Trove F2P Account - Part 1 | Starting up!

Steam is required to play the game killing floor 2steamed crossword TROVE gameplay Music all right guys just as in my guide im not gonna have any intro lets get right to it gonna create my name here and well get going shoes in my class so what i recommended in my guide was pick whatever you think is fun or looks cool which i still stand by i however have already played all the classes so im just gonna go with whats most efficient right now which will be the tomb raiser and then later on when i get to choose another one im gonna pick the knight just so i get the mount movement speed passive okay so before anything i have asked in the trove academy discord if someone can invite me to that club uh it seems one guy might do it in a couple seconds here uh if he werent to i would ask in the global chat to see if anyone else would oh there it is oh i cant even talk in that chat so now were in the club and if i were a new player i would finish this whole tutorial because it teaches you a lot of basic things however ive already done all that so im just gonna hold h on my keyboard and go to the hub all right were here and its noisy as hell so im just gonna move away a little bit alright so skipping the tutorial i get no direction of what to do but if you press i on the keyboard you can get the quests here so im gonna go for this one and it tells me on the top of the screen welcome to the blah blah blah so im gonna do that but before that i see i have a very slow mount here and we will get another one free later but theres also a couple codes that you can apply to your account which gives you some mounts some mastery its just nice to get so i link those first in the description if you want to get them for yourself alright so now i have applied the codes from the description so were just gonna take this first quest and enter the first world so we get all the things and now we can see our quest up at the top right and it tells me to enter a medieval highlands world and you can use this thing or you can just look at the bottom left of your screen and you see control a opens the map and it wants me to oh well theres an arrow to the tutorial portal but it actually wants us to go here so lets do that okay so here you can see the amounts i got im gonna equip the salt one i dont know why i like it but i do so now im just gonna focus on this quest at the top right because our first goal is just to complete that whole quest line about gems and this first one will lead us there im just gonna change my appearance real quick all right there we go so when we press m we can see the map you can see the dungeons im gonna go into one right now i was also thinking about you probably see my ui looks very different so i was thinking i will make a video about my mods and then i will make a video about like how to build all classes thats on my to-do list for now i think the free to play series all classes how to build them and the mods first quest complete whats the next one so yeah okay so i think you guys get the drill by now in the beginning im just gonna do all the quests that pop up in the top right so i will just make a little montage or maybe ill just skip the whole thing until im at a point where i feel like i need to mention something all right actually in the second dungeon right after what i just said i just thought that i should mention when youre in the club look at p okay no wait uh thats not even funny okay press p and you can see your clubs is make sure that the one you want at the top is like if you go to the settings you can press set primary i think it did that automatically for me since i just joined this first one but you need to have the club with all these buffs as your primary club then its up here you have all these things active yeah just make sure your best one is at the top and you can join the same one im in if you join this discord right here now ill continue with the quests okay so were at the point where the quest told me to look at the shop and here you can see this free starter class that i was talking about earlier by that also if you didnt get those codes you will get your first fast mount from this and as you guys know this series is free to play so i will not buy anything if i would have bought anything it would have been patreon i think i talked about it in the guide i just like the value of this it increases the more you play so it feels rewarding i just buy one month at a time when i do it and if you were to do that you would get this thing you will get a free bonus class you can choose any class except those listed there and you can get those classes later but if you just want like a certain class immediately you can except those all right so with this free class coin as i said i will unlock the knight and this spot is locked right now but this will be my subclass so i will equip the knight here when i can on with the quests and immediately i have something to say so you see this guy right here in the world i spawned in the permafrost so if you look at the map each of these will have their own daily quest to take i should probably save this for later because the daily quests gives a lot of experience so i kind of want to keep it for later levels today but also you can get a locked adventuring strong box when you complete it and that can sell for a lot of flux on the market and if i were to sell that thing on the market that would give me pretty much all the flux i need to buy a full set of stellar gear later so thats why i will take this now but for the experience value it would have been wiser to save it Music okay so the first