2 Total War: WARHAMMER II (Ikit Claw - Clan Skryre) - Prophet & the Warlock w/ SurrealBeliefs

Steam you already own this gamerepair games on steam TOTAL WAR: WARHAMMER II - THE PROPHET & THE WARLOCK steam hello everyone my name is the real beliefs and welcome back to our it could contain if youre getting ready to see a nuclear catastrophe youre in the right campaign for Laura were gonna talk about the dooms fear later on but now I need to move back Ive got to patch up a ticket wall right over here then can I forget to leave a like and comment down below if you would like to see more tomorrow okay Icahn lets get ready time for you to replenish and over here Ive got my time abroad Brahma the read the research Im gonna pick up my plans right now to generate one more food I would like to be able to have a surplus of food in the future Ive got a decent amount of money I wonder what diplomacy I could get my little rat hands on vampire coast do you like me at all or II use for my crew dont say Im gonna go to the Fed for you a non-aggression pact Ive got a lot of non-aggression pacts and I feel like Ill use my doom is fear to blow up some major city belonging to the Lizard Men there we go if I want you more gold for me and more work stone lets in their turn now here we go again the reason why I really enjoyed the vortex campaign outside of all the detail beyond the old world is it that you have very fast turn times to that way youre able to get right into the action Luther why are you coming over here you crazy crazy undead man Code Red Itza you would like gold from me I think not if you want to fight we can do that too Ill take care of you in a minute yeah well be gonna talk about Laura on our following turn provided theres no interruptions Itza okay by research more technology lets see here okay - no Ive already done Sara thank you for that sneak 500 gold has been given to me Ive got to complete a ritual again were not gonna focus on that until the very end we dont need to what about now if I pick you up harsh production quotas Ill gain ten more growth and my recruitment costs - Forrest giving slaves and clean Reginas will go down by 5% sounds like a pretty good deal to me and its for my rats over here where are we gonna go well I would like to you to go breathe building that tough okay well come back over here to replenish for a time hey routine public order thirteen is ping the unholy or holy number however youve you it for the scheming minus one for public order over here to the east not bad what else do I want a good trade treaty that you wont do it Id like to check whenever I can Im still making plenty of money what about over here what do I want to build it Im building deeper tunnels I think I want more food - Ill take it scavenger ward nod bones and scraps of cloth is all the remains of those caught in the path of escape and scavenge raid no kidding okay if I pick you up Ill gain 200 more income but my food will go down well I dont want that and over here no Ill keep it a Tier one yeah that is what Ill do I dont want them to find me if I can help it theyll destroy me okay its time for me to end my turn again theres not too much for me to do not yet but a change in time yeah you dont really have too much to recruit not yet Ive got to upgrade a few locations before I can worry about that so were gonna talk about the doom spear like a claw is always looking for new ways to blow up his minions and his enemies - as I mentioned before with his addition I it really feels like things are drawing closer to a world war two level of Technology especially with the doom sphere the equivalent of a fantasy atomic bomb his first attempts to make this was when he rated the holds of crack a track hoping to capture their engineers master engineer cleric a bronze hammer slowed him down though well go over his quote about how he felt about that dooms fear whenever we get to our following turn because again vortex is rather quick with our turn times which I love right thanks you populate a new town Ive got the money and I do have the food too there we go I now have another province that fully belongs to me yeah sure I could use more growth and at cheaper buildings dont mind if I do all right its here too so where Ill take that what else do I want that would be timber untainted plus one I could use a recruitment location theres really only so much I can take while Im out here I could use some ranged units sure what else could I use more income youre right about that yeah Im gonna take that instead for now give me more income that would give me more replenishment more growth right well take that well youre only giving me 50 teeth right now you know what Ill build you a tier 3 instead Im gonna pick up my rattling warnings there we go all right control a control m to combine but I have I could get rid of one Skaven slave unit you know what I probably should get rid of a few of them Ive got way too many as it is right now Ill get rid of three of you because I can only recruit three locally only because I want a few Spears instead that anti large can be quite handy for providing some mounted lizard-men units now were gonna end our turn once more as we need to gain more food thats why to me its very important to have this quick inserts in case we need to just get to the next one anyway acquit from a cleric bronze hammer I saw the thing with my own eyes a great warm of Steel the size of a steamship and packed with raw weird stone or warp stone it could claw constructed his weird stone bomb over the fault running beneath barraco Azul if he had been able to unleash the power of his weapon he could have precipitated an earthquake the likes of which no dwarf has seen since the time of Lowes yeah theres a period of time when the Lizard Men shifted tectonic plates and it that caused earthquakes all over the world a new mission completed and very nice okay thousand more gold for me mission issued alright Ive already issued my commandment and over here you would like for me to capture and to occupy the altar of the border drat I would need to fight my own kind which is okay for me a new right has been unlocked