Lucky Stegling Finds A Herd To Call A Family -The Isle Update 6 Gameplay-

Reddit best multiplayer games on steamgames in common steam THE ISLE game oh this is a perfect spawn hi guys and welcome back to the aisle today Im trying to grow a stego what I havent done in a very very long time diets are actually uh bugged I didnt even know that before player zero told me that theyre booked it does explain a lot of things actually it does explained a lot of freaking things and I think they should fix this issue like ASAP so they need to bring out their update 6.5 fairly quickly or just do a fix patch like a small fixed patch to fix the diet issue so yeah the diets are boxed so theyll do the opposite of what you want for example uh bleed resistant diet actually give you burst bleed resistance so yeah apparently best option is two carbs and protein or all protein or all carbs God I need miracle not freaking pumpkins no I wasnt aware of it because as you know I didnt have charm to test the diets oh no its bakkies well if they kill me Im just gonna you know spawn in swamp like its done like baby stegos oh you see lets use it isnt it Music they dont look stickers its all right that was bad spawn um yeah lets go to Southeast I wanna get full uh like sumac diet going on we have so much here by any chance oh yeah we do nice uh there was nothing I could have done there to be completely honest and uh I kind of wanted to get a new spawn anyways Center isnt that good of a place to spot uh but yeah ah its good job buddy you can get it just looking him tried to get it its kind of funny Music hello hello wow Life as a stackling isnt easy its a long long long growth and Im not gonna do it on this video the whole growth nope it takes too long so this is just the start I hope I can catch you at least maybe here oh dear anyways I wanted to be blue and white because you know Finland is my Finland flag stego but yeah sadly I couldnt get there the plates as blue so theyre have to be black oh god oh no Im gonna find anything this Darkness oh holy that scared me oh I have a some kind of idea where I am now I guess after Char pits I should be gonna near there dumb area where is the dam okay so we have found the dam thats good would have been nice oh thank God decklings canned Mountain climb like freaking mountain goats I like and Yeet myself from the cuddle Rock easy peasy no broken bones thats how broken the stacklings are is that Channel that I hear in the distance or is it stego I think maybe they go oh theres three of them where are they oh hello can you try its just going around us oh theyre listening foreign huge balls your clock needs some rest now baby show tiny little good gym hmm right away they start their screaming oh wow hello Music I mean this is really cool isnt it baby can just you know Frolic in the human building its just so good now these guys are way bigger oh thank you MCL thank you youre a very nice person wait what why did we hear that sound theres no buildings here is it bugged hello little one what a waste stupid here what the hell dude there we go dude what what Music foreign dude its just wasting eggs yet another baby hopefully this one is good Music look at the babies look at them oh Music come on babies move Music oh they killed the other baby oops thats a big oops look at this come on guys lets go its a stego line now wheres the baby oh look at it oh blessed its so small and slow oh its trying so hard keep to keep up 35 percent nice come on Derek its so peaceful that its maybe too peaceful uh uh goes out there are a lot of flowers grow up and go for pumpkin uh okay Music yeah that is very true but Im faster than them okay see you thank you for everything ah Music yeah I know I know Music okay I can take the blade its some ride yeah Im worried about Donna hes smaller and somebody could a friendly fire foreign Music oh look at this a little baby group Music oh thank you guys it was pleasure to play with you okay guys this is it for this video I hope you enjoyed if you did leave a like that helps a lot if youre not subscribed please consider subscribing it is completely free thanks for watching see you on the next one and my mind conair travel steamer After rough start I bump into stego herd that adopts me and the family starts to grow. Thank you all the stegos that played with me, was fun to hang out with you all.Join as Youtube member and get VIP Producer title and your name mentioned in the start of the video! Join my Dirscord and tell me you have joined and you will get VIP role in there! My PC specs: Legion T7 i9-10900K CPU 32GB RAM GeForce RTX 3080 GPU Monitors: MSI Optix G27C4 & AOC 2260 Join my Discord Laacers Finnish Hell : YouTube Sub here: Follow me on Facebook: Follow me on Twitter: Help and support: #theisleevrima #laacer #dinosaurs what games can you play on steam how to link games to steam steamed milk bun boxing games on steam lady bug steam cleaner