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Steam games like hollow knightsteam deck version 2 TROVE game I had no idea that this thing existed alright guys thanks for tuning in today our deep dive into the Atari 50 compilation disc it has all sorts of amazing video game history in it and I wanted to share with you guys and react to it as we watch it we covered all the way up until the release of Atari in the last video If you havent seen it make sure you guys go watch that I mean it was mind-blowing to learn some of the things in there I fully encourage you to check that out today were going to start at the pinball section of ataris history and make our way through the Home console Market of the early 80s if you are new to the channel hit the Subscribe button and of course the Thumbs Up Button were going for 500 thumbs up Im trying to release a new video every day this week while the Atari 50 is coming out listen like I said in the first video Im Ive never been a huge fan of the original Atari games but I am a huge fan of ataris History so lets check it out lets get into this thing and uh learn more about this because I am so so blown away by what this whats going on with this by the way if you would like to purchase this you can theres a link down below I am not sponsored by this but I do have an Amazon Amazon uh referral link which if you buy it Ill make like a buck off it so uh you know hey thatd be great the link is down in the description as well as the comments below so lets get into this it is the Atari pinball area do you know Atari did pinball I didnt in 1975 Atari launched a pinball Division and uh with the aim of innovating on the still popular game Atari built more expensive machines with Advanced Computer Hardware and larger playfields but the new technology was not reliable Atari quickly left the pinball business but not before producing some interesting tables so heres a video on it uh talking about Eugene Jarvis who would go on to create video games hits like Defender uh joined Atari in 1977 Eugene Jarvis by the way if you were to put together like a Mount Rushmore a video game developers especially the classic video games Eugene Jarvis would probably be right around the top four I mean this guy created some of the most iconic games in video game history uh so uh join Atari 1977 to Pro uh to program with the processors uh that controlled its new pinball games what he found was a company that in his view was making all the wrong decisions about pinball design isnt that amazing that this guy comes in hes like youre doing this all wrong I think thats amazing stuff lets check it out Music I mean Atari relief why were there in the pinball business you know here they had this tiger by the tail of video games you know just this Supernova of like creativity and possibilities and you know they were nailing it left and right creating new genres every other week why would you mess around with pinball you could tell the um our games were just not working you know and due to reliability poor engineering you know thermal issues um issues of the games just falling apart poor Hardware design you know it just I could see the writing was on the wall that that we were going to go down I mean thats pretty fascinating to think about the idea that uh number one he comes in hes like why would you even want to deal with this you know Antiquated technology at the time you have this new amazing technology of of playing games on TV and you want to play this like analog version with a ball and you know like what why would you want to do that and I also understand why the the I would imagine Nolan Bushnell wanted to get into it was because you know you youve got this great thing working here so you want to take a step to the left over here a step to the right and also do Amusement Games its you know sometimes in business youve got to take chances and thats exactly what hes doing but it was interesting that the idea that like oh were gonna quickly back away because we realize this is not right for us the pinball basic division was just a massive disaster was uh you know it was its kind of the um uh you know kind of the hubris of uh you know I guess Silicon Valley uh even in that era you know just like oh these these morons in Chicago they make these crappy old games you know like you know were gonna redesign everything were gonna put the display down in the bottom were gonna you know put the boards you know underneath the Playfield so all the crap Falls in and shorts out the things and I mean it was really horrific design and uh they caught on fire um the solenoids they use this thing called rotary solenoids which burned up and the screws fell out and you know it was it was kind of a you know just a complete disaster as far as like design and also testing and thats really funny to think about what he said there was the the hubris of Silicon Valley looking at these idiots from Chicago and be like yeah we can do it better I mean come on but what you dont realize is that theres been years and years of of work done to perfect what a pinball machine looked like at the time and uh and then theyre like yeah were just gonna change the whole thing put things in different places and were gonna make it better and then and all the guys in Chicago are like you guys are idiots what are you thinking and you know what they prove to be right so there was uh a lot of games that caught on fire so but they made a lot of money when they were working you know we did yeah either the programming was awesome because I did it you know foreign hubris right there thats awesome thats really funny to think about I I legitimately didnt even know that Atari went into the uh the pinball division so that thats what Im thats whats really exciting about going in and checking this out is that I legitimately didnt know that that it existed but were gonna go through and uh I would I did a quick preview as once again that were going through ataris history here and there are a few other parts here where it talks about specific games and it gets into um one game in particular and I I I wanted to hear a little bit more about asteroids because asteroids was something that um I was really fascinated