Total War: WARHAMMER III - Immortal Empires Co-op Campaign! (Tomb Kings, Dwarves, Vampires, Lizards)

Steam game gratissteam games on ps3 Total War: WARHAMMER III review Warhammer Wednesday yeah okay well maybe that can that could be a thing Warhammer Wednesday instead of War Zone Wednesday since war zone is  __   __  up it sucks dick sucks dick and this is from people who really really want to play it and we just dont feel like it gotta take a leak be right back yeah I heard that the season got delayed yeah most of the Starcraft crew made to leave their own game and those are the people that made the awful mistake of putting out that um they put out that trailer that was real bad oh we want I dont remember what Ward show it was but it was the it was the new RTS that the old Starcraft team is working on and it just didnt look good and so Im sure the one with like the with the bad trailer yeah its like Im sure the games gonna be wonderful but its like why would you put that trailer out nothing I mean youre just gonna turn away a bunch of people who do not want to play so um what are you  __  doing but whatever maybe they really need a blizzard for the for the cinematics oh Tempest Rising is that what it is me cracking my Knuckles oh I was gonna say I cant crack my Knuckles uh that often no yeah well no one can I can I can crack almost uh every ligament yeah correct incorrect my neck over back lower back like that uh this many times you shouldnt be able to hopefully your deck doesnt sound like that my necks are just on like thats like also come out and play oh it is Tempest Rising yeah I dont know about that one ah the rusty port colors its a good sex move too I am a warrior what fact should we playing the same ones um yeah Im playing chaos vampire people yeah yeah Im the Empire Im volkmar the Grim Alex is um I am carrying youre carrying  __  I gave you uh some of the land yeah and I gave I gave even more than that to uh to AJ now Im doing okay no you killed all the people the mountain people yep yep yeah Im vampire accounts oh yeah hes uh hes Manfred hes the uh me and Alex of the two bald dudes OJ is um  __  which one is it I I actually see the picture because I dont know them off the top of my head thats the case for every one of these games since the history of forever Tris its just like they just continue to they get better with age because the Thor Iron bro thats what it was oh okay I should have been the dragon Prince that way I would be able to to Confederate one of the High Elves very early but oh you cant Confederate as you are now uh no because its in uh for the missions for Emrick since hes the prince of the Ohio I remember that one one of his first missions that you have uh you can sack uh Sack or occupy six settlements and you have the opportunity to um Confederate calador okay I have not in terms for our our current units we just have to get our um our Lord items by the missions yeah I can start teleporting into it bunch of  __  yeah I need to get my healing item so I can just get infinite health I could just hit continue campaign or do I have to do it from the multiplayer menu theres a continue button I think thats for the single player all right Ill resume his host Camry um what what are what are all these other campaigns those were the ones you probably played uh before as well oh 2022 I was like what I didnt do that twitch four yeah there it is loading okay now um invite friends do I have to do the code uh I just found it on the server list all right gonna I couldnt do this invite to Lobby from Steam Maybe if you found it Whatever It Is did you do it from my invite no other than the server list I know Alex Ill do it from my invite yeah I joined one day invite all right I think were running ready out yeah gotta hit ready I remember I screwed up because uh well to actually know the game also screwed up because theres a bug where Im not I didnt get my witch hunter ranks for it but definitely at the fix okay Im load it in oh yeah I remember the game plan for this one Im supposed to expand West and now its supposed to go south yeah Im not Im not gonna take the long distance as a host yeah if I remember right so we just killed Scarborough and hes dead yes I have to go say isnt there some  __   __  with Joe yes I remember it yeah but but Im going west anyway so Im gonna be uh nearby that area let me look around with you Mimi oh you dont oh yeah it wont move until everyones finished loading for it you can zoom out though just to see okay so theres Joe my Armys here peanuts because Im drinking beer bearing penis is very good yeah vicious gobs is attacking one of your cities I think I should be able to take him out and Im weakened after we our big fight with scarbram but weve overcome him finally and now I need to build back up Turner you youre youre here long enough to know about three penis wine okay who yeah doc we were playing Dinosaur one it was fun still great its hard on standard yeah I cant imagine hard very hard and then theres expert I think the sister of battle is like the more annoying one to deal on standard because with that with that demon that they have well saint but its actually a demon in the game for it all my territories are gone yay we have no youre talking about Donna Ward first time the extra difficulties here make melee impossible its a stupid option it really is what are the the thing is so tanky everybodys so tanky oh yeah I forgot these skinks were  __  with me and I lost a unit from it bring honor to the old foreign stupid electronic interference if I keep some of these extra headsets too close to electronics tomb scorpion units lets do that build doors all right Chad its going to be slow going here for them well your ally declares the lore uh the guy whos about to sack your town Im gonna go fight or on the side of an ally oh Victory Scott spit yeah we are now declared war King of Kings King of Kings oh um Im just gonna smash the  __  out of him I cant wait to do a battle though but yeah this looks like a resolve D to participate yeah why why do I have a force because were at your town hes trying to hes setting up to attack you okay two Auto resolved cut his head off harvest the organs and faction destroyed skull takers have been obliterated there is nothing left all right Joe dealt the final blow to Star brand hes up at death Gorge were good now question is who do we  __  with next um Ill grab the marshes of Madness you have a you have a bunch of empty ruins that you can occupy the floating village in morkheim to the north yeah I just dont know how to build up how do you build up a ruined place you just need money to uh do it you just send your army there okay and itll give you an option to either do nothing or to pop up build the settlement and then youre just building it from the ground up after that all right Im getting close to wind of death Im dead I think its like the best ability for me uh is it under your spells or no its a spell for Manfred oh Manfred so glossary that shows heavy ones what does it do massive  __  damage in a Direction is it a Vortex spell uh wind spell oh I think Manfred should have access to blood magic it should be like red spells the uh the vampire the vampire lord spells is probably one of the strongest ones and obviously fire and healing spells but for your faction in specific thats probably like the best way to go and my turn since Im just recouping yeah I decided my turn I think me a minute to figure I forgot what I was doing so you already have your problem secured you said you wanted to pick up the flight yeah I mean you have death Gorge so you can try to get uh four Gods on but you would have to pick a fight with the top knots the top notch yeah oh and depending on whether or not you want to give AJ because he has scargrens abish place for that one too yeah you gotta uh wait what oh because you because you hold scar band uh beach oh yeah I need gorgazon oh you need to um prepare foreign yeah I have scar brands of Beach so Johns gonna have to give me that gift for me death Gorge well since you uh since youre probably already gonna take floating village or more time you can just give him scar Brands one and then go from there then you guys have two two each okay if I dont get attacked for the next turn Im gonna do my um my mission Quest from my my first item ending turn huh looks like they backed away I think the uh lizard men might be attacking you Alex from the south yeah because uh their 20 stack Army moved from my line of sight their Ally has been attacked Clan Wars oh youre getting skaven where thats Alex I havent seen escaping unless they have an area that I cannot see yeah who is this because Im Glenn Morris is skaven but I dont see their area to come up from the ground it wont let me do anything I cant even Decline and break Alliance no I have to enter one of them you have to because since were in the co-op thing if were doing just like regular and then we just went into another lines then you can decide whether or not if you want to go to war with them what color what color is Joe Joes white yeah white no Joe has plenty of room to expand towards the east so you you give me depth gourd so I can complete that area and Ill support you with armies in the east oh I think I know where the skavins are because theres a lot of escaping influence near death Gorge ous yeah theres Steven up in the mountains and  __  right here but that already collect it food oh we have war with quick head taker we are suction has declared war uh top-nots is declaring war on us oh so yeah that actually helps okay declare war on me your power is insignificant yeah thats the one that they I shall support you in this war against those  __  in fact I am taking Setra the imperishables Army North and I will get rid of the rest of these Orcs if the if Queen has a weapons team then that might be a problem weapons team why because they can do massive damage to your units weapons team oh great incantation of kasar performed this tomb King factors has performed a great song Quest issued foreign so Joe can you through diplomacy gift me death Gorge and you and me March North to finish off our arrival here Im marching North and if you march with me by my side we can Crush these Orcs Music Red Fangs never which are they actually under attack all right with enough money now I believe that I can chat get tomb scorpions which Ive been waiting for yes yes four turns to build the building but now Im broke like a joke Joe you want to open up diplomacy and give me death Gorge okay I dont know how to do it maybe uh Alex yeah you just go to diplomacy at the bottom right oh where it just shows the scroll in the hand and then you can just do quickly do you actually no dont do quick deals you could just scroll to uh AJs name were actually catching uh these Red Fangs uh off guard because theyre currently in a war with goblins in in towards their North actually just double click on like any of you yeah other players initiating a battle hmm so this is for my uh sort of Unholy power ah okay do we want to fight this oh no you you have to fight it for the uh Quest item you cant Auto resolve oh okay yeah hes able to observe it at the very least I dont see an option dude yeah you can participate or observe he has to choose before we can see it oh okay yeah join in okay Ill sign you guys some  __  yeah they usually have an initial speech but I dont know how does the co-op thing work for it it seems like a simple enough Army but it does get a little bit harder because they spawn in more than just this I have a shitload of cavalry its just a storm so I dont think itll be too hard all right uh which one wants to take the Cavalry zero you like to cavalry charge oh just cycle charge with them or if you want uh yeah were gonna have a bunch of Cavalry actually I was gonna say you can do spell casting right yeah okay so yeah you can uh just use a man for then Ill just use Calvary Joe why are you declined to participate its a good spectate he doesnt want to be given the zombies again Ill give you the zombie by the time I get this mornings over what you bought your goddamn legs off yeah yeah I think my mission Quest is also very simple to do at least the first one is a little cinematic look how the insects gather around the arcade fulcrum chanting and pathetic rituals we shall snooze with necromantic energy and then my blade will be bathed in Unholy power it is time the dance March Music Applause okay yeah they have a couple Wizards so you might I dont want to blob your units too slow zero will take though if there were 28 Days Later zombies then I would take those  __  do parkour I dont think I dont think he has zombies no I got rid of all the zombies oh wow theyre awful theyre the worst unit in the whole game Music theyre like sheep throw away oh they have catapults too okay so Im gonna give you guys the highly mobile things and Ill take the casters and the slow  __  foreign take control of the second one yeah oh one more yeah yeah no no not Kevin Kevin you probably want for your front line the other one the wilmart yeah yeah you have them do I oh okay what does he have navigation in the heck okay yeah Ill just send them to help your units since it might be taking blood damage uh how do I start lets start big thing yeah all right so be it they have enemies hiding in the trees here to spread your units wide for the catapults um AJ since youre Left Flank tried to disable the catapults as soon as you can oh yeah oh yeah they have a huge amount just hiding in the trees on the right flank yeah those dogs no Pros getting some freezing too I think it went I think its Joe and his observing destroyed oh careful with Manfred how did the hell are catapult hitting that what where did these guys come from theyre theyre in the trees like I said they were all around well Ill just disable the Catapult right now you tried to just get them all flopped up well they have a lot of spearmen foreign foreign bolts have been dealt with Im getting out of that blob theres too many enemies there Im gonna heal up our main units Alex Im gonna flank all of these enemies its like oh no Im flanked its like I can raise thousands of Undead aha you are flanked Music foreign Applause these bar guys are pretty cool okay I messed up those War griders walks straight out of Lord of the Rings which one is the main Lord hes in the Middle With Me in the forest its got a green icon a circle icon three bits iron Jaws foreign get your ass out of there Goblin  __  are so smart okay there there he is Applause zero vilmar is sleeping wake his ass up hes spell casting thats why and also hes not really a better fighter than I know the sword Infantry Applause okay yeah theyre getting shattered and now they are running away cowards so the more if youre doing the Real Time battle the more you kill the more XP you get so even if theyre like small Strikers alive you dont get that XP as opposed to Auto resolving thank you come back I just want to play in your blood 437 health victory yeah Auto resolved by default gives you more XP because you actually kill all of them I wish I could have but cant do that in the quest ones and I think its a its a really odd design its like you outright win and you uh you you kill the entire Army even after the battle its like do you get the XP yeah maybe to offset the human factor of it being you know your brain is huge and you can win some battles and you normally would lose is I want to be able to click on an enemy and keep it click so that I can monitor his health go all the way down instead of having to hover the whole you can pin it I believe oh well I guess I missed that the painting okay foreign cool move what I didnt did you get for your uh Lord uh its the sword of Unholy power oh yeah I have arrived okay minus 10 recruitment costs bunch of melee attacks weapon strength cool passive there might be a book of nagash uh depending where youre expanding Alex that I need to build scholarization I also need books in the gash but yeah maybe gorgeous their offers waiting on Joe one money I will counter offer how about I give you no money all right This Means War Chad its wind of death right this is important I think wind of death is like the end Ill be all spelling for me I want some Taco Bell Joe yeah oh wait whatd you say oh no nevermind do you know which uh floor of magic it is gorgeous Alex Im looking lore of vampires Laura vampires which one is it wind of death Okay so um that ones an okay one you you usually want to go for actually all of them are pretty uh pretty decent for uh for the lower vampires invocation the heck is really good gaze the nagash its like a Ive got gas into gas maxed out already yeah its like a lesser grade version of like one of the other spells wait I cant remember yeah I think thats I think youre right Lally Im a uh maxed out wind of death Theo said I heard this game oh yeah the most powerful wind spoke yeah Im isnt as good as Mario rabbits I heard the same thing who who who uh which one whats his name whats his name hes gonna have an award whats his name I dont know this one has an award somebody about to be banned somebody just tell me the name thats on thats all that needs to happen right now yeah I would say the top four spells would be wind of death indication of the heck especially for regeneration yeah Ive got them through those are early level spells so Ive got Ive got those already cool whats happening is Im getting negative 31 on all my territories is that because I just took on death Gorge maybe no okay lets see negative 31 from the provincial instability yeah its probably because it just control is deteriorating theres going to be a rebellion in 23 turns oh I think I can growth is  __  you know I mean thats thats basically free XP if theres a rebellion and it just puts everything back to normal afterwards so Im gonna go with it doesnt matter were gonna go worship of us as far awesome I think hes plus five control that should help with that because Im a negative three were fine Land of the Dead the barrier idols marshes of Madness you have seven charges for the race of the dead holy  __  what oh yeah for vampires yeah you have seven charges for it charges he could fire it seven times yeah I can do it eight times I think Im ready you can all theres a unit limit though right like I can only do it so many times for the zombies yeah uh its what however many ever charges um does it have for it but it says seven for me in the spell book so yeah I could do it a lot of  __  times whats great is you can move your dudes into an unfavorable position they kind of sort of surround you and then you double flank them and its completely uncircle the Army and then they get all the negatives because I mean the zombies arent doing much damage it just gives them flanked and surrounded and all that other good stuff or you just summon it directly on the Archer lines and thats always thats fun too yeah I was gonna say either uh you could also do like a zombie plus augment for a melee attack on them so then they just do more damage than theyre supposed to yeah no blacksmith I know thats what I was saying for AJ to do thats what I usually do I dont usually build like a lot of public order stuff you focus on the money who the hell is that oh thats you Im gonna do a Control building chant but Im Im running all money because I went with tomb scorpions what the Im getting ambushed decisive defeat sunken karnash  __  grunt shot spider killer Top Knots I will not be able to win this I will Auto resolve rise I have lost and yours are the skavins incoming too me why do Im dealing with the skavins thats what the dwarves need to