SLAYER OF THE EMPIRE! Total War: Warhammer 3 - Skrag the Slaughterer - Ogre Kingdoms Campaign #2

How to cook steam fishage of steam TOTAL WAR: WARHAMMER III - OGRE KINGDOMS gameplay Music me Music this d back at it with more ogre action you get the camp back okay oh yeah feel free to weigh in in the twitch chat whether you think we should wait until we get out by marionberg to plop a camp or whether i should recruit a lord back at the uh was it grizzle grizzle mountain grizzle tooth something like that and just throw one in between say alt dorph and eel heart ill smell you ill smell it yeah send the nobles over here just to really pull them apart and mess up their placement same with the saber tasks that can go in from here they wont have been able to watch everyone oh what we got now weve got the dismemberment yeah beautiful Music Music i kind of feel like recruiting a law back at the our starting region and plopping it up because you can build them inside enemy enemy territory cant you so i feel like going and dropping one in between eel heart and dwarf might be useful for later on and then yeah if its not in a good place i guess we havent built it up too much we can always swap it out somewhere else having a camp near all doors where we are gonna go at some point i feel like thats a not a terrible shout out recapping this point back here drawing some air forces in which is useful in they go theres charging on through nice thats what im talking about yeah thats what im talking about head over that way someones trying to get up here to help out the knob theyre doing pretty decent damage since the dwarf warriors im surprised theyve done that much damage that unit i feel like dwarf warriors often feel sturdier than that slow these guys down so they cant come in to help anything the great moon claims another gets out boys oh yeah the gorgeous Applause i might want to wait till you get the new army quest okay gap beneficial if youre fighting an enemy in that point not just if we start building one up its just gonna be a useful forward base and elite recruitment hub for later on thats kind of my thinking of placing it near near ill heart Applause take a look at the options in the campaign map in a minute see whats going to make the most sense go back in and capture that one again im going to catch that one this way fast forward it now lovely its broken bye-bye noise that was huge damage theyve gone happy days aim lovely lets grab back and put one down near the end of that mountain as camps are the only way to go to unit so it should be safe start okay lets have a look well i feel like i can recruit another lord just to drop a camp down right then get rid of the lord rather than waste frag not progressing any further up um so this is one of the ones im using here which replaces the the red icons with the with settlement uh with icon panels here what you do have in warhammer 2 faction destroyed lovely yeah so in terms of this camp what i was thinking was literally like placing it here right on those crossroads so that way it can help us with alt dwarf ill heart and when we push out that way obviously it wont do us just yet but to place that rather than bring scrag back just throw out a lord build the camp and then disband the lord or will that automatically oh they could declare war wont it unless i i need to be far enough away from the settlement right if i wanted to keep it safe then id probably build it like there wouldnt i in between those two at the start or if i wanted it pushing forward here maybe wait until were like at this point or just rush past these guys plop it down and then fight here weve decided what ive decided based off of uh chats advice and suggestions im gonna place a camp there so to do that though im just gonna recruit another lord here which ill then disband any of these which ones cheap upkeep slaughter masters are big daddy um yeah well get the uh coming quite we dont waste that unit 15. lets get lets get big daddy out and then pop him there and build a camera thats what well do lets try it out if it works it works um if it doesnt it doesnt and then lets go through this line to get ogre throng that will give us camp growth plus 21 enemy territory which is what were planning oh there wont be enemies though will they wont technically be enemies not to be in neutral territory so if thats the case it might be better to go along this one yeah lets get on the bottom line then hope were hoping not to declare them while we just swing around this way and deal with them uh were replenishing cant do anything else this turn right uh obviously how much longer we got on our current one seven turns remaining okay to worry about just yet up his attacks or more spells more spells that one and that one lovely and yeah rock eye charm shield ancillaries by a tyrant okay hey what question we get cauldron of the great war noise what level is that frank ten nice nice nice uh does he have a quest back oh yeah it says he has a quest battle for it um seven turns left on that yep and shrek upgrade that right squeak they are really weak though so we should be able to splat the rat right and turn is just in range thatll thatll grab all doors part of that right right it goes all the way up here so weve got um billboards in it eel heart is part of that yeah thats all right thats all right maybe go a teeny tiny bit over here just to ensure that 100 percent all dolph is covered yeah there we go deploy the camp everyone does what i say eel heart camp camp army