welcome to canada

Oculus on steamsteam kale in microwave TROVE game there we go I thank you YouTube for being super slow you know what I always forget I should be linking back to this guys Channel whenever Im listening to his Tunes Music hey guys what up Music finally had time for a stream Im sorry Im like pitch white but uh its I have my camera set up most of all for the darkness of the night um and we got lots and lots of snow here so its super duper uh bright because of all the snow yeah this is fairy fountain this is a game chops they got Zelda and chill one two and three which well be listening throughout the stream its some of my favorite Lo-Fi uh Nintendo remixes um but yeah well be doing um some of the event stuff today uh hopefully some of the five-star uh dungeon stuff because we got our weekly reset I want to stream more stuff today but I cant promise you anything things have been like super duper busy for us and today if you guys didnt check my community post earlier uh it snowed super duper crazy and so I was trying to take the wife to work and then we ended up getting stuck uh thankfully we had some nice people help push us out but then we kind of pressed on and then we saw like a lot more people getting stuck and it was like yeah screw this and we just turned around and went home so hmm oh hey spooky also yeah hi guys yeah yeah Canada is a lot blockier um than you might remember thats most of all just because like its because our brains kind of just the maple syrup mess with us is your blood maple syrup I dont understand oh right I forgot yeah in most countries you guys call it blood we call it maple syrup so yeah that totally makes sense what the heck is this wait why do I have gifts here can they spawn off pinatas okay weird but whatever oh man I I feel like I havent played in so long Ive been so busy with things wait no someone stole the NPC where is he oh there he is Im so surprised they havent patched that actually no Im not surprised at all yep I hear you random user about the boomeranger rework I know its not for everybody it like thats the thing right is it rework in my opinion needs to be something that is just outright better but the boomeranger one is like just on the cusp of like its technically better but is it funner you know its just weird excuse me uh Christmas sweater should be on the site did you not see it quack yeah Ive been trying to order one for myself too but Ive been so busy I keep forgetting to I need to order it before its gone yes my own merch it will disappear on me uh you know what Ill do you a quick solid and Ill just there we go Ill set up a couple shop items and Ill pin that one uh keep in mind the pins sweater it might be in the wrong size so just go to the link and then you should be able to adjust the size but yeah I really gotta I really gotta order myself one I gotta order the flux shirt too and Im not just saying this to plug my merch like I genuinely want to order it uh pretty soon probably like in January Ill put up a shirt of the new logo but its still going through some finalization Music but I do appreciate that youre looking to buy one quack because that shirt took me like a whole day to make I hope it turns out I really do I cant tell like the quality until it arrives though um how much is your Mastery Rank lets see whats my Mastery Rank at uh 876 with my Mastery or Trove Mastery being 775. hey Spyro uh Spyro is such a good game thats the plan for next year by the way guys I Ive been installing emulators and stuff Im Im gonna be playing a lot more retro games next year and going back to my roots Im trying to look for a Mario 64 mod dont tell anybody I said that though wait product is no longer available what the hell yeah I see that too what blasphemy oh spring why is this store like so bad ultimately like it always just it screws with my merch so much without like saying anything to me its so frustrating all right Im Ill take a quick peek and see if I can resolve this right now but otherwise this might be a problem that Ill have to uh yell at tech support again and tell them hey stupids think whats happening is um because Ive Ive dealt with this in the past I think whats happening is the Teespring bot like think of YouTube spot where it like Flags content but like even worse so it just goes like wait a minute today youre in the top 96.93 of creators on Spring oh my God guys I sold like two things Im Im doing so good on Spring Music BS like what are they talking about Music where the heck wait why did it disappear wheres my sweater oh my God these idiots yeah Ill have to do that after Im sorry guys Ill try and sort that out today I hate Teespring so much man yeah its just outright gone like the merch isnt even in my listings anymore which means I would have to like re-upload it this happened with the Crim son merch as well where it just disappeared and I thought maybe because the red it thought it was blood or something so it just naturally like the bot got rid of it but where the heck is my freaking well thank you guys for bringing that to my attention Ill try and resolve that okay uh we gotta do these quests make a snow press donation okay cool here we go lets donate both of those well open up some boxes today as well excuse me um Music wait what thats what the new chaos Just Ally does wait oh my God that thing is cursed dude good Lord Im gonna go craft that right now actually uh yeah Spyro I remember playing at least the first Spyro remaster like it came with like all the Spyro games remastered but I didnt play through all of them uh uh where was I going what was I just about to do I was about to make that stupid Ally Music not mounts right they got it all categorized now ew oh what even is this thing all right fine well look at me bat an eyelash to that price oh Im so glad credit pouches were so overpriced wow thats so fun can you stop reopening the same category oh my God my wild cupcakes no Music wait really can you guys confirm um does the skill tree sincerely crash for Xbox and Playstation because Im curious just because usually the fundamental problems like that are on PlayStation but not Xbox Music so what Victoria is saying that would follow true uh can you guys let me know use the Grand orery in your Club world and then does it work and then can you use it because it might be messed up in the hub yeah youre not running into the issue so I figured as much because usually its a PlayStation issue because they dont know how to convert this game to the OS so yeah that sucks though man I I cant believe that they just let it go in like such a you know such a broken state for you guys but I mean its there so we cant complain right what are the stats on this thing youre right what zero Max Energy Zero movement speed zero jump 65 stability so adorable and such a punchable face yeah I like that description whoa Music five will be fine because it loads things faster because the hard drive so that makes sense but yeah thats thats pretty brutal yikes um you can get a higher level than 30 man thats paragon levels it doesnt really do anything uh paragon levels is once you get a class to max level which is still 30 you stop getting stats and then you will um you will continually get resources for every certain Paragon level amount and that can craft a bunch of paragon items thats basically it its just more mastery Music its nothing super special hmm but yeah I love the fact that theres infinite levels in Trove like legitimately um I just wish that it was a little bit more under control or not under control I wish it was a bit more useful lets say that oh yep you know what maybe maybe that was their big brain plan theyre gonna sell uh a trove version of the PS5 and new Xbox thats their plan guys because thats the