provoke the brood mothers have them breed breed which is really great sunny we will flood the overworld with our bodies yes yes I dont like that description very much admittedly if I take you now I lose a lot of money but I get more food and growth for 5 turns in addition to public order I dont think about it give me a moment Im gonna take a nest in nursery I dont know how I feel about talking about rats breeding that much ok youre about done much longer until I can get you to tier 2 one more turn that Ill need to wait for more turns to turn it into a occupied elven colony its a lot of income I like it alright what function am I gonna fight the Federation well lets go look at clean spit Oh again they want me to kill you Im okay with it luckily infested what are you doing okay he finally said words all I heard was like gas exhaust and vampire clothes no trade alright well Im gonna stop trying to engage in treaties for now itza would be a huge pain to try to take thinking out my neighbor escaping would be much easier I could try to go after you know who the lizard men yeah its an idea Ill think about it lets in their turn I mean Ill keep on improving the quality of my units as much as I can in order to make more money and I could instead build my under Empire Ill need a good agent for that I have a good agent for that yeah you know what I think I will Ive got gold Im gonna send him out to eat so that way if we want to build a do severe in the future I will be able to afford it for quite some time but maybe in the future anyway it was beneath the caves of Caracas all that he was able to make his first true prototype cleric came by into instructed him once again this time it can activated the machine but it broke apart and exploded though not as well as he had hoped another one completed oh there is my income for three turns it goes down by 10% its unfortunate but nothing to serving alright you are currently level 5 Im gonna give you triangulation or actually increase mobility lets come over here and find out what is going on in the world what else do I want while Im out here well you get to upgrade very good thank that that is why I wanted to save my money and well be able to pick up a warp stone tractor beam thatll give me income winds have match power of food it bigger research rates oh look at that I can recruit rattling gun weapons team or pluck Giselles and a work fire through our weapons team I want all of it all of it man ok here now I should be able to take quite so but look at that they own quite a few locations itza is really the one that I want to look at I would love to develop something over there as taking it its gonna be rather challenging for me it wont be easy not even a little bit ok whats happening over here the blood swamps I finally built my tunnels theres a decent chance to find me but hopefully thatll stay fairly minimal I dont want to upgrade that for now and so maybe I change it just a bit Im gaining a little bit of income from that one location which is all that really matters to me so lets in their turn once more after years of work he made another bomb another Dumas fear he went to the dwarf hold of Karachi anga cool and stole clerics new-and-improved metal alloy called the rise hunk call rock like a parent interrupting some sexy time once again fold his efforts to make him deduce fear but if he did wed have nuclear issues war hammer which is about right yeah things got a little bit strange and that sounds pretty normal for Warhammer so we have not had a battle yet we will Ive had to prepare for a new war one that Im not sure if Im ready for as will be fighting Lizard Men okay set examples more leadership for everything I would assume sure Ill take that as I would like to get more of a campaign movement range getting that early on can be quite advantageous okay come over here I hope youre ready I know I am itll be missing one unit but that is okay lets go into battle they have no allies other than what they have here oh god hold on if I do that how many armies two SECs yeah this should be fun lets go in I just wanted to be sure they werent both I wonder if he could reach me in one turn that could be bad really bad for me okay well need to fight the battle odd I wont have a choice unfortunately oh good I dont have to use any of my food for that Ill just be able to pause issues thank you scheming corruption going down you will build to reach me in one turn good good Rons cant do much either Ill have to wait for my new units alright I believe we are now ready for a battle lets go in whats up Im here for you theyve got cold wind riders thankfully Ive got my special units and Ill be able to take down their own specialty units like theyre mounted cold ones the cold ones will be dangerous mice cave and slaves will die quickly but theyre meant to thats really their job if you can buff up your slaves and use them as your frontline fodder you can have a great time oh heres another creative named cat pillar mmm that is I wonder if hes able to use Harden all right begin deployment Ill catch him like a weird version of Pokemon its gaben mod all rights gave it over here Ive got my Spears on my right and left flanks thats really why Im not that strong Im using a lot of cheap units but anyway were blocks that want you over here paddling gun you know what to do Finn flares youll wait Ill use you later okay Ive got a few more clean rats and finally weve got it could claw whos ready for a pretty big battle big because Im here not because of what they have okay Giselles lets go after the cold ones I mean really what would be a better unit to kill and a bunch of cold ones as for my guns Id like for them to move up a bit I think its gonna make some space for them right try that out Im gonna move all of you to waiting hell take your place later but for now hell kill some Giselles oh here they come slaves go in you can do it I believe here I dont want you to move right now dont do it it took a minute but now we have it I could Giselles keep on attacking well attack over here ooh and all of you go after their range units - I like that idea lets go in and attack its time