ability gluttony or upkeep four units in camp encompassed about loot characters that influence you just like pretty good if you kept them alive you just kept sacking them kind of used it for farming xp thatd be quite nice um oh yeah i remember this cam has its own how do i check out the camps army yeah you recruit them to the camp for for defending yeah yeah on their upkeeps already really but you can then can i tran i can transfer those out right yeah thats pretty cool um yeah lets get rid of you for now lets throw in some more ogres and then im gonna go for yeah nobles box and anything for me generated armies within the circle of influence Music me from battles system thats camp growth which youd eventually probably get rid of wow bounty shack that gives you a tasty amount than that so we get our elites from from tier three thats why we get a massive upkeep production from the shelter already which is actually changing comfortable non-camp buildings faction wide sweet yeah camps are great um where do we get the fire bellies from thats the one thats what i want we want our tim to be a fire belly scrag i mean im like 99 sure theyre escaping that lets go smash some rats oh no surprise whod have thunk it period victory high casualties were not actually going to lose anyone to this encircle just because i can see theyve got another army over here and were going to be worried about the amount of damage we take these guys coming in straight away and hitting us i am going to risk it i think actually can we does that make it oh we do that it takes our casualties oh thats weird look at that halfway through takes it to medium then back up to high then back to medium so well leave it on medium then and see what happens thats interesting im not actually gonna lose anyone though thats good that aint bad occupy got more impressions uh no those would be always been there uh theres been there for years those ones its not my staples uh right brain goblet and then we can go through meat cleaver such butchery promises useful thing no only this whole stinking world uh right here weve got gold in there we dont need more of the balls from here i dont think it would be a roll it may be from grim jurass see thats giving us income id rather have that on growth so destroy both those lets go lets get growthy enter rats are not much squish much squish such wow no blast prosthetics eight turns upkeep final blast one is thirty percent surprising slaughter master here hits upon the idea of fashioning crude oversized slip-on noses and ears from leftover scraps of hide uh desires of these absurd prosthetics countless knobblers flocks your cause or in their horror society there is no greater sign of station than a bulba snout and mammoth lugs lovely Music replenish actually so im going to go into ambush songs while replenishing here im going to throw in that and weve got marble here which is very nice actually im putting some problems yeah get that one in first then well come back next time and build the other bits and pieces yeah so everything else we need a bit of growth ill probably get the growth building in because thatll help us out there we dont need a huge amount for this which is good lets upgrade that make that tough so yeah the camp only only garrison is whatever you chuck in there uh i am just going to keep chucking it overs full turns worth leave them in there someone yeah build the the watchtowers to get up to tier three is all door fits oh no its all part of this one isnt it yeah might not build one there rift blockage so i can have that marionberg thats the waste thats for definitely want that covered these big boys love to gorge themselves on tons and tons of meat which is truly marvelous thanks jake right did crazy attack the army outside it was the skaven twappy twap sneaky skaven yeah youre not gonna have me though youre really not give me your meats smush here we go lets splat some rats start appointments theyre coming over there all coming in from there actually so we probably just want to be positioning ourselves there right together take out with spellcasters and have all the ogres waiting room to come in this way oh we can def we definitely get close than that yeah and in fact you want your gorgeous on that side you guys that side Music following Music yet locked in reinforcements coming in soon i need to get a glass for my vein impression ill do it off uh i wondered who would die first right how are we doing against that rap splat pretty well ignore that one now because i want to use your spells against these guys as they come in thats it keep wasting your summons over there thanks rap boys scampers yes yes theyre here when do here we go Music absolute ratty carnage oh yes flock of doom of that thing Music Applause scribe the slower Music platinum with that chopper of entrails and you guys go meet harvester forever sit back relax and enjoy the carnage i think Music got magician sly sammy get him the rats just always screaming running the away problem with this that we wont take out much of the garrison so well still have a fairly hefty fight after this sort of thought so were just gonna run straight off map that was huge damage scragged heres the rat come on trek one of you choppy chop chop yes scrag whats straight doing just like randomly rolling around come on come on shrek mate that is that you need your eyes tested that is that is not a wrap that is some grass hes getting munched under the cauldron now i think they can play nice with their there we go