deal with no they declare war on on um all of us yeah let the dwarves deal with that so which settlement did I lose Im just going to build a lot of personal income oh you just wait till I get my scorpions you  __  I should take your advice 30 turns for scorpions lets try to build well now we have plus four controls so I dont think we need to go with any control buildings right now Jen Im gonna go for my quest until everybody doing quests yeah we need to get our Lord uh items to make them Stronger Yeah the Army for it you dont need to make your lord stronger with firewood armies but all right Ill go with mine next because they get uh because it gives off a good spells well at least for mine he gives off a passive healing region no matter what for each lord its different I think um Im not sure I cant remember what camera it says or Camrys my my initial one was extremely hard it was all the way across the map and the Army was like double my size so I dont know I dont have to go teleport yeah you teleport you too there yeah I know that but it was double my size and I was like what the  __  why is my crown across the world because one of them is uh good as Crown my books in the gash are all over the map wait I have I have to go eight books you have books what you guys assuming my books Audrey do you just steal my books too guys I gotta get books from the guy is that what you gotta get yes what can we have different books what faction are you Sigma why the  __  do you want books of nagash sons of Sigma Zeros internet slowing things down below my internets fine now bro we got one gig over here and his vampire consorts no I say again no hunt down this filth swamps this place strike down any who dare to rise again I think the faction would have Gators its either the lizardmen or maybe some Maybe mudbags oh oh that that looks like you fight I.E that looks like a lot I I can just uh do this while you eat then okay how you do lets see flagylance right there thats what theyre called stick flatulence glad youre black and knights great so its Alexs faction or yep I have to kill vampires its got a lot of Skelly boys theyve got zombies great guard those other good this line is a great guard zombie skeleton zombie zombie oh this Army is going up get crushed quick there are some Black Knights which are good black Knights good I might have three accent just then they can actually experiment thing they got zombies foreign Music those Black Knights have made a huge mistake Music thank you okay there we go thank you I dont need to run back foreign what are yall doing right now besides watching us what do you have to do later on today tell me tell me about your life you just finished work cycle girl poop face Bandits gotta do class work he just got home from work that tree is playing League painting tearing is sweet which model playing Red Dead playing Rim World while watching what is poe path of Exon yes Music drooling over Alexs food laundry and snickerdoodles mmm yummy birthday dinner oh is it is it happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday psycho you dont get a cake more cupcakes pie happy birthday uh what chapter of Marines voodoo whiskey shots all right what brand carnation well I have 15 armies my Army is the angry Marines a dentist uh custodies blood angels just got necron you get to really get crunchy into it though because 10th edition is just about our ninth Edition is just ridiculous maybe later the year maybe when they go to 10th edition here we go foreign vampires uh can really hold together as soon as the Lord is down whenever Sigmar you know Ive got so many armies in Warhammer I feel bad about getting more armies and AIDS of Sigmar but I remember when I hear the game is is better or easier to play uh vet rules are a little better I am bidding on an army right now only because it is really really cheap and Im pretty sure somebody else is going to get it it is the what is it um  __  let me look at it the only armies Id be interested in though are um I like the lizardmen I like the way they look Sarah or whatever they call them I like the night haunts and I like trolls you like trolls theres all sorts of really cool the big ass tall guy gants or something oh yeah those look cool I was thinking I have war cry though which are like and Ive got four smaller armies that can go between war cry and age of Sigmar thats what I was trying to get to get multiple bang for your buck oh I got 10 000 gold from that what the  __  yeah those ones yeah I would get 5 000 for doing mine Lord has not moved I am moving why why can I not move somebody doing something nope I think Alex is doing huh okay well uh uh being sieged resolve wait nakabad is on my side what the the AI is on my side uh did I attack the skaven rebels or whatever Im gonna AutoZone push them off I might allied with these guys no if theyre just neutral to you but if they hate them then theyre just throwing you aside uh-huh yeah I guess we are neutral I thought they were our next Target but I guess Ill wait and Ill head um uh West and Joe um unless we want to take them now let me zoom out here Joe uh so do you have a big war that you need to wage with these  __  tomb Kings not yet well but if you take your Northern Army that is assisting me and swing it to that front would you begin the war yes okay well uh then go ahead and take your army because what Im gonna do is Im going to go to the West Im going to go into the marshes of Madness and take it over then once I can do that Ill swing back east and Destroy these Orcs and goblins um but youve got you know these Camry are no joke and to the east so youve got some some problems there whos blue arent you not us yes but there are rival Camry factions to my West and to my East Oh you mean tomb Kings okay yeah team Kings Camry same thing its like the Sentinels are the last remaining ones in the oh no theres also the rock raw cough Dynasty but other than those two Joe it would be facing the more powerful ones the court of libaras if I can get the lizard people off of me I can just expand West and take okay let me look at your situation where what color are you again here youre more yellow where are the lizard men what color are they the orange ones yeah if I could just uh get their army too I dont know go somewhere else I can just expand West and then take uh the Black Tower and deal with the protonians and the ogres so so youre like your objective currently is to kill Orange right at the current moment yes okay Alex what is your situation Alex is right here chat this Im about Im a turn or two away from upgrading my settlement to level four and then level four is when I actually start getting my like real big boy units yeah Im also trying to do the big boy units but wheres your army its in kosovar youre just hanging out I just did my big sword quest of replenishing okay and maybe maybe if if you need help uh zero with the lizard man you can ask Alex Joe these blue guys to the South theyre not  __  with you nope these lizardmen nope okay well only only start war with one either the Camry or the lizardmen and go from there yeah Im not touching the blue I like blue you like blue you like the lizard man okay Im marching my South you might be retro attacked by them OJ if we squashed these lizardmen and Im getting my higher level units in three turns scorpions and trying to save money because I only have seven hundred dollars I just have to wait for them to get generated 750 more gold per turn and if hes in like the next turn so I need two turns for these units to recruit zero and then Im coming south Ive ended my turn little baby pickles Gershon you like baby pickles camp what if he hates pickles who Flippy traffic youre  __  up in the head he likes dead fish jelly beans thats gross of course you would like tastes like anchovies he likes anchovies gherkins all right oh I can get my second item now put off on the item its so fancy guys because you can have this little thing you could lift up the pickles using this little shelf its a pickle Shelf but right now theres so many peppers you cant left the Shelf thats not true flippy Ive eaten live fish before the forges Top Knots Im at war with them already God I hate Top nuts ready wait oh they moved my book oh that says no Ill be at war with the skating right now so Im gonna see if I can Im gonna make pickled onions when I get home thats settled but I got a butt turn hang on let me see if I can end the war with the skaven so I can focus on the orbs some more head skulls seems like the skavins have a problem with OJ Simpsons you know interest or quick Peace Tree peace treaty negative 66. Ill  __  yall then yeah Stevens dont give a rats ass they dont give a rats ass even if I gave him all my money this next turn zero Im gonna start marching South itll take me two or three turns to get to their cities but I should be able to oh they raise a little hell oh thats my demands whatever  __  them  __  them what they  __  with me Im gonna turn around and punch him in the mouth they could continue attacking these Orcs foreign ER yes and reinforce fried pickles are the best here in our area the best place for fried pickles is a place called Pluckers and then Texas Roadhouse also has some good private Im Auto resolving this one Ive had some so many disgusting fried pickles Im like if I trust the place Ill always get them but if I dont know you and you have fried pickles oh thats not worth the disappointment yeah our Texas Roadhouse stopped doing the the peanuts and I was wondering if it was with being a people with peanut allergies all right I used to throw that  __  on the floor now they dont even have them commencing attack None Shall stop us we will crush the enemies of the Imperial Ive got an army invading the land  __  Top Knots foreign Music hows life been treating you 54 months thats how long weve been known each other years the secrets of magic Anthony hes our Inside Man what was oh my Army upkeep is  __  my gold yeah uh gold Ill let you know in two turns I have like 4K so I could just give you like some now because Im gonna get uh how much am I gonna get next turn hack money thank you Im about to lose a bunch of this Army 370. then as best as you we can be for right now probably like 2 000 but Ill let you know Im about to take over their towns uh for payment Ill just give you um Ill just give you like a thousand for it just now okay to pay back for the 400 before OJ in the kitchen is Gary but I think hes getting better right Joe who knows I mean there was a point where Joe didnt even know how to cook eggs he would make he would mess up eggs that means youre overcooking them and they shrivel up or something I dont know uh I dont understand how Im supposed to get this money uh you had to go to diplomacy and then or just double click on my um on one of my lands for the diplomacy and youre gonna see the treaty right I think its  __  up because I clicked and turn earlier but let me see Im gonna unend turn yeah it was bless you my child Dart thank you Dart for joining the angry Army sir Cloud boys I dont know if I gave you oh no I missed a bunch this was through two hours ago Club boys thank you for subscribing I hope youre still here TRS spy thank you and skull Rider best wishes and thoughts out to you guys Im sorry I hope you guys are doing okay skull writer Im so sorry are you still with us I missed that Ron John thank you I think I got  __  I hate missing them code name devil parker99 Sea Dogs conifus boy I  __  up today man when youre playing a new game you know theres 20 years old and its an RTS that you got to focus on quite a bit I missed quite a bit today now I feel bad because I would be pissed Id be like hey man Im gonna contribute to this guy and what you didnt even  __  say nothing  __  him to know this code name says its okay dude thank you all right well at least one person make me feel better now excuse everybody you were focused my fault my fault my fault my fault would you turn in coming the other guys were like  __  this guy 17. never had pickle eggs but Ive heard theyre very good you know what I think Ive had the opportunity a long time ago I said no ooh gross but now I think Im ready Im at that age Im ripe old might as well put some disgusting sounding in my mouth I can order a bunch of really cool pickle stuff if you want to do a video yeah you just uh I wont tell you yeah what it is I like people okay there was the pickle beer that you pickle beer yeah yall had that pickled okra pigs feet sausages nah I dont know I dont know about that Kool-Aid pickles here have a Kool-Aid pickle rice pops yeah and pickled eight Im at the Pickled age to try new stuff now we know the younger I didnt want to try nothing you know 7 11 12 years old I like what I like and I dont like that getting attacked by Top Knots stray slaves men whose flesh still crowds their bones with hearts that continue to beat have been found wandering the land throwing themselves Upon Our Mercy they beg for their lives and the freedom to return to their Faraway homes what should we do leave them to wander and we get diplomatic 10 plus with all factions negative eight control or their lot is to serve any found wandering our lands or the property of the Tomb Kings really it is a simple matter they are in our lands so they belong to us put them to work digging and do not spare the Lash growth 20 in all provinces oh its over you walked into the wrong  __  neighborhood youre now my slave boom you walked into the wrong Cemetery no were not got no cemeters we got  __  pyramids Im under attack though dudes here these lizardmen are  __  up has a ton of  __  dudes in it scorpions are ready to go yeah and of course has like a bunch of dinosaurs faction destroyed one of the skavins just destroyed so theres only one skaven faction left I killed one of the 20 uh 20 stacks of the lizard man so were should be fine yeah Im gonna move down to the South get to the southern borders and then there should be a lot more than just Clan Wars a little bit blocked settlement is under siege  __  Im gonna take this ogre place the green skins Outpost uh a lot of resolve D occupy all right then while theyre sieging me there I shall Siege them here 30 Ward City very early on nice yes see it is done now when youre under siege can you recruit no you cant even recruit locally yeah Im not fair if you have any regiments over now I Im not sure if you can get them or not 12 trolls Savage Orcs address me as your highness Im not gonna win against that I need help stegadons thats an old dinosaur Army yeah am I just demolish your units honestly you have something uh thats armor piercing or sorry anti-large Qatar I want another scorpion I mean if hes in both of your armies just to like go together you should be able to overtake them foreign South out yeah I have to wait one more turn to get my fireworks which I can actually use spells can I how what why cant I get another scorpion doesnt make sense of advanced military and I can only go shot but youre here in the advanced military theres its a way wider section why is that Im gonna do my turn what happened so look at my screen I dont know if youre watching there at my main settlement its a level three settlement so thats what I was thinking it would be right and then you come over here you do Advanced military it is a wide section which allows me to get tomb scorpions and even go up a level but over here in Dumas the advanced military only lets me recruit because youre going to need expanded major settlements the minor settlements can only go up to three tiers in terms of the city for the major settlements you can go up to five yeah it is still a tier three though no but its only for major yeah look the tomb scorpions three but I think Chad youre right that its only in major settlements so I would have to build another tomb scorpion in the barrier idols yeah the barrier Idols so I need to upgrade this to three so if I would yeah youre right look at that its expanded thank you Chad appreciate it okay well I need to save money then plus I dont think uh you can make more than one well in terms of duplicating those type of buildings doesnt give you anything in the same province yeah you cant for example do two scorpions uh pits in the same city all right ending turn oh yeah thats what my plan is Ive been spamming up shop teeth uh I dont think my guys will be able to get to Suntree Glades in one turn Alex so oh wait I have an orb Force trying to come towards South uh uh yes I couldnt take Century Glades anyway oh I have any are there uh theyre just the Army just showed up thats a minor settlement I mean I can go I can go kill that hero outside of it but can he just run inside oh well hes gonna be supported by the other two so even if you try doing that its not gonna work oh wow the Orcs confederated with the uh goblins thats cool more appropriate what foreign then go very good and turn awaken awaken awaken awaken flock of me Hey Joe you wanna play zombie game no no myth mid thank you for subscribing and joining the angry armor sir in this case the tomb King Army currently we are under siege by the Orcs but we have support from my king try Lord Angry Joe foreign I didnt see where they ran off to they ran off towards me oh okay interesting yeah theyre out of the if theyre out of their Town theyre  __  163 factions down from 278. oh theyre pushing their advantage now before I could show up Valiant defeat  __  you have a decent amount of people Im gonna make them pay Im Gonna Make Them Fight for every inch and then theyre gonna die when Lord Angry Joe shows up Ill join in for this one it seems really well its factoring in you could take the Rao tap back is Rob tap its a Forza 702. oh okay your reinforcements I dont know if they spawn immediately so no I think youre you dont spawn for a little bit the issue Chad is Savage Orcs or some of the more solid infantry and then theyve got three troll units and all of my scally boys are very very weak um you should have a couple of spearmendations yeah I do so you can have them try to uh try to be like the flanking ones on the trolls and then the uh ushakti we call in when we lose enough forces oh yeah youre gonna have to Auto assign me them when they pop up then okay I can do that during during the battle here um yeah they spawned six seconds you could try to do Fox Formation and then surround them as they come closer oh yeah theyre hanging way back too okay yeah they theyre not confident all right well then in that case I guess Ill move to them take your move together where are you coming in directly from the back theres more of them um more of the unit spot again speed time okay okay now all the units have spawned in speed time you take these guys off a skirmish mode so then they dont end up not firing I guess because theyre waiting for their reinforcements yeah yeah here they come  __  yep here they are oh  __  Im gonna have my Spearman uh wait in the back line to see what push and then just go after the troll the rest of them are going to be more exposed to your army covering the right flank this is going to be a lot more reinforcement one liter yeah just one meter but its overvalued valuing the two Lords because theyre excellent melee Fighters thats right we are the desert Warriors fire Im gonna pause trolls are more towards the center okay counter charge yeah Im in control of the reinforcements the ones that are more towards the back line go Music slam into their back oh try to get a new uh your king in there on him having my unit flank there oh my soul trolls are on the Run rolling my chariots back and gonna initiate another charge have you treated uh Chase off