Im gonna bring in some more rats to go attack right now you two come over here need to move you come over here my Gunners will destroy them I hope lets go after more of them gonna bring in some of my special abilities if my board the user numbers - you better use your numbers you dont use your numbers youre not a true scammer this half of you will be protruding anyway I love hearing this guns go off look at them go theyre already just destroying everyone 49 missile damage thats really what makes him very dangerous already Im taking out there cold once-feared riders and make sure they have some kills but who cares who truly does care oh hi there can I help you Im gonna fight me very well well why dont you go after their leader and help me out what other Skaven will come in to help me take out a bunch of skink cohorts but I need to slow down so much Julie I dont believe we do I dont want you to move stay where youre at youll come in youll go charge after other enemies who are coming around me okay doom flares I believe you see too much have I I really no keep on chasing a few more lets put some round a bunch of stories warriors Im gonna see some of you over here - heard it that skink cohort group oh my God my Giselles already took out that scar veteran thats gonna take long at all lets give my units a new target now lets go after a few sorrys warriors if were able to oh no no sorry that was my rattling gun weapons team I was also attacking so are my Giselles my Giselles will go after who then they have incredible range you can hit whatever I want them to hit over here as for my weapons team you could come over here instead I cannot believe Im using those words in a warrior game incredible all right come to kill a few more soros unit stars units art great hows it be careful itll be routine get them right from behind and keep on moving you can do it I believe in you lets go heard them away eventually theyll break my do players can help you out to there go after them well take care of it its only a garrison so Im not too worried about them I could use my howling work gal to keep them in place its pretty far away Ill try it anyway Ill check that out right from behind I dont care what type of army you have at that point youre done they killed 150 though hey good for them okay now while theyre running lets shoot them more yeah there we go okay doom players time for you to go after those pink cohorts will destroy them reddit it dont worry about that put a few more on the right plane to take care of lets go over here eventually well catch him actually you know what your cells dont hit them I think you can do it thats further source warriors they plug in at 200 thats why Im gonna watch out for the pill army where I might go to do some damage but it can do a lot to me gonna pause that group of you in weve got a lot of ammo left to do that if he kills for each of them theyre just matching up tit for tat its like they have a competition going on who can kill more I wonder Jeezy yet thats a shame oK weve won we can leave now lets get out of here another decisive victory for our team we lost a 500 they lost 247 largely due to their warriors if Im able to flank their warriors we can do a lot of damage thatll be my goal take out everything that isnt able to tear right through my ranks and then shoot them up Ill want more ranged units like that I think my only range units i won or not slings but rather Gunners of some sorts they might not be cheap but thatll be great to have anybody really alright I dont need too much food unfortunately I could just expand my under Empire and play defensively thats another idea you could erase it for to food I could gain 2,000 Ill take you for money yeah okay I have my warrants and what about you you have levelled up again Im gonna give you more armor and magic resistance yeah why not I mean beyond that I would like to bump up my clan rats or even give more ammo to my range units theyll have more damage if I keep on upgrading my engineering skill but before the doom will end in flare units in my catapults cannons to now Im gonna buff you up Ive got to make you more powerful than ever I take your one slave I think were nearly ready now theyre turning it we go look at my provinces real quick all right what do I want you to build then yeah build one alarm to tunnel we need a bigger garrison if you dont have one that could be bad in the future all right that should do it change it over to more food and more corruption lets in their turn again the Dumas fear a very cool weapon but it takes a lot to get it right rinkie might come after me they may even take their town back thats okay Ill be back for them Ill need to bring in even more numbers to go after them though okay so youre moving into itza what about your other army I dont really know I would love to use my agent to go after their age and if I can be their age and not be great hopefully they cant reach me in one turn thats really my biggest concern can they reach me in one turn I dont rightly know Music okay seventeen years total tell youre sure I had a feeling I wanted to give it a shot anyway what about you youre like marcher because we need it you always need it what about the rest of you two more turns right again its not so much I can pick up but I think what Ill do Brom Im gonna have you come back over to our other lands can I reach him outright I cannot unfortunately what come over here real quick as I would like to you to recruit a few new units suppose I could have you use full recruitment but that does cost a lot more and Im being very cheap here take some escaping slaves for now alright youre nearly filled up I dont know where our mother can amuse her at his army could probably destroy mine so easily that does worry me a lot even if I were to ambush him oh he wouldnt go well alright lets enter trivia thats what Im able to do and that is alright weve now encountered clan pestilence they probably dont like the way that I operate I know I do Im okay with the way that I operate I think its a pretty great way well lets wait for a new turn now to find out what theyre gonna do I have a feeling theyre