the screen please Music cute Music toss Music ah oh wow the team up Music whoa cool okay uh did i find a frog man what i dont know who that character is im sorry i need to be corrected like is this a battle toad okay wake up oh my god wow apprehended and then sniped i dont like it Music my god oh my god got lucky Music father pfeiffer okay the birds im going to save the pizza Music dont come back no stop it they get the damn thats a steamy pizza pizzas like gonna murder somebodys mouth ow why why is there boars and rhinos excuse me oh okay good to know Music nice thats exactly what i wanted Music and i cant wait to play this more people its gonna be so much fun it was almost a worry that it wouldnt be online for a while and then man i was like yes please thank god thank god we just all have functionality i think that was something that obviously did very well you know where its like yeah we just all got to play that together even during the pandemic Music monkey ball wow that sure hits the spot oh my god are they throwing im sick of this Music theyre like helping me but sort of not helping me at times excuse me Music oh no you know no no escaping no escaping need that pizza Music okay all right this went very well did i lose life from that i mean im a ninja turtle i live in the sewer buddy Music okay Music oh Music oh oh my god two on two amino likey ground chuck and back im such a turtle noob i have no idea who these guys are Music theyre losing some life though Music okay no no dont play game boy Music he created a hole that i went down and then otg me oh god its getting close okay does this build meter it does Music so i can waste it okay Music dude one one get one down please okay first i press the l button im an idiot there we go im gonna use it just use the thing that was close man yeah im im actually really happy at like the boss variety there isnt just uh like a few different bosses or like some repeats theres actually unique boss fights and theyre pretty challenging even even on regular difficulty wheres the head going cranes head is getting away dudes dudes i think they actually got the voice actors from the original show that might also be a possibility they put some effort into this thing right well there we go i dont want to get too far because i dont want to get spoiled when we eventually go through this with your video games and get you know four to six players so by all means if you guys want to check out teenage mutant ninja turtles shredders revenge uh do me a huge favor go down to my channel description or the video description down below theres a link to check out the game its available now so for anybody that wants to check it out it is probably what many beat-em-up fans have been looking for especially if youve been a fan of streets of rage 4 and games of the like this seems like a fairly honest representation of what the classic game is like with a modern take which is you know i think thats what a lot of people are kind of looking for anyway thank you news a ton for watching ill be back well have a compilation later on of shredders revenge with that big four player to six player mode if you like this stuff i do appreciate a thumbs up my name is max and ill see you dudes next time Music you allow steam to verify game files #tmntlegends #shreddersrevenge #retro Big thanks to Dotemu for #sponsoring this video. 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