by but it goes into which which game was it I think its millipede is it millipede theres one one of these games in here that um really kind of gives you a full rundown of what of of the uh with with separate videos and stuff but I dont know oh this one this is the holographic yeah there we go okay because uh well get into uh the game in particular it gets into uh in just a little bit sorry I totally skipped this because I once again I previewed this didnt watch the videos though I want to say that for you guys but this is really interesting Cosmos the holographic handheld a handheld gaming device in 1981. let alone that a holographic handheld device in January 1981 Atari announced they would release Cosmos a handheld gaming system in which each game would be displayed atop a custom hologram image just think think about that thats this is how many years I dont know what six seven years before the game boy existed uh 87.88 this is 1981 and theyre already realizing that people want to take these games on the go and not just on the go but a holographic design thats crazy to think about even today the games Graphics were made up of simple LED lights but the Holograms provided a dynamic realistic backdrop Atari Never released the cosmos and guess what we got a video about it oh baby lets get into this I Im excited all right if you guys are excited once again hit the thumbs up button and of course if you if you made it this far hit the Subscribe button because this is cool Music when was this 1980 81 that time frame prior to Ray cassars emergence I was part of the executive staff you know and Noel and Joe I Steve Bristow Gill uh Dennis Groth Finance you know we were all friends and no politics and all that and we all worked together and uh part of the team it set it was great once Ray took over nope it was all closed office and he had his he met with all his hires from Procter Gamble and you know so I realized okay Im out of this Im either going to have to quit because Nolan had gone Joe had gone uh Lipkin everybody had gone uh I figure well Ill go back this is my baby Im going to do it one more time and we had used holography we had we couldnt keep secrets at Atari were just no good at it so we decided the best thing to do to put out this information so the the one of the best ones was the next coin op game is going to have holography and it was like what the hell is that I knew what it was I dont even know what the hell Im guessing hologram holography Ive never heard the term holography until literally right now Ive never heard holography before Im cultured thats good having you know Ive been to college and studied this physics and stuff but that was just but then when I decided Well Ill do something lets do something in allography maybe theres something there Ill take it sounds hard sounds interesting I know a little bit about it and we proceeded to explore holography and what could be done and uh came up with a with a holographic toy that basically sold it to Ray saying how would you like because the cartridge video game business seemed to be very good how would you like to have a system where the cartridge its a cartridge based system but the cartridges are half the cost of everything is half the cost of the VCS hey go ahead it were very simple they were nothing more than an LED a simple LED game the handheld LED game in those days the only difference was we had a hologram with two images on it you look through this box and there were two lamps inside and and when youd crash a spaceship youd see a hologram of a spaceship crashing that looks awesome and I know that it doesnt look as Im Im positive that it would not look as good as what youre seeing on screen but that is legitimately mind-blowing how cool that looks I had no idea that this thing existed I mean it looks pretty pretty freaking cool man it looks very three-dimensional thats thats neat and uh but you could look through this half Metalized mylar and and play a space invader game or something like that what we did all the work put everything together got a chip design package designed and and at the end Ray wouldnt who even took it to the Toy Fair uh or the consumer we and and marketing wouldnt show it wouldnt back it up and we did it ourselves engineering and we sold we think we sold a hundred thousand of them but Ray wouldnt would not release it just wouldnt do it and I realized that was it theyre not going to release that I mean this is now in a time when if it failed you wouldnt even notice it it wouldnt be a pimple on the balance sheet but they were afraid to do it back when it would the whole company was we assure we do it so that was end of my career at Atari wow that is crazy to think about that like they they created this entire product I read it out that sold a hundred thousand units and their CEO was like now were not gonna take that risk my God are you kidding me the electric games of Tomorrow available today three dimension lifelike holographic effects Ive never seen one of those Ive never I didnt even know this thing exists the cosmos surely surely like a prototype version of this has to be available and how is this not uh the Holy Grail when it comes to a video game item theres so much this stuff that is just lost in history and I think thats one of the most fascinating things about learning about these things I didnt even know this existed what crazy coming out the future of Atari wow that is really cool all right so thats all the videos in the Arcade Origins now lets take a look at the birth of the console like I said I did a quick glance through here theres uh theres just a couple videos were gonna were gonna make our way through this entire birth of the consoles area uh so I appreciate you guys sticking if you guys have made it this far hit the thumbs up button and of course subscribe if I can mention that one more time and once again I fully encourage you fully encourage you to go pick this up the Atari 50 if youre a fan of this old stuff just for this its 40 bucks like man what a great document I like I am blown away by the uh forethought to save everything to save all of this uh just the the documenting of this history Im gonna be straight up honest with you there were