gonna head out they have no reason to not head out they could easily destroy me I dont blame them for that anyway well have a better perspective in time lets see then no theyre not moving towards me even better okay its time for me to go to eat some time to expand my on your empire and hopefully find out more about them or maybe I can cause some issues over in detail there we go one of warp fuel canister gained a knife - yes I also want to give you more a triangulation arms-dealer for more ammo and these are all really good we need some an army later okay its uh am I gonna give you that would be a lot of food that youll to easily find me I certainly need to find something oh hello yeah these again that would be pretty awesome refinery it would cost a bit sure my upkeep would go down for all armies yeah were gonna to wait for the ones I truly do want I mean I love those so much but I think I want to be able to yeah put my Burroughs itll take me one turn for that a makeshift workshop I cannot build that right itll take me 15 turns total yeah I see I would build that really far behind enemy lines that way I wouldnt have to worry about them that way I could just do it over the long-term its really a project for whatever I have a lot more money more than I have right now okay that would let me do what its gave an army right theyll take a long time to not nearly as long though it would help out a lot if I were to do it some kind of wanting to do it but have to spend some more money it would lose visibility over the region but they would have a hard time finding me murder holes - okay 4,000 its a lot of money but lets do it so I would love to get some type of army inside of the lands and I have a agent over here so we can watch them another faction are you fighting not to mention I want to show you some new mechanics - okay eats up your fighting two factions right now and mange and me thats good agreement they want that down looking we also really likes me lets see what we can do about all that no Im gonna demand a payment of only a little bit of money yeah did it okay we are very friendly now theyre gonna be a great buffer for me over there to the northeast I dont want their lands not really that much thats more money for me so whenever its built we can finally begin to build that new army a new army could help me out a lot and taking itza I dont know what type of army itll be what itll look like but I think thatll be bad okay I want you to recruit more but that can wait now little more turn until we get our tiered three capital and we can end our turn once more were gonna have another battle ugly and not too long I dont know how its gonna play out but well see pretty soon I bet it wont be easy yeah its likely to not be easy if they chose to hit me with all of your power I probably wouldnt be able to stop them Im just gonna be there and probably get destroyed there goes another pirate fleet yeah theyre not bothering me too much okay look at that another mission complete its like keep on turning all my money these missions are fantastic Im glad theyre giving me more and more back to back were at 40 out of 100 lets keep on looking no I dont want that to go up Ill be able to summit in some more rats - very nice whatever heres money or that could be great what about over here now block army please do it again I really like me to not bail because if you could block them we can keep them away from me all right that would be four turns escaping armies summoned up on building completion okay army size and strength can be increased at via technology when the frenzy of murderous hysteria reaches its crescendo making Adak rolling tide of death I shall surge upwards well take it Ill take it so well have 5 turns for that to build up I like it - chill out of here for now this lingers would be nice to have sure but get Im very busy okay that would be obsidian if it gets into tier 3 later Im probably gonna pick up let me think about every quick I could use better infantry I know that I could use much better infantry its only a tier 3 location so I should probably build that up here thats what Im thinking lets get rid of that nest nursery I dont want to build that there all right so if Im able to defend you Ill destroy that instead well change it up a bit yeah Im gonna change it up just a little bit just because Im gonna be careful all right listen can I build up that would help me make a lot more money and for now I need more money because I want to build a build things faster hopefully I wont need the fences over there and Ill be okay and we can hold out and everyone will be able to thrive and survive except my enemies my enemies I will blow up that is my goal destroy my enemies and laugh at them Oh what now what do they all want now I really couldnt tell you there we go now they begin its a move out but if I can get that army up there I wonder what they can do whenever they find it personally I would have liked maybe for a little battle to happen but if I was an odds giving player that would be awful imagine having to fight a battle every time you found some layer of Skaven okay to scheme of doom even that would allow me to blow them up I love that its very cheap too okay theres still not arrange to get tonight I can use a forced march I would very much like to come over here and block you lets try it again finally okay we have another warp canister its about time for me to build another Team Rocket yeah triangulation at level 3 oh man if I could get back to my army well do a lot more damage but so Im not gonna upgrade it yet because I dont know if Im gonna be able to hold you so lets go back to my forbidden works as much as I want to upgrade I need the building team rocket because I dont know whom it builds really when its battle its a lot its a lot for me to fight over here 20 out of 20 thats a very large army if I can blow them up hey Ive got a shot four more turns to go I can actually leave now if I wanted to I could leave let them take what sit back and hopefully destroy youre really burdened their capital well we have money were gonna bring out a doom engineer Im not gonna stop here