just hooked in one right in the back bootif hole for the more get in my pot yeah so the garrisons yeah doing pretty well in that army actually lose too many probably should have sat further back so i could at least envelop them weve got three meets uh im gonna take the replacement just so im gonna oh no no ill take the refreshment im a better place for that next but for the battle um we will process that meat ill have to fight this thats very victory gonna lose some ogres medium casualties we dont lose anyone beautiful thats what we can do just order resolve that now happy days big hits but okay rats gone splat happy days please and then what hop lovely dress youre still youre still trying to get that in there arent you i dont worry about that uh its down still you know what im gonna go for um two of them well actually what i might do as well merge you guys yeah and have two trappers commandment available uh get more growth lovely thats gone well so far in my brack uh as well uh vince happy uh happy evening uh happy back holiday redstones noise maintains all of three provinces oh whatever shall i do uh smash marionberg all right because theyre not allied to anyone and then we can look at rightland going through that losing 16 thats fine as long as we keep on fighting were doing okay otherwise yeah i can see the the way youd want how much does it provide ill meet jerry yeah these feast tables what you want to get in there for helping armies is there theres no you dont get any base amount of uh of meat though do you dont think no because meats meats not glue its an army resource isnt it thats fine cool cool cool oh cam camps what they completely stop consumption and let you build some up ah okay max zephlin die resource we cant read that then we can get uh ogre balls uh iron fists available we need it in one place yeah cant hurt chuck that in as well reasonable income lets get some more growth you guys i was like why cant i get them because you just got rid of them lionheart by uh cancelling the global the uh the building you had there yeah should have waited for its okay or then we can recruit some more cant recruit that uh checking one more knob i think thats a reasonable camera tab in there you just need to be coming this week nice what did you what did you order just type the new kid oh congrats all the caffeine i mean well probably want more campaign movement range anyway big names oh weve got world swallow as well yeah i want to go for that one uh two more turns to get ogres i guess ill go up and hit um wreck water first and then ill turn around and come back down and hit marionberg ill see where their army is actually just i dont have to go up there and then make my way back down gorsells gonna be the the pain they asked to deal with there so i might i might let them live for now and not finish them off so i can swing back this way won everything bring me somethings leg me somethings leg Music battles upgrade that next turn which i think i might just say that stomach generation is good because it would be a benefit to me right now he came from battles was twenty percent always the second one this one like a choke point we are constantly fighting invasions Music theyre gonna want all of those theyll just wait and get this upgraded because lets get get two i can do it next turn we need the money for that as well enjoy shout out to adam and ryan who both ordered some sneak today with my code appreciate it hope you enjoy whatever youve ordered ready for duty oh yeah the one weve recruited to plot the camp and then were done Music yeah something i learned today for a comment on youtube was that i always thought like to enter in campsites you need what 15 not 15 sorry 50 uh of your movement range left and for ambush it was 25 its not actually percent its points its movement points you need 50 movement points or more to go into in camp and for ambush you need 25 points or more to enter it not percent because obviously as you as you gain all these modifiers for movement range your moving range is always 100 im pretty sure its just your your points increase of whatever you know rather than 100 being 100 points 100 now equals 140 points of movement just like ah so like today i learned uh could raid them um i was just thinking id recruit another ogre ball but theyll take two turns globally wont it so yeah screw it lets um i think are we in their territory lets find out here we go oh now i cant move i will i will yeah i needed 50 for that as well okay what im gonna do is just keep moving dude so i can hopefully hit it next turn if im lucky force march up here go towards it contracts available noise what contracts have we got whiteland wants us to eliminate somebody over here maryberg wants us to take out ben minland wants us to raise or sack marionberg yeah thats the one im going to accept because were were going to do that um well sack it then and then well come back how long do we how long do we have for that was it just a permanent mission beautiful yeah well come back to that in a minute ah i cant quite reach it so when we do is going to raiding stance and march towards that smack it then come back hit marion berg start getting some garrison in over here the boss oh my god wait uh when can i do another one of these i cant offer the great more thats why i cant move as far um come and get it i feel like ive moved all my well that instantly give me a little bit more i might allow me to hit this turn actually make offer ah which means i really should have