Total War: Warhammer 2 Mortal Empires, The Silence & The Fury - Settra the Imperishable #3

Are there any free steam games战神4 steam TOTAL WAR: WARHAMMER II - THE SILENCE & THE FURY game hello monster band here welcome back to total warhammer two mortal empires and part three of my secretary cam paintings etc and cleaner theyre waggling waggling their weapons around to recruit apparently thats how you recruit you actually weapon around and they just turn up so thats nice uh so good now what i want to try and do oh thats sure you declared war on them without me okay sure no thats fine um good youre declaring more on that guy thats fine were gonna were gonna march on zandry and take them out as soon as i have recruited my my ushabti got some renamed so weve got skeletron prime please let us recruit more shabti which is good thats what i want in fact more of that more ushabti they oh tilly is dead so soon what turn are we on i still got one settlement oh well uh when do we get that we dont when do we get that level 10. what level are we eight five lets get another skeleton then and then were good to go facts ive changed my mind you come over here take that skeleton off you when the time is right skeleton prime can join etc and then you can recruit another skeletron and then were good right weve got three turns and we can get some some that car and horsemen some support for stalkers but we need to move before that we need to move on zandry we need to kick the  __  out of her pants how dare she cant believe she took my  __  its my  __  i saw that first i took it its mine how ash you know i to be honest i would have been happily beating up the orcs but what the  __  do you want to pee straight he  __  you  __  you im so angry right were just gonna book it over here your queen moves you still there impossible youre still there youre still there were gonna oh im gonna get my hands on you when i get my hands on you love you wish you were never born well she hasnt run over  __  sake i dont have much gold i have to spend a bunch of gold repairing buildings because bloody foundations are  __  sweat i swear to god right drown them in the dead uh right we are going to continue gonna bring kalidorin as well really close defeat are you sure i disagree have you got defenses how many shits you built is it level three only  __  it but level three right im gonna lay siege to you im gonna build some towers and im gonna kick the  __  out of you plus of course youve only got youve got your shitty knights which means i just have to take the walls get my archers up there im gonna fill them full of arrows screw you okay so weve got one well get two and then because i reckon we can they do have theyve got some squires they will be a little bit nasty but apart from that i reckon we can just swamp them lets get a couple of siege towers get up there take take that back then we can get some some horses if i do that Music thatll give you a little bit of protection take hey yeah no thats fine we can be friends i want to be friends with clown wars um i might kill them later but let me worry about these sodding nights first then once ive dealt with them ill worry about quake how long can you hold out out of interest formal turns thats way too long im gonna take your stuff we will drown them in bodies or at least the bones inside the bodies but were draining bones lets put theyre gonna were gonna bone them yep its a big boning etceteras gonna bone everyone oh lovely man last thing okay so we got uh weve got our skeletal guys some horse archers there theres sort of like uh down here theyre just shooting off at the spearman basically the plan is were gonna take take the walls and then once the walls are still cleared out we will then bring up the archers and then these little horsey people down here fish in a  __  barrel im gonna  __  love every second of it okay here we go taking a little bit of fire there on the flank so some uh just just weakening them um well shes gonna struggle to get blood from from from these these guys ill be honest and then we go the next war is leading the charge restore force is now advancing now that the peasant boatman have something more to worry about theres only really one unit now that can open fire on us and the rest of them are going to be busy dealing with a boning its got little little squiggly bits little squiggly bits in his blood probably needs those we dont were bone boys the hekara warriors are significantly better than our bog standard skeletons i mean theyre not great but you know theyve got fairly good armor the melee attack is reasonable weapon strength is good you know that theyre generally fine so more and more skeletons are filtering up onto the wall basically just gonna drown them throw as many bony boys as possible the ushanti are going to smash down the gate they will do that fairly quickly which is good uh but we dont want to come inside the city because that all the knights will just jump us and to be honest who needs that in your life or afterlife Music there we go enemy gates are down very very quickly more skeletons coming down onto the walls now they do have a paladin up here which is why were going to bring uh cetra and collider up to uh sort of bop him they do have quite a few blocks of infantry though they will keep throwing more and more units up onto the wall to try and maintain control of them of course the knights are just gonna like yeah they you know if they can get off their horses but they wont theyll just theyll just sit down here Applause just sit down there so were now bringing our archers up now im going to bring two archers over here two archers over here basically were gonna cover both sides creates all like killing ground in the center which should be uh pretty effective you can see the metadamas being slowly picked off not even killing that many really we have a look at the numbers we can see that uh yeah we outnumber them quite considerably early tomb king army tend