the trolls and then theyre impermanence yeah but we could smash their rear lines here Im having problems with just the Savage works this will finish them then I can chase them down performance boom boom in Retreat now now I can chase down the Orcs or trolls no they rallied technology technology recharge felixster thank you for joining the angry Army push forward ing the trolls you just need to focus on the Lord boom scally boys Army and penalty losses Skelly boys incoming oh my the Army losses already just ship back all right is there any area that needs the ushakti no were in full Retreat I guess Ill put them on the uh General okay I just following the Lord if you put it on a drug shot and you can kill him it will inflict Army losses quicker yeah spawning in now oh shoddy goal of my units to chase off the routers do not run sure no I pin I dont see the PIN what is the PIN option because I want to see his health thats the one I see Southeast 500 400. yeah I know he said there was a pan El I think its pinned now oh yeah I just shattered yep we win oh we went long ago I was gonna say uh well wait for a  __  for the Lord to get killed so then he doesnt try to run away I tried but uh oh yeah dont end the battle just do is there a continue yeah uh you just uh keep doing it until you do like uh hes dead then you end the battle so then he doesnt try to run back and then goes back with the same Force right he will but Ive got uh my king coming in this was just my second Army King will chase him down Mr Garrison stayed alive uh oh thats why because three yoga is going after Century Glades I crashed what I crashed how I wasnt doing anything theres a way for you guys that sucks youre gonna take away my  __  win I was doing nothing I was waiting hopefully our players oh Jane I wonder how long its gonna wait for me let me save you can just join back right now OJ honestly they dont have it which five do they have a dropping dropout I honestly dont know I dont think so Joe do you want to try okay making my faction better excuse me who said that which one you did that arguments this is that guy in timeout I secretly agree with you who said that okay mod approval okay wait is it on private all right and Im exiting and then well just go to the main menu they make you uncomfortable and Ill like you to get the  __  out of here all right game is back up luckily uh multiplayer in 2000 23 22 people have figured this out and I could just resume for them from that point so Alex is in do you want me to send oh I gotta send invites I joined to Mommy yeah through Steam right oh yeah I see the thing Im joining now yeah okay I am going to all right thats it heal up my troops all right AJ you see how it says normal normal what is OJ says easy what all right oh dude oh what the  __  OJs easy you said they categorize Jay is easy we knew that how was I even suppose thats  __  up oh you guys hit ready zero oh I did nine then Joe he ready all right well it loads the entire time my one battle that that even mess with that all right zero sure I wasnt able to control mine I wanted to put my battles to very hard whatever show off its not showing off thats how you should be played the campaign he just likes it hard yeah I usually play impossible do I win nope but I usually play impossible no I dont I dont go into legendary mostly because I was playing Gladius some impossible that shits  __  hard okay you loaded them it seems like it seems a lot more Stabler I know it was you what did I do I dont know but it seems a lot more smooth than it would um you need to go into Cam stands level four City six turns Music okay while I was hyper loading hyper loaded yeah Im Im coming in from the north I dont know if you can see me zero and then Im yeah on the opposite side deal with the lizards because I think they might be going after one of my lands just in retaliation because the tree hug us uh the size of agree this guys dead one unit 30 jars give them to me now ooh trade gain audacious plus five leadership plus five charge bonus yeah you can get some good trades off of certain ones car brand on King my turn razor sack of settlement belonging to any of these following enemies Top Knots I could do that yeah if they continue to chase you zero Im just gonna start taking their towns behind them and then itll be war with these orbses the leaf Cutters Ive already taken some  __  from them but since I already got my Jade and uh plus the 10 Ward save I have 35 35 word save so that means youve got a lot more resistance to getting hit in the face I just got my maxed out spell and the sword give me plus 60 power recharge oh magical attacks too which is very helpful in this game because magical attacks are actually really good to have ooh the channeling stuff is also pretty good oh do you like the spam spells do you have that on your man friend ready Im ready too all right well Im gonna have to declare war on though on the East Side East Side together moving back to their cities theyre taking off of the Tomb Kings yep because right now I cant move into their territory yeah I mean you also have to deal with the lizard man because they have a lot more territory than that what oh theyre not doing  __  no theyre not doing  __  doing hes fine I mean unless theyre Ally together then yeah you gotta go hes got to go east and south which is but hes not gonna do both at the same time Zeros over here you gotta deal with a loser man no not yet no Im saying hes about to because after when we squash out one of the lizard manufactured hes gonna get um lower diplomacy with them um yall are fighting yeah were fighting the other lizardmen yeah cannot move waiting on action from oh yeah because I had to join the war yes finally we can get our scorpion deal with the tree hook its first Alex Im Im yeah Im going to them right now wait why are you having are you having nutrition oh when in the territory controlled by the living I cant I cannot attack in current stance yeah what do I do what do I want rating yeah no just put into normal stance whatever that is oh none yeah destroy them destruction have you seen Justin Timberlake Connor oh TIs Alpha in there too I think if thats the song Im thinking about dead and gone Army yeah Im practically touching the let me see what yall are talking about whats going on over here um theres zero blood or youre youre trying to get to ooblug yes and then theres a Lizardman Army to your North wheres Alexs forces Alex is coming south I remember fighting the gnarly tree Hugo so Im hoping to find an early tree and turn its up to zero wipe them out if they dont end on fighting me I might go for my second Quest attacker Defenders what oh oh just just caught in crossfire so youre just Joes now declaring war on the court of light baras know the skinks and the tomb kings are attacking each other OJs just apparently helping them oh well then well then he will make yeah hes helping the blue guys and he doesnt want to piss off the blue guys yeah Otto wait a minute did we just make him stink yeah in terms of OJ giving land yes yes because if you helped them and they captured that spot they just created a block oh no this is why you cannot be friends with them no can he go can he go past them and go north can but he wont be able to secure the full Province well hell just take that one lets take that one later last so once I declare war on them so youre just gonna have the skanks have an entire like circle around your main base all right the Armys dead zero I gotta go home oh no if the tree Oak is going to get attacking this time stormfall whats up we can manual then the triggers always easier time because there are horde Army and Winds of death just destroys The Horde yep there we go thats a sensitive subject uh right we are going wow Im actually only losing skeletons and  __  why the hell did they come up yeah you could just like Auto resolve it and maybe they were trying to help you Joe they were like oh our friend Joe is marching East Lets help him then as soon as as soon as theyre done helping him okay we need we need to get paid this land looks suitable all right Im going home oh I killed two armies zero youre on your own okay oh my God theyre so weak yeah you might want to like March 10th amount because I think they might have enough damn Alex yeah they have enough reach you need to March stands your way out of there zero dont ever say Alex didnt do nothing for you I didnt I paid him money and he paid me money you didnt pay me that much money I paid you more money than I uh you gave me I loaned you money many times in this game once what you gave me 400 gold when I was in the negative declare what his name right okay since theyre not attacking me Im gonna go for my second item teleport this one fight it says decisive Victory no I have to you cant Auto resolve Quest map oh are you doing your second Quest battle you piece of  __  damn it yes I am a piece of  __  then just take full control and and go  __  fast okay Music this is actually one of the good missions because I actually get assistance from um I think Ive only done one Mission or one question whats his name  __  I forgot his name if the guy was like the giant hammer right Glenn I get help by the reichlens in this one John Henry what is that the wrong one you think of the wrong hammer you think so fart exactly Im not wrong oh you skipped it I would have watched it yeah I heard you uh leave it so this is uh one of one of the nice ones because I get aided by rikling during this call friends yes thats what it was at a speed of time because with the reinforcements wolves are coming Cannon there Music mushrooms go outside there well Chronos um we have some few videos on Angry JoJo covering that but the short story is um I hope he doesnt tone the universe down it needs to be very very gross very wrong and very evil everybodys a bad guy in 40K and oh yeah here comes the reinforcements holy  __  oh foreign he doesnt have a director doesnt have a writer doesnt have actors so still a lot of work to be done so honestly Im a little worried wish him the best of luck bro we all love Henry foreign charge on the Left Flank watch the Cavalry charging left leg why are you not doing anything on the Left Flank you just for  __  receipt for charge for no reason Im fine everythings burning its fine its quite a force on the left lane could come again the Lord is down here comes the Burr Army well here comes car friends uh yeah its over for them youve already cracked their Center theyre only strong on the right and then Carls friends will be able to handle the rift the power of retreat run foreign and these trees are getting in the way this is the issue here Carl Carl can get this in here stop messing around with this  __  lets go south Applause its over now Applause I think and wait I am you murdered that guy took you long enough Music beer me Hans or thats not Carl Franz though okay second item and I get a lot of money Florence everything fall before your king Oh shot dude I need to make more room for Ashanti and catapults in my main Army while this Army here cat will move north and colonize more time okay ready order of lore Masters oh okay treaties with me the lore Masters say no yep are you high theyre impressed with me oh that oh those are the blue people those are men what do you want you will thats the one now OJ they want me to give them money Ill tell them to go  __  them whole ass oh  __  what your ally has been attacked by the last Defenders oh oh Jake well Joe you might as well go to war with them now because they just attacked Alex turn around and smash them in the in the  __  ravine smash them in their scales these  __  right here thats not good oh wait a minute theyre attacking Joe yeah we just went to war so yeah theyre right next to me I was like wait can we cut Joe they  __  tricked Joe I told you I told you what do you say no I dont want to detected lizards well I didnt know Alex is gonna we didnt we didnt know that would happen they declared war on me yeah so uh they threatened Alex because he disagreed for it it was like a little exclamation mark near a decline and if he declined it oh but Joe just kicked their ass he even Auto results no I didnt that was my small army your small army yeah that was just gonna get destroyed which ones gonna get destroyed my small army got destroyed oh you lost yes so I got cut off I was like wait a minute oh no um kind of stuck in the middle can you do you need me to uh send support I dont know about to find out uh Alex you sh I should be able to deal with these once if you just want to grab your units and help him out just by like doing a pincer Attack From The Bottom yeah all right let me read this on the conquerors Eternal service we have made a great discovery during the course of our excavations remains of the army that once served al-ka bizar the Conqueror the last and maybe the greatest of all priest Kings of have been Unearthed it would take but little magic to raise them to our service should we do so or give them a ritual burial well use the remains raise them to fight for us Federation these goblins and Orcs are all consolidating the power soon we will be dealing with their stupid  __  Im gonna get rid of the tree Locus and the talaquas I cant remember getting my units though I cant attack so Joe is trapped between somebody he just declared war on and then these people who said  __  you Alex but Auto resolving youre dead move do you have enough power to get out of there or should you go south and hit one of their cities thats less offended OJ oh who is this he would have to try to yeah he yeah he barely has anywhere to go he would have to fight one of them so it wouldnt the better oh no he would have to fight too because no matter what because like say for instance if he attacks Croc guard and he wins hes uh Zak Bay from the same faction has enough movement to run over there and attack him again so he would have to run past did you make war with the tomb Kings oh yes you did but I knew the lizardmen were up north right okay so your only option is to move right into Maha and just run past them because youre not a war with the Vampire accounts yet so what vampire account well as soon as I move into this home instant its gonna be an instant battle isnt it say what now repeat if I go up north theres going to be an instant no no its north youre going east youre going uh past maharic not to Granite massive because you barely have any movement speed for it you just moved like your army away from there because hes talking about going all the way North and then coming all the way around the mountains yeah yeah so you could be going maharak past Iraq on towards Misty Mountains just to keep that Army alive because if you dont youre just basically going to get gang banged by two uh two almost full stack armies yeah just take a note see if you can if you cant then um yeah try to say something to you because now that the armies have enough reach to get to my heart so thats your own option wait do you have underway Im pretty sure dwarves have underway what is underway its a passage that they can uh go past terrain without having to go around it what no uh OJ click on thoric whats the stance right now it should be like a green and figure yeah I could use underway okay uh tell me uh if you can go past their reach with that over here where the hell did you tp2 oh  __  theyre underneath too I I told you tell me before you actually do it I didnt know theyre gonna be underneath that one looks like you can beat them yeah its gonna be a close one lets do it lets do it what what happened oh no your internet got a small left no your internet it said zero hmm oh just victory all right lets everybody observe spectate Joe you want to do this on your own or do you want zero to help you I got you got it yeah yeah expecting good luck Joe your first battle today youve been letting everybody else battle now its time for us to spectate you they have one Mage not gonna be easy yeah you can actually let your range do a lot of the things yeah make sure theyre non-schirmish mode because that they uh have any units towards the range its going to keep running backwards and not firing its all about to do that yo just gonna have his miners at the front Music oh you have runic magic uh Magic for the dwarves yeah this should be very easy then I think so yeah because you have the augments to increase the armor and the attack if you want you could just give me the spellcaster then I can just buff your units I just beat a Pom-Pom cheerleader would Joe must do one battle bombs out you can do the Spells Music who are the Joe best Joe hes new no no its strictly PVE I mean thats probably better it starts about it I cant tell yeah I cant see them I dont see them either oh no there we go fast forward let them come to us I dont know man if theyre coming to you that means the AI is confident hes gonna come beat your ass wheres Croc are cracker is like a legendary Lord oh there he is oh yeah theres spell hitting you the bunch when does one of them just got hit by half HP slow it down get your big boy on that  __  pause slow motion hit slow motion Joe thank you this is more cinematic or anyway make sure youve got all all your things clicked and everything you want to do these  __  are on dinosaurs yeah theyre lizards Oh I thought he was fighting other dwarves hes fighting oh no oh no no no yeah thats why youre almost affected by himself hes gonna lose his units to stick it on I told you no no catapult foreign whats going on here I have no more relationship uh okay I think you just finally fired your archers with the spelling all new I dont know what the smoke is its a uh its one of his rooms it increases nearly damage okay Joes holding goes holding missile infantry is really helping although half of them are firing because theyre kind of collided into each other Im doing all right theres a hero in the middle thats about to die and that will break their army Croc gagar and then asteric asterisk and kroggar if you can kind heart them down be careful with the work hes not really a fighter oh you barely got him out of there kill these  __  Heroes so low its got 346 Health on that  __  and then hows this guy not taking any more damage Rampage  __  Rampage  __  is that is that guy on rampage dude which one theyre just so low you have to finish you have to oh no theyre not finishing what your fault youre breaking you have to break these Heroes 285 it like everything your entire force stop firing another  __  22. yeah car crunch is basically guiding the arrows because hes actually running around them hes at 130 if he break if he dies then Joe could turn oh hes retreating okay all right now now its back in Joes favor okay all right that was close everyones rallying this feral stegadon no  __   __  Barrel stuck it on on the right flank Applause Music its great I have great weapons are what are these  __  doing tell these  __  to get back here uh the garage doors they came back The Grudge throws needs to get on the second on has 800 health crackers uh rallying so if you just if you just kill him they will get army losses over time because of the Lord lost crops are your archers on crack guard yeah everything did every missile infantry on kravgar hes got 47 Health he just needs to get packed away one thing Applause 17 health kravgar is down so that is it you got the digging leadership losses yep here we go Army losses the shuddering hurray Joe hip hurray now I need to recover everything go back to base pirate victory youre gonna have some sweet ass boots and luggage and belts made out of lizard people we sent him to minors eat fonts new form