Greasus Goldtooth, Ogre Kingdoms Immortal Empires Legendary Campaign Guide - Total War: Warhammer 3

Best games on steam for 20 dollarssamsung dryer steamer TOTAL WAR: WARHAMMER III - OGRE KINGDOMS game welcome everyone Kristine here with total Warhammer free Immortal Empires campaign guide for the ogre kingdoms specifically Greeces gold tooth though of course you can apply some of these things to scrag though not all of these things there are certain options that are only available to greases between the two legendary Lords lets talk about that very quick I would say that Greeces actually has the harsher start compared to scragg thats because scragg faces much easier factions for the ogres to deal with he has a bunch of Imperials uh Orcs as well as dwarfs potentially not necessarily the easiest to deal with the dwarves but its certainly far easier than to fight two ogre factions right from the very start which is what greases is going to deal with and then to have to deal with karakazorn over here which is a walled settlement so greases does have a harsher campaign start though he is in my view stronger towards the mid into late game hes also got an overall safer position this crack because you do start here in the mountains of morn Ivory Road then you have the mountains in Warren region itself to the South Im gonna toggle the flag of War this mod just using it to look around youve got Helm and Gorst and you got kugaf neither of these two is a major problem for you gorse might be a problem if you try and fight them in an actual manual battle because the zombies will just refuse to die and youll eventually lose because of Terror and fear but you can ought to resolve battles with him unless he has an overwhelming Advantage because zombies dont really really count all that well when it comes to Auto resolve now to the West in the immediate proximity it is safe just some auger factions some work factions relatively safe position though of course further to the West you have Emerick trach and then you start getting into the Dwarven lands but overall to the West relatively safe to the South pretty safe as well because gorse does not necessarily a rival though he may likely declare war on you at some point or another though hes just as likely to declare war on kugaf or some other faction to the east you have a cafe and you can get along with Cafe especially with xiaoming though you may not necessarily want to get along with every Cafe in faction you may actually want to rob their Caravans because their Caravans can give you a truckload of gold which you can then use to develop your settlements pretty useful to consider and to the north beyond the ogres and dwarves he started war with theres just more ogres and more ogres until you eventually reach Grim Gore though this is quite a road to go from and eventually call like and you dont necessarily have to fight ground Gore you can do so if you so desire a fun fact in the end times grum gorfat greases and kill them and then United ogres and the greenskins under the Beast wa at least thats what Ive read on on the wiki well calling it the wiki would be a bit uh generous people who are into Warhammer know which site Im talking about but anyway greases this is turn one the only thing theres two things Ive done the only two things Ive done is fought the Battle here against the initial enemy Army there are two and armies here that this faction that to start a war with the cross clubs ogre kingdoms there is one Army thats meant to be destroyed in your first battle and then I took the Great Hall of Greeces stuff did that off screen didnt want the first 20 minutes or so 10 20 minutes or so of this video the first 20 minutes to be just too pointless not necessarily in Easy battles that anyone with any good amount of total or experience will have a fairly easy time with and that you are meant to win even if you ask resolve on the highest difficulty you will win them with relative ease let alone if you fight them manually this is on legendary very hard battle difficulty by the way so okay this is the starting position what are the things you need to be aware of when playing the ogres beyond your starting enemies starting position which is relatively okay well the ogres dont really have regular settlements as you might consider them yes they have that they can take over settlements but they are limited to the development level of free and these settlements uh beyond the fact you all have very severe limitations when it comes to what you can recruit so you can get some good units like iron godson um engorgers but thats really about that severe limitations like Trappers iron guts gorgers and a hunter thats really about it the other problem is economic wise you can only really get the counting house so ogres dont really care about settlements there they can be considered a nomadic faction and they rely on camps now you dont start with the camp you need to unlock it that takes three turn turns Ive already started the research for that but it can number is limited I believe in total I can get seven seven playing as a seven or so playing as greases four from major research so you get big migration tribal gathering over ogre for uh from all that and then you can get bigger camp and Sky Titan plateau and that will give you more camps like and he also that will give you six in total and you can get one more from the best camping uh skelt that he can unlock so seven camps in total that is what Greeces kids which is a problem if youre trying to conquer the entire world for the ogre kingdoms I feel camps can be be the abandoned though if you are maintaining multiple armies and this is going to be the issue is that you are going to have severe economic problems because of this there is a hard limit to how how high ogres can get theres only so many armies they can maintain good armies though your basic units your the ogre bowls are going to be pretty good anyway what with that being said how are the ogres as a faction where theyre melee focused faction they do have Smart Television Arrangements but theyre bread and butter are the ogre bolts pretty strong not so good against armor though you do have some versions that are good against um armor or you can get eventually a version that is decent at least against armor but yeah the armor situation is going to be a bit of an issue with actually theres no version of ogre Bulls Im a bit wrong about that theres no version of ogre Bill bows that are exceptionally good against armor though it is a bit weird when you think about it because they do because if you look at the Dual weapons guys uh it does say that um they do have a bonus of against infantry and they actually do have a decent amount of armor piercing but I do guess its just not enough because these guys theyre not they dont have as many entities as some other units um so maybe the damage overall just doesnt count for being much Ive certainly noticed this when fighting heavily armored units that it does take them a while but you can get something in each term units that are good against armor like man eaters as an example they have 77 armor piercing damage or iron guts who have 70 armor-piercing damage greases himself has following campaign benefits he gets a benefit from tariffs so you do have a benefit from trading with other factions a significant benefit 50 of benefit there by default and he can also get a tall boost which increases that by a further 25 so what 75 percent increase from tariffs that is substantial so the game plan for greases might just be take minor settlements for trade resources and trade with a lot of people like these guys for instance have spices so that would be worth it and he also gets um Unum mass by 25 how large is a unit effectively and so with more mass its easier for your uh ogre boys to get for enemy units to charge to do more damage with that the mass this the situation is one may charge its for a very long time so overpowered when they messed with that thats one made chariots and Cavalry extremely weak and I dont think weve ever really gone past that do I think Cavalry now is in pretty good position in Warhammer free just not really a lot of reasons to use it as opposed to massing range units monster monsters and mainly units especially because most of the battles are going to be minor settlement battles the one annoying thing having to fight a lot of other ogres as greases anyway after you fight these two battles youre likely going to be level 3 with greases so Im gonna get a room Archer and inspiring presence inspirings presence for the experience room Archer for the extract campaign movement I start with fire belly hes a fire wizard basically whos pretty good in melee because he does have these two talents blessing of the volcano God so he can get six percent Ward save and 12 weapon strength though he doesnt have skills for melee attack and defense so hes his chance to hit with his attacks is not necessarily going to be the very best like if we look at him hes only got 48 uh melee attack like Reeses ass 65. like these guys do have lower of course but uh you know the man eaters do have fourth in one so theres obviously going to be issues in terms of your attack setting when they do hit they will hit for a lot but yeah it can be some issues with that and also issues with getting hit the chance of getting hit is going to be higher when youre using a fire belly there but theyre really there for their spells fire Mages currently are pretty strong burning head is pretty good uh and other abilities are also pretty good as well so whats the game plan once you take the Great Hall of Greeces you upgrade it because it has a gold mine that starts at 200 you get to level two its 400 level 3 600 you want to get to level three now once you get to level two you are going to want to build a camp a ball pen over there so you can get it to level three and get iron guts because greases himself on a personal level as a lord beyond the faction benefits he gets more income from raiding and