to be huge but the uh the good tomb king army tend to be fairly small because youve got a lot of constructs in them so were dealing with that paladin there hes now taking a lot of damage being overwhelmed by khalida and cetera the dynamic duo so little skeletons theyre not not super happy but fine sets are attacks in real theyre not theyre not actually attacking the rear just taking up those peasant bowmen not very quickly mines and the archers are now up on the wall little i thought they fixed it because this is using the beta patch so this is i dont think i dont think the beta patch actually uses the theres a bunch of changes but the beta patch isnt including the changes i think in the cavalry beta so theres cavalry beta and then various changes one of which is to stop the fireballs uh the the bolt spells occasionally you can you can cast more of them and obviously that was a shes using my bloody ring as well cow maybe ill get it back okay more and more minute arms coming up onto the onto the battlements but uh struggling to gain a foothold you do have some foot squats heading this direction thats not good because they might actually come up against my skeleton arch like you do not want that also foot squares quite uh quite nasty oh oh yeah we need to get my archers out there i was waiting for this area to be clear but what im going to do is actually bring my arches around this side uh get them to climb up over the wall and then take a position on the wall and start picking off these these uh nights yes see this is not this is what we want also i have forgotten to because i turned off fire at will on my archers because i didnt want them shooting at the wall and wasting ammo so i turned that off and ive completely forgotten that thats the thing um so were just going to move them away from the foot squires if its guys kind of killing their way through our our arches and then well bring them back well remember to turn on fire at will and that should then start doing uh quite a lot of damage to these knights nice thing is of course that collider also does poison damage so their shots will be poison uh voice attacks which will then of course weaken the knights further although wont actually do any damage itll just make them less good in combat but considering wont be fighting them they probably wont actually have that much effect but still the point is theyre poisoned theyre being shot up and theyre poisoned they cant do a  __  about it theyre screwed there we go now are we shooting i remember to turn it on are you sure you should hello guys guys guys get you cold im not spraying you dont wear any clothes are you im not surprised youre a bit shivery never mind um if you could just start shooting any any time now that would be grand no theyre just theyre just theyre just chilling thats okay Music see the foot squires doing a little bit of damage but suffering uh suffering a number of casualties in return uh yeah weve we weve theres just more skeletons climbing up onto the wall and uh the amount of arms are being pushed out surrounded and picked off a little bit surrounded over here and there are more foot squires but we do have khalida and cetera its obviously theyre doing a lot of damage 47 kills there and uh 39 there and our archers are now climbing up on top of the wall which is exactly what we want have i remember to turn on fire yet nope theyre still just still just relaxing basically once these guys run out about um arrows well well switch with these guys and archers bring them over there and they will continue firing down onto the uh the knights heres kind of a problem with bretonnia in in that their infantry is pretty bad which means taking and holding castles is actually quite difficult for them no dont shoot at some point you know theyll get started skeleton archers starting to mass which is good and we have mostly taken control of of the wall there weve got a little blob up on the gate house that needs to be taken out so we can do that are we shooting now were shooting were shooting lots of missile now coming down onto these knights aaron you can see they are suffering Music massively and theres very little they can do about it apart from a move out of range even repants is running around desperately trying to uh stop the absolute carnage of her knights i mean that they can move around but theyll still be in this thing as theyre still being arranged attacks and uh you can see our skeleton archers there starting to rack up the kills and of course damage theyre up to uh yeah you can see the damage fire anything over about a thousand damage value is very very good so you can see theyre doing a lot of damage very very quickly holy shits good stuff thats what we wanted right the foot squad is still hold i mean theres so many skeletons up here there is no social distancing fortunately for my skeletons thats not really an issue but so the the poor the four britonians being sort of like squished out theres very little space them to actually stand weve also come in to engage this little blob in the gatehouse here and my plan is well bring our infantry and our champion and then well bring all of our units down off the wall because theres so many units up on the wall now theres barely enough space for them all and yep there we go the knights arent being picked off we have a look at our archer damage value we can see were almost up to 900 and they still have most of their ammunition left nice and easy there over here very much the same story weve managed to get them surrounded on two sides theres no nowhere to hide from it it is shooting fish in a barrel Music for some form of missile resistance yeah to do that you have to get up on a wall enjoy yeah so thats just a shooting rate its target practice effectively my skeletons have some target practice theyve almost run out of ammo which means i can swap them over and continue i mean you can see that this uh all of the knights here have either run away or died