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Steam canningsteam food TOTAL WAR: WARHAMMER III - OGRE KINGDOMS steam welcome everyone to a nail biter of the game between myself up against world beater as nurgle now we played in a four-man tournament yesterday a part of a rubber duck of wars channel now we did a four-man dvd tournament so everybody was playing and world beta is a phenomenal player so watch out for him in land battles and domination he is uh certainly very strong indeed needs to be having five units here of the plague bearers in the front including the regiment of renown here which the exalted plague bearers the festering stooges are gonna be bringing themselves to the battlefield here with the festering gate which means they do heal and then also resurrect models which is incredibly powerful as well as the gloom of flies which actually causes terror on top of that nine melee defense inclusion which is very very strong indeed so for the lord choice we are going to have the herald of nurgle hes going to be on a palaquin here with the children of nogel arcane conduit as well as the fleshy abundance the stream of corruption and the locus of fecundity so bucket loads of healing and the bad boy has 80 armor here on his chair hes not super fast only 28 speed but he is basically unkillable on this thing so double cultist of noble of course theyre gonna be having regen and theyre also gonna have the nice ability of the warrior bay negative eight percent there on the base weapon damage is quite good up against the yoga kingdoms i think youd be quite surprised also here with the gate of nurgle and the secondary cultist is going to be having the same thing at the gate of negro so more plague bearers coming forward plague bears are incredibly cost efficient very very powerful tools so for myself were going to be going here with the double stone horn so what i want to do is what i have two forces and i really wanted to abuse the fact that nurgle do not have much mobility so the hunter here is going to be on a stone horn on the right hand side backed up by oga balls and double knob lars so were gonna have uh two on top of each other and then of course the lord choice of the great more magic now were gonna be bringing blood grill as well as the belly slapper and the blood cleaver so we can heal in combat when we cast any spells were just gonna be healing the caster which is quite nicely were gonna be having trouble so we can heal the stone horns alongside bone crushers so we can get rid of all those really tanky annoying units and then also extra ingredients gonna be the same contingent on the right hand side two units of the ogre balls two units of the knob lars coming in with some chevrons and of course the hunter on the stone horn someones gonna be naked i just want big heavily armored units that are really difficult for nurgle to deal with now they do have a couple of tools to do with flyers that can shoot also here is older plague bearers do have good armor-piercing missiles that you know if they do come in quantity can do some good damage but uh death heads are quite rare to see in this matchup theyre incredibly expensive and very very risky indeed so stoneholds going to come forward here im going to be meeting in the middle now here thats quite wise stuff coming from world bt you just need to get into it its got a bit of a slow force and starting with the slow force is quite good it means you get these units to the front line and then more fastener units are going to reinforce i really like this as well spawn of nergal coming in with a little bit of mass really going to be helped to pin in all those stone horns and all the kind of uh annoying units really and they can really challenge quite nicely against most of the ogre kingdoms as they have really good weapon strength poison and theres really not much armor and that unbreakable status here on those domination points is you know so so valuable so were going to be finding really wanted to hit the palaquin you can see the javelin is charging for get a bit of a miss there these things are really not that accurate but they do have anti-large armor piercing 440 weapon strength we can just kind of get away you can see the cult is trying to charge in im not going to take any unnecessary damage and one thing here im going to be saving up tickets and youll see why in a minute got to be spawning here on the reinforcement point on the left-hand side were going to get quite a juicy unit coming through so it should be here any second now we should get a nice little unit from me just going to wait for that to come in but we are gonna have ogre balls and the lord choice going up here towards domination point one i do take domination point three as well so were gonna be holding those elements and here we go we do come in here with the regiment of renown the powder gut so i say about 2 000 tickets to get the boys here with adaptive tactics if they do fight melee combat and they are going to be losing they get 24 24 which is rather powerful good armor piercing missile fighting good weapon strength as well with armor piercing and melee combat and uh yeah these boys are just incredibly good just incredibly good one of the best units here in the game for sure uh theyre gonna be charging forward with 160 range theyre gonna have i think additional range on top of the regular mannys ogre pistols i believe its like an extra 20 range or something so theyre going to be coming into the middle i just really wanted to spread all over the spawn of noga you can see waiting quite patiently having more spawn of nogla coming forward and something that was really good here um especially in our best of three between worldwide you can go check out duckys channel do feel free to please go check that out hes a phenomenal content creator but the patient play coming from world beater was uh you know something that uh you know only experience can buy and you know hes just waiting patiently here you can see im finally in the fight doing some good damage up against the cultures of nurgle he is going to regen but you know i definitely want to be certain hitting some of those single entities getting that good damage off maybe i should have hit some of the play barriers got multi-modal kills but uh you know he cant really move too fast he doesnt have the mobility yet but he is now really getting some poison and