Isle of Paradise Tanning Drops Review! Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops- Light, Medium & Dark

Can i buy steam games from another countrysteam game id THE ISLE review guys welcome back to my channel or welcome if you are new here and if thats the case im really glad to have you here for todays video were gonna be doing a review and demo of the isle of paradise self-tanning drops i showed you guys these in my february favorites video that i posted very recently ill link below if you havent seen that yet but so many of you asked for a separate dedicated review on isle of paradise straps to show you how to apply them the whole experience before and after so that is exactly what were going to be doing here today and i do have all three of their shades light medium and dark and i will show you all of them after so that you can see how they compare and hopefully figure out which one you would like the best for yourself so if you want to hear my thoughts on isle of paradise self tanning drops and figure out the best color for you you have come to the right spot were gonna jump right into that before we do if you are new here my names abby and im obsessed with all things beauty so whether that is reviewing new products like this and sharing them with you guys or just researching skincare and hair care like a complete nerd and sharing everything that i find i love to do all those things and if thats of interest to you dont forget to subscribe to my channel and give this video a thumbs up those things also really help to support me and make sure that my videos are recommended to others so thank you so much for doing that also make sure to go follow me on instagram and tick tock username is right here its abby young on all of my platforms and that is everything so lets jump into this video before we jump into it these products were sent to me by isle of paradise but there was no requirement to post a video for them no money exchange so this video was not sponsored just got some product and pr from them so thank you very much them for sending these over but you guys know that does not influence my thought on a product ever it just makes it easier for me to upload more videos for you guys all right lets quickly talk about some product details before we actually apply them so that we know what to expect so i have their website pulled up here again they are called their self tanning drops they say theyre vegan friendly cruelty free organic and for the face and body they have one fluid ounce of product in these bottles and they retail for 29 on their website what else do they say again suitable for both face and body that they have coconut chia seed and avocado oil in them they can be mixed with oil serum moisturizer and even foundation and the more that you drop or the more drops that you add the more you glow or the darker that you get and again they have three different shades available so they have light thats dark medium and dark and apparently theres something slightly different going on with the ingredients in each of these at least thats what the brand claims so for the light self tan drops they say they have a peach color correcting active to brighten the skin and create perfect light sun-kissed glow this is ideal for anyone who is new to tanning or paler skin tones that would prefer a lighter glow the medium drops say that they have green color correcting actives to cancel red tones and give the perfect medium golden tan this shade is their best seller they say its universally flattering and enhances all skin tones and then the dark drops say they have violet color correcting actives to give the ultimate dark bronze this works perfectly on darker skin tones or for anyone looking for a deeper tan and im obviously not a chemist so im not developing self tanners i dont know what the difference would be between those color correcting actives and how much of that is actually true versus them just being different shades at the end of the day ive of course tried all of these and can say that they definitely do develop to different levels of depth or darkness but thats probably as far as i would go i dont know that i noticed any difference as far as the peach versus green versus violet but maybe you guys will feel differently when i show you the after clips and then last thing i wanted to bring up about the ingredients in these is actually why i choose to not apply them to the skin on my face so i know im asked a lot all the time actually what self tanner i use on my face probably just because of how much i talk about self tanner and i dont apply any self tanner to my face because i still have yet to find one that is fragrance and essential oil free including these as well so they do have several different forms of essential oils like grapefruit peel peppermint oil eucalyptus leaf oil sage oil synthetic added fragrance and again while that doesnt irritate the skin on my body something like this would really really sting and burn and give me that hot fleshy face that is no fun to deal with so thats just a personal choice for me you can absolutely apply these to the face if you would like to and if those ingredients dont cause sensitivity for you go for it but i just personally dont all right now lets jump into application and before and after so ill just show you guys right here how nice and pasty and frosty looking i am before for reference oh man im so pale naturally it is the worst i think my brother beats me but otherwise i am the palest in my family like my youngest sister libby shes probably five shades darker than me i swear its not fair all right im pulling up my tan tracker here yes i literally made a note in my phone called tan tracker so that i wouldnt forget details like this because im going to be doing another self tan showdown soon stay tuned for that but i needed to make sure that i really remembered everything that i did for these reviews so im consulting my tan tracker so i applied 16 drops of this in total and i will break down in a second how many i apply to different sections of my body but i know that they said 2 to 12 max keep in mind im almost 5 foot 11 so i definitely have more body than the average person to cover so whenever i see things like that i do know that i typically need to add a little bit more in order to get the even depth of color that i want so here is how i broke this down i applied three drops to each leg three drops total to both of my arms so one and a half drops per arm two drops for my mid to lower back one drop for my upper back and then pulling that forward to my shoulders then i applied two drops to my stomach two more drops for my decollete area so chest neck front of shoulders so i just took my vanna cream light lotion that ive been using on the body and used that to mix with these drops i think that that was a really really nice lotion to pair with these because it is a little bit lighter weight and easier to mix you guys may know that my favorite favorite favorite body moisturizer for self tanner is the cetaphil moisturizing cream its thick its it feels so so good but its not too heavy to where its gross and greasy and sticky its perfect and it really helps to preserve my tans but for something like this i would recommend using a lotion thats a little bit lighter weight than that because its a lot easier to mix together and spread evenly on the body so that you dont end up with a splotchy mess which is what happened to me once when i tried to use that cetaphil cream and