times at screw attack where we were running out of hard drive space and we just deleted videos no forethought at all no forethought you know but nowadays you think about oh you got to make sure you catalog everything jeez Louise all right lets get into the VCS the video computer system lets go read this in September 1977 Atari launched the video computer system later known as the 2600. uh it was part of the new wave of game consoles which had no games built in but stored them separately on ROM cartridges technologically Superior uh didnt superiority didnt come cheap the VCS launched at 199 about 950 in 2022 could you imagine could you imagine going to the store right now and buying your PlayStation 5. for 950 could you imagine the outrage what Ive talked about this before video games now are cheaper than theyve ever been and people make a big deal on like God of War being seventy dollars like thats insanely cheap for the entertainment that you get out of it and people I mean this is just mind-blowing to think about 950 so lets check this out what is a VCS in this video featured Atari Legend uh VCS program is Howard Scott warshaw and David crave Describe the impact of the Atari video computer system in their own words all right see on the simplest level what the VCS the Atari 2600 what that is its a combination of plastic and computer chips that enables you to play a video game an interactive video game on your home television which is something that never really happened before if youre making an arcade game it begins as a hardware project if you need something more in the hardware just put in the hardware and you can use it in your game the Atari 2600 we didnt have that luxury the game was already in Grandmas house it was already hooked up to her TV all we could do is make a different cartridge sell that to the person he plugs it in look at the options on there the idea of the TV type of color versus black and white you see that over there this is like crazy to see game select game reset pop the game in there if you if you ever had a cartridge like this man let me know because I I had those uh I had a handful I dont know if I ever had a yards Revenge but uh I I remember having this console or at least seeing it around I dont know if I actually played this console growing up but maybe Im Maybe Im Wrong pretty pretty sure I have those cartridges sure do look familiar from in my uh in the back regions of my brain pulling this stuff out its crazy it was the thing that made video games a worldwide phenomenon true and all it is is its a box that enables you to play an interactive game on your TV but on a cultural level thats such a huge thing to do because there were two things that that achieved that changed the world literally changed the world one is it put computers in Homes at a time where IBM only had about 10 000 PCS sold all together look at the advertising here this is not a toy thats thats pretty pretty crazy I mean like yeah this is fun but this aint a toy this is serious stuff ataris video video computer system is superior to any other system because it gives you gives your customers more games to play and better games to play that is really cool Atari had millions of units installed and every one of those was a computer in the home the other thing it did was it created an interactive medium with television which was always a passive medium whats crazy is this is Im reading this as it goes it says at the top says uh we are worthy Atari video game computer system remember pong this was look I think we all know time moves a little bit faster not physically faster but with the way things move with our smartphones and everything this is in the 70s where you would get news on the you know you would get your news from news at the end of the day and there was three or four channels on TV at your NBC and your ABC and your CBS uh and then some sort of UHF Channel Thats local or whatever but even then this is in 19 you know the late 70s going into the 80s and theyre saying remember Paul like it was it wasnt that long ago and pong was still relatively new this idea theres still I remember it yeah hey just that thats really uh interesting to think about the marketing attached to that remember that thing it wasnt that long ago before video games people were just zombies sitting on the couch watching TV but video games turned people into zombies jumping up and down on the couch yelling at the TV and that was an interesting way to talk about your consumer and I think that was huge in terms of taking people from a passive state to an active State and uh were still learning the implications of that what an interesting uh you look at how they the different color of the boxes how they were you know like this is your lineup of games over here and they all have uh you wonder if uh the coloring code had anything to do with I mean I dont see any you know we have an Olympics up here we have a sport down here I was thinking like the Olympics were all or the sport games were all yellow but no so this is like this is this idea is really really good in theory the idea that were gonna were gonna colorize our entire uh catalog of games but what happens when you have a game uh a new game and its not quite yellow but not quite green you got to keep Shifting the colors on it foreign so it goes through the games here it talks about the different games that were released um not not a whole lot of videos oh you know heres heres a video here well well check this out VR from arcade to home and then I think theres a couple more videos to go this video is gonna be a little bit longer I appreciate you guys sticking around to the end because it is well worth the wait watching these things hopefully you guys feel smarter than I than I do uh are smarter than you did when you started because I know I I definitely feel more video game intelligent I fully intend on making my way through this entire catalog so once again hit the Subscribe button if you havent already alright so from arcade to home the VCS version of a popular game could be a big hit but bringing a coin operated game to the lower powered home machine was easier said than done game designers David crane Gary kitchen and Todd Frye