How to link steam account with epic gamesfree steam football games Total War: WARHAMMER III game total war warhammer 3 is an absolutely massive game and even though youre already familiar with total war or even the warhammer series itself each new faction in this game offers completely new mechanics and features this means that whether youre a pro or completely new warhammer 3 will keep you on your toes and toss a sometimes mean amount of new features and events at you thats why i thought it would be helpful to make a quick and easy to follow guide to the essentials of some of the warhammer factions this is the second of a two-part series and in the second part were taking a look at kislev the eastern european inspired nation focusing on the faction led by legendary lord sarina katharine the first part of this series focuses on kathy and meow ying so make sure you check out part one as well for that sweet insight into this chinese inspired faction and if this sounds like something for you i really hope you leave a like and consider supporting me on patreon these videos demand a lot of time and work and your support would really mean the world to me and now our guide to total war warhammer 3s kislev kislev is a cold and harsh land surrounded by a forever winter keeping the lands dark and covered in snow it is in this context with the control of the ice cord and kislev city the only one our faction has to its name and since were lacking a giant wall to defend ourselves with id say we do well to understand our surroundings and geopolitical layout first as established kislev is a lonesome city in this wide open space just beyond our borders lie enemies and whether they be chaos or norsk raiders their enemies all the same i honestly really had a hard time with the ice core in the beginning because i failed to play them the correct way so lets make sure you dont make the mistakes i did shall we and in order to play them the best possible way we need to remember that yes despite enemies all around there are also friends here we are in fact more or less surrounded by relatively friendly human factions some belonging to the overarching kislev action and some belonging to the empire in the south itself its therefore vital to find friends where you can to forge both trade agreements and non-aggression pacts in this way we secure our financial independence and laid the groundwork for future alliances or even confederations as we maintain good relations when compared to grand cathay kislev seems a much more open-ended faction in terms of geography open to most expansions in every direction but going too hard too quick might have devastating consequences you will in fact be invaded by raiders and chaos armies from the north east and south and further west lies the great orthodoxy who will stop at nothing to stop you in their own way it is therefore a wise choice to be mindful of not overextending taking the easy to conquer cities polling them and developing them before moving on to the north lies the great city of prague a city you might find hard to take because of its garrison and thats something you really have to think about here because every city has a garrison and ive never seen a stronger garrison force than the mighty tsar guards of kislev entire armies can be lost to a well-defined city and my number one advice here is therefore to make sure to upgrade your cities and barracks in order to receive higher tier units before straying too far from the wars of kislev itself one of the main mechanics for kislev is devotion relating to the factions religiosity and power of religion we do find ourselves with a mega faction with a member named the great orthodoxy after all devotion is in essence the support you have amongst the people and in kislev thats important devotion is needed to keep chaos invasions at bay and as long as you keep a healthy amount of devotion at any given time say about 100 then you should feel relatively safe in this aspect devotion is gained primarily through defeating enemy armies taking their cities choosing a certain after battle action and directing specific buildings may also provide more devotional return you can also lose devotion by attacking other kisly factions though from events by building certain buildings or by researching certain technology so make sure you know which ones are worth it and when but this is of course not all there is to it you cant really have enough of devotion as there is no high ceiling but thats kind of also the worst in part because as it turns out youre definitely going to need all you can get you see devotion is not only needed to keep chaos away but you also need enough devotion to gain supporters and this is how devotion ties into the motherland mechanic the motherland is all about gaining supporters across the kisla factions as youre in a race toward the top here against your main kislevite rival the great orthodoxy who currently sees you as heretical supporters provide various bonuses after reaching the thresholds and both you and your rival may gain these bonuses at the same time however only one of you may reach the maximum level of supporters though after which you can federate the other and gain a massive diplomatic bonus with every kiss of the faction bringing you that much closer to confederating them as well so how do we get to these supporters anyway in other words how do we reach these kids well we may spend devotion on so-called invocations meaning special religious acts that invoke higher powers these provide us benefits depending on what we need and want but we also gain followers based on certain actions beat them conquering settlements defeating armies