sacking okay all well and good 50 from looting and sacking settlements that is significant um but crucially he gets 50 upkeep benefit to iron guts what does that mean in practice it means the iron guts which are a very good unit are the same pretty much the same upkeep as regular ogre Bulls which are substantially inferior like if we look at the difference here were looking at an enormous armor difference leadership different uh melee defense melee attack so iron got substantially better unit obviously more expensive to recruit but yeah iron gods are going to be your belt or after a point because sure it costs a lot more to recruit them you need the level of free building but once you get them once you get the full stack of iron Gods maybe with some artillery units range units to support that and heroes that is probably going to be your doom stack as greases but that is going to take some time now with that said I am just going to start construct uh start production here of the ogre boats Im going to go for Global uh and that should be enough so two in the regular region three more now there is something you can do to increase that Global recruitment though Im not going to use it one of the things you can do is offer to the great Ma this costs 10 food is an army resource its for each individual Army it gets consumed as an upkeep like its a secondary upkeep depends on how many units you have um gets increased by winning battles gets increased by Sir by camps ogre camps will increase that I dont have any camps uh though in general settlements will also give some meat like its meat really so these guys get the region will give me 10 minutes this is not going to be quite enough to maintain a full tank so if I have a full stack it will go down because the upkeep is going to be higher and so Im gonna start printing five units Ill recruit two more units next turn so Ill Ill get close to a full stack soon enough theres also something Im gonna do next turn which is to recruit a Slaughter Master as a Lord and I actually get some really good choices I get him like if you can get the star like this this is great because he gets that five percent campaign movement range on top of the one that you already have and you can increase it even further with the come and get them offering to the gray mod so 20 that is going to be useful now whenever you start the campaign regardless of which campaign you start you should always go and see what diplomatic options you have available in this case I do have a non-aggression pack that I can get to the scaven faction I am going to take it and I can also get the trade agreement with the Western provinces yes you want to get this going you want to have good relations with him youre going to benefit a lot from Trading with Xiang Ming even if it costs you a thousand believe me this will more than pay for itself later in the line you dont necessarily want to fight a war with Cafe though you can absolutely go for it to the South kugaf El mangors not necessarily the biggest challenges to the West just some other factions and Orcs relatively safe to the East Cafe not necessarily the best place to um to colonize to take over because theres quite a few settlements with unpleasant climate the desert the Savannah though theres also plenty of settlements that are good to the north Grim Gore and colic you can avoid fighting room War you can fight ground Gore you may have the better Army though he is the substantially better Lord than combat greases is just not the combat machine hes just slow and although hes not going to die very quickly hes just pretty weak honestly uh though he has some substantial benefits to his army so he is a good Lord hes just not the combat machine one thing ogres do have is is Big names now I could buff his mass and melee defense or I can get uh a horde master I think Im going to go buff his uh unit mass and melee defense um or actually a horror Master because I think the leadership is actually going to be more important Im not going to rely on Greeces for his combat ability you can have Heroes that do that greases just is not good enough hes also really really slow compared to your ogres like his speed is 35 your ogres by 54. by default like all of them are 54. hes on the same speed level as a knob blar that is not a good speed to have because the game plan for the ogres is maneuverability around the battlefield charging uh cycle charging more or less get some units pinned down cycle charge or just blob them up in a massive uh in a massive unit and break for the enemy fruit using that those things do work is incredibly effective like blopping up should not be a legitimate tactic but it actually works incredibly well for Dogers because they dont necessarily have a lot of entities in their units so if you blob them up youre actually gonna and you can even blob them up get a lot of Mass to your units and just run through enemy uh enemy units because you can because greases in particular gets 25 mass and you can get the mass even higher before a battle by consuming up to five foods you can gain quite a lot of mass through that that was the first turn lets end this foreign hes war of beasts which makes him useful because of the spells that Lord of these do have in particular Clock of Doom but not just that really flash Zoom is not necessarily as great as it used to be but you can get Amber Spear and all that but more importantly you get the Caster the fire belly is good the fire belly you started with is good dont get me wrong but getting an extra Caster is actually going to be pretty useful in a lot of situations even if you do have to have another Army for it okay so right now just one more turn I would normally check diplomatic possibilities but its unlikely things um if things have changed though I will check them this turn as I start turn free okay so were gonna turn free and I have my Army ready but Im not quite capable of reaching the valley of horns but if I come on you just come and get them I can return that is precisely what I am going to do over there Im also going to move uh first off Im going to encircle this that would be a peric victory now you can consume food before a battle Im going to give this to my iron guts you can consume meat before a battle and this will give you 10 Speed Charge bonus and Union Mass so youre getting a 35 unit Mass benefit if you are playing and use the food before now I am also going to move him closer and I dont want to win this battle this turn okay theres a bunch of knobblers some Oracle some ogre balls if I fight this uh without resolve it will be a perfect Factory Ill take quite a few casualties and I dont want my armies relatively intact for what is to come for the future battles which are likely going to happen the next few turns foreign so lets go for the tried and true method of playing an ogre I am going to take these units on this side these units on that side get uh greases in the fire belly over there knoblars and knobbler Hunters younger and we are going to march with all of these units wraith into the enemy no hesitation can just beat up one thing I need to be concerned is the towers now greases does have a disability everyone has their price so this reduces melee attack and Leadership on enemy units so this can be an ability though you will likely have to spam it okay so here we go and this is the bat the ogre game game plan for pretty much all of their battles now one thing to be said about this is most factions you play as you would want to have Skirmish mode off and same thing with ogres but you also would want to have guard mode up so your units dont go chasing after enemy I feel like with the ogres having guard mode um turned off is actually is actually a good decision now theres going to be some leadership assemble leadership problems there Im gonna get him gonna charge him right in uh going to affect those ogre balls and we are reflecting quite a lot more casualties than we are receiving just gonna pull him back a bit so he doesnt take too much damage gonna March him actually over here so you can do flock of Doom there like this this entire side of the battlefield as you can see has been more or less eliminated it might be a good idea to spread your units around I admit uh just gonna March the fire belly youre gonna get greases as well all right get these guys out because theyve been damaged severely gonna affect the enemy can I use a block of Doom box Music stay dead hungry now the benefit of now having dark mode on now the benefit there is that they will automatically chase the enemy it wont work in every situation I do actually have a lot of issues with the way that the game does decide to work sometimes like trying to go for enemies even when you have a lot more mass yeah youre just fine too overwhelm them all right Im gonna try and flip it and get some flanking attacks here with over as well its just gonna speed it up a bit not all the way to the full uh but yeah foreign okay theyre getting plank flanking will uh flanking is a good gameplay and more flags of Doom uh flanking is a good game plan because it uh has a leadership shot like when youre attacked from behind a unit will suffer significantly in terms of their leadership now really what you want to do in a battle usually is go after the balance of power thats exactly what Ive done here Ive killed a lot of units but theyre still fighting and I think its because the hero the enemy hero himself here is actually counting for quite a lot for that balance of power so Im just gonna have to fight it out it is going to be a bloodbath it is going to be a painful and experienced battle a painful and long battle sorry Im just going to March these guys over here if I can kill him okay lets try and Route him all right some Warriors some some guys of mine have fled thats fine though but that Balance power is getting on my nerves I admit keep going there send these guys there there we go finally took a while it was dynamically either and yeah peric victory fighting fellow ogres is