explain why porting an arcade game was an impossible challenge but one they gladly took on this is so oh God Im having so much fun with this the entire reason that Atari created the Atari 2600 Home console was to put their Arcade Hits into the home if we can sell home versions of our arcade hit games into the home we can sell millions of them instead of just take quarters from the thousands of people who go to arcades and so the hardware was designed to make it possible to take a tank and pump yes thats about all that they did in the hardware so the distinction is this um coin oh he made Pac-Man for the 2600. like no no notoriously a very bad version of Pac-Man not gets to use more expensive Hardware they get to use tons and tons of hardware and they get to refresh their Hardware all the time I had played a an outlaw like game in the arcade I think it was midway uh and you know I was just told to make a game so I said well heres an idea two guys shooting at each other and so I made that game my goal is to try to make it like the arcade game at the end of the day its essentially its its more or less a version of pong just you just dont wanna you dont want to get hit by the ball and theres something in the middle of it thats funny so I could look at your arcade game and say this is what it has to do there really wasnt any need for me to have communication with the arcade guys Im particularly proud of the Atari 2600 Canyon bomber because it also has the Atari arcade game depth charge in it so it turns out that in a 2K byte Atari 2600 cartridge I simulated both Canyon bomber and depth charge which were probably three thousand dollar arcade game Hardware when I was young when I was little I remember there was this drugstore and in their Comic Book Rack they have these Abridged versions of great literature youd read it with the whole story of Treasure Island War and Peace a comic book but that whole notion of an Abridged version that is what was going to happen thats pretty fascinating to think about because that actually still happens today that you take The Abridged version of of these old things my my daughter is really big on the graphic novel Abridged versions of classic tales and you wonder whos still reading these classic tales in their entirety these three and four under page stories when you can when you can just read the uh graphic novel the comic book version of it you know in in 50 pages and its really pretty to look at too theres pictures whoa when I did Donkey Kong I had not surprisingly absolutely no contact with Nintendo clico was able to get me a machine so I had a machine uh that I could play and look at and I had already played the game and and like David said with Canyon bomber the game is the spec frankly the hardware is so different in its capabilities that I cant think of any value I would have had getting in touch with anybody at Nintendo its like talking to the guy who created the Porsche Carrera about making a bicycle I mean its like theres not a lot there so is he is he making the Poors career or is he making the bicycle I think thats really interesting the idea that Nintendo didnt have any contact at all at all when it came to the Atari 2600 report of their game what uh not a lot youre going to tell me uh heres this masterpiece and and do it on this toaster you know and I was young enough and stupid enough to not be intimidated and I wasnt because I was just a kid and I was like no big deal isnt that amazing the the idea of theres so theres so much when it comes to the saying ignorance is bliss right uh and my my daughters recently learned the uh the expression of your your mouth being bigger than your stomach or you know the idea that you see all the food you eat it all and then you have too much food and you end up having a stomach ache its kind of the exact same idea here with uh with Donkey Kong and Pac-Man and all these classic games that is just really really cool to think about um lets go lets go ahead and uh keep going just a little bit longer uh theres a few things about the programming on the V on this and I think this is where were gonna stop because there are a few videos in particular about um about what scheme is it theres one game in particular maybe maybe I totally missed it I think I did but well just kind of go there uh finish up on the programming for it and uh well wrap it up there but I will continue once again theres a theres a highs and lows dawn of the PCS in 1990s and Beyond I will cover all this on my channel assuming that I dont get a copyright flag for this stuff but I think this is super important for you guys to see and once again I fully encourage you to go buy this collection for yourself because theres so much that we have not even taken a close look at here that if you are a fan of video game history you are going to love this stuff so lets go and check out this last video here about programming uh being so difficult it says the designers of the BCS thought it would it would uh be obsolete quickly wow after all it was only intended to play tank and pong four years later it was more popular than ever and game designers had to squee keep squeezing more out of it in this video several game designers discuss why Atari VCS programming was so uniquely challenging because they were dealing with no memory at all just crazy to think about um oh heres a pretty long video I like these its hard so one of the first questions they asked me at Atari was what do you want to work on so I just said to him I said whats the dirtiest most basic Elemental system that you have and he goes oh well thats the VCS I said well thats where I want to start I mean the constraints on the programmers uh were worse than I ever even imagined were thats funny Laughter so he went in and he this is the D make of Halo Halo 2600 I dont know if you guys have seen that but I fully encourage you to check that out you just Google artist YouTube Halo 2600 possible 2600 doesnt draw a screen it doesnt draw anything what it does is it has these little logic devices these counters and shift registers that say this is the start of the screen this is the left side of the screen the Electron Beam is moving to the right Im going to count I know