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Sexta feira 13th game steamfree steam accounts with games TOTAL WAR: WARHAMMER III - OGRE KINGDOMS game hey guys whats up a double here with a total war warhammer 3 video today i just wanted to showcase these mountain blasters which are pretty much just iron blasters mixed with stone horns so they are really cool mobile artillery missile monster which is what they are called so its pretty awesome i just wanted to show off a siege battle in my greases campaign so this is on very hard very hard i just wanted to show that this is completely sustainable in a campaign even though they are pretty expensive greeces does make a good a good amount of money even on very hard very hard so they got three armies and without further delay lets just get straight into it and show these bad boys off so in this fight i just want to show off the modded units so lets get down there and show them off like this i dont believe anyone is shooting them they are on a they are an automatic firing iron belcher but nonetheless they are really really cool and i i think they they might be the most fun mod that ive ever experienced in warhammer to be honest with you so look at that okay lets show them off and were going to keep these heroes back just so they dont really do anything but nonetheless lets show this off so so they shoot right off the bat on their own okay now they hit the wall so wall broken instantly and then we can actually break the fort walls which is going to be exactly what you guys expect yup just goes right through now even ends up going through the wall because obviously it doesnt need all that shots to break the  __  so attack this fort wall again look at that just want to show off the destruction that these guys can can put look at that absolutely melting units and this is on very hard very hard and mixed together with this uh army ability that the ogres have can be very very deadly look at that these are tier five late campaign units so it is pretty late to get them but they are pretty  __  fun to use im not gonna lie just seeing that just seeing walls get  __  melted like that oh i love it and theyre stone horns so theyre good in melee combat let me move them here just a little bit just so they dont get obstructed also the ai just knows not to get on the walls because they will get obliterated so it makes siege battles pretty easy lets see can they melt this unit see one thing i i do want to show so so theyre going to hit this wall right here yup its able to come through and damage some of them killed a few i think too so lets see if we can do the same thing in these two areas but i believe we have a fire rain rocket shooting at us or maybe a tower oh it hit the tower okay lets see if itll come through on these celestial dragon guard oh no so maybe a few do miss but lets also i do want to show this off as well oh get these heroes back i dont know oh never mind we have one in the back here yes so these get absolutely melted as well sky lanterns and sky junks and with ogres uh if you dont want to use lead belchers or knobler trappers i think these make for a very very fun alternative for a ranged unit so he just absolutely melted and its gonna get destroyed look at that look at all that vault look at that oh my gosh down thats what were talking about so now that i showed off their their missile abilities i would like to show off them actually going in and attacking uh large units and whatnot so lets see this lets see them actually get into the walls so this is them against celestial dragon guard obviously i mean throwing enough of these at them is going to be good but if you are doom stacking this which i am in this campaign it is going to lead to you just being able to obliterate celestial dragon guard which i mean the stonehorn doom stack is already like the move with them but lets have one fight the terracotta sentinel just to show that off no please dont please dont run away from dang it okay so they are going to be in most of that fight so lets just erase the lord real quick but i also believe that the iron blasters can fire still but maybe not there is no one firing them maybe theres a little little not a little sneaky novel over there no i dont think so their melee attack and melee defense are less than regular stone horns or maybe even stone horns with the harpoons but they arent really used for combat as much as they are used for you know like youre gonna use all of see like this one thats running away youre gonna use all of the uh all their ammo before you do anything and youre also not gonna single out some of these guys yeah they okay theyre not as good in uh one to ones as you know youd hope them to be but i i do want to show that off just to make sure that you guys arent throwing them in there to try to get it uh so he lost so they were losing the fight against the terracotta sentinel this guy right here he was almost dead i think these two are fighting in this area so this guys almost dead as well so they cant so yeah i guess the doomstack isnt the best thing to do but uh on these siege battles they do actually do a lot of damage and generally speaking they dont have too many units uh it was i mean they have a lot of high tier units the celestial dragon guard which is why i wanted to show off this uh fight here in this walled settlement okay see this is good to show off that a few of them are running so they arent completely op like how you would hope but they they do have crazy artillery though uh so that that was mostly to showcase that but lets see how like 17 of them charging or 15. they still do do a lot of damage in their charges especially when you have a lot of