uh pop that point in there shouldnt it yeah i can just reach this term though so here we go declare war boom die umis die smash im going to throw in the morphe so i dont ever have this problem of like oh no i dont have enough and were going to choose this one meet generator 2 lords army but more more more range please world swallower the great world swallower and you know what just so were as strong as possible and throwing a knob throw in a knob got 28 me so what happens when we run out of me do we start taking attrition me consumption of 19 youve only got 28 we need to get down here quick enjoy thats fine were gonna bounce down there fairly fast um dont really need gold right now but it cant hurt so check it in it causes attrition when youre like okay oh here we go hello frenzy boy are you gonna hit my camp arent you im gonna have regrets yeah you cheeky sword yeah look what theyve done okay now i yeah here we go hey lionheart dont build the camp near enemy settlements with nothing to protect it because ill be fine itll be fine yeah this is why okay friends right you do realize this means war you cheeky sword you cheeky sword okay right well thats what we can do thanks friends what a douche you do realize this means or dolph gonna die mal bob okay them there and theyve got these boys over here and then franz is coming as reinforcements i feel like if i charge out my ogres early smash these guys to beds and then get back in thats what im currently thinking im thinking using unit of knoblas to pin and hold and then flank with them is it food delivery but yeah this is the ogre over delivery um which i think the rest of them are coming in this way so well want to defend that point and this point here so pop one there wheres me monster wait okay um well definitely want a tower here i want more hungry out there boys those looking spears me follow the board okay go go go theres the swordsman okay charging to them try and flank a bit going to the priest get round behind the spears to flank him a bit and you go over here oh good damn it thats what i was hoping wouldnt happen i couldnt manage all the sides at once yeah theyre going to struggle yes please much crunching hit these guys from behind breaking then get back inside theyve broken please come back before you run into friends yeah here we go all right their skulls gonna build up more supplies to get a tower at least but you get far less compared to others teams smash that lord Applause thats worked out pretty well Music Applause reinforcements are coming slow more down find me some more time to defeat these guys and get inside i doubt the very least want this tower here to be the 900 ultimately id love it to be the cat bolt thrower i dont think thats going to happen if actually i want the tower here thats even better just lock them down from these points try and murder these guys so theyre broken and shattered weve got time though because friends coming from that side and keeping busy over here weve got 2 000 i wont be able to break all of them especially all those gunners thats whats gonna be problematic Music bring us me when do we eat its about two screw it ive waited long enough now wheres my master looking for him anything for the boss looking for me is he gone yet not yet but ogres you need to come back here along with the knob laws leave the tyrant out there to do his thing oh no you guys getting shot bits get in there you guys i dont can i hide you in the trees not sure lets find out friends the ogre camps are a lovely fine addition to your territory honestly they they only ever increase property value i swear its not going to be detrimental to the the cost of your new palace or anything like that all right go there go there go there come on guys oh gosh you guys are hidden over here i think we need them all kept busy here so i can slam on it wouldnt it be great if we had a great moor spell in there slaughter them all slam in there i dont think were gonna i think were gonna achieve much we will at least take take out this guy so thats that theres that whats that get in there get the catapult bill Applause Music we really need to actually send these guys to take out all their missile troops back here get your guts out for the more capital tower 18 seconds come on Music imagine the insurance money france could um from the ogre camp in his land Applause go you chase these guys away come on is now firing right in here please theyve just broken unfortunately those guys gonna break as well just not enough of them but well try and kill as many of them as we can were taking out 600 so far be great if we could take out friends i dont think well get so lucky though all right were gonna get a 900 tower here nine seconds the battle might not even still be going then Applause exhausted unfortunately come back if you can get into the trees youre playing it shot by these guys yeah we took a risk with this camp lesson well place it in between our our starting ones probably there he is get friends Music take it all for the ogres torrents doing huge damage to friends the very least the emperor will fall this day got another tower here well do were just not gonna were not gonna hold long enough to do it though its the shame Applause pretty effective going for it the troops just arent going to hold im im been im pretty happy with that result im taking out weve taken out half of them both me the times shes probably not going to be long now boys do what i say Applause Applause Applause come on take out Applause