Total War: Warhammer 3 - Ogre Kingdoms Campaign - Greasus Goldtooth #20 | BATTLES GALORE! Variety hr

How to sign up for steamgames remote play steam TOTAL WAR: WARHAMMER III - OGRE KINGDOMS steam what up my freaks ruinous insight here with part 20 of my total war warhammer 3 greeces skulltooth campaign so as we saw last time we have finally finally retaken amble peak after it was uh after it was transferred to the sons of the mountain who we have a last episode declared war on uh by the uh forces of azinch hopefully it doesnt happen again at least we should have a few turns break because the yeti peak was also transferred recently oh man alrighty but regardless of that we also got a nice little battle with our basic nobler units against the uh demonic incursion of zinch over here around the fallen city and on top of that we got some a decent battles it looks like coming up the lizards are coming for carrick krakaton with two stacks thats uh over here and i dont know whether well be able to reach them in time in fact maybe you should help out uh rather than move to wherever you were moving buddy uh then also up in the north kougath has arrived with a secondary army in tow as well and is going to attack sabre mountain now saber art mountain has some defenses but theyre not that great uh so i guess itll be another interesting battle for us really wish i had built one of these instead here but oh well a little bit late maybe we can get greases here in time depending on whether kugat chooses to actually siege the place uh greeces is well hes a few turns away and then i guess after doing that he can move around this way take the challenge stone for us and then start attacking all these territories i mean its sort of on the way to where we were going anyway so its not that bad maybe even move around to raise a zamasu then take the challenge stone and then move around down here but once again im getting ahead of myself well see if thats the way we do it uh now oh wait you you know what i should have done i should have built a fire belly for you not that we can build one here but oh i could have gotten you patrol well then again you dont have any spells do you wouldnt have helped yeah a fire belly here a caster we really need a fire belly in every choke point every defensive location essentially to deal with the enemies also speaking of dealing with enemies you go here and keep an eye on more dwarfs coming in to attack zarnagrand before it can defend itself because thats obviously another potential issue all righty blout is good mountain tucker awk is good and i think were good in general alrighty lets end the turn uh lets see about those battles shall we qgeth you gonna attack immediately im hoping for an epic battle here now hes gonna see shes gonna siege like a little coward even though its uh even though our territory is completely full of noblers i really dont like how they ow didnt we already have oh right you uh i thought you were dead did you come back or did you just retake it i dont know but ill ill take it uh dont count or offer justice wait we can make more money out of this uh wait military access and bounce offer oh that doesnt change the money okay well take as much money as theyll give us now and then well ask for military access again afterwards for even more money propose offer there we go hopefully that works i really dont like how cowardly the ai has become we have garbage here this is garbage and youre ah you gots well i guess your armys a little bit hurt maybe thats why but still i really dont like how this uh all the sieging uh settlement receives plagues saber mountain yeah not surprising someone besieged faction claims seoul northern provinces alrighty but thats their first so it doesnt matter army receives plague not surprising greases you gotta head up to kugath apparently go well level up some of your forces later on uh you still havent been destroyed oh youre suffering attrition to the uh to the siege ouch got to be unfortunate all righty but it looks like were good over here how about the lizards looks like they havent sieged us surprisingly all righty well they cant jump over carrick krakaton so either they attack next turn directly or they allow mountain talker og to get here and then were fine alrighty so then i guess so you dont need to be over there head to miss gorge in case these guys attack really have to hold all of these locations uh fallen city dont need an upgrade there zarnagrand definitely definitely do oh man thats going to be like all our money though is there anything else thats just as critical as this i just want to double check ivory road yeah okay fine build the gold horde there and they cant afford any of this so back to this ah all right zarnagrand youre not gonna be able to hold against a full dwarven stack without a lord and a fire belly and a bunch of other stuff but we cant afford it man can we not afford it ugh oh well not a big deal uh you know what is a big deal we have to move you oleg time to go buddy second army start moving up here you got places to be you got led to belch oh wow you are oh wait for a second i thought we had 20 meat left but thats just the consumption really had me worried for a second wait how are we consuming 20 meat per turn thats a little bit weird army upkeep minus 20. oh its changes turns minus five okay okay i thought it would show like whatever uh i thought it would show five here instead had me freaked out there for a second i guess i havent been looking there this entire campaign apparently uh unassigned skill points we can skip i usually just do the skill points right when right about to fight with any particular army because they take time and i vacillate a lot uh but otherwise well you know what actually while either way thatll be next turn so yeah ill send the turn now will kugat attack us come on kugeth your second armys arrived and son and march dance anymore at least it wont be all right blout yeah you can stay here buddy stay here and keep an eye on things oh hello theres a little dwarven stack there however its not at war