them targeting one unit which is how ogres are supposed to play when they have an anti-large in front of them so they they really arent too bad they do struggle with other anti or other large units like this terracotta sentinel they are absolutely destroying my stone horns with the iron blasters on them so there we go theyre routing and then also throwing buffs on them is really good i wait for the heel just so we can get people like this back into the fight because theyre there theres no way their healths going to go up i also have my guy he doesnt have troll guts and i dont have him in so this is without healing or any kind of like leadership boost this is another modded unit but um yeah this is without any support from spells anything thats you know this is this is just them so lets pop one of these on because theyre so their weapon strength is only 480 compared to the terracotta central 600 so yeah they they are definitely going to lose a fight against the terracotta sentinel unless they group up but lets throw one of these on them and see what it goes up to 593 so not that big of a boost just from 480 to 593. i mean lets lets see lets see looks like hes getting yep hes getting tossed around there so yeah this is pretty much what you got to do you just have to throw as many units as you can of these into into melee which is how ogres you know thats how theyre supposed to play so it does go with the play style but lar but missile units are definitely whats going to be the biggest problem so lets try to get a charge on these guys actually them because theyre celestial dragon guard better in the balance of power so obviously weve we see that they take a good amount of damage but did you see this destruction awesome and theres stone horns with artillery on them are you taking a look at this amazing amazing amazing amazing mod i absolutely love it and also you can take them out of melee so lets see here we got one running away hes going to get a good amount of hate a good amount of heals cant talk to get back in here so the shark guy scientist is getting pushed back wed love to see it see and as they run in they they they do fire so that is good as well routing again okay thats fine lets maybe just use the ones that route this might be a strat too just to use them as a missile a straight missile unit dedicated for that so the terracotta sentinel is dead more dragon or more celestial dragon guard to kill so lets keep going after them and really show off the amount of damage that these guys can get i dont want to cap points just to showcase exactly that these guys are able to win i mean if they do take some kind of losses we do want to try to make maintain zero losses just so we dont have to recruit new ones on the next turn but the balance of power is not too bad they had over 3 000 units so they pretty much lost half like almost the celestial dragon guard are routing yeah so lets pop another one of these just to really showcase the amount of damage that they can get off and in land battles i think these would be a little more devastating but they are really good to help you get in maybe you dont need to doom stack them for siege battles but they are really fun just to see the destruction of the walls like you could you you can level the walls take towers out easily i know a lot of people have a problem with uh towers i dont think the ai oh no they do have have a few towers that i do want to showcase that with i want to see them absolutely just one tap towers so they got one tower here and one tower there not in the best spots were gonna have to kind of maneuver around to get to them but maybe we can get a shot off on them they have a few more high tier units celestial dragon guard and jade warriors losing war compasses which i dont think their spells wont really affect the stone horns which my biggest problem are doing war compasses might be two of the most annoying units in all of uh total war really really op really strong they really bother me so having this doom stack is pretty fun to not get obliterated by them because that is that is problems i have a lot uh when i fight cafe so im glad im not having it now i do also believe they would decimate some losing war compasses yes yes we we love to see it happen love the stone horn tails as well wish they had more animations attacking with them but they are awesome so the balance of power it keeps shifting so lets attack that see what happens okay so that was two shots right there lets oh yeah lets get him involved in this as well to attack the losing more compass so i believe its gonna take four shots to destroy yes four shots to destroy one of those which is totally fine in my opinion its its not as bad as having to you know shoot them with your other artillery or having missile units like archer shoot at them so im totally fine with that and now lets showcase like how the artillery will do against just regular infantry so yeah that is pretty strong killed nine models see if its able to kill more wow just getting thrown around so they had 81 models now theyre down to 60. so 21 models killed on that one thats not something today wants to see and these guys are just putting more and more work see we didnt even need our lords or heroes or anything so and just keep healing the ones that run off is totally fine as long as they run and dont die i dont have a problem with it they do take a lot of damage too though i will admit that they are not the strongest unit and thats why i wanted to showcase them but they are the most fun i will say that they are probably the most fun warhammer unit that is modded in i dont know how you couldnt have fun with this they are stone horns with artillery