THE OGRE TYRANT MARCHES! Empire vs Ogre Kingdoms - Total War Warhammer 3

Split screen games pc steamsteam deck turn off gyro TOTAL WAR: WARHAMMER III - OGRE KINGDOMS steam welcome ladies and gentlemen I hope youre all doing well and today my friends are back with a showdown between the sons of Sigmar and the ogre Kingdom so its gonna be Boars Todd bringer bringing the power mustache against the slaughter Master poor ogre kingdoms really only have one viable Lord chose which is pretty sad its either the slaughter master or an oblar which then turns into a Slaughter Master once you summon them from reserves please creative assembly give the ogre kingdoms Lords a little something something but nonetheless it is going to be a spear you know spear build we got Spears you do want to mix in some swords though because sometimes knoblars can be spammed and spearmen take like 10 years to kill nablar so having a couple swordsman doesnt hurt on top of that a couple cannons in the backfield to counter lead vultures and iron blasters we got Boris we got a light wizard to slow down the ogre mobility and keep them from getting on top of your valuable missile pieces and this is for you guys a little bit of spice not necessarily the most competitive choice so the build in general I would say is pretty good but this guy is certainly an X Factor but you know he he shoots hard with his pistol hard armor piercing and honestly accusation isnt a bad debuff even against non you know units youre not shooting right it lowers their physical resist their melee defense and their armor not bad right I mean Boris Todd bringer attacking something accused him of her say whats not to love so thats gonna be the build pretty basic stuff now for the great Flying Taco I certainly was not expecting this I was expecting blood vultures and uh you know maybe a little bit of range scrap launchers but he is just straight up Bulls on Parade ogre Bulls into the sunset its gonna be a million ogre bulls with Noble or Slaughter master and fire belly for burning head which is really good for actually clearing out state troopers but I absolutely love the build when I loaded in I thought I had a pretty wide Army I was like I got 12 units its pretty thick we have a fair amount of state troopers but like he literally has like as many ogres as I do like state troopers almost battle Battlefield so its a little bit scary man saber test is going to be coming in from the reinforcements do a little bit of fast forwarding while the two armies posture so the first thing I do is summon in pistol ears theyre really good against ogre kingdoms I actually think better than wagons a wagons are quite good in most matchups I would say theyre very very good utility but pistol ears uh you know obviously a little bit quicker they can stick and move and against the light armor of the ogres which are typically yeah more lightly armored you dont need a ton of like a big armor piercing on the wagons and uh yeah I just think the mobility these guys is pretty useful so being chased by saber tasks Unfortunately they do enable down a couple of my Brave pistol ears in the back row there we get a little bit of DACA we pull ahead in value obviously pretty insignificant amount though we do also use hashems burning Gaze on light wizard just going to be trying to snipe the Lord a little bit try and butter him up here and Boris Todd bringer jumps in the back saber tusks do overextend they get shot by Huntsman and Boris is a really good leadership bomb because basically crush the week lowers leadership and on top of that uh blood War so he can lower leadership by up to a minus 12 which is a lot very substantial so tadia man such a strong lord I cant tell you how many battles and games have had won by Todd bringer just kind of getting in there so what this game is going to be is me getting stuffed by a massive ogre push and then having to push out in time essentially to get the objectives back that really is the uh somebodys kind of playing the style like this theyre going to be throwing you know everything at you and youll have the advantage of the home field you can see we already break a couple ogres one ogre bull Heroes on on deaths bad the other ones here are going to be wavering so multiple ogres broken nice burning head there very very good and the witch hunter is going to be running about just you know pointing at things yelling heresy you know what we all love about witch Hunters theyre such and if the Empire had more casterlords if they had like someone outside of Balthazar gelt like not Lord metal you would actually probably be seeing witch Hunters way more often so Empire Knights youll get a good charge into the ogre Bulls and the side spearmen holding it down and you notice that every direction that toddy goes it basically breaks the leadership of the ogres with crush the week and some of the other support he has certainly very very nice Cannons still shooting and getting good work and ogre Bulls diving into the backfield very very heavily but we have spearmen we have more Empire Knights for the most part we are trading pretty well in value but again hes got a double cap and soon to be a Triple cap I would imagine as hell probably send someone over to that side objective and maybe a knoblar or something who the heck knows so Canons partially compromised theyre not shooting at the moment but theyre still very much alive Huntsman gonna be pulling back while the Empire Knights of