tree followed by the miners become a thing now two miners Shepherd show no mercy Shepherd thank you if you can try to get a replenished thing dont forget to get attacked again yeah I think you should be fine you should not yeah it should be fine yeah so youve managed to jump through the mountain cool unless of the skinks can do it too which I dont know you should be you should be able to run to one of your bases safely and recoup ing and terms well George recovered from a bit of a tactical blunder there then hell recover and then I think you should go back and get some revenge against yeah grand night Mass do you need any massive gray with your economy good yeah okay ma Rock Granite massive crack oh yeah theyre theyre trying theyre trying to get close to you theyre all rock puns yeah well Jake manages to Confederate one of the lizard people he can get his own dinosaurs Salt Bay is that Salt Bay Joe kill that  __  he doesnt do anything Salt Bay pure celebrity for no reason result by thank you one turn for the Scorpion two for the great bow finding paths Glory of the resolving I got rid of the skinks to the South skinks have they been destroyed they have been destroyed have been obliterated there is nothing left apart from echoing laughter of thirsting Gods so this is all orange theres green skin and then lizardmen to the South and then jungles of the Gods is the High Elves that liked you because theyre scared of you where Im gonna Im gonna war with Top Knots North in a war to the east with these blue lizard men and Alex is recovering his forces yeah eventually Im gonna need zero to give me one of the central oh its because you took the sun tree Glades right yeah I took over the entire province of the central jungles okay I was gonna need a Unholy base of operations if Im going to continue marching South Im ready okay we might have to go to work with the high heels because Im getting decreased favor with them well you might want to give uh to Alex that because yall are we youre landlocking Alex oh I know I know hes ex Im bringing my uh units towards the West now since I already dealt with the lizards they just have to make sure I have everything built up ending turn to the left so youre leaving these guys to the South for Alex yeah okay which ones because I do the greens the High Elves the High Elves and the skinks and theres also another little bird yeah okay and then youre going north west which are to him coming back for my book and bertonia I want to see the britonia fight fun units the France you got a bunch of weak units that theyre running peasants Im light blue Chad in a war with white oh is he is he invading me hes invading dude I can get free gold if I get chaos corruption yeah sure why not oh my one finger can I do to tell Warden no they cannot okay does not serve well lets see if I can hit him before he hits me this Army cannot attack its currents right in Camp is mine Im wondering if Ill get my one turned before this guy hits me Jesus destroy them I guess it depends on who has friends who comes first in the campaign turns do any of you need gold or not I have 10 000 right now so uh yeah Ill take a thousand I dont think I could just give you a flat amount here let me see theres AJ diplomacy payments God damn it zero youre gonna make me March through the  __  living Im under siege what are you on the siege already oh sure Salt Bay man  __  that guy up hes throwing me small hes only got 14. youve got oh youre replenishing yeah yes yeah but you should have Garrison isnt that isnt that a Capital One uh I dont think it is I dont know it is a oh uh AJ except the trade so then I can actually see if its the capital building or not okay okay so yeah it is a major building so yeah you have a larger than usual Garrison so if he attacks you you should be able uh to live ish but the problem is that thoric and um your other roon Smith are very low HP so that can be a problem  __  lizard people youre the one that was trying to be nice to them Im attacking the next turn while Im trying to attack them next turn that might take some pressure off dont you have to Im ready thats corruption Alex no good just werent like the uh Im gonna see if I can get my great bow before he slams into me what what okay weve underway interception yeah apparently they want to uh they tried to go up oh wait I didnt want to click this  __  okay Im just gonna fast forward this one oh I was gonna click victory yeah I know I went to go click all of myself but it went for flight battle so Im just gonna 3x speed it ll probably just immediately  __  run away you clicked the wrong thing yeah because I dont even think theyre gonna do that much uh casualties towards me look at this battlefield thats very odd and then he got intercepted by me um Leaf cutters this looks like um his seven dudes Lord of the Rings Music his forces are eager and fresh magic chariot Music kill that Lords and then he doesnt end up how the hell is he still alive there we go you lost two units you suck I dont even know where the hell they even died to that initial fire from the catapult so or charge Ill give him two deaths two kills what are you talking about they didnt have any kills look they got killed deployed glasses remaining you have two losses from them yeah Friendly Fire nope I literally put a Vortex on them no it takes 186. beef could have destroyed and he seized me the gods rage and so did the ground shake buildings collapse sanctuaries fall in our followers die in the rubble earthquake for three turns at death Gorge son of a  __  and then did I get my I did not get my God all right  __  you lets go close victory Savage orc what is your resume the overestimating to work boys Im gonna fight this yeah they miss out troops not needed exactly the best they have pour into the kind of range yeah theyre probably overvaluing it then its got some veteran trolls if you want to minimize the losses on your main Army just have the backup army take the Brunt um Im giving you the uh the backup Army so if you want to put them in front thats fine Ill hold back yes enjoyed unacceptable order oh the games actually playing movie where the hell are your reinforcements then oh they kind of blended into it um your reinforcements are blended into it my reinforcements are already here yeah oh oh okay I see him yeah there you go okay Ill move those to the front magical skull catapult good job good job dead Orcs yall are raging wheres my spy uh my yay we get to see him guard this passageway here yeah thats what theyre going to its in my archery is up there I sure did obey move not protected here comes the trolls foreign I dont  __  have those boys not retreated yet  __  that Savage orgs dont know when to retreat uh have you uh chariots flanked their archers Music who are right flanking Breaking Bad come on stay up foreign oh standing all right be there in a second and start over once that hits take away oh my God you got the shot yeah 303 yeah foreign Music boys foreign foreign yeah theyre shattering yep do we have any Heroes left hes taking off to the left yeah Mash one finger far left ah  __  hes too far thats fine okay them  __   __  marching down south thinking that they can hit our homeland or you think theyre crazy they hit my homeland the Top Knots nah the top-nots arent attacking you hes talking about the skinks the the lizardmen are are yeah yeah its at my house theyre outside your house knocking on your door asking some sugar you better make them pay Im gonna try to attack them right now Im gonna try I would try you will try you will try I will defend the Republic foreign youre gonna pay for that panette surely a cool jest by the Gods finished damn look easy does it get that mount now holy  __   __  sweet IE I kill that little can I attack this guy okay zero why cant I attack the dude thats standing right next to my main hero next to Orions camp because hes a hero unless if you have a separate uh hero not a Lord thats able to assassinate then hes just there he just  __  all right  __  my  __  all the time so for that one skin cheese I cant see what buildings that he can do to you as your army and but he can usually Ill put penalties either like worsening your army by like assaulting it and stuff like that for free unless if you have a hero that can do assassinations golden Tower we cant see its defenses golden Tower the one just east of me its the blue guys it has one two three four five six seven eight nine ten ten ten gears ten stacks of units yeah are they good steaks all of them have Temple guards that are Hal Birds uh saurus beards Im going Im gonna  __  it up honey I need to relieve the pressure from Moji I think they only have like two good units the rest of them are kind of like trash lower tier units assassin Heroes okay um earthing building up grades all right now were moving now were now were cooking with gas five thousand dollars for attacking well I build a new Army Im gonna see how far this Army can take me foreign Giant I need to get to you have insufficient funds 6 000 okay I need more money enter hey oh yes I almost have my zombie dragon Mountain document and the meeting has arrived tribute tribute all right but you cant claw me come here you want help lord of the great mortise River Mash one fingers what do you want you just got your ass kicked by me oh you want to pee sweetie Ill give you a piece youre only gonna give me one thousand dollars take that you shove it up your ass unless you give me five thousand oh you dont wanna do it all right the  __  off he would have done it for four thousand the sword of Cain claimed oh kill them raise them yes men see your claws get stuck in my jeans because youre a jerk do I want to occupy right or lewd and occupy occupy occupy you need four population scores to settle oh Joe doing it I have to you gonna do a job I have to do it Im gonna die youre gonna die yeah zero you wanna open youre pooping wait yall how are you gonna die oh your forces are deflated yeah Valiant defeat oh boy Im gonna spectate zero get in there you got two armies I mean hmm he has to make sure that thoric and his other roon Smith doesnt die though theyre on the beach yeah they have 300 the other ones the support anyway so they cant really do anything melee wise hes got a bunch of armored piercing and hes got some armor piercing you just have to wait for him uh your backup unit all right so hmm okay actually this uh it could be doable yeah its doable because you have tree tree line so then you can just hide your most injured units so then they dont get spell casted on if he was on the other side yeah then yeah hes probably screwed um move all youre injured do you know its towards the tree line or you just want to give uh focused is this your home base Joe if you lose this you lose the game no no no okay hes trying to escape enemy territory though no this these guys are attacking one of his cities yep you dont have a reinforcement bar so Im guessing these are sure okay uh OJ give me control and then just hide all your very weak units for the current moment inside the giant jungle where should you start snake wildlife um Warhammer Total War II if not then go straight to three and but threes campaign is about chaos and theres like a special Victory condition thats kind of lame the way the campaign works I I think its worth getting all three games for eighty dollars and then you go straight to Immortal Empires which is what were playing which is all the factions all the maps all everything combined it is the most epic game ever okay OJ have your units uh more towards the trees so then Im able to give the Buffs without taking huge penalties from it are you going for that tree line uh whats your line are you talking about uh the window was like directly behind your units yeah right where at the work is just have them play a little bit towards the front of it um yeah have your catapults out of the tree line isnt the trees going to interfere with his missiles no thats why Im saying he puts them into the front of it but at least close towards the tree line so then um thork can give Buffs to them without being exposed or being um did he give you a unit Sean you only gave me uh the two Heroes what kind do you want uh phone number one get rid of the like all your weak units because the more units that uh that die in terms of getting total wiped out the faster your leadership is going to go so just have them hide in like the way corner of the map oh no yeah these units that have no people you know need to just be far from the battle not not the mind but literally put them right here corner where my other hero is your other hero just put him around all of this area so then they dont get uh spotted not an authoric uh the other one uh God tree here Ill move him towards it yeah there we go okay and then just have your archers move a little bit away from the tree line so then they dont uh all of them can shoot properly uh catapult same deal with them and just have your Miller units just like in standard formation this looks like a defeat uh do you just want to give me full control of the units OJ or no its fine okay uh uh have your garage doors move here right here because its in the open where its not going to get hit by anything yeah let me see how this goes I was gonna say maybe I have your melee units and guard your archers yeah yeah there we go yeah youll be good to go they have three Heroes though thats the problem three full health Heroes these are  __   __  but you know what this is the one of their main armies if we  __  this Army up and Alex is pressuring them from the other side blue is is wait a minute hes not attacking yeah okay yeah yeah because he realized he has no choice hes just garage stories uh lets see are you speeding it up theyre moving very fast yeah lets go in real time lets go real time um appreciate this battle here have you got Grudge stores Target the Red Crested things in the middle because they have armor-piercing Im not sorry Red Crested Sphinx that have these big mallets oh nice nice hit nice hit all your people in the front are mine miners no no okay here comes the gunfire thats good Juniors ready to attack Im about to buff them the melee units Music here come the door okay oh Rock cigar I have a few crocsagor models for blood Bowl they play football the fantasy Wheels watch out for the Flings dont let them attack Your Heroes if they can put the  __  quarrels over there Joey George never pull out thats what she said wait why are they automatically running it was automatically right do you have them on Skirmish Mode still shoe it looks like theyre on Skirmish mode because the way that theyre running oh this could go bad then so many more dinosaurs than our dwarf this is the age of Reckoning  __  did that guy say Im coming Auto Skirmish mode should probably be disabled in my opinion and it creates so many problems I think that may have been what happened I dont even know where the Skirmish mode is I doubt Joe knows where its at if I dont know where its at so but thats probably what did it so what  __  what should he do now not much you can do now is Rangers uh as soon as they started moving around and for too long uh they were able to overwhelm them now uh the lizardmen have the higher advantage because his main advantage during that fight was the fact that he had a lot of range healthy units but then since Im guessing Skirmish was on and they just started running all over the place it oh quickly turned in against us well can you show them where the Skirmish mode is uh the setting menu well yeah to disable auto Skirmish yeah its in the options but for his skirt the Skirmish button itself like on the low toolbar its right next to the fire as well button s he might have lost even if it wasnt Auto Skirmish because these Heroes and like 3 000 Health each hunting down thorac with the art uh with artillery focus it um Ive been yeah salvageable foreign basically plays box formation and just let uh let them attack him just having the Infantry guard the range units uh mainly and then from all sides and with the buff thats uh dork has for me for melee attack and armor that he can interchangeably do with him and his other roon Smith it could be possible uh for like a win or at least doing like a lot of decent damage to them Im coming gross harnesses smile foreign Music victory I mean you killed 300. killed half their army so thatll help and they killed almost all of yours  __  all right so you charge them in open battle thats good because now they have to hit your city and youll get the Garrison to help right uh that was the Garrison Mr Garrison yeah should I go down there and help him now uh yeah I would I would say for OJ specifically so then his hero is in in capacity with three turns for him to like start running Im on my way itll take me to turn three turns yeah just uh just have him run into like AJs territory OJ so then you dont end up losing problems yeah its a good car come on and turn healing I think you should have drove towards me I dont know if theyre fast as  __  on the campaign map where I can chase you down before no they dont have enough uh campaign movement speed to read  __  they would have to go for cutout oh theyre most likely go for Kodak Salt Bay beat Joe chat you will always remember this day Salt Bay beat Joe  __  Im done and continue on the war path tomorrow promise that Im gonna opening myself up to being targeted by the  __  heils ah hi this might be easy to deal with yeah but if Im fighting the oh yeah both front yeah yeah if I fight the lizard people Im gonna get  __  sandwiched I can build a second Army to try to help you guys if it ends up being too much Im just keeping my um income high enough so then just so then I can just support financially Im three four turns away from my final troops structures being done and then Ill have a secondary Army but address me as your highness do not betray your king my faith in you waves follow me then go Music thank you address me as your highness okay Im chasing him oh he cant he combined with Music  __  this whole bagel coward only slaves worry about heat enjoy you can go back uh to one of your base at uh carago rune and heal up because youre taking attrition losses walking through my lands forwards because because Im close enough to your base I would be able to support you in the battle if they decide to attack died yep uh hes a legendary Lord hes not going to be back for like three turns its all right hes gonna be recouping for three turns anyway and turn I entered my turn yeah tomorrow we attack at dawn we ride well Dusky vampire yeah we attack it the lack of first light like tomorrow tomorrow Im about to attack them again I already taken one of their cities Im doing it again Im marching up their ass the uh which one the blues you have the Blues if they push all the way into OJ so Im gonna my Dixie what my Dixie wrecked uh nine months ignore the bone people um bone Zone Welcome To The Bone Zone chat servant sacrificed Warriors sacrifice casualty replenishment rate for 10 turns or growth now God damn that sucks abandoned Sphinx despite the best efforts of her cheap necro tech one of our tombs has started to sink back into the sand before giving up its illustrious arcade but since youre going into attack maybe just have the growth I took losses okay his forces are retreating and disappearing so I will just act as a guardian oh Im one  __  Im right outside the front door so Im gonna take another day of losses one inch away where are you here lets see isnt there like a stance that you can do to mitigate that uh yeah that was a March stance no like March stands just it only gives him more