not the easiest affair okay victory and I am just going to occupy all right I am going to destroy that camp over there oh and get two more units of over poles recess has leveled up I am going to get ball charge two points in ball charge eventually three points in both charge after that you will want to get tribe stealer and unlock over Tyrant as well for the casualty replenishment now the slaughter Master will withdraw hes gonna get the extra campaign movement and I am going to enable extra control over here now next turn I will be able to set up the camera keep in mind the camp setup consumes your movement points if Im not mistaken so be aware there are downsides were just gonna get the non-aggression pack for a bit of money with both these guys theyre a war with uh actually that was a mistake Im afraid that was a mistake because I would want to go to war against them pick their territory but fine for the moment its its okay but it just means foreign because Ill be busy for the next 20 turns might even get the trade agreement why not or maybe not okay so I can build a camp now heres what you need to pay attention when youre playing uh for when youre playing as greases your location here in the Ivory Road straddles the main trade line between Cafe and the rest of the world its where a lot of Caravans will be going through in order to reach the West so uh build a camp no I dont have sufficient defense continue working with me yes because I do want to get it going but thats fine Ill just wait another turn theres not necessarily a rush for it and I am going to get some growth over here as well as a main camp in the gray Hall of greases as well as disbanding this Camp here now Im gonna get melee attack for ogre Bose casualty replenishment control and then Ogre from those are your better options like you want to unlock as many camps as possible these also give you combat abilities so theyre all very very useful and I do think that its more important to get these than the upper level okay now I have 20 units here limitations sure but Im just gonna have to wait I know my economy is being pushed to the brink over here I could have gotten the money if I had sacked the valley of horns now the sons of the mountain and the dwarves will March their army armies against you and there we go the first trade Caravan the first victim if you will we do have an army marching a army of dwarves marching against me there um but that isnt too big of a concern right now that is a full stack however but you can defeat it however bigger priorities right now now a caravan is a cut is not going to be necessarily Affair to deal with these guys shes gonna have to resolve it and still tightening it manually get the replenishment and that is 30 000. now the burning Nomads will almost certainly declare war on you on one point or another so actually setting that up is not uh sending that Caravan up as dealing with that Caravan is actually good here are the factions that you may want to uh uh to deal with now thats a camp but here are the factions the celestial or less the burning step Nomads basically any faction that isnt either the Northern or Western Province why not the Northern Western because they are powerful theyre major factions and you dont want to start the gradual job you dont want to start a fight with the main Cafe in factions now this gold will go an enormously long way to for me to be able to set things up it will allow me to set up growth in these provinces get these provinces leveled up recruit units recruit a massive Army that I am going to need so over here weve got the bunch of these um we got a bunch of these ogres and thats just the first Caravan keep in mind there will be others now here I have one skill point I am going to get the tribe Steeler because its melee attack 10 when fighting ogre kingdoms weapon string 21 fighting ogre kingdoms thats exactly what Im dealing with here that is what Im gonna spend my points Im gonna get Kindle Flame and over here I am going to get the inspiring presents the magical tree and white that is just the first Caravan it will not necessarily be the last now I dont need any more money and you dont want to get to chummy chummy with this cave in there because Gorst will hate you for it and the turn if the dwarves sure Ill take it but I dont think they will if they do attack thats actually good for you like if you can get the dwarves to if you can provoke the dwarves to attack you early on that is a great situation to be in because it means you uh dont have to deal with them later on lets see what they do if they havent moved already yep they decided to off as expected now what decision do you make in this situation place that in a second um the camp here its situated at the Strategic position each Camp generates fluid in a radius and also has a radius of recruitment I could have positioned it a bit better I suppose like somewhere around here but its a its a good Central position in my Province Im gonna level this uh this one up so I can get another growth building I want to get this building to level three so I can start fruiting Ireland now over here heres what Im going to do I could stay I could stay in the Great Hall and Ambush more Caravans there will be more coming but I also dont want to deal with the dwarves and the fellow owners so over here I am going to recruit some ogres and Ive put in an ambush stance this is a trick that usually works extremely well against a lot of factions okay against pretty much everyone so you have these two armies here three armies really and what theyre going to do is theyre going to amble that theyre going to move towards him theyre not necessarily going to be able to attack this turn but they are going to move towards him and that way Ill be able to eliminate all of them in a single field battle now lets lets be clear you are fighting to full Stacks over here no matter how powerful logars are that is a scary proposition of a battle but lets see what happens now I dont think Ive had sin I think of a tries and avoid sending uh Caravans through territory that is contested like this for us out there whats happened is that the dwarves have March their army and all need the dwarves I had the campaign and I kid you not I had the campaign where what ended up happening is both of these guys were pretty much here and I had to fight a major battle involving uh two and a half stacks of really good troops actually at the same time now you can see the dwarves are right off Im going to give him campaign movement range and were gonna wipe them out all right that is a close Victory but Im going to fight them manually unleash the meat unleash the charge if you fight the the worst thing that you can do against this Dwarven faction of karakazorn is to fight them in their settlement now you can besiege this element and cause attrition but that just takes time the best scenario is exactly whats happened here theyve deployed on the battlefield they were lured in by the easy target that they thought was my settlement there with greases put them in Ambush stance lured them in this is a great situation to have because ogres are phenomenally good in open field battles with these kind of crap units theyre not so good in sieges because they dont really have ranged power early on once you get the lead belchers and artillery different discussion but without our tailoring yeah Im not too fond of melee can be good in Siege battles Warriors of cast are an example pokers do have some issues with respect to that foreign here is my game plan Im going to form a front line largely of ogre bowls then Im going to put the knob Lars in that front line as well and theyre going to advance towards the enemy the other units will go on a little happy flanking trip though Im gonna deploy them initially on the sides here belly over here I could wait for reinforcements I just dont care because I know that rhesus himself would be able to break this Army on his own now one thing you can do is group up lock the group and order the attack group 2 is going to require micro individual Army micro but group one just group them up and order them to attack and what theyll do is theyll do a formation attack more or less and theyll all move at the same speed you can also manually set them up Music now they do have dwarf warriors with gray weapons be aware of that those dwarf Warriors are actually going to be really good against you so Im going to rely on flanking attacks to break their Spirits so to speak Applause get the charges in get all of it going I am also going to rely disability here to do some energy though its kind of backfired I admit s dont get stuck in keep moving with the flankings you got those Maneuvers going todays King reinforcements should be arriving soon when they do arrive theyll be in a prime position to take advantage of that the morale shock of an overcharge is pretty incredible is something else in action or when it happens to you it will happen to you if youre playing Cafe they are something else now since this Army is already retreated they are going to get wiped out in this battle I dont need to do a significant amount of damage though if I do significant amount of damage to it thats even all the better I should have gotten the no no no that was a bit of misjudgment on my part aiming wise as you can see the dwarves are getting annihilated foreign foreign eliminate them on the battlefield I think it counts for a lot when it comes to post battle resources though you do gain quite a bit more of that as greases anyway so I did lose some units here but not significant casualties by any margin I could fight another battle in fact with this exact Army that you see here because you you pretty much will have this exact Army if you recruit in a certain way and I always do that uh but with this exact Army you can fight both this Army and the Sands of the Mountain at the same time and come through now granted you may need to get a couple of burning heads in a good position you may also want to not spec in