Why The Binding of Isaac: Repentance is Fantastic

How to clear game data on steamninja foodi steam chart THE BINDING OF ISAAC: REPENTANCE okay so if you dont know who i am well hello my name is vinnie and almost four years ago i decided to vet my frustrations about an expansion to one of my favorite video games of all time the binding of isaac through a video titled why afterbirth plus is a disappointment it was a very important video for me personally and even helped me grow this channel into something im kind of very proud of after birth plus had just released and it was not what i had wanted at all it did nothing to revolutionize what had made isaac just so much fun and instead decided to make something that felt more like a practical joke being pulled on the fan base rather than anything with actual merit this can mainly be seen in the design of things like greedier mode or ultra hard instead of focusing on ways to make a real challenge they instead decided to focus on ways to just annoy the player hey come here come on come on let me tell you a little secret ultra hard isnt  __  hard if you know what youre doing its just tedious and boring so once i was done with that video i quit isaac i rarely played it for almost three and a half years and i never even fully completed the expansion like i had hoped to do it completely deflated any and all excitement i had to play the game and all that remained were these feelings of frustration and resentment i remember telling friends that i legitimately regretted the hundreds of hours i poured into the game however for years i had heard that they had been constantly updating the game with these newly called booster packs that were put in place to heavily revamp the content in afterbirth plus so a few months ago i decided to hop back into afterbirth plus and see what all the hype was about and let me tell you after all these years of  __  on afterbirth plus and you know isaac as a whole i frankly was extremely just extremely shocked to see that it was still  __  garbage like okay i dont know if im just a grumpy old man here but i did not understand the hype around it there was some stuff that i i genuinely did enjoy like i think both bone hearts and the forgotten are just fantastic additions and genuinely add a new level of strategy and innovation to the game but other than those two exceptions it felt like nothing had changed the design was still rooted deep in frustration and monotony balance felt even worse because of the large influx of mediocre to trash items this made it feel like  __  devil deals were waste of time i mean  __  most of the time there were just demon babies or  __  red chests which they nerfed too why would you nerf red chests theres no reason to do that delirium and its floor were still lazy garbage and there was still zero incentive to play greedier mode or go to the dark path which is like they tried really hard to get you to go to the dark path every change they made to the game to make it feel more fresh and exciting was in my eyes a colossal failure and missed the point of what made the game so much fun when i think back on the fun of isaac i think about all the insanely creative and overpowered runs i got or difficult runs where i barely won by the skin of my teeth through a challenging but fair experience afterbirth plus on the other hand was the epitome of all the  __  that the game had accumulated over the years and turned it into a hollow shell of its former glory now okay why the hell am i saying all this why is this even relevant at all to a video about repentance well you dingus bingas im getting to it and you just calm down calm down and put the pitchforks away one thing that highlighted to me just how badly afterward plus was handled was that a week prior to its release there was a mod for isaac that was you know kind of  __  incredible that mod was called anti-birth and good lord was it a  __  banger i mean holy  __  talk about one upping the  __  competition hundreds of new beautifully animated sprites three whole new characters dozens of new bosses new endings god tier music like holy  __  and even a whole new optional path that was much harder than anything that was in the game previously it was a  __  experience playing that game imagine releasing something like this for free well  __  loser ass after birth plus over here was charging almost 20 dollars for the  __  void yeah you know the void you know 20 20 worth of work over here why dont you just play the same floor over again ah itll be fine the quality of the two were night and day and many people in the community including myself were wondering why this wasnt the expansion we got in my video i even told people to just go play anti-birth instead of after birth plus because it actually felt like something that was made out of love instead of spite i sadly thought that it was the last chance that any good content would be coming to this game because after birth plus felt like it was the end of the line for isaac edmund and the team were clearly worn out of the game by this point and if anything new were to happen they would need new blood yep they hired the  __  devs to port the mod over thank god thank god okay okay okay calm down yeah okay i was pretty happy finding out the news that they hired the team behind antibirth and theyre reporting it over to the official game while also adding new stuff to it now dont get me wrong after the  __   __  and ball torture that afterbirth plus was i was still pretty cautious would this expansion actually make me give a  __  about this video game