but his unit is going to be uh tired if theyre going to combat itll be fun because thats why his armies are disappearing because hes reacting to Alex my will be done Alex attacks next turn the High Elves have a neutral Army right next to Alex ooh Im getting free gold from the empire were your armies zero what are you doing your raid sense is way negative campaign movement yep uh I am in slendenberg Im about to go to the Black Pyramid the Black Pyramid of nagash the righteous Hammer of Sigma is that your capital yep Sunday yeah okay I am capturing territory in the north and protecting Joe as he recuperates Im expanding my economy right now Im at 4 000 income per turn oh these  __  are you kidding me hes help I got you lets go Valiant defeat what  __  you  __  way this is my main Army if I lose this then I just give up youre against court guard okay thats probably why why thats the main guy hes a legendary Lord yeah hes a legendary lord well I got my legendary Etc I dont be imperishable lets  __  go theyre weak dont  __  with my friend Joe God damn it Im here to protect him I cannot believe these bold ass  __  theyre about to get attacked in the South and crocgar has no idea I thought he left to go help in the South against allies but the battle of the butt  __  hes trying to butt  __  us Joe what the  __  is going on here yes it works be a legendary battle if we lose Laughter dropping frames and loading so hard oh this terrain doesnt look that bad thats where they serve burgers where is Joe coming in from right there yeah his units are pretty weak so they might be just like a good flanking one Ill let him come to us two minutes thats fun thats  __  I dont know God damn yo slow foreign I mean you can turn the tide pretty oh hes got so many injured things on his front lines who bad guy does he sorrow Oh yall can see the actual enemy we cannot wait what we cannot no he can he cant until um he starts it all right oh okay so dont cheat no I dont want to do this you saw before you went into the medal it literally shows you through there yeah but I dont know where theyre positioned oh I mean theyre Frontline Warriors okay starting battle joke oh and when it started it rearranged everything so it you cant change okay so yeah but hes got so many hes got three sections of dudes that may die before they even get to you yeah I hope so although crocgars running out in the front car is man-moting it hes got huge scaly clackers Music foreign Music ooh big boy damage oh yes way more effective oh those poor skinks well theyll get they got those skinks got  __  too slow mom were gonna go pause why is it not pausing is it because Joe is also playing yes maybe all right Joe pause it for me blessed chameleon scheme youre so Infantry Red Crested the Blessed ones have huge range uh missile resistance so maybe go with them with the melee all right and then lets do some spells here weve got physical resistance whos gonna take these guys and then armor piercing plus 40 armor piercing missile damage lets give it to these guys and face weapon damage all right slow mo oh you can only cast one Squad at a time if youre doing it I cant cue them up like that no darn because they take time to actually do this ghost and they might get you know dispelled or something all right uh physical resistance was here Music and armor piercing oh Jay its gonna be your time to shine in about 10 seconds yeah Music good um yeah Parker is 160 look oh no it was just a beauty thing now hes 100 560. theyre here lanterns and all hi ho hi hurry up go you got little legs let me hurry up Im going as fast as they can hurry up and down goddamn little piece of  __  legs yeah just have your hands just focus on the two on the left although the Left Flank is actually good thing right up a bit you dont run downhill you put your ankles around your ears like that kid from Hook and use rolls all the way down My Left Flank just collapsed but Joe is on my Left Flank so it should be able to immediately no all Legions forward a poison attack thank you I mean cafuga crocgars anti-large at the current having the giant I dont even know what the  __  this thing is called uh it means that he takes the bonus damage no my scorpion  __  costly enough battles God damn it oh Jesus was like do not shave your ancestors and then like just take a better run Joe Im barely holding on I need your help fighting right now he has routed one of the Crocs doors the blessed one example crocodores gone thats good because now the spears are gonna get flanked rock star is still alive over here no Crux of Gore nothing the Blessed Crux of course just got routed oh no Jay has um yeah you actually have like a decent bit of crocgar my whole  __  Army by the way Joe has been obliterated attempting to save you obey move so uh dont say anything ten thousand dollars my way CJ what is that spell on your left side of the bar me oh yeah the rat skeleton Warriors and the center of the need to get in there youre gonna die yeah theyre dying by the Dozen oh  __  Croc scar I cant handle crocscar yeah because hes anti-large God damn it hes gonna  __  kill me push melee attack that he had 77 plus magic damage which is get another unit above shopping oh Im down Im out for three turns I just got butt  __  that was you during the strike Alex theyre weak I am striking Im taking this wow took out my main  __  Army uh maybe I should have just let Joe left Joe to his fate yeah crockard did 10 000 damage what okay you hover over the little Banner of 115. damage dealt ten thousand uh thats  __  up my guy did uh God damn um no no unicorn no reach around they didnt give the reach around you God Im kidding me well this is why I built up economy so then you guys could replenish you Crocs and now I know pretty good money how much money how much money do you have per Turn 2 300. foreign s not great this is just more I was hoping to distract them Yeah well yeah Top Notch oh now these  __  everybodys trying to take advantage of like we can stay close to feet scar Brands a  __  good thing I didnt go to war with the black Temple yet oh wow helping Joe its even more more costly than I would have ever imagined okay okay Im gonna go up against Top Notch so then that can really got another Army so now I can feel three armies you got him yeah took it okay with the chill here for a little because I cant continue to press on the High Elves to come behind I probably only have like a day or two that I could be here because if maybe I can take crock card now that hes weakened oh everybodys taking me out oh this is this oh Im glad we  __  saved we might have to we might have to go from a save point because now everybodys jumping on me that this that I lost my name Im Im sending uh my main Army it doesnt matter Im gonna lose all of my armies all my armies are gone because quake in the north is coming up behind me get out of this no I blame you I love how butt fudge is still up even though it was like a loss like two times in a row its wrong but fun I wonder if I can get a small Garrison here and swing that battle right there uh lets see more cops uh I need the Capital One so you have how many lets see none what do you not have anyone in your morgane did he get attacked recently what are you talking to you you might not have anywhere you want any Garrison what youre more kind more the one that you went the one that you went to go hide from Quick it doesnt seem like it has a Garrison yeah because I just recently colonized it I thought it would hopefully give me a small Garrison but I guess not foreign thank you luckily I can recover pretty fast okay let me just make friends with Liberty I mean temporarily foreign Music carrying speed to uh yeah I am an ultimate crisis mode right now why whatever thats your main Army right it was Marina so you have no other armies thats a lot of them one building in the south did you go to war with the two kings too OJ well yeah thats before um because he declared it on the tomb Kings and then the lizard people cut jumped him and cut him off from it and then Alec declared war on Alex which then Joe was forced to declare war on the lizards so it was just a tactical I got stuck in the middle and you get stuck in the middle because you didnt want to attack the lizards first because he had to try to quarrel with the lizards oh Jay you stopping trying to make friends with them like every every game ever its like lets all be friends like you cant be friends with everyone  __  especially when were Waging War With It  __  you Skillets man get out of my lawn this is moving South we got Skeleton King coming to my  __  left wait oh no the skeletons are moving on you yep yes the two three full Stacks yep three full okay we because of that single blunder that Jumpman I kept advising again there was he had already pressed the button and  __  like it didnt already happening not to before uh before he even initiated hes like are you gonna pick a fight against the uh the tomb Kings hes like yeah sure uh why not I was like why dont you just do it against the blue one no I dont want to I dont want it uh you know I want to be friendly with them I will have a full stack my bag its gonna be gently I can give OJ some some of my property yes it is just a single blender should I should I Im should I take my arm in it and help Joe look what happened last time well let my arm well let my northern armies die okay oh you need to secure your own  __  yeah obviously securing your own I cant because Joe has no forces theyre just gonna tear through all of him um so he they just took the Lost Plateau right yes uh and what do they have there is the armies there or the Army somewhere else no no no right now uh the tomb kings are trying to get Bud fudgers and then guards make sure I did yes he did because Ive got a guy that in one turn will have some stuff that I can get to caric Zorn at least yeah you can try to mount a counter attack either towards Mount arachnos or the Lost plateau because OJ would eventually have like a decent enough decent enough Army to go up against right now Im trying to score my way I would just come losses and Im gonna try to get to Scarborough and sabish and then try to get sure your places that were lost AJ and then try to do a Croc car ready up oh Music yeah lets see what they do over here  __  Croc guard and then the  __  high Queen khalidia Lita is on comedian chlamydia yeah penicillin take that right up oh no please dont go to war against me this section suddenly youre ejecting his offer results in war okay well thank God I have ten thousand plus here take my money Music you need to give their money to us to fund the war I dont think he gave them no I didnt give ten thousand I had ten thousand I gave them one thousand all right if I didnt then I would have to move my entire Army towards the South they asked me for five dollars I said  __  no thats why theyre attacking me Ill resolve this I dont care yes foreign just keep building up your units oh bloody OJ carstine wants money you know what I say to that  __  you oh we just see Joe just declared war on the vampires Slovenia I dont even know where theyre at oh Jerry are you youre just trying to get yourself like rammed really quickly no I am really theyre way up North by the time they get to theyre about 350. yeah you know that theyre gonna actually attack AJ by proxy where where are these vampires at theyre to the north of you what they want a half my money I said  __  no oh gee Im the one economy so I would be able to give you the money back right yeah yeah thats a good idea meanwhile OJs sticking out the middle finger to everyone oh man 144  __  teams left gross faction destroyed mission aborted new mission two cases yelling outside my house Laughter King Eisenhower in I I never sign the door they havent really made a move but theyre about to whenever you dont I gotta ready up again Im just building the army zero is marching his ways Alex is holding position Im eventually going north yeah if you go north the cursed jungle just marching through this destroys my uh wipe them out I I have to stop because just marching takes out my uh Health attack the last Defenders thatll  __  teach them maybe crocsgar will react him right now these troops who  __  are you yeah he is but theyre still hurt hes hiding a little  __  I need two turns I could go with one turn actually can I just stay inside Im just stay inside watch my building of course which one Mick Reynolds or karakzone or butt fudgers youre staying inside butt fudgers McDonalds Laughter  __  off brand rename goddamn lost Plateau I am but Im trying to figure out what the  __  Im gonna do back here Im ready and Im ready to move out next turn is it like nine guys level up its gonna take me a second just to sign some points okay no problem I make deals with anyone I can make with tibetland I too will sign in on aggression fact with you so then you dont  __  with me okay that cheese I Choose You two turns Ill have a new Army for my main guy and Ill be able to actually go on like a full offensive and wipe out everyone on the east my turn two turns yeah theyll be recruited in two turns Lets uh I also need two turns lets just quickly go you just want me to go to butt fudger then uh the East is mine uh just no no no Im saying like for AJ do you want me to go to butt fudges or do you want me to you got to go to butt fudgers and Im going to butt fudgers with you were going to counter punch them now but fudgers oh yeah yeah yeah if we meet if we smash them in the middle then uh what do they call it um Eiffel Tower what the  __  is this Chieftain theres three Chieftains with 4 4500 each Steven are no joke oh the yeast yeah about to do them so hard theyre gonna get a yeast infection there goes my second arm oh  __  yeah what is it the queen Music he brought reinforcements because youre scared like little  __  hes just a horrors of it theres a cobra and a man riding a cobra Im skiing yes all this for Bud fudges we lost three armies but then Burgers though you can get like a triple you know half pound bison Patty with bacon between each layer  __  I lost it yeah you did I need to sign a non-aggression pact with the High Elves but I think theyre already our enemies my last summer no theyre still friendly for now okay man me and uh zero are gonna have to hit King Im on bertonia what do you want dont declare warnings non-aggression pack plus theyll give me 2 000  __  yeah hows your army doing do you actually have troops um not not North I mean down south the limits by me pretty good killing battle I was scared to see this on my Army and theyre like oh  __  kill them battle no we lost what you lost it to the devils bone yes the wicked flee before me who the hell is Mash one finger going I dont know but lets worry some maybe I should end my war with him Im gonna see a Phil in the war  __  no what I already tried doing that hes negative 130 where is he Savage Orcs need some help down south what do you mean I need help you do need help hes been lost uh Im gonna continue to push oops so if I March I can make it no it doesnt say you can go there but you cant initiate battle and then if I switch so I cant attack through this turn anyway so it doesnt do anything yes but your units would be tired so say for instance if they Oh my Jesus Christ RJ if you um what if oh if you have it on normal sense then your units wont be tired which uh improves their combat ability yeah Im tired then theyre more inclined to miss and also get killed easy I would prefer say put them on normal stands yeah theyre on normal stance because I can end right outside their their base but Ill be taking nutrition so Ill just attack them tomorrow uh yeah good to go Im going to mess some  __  up Im good to go too ready up I take the capital tomorrow and then their final City the day after that but Im just gonna take the one thats directly behind them oh I think is he retreating who is no hes not  __  retreating they have the second area were gonna take it to him okay what does the g mean what thats just what is it grandma say it all Kentucky Fried Gremlin yeah Oh I thought I mean Kentucky Fried goats or something like that oh thats delicious you see goats around here that sounds  __  delicious yeah KFC kfg I got Sonic boom IA Britannia should be non-aggressive aligned with you since uh I tried threatening them earlier yeah the Chevalier the chevaliers that you just signed aggression pact with and gave tooth out they gave you 2 000 died yeah they were looking for some help oh you guys are  __  youre  __  me you little lizard  __  your house is my house oh yeah thats fine your capital is mine here comes well one of their main armies oh no thats two kings and now I have uh now Im level 18 so Ive got the super mount oh was it a dragon one yeah its a giant zombie dragon I dont have anything like that except if I go with um my Amber Wizards and level them high enough theyre Wizards yeah yeah I have three Joes uh crocscar heading for McDonalds I think so Im trying to do it he hasnt moved no hes moved down he moved a little bit okay all right me and zero are Marching and we are on our way Im bringing my my chariot come into my turn what are your thoric iron bro just out outside how do I because I just recruited him like oh I was gonna say why dont you just replace your uh Lord the one with the big army with him how do I kick a dude out of my the a hero out to make him a new hero I did so you click on whichever one that uh for that big army yeah that you want to swap with and it should give you a replace unit one no no I in my secondary Armory Ive got like a Ive got two Heroes I want one of the heroes to get out of the castle and out of the combined unit oh so so you only have one hero inside your second Army which is a lothar uh by lower and then so you just click on him and then just move him out you just click on him and then move him out yeah its giving me and then move how you usually would its giving me a weird trade option oh yep yep thats it trade with no one Alex dont give us  __  look at Alexs uh plans okay serpent Coast uh do you need any gold this is not working but its fine Ill just  __  dont need goals I need people well stop uh stop sending them to their death then maybe that would help I think crocscar has no choice but to obliterate Joe because he he cant get yeah sir I mean he should be able to take Mick Reynolds fairly easily since its just like a minor settlement oh yeah you know but my concern is youre gonna go to Sonic and then kfg I mean okay its so stupid its not stupid its amazing Kentucky Fried goats oh hes here whered he come down to I told you we went to McDonalds have him run away so then you dont have to spend three per tree is that your main guy yeah man you put your  __  mean come back home foreign beefy its these main ones no but but his but since his legendary Lord has a lot of love it up so much and hes anti-large yeah as well hes doing 10 000 damage my Army can attest to that grow old I just had to get my Army towards his but I cant run through the mountains like ojz I just lost another settlement in the north of my Northern campaign is completely collapsed because fighting Joe what what is this oh no now my main area is being attacked by King kakale I get followers of nagash the  __  are these oh its the guys  __  I saw them getting two armies I was like what are they building up I I have to turn around thats my main Homeland yeah you secure your zero and I can take up clear clean up the right side yeah it helped these two kings are not that difficult to be  __  King Kaka he will pay cash flowing river income from tariffs dig and pray then go you made a big mistake