with us yet well see about later i guess army wrestling didnt you already have this plague or is this like a second plague yeah its just a wait highly contagious chance of plague spreading fever treasury plus 150 and plague a spread thats uh for nurgle and oh wow were down to 45 income per turn settlement you got to be kidding me you got to be freaking kidding me we just took this this is absolute garbage okay thats it time for war time for freaking war we just took this and spent money on this this ability is so damn stupid go here and i biters been destroyed are ready for duty for drag i dont really care about you uh you did that okay the map uh spun around okay i was like what the hell is going on here you go here to miss gorge are you guys sieging this you are not you are not sieging this which is interesting uh lets get here and lets put you into ambush to try to uh to try to you know force these guys into an attack theyre too far away to sally and its not like we can attack them with this if we had another tyrant id do it but we obviously cant afford one really amble peak again i swear this ability was designed to piss the player off like who there was no way anybody testing this ever thought it was fun and this is speaking of somebody who did game testing for many years yeah anyway greeces just just march up here go kill a coup gath for me make sure kugat feels our anger about the uh about the stuff that kairos did all right now you either attack or you get hit by greeces here kugat so you dont have much of a choice now uh oleg youre good man talker og youre good as well ooh but we should probably level you up now just in case we actually get a battle next turn which leads me to think that once again we probably should just go ahead and start moving towards renown and feared rather than the stuff in here yeah we could upgrade noblers but meh hes probably not going to have knobblers in his army after a long time and id love to get healthy appetite to make him even more impossible to kill uh but yeah i still think the blue line is probably the way to go here attrition reduction is once again well we could use you for raiding you know what im gonna do this and get the extra power from raiding because we might actually just make a nobler army and have you take shattered stone bay oh we can also take scrap towers back here ah theres some stuff for you to do here we can also go two and two into raiding and attrition ill think about that uh fire belly you need to head oh you have arcane conduit and fire storm or flame storm rather maybe we start moving through scouting now we have most of the good stuff not at the level we need it to be though oh you dont have flaming you know what yeah ill take the unique skills as well and then i guess the eruption next turn free explosion is always nice alrighty blout i guess youre staying where you are keeping on keeping an eye on correct kadrin dwarfs in fact go here you know what actually go around go up here i want you to overlook this area from on high right and i believe once again thats it kugeth im giving you one more opportunity to not be a little coward attack please i really want to fight really he gave up why the heck did he give up what the heck okay thats just weird i was not expecting that i gotta admit alrighty campaign movement range plus five and the ice core rules supreme thats great for the escort i dont see how we care though uh you you cannot reach actually you cant just barely reach kugeth the problem is hes probably going to run away hmm Music so the question is do we try to attack him force him to run also wait what do you have here yeah probably two hmm Music just thinking should we destroy this we could put greeces into an ambush and try we could also try to attack him watch him run away and then maybe go into march stance and follow him its probably safer to just ambush you know what theres a 70 amber success chance right here thats what were gonna do if it gets foiled he cant move past greeces anyway if it doesnt get foiled well i dont know well see i mean if it doesnt get foiled but he doesnt actually attack us and just tries to run away although thats unlikely to happen as well maybe hell siege again i really dont understand why he stopped sieging were probably gonna get a freaking plague from those too lets also level up essay the plagues are annoying but like theyre maybe one one thousandth as annoying probably not even that uh compared to that damn uh uh compared to that damn zing ability so yeah this is its not even a comparison really uh you you have arcane convict you have piercing bolts are burning maxed out thats good stuff scouting lets get another point in that i occasionally use burning head but uh flamestorm not really been impressed with it thus far fire resistance doesnt really help fire with well i guess the ward save would be nice question is is it more worth it over another point in flaming sword of ruin to make it more spammable i do like spamming that particular ability now you know what i like spammable abilities in general go for it especially since its just more active uh kindle flame get everybody flaming sort of ravine to get that flaming attack imbued and then everybody gets more damage out of uh uh out of kindle flames so yeah okay now you snaggle i forgot what i was getting with you you got extra ingredients you got troll guts maxed out so i guess we gotta go for replenish troops again brain gobblers okay i mean we could start no five percent is also not that much yeah go for replenish troops for one we inevitably get damaged here what are we what are we in terms of turns 85 man we have so much work to do over the next few turns all right amble peak for hopefully the last freaking time you you are at war with the northern provinces we are going to war with you again you need to die you really really need to die alright im not going to declare war directly well go northern provinces join a your war against the oracles of zinc still dont want to do that defensive alliance really need to like us more come on now were trading