were not done were gonna keep on going until we blow them all up come on buddy lets go theyll get along with your friends quite well weve had a lot of missions right now yeah theres a lot for me to do I did one hero action hmm no Im not gonna upgrade you not yet my technology Ill be able to move further in for more turns akia thatll be a plus 20% to my campaign movement with my lord ability and at that technology imagine that thats gonna be a huge change Ill be able to do so much more they might be a little bit further out but Ill be able to move in and hit them usually youre like an inch away from your face and it drives me crazy but I wont be hell be just okay all right lets wait back to my turn again oh you still cant reach me not in that stance anyway Im gonna keep on trying to stop him if I can itll have a high chance to do so I felt again its unfortunate all right weve got only how many turns now three more turns to go until its time for that battle get you up its here three what about over here well I need more gold for that if I want to build anything though lets see Im now making more income if I build you up itll take me only to experience well make 10 percent more income think Ill wait so what more of my range units have been get more range units to blow up my enemies I would be out here okay look over here though I also need another Barretts thats what I need it wont build anything more lets wait again Ive got my one doin rocket I want more but Ill take care of that in a little while now were moving on to another new turn Im gonna just have these things to be a little bit faster I think whenever I can change my settings yeah Im gonna do that as much as Id like to know where things are at I dont really have so much laying right now said I shouldnt be too hard for me to do anyway I should build it take care of that it wont be that bad there they are a whole man Im in trouble now okay Ive got my gleaming penance plus war two leadership who will I give that to thats a good question oh good I have a garrison good good good all right I think that we can I take without lowering my oh my god nine nine maybe too many yeah Ill take a little bit time to kill rinkie rinkie I want Itza you dont deserve Itza Im a rat Im a rat and I had rat needs for eats up its a weird phrase a phrase that I never thought I would say a phrase I never want to utter again all right so were looking at the Battle of quite safai ting ring key and many of his source Warriors we had an issue fighting the ones we had before to engage with that was a huge deal so now we have more oh no I dont like that at all okay lets begin deployment my units are Oh interesting map I like this map think I dig Lee remember this map kind of an interesting location isnt it all right lets see here how am I gonna do it well first off Im gonna want to shoot the hell out of them yeah thats fair my slaves will break so quickly Ill have to keep them together they only have strength in numbers I mean literally strength in numbers with all they have oh that will actually narrow down where they can hit me from oh very nice I like that a lot hold on let me build this up there we go hes given slaves youre gonna be my frontlines very good Speirs Im gonna put you kind of maybe like a few like one or two over here Ill put one there just kind of hold out okay as for my teams you know what to do you know where to go Ive got to keep you protected but youre gonna be over here shooting my dude players will be back here my night runners I would love to hide them somewhere like hood it can be difficult because its not a lot of trees out here all right Ill have him run out later to attack but theyll be back here for now game players youll wait to all of youll do my special units SPG - yes same garden bed where my other rats go join group once my clan rats can wait back here theyll join in my shields to go join in as well and here is a kid claw right in the middle its gonna help out as much as hes able to so again were gonna lose a lot it wont be pretty it wont be easy but lets give it a gun theyll move a bit slower in that shallow water by 80% if I could just group them up and use one doom rocket thats why I had to bring you to my doom rocket I need my doom rocket lets check out how are you just look again check out least detailed units man they are wonderful what an insane device I mean look at my army I used to believe that Skaven werent really that unbelievable and Im not sure why people didnt know about him outside of war reasons but whenever you look at the tech they have I would lose my mind too they have what hardened okay we need to color Spears thats really more important and I need to summon in more rats thats what I need to do well go to flank them too easily but I can certainly bring in a lot of them it could help me out oh right dont leave it begin to decay right whenever theyre summoned right right I forgot about that default thing it seems to be a little bit slower now thats good I think it was way too fast before but lets go get these rats a code I could kill rinky theyll be even better but well see theyre all beginning to fall into one area it looks like youll take the initial charge thats really what I want you to do is take that initial charge for me oh here we go heres my weapons team Oh check out that hit right in the middle of them beautiful I need a better location to shoot from I want to hit him on their flanks but thatll take a minute theyre about to surround me it looks like Im gonna add some it in brats you can do it wait a second lets give me a second here okay I think Im gonna use some stuff way over here its a kill a few of them its going right now Im gonna send in all of my slaves to go fight lets just send them all in right now its about time for that its probably about time for this doom rocket - Im gonna hit them like right up here kill as many of them as I can weve got more warriors and skinks on the flanks yeah oh thats gonna be nasty okay Knight run its what you to go help out I know I know its gonna be bad but lets try our best right now slaves you to come over here Ive got to try to kill all that I can