Squid game on steamhow to create shortcut for steam games TROVE game hey guys and welcome back to truth with me redneck Einstein the new MMO voxel game thats similar to Minecraft but not quite the same all right now the problem Ive been having recently is this skill 15 ring craft in the X in the top right hand corner now what I understand I need to do is create 15 rings so if I just go in here and go to any one of these I think I can just create 15 of anything and then I will have completed the quest so lets create six of these and by doing that hopefully itll unlock a new quest and well be able to go and do some more exploring and see whatever kind of cool stuff weve got so Ive got skill 10 now so maybe if I create I dont know lets say two more of these looks like we need some more flux so were running out flux thats not good never good to run out of flux so we need one okay so were at skill 13 so if I go to my loot collector I can destroy some of this stuff I dont need such as this get more of these flux and then that will allow me to create more of these boxes so unfortunately Im gonna get rid of this howling hood even though its epic we dont need it also the skirmish skull cows just go and drive skirmish skull cannon lets get rid of that all right now hopefully should be able to go here and unlock everything I want now so if I do two more that should take me up to level 15 a skill 14 now and there we are skill 50 beautiful now the next quest is ask around and join someones club or craft one at the builders crafting bench clubs have their own worlds and chat now this sounds like a wonderful opportunity to get you guys to come and join me in the world of trove so we can get you involved in the videos get you on here so lets see we go to the builders crafting bench ruses this one we can build our joy in a club here we go club world so club officer chest a shared chest for all club card create a club world okay so we need to get some more former site or some more shapes tone or and we have enough glimpse so shapes dont all and form a site all lets go questing and five all that cool stuff now we are in the Adept world so this place is gonna be dangerous join me as we quest across the world and find what we need okay this place looks kind of cool look at the graphics over here beautiful blues and purples I seem to be dying do i ah okay ooh water bathe me bathe me water clean me of all my problems aha a spider purple spider as well would green on him you are beautiful sir but Im sorry you must die okay that doesnt look like to be what I want round here what is all this stuff slay the super punch bot is a side quest its given me now am i losing health every time it goes boom look look who knows theres some stuff over here though that we need shape stone or okay press tab go into our build mode and just right-click snaffle all this stuff up snuffling is always a good word to use if you dont know what what to say snaffle things take them for yourself okay thats good weve got that now can we find anymore remember we need more forma site or and art if I remember from my last video in this area we can find former site or so lets get some more of this purple stuff now yeah I think so it is a one to one you do get one block for one you sort of mine one block and that only gives you one I thought it was more I thought when you mind one block it gave me five or something like that but apparently not so lets have a look how much have we got now we have yeah lets go here so 163 I cant remember how many we need it now mmm lets just go exploring them and see what we can find I really like this game its kind of cute quirky and kitschy um why am i hurting maybe up here theres some good stuff this looks like ice almost ice water beautiful bathe me oh my god a wasp I mean having so much trouble with wasps in the real world right now in Sweden theres just so many watts outside my apartment its just like dont go out there because you will be stung and Im like hell no I dont want him Stern hey being stung lets get some more in its former site earn up former site get some other shape stone or while my my pigeon cannon neon destroys this guy oh he failed he failed you failed me neon why you cant complete the quest for me or complete this what is this down here what is that I got it whatever it is sticky I core I didnt know that you can find this stuff on the ground why do you guys tell me you guys must share all your secrets with me I am utterly utterly noob and I need complete and utter guidance so send as many comments as you can advising me and what I need to do in this world cuz yeah I just I just suck lets be honest but I am enjoying finding out how to do stuff look at the state of this skeleton guy look mate I dont want any more your trouble why Sam alright so ask around join someones felt I dont want to ask anyone we want our own Club dont we everyone wants to be part of the redneck Einstein club yeah and then you guys can meet up even when Im not online be part of my club itll be itll be awesome I think okay whats over here saw some of that former site there it is up yonder oh my word what the hell is that looks like a muumuu from League of Legends its a mummy or something boy alright get back yeah Im trying to collect stuff here youve just given me bothering ya now remember Im in the Adept world I dont know former site is available in all the other world but this is where Im collecting mine so if you get stuck this is a sort of guide now I actually had a really funny comment from one of my subscribers Sonia Moore and she said I think in a jokey fashion shall we use you shall we use your your playthrough as a guide now is like hell no have you ever seen anyone suck more than I suck at this Im pretty sure you havent so but I am having fun and the main thing is I can get you guys involved helping me and we can work together and figure this game out so yeah definitely dont use it as a guide alright lemon wasp of red eyes I dont want any any part of you