a spider attacked me irl during this Trove gameplay (ive ran out of titles for streams)

Saucepan steamerlink ea games to steam TROVE gameplay what an epic gamer move around there we go let me tweet this out as well gamers you like how like this is twitch not updating the title or something weird cuz when I tweeted out hood its still advertising like some thing else from a long time ago weird you there we go hey guys yeah Ive been streaming a lot on YouTube lately so I thought you know lets do twitch honestly I was actually prepared to stream terraria because Ive been like really really busy building and I wanted to show off my build skills but but then I thought wait a minute I didnt have a troll I didnt have a troll video today so Shuchi squad assemble and you guys just sit there and just kind of vibrate okay um what should why is it a big dog pile what is wrong with you guys let us do I guess just delves right well wrong not really any reason to do anything else biomes open I gotta go to D&D Im sorry guys dee has subbed for 21 months okay I mean thats over a year but cool I like cool Dee but Im just saying like why does it say 21 months hey its so stupid oh did you guys hear finally fantasy star has a PC release date jesus H Christ why did it take them so long to have it come out on PC like I dont get it you guys will have to pardon me as well I like I feel so tired today like I was up till like 5:00 in the morning building in Terraria which okay fine and then for some reason I woke up at like 10 a.m. couldve slept more but I dont know Im the type like when I wake up Im up I cant go back to bed even if Im tired and grumpy all day youre currently in our neon Ranger theres no such class man no I know you meant number one brand finian mind Jesus wrong with you I want to see speedsters running to the end please oh yeah I also I I didnt install the mod but so totally Josh finally has his hes got some amazing video effects on a flash mod for the neon ninja and its beautiful a huge she need to do a better house in Terraria no I already did that I already spent five hours working combined in Terraria God you know Debs care about wait what Oh Oh for the delves released yeah yeah yeah its gonna take a little while but itll come out for Pete consoles soon I still gotta check my email I did end up asking and just seeing like do you guys dad you Dan explained buffs and how to prioritize which buffs you mean like buffs in the Geo caves because there is literally nothing to explain what the enemies have is random theres theres nothing you can do about it if thats what youre talking about so PSO 2 is gambia in the Windows 10 store yeah it is gonna be coming out on Steam though they did confirm that I just dont think that its coming out on the May 27th release so you just got wait whos the best character to start with I mean its entirely up to you dude like its all about player preference at that point even the end game is all player preference its just certain characters just arent gonna do good candy Barbs probably one of the funnest for a melee character hes slow AF but he feels really powerful and then you get to the end game and its like oh hes not whats the best way to get magic feeling without dragging grinding dragon coins thats thats pretty much it man its its all related to the Dragons I know if if theres one thing that needs an overhaul like game ego has been doing a fantastic job Overhaulin so many systems of trove they really need to overhaul the dragon coins like its so out of date and broken yes Jen it did that to me recently as well I think that just happens from time to time why am I even running when weve got like not a speedster but somebody in the front whats the max cave I can solo thats a good question I havent actually tried I mean Ive got full c4 gear but I dont have my no on my pressure permit torch I havent bothered well havent bothered I I dont know Ive been burnt out on trove so I havent been playing it as much lately guys just been kind of uploading like tutorials that I already had recorded I gotta catch up on editing to like even things are gonna get so overwhelming for me very very quickly Im trying to finish the Animal Crossing series because technically we beat the game even though the game is infinite and it just keeps going Im gonna get to the end credits and then Im gonna stop the series because on the 26 we already have minecraft dungeons 27 a fantasy star to like oh let alone Im still playing Terraria I wanted to bring the win craft series back but that aint happening Music oh Im probably in D&D thats why accept all friends there you go you plan a you service that doesnt matter for any version of trove outside of PlayStation PlayStation is the only one where it actually separates North American and EU players otherwise for Xbox and PC it doesnt matter you can literally choose whatever server you want I can stand still because you guys are the speedsters good Music what do you use on emblems other than arcane uh well arcane is mostly just useful because of the extra damage I always like to use unyielding because the invulnerability frames but if your speed farming youre ganna be using trailblazing maybe one of the energy regen ones like zealous is alright its okay chromatic that ones gonna be very useful you can use the minions as well they do a lot of damage its just Im at the point where Im already doing plenty of damage so I dont really need them I guess if I was gonna be doing leviathans with my gunslinger I should probably have a minion ally or something or none minecraft dungeons is coming out on its