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How to manually update a steam gamenintendo switch steam Total War: WARHAMMER III game hello everybody jet here and welcome back to our modded character Zone playthrough where the steel beard is about to uh have some fun with a darker eight green profit um yeah Im not at all worried here we are going to drive the great green one back this is hes got a fairly good Force but we have theres a couple of changes I would make to this Force but but barely anything guys this force is exceptionally powerful um Music honestly this is going to be uh and its a lovely map for us again um yeah Im not even vaguely worried here I have a feeling not many of them will even get to my lines ah yeah that works this actually works a bit better oops in the gaps you can watch the flank just in case oh it should have landed these guys first here we go we will have Vengeance I am the ranking Lord maybe pull these guys back just a little bit so theyre not gonna hit my own guys quite so much just love yes yes vengeance will do iron Breakers move now bye RC command nothing can still boss here we go drop some Miners And this is an ability I love for the ancestor gods so that noise was but here we go look at the speed we are gonna obliterate them with bro Music this is a reckoning oh charge and just pop the unit there to hold them thats it Castle kill Earth oh your sacrifice is not in vain holding them there while we do the AOA lets do our Cannon I dont even didnt even see it I think some of them might actually get to the line oh wow some things actually made it to the line for a change you guys can come down off the flank yeah iron Breakers Music oh pretty axis going out you guys can start folding in a bit still a catapults going foreign as well so its not like this is a problem so yeah theyre black Orcs are the thing which is probably causing us the biggest problem at the moment but thats fine I love the fact that these guys are basically Battlefield Rihannas as well Music fire shoot the great green one thats right run away its over so it just goes to show that they can get to us with certain setup but still that was that was a massacre um yeah I say these guys I mean they got a lot of kills but actually my own Breakers did very well I mean to be there eye Breakers are also Opie as hell lets be honest you cant could win a wall without just like you could win the game with just iron Breakers they are that okay and the steel beard didnt actually get a kill God damn it Andreas no no hes being a good leader hes letting his people get experience laughs chase him down summon me if you dare youre only gonna move here and then were probably gonna bounce over there hmm thats actually quite good slide Music right I need a rename here Ive not had any name requests so Im just doing um for the wisdom Im Im using uh using blah patreon and channel members names so rangi prataru here lets give him some gear as well oh no thats better armor lets merge some of this crap lots of stuff so Im just fusing a load of it to make better stuff yeah thats a craft trinket anyway foreign weve got a lot of stuff guys I know I should probably be making some stuff as well I always forget about that okay that was a bit of  __  thats a bit of  __  I dont think you can make higher than blue can you no really I Ive used them and made the same thing again okay I like that a red ax of carrot cake Peaks I definitely like thatll do give you a ruin a fair a ruin a fury scarecrow Banners are just crap there we go so notice that while Im thinking about it lets actually make some of these awesome things now I cant make too many of them Im not bad cant make the best ones yeah but we are getting there no I say that I can remake that one multiple times okay Music its the Epic ones I think I can only make once thats awesome the physical resistance to be there thats probably better than what Ive already put on we need to make a butt out of them because thats a really good that physical resistance is huge anyway lets look here I dont like unbreakable actually make at least one of them then master root of flight uh its a weird one its not bad actually right anyway oops um yeah the hex is really good lets give them that for the defense though I like that as well give me that a rune of luck for the ward save there we go right now for his Rune Smith Now do and now for his engineer guess what were doing there we go that will do nicely and you are going to go got the wrong degrees as the high King commands youre gonna move here and then from there we are going to start bouncing over one more turn of income buildings and then lets actually go over to my Cafe and holdings as well and then we will start building another Army because I think I need the armies I gotta be honest I desperately need the armies ah the steel beard has leveled up unsurprisingly to grab a growth building there let us begin a lot coming at us and this is whats worrying me at the moment Im just worried Im gonna get overwhelmed by a tide of skaven not worried about the Orcs Im worried about skaven and the fact the skaven keep coming at me from odd angles is whats really concerning me so I think protaru is gonna lead a northern Expedition up up here to find where the skaven nest is and Purge it just wait for YouTube to demonetize me for saying that that phrase because it gets confused about what Im in referring to yeah may have fun with that because yeah theres a lot going on there so it may not work well for pataru but well see uh over in steel Beards Kingdom then messenger spit out your word yeah Ill take that but I want more money here we go Music fight the chaos yeah okay Im not gonna try and also fight that myself because I would lose oh I apologize if you hear Donalds outside playing in the gun oh no I mean it is worrying because he may well come at me but I think it could probably beat him I hope I hope this is a problem late game chaos get very powerful that said I get very powerful