again yeah yeah it could it could Applause Music yeah this shits pretty good not even just good but like kind of everything i wanted this expansion to be not to necessarily say its perfect you know no game is ever perfect but jesus christ this part of the video is really hard to script out and write mainly because i dont even know where to begin with this expansion its just that  __  massive i guess we can start by saying that this expansion drastically overhauled everything that i had a major problem with with this game it breathed new life into a game that i had basically been playing on autopilot for years to explain what i mean by this let me take you through the steps of an average run of afterbirth plus you start out you dont take damage on the first two floors you get the deal with the devil power through the caves and the depths every single time with relatively little struggle kill mom take the polaroid because why would you ever go the  __  dark path go through the womb and cathedral as fast as possible because theres no incentive to stick around without item rooms or shops kill isaac and then blaster the chest because you at this point are so broken thats not even a challenge this can describe 90 of runs in afterbirth plus there was no good incentive to deviate at all from this routine because the dark room is  __  useless with its reward the hush fight is a tedious slog and the void is i just i hate the void like like why add the void at all it was it was such a bat now while actually playing the game became a routine slog in afterbirth plus anti-birth and by extension repentance had decided to overhaul the entire structure of how you play through the game i dont think i can properly convey to you all especially those not as familiar with isaac in the crowd you know like like the  __  cowards you are just how  __  revolutionary these new floors are basically it adds four entirely brand new floors that each have their own incentive to go down and experience theres the downpour the mines the mausoleum and the corpse going down this path rewards you with dozens of new room layouts enemies bosses and even item rooms the item rooms especially are a large reason to take this path and jesus christ what a smart  __  addition these are so when you enter an item room on the alt path instead of one item pedestal there are two however you can only see what item is present on the first item pedestal the second item is a complete mystery to you so if the first item is some  __  like bum friend that id rather actually die in real life than take then you can risk it all and see what you get from the second item pedestal instead it could be a god tier item like tech x or some  __  like isaacs heart the item rooms add in a fantastic new incentive to go this route and also due to the fact that you arent even locked into doing the entire alternate path if you dont want to the doors of the alternate path always appear on the second floor of each zone the downpour needing a key the minds needing two bombs the mausoleum needing two hearts and the corpse needing this means that if you finish the downpour and dont have the two bombs needed to go into the mines you can just hop down the trap door and go back to the regular path theres nothing stopping you from going back and forth between the two and mixing up the run however you might be wondering if you have all the items necessary to go the alternate path why wouldnt you i mean there doesnt seem to be any downside to going down these extra floors and looking at all the cool new gameplay gimmicks and features that are down here well about that though yeah this shits  __  hard all the new enemies have insane new attack patterns and can be pretty damn dangerous at times these guys especially in the mausoleum with their stupid long tendril things are incredibly hard to dodge and dont even get me started on the flies and downpour but heres the thing its actually  __  awesome you know time to  __  on its time to  __  on afterbirth plus some more i gotta do it i i gotta meet the quota in that expansion one of the clear design philosophies was to try and make the game harder edmond and the team were clearly tired of how easy it was to just turn your brain off and plow through the game with broken run after broken run and honestly yeah they kind of have a point to people like me there was no real challenge in playing isaac anymore and most of the bosses and enemies felt either underpowered or lacked any sort of interesting move sets that allowed the fights to become more engaging difficulty is surely something that would have been a welcome addition to the game however the way they went about portraying that difficulty was an issue they relied on  __  tactics like having bosses with scaling health that made every single time you fight them feel the exact  __  saying they added all these mediocre to bad weapons to make the item pool more boring and frustrating these are arbitrary things that are just there to annoy the player and do nothing to the actual core challenge of the game with repentance however its a completely different story they actually took time to carefully balance the new enemies and bosses while also not relying on cheap tactics to intimidate the player they also buffed hard mode to increase the speed of projectiles from every enemy just take a look at the side by side of glutton from afterbirth plus and repentance his shots are  __  flying in repentance this change is one that relies more on the skill of the player rather than  __  rng that doesnt even heavily affect the persons