with you were a good trading partner yeah no suffer there we go at least we get a little bit of extra cash to you know survive over the next few turns in terms of going bankrupt oh hello hello if it isnt ongram again wow he came back really quickly uh zarnagrand okay well this is kind of problematic can he attack us in one turn hopefully not hmm Music well who do we have here uh fort drag or gut blout uh wait gut flag you have the ability to cast stuff its probably the better option than the tyrant yeah lets get you in here were going to go negative no i didnt go negative okay well oh right because the supply lines are still active uh yeah offered the great ma whens the magic power reserve rate plus five for tourney honestly the extra mile attacks probably not going to help you because you cant fight uh uh you cant fight ungram anyway but then again youre never gonna be able to save up enough magic points at least though its not losing yeah fine go give me gut magic there you go at least youre not losing it now how many turns would this take to upgrade two if only was one and you cant do anything to this uh if you cant do anything maybe oh wait did we put you in here and potentially lose blout nah not worth it he doesnt have any spells anyway okey dokey well then i guess we end the turn again and we see whether our little ambush here succeeds uh wait mountain talker arrow or a rot go to miss gorge all right wait ill resolve this to death please and we just spent the money on upgrading it too at least nobody dies its time for the auto resolve thank you scroll of power ivory road again all righty lets oh thats going to take all our cash ill do it anyway and go for the gold horde now you got more levels but this time youre heading out to blood peak and lets hope that we can take it also move here so you can keep an eye on this uh yeah you really need to be here do we want to offer to the great mods i think youre losing things uh have a campaign or come and get it rather just in case what do we have here by the way there should be an easy take for somebody at some point someday anyway now now i think were good to end the turn wait not you patrol patrol oh actually wait wait wait another idea i was potentially gonna do this less or earlier but we could try to attack you and kill you now a lot of your stuff is kind of problematic but with together with the saber tusks and the tyrant attacking yeah we might be able to pull this off not 100 sure on this obviously the noblers are going to be garbage and the plague bear is hard to kill but if our tyrant manages to kill that herald i think we might be okay now lets give it a try crushing defeat eh okay well okay well uh you know what some of these small battles are sometimes pretty fun so i guess well make this cinematic theres no real need to but the thing is if i dont do this cinematically itll just be me controlling our garbage units over and over and over again because these guys route and then come back around and then come back repeatedly so lets just do it cinematically well get a better one after this hopefully against cougars alrighty tiny little battle but hey it could be an interesting one ooh i really like what weve got uh uh going on here with all this uh corruption i guess since the lands been corrupted all the nurgle stuffs growing everywhere and weve got one of these little uh uh overlord sort of flying brain things over here that we see in the nurgle realm as well a corrupted little uh mini maw as well and pretty interesting i want to take a look at everything weve got over here i always thought that the lava would maybe switch to like uh uh would maybe switch to like i dont know some something more nergally but uh then again i feel like that might be a little bit much oh wow and we even got these gigantic grub things and huh what is this what the heck is this why is there a thing here what could this possibly be huh maybe this is an asset from the uh from the fight in nergals realm and theres something thats supposed to be here like a portal where our reinforcements come from maybe thats it interesting though interesting also i find it curious that these weird demon grub things are here because a theyre like a hundred times the size of an ogre uh where the heck did they come from interesting lovely anyway lets get back to the actual fight now the fight should be pretty small but i feel like it could go it could go very well or it could go very poorly depending on how exactly the enemy army reacts now as weve learned in previous battles the uh the tyrants are very difficult to kill at least for the forces of zinc but with regards to the nurgle forces between the poison and the fairly strong uh units and melee i think that they would be able to kill the tyrant i feel like any one of these individual units might actually be able to kill the tyrant although might be an interesting uh i might be an interesting matchup between a tyrant and a single unit of plague bearers but i know that ive used plague drones to assassinate lords in the past myself and i know that uh ive also used heralds of nurgle to duel enemy commanders and have been victorious many a time in the uh demon prince campaign so i wouldnt be surprised but anyway lets see how we do here it looks like the enemy is going to send in some plague drones its also going to separate some of their forces moving their plague plague bearers to attack our saber tusks in the background this is fine as long as theyre distracted it doesnt really matter uh what we want to do is essentially pick a single target and focus many of our forces plus most importantly our damage dealers like our tyrant and possibly our saber tusks if they can get there on a single unit and it looks like the unit of choice here is going to be the most isolated of their units which is this blob of enemy cavalry so here we go the tyrant is going to jump in and start smacking those pox riders around with the help of a absolute ton of gobbles theyre also on the edge of this forest and if they are indeed in the forest they should be suffering the