there is oh yeah I havent seen it from outside yet thats what that looks like we just wiped out so many of them I dont think it really hit too many of my units did it no I timed that perfectly those sorts Warriors are looking pretty rough right now I dont know if we hit No rinkie didnt really take much from that but still that was enough damage I think I think that was a decent amount right I was pretty sweet I dont let them move use your magic alright Gunners live here now I can actually use my Gunners to flank a few enemies lets just go up here doom players I want you to come over here too lets go I just need you to hold my house everyone cold thats for my Gunners I want you guys to move out limit further bag all my slaves also move in you wont my slave to just die here and hold it as long as they can oh she had more than one doom rocket one day Ill build to afford multiple doom rockets but for now thats a cavity hes more warp lighting like right over here right in the middle of the information and then I wont my Giselle suit really do what his Elite 11 kills that theyve gotten okay well let me shoot what they want maybe theyll get like a better line of sight one a good target good kill these other stories worries but anyway look at that another nice hit right in the middle of their formation thats really good lets go to get even more clan rats into the frontlines because thats really where we need them you can go into melee and go fight for now my night runners I want you to kind of move out and flank a few enemies so try that out my Gunners will come over here and shoot the hell out of some more enemies lets well to carefully look at where were gonna lose a lot thats really whats important music tonight target what were gonna lose a lot from lets go after these skank cohorts actually the source worries that you were so Im gonna go after them instead I would love to go to dear leader thatd be even better if I could do that but Im looking she wouldnt want as I said before what luck she sells to deserve that autonomy oh my god theyre all able to shoot finally yeah go kill the shields man go kill the shells right now let me hear rats Oh some of them more if I need some if I try to move you two you can kill plenty we can go get them lets go kill them go into skirmish mode you got it your cells are doing their job I think even lets go look at what we have theres a lot of lizard men on this side so well watch out for that Im gonna bring in some of these more rat men alright lets go up to some more skank cohorts for Blake and rats are dying weve got over here war plug to cells and I could focus on them actually hold on before we do anything this is actually one of the close battles Ive seen with all the new tools we have we can tactically engage in 70 more ways I would actually be okay with some of the weirder tech coming into Warhammer I dont want it to just be traditional fantasy that would just be like a medieval - game at that point I want it to be more than I I just wanted to have more but check that out this fight right now I can pick it claw dinging you know they could claw one of the coolest rats ever a crazy rat boy is just all about technology okay so I need to send in some more rats over to the left flank it looks like the sending quite a few more thats really where they have a lot so its gonna take care of that my night runners will build to easily take care of his group of skank cohorts kind of group up a little bit as for those who are left over here oh we can definitely get them were already getting them Oh keep on shooting them youre doing a great job how many have you killed already 44 not bad lets go look at it could call again yeah use your little weird grass thing yeah its a good guitar BER oh it is well its fantastic for what were fighting kill some more stories for use law so good at what he does hit their leader where Im able to I know thats a bit of a challenge but were trying were trying hard IRA killing more of them you shoot that unit Im gonna bring some more warriors work quick go in and die for me thank you slaves will be back Monday because some units if you can Id love to go kill the ones on the flanks like a dune players Ive had you waiting out here for too long youve been kind of fighting in the midst of it theyre moving through again how many have they killed over 100 though theyve they killed over 100 thats really powerful micelles how many have you killed 39 right youve been trying it their leader looking as concentrated fire though thats how you rip into some source fears if you want to know how if you want to a tutorial on how to do so maam I just gave it to you okay lets go after some more of these units that is still here implants come on in lets go I need your love and your help right now theres still so many for me to kill so lets keep on going let me add me killed killed over 200 oh my god every attack is just slaughtering so many of their eunuchs its about to rinky now Rickys got every 100 kill ranking okay big three which is within my reach I didnt know I would be able to win especially Im very hard where Lizardman can just trounce your cheap crappy units but with all of my special units we have a special case here I think team players are now moving in going after these wavering units of course slaves are finally breaking thats unfortunate Im gonna bring in some Mike Lee right Spears come help out lets go we dont need all of you over here so Im gonna bring some of my clan rats now and you can see where my weapons team is just trouncing slaughtering eviscerating disemboweling my enemies Music doom players guys are pretty good Im proud of you come up here good after that group thats coming back I dont like them hell kill them it could claw you keep on fighting youre very powerful Im gonna let you keep on doing your thing Ive got so much magic used to using it lets come over here guys got magic for days its terrifying I dont like it it really worries me all right for when I fight him is what I mean thats why it worries me a little bit when I fight him it wont be easy okay Ive got a lot of these things in here now lets go shoot and