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Lost judgement steamhow to downpatch steam games TOWER OF FANTASY welcome to the video optimize your daily 2.2 patch new parts new mini games so its good to refresh this topic and help new players plus we have a free new weekly mission that you may miss and they give Mira and all Vera coins and we have some new tricks that they may speed up your daily but before we go few seconds silence for rest in peace grappling gun foreign Music foreign Music first we do the laser Corridor and there will be some tricks to speed up after that we go straight to the Wing store mini game like we know to have easy life on the laser minigame we need to enter with the mount and the mount Works lets take a practice at the beginning and may not work all the time since you need to do almost perfect frame press V and F almost in the same time V button slightly faster that F and then we can enter the mini game with some glitch its good glitch and now its your time to claim all daily rewards and activity daily tasks from Asperia crew daily Mia and bygone if this is the first day of the week after youre done we are going to trick number one we need 55 points to stop laser minigame and let me know if you end up minigame on the mount you will get camera glitch and its hard to control so we are forced to cancel the mount cannot enter the mount again need to run or walk but if we cancel the mount in mini game then we have no longer get camera glitch so the trick is we need to cancel the mount on the 54 laser and try the Dodge last if you do this trick now without camera glitch we can enter Mount again and drive quickly to next minigame on this mini game no tricks we need to fly to the end and get minimum 21 points after youre done fly up top to the next floor and we can go straight to the mini game number three make sure you have a free elements for this mini game need to be flame Frost and vault just need 60 points and when youre done with that number you may stop and slowly go for it dont go too far once were done with Elemental Magic Box we are going for next two mini games the Rhythm score with one trick and Ball Toss with one tip for this mini game the best weapon is Samir just stand from the side and shoot near the line trick here is to get 50 points and stop and move forward to next to minigame down and wait for remaining time once were done we can jump straight away to the next minigame in this one you can only speed up if you have a clear shot I recommend for the middle one once we done fly up for the taxi now on the 2.2 patch we will get three new weekly Mission so well be going to miroria security Force to grab the mission and then move to the next minigame this route is only for your first day of the week which will be Monday most of the time so once you activate free Mission take taxi and we go to next mini game box all next day we skip this part and we take in the taxi straight to the next minion game this free weekly Mission are usually killed the monster or help NPC with some tasks they are random and we can get 150 meter and 50 all Vera per each Mission so death revolve that will be in total 450 meter and 150 all Vera weekly for the next game strongly recommend 3 star cube box Relic this is the hardest minigame and we need some strategy dont throw all boxes to teleport since they teleport randomly we need to reduce RNG and when we look on the map green zone is closed and well do the green boxes without teleporter so we can reduce RNG since the purple is far well do with the teleporter when we start Focus only on the green boxes group up them and then we can use Relic two times then we go back and throw five portable to teleporter when we done we back to the green and we push them again with the Relic since the cooldown from The Relic should be back here I should just wait this 5 seconds and finish green but then I went for pupu and get confused and we lost few seconds but thats fine we have plenty time once were done with the green we focus on the Rest by purple Im doing the strut all the time and work fine need very very unlucky if you dont make in time once were done we continue and jump down and keep left on the map next to minigames are easy and simple by the way if you need some help with the red necklace I mark it on location for the new map all red necklace are very high in the air so be ready to fly a lot you will find many useful information there this is interactive map Link in description this mini game just need flight through the Rings once youre done for the next make sure you have a range weapon Sameer is the best once youre done with all mini games finish are your daily task and Mission job done thats all for this video no more grappling gun but well get in the future at least and she is worth to get one copy for exploration thank you guys for watching see you on the next one bye how to link psn to steam New Tricks For All Minigames 2.2 Patch. 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