and over here very similar lets see this unit being basically wiped out the last few nights there are also being wiped out uh they keep sending units in to sort of like take the position of the damaged ones and then of course they get shot as well so thats fun so skeletons now moving into position basically going to push them all through the gates backed up by the shabti to mop up any survivors this was a pyrrhic victory wasnt it it was very much like two stacks of skeletons yeah you you lose most of them i disagree these guys do have silver shields its its still not enough we do have some foot squires now guarding the gates but some of the scares tomorrow has actually come down off the wall i dont think i told them to but theres theres no bretonnians left on well theres almost nobody tony is left on the wall so lets go tomorrow is now coming through and the champion will be backing them up Applause obviously that will give you shampoo a little bit of cover but the shabty of course have those armor-piercing attacks which is going to do a lot of damage uh whats left of the knights probably will try and join the fight but theres not much left i mean you can this this is just absolute carnage uh repants is still still pretty healthy but uh yeah the knights of the realm the night sarah have just been picked apart victory is within our grasp yes i mean pretty much from the get-go this is just a long way of doing it duchamp t being spawned in from behind as well surprise Applause wow thats um thats some jam Applause repents now nightless well almost theres 13 over there nine there yeah not not many left it is almost a full unit over here we have had to uh we switched out the arches yet no we havent switched out the argument some skeleton spearman coming down to to attack the knights errant which is fine uh some more knights arent charging in there theres not much left to be honest and it looks like its to be hot khalida on repents action as uh they both take each other on rapunzels getting an early blinding light in there neither having to pick herself up but uh it does look like kelly just has the upper hand here mostly because cetera has buffed her up shes got 40 uh physical resistance and of course big bonuses to uh uh based weapon damage and armor-piercing weapon damage and anti-large as well which is obviously going to help against repats who is on a horse soca leader winning that fight pretty easily reprints has had enough her forces have been absolutely devastated and knights shot to pieces without being able to do anything to their attackers that is revenge yes close victory victory end of an errands so more growth horde growth double experience for fighting against plutonians and research rates weve secured the lands of the dead and our mercenaries have arrived again not really that useful because theyre going to cost a freaking bomb uh i could do this kind of makes sense to so lets do that uh weve actually got a little bit of okay i just got a little bit of public order here and now do i trust baron tegan give me another question pact ill let you live no oh well well that was a mistake youre only going to make once okay im going to grab do i want to grab them and im gonna take those off you Music your armys a little bit more tanky give you some scorch bone so we can give our skeletons a little bit more you know theyre going to be a bit more a bit more defensive well give you restore so you can heal up our units you are replenishing i could maybe no we could maybe merge you get rid of you and then get another one i could get the carry and just dont seem to do much i just seen a bit  __  dont they uh come on but im gonna go with growth obviously lets go the growth oh this is this is you know it it could be worse it could be thats thats pretty much what you can say its just it could could be worse but its not its fine right i think were gonna have to kill you but i probably want to kill you anyway uh what about right you okay you dont want a peace treaty thats a shame aggression okay fine weird that ive met you though i guess maybe its because ive met but then i dont know i mean all right oh you wont take a trip you you might take a trade we may not be the empire absolutely not fair enough that we speak okay all right you do like me so thats something well maybe well get a trade agreement and then i can give them some golden idols do i want a defensive alliance with im gonna say no not really sorry mate look ive just ive got a lot on and frankly i just feel like youre gonna drag me into more wars and ive already you know ive got wars going on at the moment i dont i dont need more wars really are you are you are you raiding me oh my god oh my god right monument to get to get here because thats gonna give us more melee and armor youre literally standing next to a horde of skeletons and jet youre like no this seems like a good idea Music yeah you better run can khalid kill you i think your leader can kill you or not fine i guess i have to i dont i dont i dont think satchel was busy putting some support stalkers into construction so khalid just had to chase his army down by herself just i mean they were raiding me for a start which one i dont make much money to start off with and two if someones stealing it and its bloody brittonians absolute scenes anyway this map which is the i want to say is it groms map i think it might be groms map its like quest battle map i think anyway weve got our skeleton horse archers so theyre roving around behind the enemy army uh sort of like picking off picking off some of their units there and these guys are actually pretty highly ranked which means theyre actually going to be quite nasty dangerous against our skeletons i mean not as dangerous some actually good infantry but still so were crashing up against their infantry line we have uh multiple units now coming around on the flank and our archers of course are going to be key here because they are they are the nastiest