hunt theres no reason to stop here they all are gonna keep on going I would love to go wound him - if you call kitchen bathroom here all this rats right now just shouting screaming at the top of their lungs could you just imagine being a rat and finally beats your dreaded foe the lizard mint I dont feel pretty great as a rat has a non rat that would feel pretty great but as a rat even better rat boys unite anyway lets go after that guy it kid is by far one of the coolest new legendary Lords Im so glad they added him in theres a lot of other really cool legendary Lords - it really sucks for a lot of the other lords or other factions because I feel so generic and plain and then you have stuff like this here oh by the way I have a jet pack oh by the way Ive got a crazy demon halberd but not only that technology I really think thats where like Warhammer should of God more steampunk or even dieselpunk were kind of getting into a bio Punk and dieselpunk dieselpunk kind of being a little bit post steampunk and then by a punk just related to biological transformations and things like that from what I understand that literary derivative of steampunk all right so were taking out a pinky thesaurus old blood lets destroy a ring key check out those animations though CIA always does a really great job after well as of Warhammer theyve always done a really great job at animations and everything else whenever theyve gotten used to the game or the time period or whatever because if you look at some of the basic old hey lets try to shoot a real quick for fun hell move yeah if you look at some of the basic old animations theyre really not that great oh that didnt really did so much damage thats fine but the newer ones have always been really good they got better in Warhammer - for sure so I lost every cat 1,100 only 1,100 they lost him anymore I should have had more faith in my inner rat boy I didnt have that faith but now I do Luke gained quite a bit actually okay I could take the food I could take the money I can take the replenishment I think Im gonna take the food whatever I can do to get more food right it could cause that level seven its a very tiny army left weve gained more work fuel canisters leave my agent alone by the way that was a fantastic battle the war with Etha will not be as long as I thought it would be I really thought we would be stuck here forever okay new right unlock the Lords of the K have spoken interesting ah beside come over here I can use you to destroy that town but Im really curious to see what were gonna do about that vermintide the vermin tied with an awesome title I would like to eat a little blob hold on cant really win dat ageing canteen I cannot Im gonna try to get you to love love yeah youre gonna be lovely very good Im trying to get more warped canisters - as I want to upgrade what I have I did that youre now level eight no Im gonna give you arms dealer because you can give more not only more ammo but more trade great income right all of us seven now I do play your mount very nice I dont even know if I want you to have that yet though okay so if I get one of you itll lock the other ability that would give me more Meili defense a second win serum adrenaline rush arm work okay thats really good too but only for him its a passive ability actually okay nevermind active if casting but if I cast Im also able to replenish to hit points of combatants like himself oh no thats so much better for like a long-term fight right at least in my view but then again if youre fighting boy I dont know we might even have to do a vote for that one for now Im gonna get a team player mount I just want to try it out I dont think itll be as good though ya know when I look at it I dont know if itll be as good well I mean really would it look at all that I lose I dont have any shooting mechanisms sure Im able to charge but mmm well my power overload but I cant have that for quite a few turns unfortunate I say okay so were just gonna grab something pretty easy I think I think we can all agree on having more hit points but our iron frame still so were okay on that front lets go finish off this guy theres no reason to not do so gotta move Oh check out that animation I was beautiful okay Im gonna take more food again it was gonna raise up my food and it gained more work fuel canisters more food and as a game Ill just be better off lets come back to town level eight good sneak here Trixie I just really want him to go all out on the damage front but the hilling later on will be really good hes got a lot of really cheap spells I want it but I know what else I need to get okay lets go look at my forbidden workshop alright so in the future what I probably ought to do I probably want to pick up lets see its my storage limit whens it magic yeah I want to be able to get one war fuel back that would help me out in the long term that would mean that each one would cost me at least two and that seems really good much else over here my doodles again hmm its for all of them - its my gym players that I currently have okay dont be a passive ability warp lightning in melee I like that too much these are insanely good by the way but no I think Im gonna go over here and pick up that charge bonus no dude were players Im going all-out Skaven four players okay its really the only right choice for me to make there is no other choice so now my other unit is upgraded even colder youve got to replenish lets go over here and combine all my scheme slaves they deserve to all right sort of an upgrade available I can finally get my warp stone tractor beam heck yeah there goes all my money five turns to build it but Ill finally be able to get more of my special units I want to include my other armies as well okay lets in my turret Im here to show you what that vermin side will do I dont think the dooms here would have been worthwhile I would have to send up one agent far away except I do oh they want a non-aggression pact for now thatll work Im gonna be fighting through the middle the diplomatic situation here bills rather forgiving for me surprisingly like a change in a future sure can help you right now I might go