run when was the last time you lost a run because of curse of the maze genuinely even the new bosses are much more exciting and fun to fight in this game while still being a challenge for example take a look at one of my new favorite bosses rockgut this is easily my favorite normal boss fight in the game because it actually takes the gameplay of isaac and innovates it in a new and exciting way for the first phase raka is an average womb level boss with some light bullet health patterns with his attacks in regular isaac that would be all that the boss has to offer this would be the full fight however he begins sucking you into his mouth and takes you to the second phase here you have to fight his like liver or some  __  in an actual 2d environment inspired by zelda and we are still not done because after killing this face you have a third phase where you have to kill its heart and all the while you are dodging attack patterns that are far from the easiest to dodge in the game it is a boss battle that requires the player to have quick reflexes and game sense instead of just giving it a lot of health that scales while also jumping around with unpredictable patterns you can tell that they actually cared a ton about crafting new and unique challenges that require skill and precision from the player rather than mechanics that are purely there for annoyance however the developers creativity doesnt stop at just the difficulty when it comes to the all path what are you stupid what would you what do you got non-go brain going on up there one insanely neat addition they added to the game was the process of getting to the actual secret final boss of the alternate path so at the end of the mausoleum after fighting the revamped mom boss that shoots brimstone wagers now like jesus christ a flesh-covered door spawns that is reminiscent of the womb no matter what you try the door wont open that is because hidden in both the second floor of the downpour and the mines there are two hidden knife pieces that you need to open the door and just okay i need to go over both of these parts individually because the handling of the knife pieces is nothing short of genius im sorry this video is all over the place it i have a point with this so the first knife piece you will find in the downpour while exploring you will find a room with a rogue mirror inside to enter the mirror you need to find a discolored blue fire that you walk into killing yourself well you dont take any damage but instead turn into the loss with holy mantle now what you have to do is go back into the previous room and enter the mirror here it takes you to an inverted version of the floor where you need to retrace your steps refining all enemies until you get to the item room which contains the first knife piece now heres where the big brain plays come in you could retrace your steps and head all the way back through the mirror with the item piece returning back into the regular character but you do that if youre a little baby back  __  if you want some risk vs reward action you can traverse all the way to the boss room and fight the boss again if you end up killing the boss you can pick up an additional second boss room item holy  __  i know this may seem like a small little thing in the grand scheme of things but i absolutely adore  __  like this it adds a bit of strategy to the game because while you do get an extra guaranteed boss room item you are still now playing as the lost and you will lose the entire run if you die so if you suck donkey dick at the game like me sometimes this game sucks you are actually at a risk of potentially throwing away your entire run just because of some bad dodges this is such a cool idea that i end up actually going to the downpour even if im not going for all the knife pieces just so i can get an additional boss item to help with the run this is an incredible way to incentivize going down the alternate path and highlights just how well thought out parts of this expansion can be and this is the lamest of the two pieces to get the last knife piece you have to head to the second floor of the mines here you will find a room with a mine cart leading to a boarded up room you have to find three giant unmissable yellow buttons throughout the floor and push all of them to place down minecart tracks so you can get to the door afterwards you come back into the room jump into the minecart and smash through the  __  board once inside you turn into the base version of the character you chose and the atmosphere gets dark you walk through these empty rooms one by one with like nothing happening you can feel the game building up to something intense but you dont know what the dread slowly builds up room after room before finally you get to the knife piece alone in a room you go over to it pick it up and uh so yeah we just have horror set pieces in isaac now i swear to god im not kidding when i said this part was genuinely unsettling and freaked me the hell out the first time i saw it having to retrace your steps through all of the rooms but now with added roadblocks and challenges is incredibly nerve-wracking while being chased by you know this  __  abomination the worst part is once again if you take too much damage during this part thats it your runs over so with everything on the line you have to quickly traverse these revamped room layouts without being hit by you know this  __  creature now while this part is cool i i do have one kind of major gripe with it this part is incredible the first time however having to get the knife pieces every time you want to