ULTRAKILL 0-1 P Rank coinpunch only TAS (proof of concept)

Demons souls steamwar of the worlds game steam ULTRAKILL top wishlisted games steam In my video Presenting my coin collection to the denizens of Hell, I complete the entire prelude using only coin punching for my damage source. This outlaws the use of melee, ground slams, or any other roundabout damage methods. All damage has to come from a coin punch or be the result of one.I wanted to know if it was possible to P-rank the first level of prelude, so I set the gamespeed to 50% and went for it. It didnt take too long to get, and now we know its possible to P-rank using only coin punches.This means that logically, my next coin punch video will need to be a 0-1 p rank using only coin punching. I came in only two seconds before the S-rank for time in this run, having made minimal mistakes and pulling off some crazy things I couldve only done in halfspeed. all in games steam uninstalling a game on steam steam $30 gift card games that are compatible with steam deck game not loading on steam