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Meta quest 2 games steamsteam punk corsets TROVE game hey yo what is going on guys cash and clean here and for todays video i want to talk about how you can get guaranteed crystal four gear just like the title says and im not really the founder of this certain idea so im just gonna shout out abby if you guys dont know avi uh you all need an abbey in your life so pretty much all you need in order for this to even work is you need delve shadow keys and as you can see i have 51 for a reason here and if we go over to my personal chest over here i have 51 here as well for you know i just make 51 like in general because if you farm so the idea of farming uh crystal four gear is you have to go higher than the depths of 115 and open the shadowy vaults at those floors but theres a twist kind of its not really a twist but you need to find something thats uber 10 and ill show you what i mean by that so here i have a portal im just going to open it and its a depth stepper so ill just put myself at 114 and ill just go inside so this this portal right here is just going to take me to uber 9 because this isnt past depth 115. so once were in in order to even find out what uh uber youre in you can just sometimes ill just tell you up here but you could also just hit escape or whatever this menu is on a console and you can see up at the top that says uber9 and it tells you what biome youre in so what you want to do is you want to find uber 10 so were not going to find uber 10 here so im just going to go up to 115 and check to see if its uber 10 and i guess ill just make a quick cut to that that part all right guys i am back again this is depth 116 now im going to be opening up the portal to see if its uber 10 or not but pretty much i think you get the idea all you want to do is find uber 10. this ones uber 9 so im not going to be using my key but what you want to do is the moment you find uber 10 youre only going to find it past the depths of 115. so if its a little bit hard for you to farm this might not be the best idea for you unless youre getting a carry but what you want to do is use up all of your keys but you have a chance of getting a crystal for anywhere from your first opening to your 51st opening and after you get your crystal four gear it will reset so what you want to do there is then get another 51 keys and do this whole process again now the only way this wont work is if you start opening chests in other ubers and just other depths that are not one fit like if you just open one at like i dont know depth 97 or something it wont really count towards this so what you want to do is make sure its uber 10 and you want to make sure its on a shadowy vault obviously and if you have the tone that gets you more keys you might mess up like whatever number youre on so just keep 51 on you at all times and make sure youre opening the shadowy vaults which is past the depths of 115 and it has a rare chance of it being uber9 like this like im on 116 this is uber9 just make sure just wait until you find uber 10 open it and youll have a shot at getting crystal four and if you dont its fine all you have to do is just go through your keys so if you ever played gentian impact i dont know if any of you guys have im just going to make a quick reference if you know how the wishing system in that game works so pretty much you can get a guaranteed 5 star at 90 pity so your 90th roll or you can get one before that so its pretty much like this uh youd have to just wait until 51 instead yeah thats pretty much the idea of it if you dont believe me try it out yourselves youll i guarantee you youll get a crystal four because i definitely have and its its been tested so it does work yeah thats gonna be it for todays video if you have enjoyed drop a like subscribe if you are new and if you want to be responsible for the next video drop something down in the comments down below and you can be responsible for the next video and on that note i will see you all later steam puzzle game like portal This video tells you how to get a crystal 4 item all the time. Its a lot easier than most of us thought it was. Hope this video helps you out!Follow Me At: forza horizon 4 steam key steam car wash near me how to sell a game back to steam steam on chrombook steam transfer game to another account