great friends me those missile troops that are going to finish this now oh god yeah ive broken thats it yeah valiant defeat we gave it again they suffered good number of kills across the ogres though at least we hadnt built it up too much yes francine lost half his army nearly lost his life as well rip my camp just spices mighty scrag the gorgeous have picked up a scent there is fresh meat to be had oh stop working over here and fill your cauldron for the more hungers strong rat boys here wont be doing that just yet that is a long way to go not absolutely not gristle valley thankfully thats got a solid defense like he can punch through that yes now the question is where that camp put it here in between gristle valley and carrick asgaras so it can still affect this area but it wont be able to buff us going in and taking alt door but thats okay so if we could build it closer we might be able to still get that one over there we build it here or do we build it with scrag before we go in for marionberg i mean it doesnt really benefit this if we come back up here with things were not going to finish off marine bugs well be in the same place i imagine i probably need to plop it here to keep it safe i think i dont think popping it up over here is gonna be much good because once i take marionberg im not gonna finish them off im gonna need to come down and knock out the empire now all dawg because theyre a bigger threat having marion berg with a decent garrison there should be enough to hold them off Music i dont think you can build you cant build it within reinforcement range i think that its got to be out about so ill probably build it they cant get through here though without going through gristle valley from what i understand you have to attack that settlement so what ill probably do is chuck out again another character here big daddy yeah pull him out again and get him to plop it and just as as north as possible to try and grab that one in Music because um if i have it over here maybe it might get old off still actually could have possibly have it back there maybe because then itll be useful be able to build up a little bit to be useful for when we come down this way to alt doors how to think we are going to try and pop a camp here so we can still bring it all down but that way its protected by gristle valley were going to get our slaughter master um the gak out big daddy basically and well get him to go build it over here next turn although actually we dont have enough money for that were going to have to hit um we have to hit marion berg first and be successful hitting it okay now were gonna we can hit the army outside and draw them all out yeah thatll work i refuse can i hit that next turn though yes i think lets hope which means i cant really afford to build anything is that unless i can do a quick deal with anybody for something yes no well save our money then all right how come hes only using oh hes only got nine yeah thats fine nine me oh they moved the army away so im gonna have to go straight in and attack it thats fine the sacking will give us enough to do this but weve got no choice but to go in um were about to run out of meat so i mean i would love to spend some meat here i dont think i can afford it um we need to get as much meat as possible when we sat do we get me from sacking yeah ive got to remember to sack this do not let me occupy it lets go we could put some forces in that way and then the rest of them smash in from down here split up their force a bit thankfully they only have two missile units on a three with those arches um yeah i dont think i can get away using any of my i need my food to be honest yeah i need a little bit more money hes gone over there plenty of food uh make an army transfer to the camp uh i mean i cant really recruit much better than what weve currently got to be fair i cant bill i need any someone would be willing ah hey really they want to do a trade agreement thats right too as well bloody heck so meow sigma im not gonna question actually the ai being weird thank you what was that oh thanks for that um go there uh too close to a settlement still okay i can build a camp here which uh unfortunately doesnt encompass all dorf yeah in campus encompass so im thinking instead we try and go up over here and build the camp up in the mountains i dont even know if i can actually get up there i think i can yeah go a bit further go up there and hopefully be able to encompass del perez as well i have to build it next turn as far north as possible save all our money at the moment right battle with scraggy are you guys coming down here to marionberg its gonna have new owners soon here we go well thanks for the bright button bright part x you can still haggle a better deal actually than what the the balance deal is that doesnt actually give you the absolute best i mean its only like an extra 10 to 15 gold that you can haggle out of it you can technically handle still slightly better than the balance but for the sake of 15 20 gold i mean unless you absolutely need that extra 120 gold yeah just save some time and press the button start deployment all right this well first of all lets take a look lets enjoy the map its my first time seeing empire settlements in warhammer 3. so good such a solid improvement very nice right i want to deploy a few over there actually you guys have you guys got stalk on my correction thinking yeah so have you guys here send you right okay so they wont see the gorgeous coming uh probably quickly go