attempt the secret final boss you start to see how repetitive the set piece actually kinda is i mean after only a few attempts i noticed i had seen all the room types this area has to offer and with no variation with items coming into play while in this area it becomes the same note every time if they added some more room variations into this part i think would make the section more than just a fun set piece for the first few attempts and then a repetitive slog afterwards also you know not to toot my own horn here i ended up learning how to cheese the  __  out of this chase since they give you iframes while going in and out of doors you can just become unkillable whenever the monster charges i dont really find this a fall i actually think its pretty cool i just wanted to brag about how i found out about this all by myself you know im kind of a cool kid on the block you know i know what sex is once you have both of the knife pieces you are now able to penetrate into moms womb and fight a revamped moms heart once you defeat it everything goes dark and you are able to enter the corpse these are the final two areas of the run and are a much harder version of the womb with wholly unique boss fights once you complete both floors you end up fighting the new secret final boss mother so i dont really have much to say on this boss other than its another two phase boss in this game that actually adds new and engaging attacks to its repertoire in any other expansion this would easily be my favorite boss added however here its just another really fun and exciting boss on top of all the other ones but yeah i feel like an  __  saying this since its such a good fight but like for the new final boss to this game it feels kind of restrained and bog standard i mean this was a fight that was in anti-birth i kind of wish they added another boss that you know was more wild and exciting while also you know being a thematic and engaging conclusion to the entire series Music lets talk about the new characters starting off we got the bad  __  of bethany over here now im not unfamiliar with this character she was introduced in the original release of anti-birth and was probably one of my favorite things about that mod i dont know what it is exactly but the way she flips the entire dynamic of the game on its head by how she handles spirit hearts is something that i just absolutely admire bethany starts with bass isaac stats however she also was given two spirit hearts but whoa whats this i spy with my little blue eye she seems to have a funny book as her active item and a little counter for how many spirit hearts she is holding using the book generates an orbiting fire around bethany that shoots out additional tears whenever you fire now while this is cool what i really love about her is how spirit hearts affect the characters playstyle when you pick up a spirit heart instead of it giving you extra protection it instead is added to the counter in the corner this is your spirit heart reserves where you can use the spirit hearts you gain to charge your active item so this leads to a scenario where you are rewarded with a much higher dps with the fires however your trade-off is a lot of your survivability in the process but heres where they drastically pivot from the design of bethany and anti-birth and create probably my favorite normal character in the game if you pick up another active item instead of it replacing your funny book it is instead assimilated into it this changes the charge of the book to whatever it was for the item you just picked up and an amazing detail that i just absolutely loved is that the flies all have their own unique sprites for whichever active item you have out and just is just really cute this addition sometimes also changes the way the flies behave one of my new favorite synergies in this game is bethany with how to jump not only do you get the insane mobility and invincibility that how to jump offers but now every time you jump you  __  dive bomb a fly right below you this means that in every room if you just keep jumping youll get an entire brigade of flies all shooting towards your enemy i love everything about her in here and she actually gets deal with the angel precedent they did it they made deals with the angels good thank you the second character to talk about is also one ripped straight from anti-birth and its actually what we in the gamer business called two for one special these two fine gentlemen are jacob and esau and theres a lot to go over here these guys are easily the most complex characters in the game when it comes down to pure mechanics to put it as simply as i can you are actually just controlling two characters at once jacob starts with four hearts and the average eden run amount of damage while esau starts with one heart and one spirit heart while also putting out the damage you control them both just by moving around and you can control only jacob by holding down control on your keyboard or some other  __  button on the controller i dont know im not a little  __  you also need to make sure when picking up any item you give it to the correct character both jacob and esau have their own independent item pools pill slots card slots and active item slots to access jacobs active item its space bar and to get to their pills you have to hold control and then hit space bar for esau its the same thing except just replace space bar with q now i know this seems like a lot and yeah its as complicated as it sounds these two are a bastard to control it really feels like youre driving a goddamn tractor trailer through