Sigmar continue to pound these ogre bulls and chase him around but the pressure is pretty Relentless or saber trust is coming theres noblers theres all sorts of nastiness coming my way and just trying to get these cannons back online as he even gets into combat with the knobbler scrap launchers which honestly are pretty hard to get rid of of course flying talk about one of the uh the Lords of the over hes probably the only ogre kingdoms man out there like straight up I was talking to him Im like dude youre like the only person I know who Mains ogre so well see in pretty much every faction Wars Jokers player because youre the only one this leaders able to kind of Reform ranks and get some good shooting but Taco has penetrated pretty deep into the battle lines remember he does have healing and I dont toddy here though very nice rear attacking many of these ogres hopefully well be able to get some leadership breaks but you can also see my poor state troopers and Empire Knights here are really really at the brink of their limits or being pushed to the Limit as I should say as they are forced back by the giant chunky sponsors here so its a very very messy fight gems burning gay is going down toddys going to be going fisticuffs with the slaughter Master here while the pistol ears continue to rotate the third objective thankfully for me has not been taken but currently the ogres are racking up points from two objectives and Im currently getting none so certainly not great one can install online the other Cannon online which feels pretty good Hunts been forced into combat with knobblers doesnt not so good spearmen continued to push up with Empire Knight support Empire Knights are the way to go here theyre really good you can honestly go ricegart Knights since ogre Bulls dont have a sound of armor piercing you could also go Knight to the blazing sun to clear things a little bit quicker honestly all the Empire heavy Cavalry and or kiss of heavy Cavalry I would say are very viable in this situation so one of the Cannons is going to get taken offline pretty unfortunate Flying Taco also using a burning head because he knows if the cannon crew does end up running hes going to be able to kind of hunt it down pretty effectively right yeah theres a nice break right there Cannon crew wavering on the brink of leadership and here Boris hodringer trying to battle the slaughter Master but he does have the backing of a fire belly as well fire bellies are pretty good fighters who actually have really good armor piercings so uh despite the damage Im getting on this character the fire belly is a big AP character tube with really good SATs actually 400 plus weapon strength basically a mini legendary Lord so Im uh you know not killing his character as quickly as I thought I would hes actually equalized the value which is very very bad for me Im pinned on the back foot so hes been able to get some effective trades and get on top of my cannons with his uh just massive swarming so obviously he took a beating initially but once he was able to swarm effectively just the number saturating into my lines it got pretty messy but you know Sig Market has come back from works right to the blazing sun not here no these are Empire Knights they had some golden shoulder pads so it kind of fooled me for a second but no theyre this antlers reichs card thats why they dont look like Empire Knights but these guys are going to be the heroes that Gotham needs we summon them from the Vanguard get a fat flank on these guys pushing into the ogre Bulls here as Swordsmen continue to move up state troopers finally starting to push the ogres out of the backfield a little bit my Cannon Crew unhammered The Witches just gone kind of on vacation here waiting while Todd bringer finally does get the upper hand of the duel so this is going to be the big Turning Point here in this game in terms of momentum as we do actually break the overlord Boris Todd bringer obviously a much better Fighter the light Wizards gonna be chasing down the ogre Lord actually using a net on this character to make sure it doesnt get away because even in Retreat the ogre characters who have a lot of speed but it looks like he actually turns and fights when hes netted even though when hes broken into very strange but um nonetheless hes got 400 HP toddys gonna get the job done but still a Triple cap is imminent as some Trappers are moving over there and it is going to be a very very tight push to get back here guys in the backfield Cannon crew is still hustling I did some in some pistol ears or I had them Retreat back here to try and fight off these saber tusks that are pushing into my lines this is a misplay accidentally attacked the saber tests with the old Hammer of the witches crew the big plays for me for sure but toddy is just basically moving around Terror routing everything and certainly living up to his name I know we call him toddy but you know Todd bringer actually think uh in in the uh in the tongue of uh of the Empire or I guess Germanic languages means the deathbringer right you guys correct me if Im wrong but it does mean deathbringer which sounds way more badass but we all call him Toddy and hes kind of become a bit of a meme from that uh that video I think it was obviously Game Grumps did that really funny stuff nonetheless swords been moving up was it no was it him I dont know you guys let me know who it was I cant remember who originally did that video I do summon some