malice debuff that the large units suffer while in there in addition to that while our gobbos were keeping the enemy plagued drones distracted we did get all of our saber tusks in to try to damage these units and it looks like theyre doing a fairly decent job as theyve dropped by about 33 hp after the attack from the saber test look like the enemy has used a spirit leech i believe couldnt quite tell what it was uh but they used something on our units over there the purple probably indicates a spirit league well you only have spirit league and aspect of the dread knight and since it was affecting our units im willing to bet that it was spirit lage pretty easy but uh but anyway these guys are doing okay although it looks like the plague bearers are getting closer and closer to our saber tusks and were gonna have to get them out of there unless they get destroyed by that flanking maneuver one of the benefits of fighting the forces of nurgle as always is the fact that theyre so slow its uh generally difficult for them to try to reinforce their units over here the box riders are still being distracted but we now also have our nobler trappers throwing their infinite daggers at them and there we go do they just get an aspect of the dreadnight on them yes indeed they did leadership and caused terror uh probably pretty bad for our little noblers oh man look at all those daggers sticking out from those toads and there we go looks like between the tyrant and the leadership or the tyrant and the trappers attacking them the uh the pox riders start to disintegrate and die then its on to the main battle over here we try to get our saber tusks uh to get out of there as you can see theyre moving away while the noblers continue holding ground against the plague bearers theyre actually doing some damage to the plague bearers kind of surprisingly but perhaps its uh well not know perhaps about it the plague bears are very very little armor and thus even noblers should be able to do just you have decent damage to them for plague bearers nice little fight going on back here oh does that nobler have like a pan for a hat yeah it does thats pretty funny or a pot uh pottery pan kind of hard to tell i would ass no it doesnt really matter uh anyway as all that is happening our sabretosks once again move in to try to hit the enemy in the back and so do our nobler trappers the enemy lord has also moved out from its formation which is a good thing for us because if we can hit it with the tyrant and with our noblers we should be able to take it apart especially as it doesnt have support here so we are going to get this tyrant and this one unit of knobblers specifically to do this there we go while the rest of the knobblers move in to keep distracting the enemy and there we go and the distraction is pretty key here because it allows our saber tusks and our trappers to do some work looks like the saber tusks have the enemy plague drones surrounded and they are taking quite a bit of damage getting ready to start dissipating the trappers are also getting uh lots of use out of them trucking their infinite daggers in the backs of the enemy plague bearers as well and once again the plague bearers lacking armor should be taking quite a bit of damage from this infinite dagger spam Applause this is such a tiny battle but it turned out to be a pretty fun one the slash interesting one in my opinion anyway ive made many a comment about liking these smaller battles uh generally speaking and i feel like that uh that stays true oh wow nice kid from our tyrant although that looked like it didnt really damage the enemy so much as uh send the half of our noblers flying uh speaking of the enemy lord hes at about 25 hp and our tyrants lost maybe 10 to 15 so i do believe we should have the victory here a nice little aspect of the dread knight going on the enemy plague bearers over here while the rest of the plague bearers and the herald of nurgle start disintegrating our saber tusks have also managed to destroy those plague drones and are ready to charge the enemy on the back although between the nobler trappers i think we did we did a damn good job 20 and 27 kills on them man quite a bit more than the regular noblers yeah we got a really good use out of our uh out of our nobler trappers in this particular battle very nice everybody very nice and there we go just like that the battle is over with a uh with a scream i guess the enemy herald of nargle falls over ah the little dark look is just falling off i love knurling theyre so funny there we go all righty well as usual and perhaps a little bit paradoxically these little battles do turn out to be pretty darn fun although this one went a lot better than i was expecting it to i guess because these uh these and novellas were fairly high chevron interesting all right lets ransom those captives we need many money many many money we need many money me eloquent today me youtuber oh man okay lets see you also got yourself a level up so lets get you your greater girth and should you also be heading towards your noun in fear does every single one of our lords need to go down to renowned and feared oh i like all the extra leadership that this guy is going to provide together he doesnt have the actual leadership buff as well thats probably whats also helping the uh the nobblers although once again im pretty sure im not going to bother with scrappy fighters just feels like its not worth it um all righty well you know what you gotta get hardy because youre being attritioned right now as we speak alrighty there we go so now kugaf either you siege this and get completely screwed over your run you try to go through greases and die uh hopefully this goes well for us now in terms of money we are 4k to upgrade this you know what lets see if theres something else that we can upgrade for cash oozer negrin this is not going to upgrade in time uh you know what you however you can build some basic gobbos were gonna itll take us negative but i dont think we have much of a choice here because the uh the dwarfs are coming if they attack with