launching on everything dude its coming on PC Xbox Playstation Nintendo switch all at the same time all in the twenty six its going to be cross play I dont think youll be able to convert your file over you might be able to which would be awesome because if you can convert your file over I am very very tempted to buy it on the Nintendo switch as well because minecraft dungeons is only like 20 bucks and if I can just get the deluxe special edition on pc which is $30 by the way Wow ten bucks more for two DLCs give it to me Oh monolith but being able to play that game on the Nintendo switch just on the go would be amazing is there a permanent torch yeah there is I dont have it its a very very rare draw from leviathans I dont farm leviathans often enough in the first place wish youd recognize the neon ninja what what do I have to recognize i single-handedly put out the neon rage speed tutorial what are you talking about you free the reason youre playing the neon ninja is probably because of me no Im guessing youre talking about with delves in which case neo ninjas only purpose is to rush to the end because youre not gonna do enough damage you can use the uh ninja for anywhere else but delves its just like I tried using zealous for tomb raiser and it was fantastic I used my number one ability and spammed Flass each time I was about to run out of energy my minions never died and it was really good yeah you if you have enough energy regen on your gear you dont need that cuz the thing that is weird about trove is you can literally just spam youre number one with the tumors on cooldown because with trove theres not a minimum amount of energy needed to be spent for most of the abilities its just a matter of if you have energy you can use the ability thats why sometimes you might notice your numbers will actually go into the negative and thats because like say I have one energy and I use my alt lets say it takes 30 energy to actually cast it doesnt wait until Im at 30 energy in order to actually use the alt itll just use the alt and put me up - 29 because I had one extra energy right its a very weird way that trove has always worked which is fine because it means that you can spam your abilities a lot more its not good endgame yeah you can use night hes not gonna be the fastest but hes really good for just normal dungeon clearing like you usually if youve built him strong enough all youll need to do is just use your classroom ability once and it should just like kill the boss cuz night already did get his rework a long time ago and hes really good Music oh yes you too Im a gunslinger trying to get Crystal gear they dont do much damage what am I supposed to do I gunslinger doesnt do damage until you use your classroom ability on your alt thats just kind of the name of the game dude thats why I like just remind people that always talk about gunslingers the strongest its like yeah he is but hes burst damage you use your alt thats it everything else about him kind of sucks I mean you can definitely main him and you can clear dungeons if you really want to but unless you are an absolute powerhouse no our Jen the rage speed tutorial still holds up today and didnt have well actually Im curious what incorrect info are you talking about the reason I may sound cocky is because in all honesty I get a lot of flack from people that try to act like trove is more complicated that is I am endgame only because Ive been playing this game for so long and Ive never cared for the try-hard attitude its kind of a dick move especially in a game like this where its like it doesnt matter at all like literally an idiot like me can play this game and get to the end okay its the same as how people try to talk about like oh efficiencies and all that crap its like none of that matters none of it you just end up optimizing your damage thats it those little numbers at the end give you like maybe 1k more damage do you think geode is a good way to funk flux the delves are the geode caves can be if thats what youre asking yes but you have to go for some of the later resources and can be really really grinding and time-consuming on gems should the bra damage or crit damage have two stars yes they should the best way that I can summarize it is your empower gems are all going to have the two stars on or two pearls on the magic or physical damage and then one in crit and then for the lesser gems its a three by three so three of them are going to be the exact same as the empower gems and then the other three are going to have the two pearls on crit damage with one pearl on your raw damage and then of course with the whats it called the cosmic gems those are just going to end up all being rolled towards light you have to mill more coefficients in that someone youre dealing more than 1k damage yeah but who gives a  __  it really makes no difference like you can try harder at all you want dude it doesnt make a  __  difference in this game you wanna know why because the enemies are just too overpowered and heres why it makes no difference because I can literally farm the strongest gear in the entire game and Im pretty close to being able to solo a u10 Leviathan doesnt matter if Id be able to solo at five seconds faster like thats thats my whole argument with people that think all of that stuff actually counts its like it doesnt its its about longevity its about being able to actually do it and well we can do it do you know why chaos factor is not in the thousand oils to badge anymore is that true did they remove that I dont even know where that badge is did they seriously do that thats