sir good thing is Im leveling up while killing these so even if they do distract me from my main quest of collect all my all my stuff that I need to create my club then its not gonna cause too much of a problem lets get back on my mount now the other problem I am having is accessing that dinosaur mount I had now actually in a second I might try and figure out how to do that because excuse me for my sniffing by the way Ive got a cold yeah try and figure out how to do that because I was reading on one of the forums how to do it whether it were whether I can do it or not its different question because like I said noob but thatd be cool once if I can do it I cant remember how much of this stuff we needed quite a lot though wasnt it lets see in a second how much weve got so thats a good tip that exists underground which I didnt know until this point so lets go back into this mode and press B how much of this formas I forgot now 88 I think we needed 300 shape stone and a hundred form site if I remember correctly but I cant cant remember exactly so actually I think you can craft as worth I press no V V doesnt work I thought it might never mind alright lets collect some more of this stuff now if you guys built anything in this world is there a point to building stuff because I Im not sure if there is because if you can constantly move your house then I dont see the point in building structures because youre never going to find them again am i right in saying that or am I completely way off the mark thats how it seems to me but maybe there is a point I dont know the main thing Im worried about is levelling up and becoming a sorry getting like a dragon or something I think Id be so awesome all right skinny bubbles and skinny bubbles go neon fire my cannon a devil yes you are the commander of the cannon the king of this world all theres some yellow stuff over there yellow glowing stuff that could be good but for now lets get more of this shape stone or and then go over and get that yellow stuff you never know you might need it for crafted something after Ive achieved this quest so you might as well fill up your inventory now I know you can actually craft a chest as well so you can store your stuff in I dont think Ive done that yet if I remember correctly so we might do that soon um oh yeah I was gonna look at my character lets press C lets see if I can find my mount so face weapon mount slow Sebastian I swear I had a new mount Ive got rid of him now oh dear give me my mount back oh no Im gonna be right trouble now I dont dragon look so you could do all that you can get all these things but how Racing Raptor yes racing Raptor come on yeah Ive gotten I have Ive got him I think hold on lets get rid of the skeleton stop interrupting me Im trying to show people on YouTube my new mount there it is I got my racing Raptor yeah look at me I mean look bad man ah charging across the universe I will help you get the yellow stuff infinium or yeah Ive come across this before cant remember what its used for but no doubt it sounds quite powerful so it must be for something cool maybe the dragon I was speaking of who knows give me your yellow infinium or give it right guys now Duke do remember please send me your stories what are you up to in trove what level you up to as you can see Im only on level 7 yeah I know I fail theres a dragon night dragon a dungeon over here but should we do the dungeon what do you think I get I bet youre all saying yeah go in the dungeon go in the dungeon well why not obliged get on my raptor charge go raptor fight him oh I wish you could ride your Raptor and shoot at the same time thatd be so neat but alas no ah one positive of coming over here is collecting this shape stone or so thats good and then we can go into the dungeon safe in the knowledge that weve collected a lot of infinium or there might even be some in there who knows lets go and have a look get back on my Raptor Im coming in hello oh my word theres traps and everything god this game moves so quick I dont want to take it too much damage stand in the corner and fight like a boss yeah got ya what are these Im standing on them whatever they are out okay lets press Q and get some health back well theres bombs that drop from the sky there what that looks like a looks like a path I can go up lets follow the path do-do-do-do-do where do you lead maybe it leads me to the boss of this place I am NOT a complete noob no Im not Im getting better my stupid English accent sounds ridiculous Wow how high is this Im getting tired just climbing up here yeah but its tough for a protein shake or something or does a jumpy thing jumpy thing is good boy oh I cant make it come on jump me higher yeah I made it oh god where am I now okay okay okay okay France yeah we made it now where are we oh god theres a moss or maybe not a boss but a baddie nonetheless ah hes appeared behind me get away skeleton skeleton death ghost thing where am I now yeah shoot are you destroying the map for me lovely at least thatll give me an easy way down I kind of think I need to go back down there I dont we havent destroyed that boss yet where is that boss pretty sure this cant be him yes God its got hat on though a crown so maybe hes the king of this place hmm boy that was cool lets do that again I go on that thing over there finds me across here boring boy yeah but not exactly what I wanted to do but it doesnt seem to be any boss in here where yeah its bad to be back up to the top again if I want to get out of here I guess Im gonna have to use this ah but its a dungeon portal it takes me to the next place I use my special ability press 2 and I get a giant cannon that comes out you wish you could fight me sir but you will fail like all of you yeah destroyed it quest complete objective completed lets see whats in this wonderful looking treasure chest anything good gruesome grimace dark Ritualist and skirmish skull cannon lets look at our inventory and see what those are skirmish goal cannon maximum health and