how fast the Electron Beam is moving Im going to count until the Electron Beam is somewhere on the screen and then Im going to change the color on the screen for a little itsy bit theres only one console where you have to think about the the electron gun moving across the screen and what machine cycle youre on and when you can show stuff on the screen that thats such a fun and unique and annoying challenge that it really hooks you to these guys this sounds way too what I am so In Awe by what these guys have been able to were able to develop and you know are still developing you talk you see the you know uh The Homebrew development of this its just insane to me to think about the video youre watching is exponentially longer exponentially bigger not not by a little bit like not by a lot of it by infinite amount than any of the size of these games its crazy crazy the amount of data streaming through your phone right now as its tracking in your pocket or watching me on your phone just Dwarfs dwarfs the data that went into making one of these games the most fun Ive ever had making a game what do you say Dave fun might not be the word Laughter um you know it is the most challenging thing you could you could do when we were doing it at Atari and at Activision there were fewer than 100 people in the world who could do what we were doing and that in itself was you know very positive very uplifting um its really a sense of accomplishment if you can create something that um you know a million people love on this horribly limited piece of hardware youve created something you you know have a sense of accomplishment and there are very few things more technical challenging than trying to get a game out of the VCS in the first place because the VCS was a very technically Limited machine it sounds like a fabulous thing and when it first came out it was because people never seen anything like it I dont know if other people are as rewarded by it but youre overcoming tremendous challenges theres nothing thats easy to do on the 2600. and youre winning I love winning thats interesting to think about the idea that how technically impossible it was to create these games and they look back on it being like man we were idiots for trying that but we did it and the idea that less than 100 people were creating at the time uh and coding these things I mean as he said he likes winning Im sure all these guys have done very well for themselves and and what think of the stories the stories these guys have golly that arent even covered on this compilation disc its crazy and the other thing thats fun about playing them still is that theyre all 60 frames a second they have to hit that of the screen wont draw you know so theyre all even much better than I think consoles that came out a few years afterwards they all feel really fast when you play them no Atari game has any sort of lag or anything because they had no option to unlock its like its like when today in hindsight people criticize the first screen of Donkey Kong on the 2600 when I finished that screen I thought it was a miracle and uh you get people on Facebook today say his biggest piece of junk I ever I just have to understand the perspective where you were at at the time the programmers that worked with that machine uh were magicians yeah thats crazy to think about crazy to think about and I mean I love it I am so fascinated by this uh I I will continue this and I continue like I am Im in this this is the best movie Ive seen in a long time which I think is really really cool um once again you can pick this up for yourself uh theres a link for Amazon its a referral link I encourage you to check it out Im not sponsored by this I just thought that Id enjoy this so you would too come back tomorrow Im going to release a new one this is I this is very quickly turning into Atari 50 week on my channel its hot its new I thought youd be interested Ill make sure you guys hit the Subscribe button and of course the Thumbs Up Button lets get to that 500. I appreciate you guys Ill see you guys tomorrow for another episode as we dive deep into the highs and lows look there it is the highs and lows manana best free games on steam for low pc I am FLOORED by this collection of video game history. As mentioned in the video, you can pick Atari 50 up for yourself on Amazon here: Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration takes players on an interactive journey through 50 years of video games, including a specially-curated list of more than 100 playable classics and six entirely new titles from the award-winning team at Digital Eclipse At the heart of The Anniversary Celebration are Interactive Timelines, which combine trivia, all-new interviews with the original developers and industry leaders, and playable games into one singular experience. Play extremely rare titles from the Atari Jaguar and Lynx platforms, 8-bit computers and 7800, 5200 and 2600 consoles. 90+ classic games lovingly presented with best-in-class emulation and modern quality-of-life enhancements – including games that have not been available for ages. Platforms include Arcade, 2600, 5200, 7800, Atari 8-bit computers, Lynx, and Jaguar. Discover the games that launched the modern industry and the creative individuals behind them through interviews, archival images, special source material and behind-the-scenes content in five unique Interactive Timelines. Over an hour of exclusive video interviews with key players in the games industry – early Atari designers and engineers and other luminaries of the gaming world — as they discuss Atari’s enduring impact on the video entertainment landscape. In this video, were celebrating the Atari 50th anniversary with a collection of the best Atari 50 games! From classics like Asteroids to weird and wild titles like Centipede, this video is full of classics youll love! If youre a fan of Atari video games, then you need to check out this video! From classics like Asteroids to weird and wild titles like Centipede, this video is full of classics youll love! And if youre not familiar with Atari video games, this is the perfect introduction to the most popular Atari games of all time! 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