TROVE game review

Tile floor steam cleaner rentalgames 4 steam TROVE game Applause all right this is a diabolic daddy gaming with dr. Betty Firecat intro to intro today this shows you look at that I had to start from someplace Im picking out my character and finally I get a play up Fox pirate101 looked like it would do it didnt leave I cant play the Fox when we set all this up yeah all of this is spin-offs if you are looking to action here Wow an on sped up section however Im going to go through some of the basic questing there is just too much and I have to say right from the beginning try the game is part two if youre going to have a free game to play this ones brilliant its similar to Minecraft there are some differences youll probably see them along the way Ill call it psycho minecraft now whatever you want to call it I think the game is actually pretty great it has a lot of the building construction sort of things that you know why go games dont have it has a bit of a faster feature for that that minecraft doesnt have youll hold it down and right here isnt well what was it like 50 hair styles to choose from I am so cool so much conversation you can do anything 25 theres hair with God alters ball theres everything I chose balls Prez its a fog keep that ball hose you know Im going there hes not oh no its a fast deep pain if you want to Fox with hair fine thats cool but I wanted a clock a real looking pot and Im racing around you dont move this fast this is sped up but here it is first battle they show you how to do it the battle Id have to say is not something every kind of Star Wars well its cool but its kind of like Star Wars Jedi hero is going against each other its a bit kind of like action figures clunking but theyre in a skill level so hes brilliant at it Im okay with it and probably from doing just have fighters yeah they shoot fire everywhere theyre fun there was some special offer from cold there you know its a free game but you have to buy into it its a very social game but you dont have to buy into it you have to what you can buy another party because there is so much cool stuff going here a syphon battles you get mouths you can make your mouth theres a lot of crafting construction stuff theres also fishing there is building there is community buildings understand those are phenomenal whats on your mind sir I have to say with the Sun lighting you dont have to just get what theyre mining youll find like a little patch oh yeah the vein is sticking out you can find it yeah kind of just like theres a flock lot kind of thing of it I pulled together some examples of some of the cooler stuff that I found in trove because there is a lot of artistic possibilities see right here weve got a little patch of pictures heres one of the castles and if you want to stop and look these over some of them are great like for instance here are some of the Matt Groening characters as well as invaders and stuff this is an ice cream shop candy shop heres the inside of it all sorts of phenomenal stuff why because theres a Candyland its cool yeah here is a place called limbo and yes thats Robin really Robin from Batman and Robin uh Batman yeah so I mean look at all the possibilities thats all there for you Ive got some more running around because heres the tower with all the difference in ventures that are possible this is one of the lower levels so its not as cool this thing gets progressively cooler it suits your interest so the game is really good that way very suitable for kids while the speech in it and the things that Ive seen people write as positive things its not like you know school center or anything so that parts of the window sorry actually that was the fishing guy thats r2d2 lentils and everything up these are some of the individual world that people have made yes you saw Mario yes you saw the mushroom these are portals that other people have created to go to other places this is one of my favorites its a asian-themed place and are you thinking its a Pikachu I saw yeah that was Pikachu oh so calm anyway here is another part of this guys world or groups world but may actually be a group or by thing whats like to pause yeah the problem to put together I dont know how the clubs work they was pretty interesting thats like his own personal portrait huge blocks right there okay and Im running around showing you some other places this is 12 and friends its a different group if you notice they have their own artistic thats what in their building is an art form its for architecture Im powering through the place a texture jumps has to my Paris about a new this walkway bridge youre not only closet will look at some of the stuff phenomenal fishing trophies all you see you want to get dont get rid of your old blue well no yeah dont dont get rid of any crafting material but again were coming to a close here so fire cake tire cap its good great they goes out right there give us a big go pound weight we have we have a couple minutes left so here goes out my friend Jojo Music steamer on hardwood floors steam deck force close game good pirate games on 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