weird man Music like I dont know dude theyve honestly removed a lot of the chaos factor from random portions of the game I dont think they ever like I dont think that the game announces that you get chaos factor for the loyalty badges but Im pretty sure that you still do get the chaos factor from it if Im not mistaken its every thousand loyalty points right which is basically every thousand dollars you got like a extra chaos factor woohoo Im shadow hunter what cosmic gem is best best cosmic gem for the most part just a well-rounded average as can be berserk battler because in total it gives you an extra 750 light just by doing damage to enemies it just slowly builds up so thats gonna be your best bet just for endgame stuff because pretty much everything is related to light like whether youre doing geode surface or the delves when it comes to consoles how can I increase my battle level by training like Goku with zero gravity no um what do you mean do you mean your PvP like this thing the battle level oh dont dont even bother dude theres no mastery behind it and it is disgusting like you basically have to go into normal PvP which doesnt exist anymore you can still create portals for it and do custom matches but you cant do publics and it can be a lot of fun if youre on like cool custom maps and stuff like that thats for sure whoops Im trying to save up for these ornate boxes damn it um too much in the habit of just spending them but basically if I recall you have to be in PvP for 30 to 40 minutes or something like that and then youll end up gaining battle XP and getting the battle box if Im not mistaken Im not exactly sure its been years how can you deal more damage to dealt enemies yeah your power rank doesnt really matter its all just about the light value like you have to have as much of that as possible because all of these enemies have a light resistance so the darkness stat on them and by having more light youll end up doing more damage to them that said youre always gonna end up being considerably weak on the lower floors just because thats just how the game scales but yeah youre youre just needing like good gear oh its monoliths well Im an idiot Music Music oh is that true Josh is that how it works now cuz thats really weird only a 4.5 K light yeah thats thats why cuz as soon as you get to like you ten Im pretty sure you have to have five K light base yeah they changed around the chaos factor a lot in the devils update its all in the patch notes as far as I remember but I kind of skimmed over it because I thought that the majority of people dont really know what chaos factor even is so I didnt feel the need to dwell on it in the patch notes I also just kind of didnt notice it Oh savior skull and snot new to trove what class domain its entirely up to you neo ninjas fast and can be fun when you get your classroom ability Shadowhunter sucks until you get your classroom ability candy bars a good starting character Id say just for a melee character all around he just kind of does his job really well but I dont know man its up to you you can trial all the characters so Id recommend doing that hell creatures good do you think the research center area is a bit Oh Pete yes it is thats what I love about it hey man its better than like at least I feel like Im earning the duplication items instead of just automatically having them all because Im in creative I think its great and I mean for somebody like me like I I dont care Ive already played through terraria vanilla I dont need to do it again so I really like the journey mode especially because I get to just build because I have infinite blocks yeah Music why dont you play Terraria with fans I mean I did in the past I did when I went to expert mode but theres a very like obvious reason why not to do that because one we would just fly through the content the content wouldnt be focused it would just be it would just be a mess basically like maybe I could just I dont know like I could maybe hop into other peoples worlds and stuff like that but its like I dont know maybe maybe Ill do that after I finish the series it depends but you there was no good drops in there at all just shadows like come on yes Jesus except your back he technically isnt like obtainable so yeah Id argue otherwise though our kale like if you want to try harder go ahead be my guest but it doesnt matter in the grand scheme of things for this game because were not talking about a game like World of Warcraft where you have to be optimal were talking about a game where you pretty much have to use death-defying just because every enemy in the game one-shots you because if you built your character correctly all you are is damage you have no health and in a game like that I could care less about being able to get like an extra like an extra couple seconds on like a Leviathan kill because thats pretty much thats pretty much the only endgame thing that there is like even with the delves none of it  __  matters people like to act like theres some type of big deal about like the depth that you can go and its like I get it if you have a good group okay sure go for it its a its a cool incentive its much better for getting purple name than in the past but eh who cares its just bragging and be most of this game is mo most of the endgame is actually filled with cheaters lets face it like they already had to patch quite a few things with the delvis update because when people were getting to the insane depths that they were it wasnt just people using the pixel exploit to the ally it was actually people just full-on hacking like okay yeah