just this one army can we hold this off yeah honestly without the scrap launchers probably not but then again with a few good casts of uh a bone crusher maybe i somehow doubt it but maybe do you know what i really strongly feel that garrisons should at least provide a scrap launcher at the very least but none not one of any of the buildings including the main building provide scrap launchers as garrisons thats a little bit unfortunate basically we get no range unit garrisons anyway thats basically all the money that we have unfortunate as that may be im not gonna bother with the fire shrine i feel like we probably shouldnt even bother with the counting house either alrighty now lets end the turn lets try to hopefully hopefully get this battle against kugat we we have enemies basically on every side which is pretty great in terms of getting good fights but its uh well its not so great in terms of trying to actually achieve something in terms of growing our empire anyway go also while the turn is ending and uh yes the ambush succeeded uh this is gonna be a cinematic battle but right before we jump into greece is absolutely ripping kugath apart uh im actually going to be curious to see how good greeces versus koogath is guest hits pretty hard though that should be interesting anyway as i was saying uh this is the 20th i believe episodes and thus once again a fifth episode in the series i just like to remind you guys to drop those likes and comments if youve been enjoying this particular lets play as how often episodes updated and how long they run does depend on your engagement as is the standard around the uh youtube parts these i tried to combine youtube and these parts anyway you know what i mean lets get to a cinematic battle goldtooth versus the plague father all righty kugeth versus a gold tooth finally uh we get this little showdown although unfortunately i feel like this battle by virtue of the fact that it is an ambush and the fact that the enemy army is composed almost entirely of plague bearers and nurglings this should be really really easy our army is vastly superior to theirs although i would like to see the uh the match between these two slow behemoths there we go that glow and belly though i bet greeces might even be jealous of the glowing belly of uh of kugat anyway we are charging in here and it looks like the vast majority of the enemy army gets caught between hours and you know what theyre probably having a very very bad time im im i would imagine that the best unit here oh and the fire bellies casting its a bolt burning on the cinema you know exalted play bears which is quite nice and it looks like plague uh plague uh kuget doesnt want to fight greeces here hes just running hes just going straight for the uh for the escape zone and just completely ignoring us here while the rest of his army fights kind of interesting but you know i wouldnt be surprised from such behavior uh from a uh from a greater demon anyway as i was saying back here i would imagine that the uh that the spawn of nergal are probably going to do the best out of all the enemies that are here but uh yeah none of them are gonna do that well against our army were extremely heavily armored and weve got them surrounded and theyre well theyre all just completely screwed and now over here as i said kugat was running away from uh greeces and what i did was moved all of our saber tusks before kuga to essentially stop him in his tracks and allow greeces to a catch up and be uh will actually hit him man i i actually wonder whos slower uh kugeth is at 29 speed and greeces is at 26. so greeces is even slower than cougar damn oh wow all right well hes already dropped by like nine eight maybe eight thousand hp greeces is perfectly fine a little bit disappointed that greeces doesnt have as much health as kuga does considering hes even slower and cant cast magic or has any ranged attacks if anything yeah greeces needs a little bit of a buff in terms of his hp in my opinion yeah hes not a greater demon but you know nonetheless all righty well keep kugeth in place and it looks like the rest of his forces are also starting to do the same thing theyre starting to move out here it looks like this unit of forsaken is also trying to run away just like kugat is really bizarre behavior from the ai i really i really dont see why it would do this it should really fight once engaged you know what i mean like whats the benefit of this there we go looks like well i guess uh kugeth will keep running hes at 8.6 khp and hes regenerating quite a bit but you know thats not im not surprising trying to keep getting those saber tusks in his way to allow greeces to keep hitting him but uh yeah hes just got to keep running he does have the mass to get away after all you gotta love the model for cougar though i mean all the all the greater demons are pretty damn awesome and there we go looks like hes finally reaching that escape zone with greeces uh on his tracks uh otherwise it looks like the vast majority of the enemy army has been destroyed were just moving the rest of our forces up to catch anybody else who we can obviously gotta kill those forsaken interestingly enough it seems like the spawn largely actually fought like you can see these spawn are still fighting here rather than just trying to run away uh and well that feels like it makes sense from a lore perspective like thats exactly what you would expect spawn to do all right could you have being a jerk and vomiting on our on our saber tusks hes now down to 5 000 hp and is now blocked in by not just the saber tusks but also a few iron guts should probably probably be trying to use our stone horns and here they are to try to kill them and yeah i wanted greases to essentially duel kugeth but with the fact that he keeps trying to run away and not fight i just felt like we might as well get everybody in here its not like it was gonna be a straight-up duel in the first place anyway because he spent like half his hp just running from greeces with greeces smacking him so yeah all good and i do believe the battle is just