only way that you can actually run Trove that explains why the skill tree isnt even on Nintendo switch because uh it is not functional Canada and Europe sure right I dont understand but I hope you guys have all been doing good uh Ive been doing like theres just been so much stuff off camera like I got all my um I packed all my Dragon Ball figures that were beside me theyre all packed up ready to go uh we bought some stools the other day you know Mark has been doing a lot of browsing on like Facebook Marketplace so we can buy some used stuff and Im not getting bored you guys with the details but Im just saying that its just been so busy I havent been able to stream and even today technically because Marios got the day off like I was actually going to dedicate quite a bit of time to streaming today but you know Im gonna chill with the wife and the dogs Im not saying I wont stream uh later but for right now were getting this out of the way and then were gonna take the dogs into the snow and go chill and stuff yep Canadas next to Germany sure whatever you guys say man Im not a Im not an orthodontist so I dont know where anything is on the map Im just a guy hi guys whats going on lets lets also wish you guys an early merry Christmas as well hope its been good we ended up having our uh winter Miracle of snow wow so fun no really like I love the snow because its beautiful but the thing that I appreciate about where I live right now is its gonna be gone in a week uh my inventory is completely full what the heck sorting inventory is gross oh oh oh you know what I should do can you open the box thank you I dont even care about that Stellar but Im gonna go here so that I can get my astral echoes Boomer Shadow uh Id like to consider myself a shadow rather than a boomer I mean I know Im pretty old but no I know youre asking Boomerang or Shadowhunter obviously Im a Shadowhunter man Im trying to come up with the next tier list that I want to do you guys had some pretty good suggestions on that last video Music do you plan on making an update video for the best skill tree build its still pretty relevant though is the only reason why I didnt like nothing really changed we could finally get one I thought I could get two oh wait a minute that means uh astral Echo Tome lets go can I finally get no my movement speed is way the heck up there yeah ah movement speed is the way that we go and then otherwise its still gonna be going into the light uh you know the the skill tree that I have set up is pretty much the still its still the Envy the same excuse me did you move to oh no were not moving its just like I grew up in Winnipeg and uh anyone whos been there winter Peg any winter pegers in chat winter poggers Im a grown man all right uh Tome right Music do you plan oh that was the same comment sorry MBD Music also sorry that my nose is running Ive been having a lot of congestion Music um my Mastery I showed that earlier but there you go all right um still looking for present dungeons I gotta try and find some but Im not too keen on it at the same time speaking of this Zelda music and wanting to play retro games again Im hoping to do like a Zelda series I want to do the big so come New Year Im really hoping to do a Turok 2 Series again because for those of you guys that dont know thats like one of my favorite games and the reason I got into YouTube in the first place and theres also a multiplayer mod for it so I never got to do a video of that which is odd because I was kind of the toroc guy for a long time uh but I also want to check out Mario 64 mods and see if theyve gotten a lot better over the years and one of the series that Ive always wanted to play was uh I always wanted to do a Mario RPG series because thats one of my favorite video games like I want to do some SNES stuff man on top of obviously we got all the new games coming out but we dont have them coming out until the end of uh like January I think Star Wars is the first game oh were in u11 rice rice right thats why its uh yeah foreign for what function in most cases Id say Ice Age please explain to me why is wait why to pump this star chart what sorry you gotta I think autocorrect destroyed your sentence there but uh if youre asking about the star chart I mean generally speaking its just passive stats so it is really nice can you stop with the knockback yo like man Im alive hey official how you been man whatd you think about wayfinder oh oh I wish I could go into more detail but I cant Im not allowed there was a pretty strict NDA so unfortunately I couldnt record I couldnt stream wayfinder I played a lot of it and by a lot I mean like maybe 15-20 hours I wanted to play more but I was just thinking to myself Im not keeping any of my progress and I dont really get to report on any of this so its like nah but generally speaking I loved it I think its great I really like the combat I its not very well optimized the graphics like I had it maxed out but it did not run very well and when a 30 90 has frame rate issues thats not a good sign um also Im sure you probably noticed official I found an NPC that had sold premium currency it wasnt working in the beta but a couple red flags popped up for me when I saw that guy Im very I have a pretty good idea of what theyre gonna do to monetize that game generally speaking is probably going to be very similar to Warframe because what I can say is that all of the weapons in the game you kind of gotta craft them rather than get them as a Loot drop Which is far less interesting to me but very familiar with Warframe because its the Warframe devs and so instead youre grinding missions over and over for materials so that you can craft weapons which spells to me like it says to me that you probably can just buy the weapons like cash shop you know but I dont know well see I mean other than all of that though I really like the gameplay so Ill just play it anyways it really reminds me of Spiral Knights where I know thats a weird comparison but its kind of its really really solid combat thats the one thing Ill say about wayfinder like I really like the combat its so fun once I ended up crafting like the two-handed weapon it was just like I was in heaven man that weapon Felt So Good like legit anyway sorry about rambling about uh that game guys uh the Cog I dont know what that is official no you can explain yeah you were saying the same thing about the graphics not running very well Yelp optimization is a big problem with that game I hope they can sort out before launch I mean Frankly Speaking the game seemed pretty complete and so all they really have to do is optimize before launch so but that games gonna be free to play and Im totally down to play that with you guys for sure unfortunately missions only go up to three people so yeah first come first serve the crystalline Tome uh uh wasnt that a Mastery tome I think I will I will double check really quick oh we got our Tome as well thank God yeah because there was a new Tome right oh my God stop you know what I dont even care about this dungeon well just chill here and get it finished I know Im messing up my like total but I dont really care um lets see usually it says in the description but it might not yeah Mastery oh Mastery is for the oil I dont even think that this is a resource thats in the game yet right produces 100 oil-free down feather when fully charged what even is that resource thats not even in the game yet is it I dont know is this the one that you mean or or is it out of these oh no these are all the flooring ones so I just dont have those yet which one you mean Victor Music Im surprised that we even have that one a free range electrolyte crystal thats pretty gross where do we even get that is it actually tradable I didnt think so oh theres