through the walls though isnt it than the gates uh actually i mean health is lower on gates than it is oh sorry yeah gate house health is higher but the gate health is lower than the wall health so you should get through gates quicker you guys in groups of three and just harass gates and walls all the way along so you want to break in as much as possible knoblas yeah what its worth go here go there go for that bit of wall harass you guys im gonna put butcher over there scraggy over here saber tooth save a tusk pack in there the more cool you guys should stay there and keep something busy they didnt see my gorgeous over here so thats good here we go punch a hole in a second they got any troops up on theyve got their few missile troops up here so lets get straight through here okay slower let me down through big main victory point is over there so thats all since one of them actually what so i should have sent one of you guys i should have done gonna be in trouble scrag take it all thats got me down soon surely any second gorgeous come on down you go for the victory point youre out lets brag if we cant still fighting through that wall biggest attack get him a screaming hunger that was nearly down you guys are down cant see any towers built yet looking for me here become voice hungry uh wheres a big old clump of them to smack with this right there well you know you cant use it on these effectively oh did it click nope ah damn it oh is Applause Music gorgeous big old splat there should hopefully break them then we can turn around and deal with these guys theyre flying me through there theres the capture point oh no its greg youre so close to dying Applause rallys craig Music with us youre in there youre up here were the more asked i bring my pot winter man weve got no reserve left okay is over here watch out youre surrounded by spears unfortunately boy got my kitchen and then behind slowly trying to capture this Music when do we hate theyve all broken there i think if we break this guy then theyll be gone this gregs broken again if were not careful hes gonna get shot at by these guys probably will do because theyll wander over to them okay all right come on come on finish them in our grasp i need you not to die what i need is for these guys to break both my heroes yeah lord and hero have broken its the hell birds here that need to go its gonna be super scrappy but were just gonna do it possible cap that point in a minute what tips can i get for playing his ogres um dont build your camp between all doors and heart even if it sounds nice uh keep an eye on your food for your armies gorges are awesome ogres are awesome Applause Music Music scrag or gold teeth it yeah defended against the enemy that remained my lord the city will surely fall soon thank you huge amount of morale drop there rest of you lot Music head to the center wheres me master when do i eat Applause hes going down hard slaughter him flop room lads reckon if we take him down then maybe thatll just see him off Music i mean this they said it was going to be a loss right this crossbows Music Applause theyve gone over there its literally its just the hero and knows how it is carrying it for him hes about to go i mean were going straight into how but it is arent we thats not good we need just the latest a little bit longer for us to capture the scent of sweat now theyve gone theyve given up morale has broken period victory there we go weve got to remember to sack this settlement for our mission sack it yeah unfortunately we lost one of our gorges which is a bit of a blow because we cant recruit them again yet although our buffs for gorges arent stats theyre just upkeep cost reduction i think in recruitment so its not too too bad lovely okay weve gained six meats body counter nice thanks midland i refuse scrag slaughter uh i can recruit in some iron balls uh some iron balls some ogre balls iron fists rather which are what does whats the iron fist harry blows and block missiles thats pretty cool say how much i just a bonus to them extra defense i guess oh sorry no actually yeah here we go shielded yeah 35 small arms fine thats pretty cool uh like two turns i mean yeah were probably gonna be sat here for a little bit marionberg we still get the marion but dots when fully restored a thousand income which aint bad it cools sigmas will i dont wanna just so that we could focus on the airport although well want to go through um thought uh school cell be leaving behind although if were here we might as well finish it off it depends it depends how much the empire push oh you cant go see if i have a mirror oh well that sucks you cant yeah sorry all i can do is tear three one uh better than nothing i guess and you got the dies there Music yeah we do need some healing on him because hes taking a bit of damage little bit of damage all right shrek you know bloody male pal um amber spirit another we cant upgrade one of these well have enough we can always cancel if we need to upgrading that we wont have enough so yeah dont do that enter hey todd bring up trade agreement um for now you know what because im going to be busy over here i will let you live for now toddy i will let you live thats because this is because i have a haggling problem im going to haggle you so hard there we go optimal i go to haglers anonymous three times a week i decided not aggression pack but dang it every time ill be able to do something oh hello yeah trade beautiful to be honest id rather be aggression the gods might compel me to kill