about over who gets the last enemy on the field and is now down to a mere 2000 hp and is about to dissipate as well the rest of his army gone minus that unit of play drones which appears to never have engaged us weird could have at least helped kuga but whatever and down he goes disappearing while his palanquin falls to the ground there oh i never noticed that he had like a little he had this like a little mini skull throne huh corn is a seething in jealousy somewhere i didnt realize that kugat sat on a pile of skulls there although i suppose because those could be like i know piles of nerglings but they look like human yeah they look like human skulls would have been funny if you if it was actually a pile of nervous hey you know what they should have done that not enough knurling use their wings are just too funny not to uh not to constantly use but there we go theres that battle with between kugef and greeces and it looks like with the ambush we were very very much victorious Music all right well unsurprisingly that one was extremely easy though we did get a very nice payment out of it uh thanks kugaf for that i do have one thing to say about that battle however and uh remember how i was calling kugath a coward for uh for sieging instead of fighting well thanks for proving my point google what the heck was that running away its just the non-stop running away i dont even know i dont even know now another 3k okay nice pickup for the for greases as well although im willing to bet youve got your plague now yeah unfortunate but it is what it is i guess we will have to just deal with that uh thunder guts you want something again join more new you keep fighting until youre ready to confederate with us buddy uh solomon receives plague sabre mountain army receives play greeces gold tooth and ah we didnt actually we hadnt actually personally defeated uh gold uh with greases oh interesting okie dokie well gary says oh you still have this negative trait i thought that i had gotten oh wait it was the corn trait that got deleted not that trade oh well oh well now greece is time for you to go oh wait uh theres a little army here is it still in range i think its still in range uh you dont really need the xp but im willing to mention if we try this the game will say oh autoresolve failed uh so youre gonna move tiny bit here youre gonna attack this hes gonna not run okay good ill resolve this please watch half our army be dead okay now uh 46 losses still way too many all right there we go and then you are right back into sabre mountain to continue defending that nice we got a talisman of endurance out of it very very nice pickup for somebody im not entirely sure who we do keep sound while you have the talisman of preservation i was about to say we do keep sending you into very dangerous situations uh what do you have again you have the spangled shirt and you have the weird stone necklace considering you take a lot of damage you know what lets give you oh wait although i do want to check what uh what oleg has he has the greedy fist though which is even better hmm yeah fine and i mean considering he has an iron fist that kind of makes sense that he has a greedy fist right uh now i guess were going to take the thousand of insurance for you a little better than that weird stone necklace i dont even know why these are two items 10 and 12 and theyre both uncommon whats the point of this just to pad the different number of items uh also wait uh talisman of protection no no i want to see something uh you wait no not you okay why is this not an order you got this now i want you snaggle to get what he was holding not the spangled shard but the weird stone necklace there we go and no enchanted item for you because i dont believe there are any here is it time to get rid of one of our spangle shards uh we can get rid of the you know what lets get over the opal amulet oh its not bad for hunters especially wading into the fray 22 seconds still probably inferior to spangle shards generally speaking against well non-demons i guess get rid of this cathay and jet fuse these oh we got another weird stone necklace well isnt that lovely thats actually a pretty nice pickup as well you get the weird stone a necklace now and i believe thats it for you could really use another glittering scales or something on you to be in the main line but i guess were good for now also is there anything we can get here in terms of ancillaries more xp no nothing alrighty well thats fine that was a nice fusion greases away you go in march stance and i know this kind of puts you in danger but we can see the surroundings i think were okay oh these dwarves are actually at war with kugeth why do they hate us then treaties with mountain eaters and prejudice and aversion yeah fine im not gonna declare war on them though let them keep annoying the our own enemies here greeces march destroy zamasu or allow it to die and then on to city of splinters okay drove challenge stone all this good stuff back here we got a lot of stuff to do and im so glad we got that cash oh we really needed that infusion wait wait wait where did huh where did the dwarves go we just built a freaking lord here well now i have no idea where they are okay well just keep defending nazar nagar and then i guess since we can spend the money we might as well spend it uh you im not gonna upgrade but you 4k were not gonna get a better opportunity this will give us another an increase by 200 per turn itll pay for itself eventually plus that increases all and on camp yeah fine just build the camp build the camp speaking of building i did want you to build one you know what ah do we risk moving away so that we can build a camp i want to build it at some distance from karakrakattan which means moving here i probably should have oh wait we didnt have the money to build it while on the way here these guys are just sitting here i guess a lizardmen cant raid can they i dont believe they have a rating stance which means how much it can do wait oh youll actually dry out the draw out the garrison if we attack this oh thats