a new pack as well right yeah there it is with a Nightwing I dont even know how they get away with that a Nightwing Rick off uh of the solarion I mean Im down for it but Music yeah so FJ heres the thing I didnt know Im glad that you guys addressed it to me stupid ass Teespring they like just destroy they deleted my hoodie I dont know why or not the hoodie but the new sweater like the Christmas sweater I dont know why its not there anymore Im gonna try and sort that out today where Ill probably have to message tech support and tell them hey stupid why did your robot get rid of this like it just its very frustrating dealing with them because their store is actually like really really bad like genuinely Ive had this happen on multiple occasions so Im hoping I can get it sorted out by today Ill have a post so just make sure that you keep up with the community tab uh its not sold out or anything no because its uh paid to produce so that means that they can always just make more of them like we dont have limited Supply or anything its just that Im setting it up so that it normally is not shown in the store anymore come January because its a seasonal thing its not that its ever gonna run out its just that something happened on their side that broke things and I dont know why uh yeah wayfinder as far as I know I think we have so they had a road map somewhere and I think it said okay this dungeon is broken you know what I dont even care about this dungeon I think Early Access starts in August which typically means that well probably be able to buy our way into the game for wayfinder and then a couple months after that is gonna be the full release which will end up being completely free to play I mean obviously its gonna be very monetized and probably very pay to win but I mean whatever um do you want to fish the new rare fish what new rare fish also hi multi from the trawler fishing line because I havent even bothered buying that yet because its like eight mil which disgusting that makes me sad I dont even know why Im doing normal dungeons but I am you cant stop me I need snowballs for these idiots where are my snowballers there we go whered you go what did he die okay well whatever why are these guys like just here on the island also yeah sorry Aiden I I see that you keep asking um River Boomer for u11 grind probably Boomer Boomers faster thats kind of all it really is about when you end up getting to the end game is just what class can end up being faster and I mean I already have a speed farming uh tier list that I just recently put out so you can check that out to have an idea of the best farming classes basically obviously theres some variants with that but Music like do I really want some 500 credits I guess I would have to Id have to calculate like the credit pouch ratio I dont know like I guess technically 500 credits is cheaper than eight mil just because the credit pouches themselves right I dont know I dont know oh the electro like Crystal Tome thing yeah honestly who cares you have infinite Electro like food right I dont know otherwise um I I dont know where that Tome is I would assume just the geode crafting table but even I dont have it so I dont know dude I never checked Im not too concerned about because Im not really struggling for food as you can see stacks on Stacks all you gotta do is just go into the delves I guess oh oh right you need it for the delf banners yeah yeah I guess it is just for Mastery Farmers you know what lets take a quick peek and see if they shrew it into the crafting table but I dont know I dont know its 10K for a banner oh then I should I should craft them then get rid of some of my inventory slots lets see if they threw it into this area but I dont know I I seem I seem to call that it was going to end up being a cash shop item Im not seeing it in there is it in the more tab secretly or do we get out of a box I think its one of those things thats in like the collectible menu but I dont think that its actually in game yet because otherwise we would see it be tradable right I dont know I dont know oh earn a dragon coin I can do that foreign also we can get in our skill tree Music I was in a call with the devs and we might be getting mounts and pets in the game later on in wayfinder wayfinder is not one of them like that sounds like monetization to me there like the fast traveling is so good in that game I Okay add mounts to New World add mounts to like genshin like I dont know man I dont know how I feel about that one like unless they go big mode with like a big open world area like there was so for wayfinder its basically dungeon based like Warframe but there is big massive areas as well that you can like see random players and tons of them to fight World bosses but its not a traditional like MMO where its full freedom and open so I dont know I think thats kind of a weird decision if theyre going to make mounts unless they have plans to go big mode with the game and I do not care about pets in any video game do you have a yeah I I Im sorry stack so as you guys can see the pinned message it says that my sweater is no longer available because stupid Teespring just removed it without anything theyd never notified me they never told me about it Im gonna get on it and try to sort that out as soon as Im done with the stream because Im probably gonna have to message their tech support and tell them hey stupids where did this go why isnt this here its so frustrating Im glad that you guys caught me like on the stream because Ive been too busy to read comments and Im sure lots of you guys were probably already yelling at me about it so Music Im sorry that it is not available but it is not my fault it is just stupid the stupid website it sorry Ive had a lot of problems with them in the past so its very frustrating like its not how you run a business so stupid uh wait what nice damn trick nice GG all around hopefully uh things work out between you two wishing you all the best bud congrats does doing the geode Sanctuary part of the game give anything that makes me stronger uh so doing the geode caves gives you geode Mastery which does give you light which is the stat that you need in order to deal more damage to the late game areas so yes um yeah so again if just to remind you guys like keep an eye out on my community tab on YouTube I will hopefully post later today if I dont it means that Ive ran into issues with them but Ill hopefully make a post letting you guys know oh its available you can buy it you know kind of thing because I dont want to try and sort it out right now because like literally if I check on my store like my secret behind the scenes area its not even listed which means that theyre bought just outright removed it without like any knowing to me at all like I wish that another store would work with YouTube because my God I hate Teespring theyre so bad its just bad I need to get the free codes yeah if theyre not all gone already they might be though hopefully you can grab them I should be rocking those new Wings just so I can show them off but they dont work in sundered Upland so but yeah again stack and everybody else Ill Ill let you guys know with the community post uh when the hoodie is available hopefully later today maybe tomorrow it depends how long it takes and depends if I can actually like yell at them also multi you asked earlier yes I saw the new store pack which is a surprisingly fast store pack we already just had one but like okay weird yep I got the new allies out of the chaos chest actually I just crafted them all including the Platypus which has a very punchable face I love that description Music foreign 2K codes left nice yeah I could double check but no I cant actually because it always asks me to like sign in