units that we have from the hand and the enemy generals come crashing into these units over here im sending khalid around to help so she ran straight into the back of them like that little uh little poison blast there which is going to do a lot of damage and shes also going to shore up the leadership of our skeletons also mention start taking out this enemy lord meanwhile our skeleton horse archers are firing on the back of this unit and our archers flying on the other side you can see lots of fire coming in here right into the back of this unit and they are suffering massively being uh absolutely wiped out very very quickly which is going to give our skellingtons time to blob up and take out this law the lords already taken a little bit of damage but were gonna have to uh focus fire on him try and take him out some archers are trying to escape and i dont like archers escaping so our skeleton horse archers have moved in to pin them down backed up by some skill tomorrows coming in from behind these peasant bowmen are not very happy theyre also shattered almost immediately and oh no sorry these ones are now routing these ones are shattered now these ones are now routing being chased down meanwhile some more archers over here now the skeleton archers arent actually particularly good at melee combats um theyre pretty much on par with the enemy archers to be honest obviously outnumbered quite considerably slightly better charge bonus weve got a lot better charge but still uh they probably will need a little bit of help fortunately the rest of my horse archers coming around to join in but theyre loosing off a few rounds of those arches and thats going to break them more than enough there then we can use them to chase down these fleeing units uh they should be more than capable of dealing with that they dont mean general is actually making a run for it i think he wants to try and get collider by herself cleveland is actually quite fast and so shes going to outpace his skeleton warriors then the um generals going to turn back theyre both going to engage each other but we should have skeletons coming in to help the missile uh archers opening fire on the brittonians taking a nasty toll on their infantry breaking those units causing morale panic weve got them surrounded here which means that basically nowhere to run and with their general getting his head kicked in its a little bit close but i think khalida is uh is winning that one looks like alice morale has drops out army lost says taking effect and those those plutonians have got nowhere left to run not that would have batter of course because this armys already retreated once which means its dead anyway okay i want the money i do kind of want the money dont want the jars though weve got a banner of eternal flame im guessing im clear right okay you know what im gonna take im gonna take the money are these guys going to cost as much as i think they are so do they they they do costs like yeah that would that would basically be most of them i mean i may as well grab them theres no harm in doing it i can always use it for one turn and dump them okay my scooter now how far can you go okay we should be we should be safe wow wow brutal absolutely brutal so if i get five and a half i can get the royal barracks which would just give me generally more stuff plus some tomb guards which i would like oh now you want to talk i mean you want to give me a lot of okay fine i cant stay mad at you especially not for one and a half thousand my heart is eternal right we got a stalker so let us oh hello it is forbidden is it though okay were going to lay an ambush this is a little bit ballsy but were going to do it anyway gonna lay an ambush were going to leave khalida here and i mean you do have a lot of archers but we do now have some cavalry so i think we can deal with you i just hope they dont hit xander because if they do thatll be really annoying thatll be quite vexing oh we could get i could get a casket of souls ah its a lot of money but i um i mean i would like i would like some sort of like area killing and that would do that oh its its very tempting its very tempting i think i think itll pay for itself i think it will uh lets get rid of one of you we can pop you in there that army is now reasonably scary oh god they cost so much to its almost like you just wouldnt bother using them i guess if anything ogres you know for the tomb kings ogres are kind of like because you know ogres got the big big bellies havent they and the tomb king is sort of entirely the opposite because they dont have any what do you want a peace treaty get  __  bring it oh did you did you spot me that went oh oh no oh thats right my friend okay kalida you come here can you reach good yeah im not surprised youre running bring me im not surprised youre running away uh can we do that nice and clean i think we can i just know theres another army plus another army in the city id probably be all right yeah that was fine im a little bit like whered the other army go to thats my concern i dont think its nearby but on the off chance lets get the defenses lets leave you there for the moment we will get unyielding will wait what does that do tomb guard and oh recruit rank for tomb princes that would be useful later but not right now get the the scorpion legion i think they just have poison attacks dont they which is basically what khalid does so theres no point putting them in khalidas army so ill get them here lets do that and then skeleton prime is i know im gonna get bone shaper Music lets do that lets see now youve just got about now if you drop defenses there no no you dont okay if we can get defenses as andre theyll push on but we do know theres other that other army we could always peace out with john couldnt we and then you know stab him in the back later that army probably went south to be honest because ive got uh the bella lead bellad down here so im guessing they went down there but that means they could