Hudson from the Vanguard they get a decent little shot able to rip into the side of these ogre Bulls but uh Flying Taco responds very quickly with his Walmart Chariot but were slowly starting to take back some ground for Sigmar but we are really really behind on points zetlers reichscard and Empire Knights are basically serving as sweepers just cleaning up any ogres that they find typically Empire heavy Cavalry is one of your best tools against ogres it just does so damn well but this is when the big guns are coming out we havent seen the Flying Taco special which is the uh the skyscratters but we do see the more in pain coming in and these guys will beat up Empire heavy cab really well granted I have tools against them I can accuse him of heresy I can attack the Todd bringer tools all right very very close fight though Im only up by about 600 value but at least we are up in value now and not down to the pits where we were before Hammer The Witchs crew has come back online so they are going to be re-equipping these cannons for Sigmar and theyre going to be lining up their shots on that Bourne fan Cav unit coming in really really gotta lock them down so the backfield is finally cleaned up for the first time in this game Im looking and theres no ogres back here and I have to tell you that certainly felt very good because they were just totally trolling me this entire time Warren all bars coming in and the reichscar Knights and Spears trading well and we will be dropping a net if Im not mistaken on the morning cab here in a second to try and keep them from getting too deep into my battle lines but the reichscard knights just get absolutely pounded by these big openers like this is not going to be good I have some cool tattoos on this guys but the hammer The Witches back online Empire Knights gonna be cleaning out the aggression so the knobblers moving in trying to shut it down but they are immediately lanced I was being couch to lances and now theyre going to be moving over going after the other ogres and the morning fan Cav though they have a nice opening for my backfield boards Todd bringer and some Spears and the Witch Hunter and Empire Knights able to push back most of the ogres and we start to get a little bit of capture weight here but here comes the big pressure as the morning fan Cavs are on their way in we get the clutch net to prevent uh to protect our Empire Knights otherwise they would have been just blasted by the big charge bonus Hammer The Witches gonna be trying to get some picks and Toddy and Company will be coming over Empire Knights gonna be charging into these ogre Bulls which are unsupported right now so they should take a lot of damage from the charge even though Empire Knights dont have a great charge bonus you know 50 still isnt insignificant theyre desperately trying to fight and get the points back on the other side I summoned in Sterlings Revenge but I did not see his knobler Trapper there and nobler Trappers will trade incredibly well and at the end of the day the Sterlings Revenge would win but they cost twice as much so its really not an excellent trade for me but I gotta start playing for the Triple cap because Im super far behind so its really going to be tooth and nail here and the back silver bullets have emerge we summon in the silver bullets and they start ripping Big Shots into the morning fan cap nice play by Taco who does use Butcher on these guys which is one of the biggest heels in the game so its really really good on these high HP units like that the percentage-based healing it really really gets a lot of value unfortunately saber test pack leaking into the backfield I do Summit in pistol ears because I didnt have any Empire cap in reserve so I basically have to summon in some pistol ears but the hand of the witchs crew is going to be falling so thats a really really nice pick for taco however toddringers -12 leadership telling you guys so good were able to Route off like a 1200 gold cab unit actually I think theyre 13 or 1400 and just leadership on them off the battlefield which was an amazing value swing for us but were still struggling to get these objectives back on the bottom you can see that we are just barely winning this fight I mean its really close the leadership alone might keep the ceremons revenge in there but yeah it looks like its pretty even knobbler Trappers are one of the best units on the ogre roster like hands down so incredibly strong so here we are pushing back the saber tests were going to be getting the home objective the Witch Hunter kind of just been scrapping and over the course of the battle I did use the accusation non-stop hes got about 500 value which isnt terrible but the ogres are now going to Helms Deep on their back objective and try and deny me objective three for as long as they possibly can here we do get some pistoliers as well as a Sterlings Revenge pushing up so maybe well be able to get a little bit of capture weight there well have to see and Todd bringer and Company are going to be moving to one Im backed up by the Witch Hunter and in the backfield we do have the dreaded Hammer The Witches which has been enduring this entire battle taco and I were chatting in Discord hes like oh that hammer the witches is still alive hows that possible its like the most uh these guys have been eating their Sigma what is it called Wheaties I think they have those Wheaties box back in the 90s but more ogre Bulls coming to troll me silver