for some reason I dont remember my email and I dont know where I can find it on PS4 wait what Alex o for the codes um well I already put uh all the links and stuff in the uh in the last video that was talking about it unless youre talking about connecting your PlayStation account with your glyph account in which case cant help you there bud thats uh yeah Music but I do very much appreciate Im very surprised that so many of you guys want that ugly sweater I still havent ordered my own yet either but I gotta act fast because yeah but Ill Ill try my best to get them back up and available I I didnt even know they were gone I I dont mean to you know keep repeating myself but I just find that like so infuriating dude like the fact that they didnt even notify me is what pisses me off like if their bot has a problem with the design at the very least let me know like theyre taking a pretty big cut from the money anyways so its like dont they want to like isnt isnt it beneficial for them to like run better it just yeah oh yeah you right Jordan Im totally down yeah yeah yeah yeah lets swap on over as soon as these stupid enemies give me a break my God because the knockback is just so ridiculous on them get out of here you scum okay wheres my Nutcracker costume do I even have that favorited I probably dont Music where is it Nutcracker Music is it just in here we go gas oh my God thats so cursed I forgot how beautiful he was thanks for reminding me of that Jordan I also just realized am I is this dungeon literally like bug poop like what also I forgot the whole reason I went to the Hub in the first place was I was gonna get on our skill tree thing but okay I got distracted and you know what well just go there right now sure why not um how to grow somber Soul seeds God its been a long time Im too distracted now with this Jam in tune dude Music um honestly dude its been a long time since I did gardening can I still buy another one it still shouldnt show flux stupid oh my God guys were were doing it this is it were getting 75 stability the most useless stat in the game just so that we can later on get eight movement speed oh oh thats so cursed oh I hate it so bad I should unlock this just to get the dragon thing but Music you know what I might have enough Music yeah oh oh Music sorry Ill explain yeah Ill look okay I should put context to why Im so disgusted I have enough I I think I have enough slots unlocked on the skill tree that I could respect and go into every different area so that I could slowly spend all of my keys and all my qubits to get the new dragon its such a clunky system though I dont want to do that right now its going to take me like over an hour just to do that because guess what you have to buy these Keys one at a time and you need like over a hundred of them no you cant get the new dragon out of the Dragon Effigy dude I wish fun fact the dragon that you get out of the skill tree was going to originally be a free dragon like not free to play not like clickbaity it was going to be free and then they decided against it and just recycled it I guess like okay Music yeah I dont want to do that right now its just too like its too slow Ill do that myself off camera at some point and hopefully be able to have that dragon video sometime soon no I wait no potato no no no no no no really no not true not true that is Im gonna double check that right now seriously you dont even have to go up to them you could just unlock them right now without even being beside them oh my God you can why didnt I know this oh thats so thats even more cursed I dont okay well at least I dont have to Respec so thanks for that but uh no wonder people had this Dragon already I thought that they got the Gold Dragon uh egg because surely because I thought like oh no way someones got that many skill trees oh like here let me just give you guys a little taste Music that times like 100. over a hundred like its a ridiculous amount that it wants me to like I had it in a text document its so much like cubits its actually insane Music that if you get the auto accept mod its less painful wait what is the auto accept mod does it just say yes Music like look at this 22 30 35. 12 22 36 like uh Music its not gonna make it any less painful you mean the auto except here where I would just buy this without having to click buy because yeah I should probably get that batter I would have to set up like an auto hotkey or something Music yeah all right Ill have to get that mod thanks for that spooky but oh I dont like this I really dont like this this oh God yeah thats gonna like take all of my qubits man yeah exactly because its like 800k isnt it thats ridiculous its like years worth of qubits how much are these Keys yeah you know what its better to get it free its not like Im using my qubits on anything else and Frankly Speaking its better than spending over a thousand dollars oh that was perfect timing with the music by the way I dont know why Im not using that mount I need to be festive what am I thinking quality over quantity there we go yes thats so much like literally like over a Years worth of qubits okay that song ended lets go to Zelda and chill too man its already been 40 minutes time flies when youre having fun yo so ridiculous uh someone was asking how do you get them so I already got a video that highlights how you get them specifically but generally speaking dungeon chess when you open them up they have a random chance of giving you a random amount from like 20 to 40 or something something like that so just go out there and hope to God you end up actually getting it as a drop thats thats all I can really say uh it does not matter what difficulty of the world that youre in lets get these new wings too astral Echoes are actually a one-timer what do you mean no Ive Ive continually grinded them spooky what you talking about what do you mean when you say one timer foreign after logging in oh like the oh on a timer oh yeah okay that makes sense yeah because because somebody was testing I remember somebody was testing and saying that when they were in like u11 and a easy Uber world and they were just grinding consistently that they got like the same amount no matter what they did so yeah it is on a cool down okay I didnt know somebody actually confirmed that so thanks for letting me know spooky thats so dumb thats so stupid like what talk about time gating it you no you want to know how you really get astral Echoes with the Tome once a week like these are the new Wings in the video that I talked about yesterday so you can get these Wings absolutely for free and yeah all these weird pages are coming out of the Wings its odd but hello oh there you go die snowman I like how theyre inside dungeons like okay Music yeah yeah yeah yeah thats thats absolutely true so while the dragon we can just get that like right now because of all the keys whoops I thought I had the right mount on whoops yeah thats absolutely true I didnt think about that so thanks for letting me know so yeah what what potato is saying is if you guys didnt know the skill tree some of the end um some of the edges of like the skill tree will actually unlock like mounts and more particularly allies maybe theres no mounts but mostly allies some of them are actually pretty good some of them are the best allies in the game and if we have enough of the celestial Stars we could potentially go all the way up unlock the Ally and then reset the skill tree and uh just go back to our abilities that we wanted of course that requires additional Keys though so what I mean I have to figure out and try to do is Im probably gonna unlock the dragon first and then Im gonna figure out how much additional qubits Im going to need in order to respect enough times that I could