The next big VR game!!! The Light Brigade, Let us pray

Picture of steam gift cardwhy was the steam engine important THE LIGHT BRIGADE game hey guys welcome back to the channel its Holy Frijoles here real excited Light Brigade just released today I woke up at nine in the morning hoping to start playing right away um but I had to wait for it to release and and here it is let us pray Im real excited I am re its a roguelite game I I played a little bit of ancient dungeons VR roguelike games are so much fun but what Im told is if youre a fan of Dark Souls youll be a fan of this game now people might give me some grief for saying that because obviously theres guns in this but oh the world lays in Ruins cast in The Shadow by mans grasp for power press a or something oh okay Music The Souls of the Fallen now tethered beneath our feet weaken the sun to an eternal Twilight Music the Light Brigade remains Humanitys Last Hope a flame blowing in the wind well yeah apparently I think the only reason they compared it to Dark Souls is in terms of challenge its supposed to be pretty challenging so Im looking forward to that father ventured to Uncharted depths to return balance to the world so yeah you could do things like different attachments for guns and whatnot which looks really cool but it may be too late without you I fear we are lost real excited Im just grinding this game all day today now that doesnt mean Im gonna upload one big like 10 hour video Im gonna cup chop it up and do some editing but taking purifieds those purification tries to progress your class rank also uh for those of you that have seen my other videos you know that I broke my arm I had it at a 90 degree cast but now I just went to the doctor earlier today and uh its just a regular cast on my forearm now so I have full bending capabilities of my right arm again which just in time because this game came out okay already loving the art style this is cool it has a bit of a comic book feel the art style like uh like that other game I play Lies Beneath check that out have a playlist on my channel foreign oh okay thats how its supposed to be up nope snap turning dont like that foreign oh yeah its physics-based gun play use the crypto remote grab when you see that thats her animal magazine into the magazine receiver foreign what is this can I open this this is just boxes oh cool foreign this is dope this is really cool lets see if I could one hand shot lets see it oh okay okay I dont think it told me how to do that or maybe I just didnt read but boom so well just well just finish using these rounds here I guess this is awesome real cool stirred oh  __  oh oh whoa Music Applause Music oh its a weird looking gun foreign I think its not that knowledgeable on firearms cannot store can I okay cant store these so ah okay Im gonna love dual wielding let us pray the Light Brigade oh Im excited hey whats going on man how you doing you made it to the last Temple youll want to talk to Mother okay thanks for the tip all right all right all right wheres Mother where is where are you now mother hello I want to explore you know what lets just lets just lets get to the tutorial stuff then well take a look around what is this are you mother you must be weary from your travels but there was no time to rest let us pray all right yeah listen listen prayer comes first prayer is important oh my God you the ancient Soul you heard my plea oh lets go achievement then encroaching Darkness now that you have arrived I fear it less can I stop praying now Into the Depths you will go as many times as it takes to save us okay Music you must Venture underground and release the Trap Souls quickly to the owls chamber may you walk in the Suns light okay what what is that oh yeah um collect your equipment then enter the house chamber alright listen dont tell me how to live my life all right I I could I could Point At You okay dont tell me how to live my life how many how many rounds can I oh I guess that answers that pick any of this up wait oh money thats money okay cool foreign my right elbow is a little stiff if you were ever having trouble press check the help guide Music hey how you doing me my turn will come sooner soon Im sure pray to activate Music son I do this for you the sun whoa thats cool generating new Battleground okay so I know its procedurally procedurally generated dungeons this ones Gonna Be An Old Forest so I wonder if theres like a certain amount or if its just theres just infinite amounts of different variations okay Old Forest one this is beautiful thats cool is that a dog yo oh man theres already mad enemies off the rip oh all right all right Im in love I am in love with this game wait turn your wrist to see stats and resources dont know what any of this stuff means thats the battle music gas operated semi-automatic rifles suitable for short and long range engagements all right so you move slower when youre cool cool Im really liking this this gives me this gives me Zelda vibes its breaking open pots for Stuff medkit okay more monies money money money money money money call me Mr Krabs cause Im All About The Money