Ogre Kingdoms Warhammer 3 Fresh start gameplay and Playthrough Disciples of the maw vh/vh

Steam buy game inventoryhow to open 2 steam games at once TOTAL WAR: WARHAMMER III - OGRE KINGDOMS gameplay wow Music all right there we go and we are live again on the ogre kingdoms it is um not looking too good because this army theyre theyre about to uh attack this one and i dont really have to i dont have the defenses or anything like i barely have any money i have to take this guy out problem is he gets to uh hell get back there and hell chill and i go to attack him and i lose but i mean theres nothing really i could do Music now were down to 90. lets see if i can still save this but if he starts conquering then i dont know what im going to do see we got a full army i think thats what i did last time i attacked him and i still end up losing i need a second army but its its really difficult gross no oh dont have enough all right thats gonna have to wait Music well controls going back up gotta take that somehow hopefully it comes back down im hoping he comes back down all right came back it came back down oh really here we go hes getting camp too so he gets a little uh bonus what hes got armored thats the problem its all armored stuff fight well do it might be a win you never know i think the problem in the beginning was allowing the dwarves to escape and he was able to get a settlement and all my units are weak against armored units so its gonna be tough Music me vanguard deployment all right so we got all right were good were good the more commands all right voice all right so these are charging in ah meal time wait theyre routing routing all right get over here come on really in my gut crunch their skulls they need to close that the routing okay Applause all right go over here come here take it home alright here we go there you go let him go wait why are the war beasts attacking here oh theyre out of control great theyre routing killing time when do we eat yeah theyre losing now im all that walks four gush out boys lets go boys serve the outdoors victory think withdrawal unit how do you withdraw a unit the moores children stand together take it all Applause Applause gotta take that guy out Applause theyre withdrawing i dont want to lose that unit thats why im withdrawing them do what you can Applause all right they withdraw i actually won that one that was pretty cool you just like overwhelm them a few choice places for your units Applause well we gotta get him i aint no gumbo Applause all right need to need some help i dont want him to leave got five left or left one left i dont want to run actually no no no hold on i dont want to get hit i dont want to get hit by my own unit so you see this you see this this is like theyre just standing around Applause please dont let him run dont let him escape come on guys attack Applause dont let him escape Applause all right how are they doing over here i think theyre at the line though oh are they going to catch a few of them yep 112 come on guys come on we got to take this guy out hes at 29. 29 come on yes we did it man need to replenish troops they lost their lord so that army is done still got all my troops though slaughter hold on let me see if i could do this all right unfortunately if i disband your the slower it goes there we go should be able to heal up dont think so wait you dont have a lord how the hell what i will not shame my plan the more tyrant of the tribe physical resistance okay all right now i kind of like this man i can serve you back skills ah replenish troops definitely definitely need replenish troops were gonna go back for a full arm and then go back and try it again okay all right were gonna just just test it out were just gonna test it circle there we go were just going to encircle they cant recruit or nothing 188 so we should be good i think i think we should be good even make one karmas but once we take this guy out theyre done oh taking you out Applause um no i mean yeah then again yeah lets lets do this one yes finally thank you wait then i got a new uh oh okay hold on i dont know i should probably choose that one but did i just get a new thing no what next turn the boss i kind of dont want you here you know okay so theyre inside yeah the circle and influence is not even over there anymore ugh we can only build one camp so five percent hero self-defense chance okay so we gotta get to that one well do that all right we did it finally did it and next steps are take that one and that one and that should secure this area and then i hopefully hopefully can afford a new army back in the negatives ill get this eventually trying to get that uh recruitment done offer a total of 50 me to the great mall theres a stink here already have that one i already have that one i mean this one yeah this one should be income we already got them too so yeah weve already got them too right here but im going to give them a oh see look they got that Music one something bad Music lets generate some income yeah we gotta get some income definitely get some income well theres a three turn thats fine cant do nothing with you right now if i get that that last one i kind of want to destroy one of these buildings and build it over here maybe on this one and then i could put a defensive building here let me see what do we got for defense yeah so i could brag at them spending the money on the camp thats not even really doing anything i dont know how they work so its gonna kick off soon bros thats fine oh no not possible crap you dont have it i cant even recruit anything how long how much does it take to colonize id even save but thats fine theyre great burgers uh what was i doing oh yeah since they both leveled up ellie only gets one point that one thank you godmother thank you tyrant any money bad imminent rebellion huh well its going down well i got one more but i just gotta heal up i promise im right about to attack like theyre right there make sure i dont die right yeah he gets himself one unit i