unlock all that crap which thankfully respecting doesnt really cost that much but its still significant enough that I Frankly Speaking might not have enough qubits to do it like legitimately its yeah thats gonna hurt Music so well see what happens with that but thanks for reminding me well that reminded me thanks for letting me know about that uh potato can you fully unlock every skill in the skill tree no like all at once no um theres 120 slots and you can only unlock 40 of them if Im not mistaken at a time Music but I got those wings for the dyno Tamer just started using yesterday nice yeah these are perfect for Dino Tamer legit did you get the costume and everything too its actually one of my favorite costumes for Dino tamer DT hey fish broforce will get an update in 2023 would you play it maybe Ive I I did see that they were gonna have an update Im not the Im not super into broforce anymore Music which this is the perfect song to say oh I you know its like so sad and melancholy that you know it Im probably not gonna be able to play games with my brother anymore so thats actually one of the reasons that Im slightly leaning towards like playing the Retro games for anybody that didnt tune in like Ive been doing these new projects like every new year I kind of have it like a New Year resolution where its like okay this is the goal that Im gonna aim for with the channel this year and um with this year you know it was about being more honest with you guys and just being more myself being a lot more transparent about like you know everything going on behind the scenes and also just generally speaking trying to be more positive which I think is pretty standard for most people but generally speaking I feel very happy with where the channel is right now because its kind of a mix of business and pleasure instead of just business like a couple years back thats where the channel was leaning towards and so point is next year you know since Mariko and me are going to be in a new place and shes not really shes not really the best gamer with 3D games where you can manipulate the camera because thats not you know she didnt really grow up on games like that and so shes really really good at games that have a static camera and so you kind of see where Im going with this where Im saying oh I want to play more retro games next year so possibly Ill have uh a lot more playthroughs that Ill end up doing with the wife on top of just me wanting to play retro games again like I really have been wanting to play through like to rock and Zelda again and I Ive always wanted to do a Mario RPG series because thats one of my favorite games I thought about doing Chrono Trigger but that games probably like 50 100 hours worth of grinding and RPG stuff so yeah I mean so is Mario RPG but at least it made turbanks combat fun so that one I want to do for sure is my point Im not sure about like all the other games yet but anyways so thats kind of the thats kind of the goal um do you know if the presidents spawning and quickly despawning his buck oh okay uh no thats not a bug so you can only get one of each type of present a day and then when you see the present spawn in thats the game going oh hey heres a present oh you already got this whoops and then it retracts it thats thats all thats thats all thats happening with that ah yeah sure man it I really like the sage Source costume on Dino Tamer its so funny especially the alt uh no multi I do not plan on playing the Final Fantasy Crisis Core Im not like Im not a huge huge like Final Fantasy fan I loved the Final Fantasy 7 remake until the ending like was absolute garbage because they just decided to make sephiroth Thanos and just do this Multiverse like lets copy Marvel garbage and I just I lost all interest Im not saying I wont play the second remake game but I dont know I my point is I dont really care about like any of the spin-off series like as far as Im concerned squaresoft has just lost all Confidence from me and theyre just trying or Square Enix I guess now theyre theyre just trying to make money at this point like its its pretty annoying um Im looking forward to Final Fantasy 16 though Ill play that yeah this this is pretty cool for the dread youre right what okay you know what Im gonna Im gonna add a poll for you guys what do you guys think there we go which do you guys think is cooler snowman dread or heck bug dread there we go yeah why not lets lets see what you guys think um howd you put Gunslinger and bottom tier of your chair list well which tier list you mean the speed tier list because thats where it belongs remember that tier list was specifically talking about speed farmers and I explained why I put Gunslinger so low I still want a rework for that class like really really bad Gunslinger might be higher in a tier list of just pure damage which is probably gonna be my next tier list that or a tank tier list I dont know how many people are interested in a tank though the thing is I mean I have multiple tier lists based on specific categories for trove and for Speed farming that Gunslinger is too low in the list for some reason like they just Debs refused to admit that that class is weak right now unfortunately but on top of that its never really had good movement which is too bad I think if they ended up just reducing the cooldown on the alt so that you could actually use it once per dungeon then it would actually be good but yeah a fun class to your list thats actually a really good idea but thats subjective so that would just be kind of my own Im gonna write that down though that sounds like a fun video Music get off of me you stupid enemies not pog die Music oh yeah thats true yeah spooky thats true bra moment I thought they were grindable no banana oh no so you kept grinding them to hopefully oh oh you poor gamer Im going over here I dont want to do sundered Uplands bruh even though I know theres resources in centered Uplands that I should be grinding no just no yes Jordan so I weirdly enough my buddy Nintendo he always references like how the enemies say like eat me and all this stuff I I dont hear it I legit have never heard it I just dont I dont know man my ears area of effect like AOE tier list really I guess like crowd control Maybe yeah crowd or AOE I I guess thats kind of a stressed Scythe but Ill keep that in mind thats a good idea yeah I got lots of suggestions on that video I I still gotta go through their suggestions again just because again I havent really had time to read most comments I kind of just skim through them really quickly and then just move on just because Ive been so busy all right lets end this evil poll quite a few you guys did end up voting for the heck bug but um snow dread takes it so there you have it it is a superior Mount also the fact that you can just buy it right now versus the heck bug one youre not going to be able to get the Monarch for a while until next year what do you think is the best class I so my first tier list video was the best all-around class um which obviously had quite a few classes here Music but generally my favorite class is Shadowhunter which should be pretty obvious since Im always Manning it hey jigging yeah Im doing good gamer how you been where the heck theres so many things its trying to point me to wheres my exit I think its over here oh here Ill Ill use that but I want to see someone mod this uh so that its got like a thick butt like a thick booty like look at this look its twerking Music Im not going to apologize for the image that I just put in your head because this is just whats in my mind Music actually no its not even my fault when you think about it the dev said it was okay and they let it in Music did you change troves rating to m they shouldnt allow this mounts on