hired elves is the same loot so the only thing that really matters further than that would just be leviathans in which case all you really need is you ten leviathans right Music yeahyou there are some areas where you can go through the delves walls Im assuming youre saying are you saying that was a type of plasma where you can go out and it doesnt kill you because yeah if you blast your way through these walls its just empty void and you just die we actually had that happen a couple times on the test server because you can get yourself stuck into like little wall spaces and just go yeap through to the ceiling yeah Joe coincidentally has been grinding like a freak monolith and hes got like I dont even know how many Troezen wonder he grinded I think like a thousand so he grinded like ten mill just in like raw like doing dungeons and getting flux like yeah you know full free-to-play baller I dont know if he put that video up yet but Im hoping that he unboxed agonda otherwise my pal Nintendo gamer he also does trove stuff actually I introduced him to the game because hes we already knew each other from a long time ago dude I think he came around when we were doing like our Nintendo 64 like co-op series and then duck around for since then okay Im guessing these enemies went through the floor oh my god get back here oh no we did Oh No I know Josh I mean thats insane but I know no its never worth it dude like if you want to get ganda honestly speaking just buy it because unboxing it is gonna be more expensive unless youre extremely lucky which players like us that are at the endgame have weve spent all of our luck in this game so thats my argument what is this use a double shadow key okay come on man oh yeah Nintendo thats right he changed his channel name finally we will always be a Nintendo gamer or a Nintendo golfer I dont think anyone in chess can be selling your ganda what are they at now still 20 mil Jesus Oh No good thing I got ganda when it was like normally priced 15 mil maybe 18 mil but 24 like oh oh we got empty rooms and monsters I wonder if thats that one freak that dukes flux Im not kidding theres somebody at the end game that just dupes flux and they manipulate the market I dont know if theyre the one behind all the Gahan does though or if its somebody else thats the true end game when youre selling gan des which to big brain for me man III dont get market flipping at all I feel like if I wanted to actually learn all of that stuff I would just I dont know I just end up like learning stock in real life Music whoa there we go now gand is still cool man and its still like you can still buy it its just like ridiculous no I dont know anyone selling gone to dude like the whole thing is as you guys may have seen my nonchalant like who gives a  __  attitude towards this game does not bode well for the people that think theyre tough for playing this video game so because of that I dont really have many I dont really have many contacts with that side of the community I mean people blow it out of proportion its like I have nothing against the people that want to try hard this game or anything its just its just a video game or no I should say I mean we all know the phrase its just a game doesnt even whatever ninja said  __   __  how do I recommend preparing for delves if you pretty much just build yourself towards getting the geode surface then you should be good for the delves like its literally the exact same thing all you really need is just to have all of the all of the light its a weak mindset yeah thats it thats it I dont know the mean by heart but I should it was funny man its good that weve got somebody like that in the world that we can laugh at right Im a gun singer what gems do I use and where do I get them the same as any other gems and just I dont know explosive epilogues a good one I like cubic curtain just because survivability but off the top of my head I dont know theres only really a couple good gems honestly speaking yeah the mount can fly I just dont use it because its slower wait doesnt in JIT did somebody make a comic of that or are you talking about like an unsurpassed ik like comic that he has because he thinks hes like some type of superhero even though he plays  __  four at night nothing against him like all the power to him man good for him its just he ended up game 2 rich and famous way too young I think so one thing that Ive noticed just being an older content creator myself like Ive noticed a lot of the people that kind of get like really weird and corrupt with their content is the ones that end up getting rich while theyre still young because its like basically them theyre getting paid for their current behavior and thats how they justify it like their idiocy rather than actually like you know taking a step back and trying to learn themselves and grow up theyre just sitting there going well this is working for me Im making like millions of dollars you know and its like I mean its cuz youre delivering like you know your top in the world okay sure but you know people dont really give a  __  about the attitude I dont know man who cares no hes not a bad guy at all hes just kind of an idiot like the fact that like its like I used to be into competitive gaming and I just think like its like if I started suddenly making a living from actually doing that and having that tryhard mindset I would have gotten corrupt as well you know that thats kind of the point that Im trying to make is its like hes literally getting paid for what hes doing so in his brain hes gonna see it as okay this attitude means success even