this point of no go across we are going to get a bit healing here in the back side but we arent going to be spraying and praying here with the powder guts that we want to do some good damage i really want to whittle down the spawn of no goals you get a bit of a pause you can see domination point one is going to be certainly in my control four seconds to go domination point two is going to be in with no goal and then point three here uh we did send over some nuggets just to kind of make it rattle uh some of the cheaper knobbles but i do move forward here with the ogre balls and i do have a big stone horn and then more ogre balls just kind of protecting so ive really split my force and ive you know kind of tacked the limit of knurkle in their mobility is really not that high they can actually bring some really mobile units um you know things like forsaken effectively do a 42 speed same here with the spawn of night they can really be quite mobile but compared to knurgle its not even close its not even close the ogre balls here especially the dual weapon you can see 54 speed even the fastest elements of nurgle are going to be slower than the average of the ogre kingdoms so we do get some iron fist coming forward a couple of shields there for the bad boys uh just in case we i brought one just in case we saw some festering stooges but i dont really think i need them at this point its going to be shooting over here with the powder guts these bad boys will regenerate but they have to go to full healing before they bring back any models now i do have the dual red dual weapons ready to go we have more ogre balls he didnt really challenge domination point one so im gonna get some free tickets there domination point three is gonna be in my control as well we do see nobody trying to fight their way through stonehalls gonna be backing off and what i really like here he controls domination point one and he has so much like zombie plague bearer chaff here in the middle he can kind of hold up for a century and now hes gonna start slowly rotating on the right hand side so we see some of the ogre balls we have no blinds coming forward and then we have the hunter hes going to be fighting the bullet hes not going to kill the herald of nurgle but hes anti-infantry he is armor piercing and he needs to be able to fight in the pocket here amongst the majority of the troops and you can see this just waves upon waves upon waves of chaff and green poison garbage that has been sent my way and we do have no blast coming forward with the ogre balls ready to go just in case theres a bit of a vanguard summon uh were gonna be ready here on the pocket roblox trap is coming forward big fan of these boys they can throw those thrown knights across the battlefield and you know take down some of the lightly armored units now we do see here the powder thats only at nine kills lets have a look so theres 600 values so far not too bad theyve been on for a little while here gonna be firing into the front the ochre balls theyre going to be losing here up against the spawn of knuckle i mean no doubt their poison backed up by 130 weapon strength theres absolutely no joke a little choice is going to be nearby and will certainly be getting into hand-to-hand combat playtones coming with the mobility and the mass is going to be quite good here on the battlefield uh but theyre going to be key targets for the powder guards certainly taking these bad boys down is uh going to be rather helpful hunter has been shooting into use quite a few ammunition points here and we are going to have the dual weapons charges at the front and the gauge of nogo i did quite like this ability but he actually gets charged down by the stonehall which prevents the uh summon there which is you know rather rather handy uh so hes gonna get pushed away so hes actually gonna be away there from where he was trying to summon so hes gonna cancel that and we have the platos trying to fight here up against the hunter really trying to pin him in we also get a bit of armor sundering effect here from the cultist and i believe we use the ammunition here so we do actually have dual weapons fighting against spawn for no goal no thats quite a bit of actually quite a bit of ammunition there for the festering stooges so maybe arma sundering here with some festering stooges shooting up against 100 could be quite nice but i do have the lord choice trying to get a few units around him and then were going to be getting um some big error effect damage spells we have forsaken charging forward and theyre a bit of a nightmare here for the other balls dual weapons do quite nicely but the rest really will suffer but over here on domination point were having quite a bit of a push im gonna be holding off just getting as many tickets as possible so the other side here is sadly not gonna be getting any tickets just of you i believe you need to get at least a thousand before you get any sort of advantage youre gonna be bolstering here which is loads of knobble trappers my opponent cant see them theyre gonna be hidden just getting the domination point he nearly catches domination point three i move the ogre balls across he is gonna be slowly capturing it but not too quickly here and we can see now we get the knob lars on were gonna be bringing it back into our favor your weapons gonna be looking in the middle just keeping my opponent busy here on the right hand side i can say the same here as well we are going to have some troll guts healing up against the hunter as he fights up against some tojitsu the legendary tojitsu is a bit of a nightmare but you see the festering dude just firing over the top here doing some really good damage and that is the best way here to deal with some of these big heavily armored single entities we do see plague bears trying to come in trying to pin down the hunter but the terrorist is going to be a little bit too much here i think for the majority of the demons of nergul and we do find that the spawn gonna be doing some good work up against the dual weapons in the back forsaken gonna be fighting here up against the powder guards powder thats not gonna be losing melee combat they have really good armor piercing i was they could have great weapon strength they have lost their frenzy as theyre gonna be going down on leadership but theyll still shred through the managers theyve only got 40 armor so any of that weapon