daily quest i did i didnt get the strong box but now the quest was actually to talk to a guy here that gives us a quest and its to clear a cursed skull pile so within these next sex dungeons i hope i will get a cursed call so i can do that in the meantime actually got one immediately here nope didnt get it okay so now were at a point here where we craft a ring i hope i get jump as a second stat because thats very nice to have in the beginning so you can just jump up those dungeons etc lets see energy region oh man oh wait i just got this ally from the quest but i also see that from those codes we applied we also got one which gives 50 lights that would be nice later although at that point it wont even matter i guess so its between two jump and one percent crit hit i think ill take the jump and on with the quests now were at the point where delves are introduced which is the dungeon system so at this place you can queue up for a public one which is the quest so i just gotta do it or actually i dont think i need to finish it like this but i will but we can also join delve as ive said in the guide where we can find groups of people doing delves together and we can team up uh at this point in time were on 260 power rank thats completely irrelevant and now its monday so you can see people are spamming xssf which is a shadow shard farm its just so they can gain flux they just run around with neon ninjas and collect crystals but yeah now were just gonna do this delve and well continue with the quests so in this public dial i can use my mount uh you can see at the top right with the objective well you cant see it anymore but it was uh to clear two rooms you can see at the top we have those lines the filled ones means that we have cleared that room so we clear two rooms and now we can just go to the end it says reach cursed goals two that means two players need to reach the end so yeah see you there oh nice now were at a point where we will get patreon for one day i think it activates automatically but that will be very nice then well get all those bonuses and i will abuse it to help lets see and were only two fifths into the daily star bar which is our currency we get per day our first goal here with that is going to be i think its here yep the arcane emblem is what im going for because that will give us a lot of damage when we pop our potions that is my first goal and after ive obtained this i will go for the death defying vial and before i have the death defying vial i will buy one from the market but well get to that we want to go for this quest gem expertise this is what will give us some good gems to start with to get some power rank going and it tells me to reach level 10 before he will show so im just gonna go and do one dungeon because i need like one xp so well be right back all right there we go were level 10 and im just gonna look here because yeah at level 10 you can choose the subclass so yeah i only have the knight it only says plus one flask capacity here but if i hold it it will tell me increased movement speed while riding ground base mounts here you can see the different tabs this last one is irrelevant heres the gems i can equip a water one now i think it will give me one through the first quest and this one shows the rewards we get and what mastery rank we are so when this reaches 20 we can use the market im gonna wait a little bit until i feel like i need better gear also as im playing or well as all of you are playing you can press f1 and here you can see the daily bonus and now if you press i we can see talk to jamesley in the trove hub to learn about how to find and strengthen gems also here we have a chance at a locked adventuring strong box so i will take it once again this one is to gather some logs and i have a mod that tracks them like that one all right there we go locked adventure in strong box that is huge because when we get the marketplace we only have one slot that we can sell things in so it would be pretty slow for me to sell like one small thing at a time now when we got this locked adventuring strong box we can start by settling that and that will already give me enough flux to buy what i need so now killing the enemies here is fairly easy still but it would be way easier with stellar gear so what im gonna do now that i got this adventuring strong box press j just click trial on each of these you can do them in order or whatever just get them to all level four and one by one until you hit mastery rank 20 here because then you can use the market as ive said like a million times probably and im gonna do that now so that i can get my stellar gear um all right we got a little pop-up here collection challenge if you see collection challenge definitely go do it im gonna show you right after this dungeon if i hit level four so yeah as you saw you just go to the hub you go to that portal and its a different map every time not every time they dont have infinite maps but there are a pool of maps and this is the one were at right now so the best strategy is just to follow some pattern like go never go like backtracking or anything just move in like a fine coin spam your dodge so you can move faster and im just going to go around here for a bit collect some gold coins there were at five also if you press tab you can see how many you need for the last score there 95 plus and now were at 104 so yeah i can just wait and now im gonna continue leveling these guys also i didnt even mention how i do that is i just go to this first world and i just do dungeons thats it Music so back to business we swap to this guy we can now press u for the market we have 4k flux and were