though its a weak mindset but no its like its like how people try to argue like that Gaming is like a sport as much as like you know competitive athletes or something like that its like  __  off man those guys are waking up at like 6:00 in the morning every single day training their asses off and theyre fighting against two other people that are equally incredible III cant go I cant even get past the fact like anytime I see any sort of sports I just sit there and think Im just watching a bunch of billionaires playing playing baseball maybe not billionaires but still theyre all riches  __  man like think about that next time youre watching sports like everyone that you see on camera is making millions of dollars any vampire gen1 gunslinger uh I mean its oh oh you mean like the cosmic gem no go for berserk battler berserk battler will give you 750 extra light just by attacking enemies do you make okay am i are you doing this oh yeah I cant complain at all dude Im making a full-time living from doing YouTube so no complaints I mean its it goes up and down its very inconsistent thats the only thing that I would like to change is if I was making you know a little bit more views and ad revenue then at least it would be a bit more of a stable job and I wouldnt worry so much but I dont know it used to stress me out back in the past because I just like worried about over and over and but its like now I just Im like no Im just gonna focus on doing the good content and just enjoying myself with it and there is like its beyond my control so its like who gives a  __  no point stressing over nothing you know what did i do before youtube uh just odd jobs and stuff like I work Starbucks that were construction pretty much anything YouTube it took a long time before I started like you know trove was kind of a breakout series obviously but before then was the mario 64 and just other mario co-op games that i did was my brother and those were kind of the breakout series but it wasnt like it didnt last is the thing whereas with trove you know i can just keep playing it but I would hope that the other series on the channel eventually end up you know getting as popular like I Id love it if I dont know Minecraft dungeons when it comes out I mean I dont know if I could play that game for five years like I have with trove who knows hightail that thats the big one that I hope ends up catching on because I would love to be able to play that and trove like back-to-back dont get me wrong like I still love trove but its like I do wish sometimes that I didnt like have to play it every single day which I guess I dont so doesnt matter um its not that simple sneak I mean the whole thing is that in this day and age everybody wants to be a content creator so competition is steep most of all getting recognized is the hardest part like the suggestions my brother has had is to like if I put like ads on YouTube of like my own content which I could do that but I just never have the time and then yeah otherwise branching out with other content creators is always a really good thing but I I dont have any other content creators on my list or anything and I dont play like many other games you know like like its its I dont know like back in the day I DARS death and you guys might have heard of him he actually contacted and reached out to me he was playing trove and then he he was actually playing trove and just kind of messing around with YouTube and stuff before he ended up getting picked up for like hes a roblox youtuber now and back when I was playing roblox he kind of reached out but we never really collabed I should have in retrospect but I mean its roblox dude I can only play roblox for so long before I get bored of it I havent played it in a while Ill thats the thing its one of those games you always just kind of go back to eventually you know do you think they should added white phoenix with blue fire hell yeah gamer thatd be awesome whenever somebody just wanted that and just gonna recolored it thatd be pretty dope vampire best cosmic gem for well berserk battler is pretty much the best cosmic gem now just because because you need all that extra light but if you are struggling with life you know like if youre if you dont have enough survivability then yeah by all means get the vampiric Music I mean no roblox like thats the thing if youre a roblox content creator dude you are set theres infinite content theres infinite games like its its so easy but but the whole thing is that I Im not really like uh you know Im not trying to sit here and like sound egocentric or anything like that but its like I cannot like sell my soul for the views you know like a trove is a prime example where if I was bored of this game I wouldnt be playing it anymore you know lots of people think that its just a paycheck and I mean Im not gonna deny that part of it but its like if I was bored with trove I would stop playing it not just because of the views its not just because of the money its like Im playing Animal Crossing right now and Im into it and you know theres not really that many people watching it on the channel but its like I dont care the the few people that are watching it its still a great time also it kind of harkens back to the good old days where I could actually read like all the comments and it wasnt just first first first which is why I like streaming so much because I get to actually chill with you guys oh no I love trove dude I really do its its one of my favorite games of all time thats why Im still playing it the only thing is that its still just kind of missing a couple