knock-back but less magic damage not good epic dark Ritualist that seems to reduce my things and grew some grimace that reduces everything as well so we dont want that lets leave this world and continue on our quest to collect the stuff we were looking for before now can I jump down here and not die lets see apparently not apparently not girl that was one big fool you can jump further than you can in Minecraft though I would probably be dead if I jump that far in my craft and now if we remember we need more of this former site and more a more of that purple stuff which I keep forgetting the name of lets destroy this guy and remind ourselves and what its cool you guys have probably got such a better memory than me shape stone or thats it alright shapes dont autumn former site former site is blue shape stone or is purple sea were gradually improving well do you think this guys this game is gonna be more popular than minecraft Im gonna say no but who knows stranger things have happened it is free to play which minecraft isnt unless youre a naughty person and crack it whoa Im nearly dead now you know what if I claim that land over there I can refill my health bottle which I cant remember the name of but yeah lets claim this land and then here rejuvenation station refill your Elysium flask thats why its called Elysium faster now Ive got eight charges of that left you can see that in the bottom center of my screen and you press Q to activate that and so that will rejuvenate my health if I get too bad again well this guy lays spikes down in front of him cool and its there any former site or shape stone or over here come on we want to complete this mission before the end of the video surely theres some air there it is that this stuff might complete it so theres forum site and over there is shape stone beautiful thats press tab start mining this bad boy and hopefully well have our club up and running so those of you who are watching and those of you who want to you can join my club and quest in the name of redneck Einstein so if youre a big fan of the channel get involved Id love to see you here and hopefully like I said get you involved in some of the videos you can show me all your creations show me your fancy mounts and your outfits and whatever else you is that youve created it would be so brilliant and lets get some more of this stuff that should be enough now I would think lets press tab again and press B have a look so weve got 115 and 272 of shape stone tour but theres more over here so lets get this and dont forget guys keep the comments coming in I want to learn from you as well as help you in any way that I can theres nothing better than having like a nice audience who you make videos for it motivates me and I just enjoy conversing with you all so hopefully youre gonna do that alright lets press tab B 306 so we need to find some land or find our house again I think well move our house over there what on earth is that little creature there hello what is that dustbin a spinning dustbin wait its spinning dustbin Im supposed to put rubbish in you youre not supposed to attack me all right cool so weve got our cornerstone back lets go to I it was the builders crafting bench and we were trying to build the Fun Factory no he went we were trying to build the club card create a club world for you and your friends there it is and we have got enough stuff so lets craft that and what do we do with that Club card now we have it actually Ive got those boxes with reason I that I created before so lets get those vitality ring get that one now we can I think we can just destroy those and get glim from them but where is the club card there it is so what do I do with that left mouse to use what would you like your club to be called what do you think guys Im thinking redneck nut with a capital D redneck Einstein Club the blob redneck Einstein blob yeah thatd work redneck Einstein blob instead of club well call it blood well go with it why not so weve created it yeah redneck Einstein blood is now a thing oh my god what the heck is this thing oh my God look at the size of that sardis got a mate no need no need be kind be friendly Im only little Kenan kill him oh yes we probably clean completed some quest and weve got a pickup from it refill our rejuvenation thing all right so what did we pick up partitioned planting +18 maximum health plus 14 laser man C and minus 4 jump I dont know how much we need jump so Im going to take that put that on my head look at that yeah Ive got a banana on my head if anyone trips on my head theyre gonna slip off wicked so whats our next mission go fishing buy a fishing pole and some lures from saltwater Sam in the hub world once you have this press F to fish simple alright well well leave that from the next episode thanks for joining me guys hopefully Ill see you some some of you on my club world take care please like comment share and subscribe get your friends involved thisll be fun thanks guys bye Oh ark survival evolved steam key TROVE Game #7 | GOT MY DINO MOUNT!!! MMO GAME & FIRST LOOK | TROVE Gameplay Please consider supporting the channel at: ► In this episode i create a club for all of us to join! Its called Redneck Einstein BLUB, and i finally get to ride my new mount - a frickin dinosaur! Hells yeah. Trove has only just been released on 9th July 2015 by TRION WORLDS, is free to play and looks like a very interesting game indeed. So without further ado....lets play TROVE! Like a cross between Minecraft and Cubeworld it tasks you (me) with destroying blocks, crafting weapons, armor, houses, buildings and more and gives you quests to complete. The makers say: The MMO, Cubed. Trove is an open-ended voxel adventure through countless realms filled with quests, chests, and enemies great and small. It’s a potent, cube-shaped brew of RPG features combined with the thrill of exploring procedurally-generated worlds – and the unlimited creative freedom to build your own! 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