come up through the desert again obviously that would be upsetting we could take you know i reckon we can take it vengeance focus on the other hand maybe we could like lure if we if were like like theres no one home maybe theyll decide to charge in because im not so worried about them i mean japans army was quite scary but john has just been throwing trash at me and weve kind of got units that can now deal with them like the support for stalkers will make a serious mess of any night the charges charges in so lets just pretend were not ah crap thats not good what the  __  hawks we go could you just go away uh what about if i join your war against the not clown walls i ever give you some money just here im gonna give you this much just  __  off right get out my house get lost ive got  __  to do it doesnt involve you one turn for defenses oh that army might have been crushed well lets hope it has no theres no one home Music just just no one there okay well sure i mean that makes my life easier muchos gracias for your house all the other tricks to shards is pretty good its pretty good okay weve got oh thats not bad a little bit of extra growth there as well is is pretty legit and extra extra growth yeah no it was it was it was pretty good so if we get rid of you get another one of you the goddess wields it and Laughter i will i do quite like the horsey archers for you its a good look okay lets just merge that lets get something like that thatll give you a full stack so thatll be ready for two turns thatll be ready for two turns youve got a skill um we cant recruit tomb guard at the moment it wont be long before we can we dont have any two princes but obviously once we do that would be useful more public order for all provinces is not necessarily the worst thing considering i think youre not super happy over here you know so that will stem spy me thats not impressed okay well you know lets you know so first and kofa now kofa has ko for docs and uh oh sorry oh repants has been pushed out has she or is that someone elses cant remember not a big problem right youve come so youre not youre probably down at mars if we we can take virus cant wait can i assist if we can quickly take that its kind of spreading ourselves a little bit thin uh but weve got one turn and we get another army so we get that army and then we can use that to defend camry and then actually were not looking you know too bad actually generally not uh what do you want not aggression-packed um no no just basically go away right kids yeah dont dont trust you king larry youre up good old king laz lets get some of those okay youre still recruiting but that is fine uh that is i could i could get the horses should we get the horses we can merge you get rid of you and get rid of you and then we can get a couple of ports so that that armys now you know its got its got some moves its got some moves we could get another necrotech which i i would like i would oh  __  ive got the thing of jeff on oh god okay lets get close and divine stupid bonnet all right well do that youve got a hype king larrys got a highbrown of camry its gonna keep people happy so thats good uh you have the other tricks to shards which is probably fine so well do that and then basically we can smash into into fire us and take that weve got king larry defending zandry for us ill probably rename him and give him something give him give him a give a proper name what are you reading high queen calida onward soldiers kind of a kind of massing now its probably a stack of trash but just to be on the safe side im gonna move you down there Music so lets see if youll so where are you raiding over there sooner we recruit stuff the better all right i want to see where hes going if hes heading over zandry we could be could be in for some some issues but if we can go down and take martech anything im a little bit worried about they were kind of surrounded by these uh these factions that just oh oh oh youre marching oh weve constructed grave ports so raid the following region ill hike okay citrus asians bringing word of a place in the north where petty natives have risen above their station their power brought with ancient treasures of nehekhara and origin he has witnessed their rise and fall of empires and since this is no big coincidence a force must be deployed at once to obtain hostages and divine the location of the crown of nepara raises the order with a single aim sees those who know the whereabouts the nehacara and relics slay the rest okay let us kill you holy  __  that i was like yeah easy win nope nope are we going to be okay here do we think we can move in and probably take martech in one turn do what right do i need to focus on taking virus first in which case i could peace out with these these dweebs what do we think i think i can you dishonor me i am a lord ugly i think i can take him tell you what march over here we are going to get defenses its expensive but were going to do it anyway were you in range my lady will not allow it Music so were going to come down here and then were going to bring khalida in im hoping that she can i think shes in range to help us she is excellent right we can take martech get larry in to defend kalalids and then once weve torched this place because i dont want to hold it im just going to torch it that should be the end of these guys then i can go and take out john and once johns dead we can then look at taking out repents ceteras army is looking a lot more impressive isnt it its looking a lot more scary the support for stalkers and the quite nasty units and backed up with hordes of skeleton warriors brought in by khalida were gonna send our infantry up on the walls maybe to die but thats okay because now that weve got kind of a big blob of of constructs we can just do the kick down the door and kill everyone inside strategy now some people may say thats not necessarily a strategy but i disagree no reason i just disagree kalidos forces are coming in two