string that does hit is going to be devastating now im not really too sure this is a mistake but we have one of the ball and two knobs here just in case theres a bit of a rotation um yes i can kind of bolster it a little bit faster but uh still i really wanted to hold that point one units of the same test coming forward they have really good weapon strength essentially theyre 25 of that being after piercing so we can get through uh chase the forsaken start you know picking up some units on the battlefield george is coming forward a couple of units are gonna be breaking here bit of a mistake coming from me in sort of the mid stage of the game my micro is really and macros get getting really really taxed here i havent played for a couple of months and im not really sure if thats an excuse or not i definitely didnt play very well yesterday but noble trappers here are going to be fighting in the middle up against the ogre balls and i think its going to be a bit of a healing here uh coming forward uh for nurgles theyre going to get an overcast fleshy abundance getting some really juicy healing in the pocket noble trap is just going to be holding on to the point im just buying time now getting tickets for myself and in the middle tonight with one unit of plague bearer its really not too much im going to be winning this bit of pocket saber tusks going to be getting in there and doing all the good damage hunter is going to be doing some good work and here we go we are going to get a ginormous punch in the middle look at the damage i love that i love the spell he always forget his name bone crusher because everybody uses them all i think bone crusher is just a very good armor piercing a little bit underrated i must say so but its ball of nogle forsaken coming forward really good partnership here youve definitely seen that uh you know quite prevalently there in the zinc roster of course youre not gonna get the armor sunray but nonetheless its a very very good combo indeed in the middle we are gonna get the gates some in the back theres some of the plague bears theyre gonna wrap around here the sabretooth its actually causing a little bit of gunfire here from the powder thats still 15 models i mean she now has been utilized so they can move into melee combat in the middle of the plague barriers of no goal this is going to be hanging out acting all cool were going to be shooting some of that meatball outside the school where we have the hello friend in the middle hes just going to be also hanging out on his haliquin you know not really doing too much but we dont have the cultures fighting here up against the hunter could be you know reducing some of that armor which is actually quite nicely especially with forsaken these two are the best partnership on this roster i think having uh the hero backed up by forsaken just shreds through all these nice big targets with heavy armor thanks a bunch of doubles here gonna be breaking quite a few tools have broken in the backside and theyre gonna be returning uh these two dont you can see theres some ogre walls youll find out theyre gonna be hanging around the backside here quite a bit i do kind of forget about them a little bit of a uh a little bit of a new play there for me but you know it is what it is uh dual weapons here gonna be fighting in the middle definitely well get those wrapped around the plague bearers and the majority of the other forsaken infantry but uh gonna be bolstering a lot of the pocket here on the right-hand side and what i try to do here i go well theres just so much here in domination point three i need to force a rotation onto domination point two from here i just need to split the forces ive got one thousand seven hundred tickets in the advantage to him so i just need to make sure that i trade effectively and make sure i can hold the middle but uh hes been playing very well getting back into this a brilliant rotation apparently thats going to be fighting here up against the majority of plague bearer infantry and the festering stooges i have to say are an absolute flipping nightmare these things just do not die theyre going to be on the battlefield still fighting 13 kills theyre gonna be up to one thousand damage value already and uh theyre still going strong theyre gonna be 172 models and uh yeah being a bit of a pain in my backside two jutsu coming across and you know theres no better sight in warhammer i must admit when you see the hippie hobbity coming to claim their property as we have also the sabretos trying to fight here up against the plague bearers of nurgle efficiency just coming across we dont have the slaughter master coming to have a bit of a butchery over here he can also heal in combat so dont mind him getting in there stroking and doing all the good things as we get lots of not blood trappers coming across of course we can vanguard deploy them here and im just going to be getting around the corner getting them on to the point just getting numbers here and forcing the rotation of the noga player 4080 for me 2600 for world beater and hes been on absolute performance so far stonehorn is just not dying right now we are going to be having now the lord choice fighting alongside the cultures who has reached his healing gap and now were going to be having the hunter fighting now we do see the spawn of nogo on the point and were going to see one two three units from me made that four in the back so you can see here just uh im sure will be is like oh thats excellent for me uh not just gonna be having enough under summon in the middle and hes got a few units on the point so um yeah this is definitely definitely a tactical reserve dont let anybody else tell you otherwise but on the middle we are going to be having nobler trappers they can get forward they can shoot here slow down up against the play barriers of no goal but you actually some furiously quite like this furious is a really good cheap roadblock to get forward to kind of compromise all these cheap infantry units coming forward we can see the slow going down there dismember from me as well really really trying to stop these play barrier units getting on and we can see were starting to move some of the nobles onto the point and now were starting to capture and this is where it starts to turn in the game so 4 380 tickets for me 3200 for my opponent and its getting to the point here that were very closely needing to