This Incredible Mod Overhauls The Garrison System - Immortal Way Warhammer 3 - Mod Review

Most demanding game on steamseafood steamer pots Total War: WARHAMMER III review hello everyone and welcome back to the Great Book of grudges my name is Nathan and today were going to be discussing a rather essential mod to be honest you see Garrisons four tilt to war Warhammer 3 arent very good and this has been very noticeable as youre trying to play more and more campaigns certain garrisons for certain races like you know nergo norska hell even sometimes the Empire just feel a bit too weak you can see this here its a very basic Garrison you know its nothing too special but this is what you normally build and yeah you want to start expanding but the problem is that given the AI right now yeah youre going to be dealing with a lot of enemies a lot of them are going to be declaring war on you and you want to have at least some decent defenses especially now since the system for settlement battles has changed where early on now youre forced into land battles and youve got loads of enemies around and you know the AI is very aggressive now and this is the perfect example this is turn 17 and playing as Carl friends and look how many factions Ive already Declan War me these arent generally the enemies I want to deal with I want to start moving into mariamberg I want to start uniting the Empire getting rid of the vampire counts but now already bretonian factions are declaring warn me and when I further tested this more brittonian factions were declaring war on me I dont want to deal with bretonia thats a faction that were generally on good terms with so why do I have to fight him and obviously now I want to focus elsewhere but I want to leave a little bit of a defense behind I cant really have many armies so this is where this mod comes into effect zobazs greater garrisons a Garrison overhaul mod which Im thinking is probably never going to leave my load order unless creative assembly fixed the Garrison issue where now youll start to see loads of different buildings these are the basic military ones offering a extra unit sometimes too depending on what faction youre playing so youve got bigger garrisons naturally but it starts to get even better as you start expanding into the other buildings so not all the buildings will offer better garrisons but the grand majority of them will offer new units for new Garrison so this means that you can get stuff from your infrastructure buildings from your landmarks from your ports from your Advanced military and your defensive buildings and your basic actual Garrison stuff is just literally a bit better as you start expanding through it and I feel like this is just making the game a little bit better so with the mod turned on you can already start to see some changes around and this is really really good this means that you have nice 20 Stacks but with some better units its yeah you can see Ellie heart is just pretty decent Ubers Reich is obviously pretty good anyway because its Ubers Reich grumberg is at the most basic form but its already getting some better units you know weve got a unit of handgun as there it just adds into having a bit more defensive line so you dont always have to focus on the Garrison building at least early on on those cities that you just want to focus economically youll still have a few better units and I think that that really does help lets not focus on the ones that are generally okay when it comes to garrisons well they could be better hence the mod but lets focus on stuff like norska for example noska have no walls you cant build walls and Norse gets your culture thing and its a bit of a annoying thing because it makes you more susceptible to attacks especially since the AI will generally try to focus you because of anti-player bias so being able to get a bunch of units through all these different buildings will make your garrisons a lot better and hell you kind of need that because youre running less armies since they got nerfed with the economy recently now you at least have a little bit more defensive Force so you can focus your attentions on going out there and doing more damage I feel like thats kind of important for noska and theres nothing more annoying than when youre starting to go into brittonia all the Empire to lay waste to them and then siegwald or malice or anyone else up north decides yeah youre the problem now for some reason despite the fact that youre actually you know supposed to be in good terms well not with malice but you know what I mean so you can already start to see some changes I mean its not a lot because its only turned 10 but just getting a few extra units here and there is great and it just makes it feel like youre a little bit more defendable I mean its not going to help that much early on but later on it will the fact of the matter is this is something that is kind of needed I believe all the total Wars kind of did this right its one of those things that uh Im not sure if we lost or not so every race and faction and also the AI does benefit from this so some settlements that you do attack are going to be a bit harder however the race and faction that benefits this for the most part Id say more than anyone else is cool gath and nurgle lets be honest cool gav uh is Garrison suck um the faction does need a bit more help than most but this actually makes it a lot more fun as youre able to kind of move out there you know this is a faction that infinitely you can get no walls right you dont really get good minor settlements you well you get nothing essentially this is a faction that really suffers defensively which is weird considering that its a snuggle but you know you get a bunch of new units here with your defensive area and I think this is pretty cool because what it does is it makes use of the cycle so early on the cycle uh say for example if you have the plague Bearer building itll give you plague bearers but if it gets to the cycles of exalted plague bearers it will switch that out for exalted Pike bearers and I think thats freaking awesome and it adds in a lot of flavor because it still stays with a core mechanic of noble without switching anything out maybe this is something that should be done vanilla style because I think this is pretty cool rather than getting a basic Garrison building although you know a Garrison building that has a few different benefits would in general be kind of nice so already you can notice some big changes for the nurgle garrisons and it just makes life a lot easier I think my next campaign is actually going to be with hookah for this mod as it just feels like Im going to be able to defend a bit more and look lets be honest right early on with cool Gap youre fighting against the skaven faction youre fighting against ogres youre fighting against uh Hellman ghost then imrick decides to show up Cafe decides to declare war on you you are very much surrounded all sides this is why AI wise his faction doesnt actually last that long so theres some details in the mod page which are as follows military and economic buildings now provide one extra Garrison unit based on the building type so depending what building you have this is going to get you a bit of a stronger unit sometimes a bit weaker but its still an extra unit anyway more bodies right Villages and cities now have two more units in their main Garrison so already youre getting a little bit of a bonus there and defensive buildings now have a public order bonus so yeah this is going to be quite good and two extra elite units so overall youre getting a lot of benefits again the AI will also make use of this so yeah Siege battles and just in general battles that are attacking settlements with or without uh a settlement battle itself if it just goes to a land battle yeah theyll be longer theyll actually be longer but youre gonna get a bigger battle and you know big battles are cool because this is total war and you just want to see the monsters do some cool shits because I mean thats what I want to see anyways the mod itself is just amazing Ive only been playing for a few hours and I can notice a bit of a difference maybe some of you wont be able to notice a bit of a difference until you start uh you know progressing for a campaign and stuff but it is something that I just find essential for a quality of life mod and yeah so by the way it doesnt work in multiplayer at the moment um it doesnt work it sometimes does this is from the monitor itself but if youre playing by yourself you know this is great the mod itself can be found found in the description below let me know what you guys think about this in the comments below and its not a bit of a discussion I know that the Garrison thing has been a bit of a heated debate recently but its something that creative assembly needs to address thankfully we do have some mods that can fix that but this should be something that I would hopefully see in vanilla in the future anyways until then I shall see you all again very very soon have a good day benefits of steam facial How I never spoke about this mod is beyond me. 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