but i without doubt give us your story Music right go there building the camp here can i oh im just gonna be shy of that thats really annoying i need i need to build this camp though right im too close to that now i built the camp here im not going to be arranged that were not going off midland just yet though were not going to be in line for alt dwarf either but it will be safe here so screw it up swap it down they want to come get that i think they have to hit that never yeah they cant get through without going through that thats fine um camp growth get that in Music auto haggle button as i said doesnt give you 100 the highest amount you can get gets you incredibly close but you technically can get like another 10 15 gold not you dont need a vast majority of time but just you know its there if you do oh were gonna go negative on my old meat what i should have done probably this build a camp up here ill have to keep on fighting or just ignore them for now and push down here and then over that way were gonna be at some meat elsa meat boss thats not good grippers growth we dont eat fruit and veg wheres the dish actually its kind of annoying though because im still going to be theres theres friends what do i get the feeling hes trying to cut through the camp not likely i dont think he can do what i say do what i say who yes probably should finish them off while i can hear victory look how how is this a period victory what are you chatting you dont have walls youre just a minor settlement okay lets kill ya there we go battle of course hell plenty of entry points edie channel magic ah come on you did me dirty there its a nice map im really really pleased with like this compared to my other campaigns its just nice to have some variety around the maps so were fighting in a very different part of the map before we have been before its noise right yeah groups of three seem to work nicely through there freeze there gorgeous go in there im just going to plop you over here to just draw them out that way all right here we oh go didnt you go over that way thats weird yes yeah consider it for sure consider it done crunchless go here you go what these guys look like bring us me yeah i see me here we go Applause humble them there just gonna hit harder and push through thats what we can do right now against them Applause Music yeah im getting some australia vibes from this pretty cool listen here this isnt cavalry and got wrecked Applause get in when screaming into these guys i dont have enough in my reserves to heal myself its not a whole team victory job done has different enemies yeah he does as well actually yeah boris is the good one if youre looking for something a little bit different as well gives you a lot more i like youre fighting a lot more walks and vampires and skaven and some of the more like northern uh well i guess youre fighting a bit more corn and noble with his position which is good yeah occupy it oh my god amazing meat store thats actually just gonna save us i think results consumptions yeah should do anyway leave that in there for now um sell yeah have that scragged first question scrag more to use anything that gives us a reduction on um magic reserves yeah give me that i think theres a reduction on the amount of meat thank you god man that one sure just cs3 right lets do one more in turn and see what that takes us or today we stream this again tomorrow recording more at the same time nobodys brought up another army here theyre going to try and hit me with both of those i think in crystal valley so i need to get down quick still not listening we should have yeah were gaining food change turns positive five thats only low is that local armies across the across that region or province we reckon Music realistically ive got to go anyway with scrag and rush on down here finish off uh marion bow once for all and then go into franz and hit him once we get down here thatll be fine well be able to replenish that actually that placement works out okay uh meet generation armies and circle influence might want to go back go for that not just in future because thats what were gonna need for them um so i think yeah well probably pop in the feast table we can go for ogre throng which will give us another camp limit which is good well get that done straight away and they can get another camp which might want to put it uh i mean its gonna be tough actually wheres it gonna be the best place for that probably well yeah if were friendly with midland we could place them right in the middle of them ready to then smack them into bits when we when we go for them or we place it on the front line because thats how ballsy were feeling um right well that is where well wrap up this first stream um what will likely be the second end of the second episode i would have thought for this red campaign theyll probably be two one hour-ish videos made from this first stream first one will go out tomorrow tuesday and the second one will be out on thursday and therell be another one out on the saturday my hope is that ill have enough streamed this week to give you guys three uploads next week while im away on holiday as well ill head back over to scrag and well move him at the start of the next stream and recording if youre watching this on youtube i hope youve enjoyed until the next one take care and ciao for now steam summer camp #2 of My Total War: Warhammer 3 - Skrag the Slaughterer - Ogre Kingdoms Campaign VH/VH Difficulty! 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