the Nintendo switch yes we are going down a dark Road not much many men Fear To Tread you think this game servers were over ever shut down uh thankfully no there was worry about it before but but um when game ago ended up taking charge of this game over trying worlds because trying worlds went bankrupt because of stupid CEO decisions um thankfully game ago saw Trove as like they they see companies and games and stuff like that they see it as an investment theyre kind of like EA Games right and so they wont invest in anything that they dont think is unprofitable thankfully they are making enough money off of Trove I I think it might actually be their most successful game at Game ago Im not 100 sure on that like theyve got like Aura Kingdom and all these older crappier games that nobody plays but they still generate a lot of income and um thankfully I know Trove is doing very well for them and so I dont think that theres any risk of us uh losing the game and losing the service thank God not to mention weve had some of the best updates like in years since uh since game ago has taken charge like legitimately man they got they got some solid updates okay I dont I dont see like any Cornerstone or anything so Im just going to the hub to destroy stuff MVD thank you my gamer from across the world for the Euros thats like seven dollars for me because Im Canadian thank you man seriously thanks for the Super Chat Music um what do you flip in the marketplace because of this crazy inflation Music oh I already have a YouTube short showing how I got millions and millions of flux so you want to know my secret after all this time you want to know how I have over 300 mil flux one word credit pouches I sold them when they were seven mil each so there you go I I dont I dont flip markets man I dont I never flipped the market I I never learned how to do it Im too stupid as far as Im concerned if I knew how to flip the market I should learn how to flip a real life Market with like stock but Im no I cant figure it out its just I dont know uh we still got all these boxes too that I should get rid of but yeah its okay oh my God bruh can we petition Nintendo by the way to start having like good songs in breath of the wild too like where are these Jammers yo seems like Zelda songs have just sucked ever since Ocarina and majora Music raise of hand raise of hand I know I know lots of people like Twilight Princess its even though that soundtrack suck and so did the game dont dont tell Nintendo fans theyre bloodthirsty theyll kill me foreign Music I love how like Ill just be explaining things to you guys and its like its almost like I just cant help myself just just verbal diarrhea like I have to share my opinion on everything thats the commentators way Music like YouTube has taught me if theres anything I can say to anyone thats just starting out on YouTube basically you just start saying all the things that are in your head to fill up the empty space that is the void and Silence of uh commentating and eventually it just becomes natural I mean basically the hardest part I still remember the hardest part for me when I was first starting out on YouTube was just getting used to the idea of sharing everything that was in my mind because it can be pretty incoherent sometimes so trying to have a streamlined conversation and explain things to their end points before moving on that was the hardest part for me because I used to like just ran I still do just ramble about things and cut myself off all the time but yeah anyway a Chronicle I love the new you did the wings right yeah Chronicle did the wings guys they were absolutely I love them theyre very epic and yeah I was really uh its been a while since I ended up doing a video promoting trosaurus stuff so I was I was happy to do it hopefully uh you guys ran out of codes whoops not going that way Music but yup quick reminder guys These Wings Are absolutely free all you gotta do is apply the code foreign Music yeah later MVD happy Christmas my dude its Nintendo I need help by the way because okay another another side conversation the reason the only video I posted the other day was like that fortnite video was because Joe and me were playing valheim for like eight hours and I like an idiot decided Im not gonna stream it Im just gonna hop on for 20 minutes foreign yeah granted it was just ore mining which is like the most boring part of the game anyway so Ill Ill definitely stream more valheim at the point but or at some point I mean okay um do you have water somber Soul seeds or just make them grow out in the dark somber Soul somber Soul somber Souls yeah do you have to grow those Underground Im not 100 sure because I know its one of the one of the plants you do have to grow underground but Im sorry my dude its been its been years since I did gardening so I dont remember if I didnt address it in one of my gardening tutorials then Frankly Speaking I dont remember so hopefully somebody else can answer that foreign yeah someone asking best DPS solarion 100 celerian is god tier strong right now and I dont know I dont know why it hasnt been nerfed yet but lets just pretend that its really weak so that it doesnt get nerfed also you are in the wrong biome sir hello this dungeon okay oh thats a is this the boss what what what I dont know where the boss is okay its not pointing to it weird Okay anyway lets lets get out of here this is Curse this dungeon shouldnt be in here so Im Im out Im out oh the dark mushrooms yeah they grow underground then right down Bam Bam Bam hey TJ what up also yes valheim is a phenomenal game Ive been trying to get to the stinking stinking stupid smelly Mist lands but God that game is just such a Time sink Im not complaining I love it but at the same time its like oh my God progression is so slow when you get to the Copper age its funny because once you end up getting into the snowy mountains it progresses relatively quick but everything up to that is just let me just go and mine all the stupid tin in the entire stupid island like yeah yeah and all the copper in it oh gross but we ended up having a troll next to the Copper node so we got him to like smash um smash all the copper for us oh okay thanks for clarifying Chrono so hes saying TFM ended up making the drawing and Chronicle is responsible for the animation and the fact that its a VFX itself so it wasnt only one person work okay because I noticed that the description just says designed by Chronicle um which I think that they should change that so that it can have dual credit because yeah but okay then my love to TFM always I mean she does fantastic work as always that totally makes sense because its kind of got her signature Style on it but yeah okay um same reason why they wont buff Gunslinger because they think its fine I know Joe I know Music yeah well I mean I dont think I dont like Chronicle was still involved with some of it for sure but yeah its its kind of weird how they credit things because I remember um even the kitchen map that we ended up making in team pixel like the PvP map that was primarily my project and then the devs ended up crediting like uh I forgot who they credited but it wasnt me I had help on that project dont get me wrong its not like I was trying to distract from that but it was all my idea its just I had hope making the walls because it was thousands of blocks anyways uh Merck helped and who is that our person that was around back in the day Joe I forget what her name was I dont know I dont know because I made the first drawing and that was made for the wings but TFM redrew it oh okay yeah yeah well I noticed like you guys had the proper credits on the trophosaurus site at the very least so its just a shame that the End Game Cant credit multiple people