sort of like takes the rest of the wall we are sending uh some of our fast-moving horsemen and nehekhara horses to try and take out that gate and yeah the gates already down new shabti inside the walls you can see that melee attack is now being beefed up by the but whats his name skeletron prime thats it lets get a tron prime also with the support for stalkers results of course have anti-large which means theyll be able to deal with those knights that potentially will come charging in to try and save the day but otherwise our champion will just be carving through this infantry very very quickly if we have a look at uh numbers there we can see enemy troops numbers should be dropping well hopefully drop a little bit faster than that but nevermind its fine Applause its jam oclock its more like it there we go plutonium peasants exploding all over the place uh one unit of support stalkers doesnt want to come inside i dont know why theyre really not theyre really struggling to like get actually get in on the action theyre being shot up a little bit but theyve actually got you know fairly good fairly good armor they do have 18 bonus first large its actually quite a lot i mean they dont have much charge bonus but uh they do have charge defense verse large and theyre very fast as well which means they can just get into position before that cavalry can get off a charge brace themselves and then that cavalry is going to do very little in damage to him and hes going to get minced in return so spreading out from the center there carving our way through the enemy its looking a bit better its more like it and meanwhile up on the walls i want to mention that we now have some artillery so weve got 99 kills so far thats you know pretty good thats pretty good a little bit of artillery there something weve kind of lacking isnt it its like a area of um area of attack their effects attacks even aoe thats what that stands for their effect we havent really had them because the nehecaron school of magic doesnt really come with anything like that until sort of the second second little spell sort of upgraded spells and even then its not very good ill probably i see i they get light and dark magic as well and to be honest dark magic is probably the better of the two um i know some people love neta vam and talk i just arent a fan really i think uh i think death magic isnt its death magic death death match is a is better in my opinion i mean you have beer owns time warp though and banishment i mean you know maybe maybe maybe Applause i think its stuff lets see apart from that i dont i think it suffers from sort of a similar thing to the nehrun school whereby all the good spells sort of in the last half so you kind of have to level up your mage before you actually get any good spells i dont know anyway are these support are these okay the stalkers have actually come inside now good theyve joined the party so now smashing through whats left of the enemy infantry you can see theyre getting uh absolutely carved to pieces now yep thats thats jam oclock plenty of freetonians now fleeing in the opposite direction being chased down meanwhile weve taken the walls no problem there our horses are sort of moving inside the city the horse archers have done you know actually some reasonably good damage there not too bad at all our archers again very good id like to get some more for cleaning to be honest uh we do have a paddling up here hes causing us some issues because our skeletons are not going to do any damage against him arrows on the other hand some knights errants have engaged and been liquefied and the constructs pushing on deeper into the city chasing down the last few survivors well baron thiegan we could have had a non-aggression pack i asked for it but no you declared war and this is what happens okay were replenishing which is good i um go when can we get coming a couple of ranks couple right get in there i i think next were gonna go for tomb guard so im gonna get restless minions in preparation for that hopefully king larry is far enough away thats not gonna be an issue well get some scorched bone as well give khalida a little better defense over there this isnt really going to help me all that much so i think im just i need to save the 6k which isnt going to take me that long to get the royal barracks because then i can get i could probably get a full stack of thats two Music this is vanguard deployment for chatter for charity units im not using them uh but more later so we get another two off that so thats gonna give us uh four tomb guards and some halibuts which actually isnt too bad that gives a very tanky front line also giving us some more skeleton archers and nejacara warriors so our infantry is going to be fairly good obviously king larrys isnt but you know thats king larry for you lets go with indomitable will get more shabti oh its you know its tricky but you know weve made ground amazingly uh you know its not gonna lie its looking a little bit dicey when weve lost andre and etc and war kitty and and judge judy and executioner but were back with a bang and the bloody brittonians are gonna pay for it but thats gonna have to wait until next time thank you very much for watching and ill see you in the next episode Music you how to play steam games with xbox controller The Bretonnian Crusader Kingdoms have raised Settra The Imperishable ire and so he has commanded that they be... removed from his sight and remove them we shall in part 3 of my Khemri Campaign as Settra the Imperishable in Total War: Warhammer 2 Mortal Empires!-------------------More of Me------------------------- Twitter - Twitch - Discord - Patreon - ---------------------------Modz-------------------------- Building Progression Icons II CBE | Cinematic Battle Effects - Version 3.6 Dryrain Norsca Reskin Faster End Turn Camera Guvs Foundation Skills for Old World Legendary Lords (Update 2020-09-19) Leaders of 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