things I dont know okay Im not bothering with those guys because his bizarre good for non attack speed classes - because of the light yeah the light pretty much makes up for it like thats thats the biggest thing is as far as like when the delt shows up its just like light light light like power rank doesnt even matter as much even even raw damage usually Im just saying as an extreme example here but usually if you sacrifice raw damage for light youre going to end up seeing more benefit its just kind of how it works its weird to create shows left I just gotta find two weaklings I dont want to fight those ones that have dumb barriers one creates your left damnit I should have killed that mushroom after all oh good I miss house show diner team I have not much honestly just because you should be all damage no I understand our kale youre one of the good ones dont worry bud but yeah have a good one man no when I refer to the try-hards I mean like the guys that just come in angry sabers skull shadows not yeah Ill keep these the fortress one I dont mean I eat thats a very broad thats a very broad question my man how do we get the banner recipes the merchants in here can sell them but in all honesty theyre tradable so just buy them on the market its super duper cheap so uh I dont know what you means too low but cool Oh what oh man thanks sneak I have never seen that so I dont know what that is but thank you oh whoops were supposed to be killing like cold rooms and creatures damage oh it was a free sub damn nice where are these enemies come on get down here there we go Oh Oh Syl oh yeah yeah yeah no I know Syl oh Ive seen you before I know youre not just randomly coming in teasing or anything I just didnt understand what you meant no it kind of sucks brother troph content creators man like I I see them here in their like streaming trove and its like nothing nobody cares like its its its tough to break into this game dude I could kinda reminds me back when I was playing this game the first time like I wasnt the biggest content creator back in the day it was actually twitch streamers Id say the biggest thing is that they dont really have their they dont really have their community thing set up anymore you know like where they would end up contacting streamers and have everybody on like a big list and stuff like that like that you know those days were pretty hype Im here already Jesus market flip well I mean technically speaking market and flipping is just like it doesnt change the method doesnt change its just the items might change thats it what are the most decent gunslinger gem stats I mean like I said before youre pretty much just building it towards full damage which is just gonna be the three pearls to your raw magic damage are two pearls raw magic 1/4 crit damage on all of your empty Ms and then three of your lesser gems again do that and then the other three are gonna be two pearls crit damage one pearl magic like pretty much every character is going to end up building the exact same way like III need to do like a video just talking about damage and health because theres only like two theres only really two builds in this game and then the rest of it is just like having gear and junk like that which doesnt really matter Im not that far in the game then none of it matters honestly but thats the thing I always talk about all the endgame stats and stuff like that because beyond endgame your stats really dont make much of a difference it only really starts getting kind of difficult around you 8 and even then you can just farm for Kristal gear pretty easily so and then its just about grind time to upgrade them oh yeah I dont ask me about market flipping silo like I dont I dont oh I dont know how to market forever yeah pretty much what our kills saying like you only really need a focus on your gem stats once you actually have full-on seller gems anything beyond that you just level it just enough because your gasps swap them out eventually what if stability is the secret best stack I mean honestly speaking I did think about that back in the day like I wouldnt be surprised like I swear to God like super you know superstition is probably like the secret best at what do these guys have magic resistance or something Jesus oh yeah they got the barrier so they might get over here its a main Vanguard do I get crit hit damage and Music what PS must be physical damage I guess um gems and then attacks being movements beyond my gift yeah pretty much but you pretty much want to get your crit hit just for a ballpark like for endgame Id say you want to get your crit hit to a hundred percent for sure and then for your raw physical damage or magic damage anything over a hundred K and youll start you know start working from that and then for your crit damage anything over eight hundred percent and just start working towards that but having 100% crit hit is mandatory and if youre playing a character were having more attack speed makes you deal more damage because youre attacking faster then get attack speed you can actually get attacked me even over movement speed in some cases depends on the class I missed my last shot of all I thought I opened it maybe I didnt I thought I did yeah regime inators take a while before you can start affording them but honestly theres not really that many things you gotta buy four cubits not many mandatory items I should say Im just in challenged Elvis Yasin maybe I could hop in a public after this just see how deep it throws us and see whether or not we can actually do damage monoliths stop getting distracted Im talking about me