this unexpected one that increases weapon damage for uh units in a radius but yeah this is a victory dwarves wiped out all right battle one that will give me an enormous amount of meat do I need it I guess it depends on how you view things I could get replenishment that would be worth quite a bit the amount of gold wouldnt be necessarily but very pre-made oh yeah now over here here are my choices I can withdraw and I will withdraw double time I will withdrawn not because I cant go smash the dwarves I will withdraw because theres Caravans coming hopefully it might take a bit though now Im going to get the gold tube skill for the armor for units thats eight armor for leadership and its the final skill for poker balls I do dislike some of these skill trees and admit this is a skill I should have gotten the flaming sword of ruined over here I am going to pick up extra Camp Groove okay so Im getting this to level two and my goal would be to get the Big Slab as well here get it to actually able to get this to level two for more trading Goods and lets see what the other options we have oh I got a hunger on me so you better agreement uh this is how far Im willing to go though at this point I mean Im trading with every faction I can except these two I dont want to trade with these guys because I want to go to war with them eventually as for him is the best choice to focus on improving family all right its his capabilities now I wont be able to recruit the unit system but thats not too big deal right now Ive already defeated them biggest uh fret in the early campaign with the Dwarven Army there they will recruit another they do have likely a Warrior Camp and they will get more dwarves but a full stack is not something theyre going to easily replace now what Im curious about I probably should pay attention when you build a camp there is a chance it might only have knoblars and theres a chance it might have knob Lars and ocher bolts or only ogre balls okay so over here we got then the scepter of the Titans Quest here um lets see whats in this Camp theres two units Im going to take greases alone and Im going to more stuff for a crew Mario units Im still waiting for more Caravans now Im gonna get ogres with dual weapons because theyre good against them for free tomorrow so how important is an anti-infantry weapons when youre fighting fellas that is a good question now are these guys at war with anyone else yes they are so Im guessing theyve moved that entire Army against these guys that works for me this is a really good start I could get the peace treaty with the dwarves if I so desired I dont um I can upgrade this to level two it will take a while to get it gonna get more Improvement here Im just gonna wait for another Caravan they there will be at least one more that passes for you so although I lose obviously a lot of combat potential there its not like Im doing nothing Im recruiting units pretty important uh although maybe I should only recruit ogre balls because ogres dont count as infantry do they no I bet its good against technology right okay lets hear what Caravans come our way if any Ill wait lets say Ill take ambul speak all of these guys completely and then see what when it comes down to assaulting characters music but right now I still want to see if anything is going to come all right okay occupy it dismiss the camp come on get a bit of a bug or greases hes leveled up I am going to actually save his points because I want to get all of these complement Etc well that will be pretty useful for him I will give get two points in Ward safe just to give him that extra durability and over here Ill get more growth and those still have a good amount of money now whats the difference like there doesnt seem to be much of a difference if youre asking me thats practically the same except that extra anti I mean its practically the same they just caused 40 more you can get the version that has Iron Fist that uh Iron Fist just blocks uh certain extra amount of damage all right very well I dont want to get anything more dont want to level up braces thanks Im going to wait a bit more and see what comes in my way I have enough money to sustain me for quite a few turns and once I get uh the Great Hall of Greece is still Level free I can get the tall Booth which will give me an enormous amount of cash 600 per turn plus 50 for up 25 from tariffs pretty substantial the ogres dont like it funnily enough like yeah they dont want to trade with me but Im like nope we are not doing a trade agreement because youre meat on the menu come on Cafe send me a caravan I mean Ive seen situations where you only get one Caravan Ive seen situations where you get two Caravans over here Ill want public order theres a lot sure but I can beat it Ill wait one more turn Im losing a thousand per turn pressing it am I not iced all right were gonna get some more over balls no more dual wielding they would be better but theyre that uh were at the stage where that actually matters the cost actually matters with an extra Caravan problems are solved I have enough money to last me for quite a lot of turns even with the only one Caravan theres a hundred percent chance theres going to be at least one Caravan passing for your territory theres a lower chance of course that there is going to be two but yeah I wonder if Caravans are butcher in shape well Master begins bear meat or replenishment or Belmont lets go money Im throwing out the certainly running out of it I am the tenderizer now hes got a lot of foods now it is interesting that they would kill that one unit yep I lost an ogre bowling freaking matter and the slightly the slightest Im gonna level that up to two and then were gonna go march on dwarves over here I am going to get the pile and upgrade this to level two upgrade this to level two thats still 11 000. I do need to be careful here all right two more turns foreign ball units I think right now thats actually going to be more important just gonna spend one skill on that you this one gonna keep the rest for a camps the camp upgrades for him Im gonna get the Well Control is not really to import more word saved slower master I think I should keep him uh lets lets show them here I think the Caravans are just being blocked thats why not coming Im not quite entirely certain all right so what are the the objectives razor sacta okay razor sacks now Gorst is not quite willing to accept a nine aggression packed here with me so chances are hes going to declare war on war soon enough thats fine Im okay with that better than him running out of control now I know Ive been wasting time I could have taken out the dwarves by now if they have one Caravan from a faction that I can tackle shows up goes for my territory now will certainly give me a significant advantage oh my God yes Im not Im just not interested in fighting these manual battles right now Bayside I got enough to deal with I do dislike the ogre on ogre battles Im not gonna lie all right there is a caravan and theres a good Target to maybe a good Target lets see many apologies youre great but get over Slayer crown yeah the center Lord perfect Target Rebel faction thats exactly what I wanted this is exactly what Ive been waiting for the rebel factions are the best targets to read through kill Slaughter away youre away from Im gonna go over replenish man here I just came 24 000. so in total close to 50 000 coins I dont know what happened with that full stack of troops though what the hell wiped them out actually nope I wiped them out I guess uh no not what Im looking for okay try to drive home now is he gonna be in range not quite the over tyrant hmm why am I hiring these Mercenaries thats my question so we killed that now dont pick a fight with factions that are gonna actually be a problem for you those guys might actually end up being a problem but I do questions Music Im not gonna go with the defensive Alliance because if Gregor decides to show up from the north and wipe them out well that is not a situation where I want to get involved not yet anyway take your fights so he screwed right off things can go very badly here actually I would have been nice to have a military Camp over here so I could have recruited some units yeah The Siege is about to begin the siege of karakazorn gonna send almost a full Stacks even if Greeces has taken some damage nope you picked the fight to greases where Greece has decided to eat you whatever its all the same to me lets see if theres any more oh man its like they just keep on coming its like these guys like okay so I got the nomadic tribes I got the celestial Loyalists and I got to the center Lords all of these guys are a great factions to pick a fight with long as they do not obstruct mine uh simply because uh simply because theyre not major factions ready theyre likely going to they they have their own enemies theyre not going to March armies against you the center Lords are destroyable fashion for the Western provinces to wipe out theyre gonna get wiped out the celestial lawyer lists are a war with the dark elves okay though Im sure meowing is not necessarily going to appreciate what Im about to do this is a bit of a trickier fight than you might imagine but it is a fight I am going to take manually foreign fire your butt flesh for the children Elsa as I present now friends thank you foreign foreign foreign the first few turns Ive managed to take down free Caravans get gotten a pretty decent Fortune though this one was less useful than the other ones sadly enough I cant get 20K from all the Caravans right yeah its not gonna happen ball the same theres a reality right the reality that Im bloody rich well I think the reason I got so much is because of greases is trait so thats why I was getting so much I think to uh to a large extent either way lets get over tired nice and shiny Im gonna move him there so I can start recruitment okay I can recruit three units I am going to get with the Dual weapon for you guys with dual weapons to buff the ogre balls yeah lets go with over balls and now