¿Que edicion de THE LAST OF US REMAKE me compro? || Ediciones y versiones del juego

Top free fps games on steamsteam hide game from profile THE LAST OF US™ PART I - UPGRADE TO DIGITAL DELUXE EDITION steam How about people welcome to my messis channel you come to everyone to a new video about the remake of the last of us part 1 as always people in this video I am going to explain all the editions of this game the difference the content the price and we are going to talk in detail about some things the point of this video, as always, is to clarify what content each edition has to avoid confusion and that people do not end up regretting one edition or another, maybe make this video because on the pages, according to official sources, in quotes They are making a mistake when giving this information, so I am going to base myself on the page of the playstation store to clarify some things before talking about the editions, I want to clarify something very important and that is that this game will only be released for playstation 5, it will also be released for plague, but The date is not yet confirmed, although sooner or later it will come out for PC, the people of Playstation 4 will have to put up with it because this game will not or it will come out for the older generation so once these two things are clarified lets go with the first edition which is the edition this this edition people has a price of 70 dollars it can be obtained physically and digitally this edition only has two contents the first It is obviously the game and the second thing is the dlc left behind and if this edition has its dlc and so keep it in mind because as I say on several pages there is a lot of false information they even say that this standard edition will not contain the dlc of him so if we go to the playstation store here it says two contents the game and the previous chapter of the left behind so once this is clarified lets go with the next edition which is the digital deluxe edition this edition only as its says name can be obtained digitally and has a price of 80 dollars well the first content is obviously the game the second content is the lcd and left behind and all the con Whats left of this edition are basically upgrades for weapons and your skills from the moment you start the game you will have more chance to find tools to improve your skills and weapons apart from that you will have six weapon skins which are basically skins so to speak you will also have the career mode this career mode tells you the time in which you have completed the story mode or completed a chapter and the most remarkable thing in this digital edition are the explosive arrows if we notice or if we remember in the last of us part 1 there were no explosive arrows until part 2 so in this remake there will be explosive arrows fine now lets go with the latest edition that the addition fireflies or the fireflies edition and we want to say it in Spanish this edition can only be found in physical and digital this edition does not exist the contents of this edition is basically all the contents of the edition are give and the digital edition that is to say the game comes to you the one with lcd and the improvements of the weapons the career mode the skins for random and the explosive arrows apart from that you also get the comics of america greens that as I say these comics too They are physical and the most remarkable thing about this edition is that the still book comes to you for people who do not know that it is a book style, basically it is the box where you keep the game, only if we realize the art of this box is very different from the standard edition or the digital edition, apart from the fact that this box is metallic, something that the standard edition or the digital edition does not have, the price of this firefly edition is 100 dollars and one thing that I want to clarify is that this edition is already sold out in the United States, so when it is released in Latin America or Spain, be very attentive because I am very sure that it will be sold out in a very short time. The easiest way to buy this edition is to ask spreading in a video game store in your country or also by amazon but it is very possible that amazon is the first platform where this edition is sold out so as I say I recommend being very and good people this has been all how can you realize it is a very very long video but very necessary because I wanted to clarify a few things about this edition so I hope you liked this video and above all I hope it has been useful to you which is the important thing if so I invite you to give it a big like now that personally helps me a lot and also if you want to see more content from last of us or from some other game talking about editions I invite you to subscribe so while this has been all for me as I say always take care of yourselves a lot of play and we see you next time bye how to repair game in steam Hola Bienvenido a un nuevo vídeo. 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