then a couple other things about the actual application process aside from the number of drops that i would definitely recommend thinking about is number one just focusing on major sections of your body separately one at a time versus trying to do this all at once because if you do that its really easy to either use too much product or an uneven amount of product so maybe youll have too much on your arms and not enough on your legs and have really uneven colors so i just focused on first my stomach than my arms that my legs and did all those separately so i would apply the amount of lotion that i needed for just that section use the number of drops that i felt that i needed based on the size of the section and then apply like that and that really helped make sure that i got nice even color and then the other thing again is that you do really want to make sure youre being precise with this so i was very very careful about where i was applying this and was really paying attention to where that lotion was going to make sure that there was nothing left dry on any part of my body so just be really mindful of that really pay attention make sure that youre not missing any spots because that is something that could be really easy to do as well without really noticing it at first so here is what the light shade looks like after applying i think it developed to a really nice subtle color definitely not dark enough for me to want to use again with that amount of color i would definitely use more drops because if im applying self-tanner i want to look tanner than that otherwise its like what is the point i might as well just stay tan so if youre even more fair than me i think that this could be a really great option or what you could do with it if you really like something thats lighter and more natural if you are tasty like me but you want it a little bit darker is to just use more drops but again still be careful with application and really make sure that you are evenly applying this all over the body okay now lets jump over to the medium shade so again i applied this in the same way that i did for the light shade and as far as the depth of color i think that this is my perfect winter time self tan shade because its not as obvious that i have self tanner on i mean it still is obvious for those that know me really well and know how pale i am but its not so dark that it looks like i just came back from vacation or ive been in a self-tanning bed not doing that you know what i mean versus in the summer if im wearing a really dark self-tanner i feel like thats less obvious because everyones getting a sun-kissed glow and here in minnesota im not getting a tan in the winter and everyone knows that so i really like the medium shade for that winter time early spring late fall i think its really really nice and again the color developed nice and evenly i didnt have any concerns with splotchiness i think it looked really really good and finally the dark shade again no changes here to how i apply this but this gets so so nice and dark which i love for the summer because again i do not lay out in the sun at all so i just always feel more comfortable in the summer in short shorts or a swimsuit with a little bit of a tan again thats just me personally of course im not saying theres anything wrong with just rocking your natural skin tone i wish that i felt comfortable doing that but i am not there yet maybe someday not yet so this helps me i just love a good tan you guys okay so now that you guys have actually seen all three of the colors in action lets wrap up with some of the other things that i always like to go over for myself tan reviews like smell and how well they fade and how long they last so ease of application so easy 10 out of 10 5 stars in my opinion if youre used to applying self tanner with a mitt its just a little bit of a learning curve at first but once you do it one time and you feel comfortable with it i think its less of a hassle than applying self tanner with a color guard and a mitt and then youre walking around all day like this and shorts and a t-shirt trying not to get yourself tanner on anything else i just hate that so this is my personal favorite self-tanner application process yet out of any self-tanner that ive tried unfortunately though this is definitely not free of that self-tanner stink or self-tanner b.o like i like to call it so it does smell while its developing and for me you can still kind of smell it the next day even after you rinse it off its not until the second day that i feel its fully gone and no lingering stink is hanging around i will say that its not nearly as intense as some other self-tanners that ive tried so definitely not the worst of the worst when it comes to the smell but its not one that is free of self-tanner bo unfortunately but aside from that i actually think everything else is a positive too so it lasts a good six to seven days on me which is pretty standard for self tanner the only self tanner i think that i have tried that lasted significantly longer was the cocoa and eve self tanner and i will list my review in my description box below on that product if you havent seen that yet that was lasted so long was so so dark thats a fun self tanner but a good six to seven days with this product and it also fades really really well so ill show you guys here i believe this was on day six after wearing the medium self tan drops obviously you can tell the color is not nearly as dark but its fading so nicely theres no splotchiness or streakiness and that is definitely something that i have issue with with other popular self tanners like loving tan for example that starts to streak so weird on me in my arm region here i dont know why oh and then last thing that i almost forgot before we wrap this up is that these do not stain or transfer for me onto sheets or clothes i know a lot of people hate that myself included and thankfully because these dont have a color guard youre not gonna wake up with a gross self tan stain on the bed and that is officially everything that i wanted to cover for this review so i would definitely recommend isle of paradise straps i think no matter what color you go with depending on your skin tone and what youre trying to achieve i dont think you can go wrong but overall its such a no hassle way to get a nice self tan on unlike the hassle of some other self tanners so would definitely recommend for that reason if you just cant be bothered with the mousse and the mitt let me know in the comments below if you have tried these drops already and what your thoughts are on them or if youre interested in trying them now after watching this video if so i will list all three of these shades in my description box below and let me know is there a different self tanner youre using right now that youre obsessed with or a self-tanner you want me to showcase in my next self-tan showdown im open to it let me know and again if you did enjoy this video please dont forget to subscribe to my channel give this video a thumbs up and send my channel to a friend thank you so much for your support and for doing that it seriously means so much but other than that my next video will be up in a few days so stay tuned for that and until then i hope you have a great few days you best psychological horror games on steam ✖ FIND ME:□ Instagram: Tik Tok: □ Business Inquiries Only: ✖ MY MERCH & LIGHTROOM PRESET FILTERS: ✖ SHOP MY FAVES & SAVE: □ Shop My Beauty 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