these rooms because you have such a wide bird i hate saying the word bird but its funny it gets even worse when sometimes you dodge around an obstacle and esau gets his fat dump truck ass stuck on it and you dont realize until its too late and now you two are separated basically meaning that itll be a miracle if one of them doesnt take damage oops now without aggravating the sounds you might think i hate these characters and once again you stinky doo doo fart brain youre wrong you see once you get the handle of these two characters they can actually be a lot of fun to manage for example when you enter a new room it always keeps the character that was closest to the door in front this means that if jacob is low on health you can actually position him to the back and have esau be point man this level of strategy through managing the characters is a lot of fun on top of having to ration out health and items to whichever character you think deserves it more at the time because of course if one of them dies they both die because of all of this i can easily say that jacob and esau are the hardest of the two new characters added to the game because thats all that was added right i know that they did they didnt add any more you know thats it thats all they added right Applause lets talk about the balance changes so this is easily the most controversial part of this expansion even now as of writing this a few weeks after release people are still split on what to make of it all basically if you did not already know one of the strangest things they did with this expansion was overhaul a lot of the pre-existing items in the game some of them got buffs others got nerfs now heres the tricky part about all this there are over 600 items in this game at this point and im not going to be mr dumb loser baby  __  over here and discuss every single one of them and if they were changed especially since some of the changes were incredibly minor like changing krampus heads charge from get this six rooms to three holy  __  instead i kinda wanna talk about some of the more notable examples while also giving my two cents on the matter as a whole im of two minds with this entire thing with some of the changes i absolutely adore them for starters the buffs on previously useless to straight up detrimental items like isaacs heart and holy water is a goddamn miracle you can now charge isaacs heart that can both shoot tears and push away any nearby enemies it is frankly a godsend and makes the item actually not hot garbage the change to holy water is even better because now it acts like a better bobs brain where you can shoot it at an enemy and it breaks for a short time before being respawned changes like these are absolutely brilliant and it seems like it was an important part of the development process i even like some of the nerfs done to specific items like satanic bible it used to be just a straight upgrade to the book of revelations because black hearts are objectively better than spirit hearts due to how they provide necronomicon damage to everyone in the room when you lose it however here they changed it to have an interesting new mechanic instead of it just giving blackhearts it also replaces every single bossroom item with a deal with the devil item now you can get items for a fantastic item pool but at the cost of your health this is an amazing risk versus reward mechanic to add and makes it an all-around more interesting and fun item to use instead of it just being a you win the game  __  you item it actually has some strategy behind its use but heres the thing for every amazing change like those listed before theres some nerfs that absolutely  __  baffle me for their inclusion one of the most egregious examples is what they did to my boy dark bum instead of always paying out with spirit hearts now he pays out with a random assortment of consumables with the once in a blue moon black heart now instead of being a fun way to trade the health on the ground to get something better hes now just as trash as the rest of the bum familiars they also limited items like blank card from allowing it to be used with runes and items like serpents kiss or the virus dont drop black hearts anymore and also why would you  __  nerf pill sibo to have a larger charge time that item sucks and the nerfs dont stop there they also nerfed non-item mechanics like shops half the time now it feels completely useless going to shops because for some reason they decided it would be a brilliant idea to make it a dice roll if items will even show up they also made it so you cant strategize your health as effectively and deals with the devil because it will change to the amount of spirit hearts you are currently holding now i know that a lot of my complaints here will be invalidated by the philosophy that they wanted to make the game harder to break and more challenging but like they already did that the challenge added with the alternate path and the overall game feel of the expansion being a lot faster pace with enemies movements and shot speed being basically doubled why did the nerfs feel necessary dont get me wrong i like a good challenge i play devil may cry but nerfs always bothered me in non-online competitive games like this there was no truly easy way to break the game most of the time it required a lot of risk strategy and most importantly luck hell most of the fun i get out of isaac is finding new and exciting ways to become as disgustingly powerful as i can be you already fixed the  __  problem of that being too common by adding even more items to the item pool and