gonna sell the locked advent dream box its currently well like lets actually check uh locked okay so 34 000 seems to be a flat lowest price it says 32 here but that one got bought out so dont trust that and when this sells were gonna go into trade chat and look for stutter gear and meanwhile well just continue with the quest as usual i kind of regret making a tomb raiser because these guys are making noise all the time when im trying to talk i dont want to mute the game entirely so yeah well just have to live with it but now were at the point where we get our first gem so lets see open a gem box just open one and then we get this locked water jam box which we have also gotten a key for i think we got it right now yep so now were gonna press the key boom we got an arcane gem nice uh we got health health which sucks because we want crit damage and create hit but well take it because right now we only care about getting that sweet pr uh ideally you want to level your gems on wednesday because thats when you get a discount but yeah were just gonna get it to five now im gonna get all my gems to five because you get a little extra boost and im just gonna do that on all the stellars ah and now the quest is to upgrade a gem so yeah i guess i will level it up once more and from that we get the radian jam here it has fiscal damage unlucky and well get that to five as well i guess ill get radiant and stellars to level five lets go to the easiest water world and what we get here we can actually grab another quest okay wow so by doing that quest with the five boxes we actually got another locked adventuring box so now i will take even more desperate measures i will sell two for only 30k okay there we go we just sold it we sold them its time guys its time i want to buy stellar staff face hat ring md thats all i care about really i guess all right so this guy is going to sell me the things i hope uh lets see what he has nice uh lets input uh well thats too much uh 30k Music nice and someone else invited me he didnt have staffed here much no someone else is inviting me lets see what he has there we go nice so what i think is a fair price is 10k for the items like theyre not worth that much to loot collect but someone taking their time to sell it to you thats worth 10k thats what i think so now that we equip this were at 4 500 power rank thats a pretty good boost and oh i forgot now that we are able to use the market we can buy a ally that we can use for now and when your magic this is actually an advantage you can buy prefect penguin 7k take that look we get 20 percent magic damage for 7k flux thats really good we will get some delve allies later but this is really good placeholder for now and if you are a physical im sorry that one costs 90k so yeah then youll have to wait pretty much whats that costing ooh just enough for us to afford so yeah ill probably go for this one before i get testifying when i have the flux uh our next item to sell lets see what we have enchanted wood i have a lot oh thats 30k if i sell that for main price lets just check that that actually is mean price 607 wait sort by unit price oh i didnt even sort by unit way okay were still good i didnt sort by unit price make sure you do that so you get the lowest ones first so once you have gotten your stellar gear or even crystal you want to make sure you get all stats available were gonna go to the enchanted forge put that in i dont have any pearls so were gonna have to buy them lets hope there are some small stacks okay so we dont have enough for this yet so i will get back to it when we have it so what do we do now we continue questing we got a gem from that quest and oh okay its only called air gem so that could be re-rolled to magical and physical if its called fierce its only physical its called arcane its only magic so yeah this one could be used later but i probably wont number five okay wait yeah i couldnt because i dont have that dust yet okay after finishing the air quests i should be able to get this to five there we go okay so now its introducing us to shadow tower this place you can do some dungeons here but they give you nothing the only thing thats valuable here is the badges but thats so far into late game that you dont even have to think about it the only thing we do here is use our delve rewards we go here and in these tabs lunar soul titan soul were just gonna buy all of this for our titan souls before eventually just going for titan treasures that gives us flux you can sell them or open them as you want lunar souls here we also get everything before we spend them on well heres the thing if we have the empowered gems we want on our main were gonna just go for like the tomes first and then like the wings maybe just go whichever order you want the things and then you want to just keep the lunar souls for other things that have to do with gems which well get into also okay okay so from some of the quests here we got a empowered one for air radiant physical damage god damn it yes get it to five oh and now the quest is to complete adventures so we get some more chances at locked boxes lets go since i already did permafrost and cursed veil one i will start here thats it frontier ive also done faye forest ive done water so yeah its gonna be tricky to find five here maybe i should have saved them and with that we end part 1. free platform games steam Free Stuff for Trove: Thanks for all the love in the comments! ❤️ 👱🏻‍♂️ Follow me! 👱🏻‍♂️ 🔴 LIVE: best zombie games in steam how to steam beets in instant pot is untitled goose game on steam steam gift games to different 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