TROVE (Game Review)

Steam deck not compatible gamessteam counts TROVE game hello there this is wolf on gaming and this is my first game review and its on this game I have called trove and trove is free if you want to get it so no disappointment had money issues and basically this is a blocky RPG game as you can see in many Polacks which is like a feature that minecraft also has but still anyways at the same minecraft fully but uh yeah so its RPG as I said you can choose your class when you first start out and you can buy more classes when you get bored of your class where you want to train all your classes or train as many classes as you want the only sort of number though but so you can level up to level 20 and level 20 is the maximum but also when you when if you level up a single class level 20 you can go on to the pts server which is basically like free items and stuff well so most of it is except some stuff but yeah that thats thats cool were just kind of like private server but also you can test out all the items see what you get and yeah so the red circle at the left is my health bar and lets see if I fell right here I lost some right there and you can get much more health when you upgrade your items armor or level up your a your green bar at the bottom not your mastery and the mastery is just basically like lets see let me go to this loot collector down here and also yeah so whats another fun part about this game as you can glide unlike minecraft they havent fully released at yeah is they only have a snapshot so this is a loot collector and - what a loot collector does if you put in this item and this item you get these you get things like flex gleam I think maybe not yeah you get items from them and when you collect them yes Im ready to collect these items and yeah oh so right there is a quest he does frontier thing and I dont have any of those classes for Vilnius but anyways so Ill just go there which one should I go in to Oh desert frontier I think Ill go in three but so yeah trove as it is pretty fun and oh yeah by the way I might drink alight class if youre new to this game pretty cool and you can also get more jumps lets see you get more jumps all these stats right here you can level them up by ranking up better items and yeah youll find out now lets lets find the desert how damn wheres the desert I need to find a different one shoot shoot need to hurry up okay but anyways if you like so also if you have an item like this stuff of mine and if you think its cool but like you need a better weapon and you dont want to spend all that all your items on upgrading it but you find a better weapon and you switch to it you can change the look of your weapon when you put the items into loot clicker and then it adds to your like collection you can change the looks of it Im gonna keep my staff because it looks cool so you click see you click your weapon or or whatever else and you spill through here and you choose something like for some of that but I aint gonna change it right now because I dont wanna so Im gonna try and keep this short but lets go through here try and find a desert and basically you just go around finding boss rooms this peeling monster is to level up so for example uh oh shoot theres a boss room right here okay so uh let me kill these guys well yeah its pretty fun its like I dont know how many blocky rpgs there are out there but its pretty but its like my favorite one I found so far man they may find a desert well guys uh so yeah I hope you guys enjoy the game review and if you hear any background noises like other people or my computer fan thats my computer fan or just other people that you hear in the background and sorry that you hear that because yeah my mic aint fully good I guess um like you can still hear my computer fan but still at least my video quality is good its better than my old recorder screencast-o-matic right now Im using fraps by the way so yeah please like subscribe and comment down below if you want me to do any more game reviews and I might just do that but yeah comment yeah comment like just subscribe and see you guys later peace playable games on steam deck So I decided on doing a game review on Trove. Sorry about the background now, its probably my computers fan, but enjoy the video and make sure to go play it. Comment down if you think I should do more game reviews.Trove: Join the Wolf Pack by subscribing today! :) best free steam multiplayer games steam it up madden 22 steam key best steam games for sale steam hogwarts legacy early access