straight to the west coast if thats the case let them go bleed on other enemies and I can just go fight whatever I want let there be a treaty for a time okay quest issued I need to go to LAN webpack which is up north right now all of it cat claws not not inconsiderable intellectus range against the hated lizard man against whom in a rare moment of solidarity the various scheming clans have united he understands very well that direct confrontation with the lizard man is not viable but wiping those tiresome Toads from the face of the world has to remain the priority as it get nose the lizard men are plotting the demise of all escaped with equal vigor he needs to find a way to weaken them before facing him in battle and fancies there would be no better way than corrupting their blessed spawning pools the location of these are of course unknown but this doesnt present much of a problem the chief warlock engineer isnt above extracting the information he needs from enemy captives himself when a need arises Ill get three work fuel thats very good so Ill want to go do that very soon thats still technology canal Im trying to get that agent to a very high level but look at my food thats very nice to have you felt its a good week okay what so I can finally upgrade you if I wanted to but lets go look at my other bits of income around the map well we need a cheaper building I should have changed that when I built that other one shoot theres anything I want to build I have to make sure that its cheaper just because that seems a very sensible thing to do not done with you yet were still replenishing for now Ill get rid of one scheming slave unit and I would get in their turn again because I want to see what that vermin title to upside I dont know if Ill need you I could use you on another enemy that will hopefully bother them oh the upkeep is actually pretty high on those things okay 288 so its not really that low were declared Eastin the vampire coast oh good now theyll even like me more because of that I really like the new content that see I spent putting out the quality feels much more refined and very good I hope that even after where every three is out theyll continue to put up stuff Ill be really cool I really hope you do theyre not really known for that but I hope they do here we go a new army does that belong to me oh my god it does is it free own upkeep its minimal youre kidding its minimal upkeep do I just get to keep it because if I do holy theres no way I doubt that okay were gonna find out I had no idea but if I can keep all of these units here thats a lot of really good stuff and at little upkeep I highly doubt it though because I would be easy to abuse I think all our forces beneath the region have abandoned the Undercity and a great house of remnant hasnt ascended to assault to settlement above the Undercity has been lost but now theres a chance to take this full region and from surface-dwellers awesome okay what am I gonna give you now my friend thats an augment a very nice augment by the way that would be a good love to have sure even more damage to your god Im gonna give you some default buffs for now more ammo or damage all that good stuff what would the garrison be like oh its very large youre gone okay large how long are you gonna be here though Im gonna worry about that lets see okay yeah they will be here for five turns and that is it okay well that will work out oh my god temple guard galore what I even be able to do much with that I dont even know if I could thats a really tough garrison by the way well I think that is a choice for another time I think what I might do for now would have bring you back out today youre not dying from attrition youve got plenty of turns to come in Im gonna bring in my other army very soon and Ill debate whether or not Im gonna go in and try to fight a direct battle with them if I do itll be a long one itll be very difficult I dont know if I can kill all their large creatures Ill to really see if I can if I beat them on the walls maybe I can to temple guard alone would be a nightmare though but we shall see who knows Ive got tools I cant build a new doom rocket yet thats unfortunate but things can change okay everyone people like to comment down below if youd like to see more tomorrow and if youre a patron dont forget you can name a lord a hero or eight units another month goes a long way and as always everyone until then oh hello establish an under city beneath the target settlement and instantly create a lab at building oh thats different I like that well we shall see logging trains steam The great serpent-god Sotek may sleep, but Tehenauin – his most devoted prophet – does not. The time has come for the foul Skaven to pay the butcher’s bill for their plague-spreading acts, and pay they will – with their very lives! Tehenauin marshals his fellow Red-Crested Skinks: there will be a sacrifice. A vast, crimson sacrifice. Only when the temple-city altars are drenched with Skaven blood will the serpent god become manifest and enact his divine wrath… But the Skaven do not sit idly by while Tehenauin plans his crusade. Scenting great Warpstone deposits in the jungles of Lustria, the arch Warlock-Engineer Ikit Claw has claimed The Star Tower in the name of Clan Skryre: a staging-post from which to delve deep into the continental interior. With the Forbidden Workshop at his disposal, Ikit Claw will bend the raw stuff of chaos to his twisted designs, forging ever-more ingenious and cataclysmic weapons… and placing the Warlock-Engineer on a collision course with the Prophet of Sotek! ═════════════════════════════════════════ You can watch the entire series in this convenient playlist: #Tehenauin #Lizardmen #TheProphet Subscribe: Check out my TopVideos!: Follow Me ▶TWITCH: ▶TWITCH DISCORD: ▶YOUTUBE DISCORD: ▶REDDIT: ▶TWITTER: ▶PATREON: #SurrealBeliefs About SurrealBeliefs: Hi everyone, my name is Matt or you may know me by SurrealBeliefs or Surreal! Ive been around for a while playing games like Total War and Mount and Blade almost exclusively with several notable, enjoyable exceptions. 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