bullets turned about face rip a couple shots while the pistoliers run into uh run interference on these guys side objective though were not quite able to get it I do send my pistol ears in to try and block the ogres from getting there but sadly the Sterlings revenge and the pistolars are not quite able to get this objective bet yet I do have some Huntsman coming in but the saber test packs are going to be a big problem uh granted free company can maybe fight them for a moment but overall saber tusks do hit really really hard they are absolute beasts in combat theyre like Walmart corn flush hounds which is still good corn flush hounds are one of the better units in the game in general like cost just cost effectively so if you can be a Walmart version of the best unit in the game hey man you take that and you uh you wear it as a badge of honor so really really behind now in terms of troops summiting in two Spears here so the spearmen will eventually get there and probably get that objected but will it be quick enough guys as Todd bringer uh continues to goon things chasing this is a mistake scrap launchers have a lot of HP and just having Todd bringer chair out things is really what I want at this point unfortunately no grenade launchers you know you you dont really think to bring them against the ogre kingdoms I think I had one in reserve but um yeah its not something you think about but you know clearing out knoblers is very important and the Empire like heavy cab I guess can do it but grenade launchers are certainly the other alternative couple pistoliers overextend here and do get attacked by saber tests Todd bringer and the Spears getting a leadership break on the knoblars in the meantime our Huntsman uh may be able to break the saber tests pistol ears unfortunately having to do a lot of melee fighting in this game just because they dont have enough heavy calf but Huntsman it does buy a little bit of time for them to shoot into the ogres but still it is nasty business as these Huntsmen are going to be forced to run back as far as chevrons earned theyve done about 1200 and that was mostly in their first life so Huntsman are obviously a staple against ogres theyre really really good but here are the pistol ears silver bullets in the back trying to fight ogres are actually pressing my home objective a little bit but you can see the sustain fighting from Toddy and the fact that the ogres dont really have any leadership or big fighting characters is starting to come into play as the Witch Hunter look at that Todd bringer the Witch Hunter the uh the priest as well as he Spearman thats a very very Empire moment here lets see if the uh if the Witch Hunter is going to do some epic Sigmar karate theyre known for their Karate kicks all around I love how like sometimes like youll see like a fully armored like dwarf Warrior and they choose to like Sparta kick something instead of actually using their weapon its hilarious but yeah dont ever change that thats hilarious I love it but this objective looks like it could flip for us guys we do have Todd bringer the Witch Hunter and Company but the ogres are really good at spamming out cheap fast High capture weight units that take a surprising amount of time to get rid of here we do get the grenade launchers coming out so the grenades will start blasting into these uh filthy goblins here and you can see that well do some okay damage and now theyll turn about face and actually get the appropriate shots more spearmen on their way up in state troopers but its taking me a little bit too long to get the side objective guys you can see the points are getting really really tight Im definitely gonna get this one uh the Spearman will move there and you know if I had another three minutes maybe but its not that the game is played you know he really really pinned me back his whole strategy was focused around you know that pin he probably knew he was going to lose out on value eventually being in my home field but um still it was a cool build and it kind of caught me off guard and really used to like blood belchers Ive had somebody do like an ogre tied spam on me like that in a long time so that certainly would make me rethink the build um I still maybe would just go just Hammer the witches and youll notice in reinforcements I only had like three cab units which was a big mistake I needed like five um to really really push out there the war wagons were also deadweight replace those with Empire Knights and I think I can sweep the ogres a little bit quicker uh that was the problem the Empire heavy Cavalry were just so good and I didnt have enough of them so Gigi well played super good game was really fun you get to see the power of toddy God see a witch hunter a little bit lackluster but one of the most iconic units of warmer fantasy so we got to use it and the Cannons maybe just the hammer The Witches would be enough I dont know if you really need the double cannon it does leave you a little bit vulnerable to being swarmed and pinned like that but um yeah GG will play it that was a really fun one hopefully you guys enjoyed that Duel of Fates and uh well played to taco man see you guys next time take care silver steam For Events, Tournaments & Discord Links: TWW3 here to support the channel: Twitter: Support the stream: Channel Sponsors: #Warhammer #totalwar #Turin stock pot steamer rape day game steam steam tug boat good steam games that are easy to run free co op puzzle games steam