um my Northern force is more of a defensive Force thats the real issue time for the Reckoning for the wisdom of the layer Im having a think about what to do there first thing we need to do here is deal with you to war for the wisdom of the layer no reason for it my ax thirsts for war Music onward one two three here weve got a reasonable range in there actually I was gonna say do I want to uh Music ah  __  there we go just building you up there I wish I could drive them into peace a peace treaty Music oh see hes not close enough to threatening we are gonna try and push this way again and jump over here well see how it goes Ive got a feeling it wont go well but well see yes strike honestly dont care oh yeah and it is time theyre another Army let us begin for the wisdom of the Leia ah no no no no no no one two three four five six thatll do to start with well work on the rest later because I can get income buildings going elsewhere and now here I want the defenses uh weve got the income buildings going were kind of just about keeping up with my military expansion here which is good I I really need to build you know get some other places to be able to build these endgame units especially over in my Western Empire um where were trying to reclaim the Western Empire the Western Dwarven lands lets hear what you have to say yeah Ill take it all aggression pact with the point here with the knife ears I I I do love the fact that Im referring to my Empire as the Eastern Empire of the winoa and the Western Empire just makes me giggle if I lose Iron Rock I lose Iron Rock Im not overly worried about that um I want to find whether skaven base in monorf is to try and Purge that because clearing the scaven in the north out would be really solid for us because its basically once again I have seen the others Ive seen um yeah um uh Moors there clamors are still in existence but its mostly just skaven blight oh oh we have a big invasion in the north oh this could get painful I may have to redirect guys I may be in trouble Grim Gore me make on oh God it is time on to glory for the ancestors I may be in trouble guys time for a reckoning start laughing up Iron Rock a bit more controllers the fact lets throw up a quick look in there with some troops no lets not bother axlord its just a waste at this point my ax thirsts for war onward summon me if you dare time for a reckoning hmm okay for the wisdom of the Leia by the good stairs get your ass in there all right Im in trouble I actually think I may be in trouble um in the north I may have to redirect another Robbie there uh to try and hold for forces of chaos off that is not a campaign extra campaign I want to be fighting this guys is why I have been leaving uh the Orcs there because they have provided a lovely distraction to everything going on up there uh gribgoals never been able to get powerful enough after we initially defeated him um and hes just basically been sat up there messing around with chaos for years at this point while we got ourselves set up um and effectively he probably doesnt like it but weve kept him alive okay so they turned around there thats fine its fine everything is fine everythings fine oh God oh God everything is not fine everything is not fine yeah pushing the worlds Edge mountains there that is that is worrying again I may take losses its not the end of the world its its not great but we can soak some of these losses at the moment thought they may come at me good theyre falling back there that one is Jaeger there is a little worrying but not as worrying as Carlos would be guys not as worrying as Carlos would be lets hear what yeah fine I will join that wall I need your money not gonna be able to do anything with it but with the wall sorry about that my phone telling me its 11. let us begin to war the strong agrees lets move darn for the Reckoning oh look it do you want to play do you want to play with this Force I want you to Ambush me you get private you know whats funny for the wisdom of the layer I dont care if he knows that Im charging into his territory for the wisdom of the layer no stop summon me if you move just begin oh the question is where do I go Im gonna push out here to try and sell some more territory to iron brow the iron brow Salesforce will March boldly into enemy territory basically if I can take take some territory around here and sell it to iron brow I can then start clearing up the Badlands and selling it all to iron brow which will keep me nice and safe hopefully ooh ooh actually I might not be able to afford that at the moment because I am running a little skint you are gonna start heading north because I think I need you there I think I need those iron Breakers in the North um Music youre quite obviously holding there Music lets keep working on all this income okay and that guys is where were gonna leave this one so a few more Frets so weve got a bit of a threadment off Im not too worried about that I need to deal for skaven here and I think Im gonna push North to try and find out where theyre coming from hopefully its just like here but lets have a quick look its not that bad though ah there appears to be a lot of scaven corruption up here so there could be a setup up here but I think we might need a push-up there to try and work out whats going on with them the Army which does that will probably die but its a risk which is needed at the moment I cant keep having incursions from there um meanwhile we will keep on Ill try and try and Shore up here Ive got too many fights going on at the time that is my problem at the moment anyway as always thank you very much for watching I do hope you are enjoying this playthrough and please do like and subscribe if you are and as always an extra special thank you to my channel members of patreons monster bound Phillip F knows nose Andrew T protaru Brandon Space Ace 475 coding monster Jason air egg and Jared horn and thank you everyone for watching cheers on 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