actually kind of tempting i wonder if theyll run or whether theyll try this huh im willing to bet theyll run im gonna check this in a second but lets lets spend our cash first our non-ill-gotten cash uh you mountain talker move into the missed gorge worm pass uh were good here this should level itself up in time and i dont want to waste the money path to the east i spewer sabre mountain yeah we gotta upgrade saberman to level three well that goes most of our cash ice pass veil of titans gate definitely get the gold uh and i believe nothing else something we really need here probably another one of these walls just in case it gets attacked by something but for now i guess thats not something we want to waste our money on ivory road amble peak you continue getting upgraded grimtop youre good uh lets get upgrade another counting house mount craig okay yeah you need this because kairos may come for you and thats it there goes all of our 14k oh man oh you know what i just realized if we want to build another camp we need 2k okay you know what maybe we can acquire this by attacking these guys well see maybe give it a try they didnt run they did not run im pleasantly surprised we should be able to win this uh we have decent reinforcements already well hmm i guess we got one more cinematic battle in it alright lets get to it pre-battle feast why not fight battle uh lots of battles this episode im pretty happy about it all righty here we go goblins goblins ogres rather well uh to be fair we do have a lot of goblins or noblers uh ogres versus lizards its finally so nice to get some battles against uh uh lizardmen and various other factions ive been really missing fighting uh a vampire coast and a few of the other factions now there we go everybody moving obviously were going to speed up until the armies are essentially on the field because we have our reinforcing force which is quite large and we need to surround the enemy before attacking theyve taken a fairly interesting position for themselves and kind of an annoying one as well uh like this i would take the exact same position in in their place or possibly this position right here or right in front of the river bend to force the enemy to go in there but yeah look at those they have high ground they have this little cliff that acts as a uh as a wall they have another cliff that acts as a wall a forest here which would you know obviously impact ogres as they are large units its a really really nice position the annoying reason uh the annoyance about this for us is not so much the fact that you know its advantageous but the fact is that they have this uh edge of the map right beside them which is obviously really bad cause theyre gonna route and then immediately escape off the field in like two seconds and we wont be able to catch up to them not that most of our units are fast well then again i mean our ogres should be fast enough to catch most of their escaping units but they cant leverage that speed if they run here pretty excited about ogres versus caroxidores as well and yeah 10 minutes in still getting into position this is taking a while just moving everybody up so we can completely completely surround and while we cant envelop the enemy because of this great position that theyve got here but hey at least we can surround them to some degree and it looks like i forgot one of the nobler units back here there were too many units to control man like it was it was one of those simple battles of just order your units and oh wow look at that salamander a blast or ancient salamander blast bringing down an ogre plus a bunch of uh nobblers around him how many did i kill with one shot damn look at that well done you gotta love salamanders i love those units to death and another shot is this going to bring this guy down as well i think it is at the very least a lot of uh gobbles or exploring noblers are exploding around cant tell if youre staggered or actually fallen down are you still holding on to your weapon no youre not holding on to your weapon therefore youre dead alrighty down he goes in here we are the battle is a joint man this episode turned out to be pretty damn good right we gotta we got so many battles this time around so nice oh yeah ogres are smacking those skinks and we got more units heading towards each other over on this side how are we doing over here where are those crocodiles all right i want to see ogres versus caroxidores we still have a lot of troops that are moving in these guys were the center and our flanks are not yet joined so this battle is just begun for now although one of the annoying things or i dont know maybe somewhat boring things i dont know both a good and a bad thing uh that uh this our this battle has absolutely no finesse in it there is no flying king nothing its just its almost like a siege with us attacking this little uh defended area oh and there we go theres that oh uh man eaters versus caroxagorza well looks like a lot of those crocs of course actually got knocked down by that ogre charge but yeah as i was saying no finesse its just blob versus blob action which you know unsurprising for ogres alrighty well done to the croxie gorge the artillery still firing although we are finally able to break through at least one point and have our uh uh warren fangs surround and start to attack some of these uh salamanders although damn they are getting some nice support from their regular non-ancient salamanders as well i want to see what the hp is like of the man-eater is pretty good and the crocodile is pretty bad so it looks like were winning here although to be fair we do have several units of uh noblers supporting us or supporting the man-eaters specifically although also to be fair they have their chameleon skinks and chameleon stalkers supporting them so its only fair so yeah pretty fun looking battle damn cinematic in my opinion unfortunately for them they have way too many skinks if they had more sores in their army uh this would be going a lot better for them but unfortunately not the case alrighty hopefully you guys can tell exactly