making the early game even more brutal why would you nerf the fun and interesting items for this sense of challenge its so bad to the point that i actually dont think i would recommend this expansion to first-time players now im not saying i wouldnt recommend this game at all to people ive basically been sucking this expansions dick up until now but for a person just starting out this expansion says  __  you because its clearly taylor made for the hardcore fans while leaving any potential newcomers in the dark for a long time it seems like the development crew have been insecure about how easy isaac is for long time players and ive been trying to make the game harder and harder for those people just to say were not an easy game for casual babies yeah shut up see thats how you make an argument folks you put your enemies voices in like a stupid voice but the thing they dont realize is that there is nothing wrong with having the game be easy every now and then and please please dont misinterpret this as me saying i dont want the game to be hard far from it i just dont feel like they needed to nerf items and mechanics when they already spent so much time and energy tweaking the challenge of this game to this degree while this is not a deal breaker at all for me it is kind of a disappointment to see that they didnt just leave this philosophy back in afterbirth plus however while most of the nerfs suck major donkey dick i absolutely adore what they did with the aesthetics of music the visuals especially are above and beyond what i could have possibly hoped for they even got the popular artist from the community not your sagittarius to do a large amount of the sprites she even added the isaac pog face into the game lets go not only are all the new sprites added to the game just  __  10 out of 10 they decided to go and revamp a  __  ton of the old sprites to better fit the aesthetic one of my favorites of which being the added icons on shop rooms dice rooms library all that  __  they all look so damn good and are severely needed musically jesus christ ive shadow a lot on rebirth soundtrack but ridiculon outdid themselves this time now dont get me wrong ill shoot on ridiculon all day and night for not being anywhere near as good as danny baranowski because jesus christ it is night and  __  day on some of those tracks however when it comes to the new tracks added here some of them just go  __  above and beyond one of my favorites being the track added to the downpour just being some moody ass  __  Music so yeah thats repentance for being such a highly anticipated expansion for me it was basically everything i wanted from a port of anti-birth it took what made that mod so good and transferred it over to the full game as seamlessly as possible only one thing bothers me though and its its been bothering me for a while edmund kept parroting that this game would basically be isaac 2.0 and frankly i just dont buy that i mean unless there theres something im missing i dont really see what the hype about it being basically a sequel is i mean i i dont think i missed anything i did i oh okay oh  __  yeah yeah were not done quite yet okay so some may have caught on that i have been leaving out talking about a you know small portion of this expansion i mean  __  there is a clear open space on the post-it notes for one final boss battle there is obviously something i am missing here and the reason ive been holding out for so long on talking about it is because ive been having a bit of trouble finding out how i should structure the next part so basically im just gonna go through step by step on this section here and explain everything that happens on the final floors after beating the mother for the first time you get an unlock saying that a new door unlocks in the depths too so thematically making the most sense i decided to trek down there as isaac where i was met with a door that had an indentation clearly reminiscent of the polaroid putting two and two together i beat mom picked up the polaroid teleported out with a fools card that now always spawns from a tinted skull in depth 2 great game design and used it to open the door this now leads you to a version of the mausoleum so i carry on fight through the floor like normal and finally get to the boss room where im greeted with a note picking it up gives you the item dads note and you are transported to a hazy memory version of the level this is where this  __  gets really  __  cool you start hearing the remnants of an argument going on and you suddenly realize that you are hearing the moments leading up to the divorce of isaacs parents hes self-destructive and disturbed just like his father look at who he has to look up to and youre drunk again arent you shut up maggie shut up you need to confess your sins and become saved let his light inside you cleanse yourself insane you are taking this too far cant you hear how you sound pray with me pray for your salvation come pray with us isaac where are you going wait we need you your son needs you im doing more harm than good this is nothing short of awesome and thematically fits so well with what the story of isaac has been going for its depressing sad and kind of does hit home with me on a personal level however  __  that noise because now you have to fight your way back through every single floor you previously went through this is not the hardest challenge in the world especially since you are most likely quite powerful at this point however they do add in these fun new unique enemies that are definitely a challenge i especially love this funny