that is not what I asked you to do its gonna take me two turns to actually attack butt fudgers Music Im just gonna Force more just outside the ridge how do I build mortise engines mortise engines yeah what building gives me mortise engines because thats like black coach you can you can right click on uh any of the buildings right entire tree line yeah Im looking at it Im just I guess I dont know what motors engines look like uh Terror geists I need so I will have to build that my servant fails me bring it all to me oh these  __   __  are all over me oh  __  theyve got three full Stacks only got one and a half so if I take his last town does he immediately die and like disappear off the map or does he have like seven days to find a new town or something no uh he he would get um he would get attrition like your vampire counts too and until he can find an actual settlement if he cant or if his uh main unit gets wiped out then yes so it takes What It Takes wiped out okay yeah because right now crocards taking attrition thats why hes not attacking now I needed I need help from zero I can I cant like Im gonna die stuck in something yeah is someone doing something that I was reading oh yeah its fine I just wish it would tell me that youre doing something rather than me thinking of the games  __  Frozen Ive got three full yellow stacks on me and I only have one and a half and so and thats my main headquarters what no Im running away from that what apparently they have two full Stacks inside the butt fudgers oh my God we we need to then then we need to save scrum is it the true Future No no no I think I should be fine even if they try to no Im not Im Gonna Save scrum this campaign but I mean well keep playing uh you know a few turns but that moment where we we you know Joe jumped the  __  spot and then the lizardmen jump Joe that that ruined everything and then so well go back there once we can get clear of this but theres nothing I can do against these guys theyre sieging me and I cannot create any more units attention I cannot push them off zero can you go back Retreat yeah I can go back you go go save AJ like a full Retreat back and Ill try to clear up the the right side yeah Im just gonna build a second Army yeah because the people in butt  __  are or whatever butt fudgers are who are they the lizards uh tomb Kings oh tomb Kings okay Ill just Ill take care of them later wait a minute I just won my battle and now theyre in trouble so youre good I may be good but I its up gaming is Joe gonna die without you and or you say youre not even you cant even help fine Im holding up and uh if you cant help them no no if you cant help him what are you gonna do Im holding up Joe or zero what are you doing Im building a second Army since I have one what are you doing with this first arm first Army Im just gonna have them hold outside of butt fudgers why because I I can attack while they have two full Stacks in there okay well then I need your help over here to the left if all youre going to do is just hold I need you to hit yeah yeah I know Im bringing them Im bringing them there saying that thats what Im doing at the current moment because they cant move right now all right Im done foreign foreign Im ready yeah the day of Awakening comes blue dies tomorrow Ima grab the lizard by the tail hes just gonna lose uh units every single day until he dies so like you dont have to  __  with him just get stronger and just take a defensive position and then eventually hell just yeah Im holding him thats the best way to kill crocgar  __  him let him die slowly in the desert so what happened to Joe happened to him Chicago Exchange stands to encamp lets see how that works for you buddy see how that works for you oh how many units do I lose nothing okay learning on our resolve what happened Zeros just murdering the tomb Kings I just murdered two full stacks of the Tomb Kings because they got cocky what did they do they they came off yeah they came off tried to attack me I killed the Garrison and the full stack oh my God huge air were starting to turn the battle oh but the main Army of our King Kaka is uh the second I take these these undead guys out my real army will be at full power and then this Undead  __  is dead like hes dead dead God damn it did he just raise my whole city to the ground the vampires vampires beat mummies blah blah blah I take offense to that you dont win unless because we have scorpions and sphinxes thats why settlement loss Dumas they raised Dumas to the ground negative growth yeah its okay Alex is taking care of oh they have no uh they got nothing left so yeah no well they only have two full uh one and a half stacks I cant get over there because uh all right I took back one of my cities straight blood God serve right now my main armies were cooping after that huge fight and my second Armys almost done building commandment I command you to uh total control this was uh your fault zero yep what ow well uh yellow came and obliterated my uh home base and yellow was in the west which is your responsibility so you mean the same one that you wanted me to attack but you wanted me to go and I wanted you to go to the east only because of Joe no zero youre supposed to lead the South to me and then after I killed all the armies yeah thats what I was gonna do but AJ said to help OJ oh yeah because I lost my main Army trying to help OJ its all right my uh my my land actually looks like a boot kicking a ball so its pretty sweet its definitely looks like a boot oh yeah I see it oh yeah we murdered the  __  out of Scarborough punk ass  __  yeah we had to do it right at the beginning we just did it by the hair of our teeth uh because if you dont you you will lose scar brand will dominate the entire area see moments of gross they got hair on their teeth Crocker whats happening you dont look too good youre not looking too hot you lizard  __  in the mouth right now Im leveling up my spells so then I can get more do you think you can handle Ark on the black me I do Moss yeah all right why well Im Im wondering if I should go and now Ill leave that to you attack his homeland what whos attacking who not a Croc car he has to I would just Retreat again what happened to the 20 stack that used to be at McDonalds I have no idea what Joe what that is I thought he was in Camp or whatever no thats no thats Thor but wheres the other Army I think the army that is in battle right now Joe did you move your army up and provoke crock scar I didnt provoke him I didnt move him over there yeah your army got moved up your army is definitely moved up yeah hes way moved up oh  __  you provoked him uh you need to keep it within the same circle of McDonalds so then  __  raising oh my God yeah Im moving because now were just trying to hold in McDonalds yeah yeah I just need to uh move forward towards uh Nick Reynolds so then they get support as well because right now I think theyre outside of the realm my hair oh my God all right now Im getting attacked from the  __  Orcs too  __  Music its uh wow never helped Joe lesson learned my entire Empire sounds like a  __  okay yeah except yeah be mad at you if you dont click it Ill get mad at you they wont let me do it Connor on to glory for the ancestors okay OJ were the one thats saving your ass right now a full strategy okay uh wheres the why cant I do diplomacy only sigmas God Ulrich can judge it work okay Im gonna give you two thousand gold because thats the max thatll allow me AJ indeed attend your king slaves who is who I am the dwarfs my turn is over yeah now Im marching North Im still taking over the uh backside of the Tomb Kings Im holding McDonalds OJs the ones in the fetal position right now hes trying to guard his franchises lets fight just Auto Battle it he dies take that  __  thatll teach you who attacked you ah the lizard guy attacked OJ  __  and now hes supposed to feed hes dead right Thiago thats for the ladies already moved his army yeah he he got away from you combined with his other one and then hit my main one I dont know how he did that can you Retreat Etc yeah he did that quick if I have enough campaign movement I should be able to attack Arcon two days away from his base two days away from retired yeah  __  Lizard Man lizard man died theyre done forever yeah they did dude I killed him good you did everything OJ Im very proud of you if he hits me again hes dead because Ive got my armies next to each other which ones his capital hes trapped in between me and you minor settlement minor settlements miners who are you looking for youre looking for uh the Corda Libras libraries this is no the court the tomb Kings mate I want to know which ones his Capital uh his capital is what the  __  then go let me let me try something because usually if you initiate diplomacy it goes straight to that thing yeah okay yeah it is Libras its like in a way top right you can see it okay technically its a lot of Mia but you cant see it because of Fargo War yeah because Libras is not showing as his capital when you click it says enemy minor settlement thats fine Ill just I can take one of his towns every single day duration well if you guys can just hold off a little bit longer theyre going to lose everything for extending too far Park on weve got him trapped in between me and you are you gonna hit him yeah well if he ends up uh going towards you then I can go for Dumas but if he ends up staying there you can send both your armies to Dumas and I can take Qatar how did um yeah thats the uh other tomb Kings okay I cant Retreat twice oh did the work die again no no no no no hes fine no hes fine wow cheeky  __  I I cant necessarily help you too much because I cant leave guys stationed outside of your base because my guys are on dead and theyll die thats right is this tomb Kings gonna come down south and wipe Joe out no they shouldnt be they cant wipe Joe out because theyll have an army close close enough that if they start marching South Ill be able to intercept but I just cant sit there and defend him while he rebuilds I just got uh the declared award on me oh the vampire counts okay well they I dont want to go anywhere near us are they no no theyre right theyre right next to the tomb Kings so like a little bit northish sure thats fun I said  __  them said bring it on beach well no OJ only has one province but its a nice province okay uh uh so do you want to go after Dumas and I can go for uh Qatar since you have two full animals yeah okay Qatar whos Qatar its right next to Dumas so Im getting that land to you after when you get dual masks because you need to have connected so then you have your Province back in order Guided by Sigma occupied in my name well before the Lich King excuse me wrong game uh liches are always Kings requisite to being a lich is my Throne ready Purge the Heretics Music I just occupy and then get out of the building oh I cant get out of the building I go oh there we go hes 10 000 monies for a necromancy Tower Jesus great all right we  __  up the goddamn yellow goddamn two things followers oh my gosh okay just uh followers are not gonna be here anymore Victory Im trying to transfer Lords Supreme rename safe character how do I separate him I alone I want to transfer so you guys stuck in the mountain if you want oh you can move your second Army towards your mate uh two cetera and then you can just transfer all the units because I dont think you recruited any more Lords to where you can swap them out no Im just trying to swap the Infantry between these two Lords yeah you just have to get your secondary infantry or whichever one uh one that has movement speed uh sorry movement space and then oh I think I dont have any movement space yeah thats right I dont have a way to turn okay so the tomb kings are technically Undead uh so I dont take attrition out here right yeah nice Im making the money the money uh how much money do you have zero uh currently three thousand because I had to spend a lot for uh my second Army all right no problem do you need money yeah I need 2 000 because Im rebuilding all of my cities uh yeah I can I can do that thank you its gonna take me forever to  __  save ten thousand uh youre such a the imperishable yeah deal okay so I feel like we took a detour there we uh started going down after that mistake that Joe made now were going back up I just want to make that clear but now Joe will need to build his army and push North your generous gift of 1000. all righty welcome to my round let no man say otherwise for it is mine yeah Im gonna move both of my armies towards the back Black Pyramid of nagash just quickly wiped out and then I can just continue against uh nagash look man Im not spending manfreds money Im spending these dirty like extinct lizard peoples money because I murdered them all theyre dead and Im gonna steal the pyramid money from the time I am ready Im ready yeah even I thought they took that land its caving her in the North I think they took uh maybe the top now took it back Helms Deep the brittonian one you offered me they should be giving you an ally oh theyre paying me a ton of money for a non-aggression hell yeah I want to fight your ass anyway they might they might be about to die I want to be desperate oh yeah because because our Kens um armies that are surrounding the batonians okay well Im gonna probably go help him out yeah here are the bertonians El Calabar pools of despair is that where youre headed zero yep to go  __  up Arkham oh attacking ends all year of your movement yes well kind of depending what do you mean I I occupied a city and then so all my movement goes away yes okay unless if youre like a specific character like scar brand where every Victory gives them more campaign movement cool uh  __  Im being attacked from the north by  __  Mash one finger yeah I would just say turtle for now until well this is his main War Boss ier oh hes right there yeah okay I think I might need you right now before you I dont have enough movement uh yeah I know but volcomar the Grim is your main guy thats his main guy we need to we need to counter punch him instead of trying to take land to the Far West let the brooktonians fall Im making a brewery oh Joe wow thank you that really helps the war effort here people need beer beer brewery I like beer Ive got a secondary Army thank you Joe uh uh I can defend AJ in a few days yeah hes got an army thats right below me I need that right now thank you first plan how far is somebody appreciated collecting need a lot of beer there helps okay so Black cover con has been recently renovated I dont need to go for Black Pyramid because theyre not a war with us casualty replenishment to help though if I actually had one of my books I was like beer well thank you salty you get a free beer on me Dwarven beer gonna be beard hairs but youre probably gonna die in bed or Sphinx hell be able to reach your HQ but he wont be able to reach Dumas in one turn three beer thats like the best kind of beer especially if its cold oh your entire territory is a hunt is completely and totally surrounded by Undead now and were going to grab yeah this will be a dead come from well he beat me he got me in time youre gonna need to push him off because Im gonna lose my Lord again Im Im sending him there Im just doing normal sense of them using catch me off guard all right hes mustering another Army and King destruction oh amusement its a big  __  loss for you for them I lost a lot but it was worth it this is where all their  __  was Im gonna cross my second Army towards AJs but I have to take attrition because Alex is the freaking vampires I dont I wont apologize for being a vampire its pretty sweet the Wickers here that costs too much technology recharge the scent of death is strong ending my turn you dont think you can you can get them one-on-one what do you mean heading Dumas right now I I cant reach in one turn okay ending turn your king and plus if even uh even if I could reach like even towards the halfway point and do the risk that he might just attack your HQ so hes a random boost man army just popped up in our lands yeah I saw I wasnt gonna go attack them because they dont seem like theyre going hostile yet Joe are you going north with that Army to meet up with Alex to crush the rest of the uh the tomb Kings are you gonna push Alex I need to push East oh so it depends if you have the ability great if you dont then let me know and I can do that but I just cut them off theyre now separated from their entire they cant Retreat anywhere no the tomb kinks are actually messing with Alex now the sieging uh your latest Conquest thats where my main guy is wait with King passmick yeah oh yeah book I was like massive losses fighting all these castles the beastman declared war on all of us it was just a roaming band of beastmen so yeah they just spawned so I dont which sucks because Im gonna lose a bunch more cities for it unless we can go hit Mash one finger right now you  __  Im not gonna use my canopic jars yet move us zero can you hit Mash right now if you can Im gonna move my Army out before you actually attack or you could just attack right now can you hit him close Victory no no actual casualties oh Im just an auto resolve it perfect then Ill go for the  __  beastman  __   __  he lives Victory but hows that close Victory none of them went below 50 HP I dont know click the thing okay Im just gonna recoup in Dumas and then afterwards I can go against um uh yeah this is gonna be a tough  __  fight during Qatar no were not they should be oh God so him besieging me means what do I have to attack him now you have to or else you kind of lose uh I have like a 50 and I dont do I regenerate my hit points while Im in here no OJ would have to uh send his unit to try to anything how biologists super far because right now its showing me about 50 50 but my units are low on health like low yeah really low oh  __  so I cant Retreat either right I dont know unless you dont have any movement speed I havent moved but Joe needs to come up and help what does the show you have movement yeah movement range 100 135 out of 135. no in terms of like the movement space like how far you can go they usually shows by like a little more yeah a little locked in once youre sieged yeah oh I think you just walked in yeah oh okay why wouldnt I heal because you cant heal because you just take constant attrition while in The Siege thats  __  I think the Army should at least be able to heal all right well we are going to fight as a as a team okay wipe them out oh I went anyway oh you win  __  you oh he must have had no way I have insane spells and my guys level 21. wow yeah yeah if youre gonna have the dragon he uh that puts your um balance of power even my secondary little nekro guy has a level three wins of uh whatever so I wouldnt imagine so it looks like its your day butt fudgers is ready to be recaptured but fudge is ready to be penetrated lets go dont know where those Beast man went they just raised my  __  City and left they just all taped forward out of the game yeah okay its all replenished this what do I need replenished here look I killed so much  __  foreign so the last holdouts in the South are um this yellow lizard man hes got one territory and the High Elves that have three territories otherwise the rest of this is us orange is zero blood red is Alex who was able to counter punch while we were getting our butts kicked in the middle chose White I had all this at one point but from the North and the West they attacked me instead of zero well Im at full strength well have to do a real fight I want to see what these Ive got two  __  Gandalf level Wizards which one the gray or the white uh the white hmm no the inch hasnt been seen yet oh interesting so oh yeah there they are I can attack uh vampire counter marchings soji youre marching North yep are you gonna be able to take butt fudges by yourself I hope so okay Im gonna I have to sit here for two days I cannot draw calls now we go Music yeah I just thought of myself  __  you Beast Man never come back faction destroyed now I have 14 000. thats good okay Im moving my second Army Pastor HQ I also need to trade you back Dumas okay sent the offer okay anyone need money yeah I have money too I uh if you want to do counters and I think you can demand money okay got my kingdom back uh uh what do I need to be focusing on I guess Ill continue these battles in the north this  __  Top Knots Orcs they need to pay and then zero where are you going are you gonna go back to Im regrouping my units to take care of nagash nagash yeah oh my gosh all right so zero is counter punching yellow Im going counter punching in the north against White Im gonna go take my place again hopefully I can take it but fudgers man Im gonna go home and never come back never come back Amendment were gonna need growth because we have lost quite a bit of power ready no I dont have enough money to do that okay and turn its been 13 000. this is the journal finally be able to build my  __  ten thousand dollar Necromancer Tower did I even do anything for you it gives me the ability to recruit like I think theyre called Terror geists and I they sound really cool and theyre a level five unit so wow and this guy said to build too so oh the Virginians what do you want yeah theyre surrounded by nagash they want help us ten thousand but I gotta upgrade this and this costs 16 000. 