also the Healer stat is pretty useful whole master s is gonna have to recuperate somewhat after all of this gonna get more me generation in a circle just to give him more meat and the dwarves still go strong foreign settings were in order yeah so raising Caravans with grease against you and bloody fortune would regular ogre Lords less of a fortune but still a lot of money so believe it or not its actually better if Greece is just literally sets on his high than the green tall gracious this shockingly outpace does still have the big name there would be a peric victory do I want to fight the seed battle against dwarves Ill be quite blunt about it no I do not bye well just next turn once my Army is in position my second armies now for a camp you really want to focus on this particular building chain get growth let me get some iron guts as well I will need to stabilize my economy Im not gonna lie about that but uh time I think Im gonna disband some of the units that I do have in that second Army but uh not quite right now not quite right now good good now he is a war with eye biter and thunder guts in charge now you witness much power yes no not worth it top that all mine well I suppose you gotta make a decision at some point try to tell me if grungorn declares war hmm I dont need the money yes and it would tie me up in a way I dont necessarily want to I want the flexibility if Im gonna go to war with grimgore I want to choose when I go to war with gringor that is what I feel is significant that freedom that kind of flexibility like I dont know what Grim Gore is doing he could be fighting colic he could be conquering dogres there I dont know thats just the reality now after this um I think oh all right now heres the crazy thing about ogres They smash down walls theyre actually really good at it lets let me show you this now I would not fight this battle if not for this video Just to be clear Im only doing this for the sake of this video Siege battles arent bloody annoying so Ill admit lets go for it okay here we are which one do I want to take that one or this one doesnt matter well it does Im gonna go where the reinforcements are gonna be so lets Deploy on this side most factions need a ram most factions are not the ogre games to understand how ridiculous this is understand that you dont even go for the gate you dont care about the gate because its actually it actually takes more time to break down the gate than it does to take down the Walls thats not a joke same amount of units takes more time now heres where I hate sieges because Im just gonna get hammered over there but Roy let us bring down Im not gonna go for it just yet and they start smashing at it I am out priest oh yes so Im gonna take a while dont get me wrong on this right reinforcements coming in were gonna send some of these guys over here including the Lord me me God shall boys no no no no no thats almost broken down so not worth it the fact you literally have an ability to do this for you on top of the fact that uh your ogres can smash the animals well I guess you cant climb well so that isnt negative but dude give a oh yeah I dont want to fight on top of the holes why is it more effective to attack well thats a simple answer to that question is that when you attack the gate your ogre is just now not as many overs can reach uh standards the news please die die theres going to be a lot of casualties being taken here tyrant attirements hungry the knobblers at least can climb the walls hilarious wanna make a knobbler army when do we eat all right lots of damage being taken but theyre moving in finally Im not sure what the good game plan would be forces that is frustrating because they just kind of got stuck trying to attack it there to find this issue annoying because it happens when youre trying to attack a barricade what happens all right when youre trying to attack a wall now eat my God still hasnt taken it down foreign ERS occupied they can be a danger especially the guys on the walls there for the fire all right wheres the master I think I need to kill the enemy hero if Im going to win this one supper hungry thats how boys right in there Music Cowboys yeah the dwarves are especially good that I feel resisting ogres in a Siege theyre kind of good at resisting anyone in a Siege never mind boogers all right victory two thousand four more files and if I sack it do nothing actually because I want him to occupy it telling Grace is to go back shes got Caravans to harass look at this its like Imperial wardens uh Eastern river Lords kind of hilarious now you dont want to fight the Imperial wardens theyre close enough that they can be a problem Music certainly this buys you for it but all right we got more big names Im going to go with gay Crasher skill wise I only get camping the only one skill points early enough this time uh but yeah me provided by camps fifty percent I mean even a month Im getting right now is pretty good but yeah Ive got tyrant its what I want yeah he should be hes gonna get something from me if hes gonna need it Im gonna get Fire Within for him and Im going to count myself the boss Music I think Ive picked enough fights with enough actions lets get trained now income wise trade wise why is it ah there we go uh just 700. but thats gonna increase gonna dismantle that okay uh theyre with the mountain eaters now Greeces uh is just going to chill a bit its going to take 10 more turns no actually I can declare war right now all right well guess what Greece is gonna Loop so Im gonna have an Warren orphan nowhere in the south uh for him Im going to get the Amber Spear a fine tune of Butchery and were gonna head over for this the yeti Peak yeah yet these do exist in Warhammer theyre mutated ogres as far as I understood it correctly could be wrong in saying that but I think thats what they are mutated by the chaos waste the corruption of Chaos because you are pretty close to the chaos wastes in the mountains of morning especially on the Northern side you gotta love Grim Gore Its like Im gonna take my wine next to the Gates of Hell itself destroyed through the pain s Master butcher and now Im gonna get that level free so that will unlock Iron guts but its gonna take some turns out join me so in the meantime Im just going to use some ogres with dual weapons not really the best choice I admit like I mean its good for every other faction except fellow owners Music all right 31 000 what else can I do always go for those quick deals only see whats available can get some alliances but I dont want ready what the the that is so bizarre well I was wondering about it I admit I was kind of wondering about it now that I realize it its like yeah of course you know your place thats why I love so hes got hes so they got wiped out Morales by the dwarves and hes set up a camping my lands great okay now the worst part is I cant declare war against them without sparking a lot of crap dont necessarily want to keep going north because Grim Gore is there um choices well sometimes thats the thing sometimes the campaign makes these choices for you and I guess whats interesting about this one is you dont have a preset path like by this point of course could have declared war against me for instance and so I would have had to move South to deal with him just show us his choices choices I have a deal with them thats up to him I may want that settlement all right Music can he beat them probably likely even spoils here Music gonna get more meat in a circle now what other buildings are worth it well you can unlock this for a hunter though obviously you will want to get this level free but I will I mean actually Im at such a point of growth that each turn Im getting one Surplus points just gonna take a couple of times do I believe I can beat the dwarves in a fight here yes I mean its funny enough when the AI just is so terrified of you that they just decide not to fight you that their game plan is just were not fighting them because of the special buildings down uh the special building firemouth this is actually a good outcome no you are not getting a trade agreement with like Confederation though with another faction even if girl even if public order does suffer George calls it its still always going to be public order for me though I understand that it makes more sense to call it control this was very close to Rebellion so Im just gonna toggle the income off just to help stabilize things oh okay lets look at the settlement details hmm is it better to fight a small settlement battle Music or to put a thunder Siege I will strip every inch of meat from your all right lets talk with the oh babe you so much as look at me funny but Ill eat ya in charge took the Gold War you need for internet obey me all right continue working with me and shangyan will be a Haven for you well I can at least get paid for it why do I have a low reliability rating they have I dont know it will cause problems and I believe so like of course declaring war against me and that kind of stuff um just gotta deal with it so I get an extra camp that will be incredibly useful lets spread some control with him good good I am in need I have the money do I wanna no I am not going after ghosts in that situation I could like I could take advantage of many many things but yeah onward all right lets see whats gonna happen Im just gonna repair that not quite in the circle of influence there am I whatever I decide all right I think Im gonna set up one here but well see yeah well if my reliability is low might as well declare war on these guys take their settlements though its not strictly necessary honestly public order is going to be a concern however I do want the fire mouth country you so much as look at me funny but Ill eat ya did you bring any meatball oh mine the obey me loss of bosses crush and creep I expected Music oh stop butcher well that is a substantial benefit to fire bellies if I can get this to level three if it is a big word right now um its over here Im just gonna get wild heart that would be speed physical