not not everybody else I like these giant balefire be enemies dude where is it whoa this one of them yeah I think so Music I mean maybe you can join the public one challenge selves you can only bring in the people that were initially there but it depends what your power rank is and whether or not it spits us together I just want to see how deep we can actually end up going maybe not necessarily like were probably not yeah push it too hard today but I would like to probably do a stream where we you know see how deep we can get into the delves know intros not dead dude maplestory now thats dead its sad dude like the maplestory to Twitter literally is just tweeting out about maplestory one because maplestory 2 is dead its so sad yeah I might be able to do around 150 solo it it depends though like I dont know depends what the objective is and I mean keeping in mind I dont know my pressure to tour permit or should I keep saying pressure torture I dont know why whoa now a game a girls been doing a great job updating this game dude ever since they took over like its just been like its been good its been pretty consistent updates man I know dude maplestory 2 was so good its just a  __  up so much on the like the original Korean servers are paid to win AF and when they released it for North American they removed all the pay to win which was amazing by the way you never have something like that happen but then the whole problem is they forgot the memo they didnt rebalance the game and so it was too grinding because there was no pay to win yeah you can still play on the Korean servers and even the Chinese servers for sure dude maplestory is still like going strong there its too bad like I just Im in you never see that happen in this day and age where a game like full-on dies crazy empty rooms are creatures iron do you think boomerang or will get a rework I mean Im not gonna say no the thing that is exciting about the Tomb Raider rework guys the the most exciting thing Id say anyways oh this rooms done is that if you think about this is the first rework that game ago has done and they did a really good job so now that they actually have an understanding for reworking a character hopefully well start seeing the other characters reworked more often what I would love to see is instead of them waiting for a big-ass patch to end up reworking a character Id like to see them just reworking them like just out of nowhere it would be like Oh on the touch server you can try out this class hes gotten his rework you know that would be fantastic in fact I would like it if the reworks were consistent then they wouldnt really have to have these big patches come out as often because then at least we would be getting something that is more substantial than something like the delves like dont get me wrong Devas are a big deal but anytime they rework a class that has vibrations throughout the entire game when are you gonna play boyfriend Im done with warframe man I mean I might go back to it if theres ever any incentives but with warframe its kind of the same as destiny I already did everything I wanted to do so I just stopped playing not that the game is bad or anything crystal 3-phase Wow but its like you know on to my point earlier if Im not interested in playing the game anymore Im not going to play it anymore warframes one of those rare games where there was actually like I was getting a pretty big following with it and I swear to God I again I dont mean this would be taking the wrong way but I think if I consistently played warframe I could be one of the top creators for it I would just have to actually learn how the game works and play it for years but the problem is that further to what I said earlier I cant force myself to play a game Im not interested in and warframe was like that for a very long time like I was playing warframe and I was just playing it because people were watching it and not because I wanted to play it and thats why I just stopped playing it anyways just the please read meme is back whats a bitter Ally for Draco perfect penguin or chrome answer qz um it depends what youre doing like I mean when the delves update comes out you dont need to use either of them because weve got replacements for all of them but prefect penguin yeah thats a movement speed one so this is the one that you would be using for just normal speed farming whereas if youre just trying to do damage chrono mansur just because you can use your alt more often thats the thing it all just depends on what youre trying to do big spider oh yeah Wow where are you I got him I dont know how he survived I like slammed him with my hand and then for some reason he just kept running I would be scared if I didnt hate them so much Im just thinking about like other content creators now now I should like advertise this stream like Id have like the thumbnail its like me scared of the spider and its like giant spider tries to attack me during my stream or something right and then its like like isnt that content in 2020 and then its not a big deal at all my good animal abuse dude havent you played animal crossing bugs arent animals your neighbors are animals they dont have like they dont have neighbors that are spiders theyre bugs what about wasps if a wasp is in your house and hes just stinging you like crazy youre not gonna do anything and you guys didnt see it I for all you know I could be acting maybe maybe the spider got away maybe there was no spider Music maybe I just did also another YouTube 20/20 moment eat the spider yeah and then its just like a plastic spider or fake or something