or leveling characters its therefore up to you to decide which invocation suits your playstyle personally i would recommend the invocation of zalyak as it gives you one supporter per character level and in these early stages youll gain a lot of those as you fight conquer cities and recruit even more characters and level them up gaining devotion and therefore supporters are crucial then but on the way to the top you might sabotage and get sabotaged by your opponent by spending either gold or devotion you can cut your opponents followers by number of 50 inflicting a massive blow to their efforts just make sure you can actually afford it before you do though i really hope im not the only one getting serious paris and hector brotherhood rivalry vibes from this one by the way turning to our next feature now we have the adamants which is essentially just a fancy word for governor so dont let that scare you away adamants are not really recruitable agents and do not come from a family tree instead you receive one adamant per two provinces you control so they will be rare in the beginning vitamins can improve various parts of a province including income and development and even though they can be used as generals in a pitch you really should keep them in your cities where theyre needed they can also trigger events which will improve their skills in several ways but the most important thing you can do is knowing where to place them so as to make the best use of them at any given time continuing along we have the ice cord which might like the beauty of a royal court but definitely not a ceremony you see kislev can recruit generic lores whenever they wish but if you want to have a really powerful lord or hero then the ice cord really is where its at here youll be able to recruit powerful frost maidens or ice witches heroes and lords respectively with magical powers far superseding those of mere mortals the ice core mechanic simulates the training of these and takes several turns where youll be able to influence their abilities and type through various decisions making sure to recruit enough of these will be important when your lands are invaded time and time again so dont forget about those ice queens over at the ice cord and lastly lets take a look at kislevs unit roster in contrast to almost every other faction many of kissless units feature hybrid units soldiers that excel at both melee and range combat this means that your knives can whip out a gun before they whip out their swords and its a darn fine look indeed but this means that its important to be mindful of which weapon is equipped and you dont want to be caught with your sword hanging from your belt when its your pistol that ought to be holstered if you know what i mean the correct use of calorie hair will also mean the difference between victory and defeat as your enemies will come at you with ranged armies time and time again alternatively you could use your ice queens ice lions and ice bears to do the job for you but all in good time of course kiss live on the ice core then is a faction surrounded by potential enemies both within and without its own mega faction so make sure to make good use of devotion and keep getting those followers and speaking of followers thank you so much for watching if youre going to play kislev first or if you have any questions do let me know in the comments if youre interested in grand cathay then make sure to watch part 1 of this series where we take a look at how to best play meow jin and the northern provinces and if you enjoyed the video i really hope you leave a like and consider supporting me on patreon every news reporting means the world to me and allows me to continue making content just like this and more thanks again and ill see you next time cheers Music you games mmo to play on steam deck YOUR BEGINNERS GUIDE AND TUTORIAL TO KISLEV AND THE ICE COURT WITH TSARINA KATARIN. Make sure to check out Part 1, a beginners guide focusing on the Grand Cathay faction of the Northern Provinces and Miao Ying: IF YOU WISH TO BUY WARHAMMER III and support me at the same time, heres an official Creative Assembly affiliate link to the game. By using this link, I will receive 15% of the sale price, and it would mean a lot if you chose to buy Warhammer III this way :) Link: Total War: Warhammer III is upon us, and what better way to begin this new adventure in Total War history than to help you ease into this new and dark world, and provide you with some of my own experiences here? In this video, I share with you the most important parts of playing as the Kislev faction The Ice Court, led by legendary lord Tsarina Katarin, and guide you through the beginning stages as you set your eyes on the cities and territories surrounding Kislev and the Great Orthodoxy. If you enjoyed the video, then please consider supporting me on Patreon: Dont forget to like, comment, and subscribe to help me befriend the algorithm ;) JOIN THE DISCORD: Kislev is a faction inspired by various Eastern European nations and civilizations, but youll find that quite a bit of magic and folklore has been added here. If the giant bears werent enough, then the gun carrying swordsmen might do the trick. Or perhaps the Ice Queen herself will tempt you to conquer the world as Kislev itself? Let me know if youre gonna play as Kislev in the comments, and if youll choose Katarina or the Great Orthodoxy :D #affiliate #KislevGuide #WarhammerIIITutorial #WarhammerIIIBeginnersGuide #TsarinaKatarinGuide #TsarinaKatarinTutorial #TheIceCourtGuide #TheIceCourtTutorial best co op pc games on steam how to see steam player count steam canner vs water bath steam on mac os steam vr headset not detected