resistance pretty good solid but Im gonna go toilet decides I feel like oh my God I should consider it but I dont want to right now anyway once uh once this gets to level three you can get topless youre about to find out how I became child shut there its right there for the picking the dragons require your immediate demise theyre a war with client Ashen I wish them luck I wish them the very best luck in the world all right so my my reputation is recovered that would be 20K it would be a lot I guess for when you when you stand here and youre and you see those Caravans moving by really this better to understand exactly why uh why Greeces does what he does really are you yeah I guess I should have taken that Confederation when I could have its not above listening to the likes of you foreign hunger cannot slow us and move it in there tyrant is a lot of money you cant say this isnt worth it and if Cafe wants to come into the mountains to the old ogres by all means they are free to join Ed Im gonna dismantle that theres one more settlement is gonna gain some uh some benefits there over here with him skill wise is an interesting one I do but like if youre fighting gorse you and kogaf you may want to get this up to full the only in that particular situation um otherwise upgrading your iron gut seems like something you want to start doing is racist because you are going to get them forced to use them you can always decide not to get one of your better units thats the same upkeep as one of your most basic units that is up to you um so over here we get recruitment costs gorgeous population Surplus for newly oh thats an extra compliment so we can get so thats eight camps total so far how many more no I think it is eighth camps totally you can get poker balls me generated all right thats gonna be 12 turns get this upgrade tyrant voice now wait one more turn now camps its worth saying they dont have a regular Garrison as most elements you can build whatever units you want to add to the guys end up keep this minus 60 by default 80 or 85 percent you can get it to as low as 90 minus upkeep compared to regular sales ages keep suiciding there arent they um Im not gonna give them long to live honestly all right new contracts lets see what we get hmm calls and Roy march on for the more see you now your place okay okay thats it right take this element wipe them out Chinese mine yep its gonna get some public order now once this gets to once this gets to a level three Ill be able to get lead belchers and artillery and Hunters its like Ill be able to actually play my faction imagine that lets get more income continue working with me and zhangyan will be pirate all right now as for the crown here this is actually a much more difficult battle than my let uh lights on theres gonna be an arachnock so you start off you start a fight with a bunch of night goblins goblins all adds to face then you get an ambush in the back so squiggs arachnocks Wolf Riders on top of the Olaf and War Boss with black Orcs isnt something your ogre balls can really deal with easily not if theyre damaged maybe at full strength and even then theres some tough tough units there I feel you do need iron guts if not the artillery whats going on there its a glowing red now that might be another decision thats taken out of my hands -faced all right lets move oh man I wish I had been here that would have been so much more gold Lucy gold Mac ifane wants to send uh armies right then we shall die Facebook analyze Music all right let the battle begin Music s this one biggest in the drive oh yeah so theyre sending a bunch of ogre bowls the main ritual bring us me when doing it the more calls down boys hungry yes Shots Out Boys crunch this golf now there has some obsession with ambushing hi guys theres no way or when I say obsession with damage I mean in the sense that they I when it ambushes you it will go through theyll very rarely Retreat from an ambush dont stand the chance I dont care what Garrison they have and they dont really have a Garrison like I knew that I would be able to beat this Army pretty simply because this Armys been exhausted fighting all the armies that my allies been spawning is ready foreign well be making any jails till you now dude Tyrant of the tribe Ollie Ollies whole stinking world foreign 11. Ive got tyrant Slaughter master get it done Graces this shockingly outplace my God is law bring me something today leader of the Troy won everything foreign foreign Music now holy that was insane I did consider throwing away this camp but then its like yeah the spending this is better well yeah I didnt realize that this had 18 population Surplus its like level five camping coming I know they I cheated but I didnt realize how insane it could be well I guess I realized how lets get some no he doesnt need healer hes already in a good range um lets upgrade does mean his meat is going to be more limited there like holy cow that is a bit ridiculous Cafe eternal all right now control is going to be affected in a fairly substantial and major way I will just have to tackle that disable disable Gathering and come in that in this region I should have done that before maybe get an army just the Garrison Duty I mean yeah it is annoying to Confederate them suffer that penalty for just one region lets be real here but is it worth it I would say so because yeah what was I gonna do declare war against them I dont I dislike the Confederacy downside I really do its like yeah lets uh just screw yourself over because you are smart enough to get an ally Oh yay GG its on the left two get that up oh gosh Ive got tyrant Im down hes gonna need to now I can always recruit any Challenger does greases have Improvement benefits no he does not I mean he does he can get draft Master kinda use the skill if youre playing ogres I gotta say because a lot of your recruitment will not uh be happening all right that Army is pretty weak slower master of awful all right gonna combine some units here Im not concerned all right hello grimgar thank you all frequently before I kill you right where you stand well nice to know hes very diplomatic oh my Harmony above all fresh foreign whole master dont you dare rest all spoils here I am no Focus are we well look whos arrived the armies of Cafe the legions of Cafe I did not necessarily expect them to feel do not think that you tremble for you have me tremble hmm am I up to Stacks doesnt matter they might wipe out this element doesnt matter generally it doesnt matter I dont give a crap the only settlement I care about is the gray Hall of greases Im gonna start recording iron crushes iron guts sorry but the best factions to raid their Caravans are the rebel ones because this may happen with every other major Cafe oh at every other Cafe in faction its an important though I do like that AI hates me so much that theyre literally gonna screw themselves so much by attacking me because by taking those armies they dont have any other armies maybe a couple of units here and there and all that but nothing major please certainly not the units necessary to defend their own territories and they are going to face enemies thats the real kicker I guess but it doesnt matter multiple armies no the burning Nomads are certainly gonna burn with dessert to kill me in this situation bring it I love it make my life a bit interesting Music even if I lose a lot of units here it doesnt matter well be yeah but theyve been wiped out and I removed a lot of the strain on my economy and allows me to get more units uh different other units all you want some work afterwards right back down your face youre gonna have that I dont need it I dont care for it and if I can get the non-aggression pact where Grim Gore doesnt need my hide I will take it over here in the camp I I am going to recruit some overs and some Trappers curious because I do have that well it is technically in the mountains of mourn so yeah like its interesting that it cant be Global but it uses the province its in for the sake of its own recruitment now other unit wise like what other structures would you want Mountain maneaters are pretty good units but theyre just too expensive for you to be able to afford though the structure here is a good one because it gives you that extra extra unit crew rank so it is kind of worth getting this Army is going to fall back over here one unit right now because I cant move this turn and then someones a manticore lets get that manticore magical Reserves it might have a serious battle on our hands soon enough try the Lord Cafe tries to invade the mountains of mourn hmm yeah theyre gonna pay a heavy price for what theyve done here I dont even need to invade Cafe Ashen Nakai Etc theyll take advantage of this thats a stupid dumb thing about the AI just they just screw themselves over just to attack you even when they stand no chance of beating you thats the worst part thats the real kicker oh we feed well this is certainly a very very interesting scenario I had met not gonna lie tyrant Ill go for it why not the boss they serve Oh Theyll be served Im the boss another Trapper unit is gonna have to throw everything at them gonna get more campaigns gotta be careful might be ambushed here as was expected theres always a price for these kind of things and I picked too many enemies but you know what ogres are a great faction for exactly this kind of situation Im not joking why are they so good for this kind of situation because they dont give a about the miners elements yes theyre nice the only one that matters is the Great Hall of Greeces I will defend that to the death but silent not really lets go racist count wheres me faster oh God see that mass is really significant because its allowed the glory of Fame my path I actually forgot I had some units here that I didnt engage the feeling when you engage with on a portion of your army and youre beating the out of the AI and its like wait I kind of have more units sure these guys are going around like keeping everyone together is an advantage look at them fly away time