because thats kind of always been an issue like theyll mention it in like patch notes and stuff sometimes but anyways Music we know who did it so its all good on PS4 Club world what spent too much time on whats safe in the club world also hey Christine thank you very much thats so sweet of you I appreciate it yeah that was it Joe Kiara wait was it yeah yes not the one that went evil the one who like abandoned us I for yeah maybe there is deep lore that Joe and me are conversing about right now but yeah I think it was I think it was Kiara I dont know we have a sign somewhere that credited everyone that helped with that map um you do not belong here what okay what is going on with this world fishing day Scythe what are you doing no its not fishing day its Gathering day you fool I know I just dont want to fish its so boring Music I know I should I dont know I just wanted to chill and grind stuff so its like yeah why is it so hard to be 40 kpr oh it is yup because you got to get everything completely maxed out well not completely thats for 45k and up which even Im lacking a bit of PR right now just because Im not using my proper Perma torch or anything which I guess I dont have to be using this torch anymore I didnt want to accidentally destroy it though Music and lets go into the next bat biome also here we go boys Twerk It oh man look at that yeah uh-huh uh-huh shake that booty look at that dude um Music dont blame me devs okayed this they put this in the game and whats worse they made us pay for it Laughter Music if youre younger dont think too hard into that or you can just sign subscribe I have a hard time getting 20 kpr ah yes Kermit but thats just because youre Kermit wait whoa whoa whoa where where are my snowballs where are my snowballs there we go no Music huh take that yeah I called it Kristen I call all of them uh Christian Bale okay I dont know where that joke was from did the windcraft series End by the way technically no Im still sitting on the footage it just was requiring a lot of effort and not many people were watching that series and so I kind of just moved on that said I should probably try and Rush edit them because Joe and me conveniently ended up doing the save Christmas event this was already like a month ago so the footage is still relevant Joes already got all those videos up on his channel uh most of all like it just the amount of editing that I was putting into the windcraft series was like Music abandoned it uh it was just that things got super duper busy for me personally hello what what hes invincible Music why oh cause he was too high up okay pool whatever man Music yes Joe I agree I think its also just because windcraft itself is pretty dead Music but no I was having a lot of fun with the windcraft series actually it just I made my typical mistake of putting like too much effort into the series like for the editing and so I was working too hard man no seriously like the the thing is with windcraft like as much as I enjoy playing it like a lot of the quest lines are pretty convoluted so streaming is pretty annoying but thats why I was recording it this time and I was hoping to dedicate more time into it but I just it was most of all just the fact that I got too busy I still have a lot of footage that I need to edit I just havent had the time lately thats all but anyways Im just saying that I havent abandoned it I dont think Ill beat it because the end game and one craft kind of sucks but should I use solarion subclassibility for my Shadowhunter can you let me know yes you should if your solarian is strong enough you should use it for pretty much any subclass ability honestly speaking let me make uh how about a subclass to your list Music yeah no of these I know I know theres the mod that gives voices to NPCs and windcraft no see it already takes me like a long time to get through those videos and like make all the cuts and decide like okay is this important enough that I actually need to include this in the video and uh having all the NPCs just drone on with like bad voice acting that I could do better for like an hour no thank you sorry windcraft people that made like an amazing mod and added all this dialogue and stuff I would rather just do a funny voice for the character myself its kind of why I want to do a Zelda series again dude whats hightail is that even a thing for a blue protocol is gonna come out before hightail does thats hilarious Music oh Im sure that the mod with their cringy voices is hilarious foreign but I people read very slowly generally speaking and thats kind of my frustration with it where its like okay this would be excitingly fun content but the entire episode would be spent on just like having one character talk so I dont know does it actually scale like that nice like The Bard subclass ability because a lot of the subclass abilities actually only scale up to 35k so thats really interesting that does make sense but its inconsistent right because the song Is Random for The Bard song but I will try to keep that in mind because thats kind of surprising like I knew it was good I didnt know it was that good dude yeah legit GTA 6 unironically releasing before hightail bruh legit later Jordan its okay GTA 6 wont thats the real question dude like I I legitimately wonder which will release first GTA 6 or hightail the fact that weve got leaks for GTA 6 is already more promising than the entire development time for hightail where all they do is post like cringy screenshots and go were working on the game you guys were were so thankful to our content creators on a game that isnt even released how are these people even making content on this game thats what Im wondering like my God what do they stretch out like 15 videos per Vlog post like God hello I guess this is my house now dude wait this dungeon isnt even on the map Music Ive never seen this in all my years of playing Trove I dont think Ive ever seen this like the structure generated but theres no boss and theres no dungeon foreign okay cool well Ill time stamp that and hopefully remember to make a short out of it but Ive tried to do that in the past and that doesnt work out weird man Music they just make videos reading the blog post and then speculating yeah I do that too but I make it like concise and a one-off video and then I never touch it again because theres nothing else to cover like what I had a cheese man thats next level content creation what confuses me isnt that theyre doing that because those videos are absolutely useless what confuses me is that those videos actually get a lot of views why its like theres all these videos talking about like speculating what blue protocol is gonna do and its like its not even out yet like cant you just wait if if they played like the beta or something you know then I could understand and take like their opinion as Merit but I dont know I dont know its just weird Music GTA 6 will come out before it and it wont be better than hightail oh God no heres the thing guys like as much as we meme on hightail I legitimately think that game is going to be phenomenal when it comes out like the main reason that game got delayed and theyve talked about this many times is uh because Riot games basically forced them to redo the game engine from the ground up so that it can release on consoles and have cross play because for some reason they were actually gonna build it on Java dont know why they thought that was a good idea I guess just because Minecraft did it like I dont I dont know God so it is a good thing that its like got delayed its just frustrating when we keep seeing like posts that dont actually like talk about anything or just make excuses you know like I wish they would be a little bit more transparent instead it kind of sell every