00 my Journey Begins no that tried buying killer its like a secondary Army about it find me channel  __  oh are you getting butt fudgers no I dont think I am what Ill be there in two days Ill just be there in two days all right Im gonna continue my Siege oh its a major settlement yeah just build uh battering rams and stuff like that and just continue to Siege you can just attrition I can be there tomorrow actually my main force will be there tomorrow to help you thank you continue Siege right yeah yeah continue Sage scores to settle and then you have to build the siege thing do if I if I charge we can just attack it right now though uh wait what repeat if I if you go in I can just help him attack it now it helps with the balance of power yeah I dont know by how much because you technically still need Rams for the major settlement okay well I can be there tomorrow dont put an eye thats the question I mean if they counter attack uh that means that theyre an open ground and you automatically win you could just Auto resolve that so is it hot at the end of my turn yep ending time I still need one of my books I need to get the ancillaries I just got super lucky with Reys dead um some high level units were just having to be in the earth below me um teacher did it sell it whats up Im just trying to get my place back hold on Josef thank you Co-op PVE oh my gosh Mission issue okay so do you need help first uh for scar brands of beach or are you good with your three armies no Im good with my three armors you can take all of your armies and teach uh nagash a lesson followers of lagash like I just said never when I was like go help OJ like what do you mean never follow me is it because OJs technically in the way then I cant attack it from the East whatever I dont actually care oh no I know why because since ojc initiator of the current Siege you just have to be near him when within his little red circle and then youll be able to support him oh you want to do this turn until next turn yeah if hes doing it this turn to smooth him close to um thork got it oh thats a huge Dragon oh its a big  __  dragon all right now go attack it oh yeah  __  him up lets go Music without powers combined yes yes without powers combined Dragon it was mostly OJ the dragon just watched oh okay that that essentially completes that and Im Gonna Keep marching East now and Im the whole Eastern Seaboard will be mine well thats what we were hoping to give to Joe but Joe can March South so his actual main base can connect all the way down Beyond Zeros thing he can actually  __  with the High Elves well they wont be you know like they wont be touching but he can just sure yeah if you dont want to give up all right Id rather run the vampire accounts to go against the hot oh I could definitely give up Lance to Joe thats fine Im gonna continue marching if once he gets up to full strength if he wants to take over what is the vampire Coast ones like lamia and all those ones Ill make it so hes just the front line randomly appeared yes each spawns in the direct South so Im guessing theyre now picking a fight with the high heels hmm theres going to be a couple of turns until they start noticing us I turned Raiders turn ended create a following region uh following enemies of rikeland Im not near any of them oh I have to one of my missions is to actually attack scar Brands a bish sure you can take it and then give it back to me I dont think Ill be able to get there within the turn I mean I would see it if nagash tries to counter attack if they end up doing it then I might not go for it Victorian man holding out against the  __  team surrounding the sweet they gave every now and then theyre like hey you want some money for a non-aggression like Im down proud of those friends nobodys offering me money  __  yeah your uh Army size I got beer I dont want to say whats sad thats the best is it hot why cant I move my units Im curious if the black chair in the Sentinels are Allied with followers of nagash no they aint doing anything theyre just by themselves theyre against the britonians well theyre in the territories of yeah but theyre taking attrition hmm true true Sigma be praised so Im gonna give you Youre Gonna Keep butt fudgers Im Gonna Give You Granite Massif and then Im gonna take maharak and give it to you so youll have those three connected but if you lose them again Im gonna be mad at you if you lose them again again again full stack zinc naval fleet moving out towards the High Elves oh I have to I have to oh I have to go kill this guys ass I have to step over the batonians because I need to grab one ask for military access no no I have military access but I have to do like a huge like weird U-turn after gorgazon this is forbidden goddamn tomb Kings beat your  __  ass Tommy I would rather relive my parents divorce and replay the last of us thats very funny oh man yeah they kind of ruined the story and the characters and when you ruin the story and characters of your face one of your favorite franchises you know its its not good its not a good thing but its also not a good thing when your parents get divorced sometimes its the better to them but yeah ultimately thats the better decisions for you yeah yeah the scheme of Doom perform look at that Dragon man thats  __  sweet okay it wont let me attack them Oh I thought you were gonna go after scarbrands a  __  oh no Im not Im not that close okay Ill go north then because either way I love to grind get your your people over thank you your angry Army what what game do you like to grind in that that name is inspired by and Im gonna give it to you someone give me 200 gold uh I can give you two thousand gold I want 200 goals money 200 gold to build my level five Dark Castle wont allow me to give you diplomacy for whatever reason why I I dont know Im Im literally trying to do things but someones doing something that I couldnt do that I was transferring units but I dont think yes that I think that does it okay okay Im gonna give you six dollars because I have twelve thousand well I have 16 000 I only need 200. uh youre getting more okay okay are you still gonna say no to free gold I just want to hear you  __  about it later Im gonna have three full stacks and two turns and were gonna go North its gonna be a big  __  counter push come on these Orcs have no idea whats gonna happen to him Top Notch Top Knots Orcs got two full Stacks over here yeah I think theyre fighting the Orcs as well they are what are they fighting yeah theyre fighting definitely fighting and the Sentinels yeah Trade Agreement yes thank you give me more free gold the bretonians man they are theyre cool  __  dont dont tell them that maybe eventually its a shame that I have to squish them eventually going to beat their asses I like all the air I can play like that where its like oh you guys are  __  sweet man thank you for helping us something happened I cant give you the castle until my guys are through it because OJ but in like two days Ill give that to you that battle I have like seven Heroes and I dont know if you can take maharak though but you you can check it out they cleared out their forces and hes marching himself but Ill kill Ill have him dead by tomorrow uh full plate okay close to grind whats up okay now I can find it in my turn I mean if you had the britonians help with the Orcs I can just move West yeah all I know is that my wrath is going to be directed at these Orcs the white Orcs Mash fingers or whatever his  __  name Mash one thing uh Mash one finger Tim kings are dead thats the last of them that was the last of the armies and Im about to retool with an even better Army than the one I had before so yeah let all the fake Kings fall to Ash as the one true king Lord Angry Joe rises from the tombs of our ancestors give me money all right moving on now were just got a choice well cannot move why can I not move because I just got a choice check the upper left youll see a flashing bit did that take three turns to go through the marshes three times for yeah Im just gonna go do it again the Black Pyramid s War stinks we gotta get the capital up to level four just not been able to do it because growth turns into a population Surplus were getting no growth yeah if you dont have any like buildings that does growth then it wont do anything okay do you have enough to take that that North one Rock what should they have theyve got 12 Stacks its mostly basic Undead units I think I will I can send my secondary armor there tomorrow if you want to encircle it but I cant do anything if I can figure out diplomacy so growth in the region contributes to all of these cities or is this growth thats 25 and yeah okay so then Ill create growth in other areas and hopefully itll itll help out there okay youre thoric iron brow yep uh Im ready to Granite Massif is the one that Im supposed to give you right yes yeah okay okay I propose an offer where you get something for free fall free whats the cat you catch the little button below it oh it looks like the hails actually pushing back up yeah I dont know if you go back to the main screen like the full all the way back to the main main screen theres a tiny little glowing one click that yeah and then you have to click the name and then you click yeah and then you just accept I refuse hey its yours now white has grown and foul or ball or overwhelming man for its huge its level 24. ready submit to your king in two turns Im gonna go after the block pyramid and deal with the two full stacks two turns one turn Im going north actually Im going north right now and this way youll continue to go up and right because Im gonna stop once I take these undeads out you can go through the the vampire people our Brands a big and then Ill return to the South to murder heils or hopefully weakened after fighting zinch now what are the knights doing the nights are offering me stuff yeah okay now theyre offering you free stuff no yeah military axes and and theyll give you money thats fine theyre nowhere theyre nowhere near you and if they show up and they do something like theyll I swear to God OJ if you decline it was like who do they play war on us jog off lets match one finger nice Alex is exchanging units I only do exchange units next I dont like that it does that for you definitely has something to do with the game engine and because these are interactables that we could fight each other with you defy me their status needs to be updated server side without any changes I suppose or you can do that simultaneously uh all right lets go Etc I need one here one here and I will pull so March again an army North a smaller ish Army but its still beefy enough can you move all the way up or not not this turn okay wait to see are you going north are you going south then Im gonna help OJ finish off these Ive got one Army going north to help OJ cap off the last of his territory I often like the vampire Coast or yeah no the rock is the last one Im gonna help him take and then hes kind of kind of on his own but Im going east to take the two from uh the last two of the Tomb Kings and then Im going south no more random little Mash one fingers is in big  __  trouble no more diversion attention again which Im not far off OJ you should be able to take it right now yeah you should be able to talk too with your support yep E-Z  __  Mach Rock is now other Joes now you have all your pla your stuff back OJ yes you got two two kingdoms two kingdoms make sure youre doing the uh what is it kind of institution Commandments Constitution Constitution same thing uh Im gonna trade Gore gazan since Im not gonna be Im not in that area anyways foreign get the Black Pyramid which is going to give me a lot of stuff oh  __  I hope that doesnt put me in conflict with bertonians theres a britonian guy roaming over here because they were battling no we have military access so we should be fine yeah all right unless if I read war on them were only Auto resolving when its you know an actual stump theres no reason to yeah when you play like game like this you cant do every single battle with four players it would be miserable do you guys do meet and greets or convention appearance we do we stop doing it because you know coveted and stuff but uh you know thats its well be getting back out there been a fan since Mass Effect two thank you so much for watching for so long appreciate those that and the support and I remember those days Im looking forward to a new Mass Effect I hope they dont end Andromeda it but I would love to see a live-action TV series at one point I thought Henry Cavill was attached to one of those um but I guess no now hes doing 40K but I think somebody else should should do a mass effect maybe HBO now that they see how popular theyre The Last of Us series is maybe it can result in Future video game series uh being done and do it more like uh Last of Us instead of Halo and we should be good I wonder if season two are gonna like  __  Halo season two will correct hard probably not because that ship is really slow Pro if they did correct hard it would be season three if they make just in the first episode in the first five seconds the first episode Quan dies you just like shot in the head hey they did it in GI Joe yeah they did everyone involved in the first movie got violently murdered oh  __  this  __  came after me he was like lets go and I said no  __  you ought to resolve you  __  are defeated and killed Mash one finger that should actually I dont wanna I dont I dont wanna do any treasury any money I need money Empire  __  getting real dont you do it protonians I look in the brittonians are gonna try to capture this area bow before your king dont do it Britannia youre gonna  __  start a war with me what the  __  is he doing he sees a free its gonna happen isnt it I dont think theyre gonna go to war no its just theyre gonna cap theyre gonna hit that place and capture it and then Im not gonna be able to capture it because so Im gonna start over with bertonia if you capture it no no no that I was gonna say wait until the Orcs are completely dead then do that fine Ill ask them nicely to give it to me okay Im declaring war on the gosh are you winning son Valium defeats still how far do you think well see Henry cavills live action 40 yeah 45 years uh three three years yeah three years at the fastest continue to Siege I wonder if I can bug out the game because I can cast Reys dead a billion times with my three different dudes you know what why is it called that those are good morning yes Steve is done okay I can occupy this before he does no dont do it um get out of here batonian did you do it did you kill him no you lost now Im just continuing Siege because right now theyre just having two of the full stacks and the capital gear I have a third Army thats next to you at the angry Empire headquarters do you need my help are they able to move close enough I think so I mean I could you I could do it now or we could do it in one turn Ill have five more units in one turn all right scar Brands and fish I need def Gorge okay um shout out to Alex and OJ they totally deserve a raise Tommy Savage thank you for the biddies and then Tommy Savage again with more biddies he says uh are you guys going to review atomic heart when it comes out Im excited for that it looks like a mix of a Bioshock and Fallout yes we have been waiting for that one a long time I think its a Russian game so its taken a while I think the war had affected it um but it looks very interesting our game they were rushing theyre kind of going kind of slow huh economy not doing uh too well maybe uh maybe they should not attack a fellow country okay are you gonna can you go north and take that town I can Im just replenishing right now Im hoping that they attack an open space yeah a lot of them are injured you guys okay yeah yeah oh um back to the forges when that one there werent healing on this one oh interesting yeah it wasnt letting me heal I had to move them back Im leaving my secondary Army here its its okay but itll help you like keep this area secure but Im taking lamia which is the natural choke point is gonna be ready the most important thing oh lets see if Nick gash actually attacks me I dont think oh good Black Pyramid one yeah theyre the Sentinels he has two stacks verse your two stacks I think hes gonna stay at Christian I think hes gonna stay put well move up my other guy up north and help out oh thats why Alex is uh plague uh vampires is on the Black Pyramid wow uh he might have done it previously 100 he might have captured it previously protect them yeah but there were multiple vampires here in the middle at the beginning but what the  __  just happened to that place oh they upgraded I upgraded it oh wow the wild Hunt begins what is this The Witcher or or I and the King of the Woods be kind of wild Hunt here Im gonna move my Army uh within range just in case you do any attacking or whatever it will help you so lets make a bush there and then we can also in there dude Valley defeat oh youre not even involved into it why why I thought Im close enough can only two armies support is it only two on two let me try something so dont use them here and then I will cleanse them oh no its because its a stupid circle of influence or well I dont even know it worked that time no no the Empire you cant move through your own armies Joe is not at War oh Im not at war with him I need to declare war with them first hold on oh let me uh um is there a quick way to double click on them and then I did double click there it goes uh without desire more has been declared all right me try now lets do we only need to feed what the  __  how powerful are these  __  oh hes got three full Stacks with us yeah just have your guy in an encamped stand for then he doesnt get too much attrition I I cant oh no Im saying for like next to him because its only gonna do minimal damage now but next turn you can put him in a cam stand so then you can just recreate the uh Sands