Deployable field decoy I dont what are you oh I dont believe theres running but this is a good Pace to walk at in my opinion oh this art style is gorgeous now mind you Im on the Oculus Quest too so obviously its not the best graphics but still and look at that I believe thats the frame rate I believe where it loads and the stuff in the back thats pretty cool I like that now I wonder how big the dungeons are what is this grab one of these cards with grip to examine it Sons embrace Suns embraced for Plus 450. enemies take plus 500 milliseconds longer to take any of their target interesting nearby enemies are marked with Suns Embrace and take an additional plus four physical damage close five percent chance to ignore any incoming damage you know I want that if you want this card question thank you so is this a permanent buff I guess well find out what hello is that another player previous is a single player game but its like darks oh well thats no Alden ring is a game Im thinking of where you can see like silhouettes of other characters I think Dark Souls does that too holy shoot dude thats its yo yo hello can you hear me youve earned blessed in the light oh youve earned blessed in the Light Brigade what what is damn it what does that do though is that like where someone died that I like just forgive them for their sins or something is it a sin to fail this is really cool money money money whoa thats ominous Im looking for oh area clear is that really it ah anything left to loot so Im scratching my face its not all right area cleared can I like can I use these theyre like corrupted oh theres theres recoil there is recoil okay so is that it I if if that soul I saw was a player that died I damn like this is really easy hold hand near the hand thing to purify collected souls and improve your rank thank you I think I just leveled up awesome awesome I know theres different classes so far the riflemans pretty dope I think its official Im just gonna make that one every time I pray it to my best friend because hed be making that noise thats why I got the idea from oh Im yeah Im grinding this game all freaking day its this is all Im doing today my fiance is going to be watching her Spanish soap operas and working on her painting so I know shes chilling oh wait oh I like this were not its not done yet okay I like this right into the action I guess tutorial is over someone died over here Im starting to think maybe its not someone that died and something else can I turn on these fires no I guess not you know what to conserve ammo Im gonna use that gun even though I have a lot of ammo oh what youve earned first Revival oh youve earned stop hitting yourself hold on hold on you die that quickly oh and if I want to collect my lost souls oh my God so if you die you gotta this is oh my God this is tough this is tough this is tough I see why people die now trying to talk  __  oh my God you died what so you get one chance to come back and collect his okay this game is tough Im loving it before war broke out we knew a time of peace and prosperity those days are now remembered as the silent years leveling up your rank allows you to unlock new weapons magic and other benefits so this is one of those games unless youre a Savage with your aim its going to take a few fails to actually get better okay heres our gunsmith Samson has returned well its about time oh Samson is a veteran of the holy war very capable man go to him a holy war Sees what Im saying we got to get rid of Dogma thats all Im saying let us pray oh wait let me let me in the name of the Father the Son no Im just joking Music do not fear for I shall be with you listen you were just standing here get out of here with that wheres our gunsmith ah the Smithy hello welcome brother hello brother oh do I want to upgrade the magic wand Music what does prayer do does it heal me I want the magic wand unlock improved spell weapon oh my God Music all right throws a condensed ball of enema that splits and targets enemies okay can I close this welcome brother so its like grenades some time to get used okay okay so thats where I put my wand hey youve earned hiker hiker do I not have a rifle anymore oh you lose everything when you die all right Music and this doesnt have ammo or truck all right lets do it next run although maybe I could end the episode here and then you know start another one how many must walk down this path William you you could get up and you know do some of the work you know what whatever William um all right guys were gonna end the video here if you enjoyed watching smash that like button hopefully Ill catch you guys next time only if you hold us out peace steamed conch This game is a must buy for roguelite fans and souls game fans! I have give it a 10/10 its a fun challenge, interesting and various boss fights, great art style and no bugs as far as Ive seen with a fun and easy to learn progression system. For a VR game it has depth and lots of replay ability for a solid price. WELL WORTH IT! can you sell steam games back steam inventory price checker games under 15 steam steam header best soccer games steam