guys were doing it were doing depth 131 wow its getting a bit slow so well go to mmm were almost there well go to our next shadow vault and then well probably call it Ill print a pressure box okay do that later I might maybe I might end up doing a stream later today of terraria if if I end up waking up I was watching YouTube a week ago on a spider crawled in my hair oh is that is that the title of your newest video cuz Id watch it and then and then there wouldnt even be a spider oh my god we have to kill a lot of creatures come on crab lingers I love crab delicious mm-hmm hey Roman also hey anybody else that I missed saying hello what is going on by the way it wants us to kill the epic gamer number of enemies but the problem is that theres not enough enemies these room has like two bees Music what about Casey Neistat what wait isnt let me double-check yeah Casey nice thats that vlogger right yeah he did he does good videos man I dont watch them anymore but I did for a while and then they started getting way too clickbait which I mean you gotta if youre at the top of your game sure but its just like oh $10,000 err like its like I love how like hes hes at the point where hes making enough money that he can waste money on all of these things that nobody else would waste money on like a ten thousand dollar airplane flight and then he makes a video about it and earns all that money back like goddamn dude no he does good videos been one of the few whos actually a pretty integral dude narrows I can tell him and I just watch these videos not like I know him personally what about Shadowhunter what Music dimensional chess oh my god no thats too big brain for me man go gamers go why am I not seeing the speedsters running to the end what hey Alex Im doing good man how you doing were actually about to end the stream because I think that is ganna be our chest right yeah at one point Ill have to see how deep I can go thatd be an interesting stream he made a self-updating youtube video title that tells you how many views the type video has Jesus Christ okay that sounds like a hacker to me like I I dont know how to set up macros like that Jesus Christ all right it looks like were doing one more floor thatd be uh thats next level man thats thats like those freaks that actually understand like when when YouTube talks about the YouTube analytics they actually sit there and process it like all the numbers just go into their brain like yes I understand I will capitalize I will change this and make more views I dont know the  __  YouTube analytics u2 keeps trying to talk to me about it its like I just kind of go with what I feel is working man by the merch by the merch also sign up for trove with the affiliate link sub to the twitch channel become a member of the YouTube channel theres me advertising things see how good I am at it I never like talking about those things thats why I save it for the end of the video and thats why recently I ended up just setting up in my videos you guys have probably seen the little icon that shows up and just says smash like and sub form or whatever its like then I dont have to say it like a  __  idiot that sounded really angry no Im just its what I said earlier guys Im a bit grumpy because I didnt sleep well building that stupid house in Terraria that no ones gonna care about I do okay please god I hope this is the last floor hey guys that worked thanks Jack Stein youve won appreciate the twitch crime stuff man sincerely I hope that you were doing that just because of the meme cuz thats hilarious thats the thing its like it works like asking for subs and likes and all that crap it works but to me it just kind of feels like I dont know cringe no I know Jan Im just doing self-depreciating humor I know the house is amazing it took five hours it better me dude what effort into content my effort that goes into my content is the energy at which I put into it and just trying to stay positive and make your guys days better otherwise I dont have the time or patience to edit I just do a couple cuts here in there and thats it whoa wheres my mouse Thanks yaks really appreciate it man sincerely yes Josh I know I know like sometimes sometimes it works out you know sometimes there will be like a big train of people coming in or something I dont know or like yeah like can this video hit 1000 1000 subs no can it hit like a hundred likes I never want to ask for that because I know its not gonna hit it alright well that was that gamers we didnt get nothing nothing yeah at least we can start from depth 134 I already answered you earliest Nicholas earliest Nicholas earlier blargh pretty much its just kronum answer when youre just doing farming that requires doing damage and then prefect when youre just speed farming wow weve done nothing nothing to show for a hoof that grunting oh my god aah all right well once this video finishes processing Ill put it up public today on YouTube otherwise Im just finishing my coffee now and I gotta go make another coffee and then Im gonna go have a picnic with my girlfriend and my pugs get some Sun on me make me even more tired I dont know about you guys sunlight just makes me so tired and if Im feeling up to it I would like to do a terraria stream later today that will probably go up tomorrow on YouTube but well see otherwise have a great day thanks for coming out guys bye bye Music steam sale dates Sign up for Trove with the following link & Ill get a cut from any store item you purchase How it Works ✏️ Just another Trove stream doing some Challenge 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