come here it is Buffs there me me get some healing done Music whats up Music take it all Tyrant of tyrants knock me there I want it all thank you biggest biggest in Detroit biggest in the Troy racist ghosts Ill crush them feels so good to Witnesses on it its what I love about those theyre sheer Unstoppable nature Im really gonna continue massacring them kill their hero she doesnt have the best melee durability thats why she thinks so effectively there there we go Music okay thats the first of the free Stacks that theyre marching against me how much uh I would like to know okay 283 okay Music one down two to go to touch of Dragonborn is blasphemy this encounter is point Cafe eternal Graces this shockingly out base Ive got tyrant be on God drives Hulk master so what did I lose there Im sorry a few microphone issues uh what did I lose there oh they sacked the salmon no they took this element they didnt even seconds hanging it would have been nasty lets get rally no thats probably not the leadership for healing matters for the hookers in any way okay skills skills skills lets get more weapon string for him more control got braids gonna disable the income just for a bit while boy quarter is an issue here true Rebellion the Confederation aspect just two turns we will face that Rebellion into turns if were not careful well not not just because of that like but if an army decides to trace around something like that then yeah but now like the problem is I controlled all the key provinces Cafe can sand the Caravan right now like these factions cant send the Caravan right right theyre gonna attack good let them my trigger a rebellion but it doesnt matter Im just tempted to even fight this on my own because I might win Im not sure exactly what they uh the cafe in AI is after like the garrisons are weak old minor garrisons are weak but its hardly significant point boss all right we can get a hunter tried thats okay Music I feel the mass is more important here butcher in shape oh guys stop on Warriors today and greatest tomorrow master of awful Harvest the master of slower Tyrant of the tribe the Slayer no above listening to the Lord magistrate conversation is futile to our one natural its no gaps bigger foreign must faced all right so veil of Titans just gotta recover that just want to stabilize the situation before doing it before ending this is the final battle and after that was chosen great more forbids Ill slow a master faster all right just gonna get some public order get this to level three get some income here good evening and here that coin is starting to become an issue Harmony above all behold my aromatic Celestial and tremble for you and shaper as expected they got screwed by doing this let me explain so they marched an entire Army there to wipe me out everything they had to wipe me out guess whats Happening Here what else their war with the wood elves and there are the war with these Rebels so now these Rebels and what elves are gonna get just crush them over here things are a bit better for them because they are generally a war with the rebels and they do have a full stack here so theyre gonna last for a bit longer dont tell me Plantation is coming for me look at what Ashton has Lets ignore the idea that snitch might just be attack coming to attack me it looks kind of looks like that um but it could happen you might just wake up with that but snitch could just decide okay one of their main principal armies has been wiped out they have another one but snitch just has more troops so you might just decide to wipe it on and similar here with the dissenters creative assembly needs to abandon his idea that AI just needs to obsess over the players why like I I understand that diplomatically if you will but this stupid AI Behavior where the AI will throw every thing against you because heres a reality check the eye attacking my settlements undefended as they are is just dumb because my garrisons like if I were to find these battles manually but even without resolved I enact a greater toll if I have to go to them grab a whole chips that is a bigger problem and whats up whats with these Declarations of War when AI is literally at zero strength I dont get it I really dont get it all right thats a bad situation if Ive seen one dont necessarily think you can beat that on his own and that is a concern Ed now Graces could come on dude its like I am the tenderizer oh baby now my choices here are to I can put these units in the camp I think I will get them out so that if they do attack Im gonna get the man either I cant afford it Ill tremble for you have made an egg an egg natural that is a better outcome there are sometimes consequences for the wars you may start those consequences but in this case if they do attack the camp Ill pulverize them since ogre towers are strong foreign well the war in the East is calming down but the war in the west is just flaring up though I did expect um you know they attacked the camp all right so there we have quite a few units over here I am obviously far more outnumbered now even if I lose all of this this is not the death blow now lets consider the towers the controls Two Towers would be a central location I think yeah holding the central point with some names well itll probably be something that pays off but then wiping out portions of the enemy Army is also something ogre settlements are a bit of an issue to take lets leave it there boys so these two come here hungry here we go please me master all right were gonna need supplies the thing that were gonna really need are oh when supper grimshawa take it easy Im gonna start constructing towers with the goal of holding this particular point no holding the central point is probably smarter decision save the elders look at this one thats right it might have been a better thing to fight them in an open field s crunch this out it is not necessarily a pretty outcome certainly not good Iron Fists Ill smell ya as they did just have too many troops for me to comfortably defeat although peasants are kind of crap so no they are crap Music foreign losing the camp here is yeah I dont think Im gonna hold it I want that its going over here doing it right by me highs okay yeah too many casualties guess it was a stronger Lord than I anticipated no I love their level free yeah theres the ogre towers that Im looking for yep yeah maybe an open field battle with my proper Lord might have worked out better I just didnt think that the issue is these long spearmen are good against ogres though I guess with the full-on charge it might have worked better sad to lose such a foreign Music can I attack Ed he attacks yes well I guess Im gonna get the camp I wanted pennies off he gets to go North Greece is good gets to go south although Ill give him how many units do I have here I think Ill give him the balls because I have a lot of units here and Im gonna get more artillery all that kind of stuff yep so thats six units of iron guts 410 pull me there yeah and Im gonna make my camp I mean this would have been a good position except its clearly vulnerable well any region is vulnerable we are see about peace treaties speak child of the nine yeah in Greece this is gonna go south trying to stabilize the situation there oh wait all right for greases um I shall throw another unit there foreign okay they can give me another Hunter thats why Im in charge but Im gonna wait for getting that one oh and Clan rectus what Joy it is entertaining to see the suicide that they uh even if they did take one of my camps a bit salty about that youd think uh camp with defenses would do better but turns out not quite as much AI never learns okay before I do anything here I do actually want to give him one more unit here because I didnt account for the hero I recorded shes gonna build a camera gonna keep them in the camp for a bit it is nice to get ogre Bowls in the camp by the way you know what will I do with this Army there is a place for you march and put an end to this lovely bastard called Hellman Gorst s oh dont tell me that you already get to talk cause us he just got this camp though an ogre Camp is not that is a is enough for the AI because they can they have a very strong amount of income Baseline and theres the problem the real problem Trench oh when it rains it pours maybe I was a bit too aggressive with the Caravans at the start created a bunch of issues I admit I did not expect Cafe this minor Cafe in factions to declare to literally March stacks of troops against me well be treated like me must face you may Wipe Out the valley of horns Music all right just gonna grow foreign gods are now and youll probably have to go for the valley of horns first yeah thats expected really hey dont they I just literally ignore his reason I would not March my Army through so much hostile Terrace or potential ass out there at three and its not like the Orcs theyre liking and when it rains it pours all right thats going to generate meat for all my no one I mean its gonna get more over there even if he literally ambushes me I am not concerned this is my Doom stack oh man the boss all right Im gonna spend some turns increasing my economy doing all that kind of jazz maybe getting another camp and turn maybe hell be tempted to attack me I would actually love it I would Im not joking foreign because hes Craven tail hes a hes probably the worst legendary Lord in the entire game Im not sure what would be worse than than him maybe I should set up a camp here I mean I got it he wanted to wipe out why I bite her so he moved into my territory place now I know crab and Tails probably so much lets see what hes got other crap to worry about Im seeing the suicidal nature of the eyes make you think but well what do you think happened snitches oh I will hes marching hes going to wipe them out here as expected and yeah cravendale has well I think most of the bosses I think its time to set an ambush an overstyle ambush is hilarious when I do it but it works yep so the two skavens texts Kevin generally get two stacks on legendary