theyre like the let me in there eric andre right here so they are just absolutely obliterating they do good amount of damage and they look really cool with iron uh iron belchers iron blasters uh strapped down to their backs looks really really really cool uh oh we got some routing from watching that a lot of people are routing i think the balance of power is somehow shifting even though they dont have a lot of units left but i do want to showcase that they are able to get a win this doom stack on very very hard i mean most doomstacks are eight are able to get it on uh very hard yeah lets have them split up for now because we do have a few routing i think from getting missile fire and whatnot see look at that just absolutely obliterated them i love watching that that charge is maybe the most satisfying thing to watch in total war look at that oh beautiful beautiful and you can also save your stone horns like that with a quick heal also if i had a hero in here with uh my uh lord and he actually had troll guts or something i could actually cast that uh oh did not mean to cap that thats gonna be okay good i dont think thats gonna be that important it does put down their leadership though so i guess i mean that is another thing these are fast units you know they they do have you know better speed than 66 but because they are wounded right now but yeah lets maybe wait for a heel yeah they still have a full unit of peasant archers there somehow not taking army losses thats fine i think once their lord is dead we should be good to go we we are taking losses ourself though which is getting a little scary we we have some that just decide that they want to leave because they are taking too much damage and i believe the lord is actually doing damage to us hes actually able to fight back against them yeah look at this hes actually fighting back oh wow theyre theyre all routing so i guess there we have it they are not strong enough to to fight the the lord magistrate which i think is very very strange i thought no heroes would be better but or no lords and heroes would be better to showcase them however that is not the case can heal one try to get him back in here so okay all of them ended up running Music except for one that we saved with a quick heel so lets get a spell quickly in here so yeah probably with these lord and this hero probably would have gone a lot more smoothly but i did want to showcase them without magic and uh without help and without a lot of heals just from the arm just from the army ability just to show that hey these guys can take a full-on settlement i dont believe i lost anything i guess well see they all just ran away which that usually happens with single entity units so okay there we go finally finally winning it they finally took army losses after losing i would um imagine over 3 000 units but anyway lets see how that was only lost one stone horn mountain blaster from that so everyone else was able to survive it with yes very very low health one of them almost dying but thats without a lord that can heal without heroes that can heal you can definitely optimize this uh army to make it you know the best that that it can be and also this isnt even with uh greeces so i bet the upkeep and stuff would be lower i am not quite sure but um yeah this is uh this is pretty much just the mountain blaster showcase that i want to show off it is sustainable in a campaign this is a very hard very hard campaign i do want to show that off one more time just to show that greeces his faction does make enough money trading with only a trading with pretty much only cafe uh the the western provinces because i am at war with the northern provinces so this is completely sustainable im not running many mods other than no roc and uh just unit mods not running anything for uh upkeep so just just from playing able to make a total of you know eighteen thousand uh and then the upkeep you know minus fifteen thousand so totally sustainable and uh i hope you guys end up installing it or not installing and subscribing to it and playing it and um supporting the uh modder that made it i believe it also comes with a bunch of other mods like vultures uh yes like vultures and other and other units like uh gate busters and stuff so its a really good ogre uh pack so hopefully you guys check it out and thanks for checking out the video hope you guys enjoyed it i just wanted to show off the steam workshop page for the mod that i just played it has other units in it like boom guts uh gate busters mountain blasters which is what i showed off blood vultures and feral mammoths it is called inquisitors more ogres its made by the inquisitor hes really really awesome he makes these really cool awesome fun detailed mods and you guys should subscribe to him and show him some love because i want him to keep doing what hes doing so please head on over there and subscribe if youre interested in this mod it is a lot of fun trust me and i think you guys will really enjoy cyberpunk game steam Hello everyone, I wanted to make a quick video showcasing this absolutely amazing and fun mod I recently found in the steam workshop. The mod includes five new, very detailed units that make the ogre kingdoms campaign even more fun to play. I highly recommend this mod to try out, you will not regret it!I am not the creator of this mod, ALL CREDIT goes to the creator Inquisitor who created and uploaded the mod on their steam workshop. If you think the mod looks cool please show them some love on their page linked below. Inquisitors Ogre Units Mod ann arbor steam steam game directory location trade skins for games steam can i play steam games on a chromebook honeybee steam powered giraffe