get a triple cap and we do see the power of the guns going to be fighting here up against the spawn and we do manage to take them down but uh yeah i must say spawn with their unbreakable status and poison is very very powerful would you like to say with tesla do actually move the yoga balls down and round uh we didnt quite see that unfortunately i didnt miss it i think this is actually going to be the ogre balls that came down around they came for a little bit of a sandwich here to try and kind of type the units these rampage for absolutely no reason dont quite understand that one but they rampage there for no reason and theyre going to be going to fight in the middle uh somethings going to be dying here i think the festering stooge is a really really nice pick with that terror the gloom flies is certainly very powerful here in the domination point im still going to be fighting i do believe my lord choice is broken yeah hes going to break here in the middle he does return and i believe i try and get a nice quick heal for the hunter so we are going to be designing some units we are coming forward with the ogre iron fist just a little bit of extra melee defense and some bronze shields trying to get them into the middle here just to fight just a little bit better good on my piercing there from the powder guts theyll be fighting up against the cultist and you can see a few units are going to be rotating and my boy bad boys in the back i have seen them the stone horn returns as well and now were going to be coming onto domination point three so four thousand seven hundred and thirty against three thousand nine hundred for my opponent and its starting to come to a squeaky bum time and the friendly of the guys that know about the divorce squeaky bum time is pretty much all the time so its gonna be getting pretty damn close here on the battlefield ogerbaugh is gonna be fighting iron fists are on the point around im slowly starting to capture the point and this is where im sure will be just like no no please i fought so hard for these domination points and um here i am just you know slowly taking over with uh you know mass knoblast like haha i have the high ground and i can as we come forward here with more dual weapons wed have the lord choices kind of getting compromised here by the furious but at this point i dont really care too much gonna be healing here with the hunter i believe weve got a secondary heel there and uh yeah the cultures just gonna be you know hanging around and kind of acting all cool so we do manage to capture now a little bit more back with nurgle so we do throw pretty much the majority of all of world beaters troops on the point but its gonna be getting so close here five thousand points going up against 4400. excellent game here coming from world beater it was a really really enjoyable one it was actually game one of the final and i went one and up um so i wont ruin any more for you so you guys can go check out robert was channel and hopefully try and see all the other amazing things that happened there on that day a couple of throws from me a couple of good games as well and uh yeah i must say uh this is a really really enjoyable event and well beta played incredibly well i must say so i really dont think this is a good match up for nurgle and i think double stone horns just make it a bit of a nightmare so we are gonna be having the great more magic 1450 and the mvps without doubt two thousand five hundred and two thousand six hundred and eighty so youre gonna be some in the region of about yeah lets say five thousand two hundred damage value from the hunters uh 340 350 with 680 and 540 there for the ogre balls coming in with quite a few chevrons throughout the game which is rather impressive uh zero there for these novels these two didnt fight for the entirety of the game i do want to maybe if he had pressured on to domination point three maybe he could have done it im not too sure maybe he would have been stretched a little bit too thin there but uh we are gonna have 160 there for the knoblas with 205 for these as well so coming in for the hell out of no gold 512 2100 for the festering stooges these bad boys might be if not joint best maybe the best regiment for now they are such a nuisance to deal with and you know they really bolster no go i must say so coming in with terror good missiles and theyre incredibly tanky uh yeah theyre just a nightmare i dont know whats going to be better between those and maybe the powder guards powder cuts also at 2 300 gold cost value sorry is you know its rather impressive uh we are going to have 850 900 for the cultists theyre also a nightmare with their region and we are going to have 405 1070 1100 for the play bearers 1 700 and 680 play bear is incredibly cost efficient so for the four for the spawn of nergal 770 1200 and 550 with the forsaken coming in at 680 370 430 and 615 800 and 730 there for the plateaus with 220 0 and 110 there for the knurlings for my back reinforcements 430 as well as five 450 there for the okabor dual weapons 770 and 930 501 there for the iron fists with 700 330 240 and we didnt actually get this one on but uh good work there from the sabre tusks 280 640 270 and 340 there from the roblox really like them on this map theres some good vanguard deployments also when you spawn them you probably cant see them they dont know where theyre going to rotate to so its quite nice to have a really high value unit 160 models in that unit to kind of rotate and be a bit of a nuisance left right and center because your opponent just really doesnt know where thats going to be going so guys i really hope you enjoyed this game as a super close one indeed if you did please smash that like button feel free to leave a comment down below with all your thoughts and opinions as well and subscribe if you havent already a lot of you guys have been doing that and checking out my channel and its been really really awesome so thank you so much for all of the continued support it really really does make all the world of difference other than that ive been your boy logic take care of yourselves and ill see you all very very soon how to play steam games with ps3 controller #RTS #Multiplayer #DominationTwitch: Discord: Challonge: Please note this is an unofficial video and is not endorsed by SEGA or the Creative Assembly in any way. 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