what the heck is going on in this battle because while you can see pretty much everything as it is theres not a lot of uh jumping around needed theyre still holding the ground but it is almost almost done for we still have that uh little unit of crocs agoros with the chameleons kings the center is broken and this flank is just about broken as well in fact its mainly the enemy source old blood that is holding who our our tyrant and our two fire ballets are currently going after were also trying to run around in the background here with our mournfangs and even some ogre units to try to kill as many enemy units as possible before they run off the field i especially want to trap and kill the enemy salamanders so that we dont have to fight them again as this army runs away or these army these armies run away i should say poor salamanders i feel bad i love them so much yeah i think one of the most fun battles ive ever played like that i recall really fondly was a battle in the mazda mundi campaign and it was like a defense in this like a watery pit area against a much superior force with uh that relied a lot on our own salamanders which uh yeah which really makes me fond of the units but anyway this battle uh just like that is pretty much over the enemy are down to very few units let me troop down down to 53 and it looks like theyre going to chain wrap just a matter of surrounding and killing as many units at this point as we can i think the enemy lord is not dead but thats okay were just going to chase him off and kill them best we can really nice siege im hoping or you know while its not really a siege pseudo siege i guess of this location i kind of want another one of these battles and i guess in some ways it yeah im always like two i always have two opinions about these types of battles because on the one hand it was fun to play in the sense that you know there wasnt a lot of control in it and you just got to watch the battle but uh while by virtue of not having to do a lot of maneuvers with like uh cav or with any extra units or anything it was less fun to play in that regard so you know uh whats this whats whats the phrase duel something sword dual damn it escaped me double edged sword yeah there we go although thats not quite right but you know what i mean dammit i got too distracted by the epicness of the battle dammit alrighty well the battle should be just about over were trying to chase down this last skink chief with our tyrant and our two firebellies obviously want their lords and heroes dead as they escape here come on now oh dont tell me youre going to survive ah there we go looks like we knocked him down right at the last second all righty well for whatever reason that was a really fun battle like it felt really right for some reason just a giant pile of cheap noblers and a fairly decent number of ogres as well it felt appropriate uh for the uh for the ogre faction to me plus we got a decent amount of cash we destroyed some lizards which is a fair rarity and well other than that nothing but yeah thats a lot of good stuff alrighty now these guys are going to run away hopefully mountain tucker og you can destroy them im going to just go ahead and get bloody and robby let me kill them battle let me kill the battle sort of striking out thats all great uh lets get offer the great mob bloody and raw probably should have done that before attacking but uh whatever uh can you do this without all right perfect and uh well 135 money is better than the other garbage so yeah there it is who now i wonder do we go forth and try to take the scrap towers honestly im kind of thinking that we should keep this lord around now as surprising as that may be i originally got him just to defend stuff but now hes been around for a decent time ooh five attack uh its pretty good making uh making him a heck of a fighter oh wait level 13 will mean we should probably get every single one of these although i dont really care about tithe taker to be honest you know lets get one point in raider we still want renowned and feared though damn it lets get ready for now at least if the lizards have such weak armies perhaps its not a huge deal hmm how much does your army cast well right now it costs nothing but well soon want to build some better stuff uh well i guess either way i do want to get you look out not wait uh sword knobblers for the extra melee attack one point for five attack is pretty damn decent alrighty so you keep going forward hopefully you dont die next turn oh wait i wanted you to you know what dammit i was gonna go in and raid or possibly capture scrap towers but we need to set up another camp its gonna increase our money and we really really need it so were gonna go back youre gonna go here youre gonna set up the camp and then youre gonna go out there and try to achieve something but were gonna have to achieve something next time because obviously were very much out of time hopefully you guys enjoyed this particular episode i sure did lots of fighting and while the enemy didnt pose too much of a threat it was a definite fun time slaughtering them and getting some final or finally rather getting some money out of it anyway next time greeces will proceed to start attacking the territories of the demons where they are which is uh well lets just say much much needed at this stage in the game we got a lot of stuff to destroy uh we definitely want to kill the freaking uh uh what are they called uh we we want to kill kaiross faction the xenshin faction as fast as possible so that they cant use that damn ability again plus this little minor zinc infection as well so at the very least thats going to be starting on that is going to be the goal of next episode so with that said as always i do appreciate any and all feedback with regards to the game player the way i do things on this channel dont forget to leave a like and comment for your friendly neighborhood heretic all glory to the algorithm and thanks for watching steam return game after 2 hours Lets play Total War: Warhammer 3! 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