didnt see that army please dont attack nope they didnt attack then camps im in the negative scrape big name unlocked what thats definitely not within range is it so that should increase our income yeah so it goes up cool cant do nothing Music Music thank you for this gift theyre healing up pretty quick just gotta get into a town no hesitation no rest theyve only got one unit oh wow they just okay they switched around it youre probably gonna lose just saying no you got spears great if i have to im gonna save let them attack it well see what happens if they decide to attack it well see if they dont i mean i could get lucky and they just dont attack it look they dont attack it the gorgeous have picked up a scent there is fresh meat to be had follow their trail and fill your cauldron for the more hungers oh man i cant do it i cant do it i can barely afford these armies it is yours all right so i got 145 i think hes gonna go for that one one everything do not take me for a fool all right im at 321 and there should be skaven right here usually i think you could tell by the glow in charge might as well i went down to 80 79 ages 78 geez they just dropped quick any settlement to level five oh they talk about this one you might be talking about that one 135 its gotta be skaven oh yeah we got this okay three thousand gold oh it doesnt say that they were destroyed so now gross casualty replenishment thats fine someones interfering the boss sometime with money built that one and then you just got in the land oh pay me all your dinner Music all right okay corruption recruitment costs income from all buildings i think i want this one income from all buildings because thats what they desperately like desperately need right now quick deals um what are these guys all right so its these guys they got these three and then this one is uh thats the gold one approaches friend and make your offer as you say so there we go quick deal who calls no we dont really traxxas yes so there we go no not to worry about these guys i can also i just focus my armies down here well that works so not to worry about them anymore i will come down here and deal with these guys yeah well deal with them guys all right lets in turn wait oh they theyre gonna give me money okay uh crap with two armies yeah then it could work thats fine i hope he just wounded i guess killed in battle no really took the capital yeah that sucks stay restless it took my capital but i got him so rebellion okay gotta deal with that one now for us for all of us obey me yeah lets just recruit it someone trying to make my way down there were gonna get this do what i say all right next turn oh they got a full army though yeah they definitely got a full army oh they left what oh look theyre just outside of it let me see lets see what happens lets test it out uh well replace them it hungers what did we lose the more huh im trying to think here maybe i should have got that one so i want this one right here Music i can see it uh i will continue now oh its going back up oh great so i got to secure this and then also fight off that please dont attack please do not attack just stay right there yeah man i gotta go into town all right so stop stop piling me well show whos boss now threaten me oh they did it none of these quests i want hes generating me right now uh ill probably give it two more turns the more lets do that one your children grow stronger great more so these ones are definitely definitely better yeah so these ones i should definitely get rid of it just pick up these ones but right now im just gonna grow until i get that done shoot confuses you must butcher haha thunder mace oh i like that i like that were putting that on i dont know if i want that i dont know if the hex ability affects me yeah were getting rid of that i dont trust it all right um oh man need come on you gotta give me some more wait hold on did i recruit from the wrong one yeah i recruited from the wrong one take this one look look i can build a monument improvement cost faction wide recruitment rank plus four faction what i definitely need that one then i also have this i gotta build so this one right here shouldnt even have that i actually should move this somewhere else because i want to also put a defensive building there too um oh there we go hunter and gorgeous workers are like the best ones well keep that Music give it maybe a couple more minutes oh look theyre trying oh god a death rattle felt across the dimensions its arcane energy rips across the mortal plane creating rifts and scarring the world with gateways into the chaos realms uh its only a 36 chance great and then maybe this one no more it will bring you me servants of the ever hungry now hes gonna try but i cant take him out because all he has is wound it and i cant recruit anything else ugh its gonna be fun not likely okay im afraid to move because hes like right there Music please dont do anything okay there you go thats nice in charge two thousand nope whats happening this need money all right im going to delete that one right there ah yeah i have to go i got stuff like i do in town anyway uh if you guys could simply like subscribe and share thatd be greatly appreciated uh thanks for the follow jade um yeah if youre on youtube if you like subscribe and share theyll be greatly appreciated im trying to reach my goal of 100 subscribers uh maybe awesome if you guys can help me help me with that you guys are on twitch if you could follow and share we do a lot of twitch only games i think were supposed to be doing tropico i think soon not sure yet well see um but yeah if you guys could help me on on twitch that would be awesome too so well probably pick this up again tomorrow morning i usually do this every morning when im working so but usually other games throughout the day so anyway you all have a good one steam security breach Fresh Start In Total War Warhammer 3 on Ogre Kingdoms. specifically Disciples of the Maw. 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