handman look at the funny hand man so you fight your way all the way back to the start of the game and head through one last beam of light where you are suddenly taken to a whole new area isaacs home so i make my way through the house and find moms room i head over and touch the bed when im greeted to this Music that cutscene  __  got me the first time watching it and with everything being so dark and ominous i knew i was getting ready for something big i head out of the room back in the living room when im greeted with this jesus  __  cry welcome to dime  __  this fight is just so cool i mean for starters the thematic choice of having the final boss being the manifestation of christian propaganda is one that is super  __  strong but its another thing to have this fight be so  __  hard theres two phases to this boss one where you have to fight the umbilical cord coming out of the tv and then the angel that comes out of the baby both are incredibly difficult and have some  __  disgusting bullet patterns that you have to dodge like in my opinion the hardest in the game but eventually you whittle them down and finish them both off but you still arent done okay wait hold on for a second i really could dissect all of what makes this the best fight in the game and just everything with it that i love but you know what this is my channel  __  you i live streamed my reaction of the first time ever beating this fight so im just gonna play some highlights from that instead tank this tank this we gotta get to the next phase all right everyone shut up shut up ive seen this but i dont know if it changes okay this is where it gets  __  hard i havent even gotten to fight the boss yet i didnt get past the horsemen all right all right lets go we are shmup now gamers just take it slow dodge focus on dodging okay uh holy mantle we lost the holy mantle thats fine one good good good good book of shadows regions huge okay okay thats huge i should have just done the book of shadows all right two two down war is what  __  me up i i dont remember if it was war or death get away get away get away oh that hit thats fine we have really good damage moms knife is  __  them okay okay okay okay half of our health half of our health death is scary so were gonna pop and were just gonna tank Music all right its out Music this is the part yes okay i havent seen the rest of this you choo choo choo choo this is this is nil all right lets go what is this thing how did we fight you all right all right all right flappy bird im a flappy bird gamer i was big into flappy bird you know everyone loves that game it was such a hit game when it came out oh my god hes sucking hes sucking okay no okay okay okay  __  love flappy bird okay okay his horns are dead hes got one more eye just focus on dodging did we win did we win yeah okay so isaac in this holy  __  and let me pause you one more time right here so i was told by my chat that while playing through the regular game that i should drop and leave a trinket in one of the boss rooms i didnt really know what they meant by that but they told me to do it so i did later on while replaying all of the floors to get to isaacs house i noticed the trinket i had left on the ground was replaced by what is called a cracked key i was instructed to take this item all the way up to isaacs house and used it in the secret room next to moms bedroom so i did just that and i found isaac i didnt know what it was exactly at the time i honestly assumed it was just the new final secret hard character that all of these expansions usually have and well i was i was kind of right okay hit e on the character select state select screen okay ah its the house all right Music what is this what is this what is this come on my videos gonna get delayed what the  __  i gotta do it again i gotta do this again what is this  __  so its not even an extra character what the  __  is this a that fits what i have what the  __  theyre all unique  __  i thought it was a joke this video is not releasing on time thats so much more holy holy  __  thats what he meant when he said this was isaac too dude im so glad i streamed this oh my god i genuinely have not had a reaction to a game that strong since my first time going through the near games back in 2017. its been so long since i have felt that level of shock joy and  __  anger because god damn it this video has taken me like a hundred times longer to make because edmund  __   __  had to add in like 13 new characters and hiding basically the sequel to isaac in here  __  you dude im just im just im just josh now im really happy about it welcome to the tainted characters these are what you unlock by doing that cracked key trick with every single character in the game and these arent even small little quirks done to pat out the length of the game no no no  __  that every single one of these characters are unique now okay this this this is hard this is hard i want to get this video out within this millennium and at the time of writing this i dont really have every single tainted character unlocked so im sorry guys im just going to quickly summarize my favorites of the tainted characters dear god please help me Music so first off we have tainted isaac their gimmick is that instead of having the d6 as an active item that you need to use it is instead a passive character trait that always shows you both options that you can get from the item pedestal which rotates every one second you may also have noticed that in the top left corner of your screen items are being displayed in eight boxes basically tainted isaac can only hold