conquering I could wipe out Korean tail and then lose the gray hole Reeses camp or I could let the valley of horns be taken out in my podcast choices choices choices that has a decision really fundamentally speaking small tactic yeah I dont care about that shitty settlement this natural Authority all my enemies have marched against me and I hope he doesnt March there I think Im safe right lets see what course does you might Retreat every trade so Ill just smack yep that was the expected outcome now this may sound like a surprising amount but you dont want to fight this Army and yourself although does he have a corpse card he does not its Hastings hard boys dinner is served Im gonna put all back next to a camp Craven tail may take the valley of horns but he wont uh you could move your lord into the camp that would be nice anything I know belongs to me you are faced how function fighting Helmand Gorst is a bad idea in terms of an individual battle everything we find is mine only any Challenger oh there I said move lets see how much regender they get not really a lot whatever I decide so Ill just get them like this what are choices of recruitment could get more artillery no choice all right time to stop screwing around Greeces calls for AIDS thats what the boils down to let me try oh thats hard we all need to deal with this problem good thats a bit more time and the more I can keep him here the better off Ill be like I would have liked to have fought gorsth in person but I know what I get if I do that what ends up happening in that kind of situation is you think youre going to a battle thats going to be very easy and then of course just beats the crap out of you because the zombies like manly attacked my legs Im going to move if he attacks he attacks right if he Retreats Ill take the settlement back gonna level and get that to level two might be losing a bit every turn crisis mode right just does happen I do hope he attacks like forget the previous age I was just a dumb mistake on my part wow okay that was a bit unexpected how in the did you manage that Ill try and leave like yeah this is a case of like just get the hell out of the battlefield but that depends on what he has but this isnt the full Army if it was a full Army I would say yeah ambushing the ogres suicide most of the time like were so close as well and were so fast Applause learn to wait this is what I mean even are just not good at dealing with overs because ogres are especially notorious in terms of dealing a lot of damage to morale foreign Music theyre completely wow from what master of Butchery rap for it bring us me uncles yes yeah Im just missing something yeah this shouldnt quite be happening well theyll recover anyway all right okay is ready cook Master Supreme the Cowboys Music thy Cleaver is sharp the ball calls they die boys take it all when supper he asked me take it all I feel the hunger lets go boys attack was it just a manticore master embrace the hunger the hunger noise pause right hand Crusher how many army losses I was a bit worried that I was gonna lose the battle with the morale sharks a battle that by the way I should win happens unless he was already uh moving an ambush stance Im a bit surprised Im like Cravens Dale being able to get his ass here take it home I feel the hunger but ogres are not a faction you want to ambush this is why pretty much why foreign Music tail foreign Ive been waiting for dont let them Escape key well gain more levels and I really dont want this bastard to escape foreign would have killed him by now Im not joking I wonder what caused all those morale issues earlier though thats something I need to figure out because gravitel doesnt necessarily have anything as ability-wise hes after trash so you know you want to know how you beat this game you let them Ambush you and then youll be bored it is hilariously oh so he had three armies okay Music the hilarity continues but what Im wondering is is attack me regardless that is all what remains of Craven tales Army Music slower master yep yay hell of a time Im gonna put the camp right here and its like I dare you to attack it they probably will but rituals happily have you come here seeking infection there we go Ill take that Neil the dragon Celestial Glitch Master foreign put your finger boys Ive got tyrant Music are faced in my honor just gonna upgrade that one income building Tyrant and it will be sufficient what the hell of a war though and a genuine war that even funny nice and shiny but yeah play uh play ogres how to win against cave and let them Ambush you and then beat the out of them while ambushed I might have been the rampaging Manticore that caused that uh terrifying aspect one thing to do consider drives now you win what do you speak your necromancer your attempts ghost master okay thanks Wyoming jobs so I just had three four five factions suicide rush me that failed it cost me a lot Fairfield my economies and shambles my Army is depleted but God that was fun thats actually the most fun I think Ive had in um in the past the some of the early game of certain factions foreign Camp buildings that wouldnt necessarily matter and come from tree for every Ally now lets get income from build peace just improve that by 10 percent yep thats gonna be a lot situation stabilized well that was fun uh lets tyrant thats going to be upgraded and its gonna get level two soon enough I should hurl you plan richest you dare comma approach Clan riches most powerful of all clans not lying the trash is speaking about its power that is so hilarious its like most powerful of all this Cuban plans literally has quick close enough that he they they can be considered neighbors most powerful my ass that was the music such a ski one conversation Im laughing my ass off okay I dont have the money for it I wish I did but I have the price the price was paid on one hand Ive been able to develop a camp to a very high level courtesy of all of the all of the income that I was able to poach over there true but at the same time I had six Stacks marching on me six Music well either way Gorst is next but foreign okay great now heres the thing if I look at the situation let me just look in objectives I need to raise or sack for these elements thats just a matter of time especially if the AI starts keep sending units against me most wise right burning wind nomads um I have a strong a strong enough economy to support an entire stack of our iron guts now it would be great if I could get the Garrison building over here right because this building at the same time it would be also pointless because if I cant defend that in an open field I cant defend the camp here I lose this camp more or less was the campaign thats just the problem the issue I have to deal with faced so what would I do Beyond this point well looking at the fog of war Ive gotten a peace deal with rectus of course I did because I beat the out of them its like seven Stacks descended on me and I I just demolished them hell a bit uh I fought a battle that I didnt necessarily think I could win really there in that ambush now with the forces available and its like yeah I look dicey for a moment but then its like the ogre mass and speed and power just shows itself ogre campaign suffers from my in front in my perspective from the simple fact that well all spoils here see America from the simple fact that you are you have very limited uh plan Im just gonna position him in the camp and that does have a major impact on your game Im gonna collect income here public order is stable enough so is here just need the money even if its not a lot when the camp system from my perspective just doesnt work extremely well if I could Garrison a lord in a camp a different discussion all right Im guessing hes facing some issues thats why hes pushing for that um but Im glad Im not gonna have to fight Grim Gore at the end of all for this that would have been a bit much yeah that I did pick a fight with a lot of Cafe infections and well I got my do you always get your deal I understand that a legendary Lord is important to the success of an army but I was admittedly a bit shocked as to how bad my guys were this is not course but you know foreign undeniably so oh great hes coming again Ill Ill you child I am rich all right do this to get some Breathing Room holy crap natural Authority just get some decent breathing room get some space rebuilt no problem Im gonna put all these guys in the camp save up on upkeep and Ill be able to rebuild recover regrow adapt and we do better because I am in a pretty good position all things conserved here might have fallen on me but we are still alive custodians who might be an issue star what would be the lessons in all of this ogres are incredibly potent in any single battle that they fight any single battle but they dont necessarily have the economy to support that too many people might uh want to wipe them out super good under if were solid understandable reasons if you piss off all of Cafe dont dont be surprised if you end up getting burned so speak I feel like I need some turns to recover y I dont think Im necessarily going to be able to easily do that I mean there is that Caravan that would be sweet to get that would solve all my most of my financial issues but its just moved away rip Hindi Savage oh that would be brilliant wouldnt it foreign so thats all I had to show for the moment turn 41 it was quite the journey I gotta admit oh Village is coming holy its like the world wants a piece of me and they theyre not gonna be stopped craving I guess if there is a downside you are in a position where you can be sideways like this because you are in a position where you are surrounded you need to expand you dont have a safe position you could have I could avoid expanding here if I wanted to because Music fast thats just all the All Rolls so to speak oh since anyone dont forget subscribe like enable notifications and Ill see you next time hot steam games Going over the Ogre Kingdoms Greasus 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