time I read a hightail post and stuff it sounds like theyre trying to sell us a product that doesnt exist and it just feels like a scam like the only promise that the games gonna release is the fact that Riot is actually involved you know Music so its like okay yeah I guess true Joe Music it depends though I dont know I I like Theory crafting videos as much as the next person or should I say I like making them myself but often times whenever I dont know I think its just the type of person that I am oftentimes like Ill be like watching some video thats recommended to me or something and its like Theory crafting or talking about you know some hypothetical situation of like oh theres Kung Fu Master writes this video games combat and like halfway through Ill just be watching it and after a few minutes Ill be thinking what an absolutely stupid and useless video and then I just leave what do I care what a karate master thinks of the combat and ghost of tsushima its a video game you idiot thank you IGN very cool 10 out of 10. but it got me to watch it for a little bit before my brain kicked in so Music Kims is uh valerentin League theyre also working on their own new MMO Im genuinely really excited for thats the oh is the riot MMO going to come out before hightail thats the question man no no I no I the delay was definitely necessary thiege because the devs hinted that they were gonna have cross play and console and stuff but the game was never designed for it Riot wants the game to have a simultaneous release so day one its gonna work on consoles and uh have cross play so they basically are forcing them to rewrite the game engine from scratch which takes a lot of time but definitely worth it uh what nice what are you saying doctor reacts to Family Guy cutaways is there an actual thing like that if thats legit then that is actually a genius thats so stupid the other thing too that I find so funny about those videos is its like what credentials does this person have like I could technically like label myself as a game designer because I worked on a video game an RPG Maker like 10 years ago you know thats all the credentials I would need for a clickbaity title that says game designer reacts and then whoa this is crazy you guys oh my God the amount of code that went into this ball also sorry Wing Im not trying to ignore you my dude its just I dont do uh Club invites on stream Im sorry uh your best bet is to ask in the Discord or spooky is if spooky still in chat they could end up inviting you or if Joes on I I dont like inviting people on stream just because otherwise everybody asks for an invite and then Im here all day just like slowly typing out names over and over again but just give us your username oh Spookys still here lets go yeah I dont know if pytail is going to be free to play if it is okay whatever then itll probably have like cosmetic cost stuff or something I dont I dont know but well see oh Zelda and chill already done okay wait wheres Zelda and chill three why isnt it being recommended to me there we go Music I havent listened to this one as much as oh my good God I mean its a beautiful username but hopefully you got the underscore right because Im guessing Spookys just gonna copy it yeah and then it says youre not online exactly so somethings wrong Music no as far as Im concerned these the high tail devs are genius dude they ended up like you could say oh they worked on a game engine for two years and then they scrapped it think about it this way they worked on a game engine for two years so they could they could make a kick-ass trailer and then they got bought up by like a billion dollar company so it worked it wasnt two years worth of nothing yes Halo music is beautiful TJ but theres a caveat uh as a content creator the Halo music is licensed I found that out the hard way Music mainly the Halo theme that gets grabbed in my videos which is hilarious because I thought it was a video game music but nope apparently its like a official licensed song now like okay get over here you ah we should probably wrap up guys I really didnt realize we were streaming for so long again time flies when were having fun when you replay Witcher nah I I never beat Witcher its a great game and I love the lore and I love the world and everything but Im not a big fan of the gameplay that Witcher is what I would describe as Red Mage so back in the old days with Final Fantasy there was all these different classes and Red Mage was the one that ended up inducing status effects that were temporary and so me and my brother have always referred to games like Witcher and stuff like that as Red Mage gameplay because youre constantly juggling Buffs with your character that are all temporary I I dont find that fun I prefer Unga Bunga just give me power make me strong you know like just go and hit things which Ive heard Witcher is a lot easier than I always made it out to be but its just I dont know oh we got a few of these along the way okay where are these boxes so if you guys arent getting these by the way these boxes are pretty dang good if we dont there we go if we actually get some of the good items out of them oh these boxes are so good whoa even Dragonites in there huh dang dude thats so good like for you to play boxes thats actually insane these boxes also the new ones oh gold keys nice wait are these the gem boxes yeah they are these actually have the um Crystal item whatever that the Sparks which pretty soon I mean I have to start working on my magic gems but anyways Ill read a couple more comments before we call it later nice have a good one thanks for coming out man okay um Music yeah apparently were supposed to be hearing something about um hightail in uh 2023 hopefully thats what their last post said but weve already had broken promises from them in the past um oh thats what you were saying nice its more consistent over lunar Lancer and Candy Barb because it gives three seconds of movement speed because seconds of Life leech and three seconds of 15 more crit damage every second of cool down and then you tag an enemy after three seconds for the buff reset does it give you all of them or I I thought it was just systematically one after another interesting okay its man no further date I think nah man stupid hightail you could rework the night what would you do with them honestly I would just redo them from the ground up and make him more heroic like I want a knight thats got like a cape and is like a standing dude in like full-on armor like the Dark Souls class you know it does do one after another okay nice interesting so thats still more consistent youre saying Ill keep that in mind though also nice Wing GG anyways yeah well call it here thank you guys so much for coming out really appreciate it hope you enjoyed uh Ill publish this stream after it processes which will take a few hours and then again as a quick little reminder as you see a product no longer available I dont know what Teespring did to my ugly sweater they just removed it at random Ill try to get to the bottom of it today if I can uh but Im gonna go out and take the dogs first before I start working on that because I dont want to be on customer support with them for over an hour thanks for coming out though guys Ill have a community posted again and let you know uh when the sweater is available again so hopefully today Music games like silent hill on steam 🍣 Become Member of SUSHI SQUAD ✏️ when it time for truv, we truv. answered questions about trove, talked about hytale and a little bit about wayfinders.. also issues with my ugly christmas sweater merch not showing in the store properly. ✍ #Trove is a #FreeToPlay #MMORPG that #Scyushi has been playing for years. 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