I dont have encamped Ive got Ambush rating regeneration I dont have enables replenishment and access to the global okay I guess that one then how is this guy so powerful thats why nobody has been able to take that do it do you do you want me to bring my  __  armies my other armies to  __  Im just gonna try to Stave them out hopefully they counter attack so that way theyre out of the um out of the base because thats what how many arms how many single armies can contribute to the battle a lot more I think more depending on how many stacks that you well then Im gonna go and  __  bring some more stacks because we just need to get rid of the Black Pyramid of nagash turn I mean if if they attack uh after this turn ready that helpful its a lot more this false King needs to fall I mean originally there were all places you like to eat so it makes sense what happened OG just named his new city anus oh my goodness on the East Coast penis anus butt fudgers any more juice Bonnie why is it named fawny you already named Sonic Sonic Music draw calls foreign did you guys hear about Neil drugman hinting at the last of us three if so would you guys review it when it comes out honestly I remember like two Im gonna pass uh yeah well definitely really yeah there we go wait oh okay apparently hes not attacking you but hes attacking me oh okay I involved and I lose all my units do it do it you can replenish them Ill protect you Ive got two armies around you one Army there and one Army coming I kind of want to fight this because like otherwise I lose everything okay sure yeah I mean yeah you dont want to lose everything get up and stretch anyway yeah all right be right back its a Zeros playing by himself sick Im facing 4 000 units 5 000 units 2 000 units versus five thousand chat who do you thinks gonna win foreign Music we won because were the best Music Im back it gets hot in here because theres no thermostat in here oh well relate to you so from a lady howd you got this eight years 11 months George Music 140 Music thats dedication right there yeah thats great Im struggling this is my third week going to the gym but Ive been consistent no theyre just gonna keep running away  __  Music I think its one of the things that the game engine was being really kind to zero and giving him the victory because hes got a lot of  __  reinforcements coming less than a minute foreign yeah unicorn not even a year closing in on it oh this is gonna be well now youve got the overwhelming number Advantage you just need to do something for like 10 seconds and do something with it Music uh thats right a month with us feels like several months Tommy I like to see youre talking about songs yes surrender or why you still can kill his General Music internet no Music thank you oh my God and which one is which oh there we go 2000 Health hes not losing any all right I was losing a little bit Im trying I was trying to look for my hero that uh reduces his armor by how did you bait them into bringing one Arrow stupid AI is almost always 11 000 listen to them Music hes fading and on fire enemy reinforcements just one look at a big ass battle nice you form your Lines Just in Time you pull them backs and I can get all my units being able to fire they have the higher ground run away I do thank you go Skelly boys no these are all my rivals they need to die theyre all standard infantry theyre gonna break pretty easy oh my God where the  __  is my ethereal I should like go through like 30 different years try to figure out where my one unit is got a hero King but most in your background kicking ass you got dudes in the back and dont do anything cavalry yeah because Im activating a bunch of spells and stuff to help with the battle Yeah yeah were in Co-op foreign Music archers or any enforcements coming this guys on the back line aint doing  __  actually no yeah Applause on the Left Flank foreign Ill get these guys to reform the line at the back take them with the flank Ive got a captain get in The Fray on your Left Flank yeah wheres my boy okay they are using Dark Forces against the enemy sorcery fire my goddess sigmas God alright your free company militia armed firing they probably cant yeah I think I may have to narrow them so then they can actually get a thing sometimes they just dont fire even if Im clicking it is against sigmas teachings Vortex spell that mid end nice oh Music I got some cheeky archers over here all right holy  __  is that more reinforcements holy  __  I didnt think they had that many I thought that was the extent of the reinforcements it was over you got some ustavi multiple gustavi oh  __   __  four units of gustavi youre  __  up one uh two three four and cavalry oh but you know what theyre theyve kind of exhausted their army in the front so you oh my God theres so many people coming oh and these are  __  room guard these are their Elites oh theyre all tomb guard what the  __  where the  __  did they get these this is their man their  __  Elite Army oh  __  good luck Music quickly can can  __  reform the lines become the ustavi praise yourself Music Applause oh  __  theyre in panic mode thank you and I have an army around you does this support you Applause I thought there we are if youre in camps do you get to support or no I guess not Im Im beneath the sands is that arrange phenomenal thank you sorry thats where that is while youre handling the Wu stop the good with all these guns very well I think that youve actually managed to stop their counter charge and youre youre turning the battle wood are these catapults yeah screaming incredible you got this its over you need to get rid of the catapults because thats the only thing thats screwing pumping up Buffs ready Music I cannot abide this we are Mere Men yeah bigger nutrition done you only lost 900. thats uh thats well I didnt lose a single stock versus the auto result which would have done what it would have removed all my infantry and only left me with Heroes you killed five thousand for 900. yeah but they were scaling 10 so they didnt have meat they were skeletons meaning theyre weak and then his army was primarily ranged which the AI has issue with thats just very powerful in Total War Warhammer your whole Army could  __  fire yeah see I was right here how many did I lose yeah I only lost one uh actual Battalion but it was only for flagellants so you you did lose one stack yeah I only no I only lost one um oh flat one unit mileage flatulence bookmarked 37 000 damage 37 uh volkar my legendary hero yeah Spartan coin thank you the best part from working his homes I can watch these streams well thank you for watching us thank you for you know tuning in while youre doing that I appreciate that over here Alex is doing something Im finishing off the the Eastern Kings faction destroyed Sentinels destroy them waiting to treat you this time  __  you lost to my secondary Army and is that you should feel bad does that faction destroyed faction destroyed the false kings in the east now the only tomb kings that remain are yellow great desert of Arabi the Western Kings oh this is a four stack I actually have to take the the top okay okay so Im gonna go take lamia OJ smell nope you just get strong all right Im going to take death Gorge ous so what are you doing zero are you retreating back home uh Im just getting them there to recoup it it only takes one turn for my one Army to recoup I could just actually should I hit the Black Tower of Arkham I can I could just attack it right now because they basically everyones full health right now so Auto resolve why can I auto resolve oh because its a major okay fine I need to get a better and run for the emperor Ill move my forces in range one two three four who shot these two guards there and turn I should level up every single unit after that battle yeah its probably quite a bit of leveling was done pillar of bone a powerful storm magic once whipped up a great Arcane fulcrum from the ground a supernatural pillar seemingly made of solid bone I may just its atop it can still harness a glimmer of power ing the future or plucking lost knowledge of the past so what the  __  completely ruined all of these territories do you see up in the Mysteries they even wiped the map from Of the Goblins because this was the goblin stronghold and some Orcs green screens so the this those are scaven theyre hiding maybe I dont know I would have to check if they have corruption or Death kill yes oh yeah it could be climb Moors skaven live under the city so they so they just raised the cities on top and then go under yes oh  __  so this is all skaven I hate  __  escaping but Valiant defeat what the hell is this I dont believe you lets do it at all oh they have hex Rays Calvary armor piercing ethereal causes Terror hex right is that even a  __  unit apparently they do  __  I Ive never built one lets see what they do in battle Alex oh Im sorry yeah shop these so I dont have volkmar in this one so a lot of my damage dealing is going to be mitigated oh wonderful why why you bring your shitty Army when Im here instead of your good army  __  Valiant defeat oh oh wait theyre getting two Army backups on the initiator okay foreign yeah Im gonna play it safe and then just uh just wait for you to arrive killed this guy one minute 30 seconds cities of Sigmar three exit I know you can use that  __  gross huh broadcaster scarabs bye bye 30 seconds look at the false King your skellies might have to take hunt my range unit goes around to flank them with the damage I saw all the Sun theyre probably going to be more aggro towards us we can just try this for the time we can set up our positions since they have a hex arrays do we have a lot of spearmen yep I have three I have six okay and then you just uh play this defensive like uh box it and just have like the Spearman covered around the front and sides or just make me decide so then they dont flank I have arrived let the scale these through we are your allies boys gross that spellcaster is going to have like 130 000 total damage theyre staying put yeah Im moving up theyre marching they have a teams then foreign yeah thats what I thought Im reacting with the Spearman Music foreign wow they made you may get them completely by themselves x-ray its on the right Ill give my spare units to cover the right flank blast them why are you no shooting zero why is there no shooting from your  __  guys God damn it could have to be angled for that one also Im trying to get my covering of the ethereals its really nice of them just to stand there and undie you know on that Hill theyre waiting for their other buddies to show up oh here they go oh prepare to receive a charge Spearman who stopped the get in there Applause foreign oh my God can you do something with your uh your forces here I think our Left Flank is fine get this blob to do something oh theyre dealing with the YouTube teeth that are on the left side oh I got a tomb scorpion Im living King animals  __  the way to deal with these  __  arms foreign I want to get rid of their backline archers who shot me Im gonna have my handgun as focus on their lord they fixed me who came off Majesty oh  __  dude some spearmint in the very back yeah okay  __  I dont have any more its up to you zero 70 more deaths 30 more deaths for another unit of boost oh I cant summon why not so many units to drain over time yes I know that five out of 500 needed for the next ability well then give it to me I know I have summoned them more than use is zero I guess I could only use it one time huh thus far Ive used it multiple times in past battles again mine will be done very much Im on his hero wheres his Carolina Music oh there we go disintegrating easy its a big fight all right well the false kings in the East dead false kings in the middle dead these are the Western Kings and they have been crippled two stacks down as I was with my third the third Army yeah the  __  is that um the green flag okay why does this look like oh okay just from the coloring but its still in the gash okay smash one fingers what do you want it was literally at war with everybody oh now they want to be streaming you can go  __  yourself Mash one fingers youre dead you will die huh so the britonians want to go into a defensive Alliance yeah because then eventually you can maybe Confederate with them and take take them over peaceful okay I like them and I want them to live you can always break it in the future if it doesnt work out oh  __  what the  __  my Dynasty Reigns Supreme is there any way to guarantee that so like I I want to attack this Castle I guess Im technically in the which one my circle of influence for my dragon is technically in the circle of influence for the castle I just want to make sure both armies can fight I agree uh it depends how oh youre trying to attack with odd hurt yeah um I mean it should uh try to bring Manfred as close as he can and then you can initiate with oddheart thats as close as manager can get even on marched well I guess oh if I yeah because hes not initiating himself yeah it wont let me get me any further oh uh I mean if anything um you could just Retreat from the battle and then you have movement speed on the next turn especially with little yellow assist one okay Mount gang Chariot of the Gods youre just like on the cusp of um I dont like I like that one it doesnt look like even though theyre like right next to each other it doesnt look like they have much but I dont want to die  __  it well now let me auto resolve what why I dont know grayed out is it a major settlement oh its a major settlement thats why you need to build Siege Towers in order for it to actually do that because it wont count your regular units into it so if they counter-attack you its gonna be on open ground so thats gonna be a easy Auto resolve putting me a zombie okay Joe whats your status alive yes yes and how goes your War efforts strengths I can move up move to the east you guys gonna review Resident Evil 4 remakes this time yeah Music Tommy also had a last last of us three pitch Joe comes back from the dead as a guitar playing zombie a guitar playing zombie and defeats the pandemic to the power of music like it its uh I just take over no I I was curious if they would go that route uh with the whole Joel Zombie Thing against Ali but um that could actually be like a good DLC it would just be like the reverse of the Red Dead one yeah but that theyre not gonna do that because thats not how I die but you know it could be a choice that maybe they make in the TV show if they want to kind of change things around but they uh The Walking Dead um doto game where they have uh where they had to leave to turn into a zombie and then Clementine had to shoot himself what Joe says hes hungry oh you havent uh you have penis and anus arent you more satisfied Venus and and your penis anus butt fudgers macronos kfg all right I got two full  __  regions so I can do a second commandment yeah I got two reasons right now thanks to Alex healed little uh uh and me protecting you and losing my whole  __  main Force I lost my main Force too foreign okay get over some badass feel gross Im worried about the escape and uh right here no uh starting a war with this I guess are we already at war with this game yeah no theres no oh yeah there it is that war was escaven  __  all right and turn all right last turn and then well save were pretty good I hope this gave him doing a tackle right now whos that skaven the skaven will be our next David goal are you being attacked no okay ooh Carl France wants to give me money thank you Carl France campaign against the catacomb dwellers in the north yeah will be waged by Alex other Joe and me while zero isnt going to so youre probably going to race uh brittonia wants to talk Trade Agreement sure just stay right there  __  floating village sunken its not a resolve this one more followers of nagash meet their end forward does the silver host going to die obliterate oh wait no I dont want to see each how do I kill them it will be a mass grave oh it wont let me fight them do you not have a Siege equipment oh I guess its done next turn yeah you have to build them yeah so after when at least one of Siege equipment is built then yeah then it doesnt automatic embrace iron I finally got iron all right I guess one more turn since Alex needs one turn for his Siege gold I have Music I have 22 000 Jesus Christ yeah I I could use two thousand I only have one thousand gold payments offer payment attacker give you 1 400. okay sending notification tried demand uh try demanding me gold and see if you can click on the pending notification try demanding gold yeah no its gonna put us a war no no you just demand gold and then it would just tell me Music I demand 2 000 gold proposed offer Give Me 2 000 gold yeah there we go okay so thats how were gonna have to trade gold then from now on yeah because demands could be anything and gifts are restricted yep okay the barrier Idols is mine the land of dead is mine and were gonna work on this one marshes of Madness and then help in the skaven extermination campaign yes Joe and Alex are gonna wage but now Alex is destroying the last of the vampires the Lesser Vampire whos leading The Siege Alex now the correct guys Leading The Siege because he couldnt reach last turn which is what I was gonna do with the other guy but its fun I just killed them thats fine faction destroyed the silver host have been obliterated okay all right well I think thats a good uh stopping point let me hit the save button here well hit twitch six all right literally its gonna Steamroller and I guess Ill just ready up since theres one more ready here well see what happens that we deal with next time so uh from 278 fractions to 118. disabled cable it has been fun yeah it got it fixed two thousand versus five thousand and uh Alex it got to get huge tracts of land he really got his penis yeah originally Alex is kind of landlocked right here in the middle uh but when we started Waging War in the mountain pass we needed somebody to come around the back and Alex came around they want see they all who they want beer oh nice wow all right well thats the map then uh so Im baby blue uh the Land of the Dead and the barren Idols are mine Joe is white here uh I guess he has the Sirens band The Worlds Edge Mountains and the uh dual s black I cant  __  see  __  there but Alex is this blood red color and then zero is this orange Devils Backbone Devils Backbone and then you have uh one faction of lizards in the South uh that are still remaining and High Elves holding on to the South uh who recently were were attacked by zinc but overcame zinch you have some false uh tomb Kings here to the West this other yellow color and then britonia who have become our fast allies and our defensive allies and now buying beer from Joe and then youve got uh this white and this oh what do you call that cream those are some Orcs And then finally here all of these ruins are probably infested with rats skaven which are likely going to be our next Target for the war and just if youre curious these red hands those are Orcs a massive orc horde and above them some dwarves so the classic orc dwarf Wars are probably going on right there in the North and then that peeking at that these are uh uh vampire uh Pirates right there the Empire Coast all right guys well thank you all so much for watching and hanging out with us tonight this was a lot of fun um and we will see you tomorrow bye guys bye guys bye everybody oh how to transfer all steam games to another drive Broadcasted live on Twitch -- Watch live at 👕Our New Shirts/Stickers ► 💥Patreon ► 🔥YT Join 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