a total of eight passive items in their inventory if you pick up an item past that limit then the first item in the row will get dropped onto the ground you can also change which item is the next in line to get dropped by hitting control youre going to hear me say this a lot when talking about tainted characters but this version of isaac is easily the superior way to play the character it is so useful to be able to see both options of what you can get and the amount of strategy only being able to hold eight items allows for makes us one of my favorite characters in the game next up we have tainted kane and jesus  __  christ tainted king so his mechanic is a bit complicated to get a grip on right away kane has a very similar grid to isaac but this time its in the bottom right corner of the screen with his all new wonderful little bag of tricks another thing you may notice is holy  __  you cant pick up items anymore yeah so instead of getting items normally you need to pick up consumable items off the ground with your bag and then craft them together to make the items i guess were just every single aaa game releasing nowadays im waiting for you guys to laugh i havent heard that one before yeah if you couldnt already tell tainted kane is easily one of the most advanced new characters added to the game i especially like how eventually you start learning what certain consumable combos will get you so you begin to strategize and risk some of the better items because it will guarantee you a better item this combined with the uniqueness makes us one of my favorite characters in the game next tainted eve oh i like me some tainted eve so this version of eve starts off with three hearts and also has a usable item in her pill slot now you may be wondering what it does but while you were sitting there playing with your fat  __  man tits like the gamer you are yeah so tainted eve has the unique mechanic where health slowly lowers as you play however the health she had goes into spawning what i like to call the boys Music if youre a little  __  and dont like hanging out with the boys then you can get rid of them with your active item but  __  you if you do that you can even keep regenerating the boys with more red hearts that you pick up and spirit hearts and bone hearts and black hearts all the  __  hearts were were gaming with the boys tonight are you seriously watching porn by yourself nah im with my this new strategy for playing the game combined with the power of the working class makes tainted eve one of my favorite characters in the game do you see the pattern yet next tainted judas is just virgil hes the exact same as normal judas but he has a judgment cut that reacts on more enemies he hit its just  __  rat unlock him first hes  __  hes easy next the last tainted character i feel like talking about right now is tainted willeth instead of having incubus follow around and be how you shoot you instead have a half melee half projectile shooting fetus attack that sports out of liliths stomach its one of the most disgusting things i have yet to see in this game and i kinda  __  love it the thing i really love about this character is that shes actually pretty easy early four enemies die in one hit from the flying fetus and by the time you get to later floors youll be doing insane damage with only a few upgrades she plays a lot like a zazo in this way if you are new to the game i would definitely start by trying to unlock tainted willith and with that tainted willweth is obviously one of my favorite characters in the game Music so yeah i basically love all the new tainted characters that ive played so far as im writing this ive unlocked some more characters like tainted bethany taints of gloss tainted greed who are also very fun all these new characters alone could supplement a new game let alone an extra mode in an expansion pumped full of new content music graphics enemies  __  everything you can think of the tainted characters literally make this one of the most intricate and expansive expansions i have frankly seen ive ever seen is what i meant to say damn it the biggest problems i had with afterbirth plus when it released was that it felt like a lazy attempt to boost the amount of content in the game while also seeming to be a spiteful cynical experience that only had the one goal of  __  with its core fans it frustrated me to no end and it almost made me give up on the entire franchise i never played bumbo never touched the card game and i considered all those hours of me playing the original rebirth a waste of time the biggest thing i can say about repentance is that it actually made me give a  __  about isaac again you can tell so much heart and soul from the entire development team was poured into it the addition of people who were actually die hard fans of the original game was easily the greatest idea they could have had if any of you out there that worked on this game watch this video except tyrone  __  you you racist  __  i just want to say congratulations like seriously congratulations to succeeding where the last expansion failed you guys took the complaints that people had to heart and spun that into creating a genuinely unforgettable experience that restored my faith in the franchise its  __  awesome to see all that hard work genuinely pay off and while this may be the end for rebirth as we know it im glad to say that it ended on a  __  banger of an expansion Music Applause Music you steam workshop epic games The funny green goblin man finally made a second Isaac video. 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