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Ftp steam gamessteam turbine invented in 1884 TOTAL WAR: WARHAMMER III - OGRE KINGDOMS game hello everyone and welcome back to the great book of grudges my name is nathan and were back with another total war warhammer video today well be talking about the ogre kingdoms once again the last time for a small while but seeing as weve already spoken about the possible playstyle and their lore of magic it felt best to cover their possible in-game mechanics too so without further ado lets begin the last time wed discussed the ogre kingdoms i had mentioned that they were supposed to be rather basic and simplistic and while that is true in the form of law and the tabletop its obviously not going to work out too well in terms of mechanics for total war warhammer the mechanics themselves obviously should not be too complicated but i believe that theres a few already in game that can be reused or just remade and of course some stuff from the law which could fit in rather nicely in-game first the elephant in the room of course the ogre kingdoms themselves arent really a massive empire they are mostly scattered around and quite nomadic throughout the mountains of mourn its because of this that i dont believe well be able to form a massive empire with them but instead combine mechanics already in place for the vampire coast and norska where these would be a true pseudo-horde faction by all means they should be able to form an empire around the territories of the mountains of mourn but they should not be able to build an empire outside of those territories where instead all of their forces would have access to horde mechanics of course they should be able to take over any locations of notes such as altdorf drackenhoff and so on but the main reason that these ogres move around is just to search for food and normally they dont stay around too often a true pseudo-horde would have been fantastic its in fact what i still believe norska should be and should get an update at some point to have that style youre still a horde by all means but being able to also control some locations will make it much less daunting now another mechanic already in place would be how the norskens and greenskins confederate other tribes so when you beat the faction leader of another tribe of no skins or greenskins you are able to confederate their whole faction and this in truth works extremely well for the ogre kingdoms as this is actually very common in their law there are many ogre tribes throughout the mountains of mourn and a big goal for all the tribal leaders is to eventually become the overtyrant the leader of all the ogres the mechanic itself is the best way to represent this and it could be the biggest feature throughout the ogre kingdoms campaign of course were expecting the ogre kingdoms to be their own race pack and as weve seen lately with race packs they have their own separate campaign to that of the standard narrative so its likely that the main campaign narrative for the ogre kingdoms would focus around becoming the overtyrant and what better way to do so than going around and beating down all the other different tribes there could be some sort of incentive here where as you start confederating tribes youll get some faction-wide buffs in a very similar sense to how the non-men have been implemented for free kingdoms now a mercenary system could be implemented for the ogre kingdoms this is a race that is known to work with pretty much anyone as long as they have food or coin to spare in a previous video we discussed the possibility of a dilemma system offering quests lets use a basic example here where a quest pops up to go and attack the dragon isles if youre able to destroy that you would get reputation bonuses with another race or faction but maybe this could be expanded upon even more you see there is a unit of ogres that were expecting known as man-eaters these are different ogre mercenaries whove gone to various different races and factions and have learnt directly from them while their services were being employed now its very strange as to how the man-eaters might actually work you see they are a unit but they are kind of treated as characters in a sense inside a unit where you would get a number of different manitos each with their own special rules ive often wondered how they could be represented in game as it would be a massive shame if they were never added in but maybe theres a solution through this system say for example as you do these quests youre able to fill up a resource bar this resource could be called culture for example but just badly misspelled because well its an ogre once you get around 6 culture being of course by doing these quests then you would be able to recruit a unit of man-eaters as this sounds really thematic in a sense doesnt it youd be doing quests for different cultures around the warhammer world and then eventually be able to bring those ogres back into your fold this wouldnt be the first time a units been locked through an event as obviously the casket of souls for the tomb kings is locked behind a right and seeing as the man-eaters are going to have a lot of different special rules it could be imagined that this would probably be the best way as that way you wouldnt be able to spam this unit constantly it could be possible that well see the man-eaters introduced as a hero choice instead but i think it would be much cooler if they were introduced in the same style as they were on the tabletop as they were just pretty cool ogres in the tabletop had access to a mechanic known as big names this is basically a title system each title was worth a certain amount of points and you could only have one title on per character these titles themselves also had some buffs attached to them this could be introduced as a separate skill line for all lord and hero choices you can see how the buffs worked on screen right now for the tabletop and i think its easy enough to implement in total war warhammer weve already got some similar stuff already and now lastly which i think weve all been waiting for is food ogres and food go together like skaven and warpstone its their most precious resource as theyre constantly hungry food should be an absolutely needed resource for the ogre kingdoms a lot of people have been suggesting that they should have a similar system to that of grom the porch but i dont think that that would work the best for them if the ogres end up being as powerful as they were on the tabletop then army-wide buffs from a cauldron system might be a bit too much instead i believe it should work more or less to how the skaven food system works where the more you have youll start getting some faction wide buffs but as you start spending your food you would start to get some negatives giving you some incentive to try and keep your food up of course food wouldnt be used in the same way as the skaven because well ogres dont tend to build that fast so instead what food could be used for is to replenish your hordes its likely that these units might take two or three turns to recruit because ogres are all monsters monstrous infantry or just monsters in general this is just usually how it works for total war so maybe food could be used to reduce the recruitment time for these units say for example ogre iron guts take three turns to recruit well if you use some food theyll take one turn instead this would allow you to be able to fill out your armies and would help drastically once you start leaving the mountains of mourn because if youve got a hoard army well youre going to want to start reducing your recruitment time honestly i think something that this could work of course theres other factors which would allow you to reduce your recruitment time but at that point its kind of like the skaven where youd have so much food that it doesnt really matter so much anymore of course youd have to acquire food in a different sense you wouldnt do it the same way as the skaven by capturing pastures and so on i think the best way to go about this would be keeping you aggressive the more you go out to do damage destroy cities sacking them raising them and even just destroying enemy armies the more food youll acquire i think something like that would work rather nicely as that way you will have more incentive to go out there and do some damage because a lot of times when it comes to total war sometimes you can just feel a little stagnant but these are just some ideas on how i believe the ogre kingdoms could work mechanically when it comes to total war war hammer free of course my sources are based on the law in the tabletop more than anything but what do you guys think let me know your thoughts in the comments below and lets start a bit of a discussion but with that my friends weve come to the end of our video thank you so much for watching if you did enjoy the video might suggest giving the video a like or even subscribing to the channel as 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